HR2 – Are you satisfied with the Brewers 3-3 road-trip?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, April 16th

Hour 2. We will also continue our Bucks vs Celtics discussion with Boston TV Voice Mike Gorman.


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From the league's front. River runs this season we'll Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill monkey show. I. And while go but Michael jolly Johnny and we thank you pollution linked. Whether it's south of the border. And you got a lot of wet snow and rain or it's in the north woods where. You can't even see your car anymore because you show us that bad. And just that deepens snow we thank you for take a listen to us today we appreciate it. Very much Joseph blocks in Boston frustrating game ended a losing game one after fighting their way back but again playing three and a half quarters consistently throughout the season is not gonna get it done. And this team is really yet to learn how to win meanwhile. They're playing out banged up beat up Boston Celtics team who knows how to win and they figured out ways to get it done and you can talk about the youth of this team when you understand and learn how to win. It says it all Mike Gorman Celtics television voice and NBC sports Boston now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline my caddie adored. Are you are doing well I gotta be honest I'm sitting there listening to a lot of the national parliaments today. Talk about the NBA over the weekend in the game that nobody can take their eyes off of the most entertaining game of the weekend by far was the box in the Celtics in. And it while that he as far as bucks man goes they came up on the losing end now what game are. Yeah I was a terrific game you know and one out. The buck to react to that they can either take this as their partner and you can play with these guys went as building or they can look at the other way they would get 66 point better pianist and Middleton is coated it. So. We don't know interpreted game. How the Celtics take it because they walked two ways of beat up team and they still walked away with a hard fought win how they take it. Well they didn't do it had audio thought you know court on down close quarter the first game of the season too losing I read you we don't start Easter party. With these expand out there you know really operated under that's been up there him. Back grievances since he he's he's going to have part of coaching is a necessity comes up with a how we keep that kind of misused it's just in the. The Harry Potter of coaching what are aware of what a great commentary because I think he has been brilliant he's been good at figuring out matchups split. I'd said Tony in this series is a guy you have to watch because he crashing the boards he does a better defensively the most known as pork for Nagin he had a big game in this one I didn't boxer got to figure out away. To put her ends in doing to keep him off the boards especially with second chance points. Yeah I agree you anywhere that that's what the options like as soon. Al Horford. Community getting captured strip itself that you would play pretty well. Again he could easily got beat ourselves and in particular their guy and very comfortable level they're what to do is over certainly has to be yeah. And he responded with a twenty can be yesterday. So coming back in this next game we saw that judge aboard Parker got off to a really rough start have limited minutes my assumption is is that he's gonna get more time and hopefully gets more involved in the offense. But I don't get the to meet the box of one of the worst defensive teams that better in the post as a matter fact agreement in top fifteen going in the post season there's only three teams in art but. To me it's going to be the bucks just have throws much offense they possibly can. Add to the Boston Celtics in Boston's gonna have to respond by hitting threes because of Bucs are two point team that's the only way I see this thing working on the box favor. Yeah again what you gotta play I'm like yeah if ever there a chance to play because he does dominate game to a degree. They're not only is he is dominating that makes other people better around the oak charts. Don't deserve to treat people pregnant attention that you're honest as. I don't think it's obvious successor game series I think our win at all. But I think it's much colder people greater Milwaukee gets one game under their belt and certainly believes they can when you said. Let me who believe they can. The other Europe actually do that yes. When you look at the benches Malcolm brought in comes off the bench after being out for a long period of time comes off the bench for the bucks and dropped sixteen wasn't hot in early on portion that game got high towards the end DeMaurice I think he was the difference maker when you're 21 points off the bench. Probably 21 point 27 boards off the bench. I like to meet it even though they're banged up and there's a lot of injuries there it it's still I still think this is a better Boston team a lot of people are given it credit for. Oh we got a lot of good players is no question about that you know yesterday. Lou one quite a ways that inside jackets scored twenty more