HR2 – How much control should Rodgers have?

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Monday, February 12th

Hour 2. Bill & Baby Tausch switch their focus to the Packers.  Should Aaron Rodgers be consulted about every decision?  Should he just focus on playing QB?  Plus, we discuss the Winter Olympics and the latest Johnny Manziel drama.


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From the league runs to. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall mobile Michael show. That's probably have a light show is on the air we are glad to have got. Hopefully you have a terrific day today we certainly appreciate you take a listen to is as always. Talked brewers for the first hour in the brewers'. You know the Yu Darvish thing. He is becoming a Chicago cub signing a deal further well more than seven's a 150 million dollars drop down two years. And Summers fans are upset I'm not one of those brewers fans by the way. That is upset by any stretch of the imagination. I think the brewers are staying the course I mean enjoy watching what is David Sterns is building. I think there's another dealer to be made eventually. But if the timing isn't right in the players are right then stand pat don't don't mortgage your future and don't make a deal just to make it. They have been transparent about the process from day one and I have no problem what is their deal. Odds of you want to China and you can't we're gonna kind of move on a little bit we'll get back to this coming appear a little bit but down. Aaron Rodgers it stated during soon rule week. That he was upset that he did not know that Alex Van Pelt was going to be gone nights at the time that Alex van pell. At least it seems that already a deal in place to say look at the end of the season ago because. I want to. I want to pursue an office coordinator gig or become a head coach whatever it is he wanted to go often beat. So and you know. There's a big deal made noted to time Hillary supporters is this the beginning of the end all my goodness Aaron Rodgers got knocked out after next two years and for Boykin opt out becomes a free agent. Secondly the that the Packers still hold the capability and we had if things go horribly horribly horribly wrong that it's still they wanted to franchise. Okay for two years joining us is if they they really want him around for four years they co. Okay. Not that you wanna do that because you wanna be chemical Wallace. However. The question became how much. Control if you will. Share on your tent. How much do you think that the quarterback. Should have a say I mean again going back to the old adage of players play coaches coach but. Aaron Rodgers. I think they eat. I think if I may be wrong here I think he's got a pretty good working relationship when might Mike McCarthy certainly seem to be better. Last year the may be the last couple years prior. Okay seem to get a better attitude he he talked more openly about you know him and and his his meal might as he calls them. But the game plan gave we gave Mike McCarthy credit for certain things stuff that have been some white. I'm not gonna say openly contentious but it. Almost two times if he was kind of giving Mike McCarthy backhand slap okay McCarthy's play caller McCarthy's offensive coordinator he's also the head coach. It's hard because it's Aaron Rodgers. It's won the best players on planet. OK. If not the best player and a plan. So how much say should Aron Rogers hang out. You know she management becoming him saying you know hey it's. You know we got a decision maker majority are Randle maybe on both me neither. What do you think Caron. CI. I don't think so. Quarterbacks coaches I don't think so I think. The way in this might just be me thinking naively. But the way he just I would handle it. It first of all there's a level of honest okay. Because you don't wanna make moves and let Aaron Rodgers know about somebody getting axed before that person actually gets word okay that that makes it tough. By. I think Aaron Rodgers. If they are in at the end of the season should they probably did this but at the end of the season. You sit down there you say okay let's get your assessment in how would you see would you think. Maybe you know what do you think you'd need if you had a wish list of top three things that you could maybe bolster what would what would that be. You know who did well who didn't do well who are you comfortable with. In that area. But that's not gonna be your ultimate decision making process. So. Didn't do they come down and say hey Aaron were thinking about taking up this freeagent what do you think now they're not doing. But they yearn Rogers is certainly guy you can go over him like an exit interview with Mora phone call with and say hey. You know. Man if we're gonna you know Joseph Phil is back we're going over the playbook in his in this in this and if we have this type of tight end heard this type of personnel packages that. He certainly you won and involved and stuff like that. That's on the field stuff. But I don't think that Aaron Rodgers has to be the guy has to be notified before they pull the trigger points. Because in not just are you trying to win which is what Aaron Rodgers is trying to do because he's got a legacy to nationalist. But I think what you have to do. Usual also have to because he doesn't have the best interest of the franchise so to