HR2 – Is it impossible to make baseball faster when there’s so much uncertainty?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 2. We continue our conversation on pace of play. A former MLB umpire weighs in on the date. Plus, Voice of the Admirals Aaron Sims stops by.


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And received they can help you out as well we were talking I don't want to kind of continue this for for the moment we were talking earlier. About. You know just the pace of play Major League Baseball. And looking at it as to whether or nine. Based wise an issue and they need to speed things up yes knowing different whenever. So my question becomes your thoughts on I might my answers to this are very simple two things one pitch clock number two. Get rid of instant replay in the sense of coaches. In managers and umpires and stuff having the circle one person and a boost just like you do in college football. Look at and say okay. This is the person's gonna be there buzzing the home plate umpire if indeed there is the need to call for instant replay if you need to stop play for a moment or two. But I always do. But otherwise just get on whether already. Retire watch unit were tired of sitting there for the moment after moment after moment after moment only deceit. Basically. The same thing we're seeing on our. And you know screens. We all know what's going on it does get on with a damn game already. And I think there's a lot of people with pillows and what. Do you think Major League Baseball. Means to speed up the pace of play yes no different eight by five B 308648. To go to TJ was he too is an anomaly falls TJ I don't admit what's going on. Editor at based technical and so I'm sure that's going to be an unpopular. View or talking about today. Are the only problem I have with it the play is it's partly the replay and accuracy before and it's evident that it has beaten up. Other than that I really had no problem pace of play. Until the other callers are talking about let your interest and are used because there's not an offer but they want more hits more home runs. Four people on base that's that's gonna take more time. And as far as and I think you speak and it before Tom what are your ideas eight pitch clock or could you elaborate on that. I'm I'm all for it I think Q yeah do you get appreciate the focal I think you get a period of time to get in the box Gary ego and go. Just my opinion get in there ago. And I think pitch clocks. Have a very good place. In. In in the game. I idea I just do everything else is on o'clock we see shot clock see a play clocks in football. All that kind of stuff I I just think that that this compared to this problem if you will. Com. I think that this did that there's a capability here. And I I I don't I don't sightings and no brainer it's really easy. Just get rid of some of the garbage it's going on right now. With guys stepping out of the box guys staggering up you know like the everybody has their walk up music. Sometimes guys don't even get in that to the box until their walk of music either ends or there is some other. You always need big do they get comfortable they get into a routine I understand it's all of our routine I understand you wanna see you'll players. You know kind of keep their routine to be able you know perform better so to speak. But it. I'm just a bit I'm a mobile right now or it's kind of like come on just these get this over with already let's go get overworked. Just give him a bit give it a boxing doll. Yeah I agree some of that stuff is a little ridiculous especially if you're a battered. Yeah even swing at the baseball and yet he still adjust your batting gloves like nothing changed her savior. You don't try to take hack at it you swaying OK then maybe your maybe your gloves are a little out of whack and you need to adjust but. A whole the whole just seen a batting gloves taken a foot out of the box. I understand there is a routine so that. But you guys are pros figure out a way to adjusting and just stay in the box right. The traumas bill like the last caller said there's so much uncertainty in baseball baseball. Really of all but of all the major sports because you don't have an actual clock like football or basketball hockey. The game can go on for as long as that goes on because of the strategy because of situations where you extend innings. And there's other times where you did too good pitchers and they get into a pitching duel they're getting outs like that. And we've seen games that last two and a half hours it's just it's very hard to control the time in baseball. It just hits and and and and for someone like me as a fan. I'm not someone that's really complaining that it's too long not to use to and I just I love the game I love what it's all about and. To what I know baseball has in issue I know that there are first while I hated the post season hated the post season I know that sacrilege for many. What I hated because it was just too damn long. It was still good to go that long in Major League baseball's post season it was just it was bad baseball not in the sense of the game