HR2 – Have you moved on from the Bennett fiasco?

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Monday, November 13th

Hour 2. Plus, we continue to look back at Packers and Badgers games…We also have a Stat of the Day regarding the Badgers’ D!


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Romo leads runs to. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans go home to all the bill Mikey show. Antonio while I don't know Michael should always on the air we are glad to have you thanks so much is always bring in now was we certainly appreciate it. On this Monday. You call it kind of a victory Monday across the board. Marquette got a win guys got to win buck's got to win mad kids is got to win Packers got a win guys got to win everything's going well right now. In many different routes. So allow with the biggest win this weekend. In all honesty the biggest win this weekend is what. The biggest win this weekend and wait if you wanna classify him as we have one caller a little bit earlier today the Bucs were number three. Badgers were number two Packers were number one or deleted to classify and that we go ahead and do. You take away from this weekend and just pick one you pick a lane almost if you wanna do. 85583086488558308648. Is portion programming brought to my new Mal medical treating got with the ED all of this it was constantly on the borders they have a 98% success rate vinyl that's 98%. Success rate. In treating guys with ED. And you have going on they can help you out pointed it was column 4144 or 54451. Also don't forget. They doodle OT treatment if you're just be too tired all the time if you moody if you're looking for more energy betterment of clarity better stamina they can help you out there. They have their programs are both men and women when there's new mail or new found they do that. And then there's the old one weight loss program just call 41445544514144554451. Back to the phone calls been on all along time let's go to catalyst in two was in maple ridge Kevin welcome program what's going on. I'm not too much bill. Just try and keep old little water cup on this table. He should be built on mixed to a table here on the cal. If bite if I reach to put his water cup it still it. And that apparently. Who elect. Who select this stations to do these schemes. Do you what do you mean you know like the Packers the bulls football. Well I mean who did the Packers there in the senate seats the contract with fox and that's through the NFL. The buzz radio on radio all. While their contracts and each team says of their own contracts. Oh yeah. Mean your radio stations bid on being the flagship. And then they sell off from there. Tell the program intelligence program we have one station it's our flagship station. And then it gets sold off from there to other stations and such and but that's kind of the way they do and I mean it's it's it's complicated but basically one station won't pay them. Like the Packers a larger amount of money and then kind of go from there and then you know. You know that it sold off from their. Be amiss here. You've missed chip Merlin. I only work when Joseph brief period of time I work with him for very short period of time our first got the town it was kind of a transitional thing is both wing Laramie and are hired the same point in time and and Jim and Wayne have more corresponds an interaction by. Jim was a good guy Jim was fund got to work with than I got a chance to talk to a little bit for like the last year or two was he just did a few pieces. For the flagship station but but yeah Jim was a good guy. He did Z you know he he went. He was very excited when he did the Packers won me. Our MMX media radar bill appreciate the bar him mad Max McGee Max McGee was a guy that I loved getting to know off Mike gotta love getting in a Max McGee tragically. He died way too soon I and that accident but but Max McGee was so much fun to get to know he's always great storyteller always had time. I was sit down and just chat and love you just doing that love just chatting. Mean that was kind of the profile inside at 85583086488558308648. On the loans might give dot com poll preach Auckland. 8558308648. Gives a shout hum. Let's see here this one's for Marcus is talking a state university field a team of student athletes but say only a small number of students can buy tickets. Easy for not showing up. You don't get tickets. That's it mark I don't care. Since when would. Mark we ask you this. Since win. Since when did. Is it a right. But you should get off or a seat reserved for you is this is a student as this is a student. There's that there's those that sting you do because you want to involve the students you want a genuine buzz on campus usually students wanna go this is the university has the problem. You look around every other stadium in the Big Ten has a program in the top 45 and those stadiums are usually fall. If the students are going to show up then why are reserved seats. When you can sell them often make more money I thought this is about money. Make no mistake about it ciresi your in the Big Ten you have the Big Ten network is because you receiving millions of dollars a year it's not that this is not about education. Mark. This is about. Pete big making money for you university by the way the university the athletics program. Donates tens of millions of dollars a different programs with any university. Well making money for applying university don't be such an out of your but don't mess. No money. About television revenue is about ratings that is