HR2 – If the season started today, can the Brewers compete for postseason?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 2. Plus, former Brewers Pitcher Paul Wagner stops by. Also, when is it the right time to delete dead people’s phone numbers?


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Romo leads runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans column should talk. Gil Michael show. Hey Jim Leo wow don't go Michael show always on the air we are so so glad. You are part of the program today thanks so much for take a listen as we're gonna talk to brewers baseball can't appear in just to moments fortune program brought to bud Bud Light I know there's snow on the ground. We do a little bit warmer weather coming. But come June it all brings back god at all it's cleaned up the music starts flowing through the evening air. On those Sunday nights on Wednesday night live is that comes back again this June the Budweiser pavilion at Wisconsin state fair park. And it's all brought to bud Bud Light the official beer sponsor a bill Michael sports talk now work and I let you of the dates of the specific nights of our charities. Israel a couple of different charities out there again this year too so they do some creature noble work should not only does your money. In the 5050 just you know you could bring you some bucks by. All that money goes to charity so it's always a great great night on Wednesday night live. And we'll give you the dates in the vans and everything coming up here in the coming months. Our malice customers baseball hall lighter the former brewers pitcher plus cell with a stick academy in Milwaukee area joining us now on the shatter orange. Ally of all you doing man. Gary I'm doing well like it warm weather I don't gentle. All my guy I'm Seoul meeting of its we even liked during Super Bowl we usually go someplace warm like last year we were in Houston. It was a little cool at night for the most part we really really nice you've got a warmer weather this year you had four below. Every day walking into the Mall of America sort of get a taste of its ought to get out there is on over spring training you're cheering go over warm weather in my face no doubt. You've got Super Bowl vote nobody nobody came back on and it's. Maybe a little wind burn out there at all or as a guide it's looking at this team a little bit differently than a lot of people. How close or how far away are they from what the cubs have done with the addition of Yu Darvish. You don't hate I'd be we talked about it. And I'd really like they did it out like addiction runs OK I like Christian theology. If our pitching staff is a pitch to contact. Our pitching depth as a jitters were swearing in minute guys we're not. So we need to that's seven gloves we can bind us. And I'm very impressed with that I always want more arms. If we're gonna go to contact we're gonna play you are currently Miller Park. They're not gonna move defensive back 28 year. Outlawed guys that got the gloves in a damn good I'll. Are you. Com how far away is Forrest presumed the cubs the team to beat everybody knows that helped. You think this team's gonna be competing write down of the and the wire like they did last year do you think that there's. We've got a hole at second base you don't know what VR is. You don't know productivity wise what you're gonna get out of first base you don't know how good your arms are gonna be you don't know where Jimmy Nelson's gonna be so are those too many holes to overcome against a very strong cubs team with a very strong rotation. Hey yeah right that you named Adam Reese aspect of the game you never know. The old cliche that we stay healthy we can complete it obviously injury decides he can't control. You know what the ball rolls in the almost feel that it's pitched. I don't know you know what two years ago Jonathan yeah I had a great year last year struggle. They're their only means. There's no consistency. And that's why I kinda wondered why the Christian you know much like some people were salt shall against. Giving up an unproven prospect maybe a top 25 or top ten prospect at Princeton but you know what when I have guys that I know what they can do at this level. And Billy you know like how much brighter and the grass is greener the crowd louder voices are big. And you. I think I got a kick experience and when I look at this quote I think we can compete at a lot of back and everybody's bad there I'm not worried about so much of almost setback in any you know any person's production. You'll wanna I wanna consider would have been traveling show us but I other Travis you've been around the game for so many years I played a little. I know that you know is what happens I know he knows the ups and downs and what happened so. Our seal made steps behind the dish yet guys in the outfield. Our kids that it is definitely always in need of arms but I think actually we can compete shrug and go out. Do you think they have to add another arm. It. Is now the time to add an arm. Absolutely 100% right now I wanna be in right away Kenya a lot of our catcher's right I've buried. I'm very skeptical. About when pitchers come at a later time during the year. As well as temperatures will be we're you know looking at a a Jonathan Lu court getting traded to the Texas Rangers did he did how did you back. That playoff like you know what that catcher pitcher relationship is very very valuable. That's that you got to get it done right now but I definitely want about 34 weeks before. Before spring training and report camp breaks want