HR2 – Are the Brewers big around the state?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 2. Tim Allen is filling in for Bill today. What’s the interest level in the Brewers across Wisconsin?

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From the league's front for the riverfront this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. A Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. And welcome back Wisconsin it is the bill Michael's show Wednesday addition bill off today. My name is Tim Allen there's radio Joes and Zola executive producer board adopt an engineer extraordinaire. That good but once they engineer. No no. Okay no I wanna put that in my credentials. Are not very good nick voting behind the glass and not talk in some brewers baseball among other things today on the program. And the brewers said they'd keep keep a non. Last year I had the monster the beat goes on and this year as they just keep keep it on and that's that's of their dual Sox and brewers baseball. And broadcasting. From fox sports Wisconsin former brewers. Left standard Jerry Augustine joins us on the Schneider orange hotline Gerri always a pleasure my friends. It's more money out or franchises more matter that the. Okay now this has come from a guy. That I used to get an autograph from when I was a little kid now I'd obviously a beat UT doesn't remember that when I goods is funky that. That in years just they flyby we all know this that yet a pinch yourself tears to fly by but. You know you still probably are on the autograph seen Archie Jerry. Well hi it's nice to you come by bicycle when I was playing to your autograph but. But you know it is an it is one thing that's a special bulk. Milwaukee Wisconsin sports is that you know the people here really treasure the people that. Have gone and played professional sport to go out and play each and every year and it's it's really needed I was born and raised here I'm very fortunate. To have played my whole career here now. You part of the broadcast and it's very special and I could never. I just love in the respond as they took a lot of our future. Yeah and that's that's true Jerry I mean you know as a kid I use of flip your baseball card over unseat key warning Wisconsin and I'm like how he's from Wisconsin. And he plays for the brewers now on you not only you know were born and raised here or whatever but you played for the brewers now you broadcast for at. For that entity and that's that your Milwaukee Brewers sets that's got to be a dream come true. It really is you know like I can remember days that was actually boarding rebate. I terrorists what do you want and be great there are a small city and have an opportunity go to school learn and in sports was. All of it was so much on that you could play all these sports a small high school and I was very fortunate I came up and and they aero car. In three consecutive years we've put. Three players in three major sports we had Jack Slovak. Who was dating a football player they would Tampa Bay and I think what Cincinnati deal killer played at Wisconsin. Basketball beta. They did an MBA and then I had the opportunity to play based also. Coming from a small city like you why they have three guys who have played meters or is quite defeated themselves but we we got a good athletics and it was a great place to draw. Yeah and then you go on to coach at UW and that's what wholesome. I mean you do you've done it all in the state of Wisconsin actually after you're done we're gonna talk about how popular the brewers are throughout the state. You guys on fox sports Wisconsin and often against Greg is John amount we'll play but Brian Anderson in that Booth. Just absolutely amazing you guys as a whole. With Brian Anderson bill Schroeder and Sophia and yourself among others Cragg and all all the gang. As do a pretty pretty damn good job for the market size it is. Well you know what he Odyssey got franchise were more or. Apparently everybody. Like each other we enjoy each other and you know each and every did that we have a look callers in the morning going on that date we wanted to really bring a good product. And believe he joked to the fans and the more we can bring an offensive or understanding what the game could bring to our present which we have been Wisconsin. It may have fun and I think what we're the brewers are playing right now yeah yeah. You just can't have a bit more on their place has great baseball but. Itself or enthusiasm. That's going on here that does not only based on every sport and we feel very fortunate that group. Because each and every day and bring the Bruck astute our fans. OK now I got you all buttered up and ready to go now to hold talks on mob some brewers baseball on that field. Little concern for me Jerry and and nothing against these guys salad Dino and Miller and crafts in Nottingham and NATO or so the world and things like that. I'm a little concerned down the stretch when you put that line up side by side against team like the Chicago Cubs in the LA Dodgers. And maybe even to some degree the