your cash cow that's your number one cash cow out there that is football. You want to display on like depth first of all pride should factor into it have a little pride. JD says I pay 100 dollars plus for Big Ten seats agreed poor section or to. And maybe we go a year or two without an increase it's an embarrassment to even show the section on TV. For our jump around only five minutes there and that's when their butts in the seats and then that's it they show up late they would extremely early after the fourth quarter and then they head home. All they care about his drinking imparting around the streets and making it impossible for us to Parkinson and actually showing up for the day and game. They don't give a damn the culture of drinking out there is discussed. America get in the hole drinking issue okay looking B schools are party parties are schools OK it is that is what have been some marketing in the that. Wait if you're not gonna show up and you're not gonna have to be representative then yeah I believe issuable a couple of sections is my belief. Alex is I think a better solution would be putting an entrance restriction on the student tickets I have to be in by the end of the first quarter something like them if they're not in the know on what. The bottom line and at eleven men then you're stuck with exactly what you had to miss an empty section. They don't care. Didn't say they don't care. Belinda says we pay a 135 dollars for our seats who would kill for n.'s own seats I would like them a little bit better than we're sitting right now is the quarter the end zone. The students have the time show up late. It is nice to have the extra room but when they do show up to usually gas and all years F bombs and stupid chance. And the student section is an embarrassment I completely agree with you have been going up for 42 years with my husband. As alumni of Wisconsin are student section has gotten steadily worsened which Berry would stand up and have the balls to do something about it. That is born Belinda thanks for the human. 85583086488558308648. Gives you shout if you like to please feel free reduce let's go to Lucas on the south side Lucas walk on program that what's going on. It. Get their comment let you guys thought that I understand you know not being impart to their defense going up against day. Those palaces are. But. Even though they've done a great game. Let our fellow can't he said it wasn't happy about our offense putting out played reported that it was considered to be a pretty darn good. Right. Right no I did that's something they're not a lot of people take in consideration version phone call they were overrun the ball the river to throw the ball late. Now did major racing was on the field they did not they do not have won the top linebackers. And that does make a difference but still in the grand scheme of things that the Packers drivel put some points and they opera then additional opportunities in move the ball. Double bed throws nothing terrible but late that ball game when they needed most. From it was you know it can. Bread only showed up. Rally showed up 8558308648. Douglas Douglas welcome program the Michael Schultz comment. There you go our version and don't Wallace among. Although I was it and it ran the Batman movie again and I got my my column be accurate bad your book and you know. The morning kind of you know get ready to retire and everything. We get one more when we worry it only right now that is some better watch out. The bet your you know just to Hundley Eric you can bet is to get not only that she's showing you know that he can throw the ball and little bit consistency. I hope going out of my mind. When he. Unit account acting. Adam there. Actually hold them like cut the top yelled at. What that circle the sweetener in the bed at a record. Jerk. But. So all in all but all of our zone sold out at building playoff. The united that we did you know clear out a way to. To keep our defense from getting burnt out and on the field. And is that if you don't when it across the middle and an insult. The I thought all drop off in the new guys here. Per share it he drops up to get onboard a look I I think the great. The badger win if I had to say what's the biggest win of the week and a push to the badgers went there in the sense of one you capture record perfect to mutate you took on a team. That I was coming off of a huge huge high although they probably. Left the emotions and everything back in Iowa after they knocked off Ohio State it was probably a little bit of I shouldn't have been but there was little bit of a let down. Thinking that OK maybe they were better than what they were but do the badgers do with the need to do when faced adversity in doing so when that defense is legit I mean seriously legit. Also in the sense of you walk up a lot of people national. Because you beat the team that beat the team and you beat a team that beat that team quite handle. So I I think that's probably the bigger win you're getting game day the nationalized now over there. That can change a lot of voters or at least give people are more exposure what Wisconsin has going on. 3814 is nothing to shake your shake your fist at I mean that it's nothing to get. No angry about it's a good win after throwing a couple pick sixes and you had a real opportunity there to make a score a little bit bigger. So I I think it's our needs a big big win I think the win for the Packers might be you know a secondary thing. Because it. What does it do for okay well one manage digital more confidence