speak at heart because. He's one we wants to win now and then when again next year and when he winning an ear to that. Yeah players when you played page you don't wanna see a player. You wanna have terrorized or you know what I'm what thirty million dollars a year but let's get this guy for eight let's see we go global and keep him here like. You you don't wanna you want to be involved and it's nor has nor do I think he wants to be involved events. But. I think Aaron Rodgers. There should be courtesy calls that go out to say Erin keeping in mind is what's going on. This what we decided to do. We took care formation we start this we think differently here it also it's a good this way though it also opens up the door. For use then have a contentious relationship. Where. Other players who feel that their talks at their position may Dan wanna say OK what do I need your world I wanna be consulted about which is not good. The end in addition to that. If if bearing disagrees with the you can also open the door. For a contentious relationship. For vehement disagreement. You don't want that at your quarterback either. I think there's a fine line you have to walk and Aaron Rodgers because he has or he has earned. That that right there respect. You talk about like I said it's it's Aaron Rodgers were talking about. Janus Winston years ago or when I've you know and he did coming into the league as a young guy with a up and comer reputation reputation. Mattingly case Keenan. Not nick foals in front yard go to these guys Tom Brady maybe. Maybe Drew Brees maybe Ben Roethlisberger. Those guys have kind of been there done that. But it. I don't think any player is bigger than any organization and they made that clear when he traded away Favre they made it clear. They let other players go they fired Bart Starr as a head coach nobody's bigger than you organization. And sometimes players have to remember that. Williams has allowed Aaron Rodgers when he gets paid plea the quarterback position not to make. Player personnel decisions he needs to be able to just focus on being the best player best man that he can possibly be. That's from one point appreciate the that we. Your thoughts MEI eight. Do you think that he has that do you think did he should be. The guy that they go to say what you wanna do about the offense what do you wanna do it to to help you. Does he deserve more. I could mean maybe I'm wrong. I just feel that. You only get so much you you courtesy the respect. Beyond that and that the single thing with the van pelt. Our Sean says well we kept the Alex mental thing from a look out of imposes friend. One announcement helped my talent and why would you. Many organizations said you know hey look we are gonna go blow the news is his buddies Alex anyway as quarterbacks. Wouldn't you have thought that Alison Ellwood and told him absolutely did he have a conversation with a Mac. Say hey Aaron after a year. On the go try to be a coordinator summer article yeah MM sounds good. I think he probably would wish him well yeah he would have said so do the effective why do Alex wanted to do this for a long time he wanted to move up in that opportunity unfortunately wasn't here so best electoral. And EDS Byron boxed chocolates and help backs bags no he wished while and say are we knew it was gonna got. 855830864. Acre Packers fans got to test in the polls here. Here's Johnny 55830864. Rate on the loans by kip dot com poll free talk line. Give us a shell because. In my wrong in this. Am I wrong and his Brett tweet has since his Rogers a player not a player personnel guy soya store about is playing the game do you think they console Brady. Know the article over the weekend where was it now Lance Johnson. Had said that you know playing in in new England's terrible it and yet you're gonna win. Which are not have any fun doing they said it's basically you you did better through fear and intimidation. Great great way to spend a lifetime pay the last Malcolm Butler how much he likes it now has gone from talk about it. From the NASA the doghouse right I happen. What who. Eats that's tough. Could hear argue their success. And ultimately that's would you pay all. Play. It's man that's. That pulls the veil off to the New England Patriots organization. 855830864. Your collier Thomas we commit more than election next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk network. And the. Gbagbo ally we'll show is on the air. Hopefully have a terrific day today. The best part is about today is that tomorrow and throughout the west of the rest of the week is going to warm. They're talking forties so so the snow that we received his insert a melt. And I'm and you hope that this whatever this thing was a snow train thing that it's is done. And we can finally start to postured to file a little bit tomorrow. Because were or middle of February today's the twelfth of February. In my time march gets here you start looking towards April that first week in baseball. And I know we've had cold weather and snow flurries and such on opening day of at least once you get to opening day you start thinking okay. Now you at least know that some some better weather is right around the corner while we're talking about though Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers. And how watched say you should Aaron Rodgers can out. Because they're writers made it clear during Super Bowl week that he was not happy that. The pat let Alex Van Pelt to. And brand sturgeon base that I thought Alice Vento leaving coaching staff was a mutual decision made the middle of last season. Says he wanted to pursue an office ordered coordinator job that was the case seems odd that Rodgers didn't know anything about it. That said I think all of us feel. That if we've been employee at a company long enough we feel we've or in the right to know certain level of information about company I think Roger's was just expressing his frustration. But he found out about it the same time everybody else did that spread listening to his. Insurgent Beck I would agree that. Our agree that. No doubt. 