points in a guy it was unclear what was your native who now. Dominated the game the cowboys. So. It's not surprising that we get reports that like Eric. I tell you want to do you guys considered observer system complexity. Goodwin gave let's go to play well. You and but so did not a legacy at all. Look at got frustrated and you know what his first playoff game sort of nervous you like on the 25. Tomorrow night but. Yesterday he you do we have an epic how we. Yeah when you have a couple of guys hands and obviously not gonna hit from beyond the arc Bledsoe was O for so was Tony Snow was all for George George Parker was over. When you have guys that can't shoot beyond yard we talked about this all season long mean technically you look at the score the box Al balk it'd. Yesterday by a bucket. The Boston Celtics and still lost by six it is the difference between being a three point shooting team in that type of league and a team the police the two and doesn't play much defense. There I agree with that conclude there. Yet it is it's Waco for the box when their when their when they're trying to they they don't have outside shooter that's consistent enough to compete with teams. I think right now all it did the best of the best in the league. Yeah I think. I think the formula for success from Milwaukee and you know when you're not be obvious. Is that they need Bledsoe played well. And then he guarded seeking to play well and then he looked over the charts. It is that can happen to them in addition to middle and again you've got is used to playing without Parker Parker community get from park as of August to expect anything realism. But the other guys but so you know he he's. The issue here it's seventeen to 21 points in term answer a couple of steals. Instead it was so important gamers who want to say it was obviously choking. What is going into it seemed like he had any way to correct it. Well Mike Gorman and celtics' TV and NBC sports in Boston so yesterday. Arm is Brad Stevens is the bill the philosophy if you will is it yeah this is gonna give his is long you can limit those around him is that kind of the way you look at things going into the series. I don't think he quite put it that way but I think you do on the right track it. They're not gonna change their defense. So much because ya later they changes politically correct anybody who gets to be a dominant player. Obviously I played a lot of zone more zone people realize the Clinton. Spain has been muted being defensive numbers you get some talk sensibly only to protect the page you are pretty they're pretty partly as a protection. So. Again we used to in Boston here before which is you guys. The adjustment while I don't know if I had no idea scores was as good soccer player who came over as part you can Bradley deal. I got this opportunity. Shortchanged against bigotry currently. But Marcus Turkey could he is also very good clutched. You know he's like those guys. If he doesn't keep him out of his partner and seek a couldn't chippy when he talks a lot in and he's pretty critical clue aftershock so people but it's how he plays the game you know it's always great game. Would pick guys that we're I think it's if he's that good that. I'm how would spread this good team in Boston NCAA Jeanne if not younger many phases as is what to imperil to what the Milwaukee Bucks are. Because people here for a long time including using kids in lower young team. I've always said it's not DH it's the is the maturity the ability to figure out how to win how is Bret Stephens. Gotten that team so mature so fast. The early on he created an atmosphere that was very conducive to catching predators that's per unit regardless if the market typically as we look to a lot of people. When you're too. 31 people who lost at one point in the season. And to him and what you guys would lead to relate it to use. They would say I'm a better player now like to shore up that's significant. And keep it as a way of figuring out what it plays came it is and then integrating those skills into the system. Well everybody's happy because what they do best is so. That makes sense yeah no I completely understand yeah yeah that's weaknesses aren't doing mandates they've bought in and he's. It's interesting when you hit against. Q Bret is like at a much and so ridiculous. And various social aspect and you start talking about basketball telescopes consequences could sit there. And they're very much to find relationship. With her quickly so the other guys look dilemma personal I suspect that need to be an excellent by. The team in basketball player. How does a guy that young did that kind of respect. Is it just did you he carries himself for what. It's it's a lot by the way he carries himself and a lot to teaching good as people learn quickly achieved all money lead here and I'll make you better. And we'll witness tease you. But you gotta you gotta follow my lead them. And academic record aren't it would only that they're timeout there to record his first most. There are timeout to drop a place I could do an outback two record and a look at each line at school play cheapest quickest. And then they're gonna work. Then that would happen again who took a bullet hit like we love you guys who plays it