your quarterback. Maybe people inside the locker room give you some more confidence in your quarterbacks are breathing space a little bit you keep pace with the team that's ahead of you. You don't fall further back in the standings you can divisional win. Mean there's a lot of positives that come out of that are you did it as the caller pointed out against a pretty good defense. So you were able to rack up some points your defense showed up I like the fact and more here may be little bit later but. Mike Daniels has something to say after the ball game basically. You know we we heard everybody tell us we socked. And in my assumption is is part of its this shell because we do reach of their run on the affiliate WNFL and greenback. And we've been saying this for a while defense have been bad. And in so many ways soul. You know defected they took that personally. That people are now point to figures and you guys suck. And on no problem there. Hey whatever takes him motivation that's that's fine but you had some guys step up. You know maybe. Maybe it is getting rid of the Martellus Bennett scenario. May guys mad that you know Martellus Bennett quit on bail on them think they had a shot whatever whatever internal motivation they needed they used the got to win. Now the schedule is pretty difficult for the Minnesota Vikings it does get a little bit easier at least dozens stays difficult. The agreement Packers so we have to wait and see there's a lot of good things came out of this week and obviously like I said the Bucs getting audition I'd met cancer getting a win you get an ecology side things with some good stuff this week. 855830864. It is Porsche program. Roger wire forensic cousins out who they believe in better Oprah because the subs right now has the pepperoni known extra Mayo refugees they'll said the brisket the brisket by the way limited time only so get in there and get it. The pepperoni amounts of the Michael's going to grab that thing tell what it is extra Mayo actually cheese put on the Italian bread salary larger cheese Kurds download the app on your planned or phone. That is the officials subs in which of the Michael sports on network and 00 so good. Od Tim Ryan KJ. KG or first of issue we come back joy as well stick around more of a Michael show next. You're listening Google build my school's sports coat and at work. No Michael she always on the air we are glad dead. It's very minor the horse and plow oughta all back tonight guess who's our guest in person Dovonte. Adams will be their tonight. Still bogged down to live a person to huge catches that ball game yesterday. Has become the target for Brett Conley. But divides Adam's live and in person yours truly Gary Ellis is going to be joining the other tonight as well. As we sit in front of a live studio audience inside the horse and while the American club in Kohler you're going to be in the area come on by and say hello always a lot of fun. Team better after Packers when we'll see tonight six to seven on many of these same stations if you wanna take a listen. And here one on one for one hour with Dovonte atoms coming up this evening. On the program. You got the phone calls talking about the weekend hits a big wins over the weekend was probably the biggest win in what did you take away from this weekend. Many many facets of this. Go to catch you listen to his west Dallas Georgia I don't buddy what's going on there. They're more they're called bill. They the two most compelling story lines from me. Would be the college football rates would be here at street racing in elements speak in generalities here. And also. The box. And and the box giving. Bledsoe. Gaining opting to Mostar would damn. The artists situation. Yeah if he continues. The political level and he's playing at. He has a great chance of perhaps being the scoring champion. And it's very intriguing for need you see all these monopoly out by. As well badgers and I I do think that the doctors have quite enough. Often executed the final four but they're gonna make it interesting. On the committee. They're gonna have quite a quantity in two. You can look at are stated we thought that he would go. And the third most which would be NFL which I consider. To be hot targets this year. There's so many issues on an opposite field any injuries. I just don't like worked on on which you know so this year. And you know there's this game against the bears. It's pretty evident to get to average. Teams. Very boring game. Not the best played game. Look at you know why I'm glad permanently got to win it and that's skipping the Packers got to win. But I just don't. Is that the owners. Indeed it excitement. Into the waited their plane gains. This year and to the top fuel issues as well though. I tool pre printed phone calls always I locate the as far as he NFL goes what was the biggest story over the weekend. There's two huge stories that dominated the NFL and neither of which were on the field. The two biggest stories coming out of the NFL well three if you wanna look at. That the attention was paid the players actually and took a needed is this weekend are on the armed service soon salute to service weakened. Which that has gotten convoluted elegant and that but anyway that was one thing that was covered heavily. The second thing was covered heavily. Was easy to lift Ezekiel Elliott. Legal wranglings. As he was suspended. Finally I'd in the would have to be honest with you but finally it happened. And then. The nine. Greeting between Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons Jerry Jones. