HR2 – Numerous Packers make SI’s All-Time Football List…You agree?

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Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 2. We’ll also chat with Super Bowl-Winning Head Coach Brian Billick and Badgers chatter with Jake Kocorowski.


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From the league runs. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans column too tall mobile Michael you know. Yeah music that tells you it is time for the bill Michael show but it is not known Mike since Kevin hold and from CBS fifty to Milwaukee stepped into the day. For bill we are very capable hands though radio Joseph was here. He is that there's so many buttons in front of radio until I was acts take a picture and posted it is that OK Jodi ute. It you know I don't give away any trade secrets. I don't carriers to sponsor bulletins but. The thing is if you put me back fair I'd would punch some combination of buttons and we end up each detonating some. Well there's one particular red button here on the board that you should not touch don't you dare I don't touch it rules scrawl the network but TO what happens when that happens. And the like brushing it by accident. Come near this. Sure at all that you assume it I put my head in there needs him so would be you know you're on the you know on a starship here with all these buttons it's fantastic the bill Michael show. Talking Packers talking NFL and let us bring in Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach in NFL network analyst. Brian Billick welcome to the bill Michael ship. You doing good drive it's it's a fun time in in Green Bay not because the Packers are running away with anything. But because they're fighting to stay alive it's fun here. Because we can still talk about in a playoff chases even with Aaron Rodgers out. Are we crazy to think in those terms or can the Packers actually at least make this a race. Sure and that's all you can really ask in the sub machine let me be wrote let me let me be eight. Playoff potential G and and and the Packers are there now it's a good thing it's kind of all improbable. With the schedule they ever got to go on the road Cleveland Carolina and Detroit so we're all very winnable games. That at home against Minnesota and obviously when you're on about home that sort of you know these are all very capable weapons. The challenge agreed there would look at the honesty picture of the way you're holding you know unfolding. Nine win might not get it done at my but it might not. Are you could feel it Carter were penguins could be a little problematic and what you gotta go very good about obviously for the Packers but well. But there there are no longer in the NFC north obviously Minnesota running way it looked back. There in the NFC wild card division so kind of interest that you are yourself now. Watching scorer with your Carolina and the Portland and Atlanta Seattle more than you might have a lot. Right we've also been talking about. In the absence of Roger's the other parts of this team having to step up in a way that they haven't. They haven't had too. When Rodgers is in there there's a run game now with Jamal Williams and Mary Jones it's been effective. There's a defense that really really led the charge to victory against Tampa Bay. Do you buy into the idea. That those parts could still be better winning Aaron Rodgers comes back because they have handled this adversity while he's been gone. Sure that it happened you know we'd win you have to adjust either of the with a one side of the org the other. You have to push on different aspects it's kind of like the person that lost one of their senses what they say Hoosier airing your sight smell. Seems to get it well yeah and also due a lot of different. Park but you're off that your defense that you didn't think would it be something you could rely on you have to focus on it you get better. And now when you get a chance to back when you get an Arab Roger's bat. Yeah I think that's very real that is clearly could be because of experiences that they've gone through. Could be a better football team medallion a player like your Rogers facts about can be very real. Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach NFL network analyst joining us here on the bill Michael show the NFC is a a fun picture because you've got filly who it is a good bit of a surprise I think Ned you know based on what we knew from before the season. Did they are tenants who in Minnesota is it ten into what do you make of this this NFC picture it's an interesting picture this. It is because when you look at it you nurse burger football all pop the question becomes. As typical there are gonna argue defense how good that your quarterback. So old so obviously you look in the air they don't Pittsburg he got Brady got wrapped burgers got good defense is that she's associate kind of got against less fuel. Everybody has pew poll which concerned whether quarterback defense whatever idiocy. You look at some really good football when you talk only Minnesota. The Los Angeles rams. The quarterbacks are kind of on trumpet pampered action normal orbit no question about two birdies. But the defense ignore it it will suspect compared via a true so yeah it in the interest in podtrac. And and one out or more of these guys are gonna cut out earlier chalk. Well here's part one what they're. Brought obviously you're the weather chased human Minnesota. To go to those who achieved it