right out. And they'd buy into it and they executed and it works you what Brad he's so different. Then. I mean our article two NBA writer chemical. During the time not block a court all of its systems allow them they have like this summit being in the back into the huddle spread stands by themselves. Which upload. The thirty to 45 seconds go to an action picture. Very different. Yeah it interesting so interest in the way he does things I know Milwaukee Bucks or emulated her coach young season and you know you were all open that doctrine that partner you can well. You know I. I don't know it's going to be look I don't care who it is islamists or it's the right guy you know on the one Bret Stephens at that job in Boston I had that I got to admit months in this thing and myself. Here we don't in the college coaches teaching coaching the MBA doesn't get the respect is gonna walk away with humiliation and go back to the college ranks and he has shocked me as much as we hear the names of cult oriented Tino and everybody else thrown around. Bret Stephens has done a fantastic Johnny into Gamal across the world I just hope the bucks I don't care who they fine as far as ending ghost as long as it's the right guy. It's hard to find the right guys sit here now it's hard to fund right now about the very out of pitcher particularly a player's coach and he can. It is perfectly. My question with my doctor about it. Yet what he is what my question that is he one there with a veteran Lleyton group. He wasn't able to get it don't young group out in LA in a grand they has some other issues and had some injuries and such. But then things begin deteriorating and he couldn't keep egos in check so my question is. How well all he worked with a young cast of characters. And be able to mold them and make them better much like you say in equate to what Bret Stephens is done their embossed. What you guys are great young people on. Gas is what twice fought for years not only yes I think my. Middleton. May twenty. You right right yeah. So I knew I had a I didn't get to good it's dark. It's not like you don't like. Number one draft picks are treatable and to a number two from our sister actually track quite go certain guys aren't as a cluster. You guys are pretty bad 12678. You can add somebody completely good compressed and that. No knock on tension but that's got two weeks yeah I look. No no I I completely agree that. Mean we've we've seen out of it's a bad deal and kick it out money that country completely very. You know if you different charter. You do it again I'm saying that but I go to get closer to seven games are electing it's going to be a really really hard part. Victory whoever emerges from this and I certainly don't he does not this article. But I blocked the view. Last week received what is it who you really wanna play. And I don't sit back to you particularly in Miami and Washington but I don't want a lot. Right well we'll see would have no they have now been able to stand success consistently throughout the season which is the reason they may get a win or two but. They enable to beat a team above 500 consistently all season long and they certainly are men and women back to back to back fashion so I'm. I'm gonna be real interest to deceive the Bucs can actually kind of you know Garnett intestinal fortitude and figure out ways to win because they're Manila staggered all season long Mike it's a pleasure appreciate the the candid discussion thanks so much for joining us are cracked. Dirt Persia now they go Mike Gorman Celtics television voice on NBC sports joining us for a couple of minutes in the Schneider warned challenge. Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty pushers are beginning to don't call me 144 prior to go to Schneider jobs Kanye. Yeah honest point three to 24 December Milton 26. Bledsoe knows what 2324. I think Jeremy I was maybe a little bit maybe a little bit older. No he's actually twenty games matter of fact puts puts his 28. Toward Parker mean he's still a young guy to board Parker only 232526. Years old from Malcolm broad and so. Still a relatively young team but they've got a lot of basketball experience their bellies you department arsenal put it all together. Mike gray did an interview rejoin us on the general challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years at beginning attempt. Call 844 try to go to Schneider just dot com 844 prior. We're gonna Schneider jobs dot com they check out my friends the Marshall clinic if you have something ailing you. 