itself but I'm talking more so. Four hours for ball games was ridiculous. There's no reason for that especially when. You're trying to keep they keep talking to try to bring any younger audience keep the colonials attentions while I'm not blaming millennial fall listed I think they get a bad rap at times but. Even I a baseball through Jesus and enrollment card tomorrow OK you know what are just DVR and catch a morning. It's my job I have to there's a lot of you are doing that I think that's a reason baseball's got a little bit about. The issue. For lack of better term. Please do so I just all I'm saying is I think baseball has the ability it's too sensible things for whatever reason they can't get it done they can't figure out I keep thinking about that whole thing about. Well automatic for paid for herb for Paige walks will just not give them for space what I have noted that did. That was awful. Stupid to be honest when somebody should a look at the ministers went you know what that's is always dom gets. And he should of went oh OK I get it. Now just stupid. It's about the phone calls talked to a Fred listening to a C Green Bay on W out of Alfredo and. I don't put either of you thank you for taking my call on what I'd love the game in the beauty of baseball as the clock is not a factor. The problem is he predators in action has tortured doll to a movie. I'd go watch my grandsons play ball. In the kitchen stepped out of the box in the tortured their gloves and I always tell that the tech in the auction or so I do you have a certain regard and that. Victor make them better yet nick pitcher pitched. And my other love is already and then implement a shot clock they're truck further terms of what it by sir good product. And so the ball you I don't know what you have to do that are into a and I'm I'm look at other article actually dropped. By digital Rasner from the Associated Press in people might of 2013. Jerry do you so I'll probably worked as 4000. The age of eighteen he is one of 21 published keeps. You know via prayers are not perfect but they do agree Cha. Ought to ask is different position and they call didn't that the call of the wrong questions shall obvious. Gold swaps. I don't have a problem with the umpires are also. Frustrated negated though might or might for a short enough to first and edit list. Check to burst can actually see what the voters were. You know infantry we're look at our fire and have. Ship's origin are a lot of the spend as much time of the ball precautions spent in my car. Now of course potentially illegal workers but. What the the on the time of the game doesn't bother me at all bill. I'd I'd get net but he went under pressure to back in the box. That's the beauty of the game. This park is not a factor. Our fair not forget it man Bridget he drops off leaderboard 855830864855. 8308648. Personal loans by Kim dotcom told free talk ID 558308648. Gives shout what they're from. Wanna hear from are you. Are you looking at this and saying damage we based on a little bit of an issue. Over manager. 855830864. Is about the phone calls talk to Dave on the north side day walk on program the Michael show. Think they'll. Well I don't and I did you know or. Or sports art I mention. And I think it out a deal that there with the aim it. Sure it's coach called multiple. Agents. We all work they are a couple better get in a row. But he does that out there for ten minutes and he throwing what it's. I mean it's situation comes out ultimately bring it man and what the first they won't get weren't even that amount and it's. I can't think out. Well they do I guess that because they give him a they give much totaled eight pitches coming out of Japan and they give it to so he can get used to that particular amount. So that I understand. It's not a major thing about it but I get. But aren't all my. In regulation size original. Yeah but they have they can have it they can have a different feel they can have a different blood think of her to that the two pitchers that have been dueling prior to that. Could have had different it's where their feet land. That could've Doug grow larger hole in one particular area how many times we seen guys get there were grounds crew come out in between innings. And trying to tamp down hole puts an additional dirt or clay you know hole. Sort pitcher who's not the into that particular area lands in that area gets you know a better footing so to speak I understand it I don't think you need eight pitches to do and I agree would you. Like four digit code red what your your your thrown to a different catcher. You know I'm I'm just try to give them the benefit of the doubt that doesn't bother me what bothers me is the simplicity of numerous history place for no reason and also the simplicity of just put a damp pitch clocked up and it's over with we're done with folders. Well him and that particular year's failures are all it all out like you'll. I don't I don't have a problem getting all restaurants but what I eat great compliment I don't holding up well after every late at every bank. Equipment and what they look at that the thirty pack that