8558308648855830. 86 foray on the loans by kip dot com to hold free talk line. If you wanna John in a 55830864. Let's go to Daniel listening to us until we Daniel welcome programmable Michael show. I'd gone I think and I know point out players that are prepared. I'll tell quite weather at all awkward player. If you're in hamper people like are. Now a compact. Eager pay quite agree anchor nobody in Europe for about. Eric I didn't. It anyway. Every the Brett you know that they in the world and I hate Courtney great player commodity in the ballpark it. Is that he Alpert. Or you can call into it now. Not completely agree with the help of completely I think there's. Not many. Had ample elbow again. It might now. It's typical Republican the replacement. Will be quite well or at one quarter crack. Got my purse he got an Al water it's in everything. Else. You know and now it in particular. Right. Art project he drives up the onboard 8558308648855830. 86 foreign on the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk on. Give us or shall I mean just how much. How much do you think did Aaron Rodgers should. Should have a set. Or at all for that matter. 8558308648. They're going back to Twitter. This is some Chicago Steve. Who says that air is a quarterback not a clear personal apartment wrap. Go to the Wendy's email inbox this one is from Andrew Lander rights. I think Aaron Rodgers is our at a certain level of respect however I don't think he necessarily needs to be consulted. About the moves to be made I think he needs to have a respect phone call to say before you find out about a from anyone else. We wanna tell you what direction we are going I agree with you when you give him the opportunity to have an an opinion about this. It can lead to some heated arguments that can then cause hard feelings right now you need this team to come together and pull the rope in the same direction. That's right hander Andrew appreciate team. 8558308648. It's a lot of people China NA and I don't think there's anybody really believes. That there is this need. Four. Prayer Rodgers to have a lot of say in a player personal apartment I'd like a set I think the legitimate answer here is. Are much like the email they're fringe group I think you let him know we him the courtesy call I don't know what's going on com media maybe before he hears it. If you can. Before he hears either in the media are somebody else text him or what have you. Especially if it directly affects him. This is a great course we talk about his last week Tom writes I think Aaron Rodgers is going to use this as leverage in his new contract is say look. If you're only going to treat me as a player than I'm going to be a player and I'm gonna demand top pay because I can't. What you think. I said before and I'll say it again I think when you sit down and Aaron Rodgers you simply given the checkbook. You say how long you wanna be here. What are you want. Here's a fan here's the checkbook write the check. But I want you to now. The more you take the last there is for everybody else. So you take what you believed to be fair. And then he then turns and lemon says whatever Reilly when the table. I don't wanna see 101520. Million in cap space every year. And yet we're sitting here waiting to have wholesale. Because we won't go out and get the freeagent that we believe we need. Now not every free agent pans out we all know that. You go through a litany of free agents that have been signed for big dollars in the National Football League. That have not panned out tradition is that the player. That is in free agency that gets the big dollar contract but nine times out of ten never pans out never really fulfills that contract. Never really on earns the money that they're being paid eight statistically. Numerically just it doesn't end up equally what it is you want from the you know I remember Danny Gervais on name kick the tires on too great tempers grow as he played at times. He also been banged up he hasn't played too much for the Chicago Bears. So again one of the deals that you wanted to know make guided to. But. It was one of the deals it was best not mate. So. Now keeping Micah Hyde certainly. He'd be my guide TV even TJ Lang. I think they kind overestimated what are TJ lane would actually lead. All of that. I think you're right art. I think that those guys could've come back and his team and help this team but I don't think those two presence alone. What do fortified his team enough to say even when Brett Conley came in assuming they're gonna be a better football. I think there's some holes he had to fill coming this coming off she's. 855830864. By the way we started the show use. You know disgrace you