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How do you feel when the brewers come home three and three they're facing Cincinnati tonight then and got a four game series coming up against the Marlins or maybe they can get fat. PH eight feet but. How do you feel up to the brewers come home three in three from a road trip in which they face Saint Louis and New York both teams vying for the top spots in our division. Give us your thoughts 855830864. In more than a Michael show next. Film Michael's voice talking network. Actor Michael showers on the arrogant and the Al borrowers stuck to what appears to minute one remind you we have a special. Thursday night Milwaukee basketball our post season addition. But it's at a different location. Cafe Benelux. On Broadway in Saint Paul to the third ward try to cross street in the public market. Cafe. Benelux going to be there this Thursday night six to seven. And it's going to be our. It's gonna be our post season addition. Of the in Milwaukee basketball hours so put it on your calendar you're coming out to the basketball power. Coming up this Thursday night it is not in Maryland social it is it cafe Benelux Broadway and Saint Paul. In the third warn it's right across from public market 346 north Broadway as a matter of fact that's right we're located. We hope to see there's amigo amigo probably were talking about least win right at least one win. 58558308648. To the brewers come back every three in three road trip it doesn't feel like it. Just doesn't. Brewers had one right there it was it we will within reach it was oh so close. And nominee now. Didn't have brewers ended up losing the ball game yesterday. As in the Mets defeat the brewers in walk off fashion. Never a good way to go. Never good way to go in and the brewers. They battled I mean but it just it just was not meant to be woo woo more porous flipped his helmet cross on blatant. Teammates are modern and jumping up and down and in any. New York Mets off to their best start in Mets history twelve into. And the brewers had it right there. And they and they let it slip through their fingers was windy boy it was a windy game. 42 degrees. Which was our odd for a Jackie Robinson day. 42. On 42 day. The brewers lose three to tune opened the season. The Mets do with five straight series win. Com. And that was it. Now is that the resume of losing don't want tough when no sin to guard struck out eight batters in a row to shy by the way Tom Seaver is Major League record. And the Mets pitchers fanned sixteen. In all. Sixteen and all yesterday. Man it was tough to. Tough one to watch Ryan brawn on deck to pinch hit a day after leaving in the fifth inning with back tightness. But I shot seen that in grounded into a deep shortstop. Scenario oil rose are your snag the ball with the on the dive into the outfield grass and barely throughout these lower running shot scene. Which you would by the way Jesse never bad outing we just is what it is brawn pitch in with no one on two outs fly down president. Not much and I was really there. There's just a couple of scenarios in which you could Seau came over the brewers had a couple of shots but. Not to be had the brewers have won right their hands and let it slip away again. Late inning and non who wrote by the bullpen whether it's a blown save. Or given up given up a long long walk off not a good way to go three to tune the Mets ended up being the brewers Bruce go 33 on the road trips so. As it's like I said I'm sitting there yesterday not in in this is where I started to take a beating because word. Were sitting in the Dan I'm Sherri and I are kind of doing all this different stuff wedding related and everything and which by the way I did this is I. This is this I can't remember what it's like to plan a wedding it's just man. Holy men. There's just so many details. Remain sounded date. We think we kind of found a venue to get married but it's it's. You know they did the dates are pretty much all taken and she would love to get married in like him a barn one you know like a barn reception Virginia can't find decent part and eight this is not our first go round I'm not spending 20000 dollars on Wednesday they have. In our summer good place to go that we can just have open house is not immune to recession not a sit down dinner enough and that the only catch is gonna be an open house for a bunch of friends. Com coming at some cocktails have a few drinks in and have a good time and got a couple people that have volunteered to do some music consider we'd be glad to have you know come and be a part of it that kind of thing and but we just can't find a venue. In the end near Milwaukee were seen it can no sheer. It was hockey county that is either one already booked up to doesn't charge you know 101000 dollars just kitchen into war. And and three they wanna do everything in charge everything it's like I'm home meal that. I mean all that. Been there done that for me have been there done that twice. So you. I don't. Challenge you just were his look at each other gun use or go to Vegas. This woman who would do that was some complain about his finer venue later on their part call of the day. Anyway we're sitting downstairs watching this game and I just looked at her and I said you know what. It's not commit that weakened the brewers ended up winning two out of three against Saint Louis. And two out of three against the Mets and then tomorrow we get fat on Cincinnati in the Marlins this going to be risk Emmy night and also and here's a pitch crew. Game. So I twittered it. Which of course then you know 90% of either read it immediately jump to me sort of wall is my fault I Jacobs is Jason is like calling a no hitter. Who assists now. As it was my fault in some ways your reform but. It was just say it was a it was a tough weekend it certainly doesn't feel like the brewers are coming home at three and three from the broker. Your thoughts 85583086. Foreign where the Boris stand right now a 55830. 