they can get some wins it we've parlay their way. Student playoffs aren't sold into Q what can that be all one of those guys of that group of these ski the end of the apple blocked. It's bad and then than the other half to assess Seattle team that just beat affiliated slate all right Seattle the other this this team that disorder hangs around and has this great. A way of of performing at home against the really really good teams DC Seattle may be is it a dangerous team that even though they may not win a division they might step up. Yeah absolutely could have gotten better and it got quarterback that I got a game on the road in Jacksonville we talk all the pop bottle what goes equally huge. Are they're gonna they're gonna I don't all of them might be able to catch like one hopes. I mean they're just one game back they play so this big project addition I think they need yet. Obviously. Because then that Holmes yeah we're home would actually do it came in Seattle well. Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach NFL network analyst and and and by the way and and obviously you. You'll likely the rest of us you've got to you know some different irons in the fire and one of these is set is with seat geek dot com is a lot of NFL fans. Who were trying to get to games and you know you specially Indian Wisconsin people say well there's. You know a thirty year waiting list for season tickets are still waited that I can get to a game there certainly is thanks to CT dot com is never right. You gotta have you gotta have this as a resource groups seat he got on the cheek he GAAP. Easiest at the world you can see what it would serve well you get a rating on the pricing of the tickets whether it's a good feel bad deal. But bar every transaction on CB dot com about how to percent guarantee that I just athletic ticket would already be extra great gift. Whether or ticket orders to some play some auction will go through and edit your first time user to the global code bill if you could talk about Packard first urgent. Twenty dollars back on you gotta do is is typing Billy VI LL ICK. On that seagate dot com. Before we go though I did wanna jump back as I missed one question about about the Packers and what people here think will be the key and was the key against Tampa Bay. Is that defense again they they were great against seamless Winston. Do you think that's something they can can roll in now and be great against Cam Newton or the vikings are Stafford and in these last few games. The extreme game blog think we've done in its struggle likely has struggled and they ought to match up pretty well logistical cable is autumn of the Cleveland. Has proven to be achieved that marched at twelve play brought. Score Carolina who can't do that are about not giving them the big play good defense is pretty good as well could be digging on the road. And so again as the entry into it that way they're playing now the competence to mutate and Minnesota team. That win at Atlanta which Utah because Utah about a very hot Atlanta but it won the previous two games scoring but better than thirty points. And going into Seattle that you just all about. It's going bird or point to beat Seattle and Minnesota. Well hold them to three field goals of this Minnesota for real raw and very balanced right now certainly that's going to be a matchup but it kidney back. Our and then Detroit if he would be one dimensional package apoplectic. He badly Green Bay. It's gonna back from very well look these genes are but wouldn't need to protect them and equipment so. It's excellent insight as always Brian Billick we we appreciate it would been. Watching you go through going back to you know be inept coach in winning a Super Bowl and and from BIE goes back says it's a one night watching as syndication now Mets game PM and you popped up there. The actor Richard Dawson in Tokyo is. That was our are all right Brian Billick face very much for joining us appreciate it our. That is Brian Billick on the Snyder orange hotline. Did it it's funny he. Yeah you never know how someone reacted because that was he was I mean it was 22 were 23 years old when he popped in a match game PM. Aids seriously that happened you you watch these reruns of match game PM this very young Brian Billick comes. Wheeling around in their little 1970. Saying carpeted set. And eighty induce a while and Richard Dawson may or may not Burnham on the way out. Richard Haas and may have may have said the words football failed teams show fails so I I feel like all of that this success. You know at least there's that there's a sliver. That is sort of an in the face of Richard Dawson. She'd have to take six. About Brian Billick but obviously a tremendous careers of football coach John to a coach a Super Bowl winner and now. An NFL network analyst Brian Billick happy to have him joining us on the bill Michael ship he believes. In Minnesota and make it's it's interesting because. I think there are people who still don't. At ten in two. I still think there are people. Who were saying. Minnesota I don't know and I kind of think I might be one album. You know I Ned and look every week they go through and win another game and another game day they do have to change your mind there comes a point where you have to adjust what you're thinking about it. Just I wonder. If Minnesota's a one seed. And one of these wild cards are Agassi could be a three or 41 of the at a division winners goes in there and at first playoff game. I don't