these guys to know each other and be comparable each other. So. This this team. Offensively speaking I look at this team last year and I say you know what when the pitching was so good they struggle they couldn't put the ball in play. And there was a lot of things that frustrated fans the inability just to hit behind the runner to advance a runner to drop one down to get on base just things to generate offense and it seemed like the brewers at times almost obstinate in doing so Craig Counsell signal a guy these judges are accorded certain things. Is that something that this year they have to BA be better at. I I think date I think last year but it was very very successful in the eyes of many. I think they learned very valuable lesson each individual. I think now that you know the capabilities and I'm not saying that is such as courts unions that. Irsay and make championship on an older build and add pieces. But we know the tendencies. That coaching staff has been together now for a couple of years they don't now what can and can't be done by certain individuals picnic in the sweet. Different little intricacies of the game of baseball Greg Craig Counsell played at the wake Craig Counsell grew up playing it. Guys in the likes of Jimmy Leland that Roger's ease pat. In the gate hot place all all big ball. Moving runners over everything and now Eagles players are capable of doing it feel much different reward scheme. They were going to be the 150. Rickey Henderson at the capitol I don't. But I think you're gonna see a little bit difference in NC definitely an improvement on last year's little little bitches. Comment how did you see great care Craig Counsell grow up and I thought Craig did a fantastic job for those that might have looked at it a little bit different. I thought again there's you can always in and how they critiqued and beat the hell out of Madden last year for the way he used the bullpen you're always gonna critique it guy for that but I thought Craig. Grew up I thought he but I did things extremely well and I thought also believe that he's got the full of tent full attention of every guy and clubhouse. Absolutely. 100%. I think it takes a matter what you deal I think everybody goes through a little learning curve and and and realizing what you have what you don't get a lot different voices talking to yet. His old college coach. He said pitching coaches come up from Vanderbilt news is produced like David Price Sonny gray. You get coaching at a literally come right up the big league roster in case. And income rate to the bench. He had a lot of coaches yeah. Old rule bullpen coach toggle Pittsburg Detroit. A lot of different minds a lot of different ideas I think he put it altogether in orbit so that you watch out and be good. Always got a jam I'm Fred tell me about the stakes academy. The academy going strong cold weather. Or start now Art Shell fundamental program. All age groups eight week program start in March. C'mon downer checked out the facility is actually phenomenal on any questions you'd just give the call on their leadership honor barge. The academy dot com absolutely beautiful facility that would mean Craig Counsell had as we were brought. The importance in the noble. Always good buddy we'll judges hate got to ask you real quick other St. Louis Cardinals where they fit into this mix in your opinion. I'm not I'm not a big fan Carlos Martinez about Adam but David Wainwright you recall last year we talk. I am I said David we writes about the situation called on the DL I think he broke out I think he's going to be broke again this year tout stimulus cardinal post here at all. Always go out vessel us with a stick academy of dead by the way people wanna get whole again did give out the website or how they get a podium because I think they're fantastic place. Absolutely it expects academy got to have all numbers I'm very don't know it up and absolutely call it ask for Sean Smith. Or barge pole the most gentleman actually put you up the right spot even if you're not ready. It abundantly come up just to block the audience and he worked. He would be indoor facility now was capped property kids that it's absolutely unbelievable. The abilities of these children can have. Absolutely good stuff we will show you soon to Cyril show the ballpark as well okay. Up to audition and they go stakes academy dot com as we can find his stuff if you Yates by the way it's ST I KS. Sticks academy. Dot com weather itself for baseball fast pitch there's they do through pitching and catching and fielding. They've got everything I'm looking at the where's our right now they've got all the different academy set up. Monday's 67 Thursday six or seven Saturdays nine to ten. They go all the different dates that are out there they've got advanced. For advanced voice and for advanced girls. You can register your kid lot of great stuff for baseball are fast pitch softball I kind of separate you wanna go to sticks academy check that out for yourself lot of good stuff. If the season started the day. If the season started to day. How confident are you that the brewers would be in the chase. For either awhile Carter in the division. And how confident are you they'd be making it to the post and if that if the if the season started right here right now. How confident are you at the Milwaukee Brewers would be right there. Right there. This portion of programming brought to buy a Marshal public health system fixed me up coming back in the game the ebony has been. Fantastic and they can help you out as well get something with ordered