we edit. To do that I'd I'd. Better prepare you. Died I got to understand there's a lot of ways we can look to shed some time over this game there's no doubt about appreciate the phone call 8558308648. On loans which it duct council free talk pledged eight to this portion of programming brought you by our good friends it but like the official responsible Michael sports talk now or before you know it Summers back. Wednesday and I live will be back in the Budweiser pavilion at the Wisconsin state fair park and cannot wait to be there hopefully your face in the crowd this year. As well it's all brought to buy Bud Light more to go like a joke and evidence. Six clues stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. I. Here's a radical idea my body just listening to yourself and wants on how he does cruise around right now making his deliveries. He says it now he did not cures okay. He's he's so he's the guy that does for those that come our motorcycle ride every year he's the guy that has the Green Bay Packers motorcycle so you're talking about eight football. Crazed enthusiast. Outside looking in. He says here's the the non purist view. It's how about a complete change at a game clock. Andy pitch clock take away the innings format. Point tossed determines who bats first three out switch until the drug time runs out. What I would need to pitch clock you reduce well then again you would because you have a time constraint otherwise you did you know you get a few runs up on a team and you just start lolly get your answer to speak. To borrow a term from the movie bull Durham. Go to just they timed event. You do that Major League as well. You have to do to be fair you would have to have. Well you know what football does it you don't you're not guaranteed the football for any length of time you're not guaranteed as many opportunities offensively is the other team. Think about that. You said look it's. It's a three hour game. 180 minutes. Year ago. And the only time we stop the clock is in between innings once the first pitch that inning is news is made you're on the clock clock starts ticket. When you have. 24 seconds or thirty seconds per pitch. In between each each pitch. I type of thing the wild thing about that. Because you're saying on essence well no you have to have both teams back the same amount of why you don't do in football you don't to a basketball you don't to a soccer you don't do and hockey. Baseball the only one where everybody gets equal amount of time. That's that's an interesting concept. That is hard for. Eight baseball purist to think about could you think you know that's crazy. But think about that for a minute. If you take away the equal amount of times and opportunities. While. 85583086. Foray let's go back and phone calls talk to Tony agreed deal Tony I don't and now it's up. And you don't know. They'll. I'll call it hitting being you know have a its clock there at the minute they get played prior resort where the clock starts. Whether the batter is ready or not. You know on whether the picture is ready or not it it's it is the picture is not ready yet the ball if the batter is not ready it's just right. You know I mean. It is I think that the dog bit ridiculous then and now I don't even like instant replay nonsense anymore I mean I'd. I'm kind of old school like world watch and more he rates way. In and it's just getting over the top knowledge it mean. You know with the NFL with everything everybody's trying to more points in more runs in speed up the game for a you know don't Golding responsible would enjoy it. Kind of hanging out watching good day. Well I think baseball's trying to do is capture the mind of the word you know I hate to say it that way it was a makes everybody sound over the younger generation the generation that lives in the in the hey we're gonna be on our phones are our mobile devices and we live our life all on a screen rather than actually through living and experiencing and feeling and and having emotional attachment to some things. In that sense as it is to being there smelling it feeling it touching it. And they're trying to capture that because if they lose that audience they lose advertising dollars ultimately along the way. I know but they're really game at the same time as far as to. Well lets you know why do they appreciate the phone call we look how much should say the game of football has changed. Because of the ability in. All realms. To slow it down. To look at every frame by frame by frame instance is to whether it toe or foot Tora blade of grass is in or out of play. And the ability to see whether it is or is gonna catch. Whether we can take could think about we talk about the game being bigger stronger faster how much bastard is how much what happens in a split second of a football game. And now you're slowing it down to a frame. To make to make a call. Nice to see the actual ability indoor intent. Overrun her a look of a receiver. Of the motion of an arm as to whether or is reason to catch is or is it a fumble is or is it a touchdown is or is it inbounds. One before we just a quick judgment call cured