today right out of the chute Billy Schmidt in for radio Joseph Joseph back tomorrow he's back tomorrow right. He's back tomorrow he's is back from his hiatus and now standing San Diego wherever it was that yeah I saw some pictures on FaceBook of the plane taking off I yes. So after and he was leaving las exhilarating now who's leaving today Houston yes it was still worth was girl. As far as analogy and send it back up plan itself the kind of nice there ice police he still here. And a so wrong or she still around there so I'm in my assumptions you made about good. Could ago but did you Obey about tomorrow you're a good weekend though this was a great weekend this weekend we. Lot of fun we went to. Down two again possible Houston Chicago and you know did some things Pomona at the mall on on Friday night. Stepdaughter has sleepover. Let's have a sleep over so took some of the girls to a mall. Arch of the girls in the mall and then when grab some dinner and kind of hung out for a little while and then got up on Saturday College Soccer game. And then headed out of the house of blues in and that's always so much on that that's a great weekend place sauce down it's it's fantastic we went down saw sixteen candles which by the way I think that was probably the best show ever seen them put off. Which is it was just the electorate. And after those that follow me I did put some stuff on the FaceBook fan page I can always puts some was more of over their input as we as much as I would like to. But it puts himself around the FaceBook fan paging chicken around a lot of relied videos and stuff people are turning on. Bush had a great time and I was so cornyn yesterday got up to. It was snowing like crazy by midnight. On Saturday night now so we ended up instead of getting up early in it right back we thought you know what let's let the roads clear a little bit so we did. And I guess they don't want to someone that is hard time mountain to duty yesterday and often early this morning so there ya good weekend. Good week and how much Olympics did you watch I was Olympic coverage I didn't watch much you know why not see much I and I wanna get into that blatant that the snowboarders that want to wonder who weren't. I say no war game. EC an hour for Shaun White bright morgues forget about it Jarden will Wear the Jamie Anderson. Who's Jamie Anders. The one they than it was in like tenth and then came back and I have what did you yup that was pretty fantastic. That was that was really. And red red Gerard Greg Girard I'm sorry Roger art. I was trying to recent headlines here Jamie Anderson was snowboarding gold. But red Gerard. Is the other one and Jamie's gonna suck your tongue out and get us out here at Amazon slap in the face up right yet read Gerrard was the one that won on the men's side. Who was the other guy and for those that paid attention to it there was a guy. That was expected to do well and failed miserably for United States. Now. I don't wanna get into. AG in youth in this and that but the guy failed miserably fell on his first run. Came down. Was. Jacked up in front of the camera this is the guy that as they're showing him in rotation. Could share even so much doubt he's losing his pants. And I said no he's not actually where's the deadly guy big guy that wears the belt around the size with the pants and the blood hang out the whole thing. Wherein the addition you know we underwear underneath then but that's the way that that's this guy. Way too cool for himself you know. Play it comes down the hill falls still try to be cool you know trying to just just one of those smarmy Jack and you don't crying yeah look in May tap the guy. Comes down again failed miserably. Still just acting like me. It was it was my first reaction was Ewing belong there. It's like somebody that gets dumped on the comes on the floor and is still like in the ground right out of place right events exact wire the place yeah it's a guide it's Joseph on with a Lyman who then just pancake block them in June and then gets up and enjoying again. It's already met and they gets pancaked again. You know that's favorite ones and they're terrible yup you know this guy was terrible attack I don't know who the guy was like how to its knees he remained remains. I was not a post curling. Athletes I guess is that IE you pronounce a third girl US arm from Madison I did see them on Saturday when I was opted to launch. And that. Coupled that the brother and sister garrison. They have so much fun right right they are awesome to watch he's got he's got the snap back pulled down right he looks like in eighties porn star do we know. And if there is rocked it out all the why so we'd been through it's it's it's the guy that loses. Terribly who still acts like a jet lag in me that's what bothered me more than anything you're during the Olympics man. You know only representing yourself are you trying to win gold would you you're representing your country. And it just. I don't I mean I guess at this point and that makes me sound old at this that guided again. I don't know why had a problem because normally you don't want somebody wants to Wear their pants down Soviet I've always say go push from our runner went for McCain can generally deserve an answer to two. But this I was just in the past but you know you are a good point when you're talking about. Representing your country because you