orthopedics. You can check that I would have shorter whether to hit whether to knee without an ankle. Elbow for that matter you can go see Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dumb or maybe they can just get your home. In a day in as little as a day it doesn't have to be this long process we can't do anything you're all laid out your arm problems. It's it's not like that anymore. They I was literally back into a home. In a day in home within two days after they got me up and move it around and yeah I took a couple of days off work and I was right back data within the hour I was feeling really good after that I was really really surprising matter fact. How painless it was. And how much you are you know effort or how little effort I have used. The rehab to get back to it's a maybe they can help you out the same way they did me. Don't live with pain check out Marshall clinic dot org or call 855 MC ortho 855 and sea org took it this season Merced to start today. If the brewers arrived in town throughout their two delegating the added them you know parking areas are plowed everything ready to go. If the season started today. Do you think the brewers are good enough to end up in the post season. Stay tuned more than a microphone next. You can sense the energy. The room all the boys are super fired up. Everybody's I think that much more excited about spring training and looking forward to the season and understanding that the expectation is now to win. Which is the position that we all want to be in a real hope to the end. But I think realistically happen a lot sooner than most people had anticipated so. It's a good place to be it's a good feeling to have and think everybody's really excited it's. Those are the words of Brian brawn. They're excited. Derek shot at. Work side were several brewers baseball to get here. I think. Maybe since going into 2011 or even maybe even since going to 2012. This about his fired up as I've seen brewers fans. In a while. Lot of people excited about this team and about the prospect of a big competitive I think more so than anything. I don't think it's just. A matter of oh by the way we think we can get to the post season I think it's there's that there's. There's there's a couple legitimate things here one is people really believe that you now have a whole hearted robbery with the cubs. For the cubs believe that they have surpassed the dreaded cardinals. It is within eighty miles 200 miles of Miller Park. Both cubs fans take pride in coming in Miller Park ended cheering their team and kind being kind of being obnoxious on the road for a standard tired of it. They believe their team is ready to fly. Or if not this year it'll definitely be next year but you wanna be a part of this. I've been doing this some of the commercials for the bombers advertising for Tia ticket sales the brewers have come up with so many different ticket plans. You really if you even if you don't have a huge budget to buy season tickets they have become sole. Unbelievable we flexible to get you in the Miller Park and specifically for the games against the cubs it's ridiculous it just. Now Greta their their bare there to sell tickets I mean I really believe you're gonna put maybe two million plus. Maybe push three depending on how the season goes. 88 in the Miller Park this year I think it's gonna be a big boon in the season for the Milwaukee Brewers when it comes a total attendance. But. IE I think there's at least from the brewers fans perspective. There is it legitimate rivalry there now. There is a legitimate back imports the cubs were bad for so long and they certainly did good in the brewers were good and the cubs fans hated that because they took pride mean the lovable losers and they couldn't figure it out and we all knew the cardinals were the number one then a nemesis but I think. Correct me if I'm wrong we love to hate Tony La Russa it wasn't just the cardinals it was more so Tony La Russa and Albert pools. I mean that those two guys epitomized what I was to be a Saint Louis cardinal and got your whole I was disabled we are so certainly it to a certain extent but it. The attitude the smog is the arrogance came from Tony La Russa he he a bet on it took a lot of pride in it now I think our sites have gone from. The cardinals being an cross hairs over to the cubs being a cross hairs and cubs fans more specifically than it shifts to Chicago Cubs. So. I really believe there's people would still say you know what the cubs still the team to beat. But now we are we are no longer so far in the rearview Mir that we're not even a light at the end of the tunnel. We are now are you bright debris rights are wrong and in the vehicle behind you and even though or in the rear view mirror. The bright you're starting the blind you you're seeing as you're noticing that we are right there and I think that's a lot of respect to taking pride in five yet right now. Sorry I really appreciate the fact that the brewers. Open up ticket sales for the series against the cubs first Wisconsin residents yes four yeah I feel an ice said it was five counties and actually it's Wisconsin residents so I was erroneous there. Are your your records to Wisconsin residents. And anyway. Young long story short on the loop hole and there is there are a lot of cubs fans a little yes there are let's be honest yes there are that's that's a fact no doubt bought. I think the fact that you're allowing brewers fans. To have the opportunity here to trying Phil Miller Park before cubs fans still it's a golden opportunity because again if we see more cubs fans that we see a 6040 proportion and Horry. 