lower portion of the orders of there is only Diamondbacks are Washington Nationals. Do you think David Sterns is gonna step up in improve. That part of the team that lower portion of the order and someone. Well I think David Stern's gonna try to make this team better anyway cannot guarantee you you you can pick out what input has done a lot with. And our own that the manager creek also and of course headed by our mark on you know each and every day it either do Cilic and diligence to make this team a better team than. You know they're very fortunate in it brought it in culture the culture was. There are no expectations you'd go out if you create your own expectations. And I think that's helped this organization. And these young players come up and do the job that they're doing. You know we talk about baseball baseball not audit 25 man roster anymore this year the Bhutto yet 46 I believe. Not far behind that big picture. You know there are a lot higher than a couple of teams that have thought I had even have more players on their roster. This is a new wave of baseball and it's not just about Iraq or about guys you have in your organization being able to. Comeuppance there is some good things for you liberal organization has done that. And instead of because. They have change a culture. It will allow players young players to come up and do the job. Eastern that's exactly what you said he is that you used in a game develop and maintain good young players. And he's lived up to that and I think that's a reason why you see this ballclub is organization. Mean as well as it is. Former brewers left the Jerry Augustine currently on fox sports Wisconsin. Jerry Korman burns makes his debut last night Freddie Peralta they've won five of his first six starts sees got a record for one and I CRA's of two and a half and is it. Do they get the love they deserve. They're starting rotation because you look forward geared Jerry that it could be chased shot scene. Junior guerra Freddie for altering courtroom burns. You know maybe moving forward I don't know that they may be dedicated to burns out of the bullpen but is that good enough for a deep Raun. Well I think you have to look at baseball always played and you know you know unit if you go in and it I'm gonna talk about. For a you're one franchise in ten. If you keep the starting rotations and all of based on it it could starting rotation. I have the best ER he's been in baseball you're gonna see that these starting pitchers. Go somewhere between five and two thirds or 62 thirds innings. The brewers right now are right between that by the tutors and six. So you're getting at eight starting rotation as he can do just about that sixth inning. Do they have to prove which elect debacle that locker perhaps deeper a game yes. ET the legacy that I think you're going to see that as you go along and it helped your butt of the big thing about this club is the bullpen. Apple credible besides what this ball club yet you just as importantly have to approve it they that that. Offensively they're swinging the bat we go that I've. Yet to be more consistent. But when it comes out to be it's all book that bullpen and when you look at what they're open is starting to do. You know you've got the three big guys got either you got JJ and got Corey enable and all of a sudden you're seeing that Kayla Williams. Seemed a bit Corbin burned up doing it lest I. Edge and it all up call up all this total bullpen and what they can do what it gave date basis. Or report that can make a big difference and I think what I can beat those are well cure for that I think they've got to output routine picture or through that in the open it pitching at a comfort level. And I think they're playing very well. And Craig Counsell has managed that bullpen and in and I agree with you that Dan Jennings and and Taylor Williams are starting to step up here. And that's cool. The Al liar here might be a Jacob Lawrence and it just might be a core burns out of that town. Heidi youth do you think that Kregg councils do owned by the management of the bullpen I'm not gonna agree with every movie makes but how do you feel he's been doing. I think didn't want and probably long. I think that's what took an aura says or does not certainly all the tunnel in the play the game playable it enjoy. Are they political play but I think you can do a lot of exotic hypocrites. I've got a ticket are Jacob Lawrence park great stuff. One thing he doesn't do very well and body parts of artists quieter. Carter how good it isn't all the these that he's typical man this past fall when you keep it coming on their fastball for strike. What would you want to bet apple cider had a lot of respect strike so I think he's gonna be much better but they're counting on these players can go. Along with each and every day to perform. And you're going to be people on the street. Couldn't hold a bird in a highly leveraged situation in full I'll be equipped and a big big it was amazing national. It will be it's pretty special. Bought back the confidence level equity on all