obviously Bremer more time when the Olympics world. A very very political thing only after I talk to my Clemens all the time about it. As does that mean that guys got stories galore of the Olympics and he talks one yet to interview her brock's. And you know two weeks after the the hockey game everybody in the country knew he was right to ease before he could walk into a quick German lawyer would have been able big amount map. Are there are no doubt before that before the Olympics started there's very few people that knew the name nor the face of her Brooks. Once he won. He more obviously he's got a movie was America he's he's he's the recovery story he's one tough love and discipline and hard nosed grid from a bunch of grunts and had no business being American can do you know that was. They epitomized America at the time when America needed you know. Against the mighty Soviet Union the Cold War was coming to an end but there was this tension there obviously were we were smack in the middle of stuff. So he was the epitome of a gap of of what America was supposed to be that you've you know almost Vince Lombardi of hockey you know yeah. So that's exactly you've been there before. You know were the underdog screw the rest of the world were to run show on this American grid and that's what everybody rallied around him rightfully sell but I think. There are some things. That are great and some things that. Are accentuated greatness. And when they were great. In doing what they did know Mark Johnson who actually is a women's hockey coach Al Madison he was on that team. And Tony Granada there's also an out as the men's and he's totally Olympic men's team now so. When you look at that mean they would know better budget. They just were kind of this group of guys it. They were thrown together they were just okay what is his what are we gonna do you know this. OK we are ruse the only where a couple of guys are reader got Craig you know well OK let Steve Susan block those guys and went on to play professionally than play very well. This wasn't like this is their pilot of this what we are not right you know I mean so they threw it together. Brooks brings them together they suddenly get on this mission they're not expected to win no pressure. And then on the run they go and then. You take that. And that those waning seconds and then add Al Michaels do you believe in miracles. And the storybook. Then climax is there it was something that Hollywood is quick not a written. Record but it cordon of ever unfold the way it did. And obviously that had haven't happened Lake Placid in and you know. So anyway long story short sometimes. There's great history and then there's history that's ridden again. Or accentuated by the call and by the broadcaster by the way things are told the storyline leading into and that's why awards. So all but there was a pride there you know that he admitted that there was this. This week it wasn't like we were a bunch of individuals and individual sports in this was eighteen a team from not only that the hockey round. But the US Olympic team. And everybody was rallying around it seemed like everything caught fire wanna. So I remember. When that happened. There was a sporting goods store in Cincinnati name cooks KO CH apostrophe S coal exporting its. And they had the authentic today they're everything authentic and hope they had the aesthetic USA. Hockey apparel and all the jackets. And I remember watching a news story they they sold out of everything and a day got a new shipment in like a week later sold out of everything today and that's what that did to this country. You know. This jag that was in the ended the snowboard. That as I had who cares you know on the senate that's right I mean hey here's what I hear it. Doesn't understand. Doesn't understand that now look. Because the market says you don't understand freestyle ski OK it was so boring person forums okay I do understand okay I've I've seen kids do it. Our guard and a difference deals and so I get it you know it's. It it it only became an event in the Olympics not too long ago as far as traditional Olympic sports go it's what. Maybe three Olympics as they sold three or three or you know Max that's hit so it's not been around a long time in the form of an Olympic sport. There's a different mentality that does there's a different millennial there's different dead there's a different age that does that OK it's not a traditional sport. In that sense so I get that I'm not degrading Matt what I'm degrading is the attitude towards getting Justin Perry seeing yourself. When you're out they're doing it for your country there's a different level of of of self respect and I would expect I guess is the best way to put. So anyway. That being Sarah rotate quick break come back. What are you Paetec shorted Gary Kenosha and what are you paying attention to Olympic twice as well wanted to find on just gonna take polls more of the election. And Michael's source told C. Wouldn't know it wouldn't. It and now know into it and yeah. While the Mac. Bill idol show continues. Glad to have you. Good Monday. None. You really Johnny in Zelman the news again. Continuing to keep himself Rel I guess. I against the Michael's here that's Lou voice and maybe challenge. As it Joseph is then back tomorrow. Johnny Mann Zell. Has said oh by the way I'm bipolar. And which. He he wants a comeback