6535. Proportion. Of cubs fans still then people should be complaining because you had the opportunity to buy tickets for these big series correct. 85583086. Foray let's go to cage you listening to is she in sub Lee was Dallas data I don't limit what's going on. The law. Osborne. And then you know had a hard time that's why choose this I did. And I'm here. As far as the brewers are concerned. It's 5% in my opinion it's making the playoffs. I'm not concerned lists. It's not speaking as much as I am the blues it's especially. Fact that we don't know what else is indeed this year also back end of the year did you rotation. Is still suspects. I think in really just need to go out injured and there are. Should be start. And couples are also the bullpen as we don't and we're not sure. You know what what kind of here closers in Abuja. Nigeria he was lights out. You know the vehicles we closers. You know EE could be. Shelled all over the park this year we're not sure. What you know I figured if the ball a lot better than they did last year. As a whole and we'll hopefuls say that. To the whole thing is due pitching. You know I can say I'm not worried about I'm not worried about Yu Darvish. You know if you're gonna windows games what sort of rumors. You know Internet so it's just a matter of ensuring our global demand and also Judy Judy Nelson helped the end documentation. Mean piper (%expletive) man and glad your back from well again early say Hawaii for the fact that I'm not quite your bag to wish you were still there because that's warmer you can and take pictures make us feel war. There's like joking about the cynic how hard was digital land. Very few let me tell you some fuel from sunny San Diego you see nothing wrong white did you get in the upper midwest so you learn lessons her life right so. I park my car. At Mitchell airport thinking that I would park it inside the parking structure because or be enough parking spaces Triton. Well full full full full full. Churn out at a park on the darn rooftop. So then. I was an idiot for not bring in my jacket. Because I figured at the time before I left that I would just park my car in the garage wall. Now all it set him up there which means any my jacket because there was snow in the forecast. So. I'm getting on the plane go to CN BA go all think about is great when I come back coming up to scrape a foot of snow off my car. And when I got back on Sunday night at after minnows like 1230 when I got back to my car. There was snow on one half of the car. And soul and if you know get the remote start going to the car to fire up by a shovel a certain scrape that off. And that was it a foot of snow around my cars that I had to shovel the front side to drive about. It was just a pain in the pod and that you don't parking it's ridiculous for what you have to pay to park your car you were. So all that was just hell. After earlier in the day you're walking across mission beach and you see palm tree after palm tree after palm tree and everyone's out. Sunday dean and playing volleyball on the come back to the scrap its. Yeah it's yeah it's the most important. Into what he said talks. 8558308648855830864. In loans by kip downtown. Told free talk line. The par 583086. Foray gives shall we love to hear from you sowed the brewers did this all started today. If this all started today and the brewers were war right here right now. Would this team be in the post season. Would this team be in the proceeds yes no or enter. Where this team being there. 85583086. Foreign loans by kip dark Tom whole free TARP. Gives show do you think this team would be right there. Loved enough. I think there's a lot of people would think it does he would be vying for a wild card spot not necessarily one of the top spot. In the end in the division. Shots as yet they're in for a play well wild cards what do they play well they've yet the division I wouldn't panic and overpaid free player right now via trade or free agency just to match the cubs. Stirs knows what he's doing he's gonna make the move. If it's Smart for the franchise. This was from might be Olympus who emails us and when he's email inbox and says. Let me ask you this week for years said in Ted we trust you we say in David Stern's we trust I do I think he's done everything correctly. And I think we should sit back in just enjoyed his mastery. As he ends up putting this franchise together so we are strong for the next couple of years. I think that that that's a very legitimate question. Do we as you sit here right now right here today. Do you look at this franchising go you know what it's in great hands in David Stern's we trust is this is is. Is David Stern's. Milwaukee's version of Theo Epstein. I'll leave it at that more than a Michael show next. No wind we'll show on the air we are glad. Add your own board. You know when you start to feel a little bit old Joseph. Let me give give me give you something here how have you ever done this because I don't think you have. So we were talking earlier bell merger will calendars for families right. Certainly said you showed you gotta go to Google calendar what I forget that I have a Google. But Gmail account. Because I set it up when I went to Verizon. And I don't rise in a long time. Just for the fact that when I travel it's been always one of the most if not the most reliable. So provider. Yeah you pay a little bit more but they've been the most reliable so we're runner had. So I thought oh that's right I do have a Google account. And cherry