these players called to be sure and what are you need guys that are coming. It is such a good job in. Tell people look what he's. You see what a little while this step if you are sort of quiet and so it is forever if you ever get it back to swing the bats well is that the very industry. That being said the final thing for you Jerry. Do it does your gut say that Stearns will make a big splash I know he's gonna make some moves there's no doubt in my mind. That you're this close best record the NL. Through ninety plus games your Internet. To win this year and he will improve this team in some way shape or form but will it be a big splash according to Gerri Augustine. I you don't want that. Some people call because I think they do very. I think they are position that is due diligence it looks like everything I think picking that they have assert idea what they want do what they ought to look opposite where they want adult. I think it is eighteen he came. And make this team better get to give the best opportunity for success talk about Craig also pretty players in the successful. Up putting it in the it we that he is I think it is still our hope that it organization. Look at the same what do I need to be successful and I think pick out a whole list that they that they can't do out there and thought it would be interesting. The next two weeks what's gonna happen. Really is going to be interesting because there in a position that I. Love love love Jerry. I just never agreed with the rebuild in the tank job but he's doing what I said could and should and would be done well maybe now would that. He's rebuilding and competing at the same time and not just competing he's competing at a high level it really is remarkable. It immediately cultural. Organization. We're that far. That occasion and I it would be courteous to date. But how big break they caught up with Hercules looked chipper and he got the really good picture of that column based all. You learn some ought it was a little all. Back this year what we're doing is you're. He should be called are you look at I think. It tightly Kayla Williams holidays and I opened its that we need to change. To get to where he wants to be an associate. You believe that they out with these guys you've got to give up our guys he challenges guys these six that did you do it at that level it's a ball performing. That's all point out each of these days do your job I think he's got that that place right now they're like it's based. Big time big time Jerry I won't see until the next homestand so that's that's sort of a sad deal will CF at the ballpark. After the all star break or I'd. Others not to go into the ballpark expression does suck it. Keep the franchise they're ready to get or. With an ego Jerry thanks a lot enjoy your time off for the bright. All right Jim died areas Jerry Augustine former brewers lefthander and currently with fox sports Wisconsin on the telecast seed joined us on the Snyder own job. I'm Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work are the treaty fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done call the many 144 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs that come. We're going crazy in the city of Milwaukee and how we look in Oshkosh with brewers baseball how we look in Wausau with brewers baseball Madison are Green Bay your lacrosse will love will last few that. As so wanna check the pulse of the rest of the state. For the excitement. Really level of brewers baseball do that next year in the bill Michael's show. Michael's voice told C network. Welcome back Wisconsin it is the bill Michael showed Tim Allen in for bill today just hang out talk consumes sports says CEO brewers. Road trip continues final road trip into the all star break Manny Machado and trade talks is he not. Video Joseph is here and we're going crazy in this this part of the state again. On us in any one part of the state is better in the office. I'd live in in probably the most extreme southern county you can get into that fact I do. And that's in Kenosha county. It's close enough words. Forty minute drive the Miller Park roughly. No traffic zip but I don't know mistreated a group go grab a burger almost. Why it seemed like such a long ride and now's a kid to go to county stadium. It seems like it took half a day to get there. Like the big city. Liggett that big tall buildings and all that. As a little kid analysis. In the car let's go where there and threw in into the turnstiles within an hour. But that's year. Let alone the folks in you know west Alice Walker shell. Deck and just their minutes away I couldn't imagine. That you're that close to a a stadium where Ian. Basically walk. Take a short these days is sort mover Ryder taxi ride to add to the ball games of bus ride to public transportation sketch of their shuttle. From one of the bars downtown. And get to that. I've been through doing what I do and which is the post game show on the fan in Milwaukee though Michael's flagship. Offered now thirteen years. So I get the craziness. And I think proximity may or