okay here's a Good Morning America. He was Heisman Trophy winner we all know that he was a Boston UN FL. He's been diagnosed as bipolar. And he's taking medication for okay his goals to get back in the football for. Let's be honest he wants a paid he wants money. He blew through his money blew through signing bonus. I don't know what is parents put up but I put part of this on his parents. By the way that they condone the behavior to begin with. He's been a jags since his junior year. Really caps a high school. Probably yeah yeah. Com. He just taps and nobody corralled him. And it wasn't until he finally crashes and burns. That day he comes back with oh by the way this is the reason. So. All of the good that he did he was far wasn't bipolar did have a problem I'd look I don't I don't claim to be a psychiatry administration imagination. But I always find it interesting when stuff like this happens. For a guy who just washes out blames everybody else but himself. And then finally when they hit rock bottom or finally when they realize he screwed up. Then it's it's still my my fault I'm by apple. You know. So I'm watching all the other guys doing what I wanna be doing and I'm sitting on the couch being a lose. Now which are still whatever. He said he used alcohol as a way of self medic meeting at the end of the day. I can't help that my wires are a little bit different than everybody else little bit differently cross than yours I can't help my mental make up on the way that I was created. Look I understand all that but he sat it it still sounds like instead of saying a lot of these things I did I did consciously I did myself. He still doesn't take ownership of but and over Stan imagine I continue to do what I'm doing right now I think my gamma mama think my girlfriend. We're all agreed that they see a drastic change. He acknowledges there's no one to blame except himself after drinking binges. Your left staring at the ceiling by yourself and oppression. Back in the dark hole sitting in your room by yourself super depressed thinking about all the mistakes you made your life. What did that get me where did that get me except out of the NFL. Where that Demi in on disgraced. I don't know what kind of a comeback it'll be but I know I wanna get back on the football field. To what brought me so much joy in my life and makes me so happy is doing my job. Well it put it this way if he's good enough some team will bring you want. For trial somewhere somewhere should perform OK and then they can look in his eyes looking as hardened series K. Are you truly sorry are you truly repentant are you truly. A different guy or are you just doing it because you're out of money because the whole rumor was it he never he owed to tens of thousands of dollars in. He blew through everything. Or how about this bill you the same football player you work well that's the other thing that he was decent. It was a very very great college scene while I never got the pro yeah I never thought he's going to be good crawl is because he was better on the scramble when he was in the pocket he was a pocket passer. He's too small. To go scrambling around in the NFL and I know Russell Wilson and I know Drew Brees and all these other quarterbacks. Have been able to say okay why was considered small and and but yet I was elusive vote but men's Els not them. He's he's not. He didn't throw that kind of appalled to be able to play the game at those guys now I just I I still again watch him walking across a stage drumming his fingers in his Thong show me the money. The attitude everything went wrong when it. I just. I never considered him that good of a quarterback. You know I. You throw stats up MEA people suing in fourteen our yards rushing and you know 47 total touchdowns and sides shed here in ads okay but. You know that that was his thing show me the money. That's what he was all about and and then you know again if your somebody out martyrs season. You write if you're out there and in some of the deals would bipolar maybe you can see it you know kind of discuss Islam would better than I can't obviously but -- men's gold. He's he's gone the path of a lot of people he was bigger than he thought he was bigger than the game. That he was gonna come any change the game. And washed out. He's washed out sorry you're you're. You're not humble enough you don't work hard enough you into what do you mean RG three same way. RG three did that the knock on RG three was all the talent world tents and hit it when he made it to the post season he can work anymore. So we also we don't want Chicago or we don't want jumped Georgia calendars. And Arizona was a racial thing wasn't racial thing was guys didn't put the work in the rest of his teammates and respect him. He did just wanted to abide. The other team I mean that that was a topic of conversation one of the day's other Dario row. Thumb but people since same RG three talented really talented guy but just. Do more work wanna be paid one and all power wanna Shanahan Garland would you don't give me all the power and he found an owner was gonna column for awhile. Kennedy didn't immature and we've seen whichever positions but the quarterback position obviously holds so much weight the NFL. When you see you guys in the in the packers' system yeah click this aren't. He he was able facing a guy until he got the money Susie got on us and then