know I don't know. By all means I'm perfectly fine with the vikings being the number one seed in the NFC let them it is now what's gonna happen in Minnesota. Vikings fans are career mean for Super Bowl title because the vikings have number one they've gotten to a few back in the day came up short every single time. And we talk about here in this state how were looking for championship Minnesota fans have never seen. A Super Bowl championship for the vikings let alone. Doing this for the first time ever doing in their home stadium. This coming year. Rated in the vikings are able do that bet is incredible but here's the thing. If you are the number one seed Goran in the playoffs in the first from buy and you've got a core banking case keen on that this is the guy who they're gonna roll it. All the sudden now there is pressure on these guys. And really a lot of pressuring case came down to be expected go up there and get the job done he's never been in this situation before. Right and a number one seeded vikings team. The defense the defense is what it is is pretty darn good but. Use the expectations now are through the world not just trying to get the suitable blood two point eight in Minneapolis and a date if as a one seed. They can go through the entire playoffs including the Super Bowl and never leave home. That's crazy guy is crazy thing about that so that could be advance publicity. For packer fans for people like me. It would be kind of funny if the vikings found a way to screw it up in the plants and who whether that that you don't limousine in the divisional game or lose lean in the NFC championship game. The vikings do find a way to screw up that that is a fact. They do they do find a way to screw up they've had a lot of bad luck on their side for years vikings fans who listened to us on the show. Can attest that that is that is true. Out right. So did speak it at that. Yeah here's your beard nightmare scenario if you're a Minnesota if you if you think you missed it is a couple of them one would be Rogers in the Packers make in the playoffs and all that. And and then going back to Minnesota with the idea revenge and if we've learned a thing over the last nearly a decade it's that Rodgers is at his best when revenge is the thing at stake but that's not the nightmare scenario. The nightmare scenario Seattle. You know why hey. Why. Where all else. Sure Blair Walsh hitting eight game winning kick. In Minnesota against them by also by dead. Yeah and it could end like that the other way. Again I am. We're we're just throwing stuff out there this is just you know this is nightmare scenario kind of stuff for vikings fans they they have had an absolutely fantastic year. On a tendency might end up winning thirteen games at the rate they're going but down. The walls is out there. More than bill Michael show after this. Ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice talking network. Good fortune though Michael Joseph brought you by the new well medical center training guys with EV all over the state Wisconsin be on the borders of location Milwaukee Green Bay Chicago. 98%. Success rate of treating guys with edu if you like me and have a little tea thing you look at for more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina. Better sleep at night and feeling more refreshed and rested during the day you can go to our friends in new biomedical senator call call 4144554451. In the all in one weight loss program yes it really works. Call 4144554451. That's 4144554451. Yes Billy Mike and I need to have a talk about that because. I'd had suffered a foot injury over the summer and I. Can exercise the put on a couple of LBs this year. Need to keep talking bill about that the bill Michael show Kevin Holden CBS 58 in Milwaukee. Stefan over here death Ted to have some fun with you guys a toxin Packers and what a great things about the NFL is it doesn't matter if it's February or July or December. It's all about the lists. Your baseball you do this in the off season but during a regular season you really don't do a lot of hey who is the best this or the best that but in football it is relevant twelve months a year and big deal the story changes the did the story lines in narrative and all changes as time goes. This scheme to backing but when you're talking about the all time greats this is a little more set in stone and it's a fun conversation to have. So Joseph you saw this list and I and I am a Maxi gonna just admit this right now. You showed me this list yesterday and I put it in match show on CBS fifty K lets. You exist I totally did. You said this to be an outright stealing Ed I'd put it in the show. I don't have a final at that yeah so so this this list is such Sports Illustrated. Has eight coffee table book called football's greatest and this is not the first version of this book by the way. This is something that they've revised and they've updated. And die as it is out recently seven. Writers and editors for Sports Illustrated we're talking some of the top minds top football minds in the media. Including a man who you probably don't you remembered Joseph remember Greg Bedard. Of course yeah F former I journal sentinel Packers beat writer. Who it's done some work fresh signs do at some fantastic work in New England these days. Is on publication of the Boston sports journal very cool aunt and that's you know this grassroots thing in journalism by the way. Is really really cool and it's the is the unfortunate part is that