may not play a part of that. I don't know if it is or it isn't and that's why we're gonna discuss year. You could walk into any of the bars around Miller Park. And just it's it's brewer were crazy. The restaurants and bars in that particular area. I still wonder why there's not some sort of entertainment district. Adjacent to Miller Park but that's different conversation. Like the box are trying to put together. But. Where we go crazy and in these parts and I just wonder if let's say you're in a bar and in the cross or something. That you'd step in do even and then a national food chain. We stepped in in the games on it's it's an automatic you don't have to say hey can you put the per game up on this. You know I have to do that here there are always on here. And so it's. Example of that is sometimes during the game. I will run down the street to get some food. We'll go in and wait for our food and bring it back to the station the whole deal. Zeus it's a home run you can hear throughout the entire establishment. That people are clapping and then you know excited about it but that's here I wonder if that's different. Throughout the state of Wisconsin. Green Bay I know it's it's it's the packer Mecca. In walking on water up there. But you know Madison it's it's a lot of times it's it's of its badgers sports. But he would get to Wausau and Rhineland Erin. These parts of the state is it. Kinda hang in on every pitch these days again I've been doing this thirteen years in. 2008. I I was just amazed at the excitement. Of that that that whole run there are now again that dynamic is a little bit different because that was a 26 year playoff drought. That occurred that was broken that year or so that that fateful day of September 28 I think it was in. Brawny it's the eighth inning home run put the brewers opera mini got a lot of weight now what happened with the Mets and Marlins and then he'd get in the celebration and hold the not just at Miller Park but. Around the surrounding area you could literally hear I was so out of parking lot at a live broadcasts and I was doing that day and you could hear not just from the the place I was at you could hear down the street Joseph. You know literally in that area you could hear down the street you could hear horns honk. Of that here though proximity may or may not play a part of that not saying that. Folks that live and wants are in the northern parts of the state are don't hang in on every pitch I get calls from all over the state on the post game show. Bill obviously gets calls all all over it you know the the show here. What is it that is it as crazy there. As it is in the Milwaukee area. 8558308648. Is the F phone number here to get in touch if you wanna join the conversation 8558308648. Is that you listening in. I don't pick the city. Mean you'd you pick. Au Clair okay au Clair. I don't know what the bars Arnold Claire. Chuck Freeman might now its eight Oz. Every little diner and bar around at every part of this day. Go go ahead Jack I was I was in the hallways here I heard talking about the of the all ought to reaches and when I was a tunnel Clara and bark. The first would go final four weekend the brewers are playing their second game against San Diego and Ryan brawn at that home run death grip that the brewers in the beginning and bribe the bar exploded. When brought that home run. Brawn Jack's one in a bar was up for grabs and that of course later on in the game it was Orlando RC is twelfth inning job beyond I think that was opening day right here opening day yet this does bronze was seem to yes Germany at the air but the wanted to San Diego they out of the only team to fans are right. But all we do go crazy here. Maybe more so space some proximity or maybe not. Arm. No I think there's I think to a fever. Now where his box fevers may be only the southeastern Wisconsin law fever. People jump of Green Bay rebels of the agreement people are excited about the brewers transcends the it does I think fox valley that I've Gordon fox valley a lot of the people are pumped up away and the games are on bars. All promised to I think all around the state. People are into the this team 8558308648. If you wanna join the conversation all let's go to. Lacrosse and talked to Jan Jan you're on the bull Michael show. Pam did you put a high had a sort of a let you know over the Democrats we'd love Marbury. You can walk into any partnered at the big game and beyond and they're gonna be bought strip all the tribe net beef from a cry. We just get a look Miller Park allergic group outing ended duly across the area day where they bring about twenty bought their travel crop area a nice so people can enjoy the insult. We we cavalier supporting her team. Yeah I and I I'd it is is a state white I'm hoping crossing my fingers state white thing because I. We're not gonna compare to the Green Bay Packers I know that Jack all right. Oh no tell exactly what they're doing while I you know again I think that arch you know everybody everybody likes baseball appalled at. And it look right here we have a