it's okay inbounds let's go keep him over. Now we can we can we could check all of that because of of of technology of we younger generation I want everything to be right in perfect. And we sacrifice a little bit of that a little bit of that human error element. Go back to Joseph if you want to Joseph I don't know it's up. That's built. I agree with both the report I think it's a net negative for the game with a limited. The right decision the restoration of the Big Ten rules. Surge. Sort of the benefit of being played at what temperature is sort of thing it's pretty degree weather right. Directly into an additional one round of the playoffs after the government help restore order recently Vickers is communicating and all over the world to its conclusion. And as far as being. Pitched and it aggregates. And borrowers put bullets ask about this. It's the national press they took a stand alone. In the pantheon. Of American sports and that's part of the gate. That particular part of the game and couldn't start. What was the picture the better the better part of most of you know what there's there's probably would have been fortunate really. Why I appreciate the phone call I think did one other thing to Major League baseline I I like a lot of what you had to say one other thing in this keeps coming up but many people. This this is all in the when easy Millen box. The number one thing and I'm getting from Steve from Bob from. And I think there's a lot of people who would agree that it doesn't have to be dramatically shorter. Ten games go from 162150. To 14822140. You're not gonna give it up because players. Do stadiums owners they're not to give up the additional revenue. But this season itself. Is is something has come into question. We've seen now all so no outs in. In in you know October race ball we see in October baseball becomes November baseball or presses the clock very close to November baseball. Baseball's may be played in June through October at at best least seen snow Waltz in April yeah. We've we've seen now recently we haven't seen as much woman for small Minnesota shifts to that one yeah they thinking when they were making target failed cheaper. Cheap you're trying to get a Cadillac for a you know show every ship that price. They're gonna do it to a great you know that's what they're trying to do you try to mightily amber Dini and make it and make it out of in all Ford Fusion. It Tuesday that's what they want and they didn't get it they messed. 8558308642. We are more of a micro show next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. And Phil Mike Scioscia now we continue. To get back to baseball chatter coming up here a little bit that's mother that you wanna talk about as well. Well this Valentine's Day. Bad I'll be honest with you. Bail all of what in this vernacular. On Valentine's Day lows in the air right. If you're a hockey enthusiast you don't say sweetheart to I I wanna. I wanna take you to bed. OK you don't do that. If your hockey infuse use usually you talk about the pock. Scoring. All you know I kind of stuff. But can only imagine what it's like around Aronson is how's the voices Milwaukee generals when he says honey I'm gonna check your and a new boards and I. Erin says now joining is on the Schneider origin ally and I don't man. Chi he's not a big fan of that vernacular. Yeah that the us that that leapt out. I tell people all the I bet you know they're. You know that right there and there are very good player on the how accurate that it that at 8 o'clock your. There's a lot of that now nationally but I got a little gap. Yeah that that this to Europa and need to be hearing what our people are. Yeah I got to believe they agree that I get it but you know I'm thinking to myself as a drive and and today I couldn't wait to use that. I just it is talking to my motto is pumping gas they don't think I can only to use that parents to run a program it to check your the wars in its we are bigger oh yes they talk the talk you do have some Valentine's Day stuff happening for people who wanna go to the game and renew thousand. Did married by U Roscoe is a stand up with news and stuff like that right. We did it's a few years ago yeah and there were bringing attacked about eight in the others you can renew your probable future ought on the ice you can. Even say your first I do is if you'd like we can make at all have actually I we urge you to get the get in touch with the office there. The lucky Apple Stock commons is the information also the first 2500 and get a Roscoe cupid Bobble head doll. So you know we're really element in the air here tonight there's no doubt about that. Yeah until of course the B opposing goalie hits the ice in the chance go out and use Sox are strolling through the arena and I live alone from the opposing fans is always always a wonderful thing. Yeah it's exactly exactly yet no huddle up BI it's not church sixty monitors all the other little little well we have intermission and everything shall we can get back to let you know. Bomb a guy got to ask you about the team itself give us the lowdown is that how the end resembles god