86 Korean loans we kept our count coal free talk on the Mets are two very fast start this season. Seniors I mention before twelve into Philadelphia surprising everybody 95 on the season. Over in that division the Washington Nationals from all the pressure on the world getting off to a slow start at 79 meanwhile. Meanwhile. The cubs did you hear dead because it comes into play at Wrigley in forty degrees and it was freezing cold and twenty degree windchill and elect and a seven Joseph Maddon is Matt. Joseph Mendes man he said he should've had to play in those situations. Which remember that already taken one day off. Because of the snow now granted that's a legitimate thing but Joseph Mann was mad at David had to play. Now the brewers meanwhile city three and a half games back avid cubs had eaten eight on the season is sitting at 500 the cardinals get a couple wins go to nine in seven. And the Pittsburgh still lying in an 1142. And half games up in the division the reds suck a swamp water with only two wins on the season. You got to drill Cincinnati. You gotta you gotta you gotta take advantage of this the thing that's scary about this. The reds when you look at the division. And you look at the run differential. Its first plus nineteenth Saint Louis plus eighteen the cubs plus thirteen brewers minus thirteen 826 run difference in tinged differential. As to what's been given up as opposed to what's been score but meanwhile the red to minus 48. Minus 48 the worst in all of Major League Baseball but I just don't get it you you should. Get a bunt. Because at the end of the season you're gonna get it it's called the ax which will thank you and your welcome. It's coming. It's coming like a locomotive down the track and you're got like a deer in headlight just focus on allied. Government attorney. You your job isn't to sniff out every thing that is about the risks and put out there for every other. Yeah here well employee I don't know that every other blanking guy's pointing to be honest with you but how we benefit from that well you don't obviously you're negative 48 overall and run differential doesn't benefit us. Sure limb movie camera right there are more than a Mike Michaud next. Sixteen stations strongman. You might school's sports talk now. It will thank you. She best hitters that I mean and I. Mario is pole home and it's a series in all across baseball's been called this week for everybody so. Under tough conditions. I think it does defensively toughening its roots in on those pitchers that pitched well and I think it's tough to pitch to excellence the proposal fun for anybody. But we're having a fantastic day brewers come back three and three I'll tell you what what is probably more disconcerting than any thing. And we all know this is especially where we live. What April showers snow sleet and wind. Wreaking Havoc. On Major League Baseball. It has been not good. The first two and a half weeks of the season six more games white gallon yesterday running baseball's total number of postponement to 21. These baseball's highest number through the end of April since and had 26 back in 2007. So a couple of weeks ago this month to the last time six games wiped out a single day was was was a September 12 2008. And that was partly because the hurricane Hurricane Ike which was battle battering the Gulf Coast. There was more Dicey weather in the forecast today as well in Boston proponent of postponed Daniels patriots day game. For the first time since 1984. Let's see here what Austria I was so also postpone the blue jays the Indians braves or cubs one day at the teams played through muse horrible conditions are Wrigley Field. Joseph Maddon not happy about about a lack. Tough to do on a senator started Saint Louis game at Cincinnati delayed for more than two hours because of the weather fans and players were ski masks. At Citi Field there was a free hot chocolate data concession stand at Fenway Park. 31 degrees in Kansas City by the way within eighteen mile an hour wind chill making it feel like her I should say tomorrow winds making 220 degrees. A night earlier the angels and royals finished up in a snow game. In saint Petersburg Florida the Philadelphia Phillies beat Tampa Bay ten to four inside the dome of Tropicana Field however outside. They had severe weather which prompted tornado warning for the ballpark period during the middle innings. So they'd get everybody out of the I've been put in the concourse the dome. At one point the Padres included a bright picture Petro along with a remote Jewish smiley face with sunglasses. Yesterday Major League Baseball season begin on March 29 its earliest start ever. Excluding special openers in the international sites such as Japan or Australia. It also spans 187. Days instead of 183. If you didn't know why its because of the labor agreement between the players the owners. I don't know if you know this or not because the other players wanted four additional days off throughout the season. So that's the reason they started the season earlier. Chicago's game against Atlanta was rescheduled for May fourteenth. Creating a stretch of eleven games in ten days for the cubs in sixteen straight for the Braves. Without an off day Cleveland plays eighteen games in three