lacrosse blocker Tobeck that helped a lot dead tired ot bring baseball. You know. Everybody likes to go to the game where you know they've produced our Chris seal came out of the locker Eric Davis Eric and you back you back so we we definitely weird but part of a hard team. Jan thank you have a great weekend and the rescue weekend all right 855830864. Right so there's lacrosse Shimon. It is. I I couldn't imagine the state turn upside down if indeed this team does get into the World Series. As folks they got a pop that they do. Are they the front runner maybe maybe not eight definitely got a shot at it will discuss more after the break here Tim Allen in for bill today on the bill Michael's show. Sixteen stations strong though it might school's sports talk. And welcome back Wisconsin it is the bill Michael show Wednesday edition bill off today he's back tomorrow Tim Allen in for controllers radioed GO and give back to you guys say 558308648. How widespread is brewer mania. Maybe not just when they're winning winning but just in general. That's go to crammed in. We sale loaded Jesse. First of all remind me work randomness. President Gerald. What are just east of our ladder 26. Cranston is one of those cities you be less than the brewers game over the years new sect. Our contests and end all rod adding from cram down. That's that's what it sounds like to me so how is that Ukraine and in. Well we're not about the birds appear to him in the bars during games against that. They're they're getting a lot of support from Lotta people appear well. And endure your are you. Sort of hanging on every pet sir is that sort of just now that should shut touch base with them they got a big game tonight or whatever. Now on I got a lifelong member fans folk. You know I hang out every pitcher like try to watch many games possible. I follow a lot of their minor leaguer though but there are a lot of us look here that are in it just does not about where that I am. Awesome Jesse thanks for the comment that thanks for listening I appreciate that 855830864. Right just wondering if it's as crazy. The northern part of the state. As like. Normally the paid the brewers radio network is a very very strong. Radio network. And it's one of the batter or I know it's one of the biggest. In all of baseball. Because you get you could slide into the dells and you know you hear of one of the stations up up there are going to be like it now going to be like oldies WNN. At all in the bells and and that has got that coming up is brewers baseball says there for the pregame show. And then bell later rod did you go there the very next year and it's. WM I know country music for your vacation. At top of the hours. The two. ABC news. All right let's go to old Claire we say loaded Jack Jack you're next in the bill Michaels who Jerry drop some sort out legitimate and no clearer both in Eau Claire all right Jim what's evident. Bailed on him. Well I'm just common commodity here I grew up on the south side in the Lockheed only airport and I was amber and growing up and moved here in the late seventies and then appear percent and there's a really good core rubber bands appear and I left when he said that the most out the friend of mine owned that in they have a real good. Hardcore following number of fans along with probably about another half a dozen places that will have a and all the time. The problem is we have a real quote spread the need of the Twin Cities they should go over to watch the twins. So we have about a quarter people who have that affliction of being twins and and then also waking and in the process so. Are we come down to Bert games fairly regular about a little under four hour drive formal Claire so just fired up it has been a special trip so. Armed if you come to look there there are plenty of places to watch that you'd get it turned on just about anywhere. Yeah I wonder happened to me I went and I would I wonder you know you say four and a half hours. A little under court okay little little under four that is at their breaking point whether or not get a hotel room and that does make it Deseret. Exactly and that's what happens gladly go over to Green Bay now. And Kylie 29 point 24 lanes you can make it over there and just bought three now so that he would leave little left he. Even Packard so yeah the thing is brilliant there's still a lot of fun and people still make the track in places get. Buses to go down there but it's like you said just at their breaking Playboy we have a problem up here everyone is the board is on board right now. Jim sent a letter we're voting yes or good job good job thank you sir are right 85583086. Foray. That would be the area where you say. I guess you would walk into an establishment to be the twins game on over there in the brewers came on over the air set the territory were talking about. And then he could just say get that garbage off and to put the brewer game pride. I I guess jock. Give a few years ago I want you out because oh Claire. We had. The radio station I worked at the FM played the packer games in the AM. At