doing incredibly hot start this year and things have been going rather well. For the most part yeah right now unfortunately outside looking in on welfare actionable Gupta took place in the central divisions are not far back of actually second latest that standing between second and six are crazy tight. So why the apples are are hoping for a playoff push their right now working and winning streak. After putting themselves by an eight all of this six game losing streak so that dropped them down dissect. The slowly on the way back up. The interest in doing is that the scoring a lot of goals fifteen balls this last week in and they won three of three over the week and Friday Saturday Sunday against. I'm fifteen goals and there's certainly our number it was bibles in each game and they did it without their leading schools score Bobby Butler who has taken part of Olympic team USA so. Whoever shows up on the wing with Trevor Smith who's there this week the American Hockey League player of the week they seem to be getting some often it's just too Kirkland recorded his first career hat trick and yeah uptrend in rookie from Russia is getting some point so. It didn't seem to be clicking pretty well right now but let it trickle it can be it can change really quickly and they have goals need to be leery of that because they certainly know what it's like to be on that six game losing its. What tell what does it mean when Butler got to get chosen to go with DR US Olympic hockey team what are the middle of that team. Horford could keep US air from Milwaukee Milwaukee admirals. For the Milwaukee admirals all models all just make sure this year coincidence sure this video was running and and that that video of Bobby telling his dad at practice on December the 28 that he had been chosen for the US Olympic hockey team was. It was the biggest thing we ever put out on line. And you couple that with the run that Daschle had in the Stanley Cup final what are nineteen former admiral took part in the Stanley Cup Playoffs it's been quite a year. That he kind of away from the actual apples games for the Milwaukee admirals that they're they're getting a lot of play a lot of Ron a lot of publicity. Certainly having an Olympian who is currently in Milwaukee has been great and a lot of Pete we could you know what happened it would be going on the Rosh. James Broderick Bobby Butler how there's a lot of respect for that so it's it's really need to she. I think it's translated into maybe if you market it certainly is translated in the war coverage. From from media outlets that that if there are more and more cutting coverage of things other than than than the two main sports so. Under to maintain to remain teams so it's it's giving us nice Porsche even if we're not getting the w.s and l.s. On the news or in the newspaper where at least getting publicity would Bobby Butler and at all. What has it been and what will it mean when he comes back I guess is my next question. I think you get kind of a hero's welcome sort of a when he comes back I don't know that anything is in the work there regarding something like that like an official night or anything. But it'll be neat I remember years ago. I was happy to be at the airport in Grand Forks, North Dakota when Virgil hill came back from winning silver medal at 84 Olympics and in Los Angeles. And it was also like the airport was packed and everybody was there to see Virgil hill and I. If it didn't I knew a little bit about it but not that much of I'm not saying that we're gonna have big welcome at the airport or anything like that but it but it will be neat arm it's not every day especially in this league. That a guy comes back who has that experience to displayed on the biggest stage in the world of granite. The NHL is and pair. I don't know lawyer in a couple of weeks we have Rachel be kicking itself saying we should have been there but. On nonetheless it's cool you know if you look back years ago of those guys that played over there and eighty Olympic team maybe fourteen all the amateur 8892. So on and so on before. Those guys came back and and it was a big deal and I hope they medal it was a rough start today no doubt but but yeah it'll be it'll be no actually comes back and I think it will be. It will just help the cause people could be. Anxious to see though you know he's not it's like when you get inducted into all right judge Boris is concerning his name is Jack Moore as I can write chuck Morse Rachel well a Republican candidate is so important now. I I wanna know what it has been his for the trickle down effect because you'll see hockey. And it enthusiasm. On like. Just say great NHL play. You'll see a different level of hockey enthusiasm. As a country witnesses what's going on over Pyongyang. So do you or how do you expect or have you seen a rise in the interest of hockey in the area specifically because Bobby Butler being a part of issue as you USA. I don't think there has been a little bit sure you know that there's not a NHL team in Wisconsin there's one at Chicago obviously Minnesota people make. Obviously end of natural because of the