a lot of those major publications in either shrunk or gone way is known on the print side but. That form of journalism is still alive thanks to people like Greg Bedard and it's really cool now you. You know a lot of these are our pace services but it is worth it to get the sort of you know writing and coverage that dead it's there and it's you know. It doesn't don't want to say in any of this this is not because. You know I'm not plugging anything I'm just saying it's it's nice to see. India world of sports journalism anyways so Bedard and six others got together and revise this list called football's greatest. And the Green Bay Packers are all over this list. But some of the people on this list. Kind of feel like they pushed down a little bit. And I think you guys might be interested in hearing some of this and may be responding to it a little bit at 8558308640. Let me run through this list here. And you guys tell me how you feel about the Packers on these all time list quarterbacks. All time best quarterback. In NFL history. The Packers do have two of the top ten. But they're eight and tenth Favre was eight Bart Starr tenth. Brady is one day and Joseph Montana Peyton Manning Johnny United's Otto Graham John Elway Dan Marino. And then Favre is at eight. And Starr at ten interesting rate. You see a written on that list. Erin round yes and any he's got some years ago I get it but. Brady's on that list he's number one and he still playing but there are we factoring in championships Super Bowls I you have to think that goes in there. And that's probably what keeps him off that'd off the list straight. Because. What's. Starred did and Favre did that Rodgers hasn't done yet. Is the multiple super balls. They each had two. We as Green Bay Packers Favre and Starr but Roger still does has the one wide receivers. The number one right receiver of all time on the Sports Illustrated list is Jerry Rice number two Don Hudson they think that's great. Did to reach back and give a guy credit because. As the league has evolved your top receivers are really all current guys when it comes to stats but it's nice to recognize someone like Don Hutson who played a different era so. His stats are not the same. But he still recognizes the number two receiver of all time. And I've been given out a big check mark good job. Offensive lineman number three is Forrest Gregg. Again that's it don't I am great with that. That's that's very nice and defensive Lyman the Packers had the number one defensive lineman Reggie whites. Obviously a title he's sharing idea. With the Eagles there but that's okay. Linebackers. Renew its key. Not in the top ten. Not the top ten. Lawrence Taylor number one Dick Butkus to. Rain its key thirteen defensive backs Charles Woodson. Who again you know there's there are chapters of fame and a different uniform for him so it's a shared thing but Woodson is number eight. The pack. Here's our number one. Into other categories. And for goodness sakes if they'd gotten this wrong we would if we would have just. March on Illinois just started blowing stuff up I don't know why were taken it out on Illinois but if they're close. Vince Lombardi is being number one head coach of all time ahead of Bill Belichick thank you. And Lambeau Field as the number one stadium Arrowhead Stadium second. And Jerry world is third at Lambeau Field still. Number one in that category so let's get a couple of others here number two game. BI school. Number two French tax. You guys might might this might hurt a little. Packers and number two franchise behind Steelers. The other team that the Packers beat last time limit to the Super Bowl. Steelers are number one all time. Packers' number two. Cowboys' number three and then there were some other stuff you know best. Best units did Packers offensive line of the 1960s. And I think best units I think of bill Michael's. The big unit. That would look good now so I would never do that most entertaining player Brett Favre was so I was second on that list so. If it's interesting that okay Lombardi and Lambeau Field. Made those cuts is number one and I'm very happy that her that that was recognize and there's a lot of history on this list there's a lot of Packers on this list. But I thought quarterbacks with Favre at eight. And renew a ski not making the top ten linebackers would be. And your point of contention. For some of the Packers faithful. Most of these pics I can't argue though these are some Smart mines. Putting this stuff together and and again I admired my point about Hudson yeah Ed I mean that is that you. If you just sit down and say all right you know Google most receiving yards. You're not gonna get an accurate picture of the best at a position. You're just going to see the numbers that match. Much more than the modern. NFL the last ten to fifteen years twenty years in the NFL. Baseball has a similar issue you'd you'd can't. You were other reasons why be Ruth is his in my mind by far the best baseball player that ever lived was because he had the home run record. From the 1920s. On. A totally different era and before he got bats. He was one of the best pitchers in the league. For five or six years in tests. Hit it nobody else say and that's he would hope you make your case for anybody from the modern Arab if there's not one of them who was you know. Clayton Kershaw before they became a great hitter. And that's what ruthless so. I like most of these again feel like Favre and and star minor. Got him just a