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys usually it's customary for any owner or president. To greet the incoming team their owner or president. And welcome them into their steady. Now if you see a team twice a year it's not as. Needed. So to speak like Arthur Blank who was on the committee. Right now and heading up the committee to renegotiate the contract for Roger Goodell. Is threatening to be sued in Jerry Jones who says the six member panel the six owners. He will soon you'll serve them with papers if they give a new contract. To Roger Goodell. This went from renegotiating Rogers deal. To being a year. Roadblock to getting it done two now basically wanting Roger Goodell fired. On the part of Jerry Jones. And all of that. The Jerry Jones controversy in the Ezekiel early counters with a number one and two things stories trending in the NFL this week. Number one and two wasn't Al wins was about losses. The senate reggae was indicted New England is just trounced. Denver last night and then obviously the Martellus Bennett thing. You know pops up specifically here in our backyard. All of that took a backseat. To Jerry Jones and Ezekiel well it's the off the field stuff that's receiving attention. And I've said it time and again that finally you get tired of hearing about it it takes away from your product. In all this protective shield to protect the product stuff. That's of people are talking about and so in KJ sense I understand and I agree 85583086. For a Raila she too was in Madison Ryan I don't de Mayo scored on. Well. And all the little wrong I like your show our love your show. I have. No we're good we're from the actors just they needed it. Does this stop the bleeding a little bit of up. I can play good bad or longer in what is it and will be sick some form or schedule Russell's please don't don't look too badly. They can stay in my own balloon. Well particularly higher ten games. They get the nine wins. You know now so losses they've had have been within the conference even in the divisions or heard symbolic. If thing at the time when they may find themselves into the post season I think the whole news. That may be maybe I don't think it's gonna happen but some people believe that Aaron Rodgers to come back in and you know propel them from there on out while he's gonna happen but it. I mean that's tell people holding out hope for that if you get the post season here comes Aaron Rodgers and tomato all right with a world I don't think it happens but. Stranger things have happened we'll have to wait CME TL played in in a Super Bowl after only two weeks of breaking a leg so who knows. All right. One more thing and I went out there and not completely abolish problem. And let live I'm around and I bet I've where every song. Both groups on the boat or gusher will be allowed to vote go have another guy and we're grounded all of them. Well that's the way did your interest in Provo that's the way you're taught I mean I I I thought the good the played. The force with which he putting into the ground was unnecessary. Bush it was clean you can't start legislating how hard you hit a guy. And that's the problem and he basically had Aaron Rodgers arm not been wrapped up he's fine he probably comes down braces himself a little bit doesn't snap the shoulder he's good to go. But because the army got wrapped in that tackle he had no way to braced himself for the ball and we showed the ground and it just it's unfortunate it's it. In the old terms of Mike McCarthy which tend to make in the new terms and uses it every week it's football. It is what it legitimacy to a separate on your Tim welcome the program though Michael show. Yeah all this young man. You know bill a couple of things up in Amman we mr. over idea and Monday morning well it'll. They say wait if they played very well and I like Jamal Williams he always falls forward Annette. What are those first down that the use it like two or three yards short and he lord is Ed bill and he got that first down by six engine that was huge late night game. In all and a lot of I don't watch the little things that a lot of people don't think it's what all all I walked little thing in another single element here are your thoughts. I'm not under any Clark when I hang up and also. I thought he made progress in Hundley I mean he had the thirteenth fairway at how co leader Annan met one world that are right but he threw the ball Boley and almost caught out. It was at that point on out they like those at that point in time that both Cheerios and I rescind together looked at each other and said why didn't he run and we kept thinking ourselves wanna be tweaked something on that field. And sure enough I don't I insert other up when we found that he had I had a hamstring injured. But then he ran into the left you know he'd rock hard and runny. All but I'll take a lot of that point Tyler had to have it I mean EU you were playing fourth corner your play for your life at that point so maybe I said Jared. And I just what your thoughts on Kenny Clarke though he's turned into upbeat. He's lost gotten better he's proved me wrong pursuit vocalist prove me wrong a lot of ways now is he still. Is he BJ raji ask rookie year level not yet but he's working himself there Kenny Clarke has been impressive. He has really gotten his lower and lower body strength lows in her gravity. He's he's just a beast of a human being up top. He's able to take on a double team I really like Horacio Kenny Clarke are likely tenacity at him and both Mike Daniels play with his down