cities over seventeen days. After its weekend against Toronto was rescheduled for traditional double header on May third. Now the angels get to return to Kansas City on the 25. Between a home series against Toronto and visit the Boston the Yankees had nine games three city trip turned into eleven games in four cities. When they are Reese got offered double header on June 4 in Detroit I mean. Basically here's here's the here's the gist of okay is the weather's been freaking I think we can all admit that it's just been it's been a goofy goofy year okay. That being said Major League Baseball and the players association there's some things the players want it. The players wonder additional days off. So that there at the owner Jack we asked the players also wanted better food and chaps and all I kind of stuff so Major League Baseball set okay. And in doing so they created some additional travel day started the season all the earlier will now. You've got this huge number of of snow out in rain outs and whether outs and all that kind of stuff. So what was going to be a these travel day he's built in these games that are being canceled are now considered the off days. So now you've basically back filled. At some point throughout the season your your schedule. With traveling to a different city playing a double header getting out of that city heading off to a different and remember. You have to play it now it's two hours of fuel to fly more than two hours. On to the next city. After a getaway day. Then you have to play it as a day game you can no longer play a night in the brewers are pretty good America's most of their most of their games are scheduled for that Thursday it's always getaway day. Usually at Thursday's game a day game. Or Wednesday or whatever happens to be but using that to get away day news that today game but. That's what Major League Baseball and the players association agreed upon if you have to fly more than two hours then that's a day game a getaway day. Rather than a night game CC more day games on the docket as well which means he's usually B day games going someplace else was supposed to be an off day. Taking advantage of an off day in another city playing a double better than getting back on a plane going someplace else to play another game ball because as goofy whether it's it's been bizarre. There really hasn't and Major League Baseball we talk about this years ago and we really ever run this problem true too much sense but it. You know in this is again brings of the conversation of why are you scheduling all these games early in April in these northern city wise Detroit wise Boston why Chicago. Why is Minnesota. You know why why Wear a lot of these teams playing. Al indoors in cold weather early on in the death throes of April was April just has an eight it's the weather shift and it's been weird. It doesn't seem to get warmer around here it's almost a third week of June and then now organ in September and even into the first couple weeks of October which are really really nice it's like. It's like summer he shifted. If you will just moved over a little bit on his global warming or what everywhere Paula but it's been a really weird few years. Is it when it comes to the weather in this in this area anyway. Brewers come back three and three of the road trip. Are you satisfied with or does it feel like it's just it was a it was a loss of road trip when you had a chance to really make a statement and come back to four and two rather than three and three. And then really kind of hopefully crush your fingers defend against Cincinnati and the Marlins 8558308648. In the loans we kept our council for you talk like. 8558308648. They've got away our president numeral medical center one remark you Kevin theory it's real it's alive. 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That's a new male medical center just called again for 144 by five. 4451. Again locations in Milwaukee Green Bay and all you have to do is call mortal Michael showed next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Back to the program though Michael Schiavo is on the air. Polish Nike's. I had to re tweeted the picture of other Packers who took a picture of the tunnel. For the Packers come out for game day and the tunnel issue it looks like a scene out of a shining. When the snow finally hit an issue as it's just covered in snow just drips and scientists maybe six feet. If you've had a chance to see it some getting all these different picture people are shooting those different stuff. And sending it to me holy macro. Holy macro it's poll and more. Consistent it's just. It's it's it's it there's a lot of snow lot of different places but Newt Tony send him shot. Picture out his window where I guess is a patio door it's gotta be two and a half three feet up the patio door. He would open a door while. Washburn Wisconsin. I want from Darren in the national. Alex listening to his job in Rhineland her wow that's just amazing. Just amazing stuff so I lobbied got a lot of snow so I guess I should consider myself lucky. 855830864855830. 