the viking games on own no kids so you walk in the hallway and you hear tutor for games on. While the Packers okay so and I've never lived up there been through there are but. Never lived up there are wondered where the split was with that that Minnesota's. Okay there's more Wisconsin of course I was up there when the twins won me several seriously everybody is jumping on the twins' family to. Now it's too bad 91 team in the when the the World Series as well now is just a friendly border battle there's not a hatred of their between brewer fans in twin fans among each other Missouri is Packers or vikings fans yet I goes on the golf course up there. Well bridge beautiful golf course I saw a guy enemy and he has a viking golf cart. Golf day in front of me and I'm going to dog not I date but it is a viking golf. While he got to commend him for haven't acts or not my statement should just doesn't. That's sure all right 8558308648. Were goal brewers crazy down here what say you up there are more next year on the bill Michael's show. Everywhere he is gone soon. The bill Michael sports talk networks. It's fortunate. The president Marshall clinic health system only fixed me up coming back in the game or that the people there are fantastic my knee feels great amount biking already this summer. No pain no problems no swelling you don't have to live with pain like idea for so many years call 855. And C or for that 855. And sea org and that's a march of public health system and if you want more information for the locations as services that positions whatever you need. Go to march of clinic dot org it's Morse company dot org the official health care provider to go Michael sports talk network. It is the bill Michael's sports talk network in the bill Michael's show has no bill Michaels today it's Tim Allen in for bill radio Joseph was here and talking brewers excitement level where you are at. I get a little snow job you're a little bit because I'm I'm in the mix here I live in in Kenosha and I commute to hails corners every day. Succumbed to work so then and that's basically Milwaukee improper or what jail fifteen minutes from Miller Park easy yeah. Easy sale and no barring traffic smooth sail and run ended in the Miller Park so the excitement level is there around the bars as I said before right I go and grab by T during the game come back to the studio but. While waiting for our food the game might beyond you hear applause and cheers throughout the establishment. When the Burris is something today and I'm wondering if there's like that throughout the state. As we had checked the pulse throughout the state an hour now I I I'm assuming there are some excitement level. Maybe. Just may be it's increased by the success of the team that's always gonna help in any market anywhere. For the fan base say 558308648. We go to med first and we say loaded Travis Travis you're on the bill Michael's show. It gem. Does get back and year questionable. Brewers excitement level hundred I'm personally excited Boris but. Up here you're going to delay any kind of really never even number game on the biggest case. In between. Oh Claire and I'll walk out on it Qaeda and the older part. All of my own tombstone pizza is that what what's happening in America. I got voted out Gary out tombstone now. Well. And that's sad that said here all right thanks for the call that's sets going to be some of those bars you walk him where they'll be like. The bartender. With her boyfriend at one under the bar. The beat chew. Old guys at the other end of the bar. When you when you walk in the front door they both give you like that look like. You know. And it's like 8 o'clock at night the brewers are 21 ballgame against it comes it'll be like these guys are Watson. Wheel of fortune. I'd say. A couple neat things. It's got a Green Bay in sailor Fred Fred here on the fan. I'm sorry I will likely show. I have a dual. There are many many many good baseball fans greeted gates and go out and support to commercial. A lot thank you and where your love of baseball and leadership core of the team. I go back to the bridge of the fifties and the excitement of the city and the state was unmatched inflation baseball. And I do think this is excitement can be achieved to burst from denying another choice. Now I wish I wish psyche get a better bird's eye view and and through video on social media and everything that didn't. Obviously wasn't around back then there's less documented on those years 57 braves win the World Series 58. You're right back to the World Series again they look they lose to the Yankees. But man it had to be crazy I I would at all. Then it was incredible. If you can go on YouTube and find the games from pictures showed that 58 yeah but it into the NC this year as well but I have a question for you attempt. The market period slashed more cube who urged Belichick's players in the hole in the court pushed along. I know you can name. Or before they are the numbers on the wall in Milwaukee where are the other two. That's good question yeah that's. I'm sure your