linemen. I think you saw it come and play yesterday. Now. Again you're talking about a team that is very predictable you know you can go ahead and stop the run because they're not gonna throw the ball around a whole lot you know to me is he's not going to be a dangerous quarterback. So we have seen in the past. You know against Drew Brees against him Matthew Stafford we've seen teams throw against his team. Third down has been problematic seems across the middle been problematic we know what the Achilles heel the defense is but yesterday for what they were asked to do. They performed in the fact that as Mike intercept the ball game that they've taken that upon themselves because. A lot of these you know naysayers such as yours truly and everybody else is basically said you guys socked. They don't wanna hear it anymore so they wanted to mountain and put a good performance you can't blame him. Can't blame him so you know it let's see if it continues. Daytona this week another decent defensive team not a great offensive team with the Baltimore Ravens they can rolling in the Lambeau Field this weekend. Packers have a real opportunity here stack a little success is Baltimore's not that good of a football team. Stack a couple of wins gets a momentum. Total pressure on now on the Minnesota Vikings to let them start looking over their shoulders a little bit and over to the Minnesota Vikings don't have an easy road ago. Minnesota's got a little bit tougher schedule coming up. So Minnesota next week who's been so take on next week I know there's going to be sitting at the rams coach on the ramp sitting at seven into as well. They've got the rams don't attempt. And then after that boy date then as this is where a tough stretch begins because then the vikings go on the road they take on the Detroit Lions and then they have a bot. Then they have robot but this three straight road games before closing things out at home so then they don't they have so the they play LA this week at home. Then they go on the road to take on the lions then they have abide then they go on the road take on the Carolina Panthers who were sitting at six and three. And then they go on the road yet again because and they got to come to Lambeau Field. And then after that. They you know like to develop. The siren Alison please click on the same thing. Check and. More measured at this reckon they've got the Biden then they got to go on the road to Lambeau Field before finally coming back home closing things out against the bears. So as the Minnesota Vikings don't have an easy road to go by any stretch of the imagination. Packers have some room to make up. They're going to be at they're gonna need their help 855830864. Is going to group rate will come back more of your phone calls more your thoughts have you. Kind of a detached yourself from Martellus Bennett thing because we want talk about that coming up as well I know that's something that sticks in the craw a lot of people. But hey whatever you wanna take away from the weekend you can bring in as well 8558308648. 855830. 864 in loans were kept our council pre talk on Thursday night. We are gonna be at Libby Montana as in met one come on down say hi the Bud Light hoped the bill Michael sort of goes back out on the road. Problem is we're friends from Bud Light come on by and say hello six date this Thursday night. All brought to you by Bud Light more than a Michael show next. Michael's sports talk and. Didn't know I got here is like I got him then at 230. That it got to Cotto had to be better facilities are 44. And then bills rookie practice files like build houses or those we now have. As of Friday you know just going to some smash them like. You know I think he knows how to talk to me to solve our and next thing you know back on the planet of ours to do after he and Colorado ties. I don't want those young. On the air. Hopefully you're having a terrific day to day those in the words of Martellus Bennett as the saga continues to spin. And I know I I know it made people mad last night I know that man rightfully shell. Watching him all of a sudden catch passes from Tom Brady when he did nothing to drop passes in Green Bay and looked to be. Well for all intensive services mentally out of out of shape. Like at times he didn't care. Are not ever say guys do or don't care under simply say heated Psycho a look at some of the effort. It's okay what was what was at all about. Orchestrating his exodus after Aaron Rodgers goes down basically quitting on the team. 855830864885583086. Foray on the loans by kip dot com tall free talk like Nathan was he too was a Black River falls Nathan I don't that a man was going on. Iraq has brought up. I don't know what disable the Martellus Bennett they let that sit through that they are not our doctor. All right I'll pick the positive. Wisconsin reports this weekend wasn't saying. We the ball getting. What so many and then one of the hottest ticket in the NBA. We got the badgers. Shot in and out I want completely opposite. Of course labor at a play quarterback for island student two touchdowns. Then on Sunday we have badger basketball. Which I don't know if they attempt to do. They advocate name Andy and believe that everybody to start watching. Yeah it. On the meeting he's going to be special. Especially with info and a half a lot and in the packet in the W. I know everybody expects to beat the bears by. Here I don't doubt then we got a W now we get to Baltimore we have a chance to get this thing rolling on the Alomar out and unlikely to be pretty think well