in the kids are on my account as well so I thought maybe this is the merger way to do this. So OK I kind of downloaded a few things. And then it says going your contacts and I thought man and I haven't checked my contacts in awhile I've got like 11100 and something content okay. And there's 82 of them that need to be merged. That over the years between going back and forth between the Verizon cloud in the Google cloud all the different started did its convoluted so you get maybe. There's five or six different things of the same thing anyway long story short source start going through a lot of my contacts I'm sitting here during the break. The really sad thing is. I did this sounds really bad. But I've deleted five people that are dead. If you had to do item eleven if you had to do that yet. We you've played you know you could do you feel that there's a couple of these people I mean there's a couple of or acquaintances that relate business contacts. Boyd I guess three or four that were friends that are dead. And you feel bad go and click like you're eliminating them from your life you know in some way shape perform at what point is an except 'cause on FaceBook to. There's a couple people that are on our FaceBook fan page or on the face of personal page. That I go through and I try to purge of people I don't know and elect kind of stuff and you go through north. Trying she she passed away. Our heat he died last year you know. After people that are dead. At what point is an acceptable or are reasonable few ago. Yeah I can probably get you know the delete that current policy get rid of it does sound so cold that. And I could probably go and delete a contact out of my mind folder. Instead of on followed. That people on Twitter. Dead people on Twitter no problem. Again reporters just a communication thing. Right you know trade him to prison wrote for the journal settle for years years years with a radio and TV critic and bomb it and compete people hated him did they put them was just way too harsh. Tim and whatever reason it light and I always enjoyed Jimmy was very honest with you about things and he that we can and I had a great working relationship are still friends with him. He's been these past two way 510 you Steve Hayward. Work for our ESP radio Milwaukee for years he was a great guy. Great guy I cannot bring myself on follow him on friend hammered to the discount it for summary just. It reminds me of him on ice when it pops up and I see you at what point do you think it's acceptable to say OK I can go ahead and delete some of these people are my top Tex was his. And that I have from the phone and if if that number's been reassigned to somebody that's not the person you're calling any. But you know I mean it's just it's it's it's you start going through and also your life gets into perspective because you're looking all these people that are with you. In Europe in your contacts list in their their passed away. People that are dead. Jeff you don't. Checks it out just judged by we got six it's a couple months less and I am. So YouTube you can turn your Mike on the. Without a doubt in into an all soul like contacts in your phone. It was curious like when I go to the website of a FaceBook page of my high school and every so often too often there's an obituary hour. Of somebody or graduated with right. Right now I gather and as liked eighties. And general that says a review every death from year we graduated. I'll tell ya ya I've as matter of fact I get a and alumni lose letter late monthly and it always lists. Those alumni that are passed away and every now and then. The others class of 85 or class of nine be sure that. That have passed away you know I get class of nine nine year of 88 as well but it 89 as well but it because I ended up going back for my shirt off in ninety. Played him you need to stimulate remember that guy you know the. You know beyond frightening thing I'd it was a space of this today I was looking at. Palm he's the coach and no clear Regis. And their longtime girl's best bullpen coach Jim Green just past where over the weekend mean I'm FaceBook friends and mail but it's like I could I could never give myself on Friday right. Still feed Hayward I've got a really different in mining town that that. It and NI eight. Knew Rick very little compared him. He has he's touched me so I still have Rick's phone number majors is on Murakami says Cameron did do it Rick was such a good guy it's like I wanna calling. And hope that his voicemail Stiller shortly here you know as Rick was such a great I mean it's simple reason you're right I'm with them I was got all of them to. Yeah and 2011 are right passed away MS still frozen them this like exists you can't do it. Now that the terrorists frog and other wanted to figure a Swiss was another one that was such. Rick was such a good guy you always did our take the first time ever met wreck. This is God's honest truth so I. The brewers used to remember the diamond dinner the mergers and yeah it was no facility immoral and and OK you know on the fester writes in yeah Wendy's chili previous and a little pre open and that's when they took over the team after him but became interim commissioner and everything. So we still that a diamond and so the first few years it was here we do do diamond I would you know as part of that broadcast scripture. So it's a tuxedo that so we're sitting there broadcasting myself and Len Kasper lend cash for now the Chicago comes. So Len and I are doing the show and Len went on and he was gonna do some stuff with you current and Jim