bubble which. Who were the worst launch on and it Americans yes well I think since the guys are. And what they got handcuffed her and I would have a problem. Question but he had to meet you associations were the commercial use doctor for this entire body of work. And including those of market grade debt that's true. That Eddie award should be kept their college student was not called crew was called it. Qualcomm Stadium they've represented the producer as well as a Google search and it just pains me that we can recognize two of the greatest players in the history of the new. The fan who the man who made Milwaukee famous that's Hank Aaron I read that book thanks for the call Fred read the book as as a kid. Hard cover as well my first hardcover Brooks I ever got. Go the man who made Milwaukee famous whose book on hand care I couldn't believe views and brewers uniform act not eve. And at dude was a brew war. And and maybe that's why he's honored as as he has because he did play for both but I hear which is Sam you were just saying Fred thanks for the call. 8558308648. When you wanna do your joke. Now let's go to Dan listening to us in the Twin Cities Dan your and the bill Michael Shaw. I. No let's get it every night. News in a friend Mars we're hearing some beating. And I are now there. Are out these jobs I alone. Combat. Ready apple apple app and at that. Are on. The poor credit. Or credible. Eric. A but. Probably put him. Now I I put that both Stewart. And I'm. And thought I improbable it's right for years. From my experience in the you know or yours that pinup and it's an area. It's mixed light it was brought up earlier soccer in my brought up you know and and see. Are pretty well you know I kept my thought at. Where it's. I. Become a solid you know that your you know you could impact its template and didn't know the no. I had all earned and would. Tell you. I'll wait. A lot. Like all out. Go where you know average in pattern. And again but that she's here. Europe and in that area. You a lot of bulk what you did mention you know you out in bar or restaurant or bar. And Munich and attempt more albeit Agassi or whoever is doing well but you know the bird. Just last year and gotten try more. Notice and and I think that the pervert you'd think that you've got in and that this. You know my first goal opinion but. So look here is. Like 200. Currently heard callers know. I wouldn't Wear. Cute card. And people are out without you know hurt and 1520. Secret you guys because. I think always. And build up a. Yet I think part of that Dan Dan I got to let you go because it's keeps beeping and it's like got Dan bill also communicating through wireless telegraphy. At the telegraph on. And I think part of that is putting. Out personnel in in the proper spots. In a get a guy you get a radio dude that wants to do they get there's an opening for now that twins flagship here on 92 point one FM. For whatever. An and then they get all these influx of of applicants. Which is cool but. Mean gets impassioned. Place the passion. Where where it belongs. Miss like how would I do those of either don't know why do post game coverage of for the brewers shouldn't. Ed how would I do wanna. And it's a final all that welcomed at Texas rangers' post game. Here on the fan in Dallas. I don't think I'd be as good. Not nearly as good because it that would be my love of that baseball teams that's part of it you could move Meade to anywhere in this state. And the excitement level view the same for me that but that's me just in in general the masses. How are they handling things. In the northern parts and imagine yourself the one ovals Barr is a nor. Any. One T. And I hate. Yeah I get another one that's what they do what does the does globe places I can get it I hang out a little corner bar you know that. It's so true no it's and they local weather shall. Intruder. Intruder roller. And then for the heavier the bartender that she's the second new order cheeseburger she he eats you. Hates you because it opens the floodgates for Fred and George from the bar. That's Els and playing. It's a couple more birdies out now she's a cook and several bartender hanging nugget drug with a boyfriend. 8558308648. Trillion Maxiell the bill Michael's so what do you think throughout the state as sits capturing the brewers capturing excitement like they are in the Milwaukee area. Well I tell you what Nomo pitched this year should be I mean. This is probably the first summit a long time this thing has got an opportunity to go on and win a World Series so if you are not excited right. Arm geez I'm up against her trailer can you hold on ma'am I'm sorry I did not know that aren't whole a whole lot of second. And give us thoughts. Just keep me up to speed here they hear the music it means we got to go get a break but we'll continue baseball conversation up next. And revisit this throughout the state of Wisconsin. As you listening to the bill Michael's sports stocks network Tim Allen in for bill today will be back. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores told me.