here in Wisconsin and our. Got to listen. I appreciate man he drops out to get onboard 85583086488558308648. Look dumb as this weekend was CA and just when you put the sports page of the sports sticker on your phone or whatever it is you haven't used to find out the information. It was nice good to see the badgers get away and I gotta tell you that was impressive win. When you talk about warning we're throwing a couple pick sixes. And look I I get a double B let's go out and he'd come and are already booking your home or abroad he's a student athlete that that's fine. But again I go back to affected your praising god for playing well you. Pretty good given the grief as well. This is that not talking about playing. You know it mean. So the they chose a college made it a point to come there wanted to be the starting quarterback and doesn't mind standing at from a microphone things are good. You talk about the Big Ten dammit one of the biggest power conferences in all of football in all of college sports. You're the quarterback of that team of an undefeated team. You gotta take some heat when you don't play well. He's not playing one millions of bad decisions. In these be caught out for. You know people didn't final divorce they cannot form. But has made some bad decisions and you're not going to win a national title with a quarterbacks is gonna continually make bad decisions. 8558308648855830864. That defense is legit. Now we'll find out how would you wanna get to the Big Ten championship game because all in all likelihood. You're gonna act you figure you're gonna end up facing Ohio State in JT Barrett who's had a very successful senior campaign. And who are still don't think he's going to amount to much when he gets in the NFL but that's a TARP for another day what it's it's still a good offense. You know do what do what I would did. Take him out of it. Make him I make him throw the ball against UN and hope that the bed JT very chose. The badger fans or for anyone that just doesn't own up about this defense. Despair Judy right now is number one in numerous categories and their number one in the country right now in total defense. The number one right now against the run. It comes to points. Edges are third in the country. Points a lot that's gone up over the last two weeks to zero in the top nine for awhile and it's gone up over the last couple weeks and play extremely well we're really the lowest category of these big defensive categories. The badgers are seventh in the country against the pass. You look at all these big statistical categories the badges are in the top ten top five and number one. That that that's that's a mountain. Eight and really bill. You know was he can think of another performance in last year. You remember how hard that deacons had to work against some ovals. Extremely tough opponents that they play you know when they went up against Pelosi when they went up against Ohio state of Michigan only Steve. Mean the bulls were some unbelievable defensive performances and that's why the badgers stayed in a lot of those games. But when I look at this performance against Iowa. I can't remember a more flawless performance. From the steep to it listen sites are recovering this team and have been covering the steam after four years. It just as they've been dominant the second half of ball games you'll come idea dominant making it just yeah I it's just it's the same thing over and over and over but I just thought. This performance from the badger. The wasn't there wasn't anything you could point to and say well I mean they had this issue they got a clean this up. Everything across the board was flawless. And I can't remember our. Flawless defensive performance from this badgers team. At least in my lifetime at least since I've covered the team that bash is what I remember and someone can think of another ridiculous defensive performance was better than what she saw Saturday I bloody I'd be curious. But just from what I saw on Saturday that was amazed. That was so cool cool. 8558308648855830864. In loans but kept a count. Told free talk Klein. A roll through that again Joseph Lieberman do this for gonna make those the stats of the day roll through the stats offensively. Because I had some of the things in my this that's actually impressive yeah this is this the upper royal stacks of the day. Badgers number one in the country in total defense. The badgers against the pass are seventh in the country. Against the Ryan of the badgers are number one in the country. And when it comes the points the badgers are number three in the country that's impressive and so many levels. That is your app Roy is down to the day companies just like yours big or small implementing. As Sapient big got a solutions from our friends at a royal where they can handle they can do that you take all that information deciphered for election value business is doing where you need to grow. And where maybe even the slowdown. That is that royal check on the web at HP PR OYO dot com that's eight PP RO YAO. Dot count stick out more Michael show still talking about everything one on this weekend your thoughts on how big winner was for the badgers the Packers the box you name it. What was the biggest win the weekend also due to terminal Martellus Bennett than we knew in that discussion as well more than what was your next. Sixty stations strong the bill might cools. Sports talk now. I know Michael shell is on the Arab. We are glad to have hopefully. You're having a fantastic game and we certainly appreciate you hanging