Powell in the ballroom. Some outside during the show in a sit down at the table and are who we had Tommy LaSorda who came in for the diamond. And then Bud Selig. Blood Sealy sits down and in buddies so fantastic when it comes to just down home stuff you know. So blood and every now and ask him a caller on club and you're think in this kind of making just from his own pensions like twenty million a year you know and a budgets he just a regular guy person in this industry are having yeah ideally particularly vulnerable tomorrow and so I'm sitting there and I'm getting ready interview barred invited tuxedo precedent right on a taxi. And all the sudden you hear the elevated or being. This fat white guys this is where that with goggles on his head ball hit with goggles on his head wearing a towel. Only a towel. In a Paris when trucks. If surgeons. He came out of the Fister poll when he got off on the Florida go down his room with him switch like elevators they gotten. But he got off in the ballroom floor and he comes over he says the portals. Eyes and eight coaches on who was and coach you don't thought he comes over does he listen to me since I gotten in the count cards and in town now about a month. And he should Manilow would you do and I said you know nice to meet you in the hope you care or sit down he sat there. Caught hanging out man boobs in her Powell trip and with a headset on ending move the goggles just over the like the eyebrows of his eyes. To put the headset on. And centered in an interview. Bud Selig now it is that when you were shut us so fantastic image you're a season and had no shame that he was an Alzheimer. When when Travis Diener was or was in high school fall of Lichen and there was. There was home visit date work college coaches would come visit them. So we just kind of set up Travis is we're friends lowers kind of settled cite his driveway. In comes around the world Markota saint Louis the suit and tie commander comes Tom green's Suton side here comes Dick Bennett the suit in time. Erica was were Gerris when his turn for home visit that same day of bright flip flops right T shirt hey get a stadium everywhere. You know short side is that the guys are dressed up admit Gerris is up there and just. Shorts and and pong instead. Now edited out that was that was that was the jurors through Jared your read his book his book and before he passed away about ten years if repairs and or whatever day it was called what my life. My life and inept and that was Vietnam would be a great title for repairs he lived out of a hotel right in all of the world it was a you're talking when I came home was mom got sick. Well you talked paid his bill he lived in the Fister sure. That's how I got to me because I lived in the history. I mean he was such a cool guy such and such a great guy and just talked I remember one time I was asking him about basketball we got in this discussion about teams. And leans over and he says you know you Glock quality guys you are absolutely have to have great players but there's one thing you have to have a nice and what's that he's a pastor. So what you should go to that one nasty guy you do that you just can rally around when he does something stupid and that just fires your team up you gotta have won just. Market always have guys like that one guy. Finished. It was the assistant without Al McGuire what. You know he's he's a guy who group Milwaukee. No playground at heart park he would call their in his forties and still play. And he looked he would never call. If you what was best book campus as a kid and you for an offense offense offense offense offense offense right the opens up. That's exactly right you're you know always on the offense certain and a he's such a good guy he says agree W I just I is medevac got told we still have him my contacts as well think Europe. Now kangaroo. Senator easily overlooked on your soft what should I did I start going through it and I'm thinking to myself there was a friend of mine who are just notices and allies feel bad I didn't get back during but I hit his wife had come she was who's who's dying of cancer we all know it and we took her to you'll Marty. And she got a chance to meet Bart Starr and Jerry Starr has about three weeks later she passed away sure she still winner you know armed imprisonment shall and they are. Got a couple of friends from high school that are stolen you know I mean drove her to go through this and while I can't believe all these people that I know they're even went peck religions we have immediate someday exactly yeah it's got to be. You know he worked as a test assertion is still in my closet you know now so I can't imagine ever getting rid of Bart's Contra when ports are parents to know me obviously I still can talk to Jerry bit. You Bart Starr is another one I don't I don't think I would ever get rid of his New Jersey looks clear foreign also you'll see it he can't do. Right yeah what's funny is in not to go on too long about this but I ended up. When when I put two Schering to kids in my account. You know how you always have a great somewhere with phones Jeff so I was gonna upgrade my phone in my iPhone payoffs like 350 bucks and kids' phones like 190 source open up the kids and I'll get my upgrade now way to kids won't be ready for upgrade yet bottom. So I did it. And they. They what they did was is because they changed the accounts. My Google contact list and downloaded to Alexis phone all the so Alexa who doesn't know what at this point but Alexa. Is driving around with Bart Starr. Makes a grudge that he had an Aaron Rodgers and all these phone numbers on her phone or not but I'll know I didn't vote doesn't anybody have a New Hampshire so I haven't whether or not you should or should not delete dead people from your phone that I take quick break more than might show next. No Michael show on me now we are glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to as we certainly appreciate it 85583086. Foray today. Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday. This portion of the program brought you buyer for a good new Mel medical center. If you I have problem with your Bruschi. Mammoth 98% success rated. Clear that right up. Clear that right up. 98%. And if you are looking for more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina as you went out. Run down the parade route and tossed your beads. While they've got the the program for likability treatments which have been fantastic as well but if you look down right now. Wherever Ager sitting guys they don't look down there you see your authority on Fat Tuesday and if you can't you need yo weight loss program. That's right that's right. If you can't track down a jelly donut you've been missing for a while you may wanna call them 4144554451. Column up and say. He guys it's fat. Tuesday and I can't find a coach to see what happens see that he's got a giggle said the Michael's soul and I need your on the L a weight loss program what does that entail a phone call my friends is for. Manager getting ready for Valentine's Day. And your significant significant other can't find your porch either. Then she may end up going to different bakery until you can produce apology. So you needle I don't know you need to call up and say you know what I couldn't lose a little T treatment anymore energy anymore mental clarity. But I got to find apology. And there we need to head off to a yellow one weight loss program to reduce the size of the bakeries in the coach he's looked more advertising. Does that make sense are we aren't understanding each other you know 414455445141445544. 51. That is just the tip that is just a tip from yours truly pardon upon. Do you. They have. A big Jody ever been to a Mardi Gras this is my bucket list of I have might I don't have this deep balked at was some people say I wanted to skydive saying. I wanna go seize their Paris in the Eiffel Tower right out of sea Italy the leaning tower Pisa and here's my body. I don't really have much of a bucket list the one thing I wanna do. Is I wanna go to Mardi Gras. And I know that people always tell you don't go to Mardi Gras go to some of the outlying areas and go to something different or whatever what I just want ago. I I just might not to really participate as some crazy drunken lunatic but I just wanna go to take a picture and to be just experience it once that's my goal. You're short of getting married sort of you know doing all I kind of stuff but you know that my 81 thing I want to do was go to Margaret you're gonna mourning her. Never never I've never been an oral ones is that something you wanted to. Off. Each I was down there in the week after Mardi Gras once. I love to check up urban street Arnold really cool I know it's pretty crazy down there but. June. Burma street is really cool Nawaz downer the week right after the weekend right after the parade. And restore the stands up and they're still cleaning up the streets. And Dieter cruiser took out of took off out of New Orleans so that was interest by I wanna just one time go to Marty. And it's always tough because you have to squeeze in between spring training. And and you know obviously. You know Super Bowl. And it's kind of a down time did you start to get relaxed a little bit and take it you that's that's my one goals and wanna. Wanna go to morning. So Jerry you're listening narrowing union president that's what would listen for Margaret Margaret. 85583086488558308648. On the law on the loans by Kim dotcom. Told free talk line. Our body Chris Vinny has always comes up with some good stuff on Twitter you see what he just posted that is just eerie and creepy. Mary Twitter dot. As it is Fat Tuesday hey speaking of getting fat. Chicago Bears hope to get fat on the Baltimore Ravens did you hear they are the hall of fame game this year. The hall of fame game here in Ohio it's the bearers. Thursday August 2. Against the Baltimore Ravens. So there you go it's the bears and Baltimore is a one other side note to to football. The NFL released all the schedules and such now they haven't released the home away dates but when they did the analytics. On and this year it's strength of schedule. If you're looking for a team that might go from last place to say Super Bowl winner in a span of just one season like Eagles in between 2062 does seventeenth. That you might want to take a serious look at Houston Texans not only are they expect to get John Watson and JJ wide back from injury. But they're going to have at least one more thing going in their favor this year. They're playing the NFL's at least according to the analytics easiest regular season schedule. Based on 2002017. Standings. But the hardest schedule. The team that ended up with the roughest schedule in terms of wins and losses in stiffness of competition. None other than our Green Bay Packers they have the toughest schedule in all football this year according to the analytics. I am. Should the Milwaukee Bucks per sued a guy that I flat out hand scare. End. One of the biggest jags ever walked the face of the earth. We'll talk about it coming up the next hour more of a Michael show next.