affiliation with the admirals. I think there has been you know every four years. And this is not a knock on a but I don't pay attention all the World Cup's of figure skating but when figure skating and on every four years that it attention and I think it is they get a lot why a lot of Elizabeth. A leak has been in the world but a lot skiing and shooting on the Olympics so I think there's that. There's so many people who are involved in hockey that that are so upset the NHL should be there they're blowing yet this is not good hockey know this great Iraq. The late Jim Johansson Briere just a couple of weeks before he passed the waste at lake. Told me you know what. There's 25 great stories they'll there's 25 great stories to tell team USA and every country is going to have the same impact. There are great stories to be told people are going to watch the Olympics because we've been conditioned to watch the Olympics these are. This is the biggest stage in the world this is the only place where you're going to see your country vs country like in the in the tournament like this so I think there's a lot of interest. Eight he won in hockey but to basically because it's the Olympics. Bomb also as far as the animals go now what needs to happen down the stretch what you said barely on the outside looking in right now water's been the nemesis for this team for output at times. David consistency has been. And ridiculous. You know and and it's aid needs to be clear out all right now on it and that's easier said than done it's awfully hard trip to play that way because. The other keep trying hard as well so you need to go up there and just play it Smart hockey mom the apples when they get in trouble. They may actually played they make the wrong repay it make. It's a game of mistakes pro sports by a larger game of mistakes you that you did you miss well you didn't locate us all properly or you threw an interception or whatever when he speaks. To the apple need to minimize those mistakes and I have a feeling they'll find find a way to get it because I think the leadership here. Is security and you know there's there are rookies that are second year guys but they're all halfway through this seat and so we you know they don't treat these guys and young guys anymore they've they've been through. 3545. Games. That they're not young guys they've they've seen this week has offered outstanding to put up. And and you know what else. There are always a pleasure ma'am we certainly appreciate it to and we will certainly be watching the festivities tonight down there because shoes and if you people that are either gonna get married. Or many of you people that actually go to the altar and decide it's not going to be a thing for them special and find out Billy Schmidt is marrying them. All while Elian that. That could be problem yeah yeah. Yeah yeah exactly I'm sure I'm sure will be a very eloquent. Eloquent nuptial. A great self vital judges Sergio Bjork. Are got a regulator they got that desire and Sims. He is with the Milwaukee admirals the voice of Milwaukee admirals America joining us for governments and shatter or challenge veterinary drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty pushers and he had done call 844 brighter should not go to Schneider job starred Tom. Shot of the day comes you from our friends from apple deli PP RO YO implementing SE PMB got a solutions to companies just like yours. The admirals right now sitting in that tenth overall in the conference. 49 games in their 25 and twenty. Overtime losses they've got four on the season output of 54 points. Gonna when he percentages over 55. And they just that the creaky creep in man. Gotta keep creep but they're not that. The desperately off the pace when you talk about jumping up into what one of the a playoff positions. Whose early a couple of games back but they they get like he said they got to pick up to commit consistency. They get a ticket to consists. 855830864. You alone by Kim dotcom told free talk line 85583086. Foray if you wanna chime in now on baseball you can. By the way that said they rush to buy apple oil and just got to broil on the web go to a PP ROY oh god on the take all your information for your company. They put it all together. And then what they do is they give it back to you so you can take that information to figure out how to make your business better more accessible. More feasible. And morrow likable by Europe consuming public course as the best way to do good app boy no doubt count a what you get Mike in Minneapolis RO quick retirement based on pace of play. Mike Kato that it was going on mad. Mike you there. Mike he held all that time and in dropped off. Darted dec. Stay till we got more than my pleasure coming up next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk. Why don't you all in the air. Power averted. A clear out a terrific day and we certainly appreciate you joining us Porsche program brought by cousins of who they believe in better than when I was back. Ruben is back for a limited time only though given the cousins subs hopefully you've downloaded it on your mobile device. Or