little bit being eight in ten. On the quarterbacks list that it's a fun one. Sports Illustrated has that at that list called football's greatest seat they I think we got off pretty well with this one in other words. You know if this had been a terrible list we might have tried to find great but arts phone number. We've I've got you've got and number rivers said hey Greg from other cell let's have some. Let's these are these are good football minds coming up with a fun list football's greatest again it's a out revised and updated coffee table book they've they've had different editions of its of this is the newest one. With Tom Brady and and so on added in among the best in history can argue with a lot. Those talks and some actors Jolie think. But he's fifth quarter coming up. Yes and another guy who was covering the Big Ten championship this past week and get his thoughts on Alex where did you did you see Ian. Strategic yeah it was a yes I you know I didn't have a chance because like. They put me in the odds of repressed box which. Fixer and you're in the U receipts of top well you know what like that press box at Lucas mostly it's huge issues so they've got like the main one. And then you walked on this long hallway and then they've got another small one in the corner it's a great deal it's not like eight which in some world where there's no windows no nothing to watch TV rights advocates. Don't use yours is still the press box is shall conduct on the field. But they put all the writers in the main press box the TV people. Radio people Warner cool enough so we going. Object which it was one of the legitimate guys. In the main press and get to see him until after the game in the dogs Hillary our press room and Britain and use them. It's fun so we're talking Big Ten championship and more with the badgers next on the bill Michaels this portion of the Michael Joseph brought to my cousins jobs we can get the best seat in the house going to Green Bay sitting on the fifty yard line play excellent recliner just simply go to Packers dot com slash best seats and that's all brought to you by cousins of the officials subs in which the bill Michael sports soccer network and where they believe in better. Six clues stations strong yeah. Bill might school's sports talk now. Well I think it's not as much success to want to but obviously being. In the position we're in right now. We got one more game and it's going to be a big games so. To do we've been able to do this whole season with this senior group is done for us it's. Notes that we've been successful at this point. Alex Stony Brook and the Wisconsin Badgers. Twelve wins and one loss don't overlook it when you think about the play off. And the discussions. And everything that happened surrounding the Big Ten championship game this was a fantastic. Year for badgers football they were twelve and O and a regular season. It did come up just short against Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game. But they're headed to the Orange Bowl pretty good ballgame. Gonna face Miami. In the Orange Bowl. Jake Coca rescue but he's fifth quarter was in Indianapolis for the Big Ten championship now. Jake radio Joseph has said he was also there in the auxiliary press box please tell me you wind from the main box to the auxiliary box. And at least mocked Joseph a little bit. My. I'm not that children. Oddly. But I think what search stadium that I at a LC and that's how it got better in this process pretty nice pretty tightened. And you know Big Ten Conference in Indianapolis church school in such a great about. Yet he it was fun it has grown into this terrific event and and people forget. Wisconsin has taken part in five of the seven of the he's so. You know this is it's not at an annual thing but pretty close to an annual thing for this badgers team is they continue to get better is a program. It is that it it's a testament to just how old. The football program athletic department captain. Is Rodman obviously Barry Alvarez from head coach a football coach athletic directors and just success that they had. You know goes back gave him you know obviously Al. Pat registered actually. Blueprint that fortunately these early ninety's and are registered Republican basketball. Other sports obviously to a woman Taki. Nantucket come back around at. Oh it's football they you know. Not the result that you want obviously with so much analyze. You know strictly accountable playoff the Big Ten championship obviously in the Ohio State news channel through the naysayers wrong but. There's a lot so in love with the god squad. In the the seniors you know mentioned you know I'll bet a quarter broke audio. But this team is close I'll. That's a bunch of players in the past two weeks and they mentioned. That this. Squad unit really close a lot closer than. It really works. Other teams were in the past and so I'd expect them show up in Miami against the L might add dale in my in Miami against Miami. Though it's a neutral game quote unquote they go to Viet out of protest just based on the fact how close that the hurricane playing basically in their home stadium but yelled yes. Florida based badgers that. In there and those what Lauderdale that interior Williams and other contributors that's from quiet Miami. So it's it's going to be fun match up with the Accenture was out in the goal out. Thirteen win season and make the most of what has been really successful year. Jacob Gretzky but he's fifth quarter in that wind is is