out where this one remind you again that the full press is on now. Packers get a win were open that they join us in Minneapolis. Super Bowl. Ally guy you if you wanna call it that. General 52. In Minneapolis and we're gonna be there live on radio row again this year really looking forward to it we are gonna be awed taken there taken there this year by our friends in breaker Chevrolet. Glad and the staff over there Glenn's a great guy he works back in the service apart. Go to see my friend Glen because he has all the bill Michael special deals they have over 200 Silverado is on the lot and they're dealing right now to be the best in Wisconsin but there the official vehicle. Other go Michael show live from radio row in the Minneapolis. Breaker she Evian breaker for the break your community or they do great job great people. And that I've always said go to the best you possibly can and go to them and though bill take care guts what I do series and that's where get myself worked on. They're very honest and upfront they talked me out of getting certain things. And what was the last time a dealer actually did that. It's in the hope you don't need so don't worry about it. And they're good people or their over NC Glenn right now they've especially have not only a special wanna. On the Silverado is but they're a special one detailing itself for your car said he got a car person in your life and you wanna do dieted americorps either. Human did the killing done a nice Christmas gift. Get the entire card each other newbie gift card that it's intending Enron's restaurant. Also our presence Denny's second national Walker's point. They are Milwaukee's number one hands down sports bar shuttle's all the games including shuttle bus at the Packers games with great packages. Called on there and ask for Laura Jean S Ryan ask for Jerry. In a huge all the details a lot of great packages and things that they do a lot of the teams in town throughout the state was captain that is steady second national Walker's point. He backed the phone calls talk to David listening to was in Green Bay David are you doing there what's up. I'm doing pretty good actually or my first better football game ever this past week and pretty amazing scene. And expected to edit an amazing historical achievement and defense. What amazed me about this defense is that if people locked in a chic I'll be fit your seniors that they would. Used up all their eligibility under what they beat them. I think the reason they're so that is because it made it developed I think getting idea a lot of outback and the defense and the seven. And at this and to right now would. And England the emergence of Tyler Japanese Google sedentary people weren't linebackers and I think what they are secondary to that ignore what people are secondary. Target some. Really stepped up with recorded that while. So I applaud that I like even seen play against some of the apartment in the country like local home work on an arsenal of what. If we can run and make the player. Yet even when you keep keep winning your -- your chance Persian phone call me keep web look at what the but the bottom line is what they did I would I would teenagers trounced Ohio State figured I've stayed out SNL last week I said there's no way Iowa as they approach 55 points against is badgers offense no I don't think so no chance. But I'd I'd look at it this way I mean it just. You know I didn't think today would basically shot I allow defensively. You mean by that that was a fantastic performance. They've really ratcheted things up or you're talking about a team that's been a little bit nicked up to they've allowed just 66 yards. Just 66 yards they gave up was zero touchdowns I was over thirteen on third down. The badgers defense put a huge performance in yesterday. Meaning Stanley in a 2441. Yards and picked. 41. Passing has an eight Stanton. The lead rusher James Butler eight carries thirty yards. By the way that is that. The Wisconsin Minnesota game is a 230 game. On ABC ESPN or the Big Ten network or both. But or the Big Ten are just as dumb but regardless on November 25 to thirty Wisconsin and Minnesota. No reason for them to lose that game and I don't I don't at all I don't even care that's on the road. There's no reason for them to lose that game against Minnesota and then go forget Wisconsin Michigan with a college game day in the house at 11 AM. On fox this week apparently fox chose to talk. To see you know fox chose the time when asked about it. The Big Ten said that fox chose certain times to vote against other games and what we are talking about the late game. The only team he's USC UCLA that's the equivalent on the West Coast of Ohio State Michigan. And in from old rivalry days so that's one of the reasons that one got a little more preference. For the West Coast game that's a reason and well it's not like they're gonna put that game at 11 AM will be at the no 9 AM games and I try to do that and auto lets them send them batteries in that that threes and others do wanna go against that West Coast ratings because the West Coast watches that game. And that's more rivalry wanna make it to thirty. I look I'm in the same boat we Joseph I agree it just doesn't bother me as much that's. This is there needs to be more hype for this game. So just well I gotta say I got an issue with 11 AM quick off his game day being there there's a lot of hype trust me with stick around a lot more than a Michael show. Nevermind McCarthy as well we have more after the. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.