is gonna cousins subs dot com final location nearest you get a big party coming up big event they can help yell that catering as well. Without his cousins of the officials sub sandwich. Alou Michael sports talk network and where they believe in better. Talk as a Major League Baseball and speeding up the pace of play there seems to be this. This outcry this need Major League Baseball try to figured out it doesn't seem to be that damn difficult I don't know why but. Com. For whatever reason they're searching for things that will speed up the game. Go to Mike Mike's back on the phone from Minneapolis Mike Kato there was garment. The more they'll Holler your. While the former Major League umpire for twenty years. Yeah good. While I love the game of baseball bit around my whole life and now been out of baseball for voters I retired in 2000 flex. And then enter replay came officially in 2008 torch run around for about ten years. And I'll eventually in my opinion. Are done is slowed the game of baseball dontrelle mile tall. You got in that replay went into that replay first came and in 2008. It was strictly four hole wonder if you remember article a member of a glimpse of okay and then it just escalated from there and I'd listen to your program earlier I think it was yesterday I'm not quite sure. But now all every other play it seems to player second or third or it doesn't matter work that it's just called the game down. And I was primarily I spent twenty years in the major. And sixteen that was. Where and the American League which I think by far moves at a faster pace in the National League yeah. And car that's the pitching department designated city but it is American League games just go quicker. And I think it should go back and go back how was originally formed and 2008. And actually if you look at percentages and so forth over the last 101214. Years. In new meaning the back for the match. All over 98%. Of the time you know part said the calls right 98. Absolutely. I mean I moved the nemesis has been if you would agree has been. ESPN and talk shows that CVS to replay the edges brutalize and criticized. Umpiring in officiating elect us. While we're only human and we're gonna make mistakes. I've done playoff game Doug Doug World Series games. And I pride myself. On being in the right position to make the call but unfortunately it would bump part as saying you'd be human and they have so you can be. You could make the right call via the wrong position it's still looks bad or you can be and the right position and make a bad call. And everybody agrees Turkish yeah about you know what we're calling back. Baseball shifts. Slow down so much. That even the interest from that just comment banners spectator. You know like you read every ever and then there's something on all of you gave a baseball. Not completely agree review and I think the fact that they have taken almost every play to look. At instant replay every close play anyway now granted there's a lot of plays originally baseball they don't mr. replay but. When you do it 345 times and any or something that's relatively obvious in a manager still gets. To tell on par want you to take another look at that. I that it donors the other was to challenges and that was it it seems like now umpires can just look over a manager needs to go and challenges nine point time. I don't understand is calculated. As circulated it's such a pace. That you know they've opened up pandora's box so to speak when it originally started. The roles were very confined. And when they could in when they couldn't now all the rules are so ambiguous. That are just not sure what they're doing. Let me ask you this week being a former Major League umpire would it be better because I've suggested a pitch clock now also say just put one guy in each and every stadium. Becky just get a quick look at minister replay have been if he just needs a little more time to look at he can buzz the home plate umpire and say okay give me a couple of minutes until we get this thing right. Would that be better like your college football. Answer your question I think the best would be going back to how old originally done. Home plate umpire. Made the call. Then go to New York City did it make up bottle he he he looked damn that was done but that was going on home runs and any foul pole or are again remember the exact definition. That might be ambiguous enough and might need a closer look. As far as the pits car goes. I I have my doubts about that column that that would increase. That would speed up the gains somewhat could you have some very very soul right. Major good pictures right but I think really and truthfully. You look at that time. Between now and wired or 2008. And the average Spain takes 22. Minutes longer Baptist. And out after they might really got about ten seconds I appreciate and respect and thanks for Dennis buzz okay. Okay by up to audition video that was Mike hanging on for awhile I was into some Minneapolis a former Major League Baseball umpire state Joey immortal Michael show next. You're listening to go there. Bill might cool sports talk that. That word.