he was able to throw the hands of its power he had said it on the air on the post game showed us. Bet I said you know hey you primarily is out let's say you are well and he said can't wait to get that big contract and then and it was. Anyway is okay that's the Kerry. But I remember sitting there with with with Brian Noble. And eight year old who you're talking when Larry about his afterwards and I had said what is that to carry that bed then motivates you to continue when you get paid as a professional. Or is that has got the money. Screws get the ups. You know I just assumed. Kind of go through the motions for the next few years say my body intake did you know eight to ten million dollars or get paid total get out of here. It turned out that's I know he had diamonds embedded in all this T. When you sent it. And he was more worried. About the spinners that he put on his Hummer and any worry was word that's all I wanted to talk about. You know I get it some guys young Egan money you're excited. But this guy had a different session and he just towel and he's he's washed out whose is not once he Ekpe was not. Com let's go to Amy or cite any welcomed the program the Michael show. I had the morning and come I think a lot of people have said this and you probably in all say basically the same thing. Lindell was never held accountable. Everybody can't just by. His parents never Wear them and they did not help they were like enablers they never helped him by saying hey I think we have the problems. It would shift when I'm a bit since the way things are you really think that Carter back. Unfortunately he's not the only college athlete that this happened to it is the other times Cam Newton. Well what. Well we saw us have a win numerous we saw have or Ryan leave we saw what happened with DRG three we saw what happened cam knew induce certain extent a Cam Newton has much better. Mad skills and joining me in the men's over one and he's gotten by with that mid. It it mean he puts the work I mean I'll give him that that we see other players in darkness I agree. I completely agree Amy pursuant to phone call I divide I said this a long time ago there's a benevolent and is debt. His dad was always there he's there was always talk about the money agreeing with a signed yeah we should be paid they should be using his likeness and I agree to a certain extent. But he was overly boisterous about. And and never never held accountable. Followed the timid ladysmith we come actually do more of election. Six blues station strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. Hope we are having a terrific game. You. If you wanna get a Shell Oil we use only 55830864. Hours of programming brought to buy new Mel medical treaty guys with ED all of the state. The other quarter Valentine's Day almost here guys in the best gift you could possibly give would be you that's right you don't. I gotta do is call 4144554451. Give the gift of view and be a better use matter effect if you're suffering from media can help you out there and 90% success rate. If you have a low key thing you're looking for more energy betterment clearly better stamina. And you're really wanna be the guy that she wants you to be than just call again 4144554451. And if you're carrying some of the extra damage. I again call the all one weight loss program yes it really does work for 144554451. Let's go to Tim was he too is in laced with. I. Bill thank you know. I guess one thing this year and really our challenge with more you know especially. And it felt quote as saying it now. I realize this doesn't represent all of the Olympic athletes but again athletes. I shoot that ball off of our president they like. I just don't know some athletes are just that narcissistic anymore they're is that unaware of what they represent. Them. Why did they actually think they're too big it hale is that the deal that is just so disrespectful at everything in sports now becomes all that. Beside you it's just like me get in the middle finger at people that actually involved the president. And respect it and respect our president by the inquiry or not. It's. I think what people do is they look at it as this is my platform you have to respect main and if you referred for the same reason they don't is the same reason you have a platform to speak on to begin you know I mean. Up so and I you know it. Well inappropriate is it their record that they're not they're to be political they're active members beggar country. And if I think it's disrespectful or countries. That mom compress it I understood to have its back with black gap here though. They'll they're there's two different than they do that but these are not oppressed people of privilege it will just be even be able to people left. Now I understand and appreciate phone call we'll talk a little more about that coming up after the top of the hour bomb all right the other thing we wanna talk about. Because there has been hints by agents that if the dam didn't break there would be somewhat of a walk out regarding spring training. There is and and imminent for a looming. 2020. Deadline for the NFL. The possibility of work stoppages NBA players saying hey keep the purse purse is open. Is there a league that could not survive they work stoppage we're gonna of that discussion as well more than Michael should next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.