the focus of of what I've been thinking about this badgers team the last few days which is to say. This season to this point is a nice stepping stone for the for the team they've gotten to a different level I think from from most other years. But what does a win in that bowl game and you mention the thirteen wins and that's part of it but. Psychologically for this team what does a win in that ball game do for the 2018 matched. I think it helps a lot in terms. And it's global battle and yeah but it will be a different team you know no hypocrisy so it's not like each year is different seeing a different circumstances. But I I think I'll win against Miami against navy from a national perspective. It will look. It'll show that was captain can you know beat a program that's national you know program as Miami which now they're resurgent now underneath. It Mark Richt did their attitude. About Ford stumbling against Pitt and then. They're subsequently captured its clubs and you know. There are only able hit shutout they've put the other really solid year they're they're coming back in the ACC. Underneath wrecked and at the chance for them to go to another nationally known program on the board for two that they beat in recent years elevates. LSU last year in the season opener in Lambeau Field. Year now for that you had. Yeah holiday able gives you let C and that you know. Back when Barry Alvarez coached which I think he hopes with its final collegiate game beating Auburn in the Outback Bowl so yacht and I. Has the show hey we got it is up among these. A league team Dudley programs in the nation. That should that I think outlook shows it's about the senior I think the biggest banker to let me interrupt momentum but you know that is a winning a class. In program history day is gone through coaching changes left and right. And they still persevered held. Sent them defensively on that street as Egypt is coordinators. You had public or head coach and so it is wait for them that's celebrate. What about for 2018 I would say to get those kids. Some players lament about one and did have a good notre gotten Taylor freshman year they had. You also feel that absorb that can do dollar immediate. And the legal perception that I banks but surely you know he can avoid turnovers against a defense in Miami that lead internal margin. I think fortunate nation turnovers overall so I think there's maybe it's more perception date set yet he had a good game and feel a little bit better about him. But also it's it's a way to send out these seniors on the right. Yet mentioning horny Brooke I. What can we realistically. Expects it you know do you have you have this ball game and then you'll have eight months. Of you know according Brooke studying and preparing in improving you know you can get in the weight room and get stronger that sort of thing. But who realistically. DT UC like a major step forward for horny Brad I imagine he'll improve stumble what realistically can we expect from him. I think it I've been trying to figure out like. It's order books are the elected 2000. And Scott Foley eventually take that step to the 2000 and capital gains. Larry you know he told me that you're lead the best federal law but also. Johnny Unitas golden arm award after. Sixteen touchdown only six interceptions. In 2010 compared that your prior correctly yet of eleven or twelve text. They are that. You saw improvement from where it was last year Richard freshman as a redshirt freshman last year he. You know be out our interview part of your starting quarterback until later on board that was known. Quarterback situation would actually work. But this year yet. Stronger arm isn't sure what about the little better I add things to get better I'm at and also it is these chat which can in each crew that arm strength to slow the more that with technique and sought work in. Among other things but I think you've got a chance you know another year rhetoric George junior I think he's got a great shot them through. Serb and he'll ill you actually from the valley. Who they tend I'd end the year at girls were trophy finalists which is given to the best player in the nation that started out as a walk got by. You know you also have tout at the Beck and her level how his injury progresses and and what the severity of edit them you know. The tissue that get tight end they have youngster Jake Ferguson who I think would be very interest in to see how he progresses next year at that position but but what I mean the biggest. Caught the wide receivers to that you'll have another year under. Quintet defense. Hendrick Pryor and Gene Taylor and Danny Davis who seems to fight through those passes and a ballot well. Quite often so they're now that really talented young wide receiver corps. I really. If there's one thing the bank of that group and maybe eight years even improving another year and get back healthy fetus. Yeah I think you know real shots and food and mean streets either the worst critic. He has. Said he felt that's only joking acting corner brook. I think you'll improve next year what will you ought to go can be offensive line. In the if Michael Jeter leaves analogy. There's no indication that you were at least. But in it you know and they stick together out of line it's should be a good year again sort of forgot. I'm trying to provide them like to get them there the on their expensive it's the holidays. Yes all the trying to trap by the way down there otherwise I'll humor writers to make it to our road trip and have liked I lived and what mired in which it. It's more like 24 executed trip but outlook event get system and the am bored for a little little holiday vacation. Crossing alligator Alley from Fort Myers to slate. You know there's nothing from from India and in the horizon an alligator Alley to get these fences on the side of the interstate because I literally gators are right they're like rated shop on your car. I Addai lived in order for awhile ago. I I know which you speak to a should set it on well Ed thanks for join this enough fingers crossed hopefully the airlines give you a break you can get down there. Is there a few Jake Coker rescue Bucky supporter on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done called at 8044 pride ago. Two Schneider jobs. Dot com are you. Pitching Joseph India the budget of the showed go to Miami. You probably can't can't you know what the only the only game that I would have covered was a national championship game and the badgers can raid. No we we weren't we were planned on putting any money into into even a semi final game of the college football playoff that's all separates feelings that you just can't do it it's not it's yet. Does that begin to do with like or dislike of the team it's just who you know that is the Packers and Detroit is the next day. And I you know let. Think it's cool that ball games on New Year's but when you wanna make plans for the game. And the fact you don't know until like the month before the fact it's already been built around holiday. Like look at air fare to go to the roles ball right now its 600 ground troops there. Ever won made plans months ago so now Gibson wanna go and see one of these games you have to really. Come out of pocket like crazy just to go there and that's as for the air for the inevitable hotel. While food I mean all inside and your pain and over a grand just to get their answer is I don't know man I. I've always hated Hamels bowl games right around new years because if you wanna make plans to issue wanna go it's not cheap people are made out of money these days you should you should try something interesting by the way if you. You're an airfare geek. Price at trip to Fort Lauderdale. Or Miami or wherever for their bowl game. That pricing in reverse. Pricey coming up here. And it's like a fifth of the cost it's unbelievable the difference between going south and coming north for the new year. Talk a little box that some of the Michael show lineup let's do it it's next. This portion of the bill Michael show brought to you by our friends at quick trip coffee fountain drinks refills after every Packers win stock into quick trip today you know let's ride ago no fee ATMs. They're fresh fruits vegetables that all kinds of things that you need in your daily life at quick trip get a quick trip on a day. Everywhere you sponsored the bill Michael's sports talk networks. Bill Michael show Kevin Holden CBS 58 in Milwaukee Stephanie and today. Spin a little time in the in the big chair of the bill Michael's share. We've talked a lot of Packers you boxer in action tonight against the Detroit Pistons the Bucs are twelve and tense up a quarter mark of the season. 1210 is good enough for sixth in the Eastern Conference. Honestly. I think I thought they'd be just a touch just a touch better at this point. I mean there's it's not decided for me in either direction teams go on runs the Bucs could get hot. And and make all of this just fine I think twelve intent is just touch below. What I suspected they would be through 22 games of the season they are. From a parts standpoint everything Noob jelling together. You could see parts of a really good really competitive team they just don't seem to show it some nights. I actually like the Boston game and they lost by eleven and were trailing by twenty that's not what you want but that's at Boston. And Jason Kidd in that game played five of his players thirty or more minutes he was playing his best guys he was he was thrown out as if it were a playoff. Got a scored forty points. Truth is. If you do that if you score forty and you have the guys around you doing the right things occasionally you're gonna take one knows at boss. So I'd say the Bucs are. Maybe just on the on the back in line of expectation close to expectation maybe a touch apple. Said that in line Joey you've. Oh same I'll give you my thoughts on the box coming up here in the next hour gap because it's our way you know wide. The expectations have not changed. The Bucs are expected to win a playoff series this season. I'm I'm at this point as a fan forum I'm dawn of anything short of that well you know Joey come on there's they're still they're still developing and came word. We're developing here we have John yes. It's time to build around that intend to do it right recorded in the new arena you wanna be in a situation where the hype this through the roof for this team now. The expectations have not changed here. And I wanna see this team get on a little winning streak I wanna see 456. Games a wanna see them. Start separating themselves because there's a cluster right now in the Eastern Conference it's time for this team to start pulling all the way here. And be in the top three top four and keep it that way for the rest of the season that's what I want. That's home court advantage in the first round if they get a top four. That's big stuff more the bill Michael show coming up. Johnson won. Bill Michaels Stores called feet.