8648. In loans we kept our count tool free talk line. If you would like to give us your shot police please feel free to do so the brewers come back at three and three. And are you satisfied with a road trip you know grand scheme of things when you talk about a team coming home. You know you view do you say OK normally wanna go 500 on the road. Is a 33 road trip. Is that OK in your mind I guess when you had a chance to grab one in. You're rich said yep 500 road trips are always OK in my book. This is from Darren says it doesn't feel it 33 road trip I was extremely disappointed yesterday again the bullpen gives one up. This is from EB who writes in the Wendy's email inbox. Boy it seems like the brewers really sucked on the road trip even though and ended up coming back at three in three. I heard you say that I fell off my chair because I thought one and I thought there's no way. Why did they come back three and three when they have it seemed as if it was going to be a better road trip than that it's been a heartbreaker so far. The bullpen is just nothing good can able needs to come back can be dominant and they have yet to be able to find the additional pitching. But now say this. The starting pitching has not been really the big Achilles heel as of late. Craig if I'm wrong. Played the that the starting pitching hasn't been problematic I mean not as bad I guess is is. No Greta they're not going deep in ball games. Not all agree with but about that for a minute. The brewers I mean it hasn't been as bad as is and you know what you kind of thought. 855830864. And are you still worried about that starting pitching. Because you're seeing some decent out now you're not getting quality starts you'll quality start number. But you are you Neil watched the Mets six to five on Friday came back and got to 521 win really good outing. On and on Saturday. You lost three to two yesterday not a bad game. You don't get blown out. You know eat you beat the cardinals. Going back to the beginning of the beginning of the month he lost the cardinals 84 not a great out that was the home opener okay you came back and you gotta win and you lost six enough. He lost eight to nothing to the cubs starting pitching was in great. He gave up five ER four runs in the cubs on Friday night five runs the cubs on a Saturday and you lost three nothing and a well pitched game. Then you go to Saint Louis unified four win you lose five to three million and give you three to win you go in New York to Los 65. You win a game five to one another good outing you lose three to two yesterday the starting pitching has not been terrible you're in ball games. But if you notice the common theme here if the brewers are scoring four more usually you're walking away with a victory a five to four win. A five to four win. A five to four win a three to two win. Meant a five to one win. And then a 32 loss eat if you get 45 runs you're winning a ballgame. They're not doing that consistently the offense isn't there. Look at the losses now there was an eight to four loss go back to the beginning they got blanked by the cardinals on the fourth they got blanked by the cubs on the on the fifth. Bit of losing the game by only scoring two runs on Saturday the seventh. They got blanked by the cubs again on the eighth but lost to the cardinals 53. They lost the match 65 that was a decent game. They lost the match yesterday only scored two runs in this offense is stagnant and not gonna win game. Pitching hasn't been the problem I mean I'm getting tweets from people going yeah I didn't need a pitcher what a stupid move why you're not given up guitar runs. How are you getting shelled nightly eight enough and or eight to seven. For that matter. 855830864. In the loans by kept account told free talk live. Let's go to Dan listen to a server scene Dan I don't and mail what's going on. God you that you made your own sense in this out. Really oh yeah that. You got to orchard people that we whatever they stranger. They got to look at began in October 1 base. What is gonna get that opportunity. This game adults or we can or each strike outlook on it like yesterday. We can't go out there watching. Restrict the list. The au prince quit it would suggest the best that Majorly. They just are not an argument that. And I'm seeing this go on out there with these people think we're on the third string catcher who's the best we can't. We got injuries. Gotcha and are KS dropped off artists that were there should be and you ought to all start out on just forget it. To quote its debt as I should the American League. It's always bring blacks at least. Richard Dan thicker this I just went through this scoring at least four runs or more the brewers are six into it they score three runs or fewer they're two and five. I said they're gonna have to average about four point three of four half runs per game they're gonna get a lot of wins otherwise they're not. When the game is decided in the lasted that the brewers are five into actually. The brewers and walk off wins are two and one. In one run ball games or brewers are five and one in extra inning games of borrowers are 21. The brewers have five come from behind wins already. When the offense is there they win. But they're five and seven when they commit an error when they don't commit an error think this they have lost their three and out. And the brewers won the worst fielding teams in all of baseball. Just some numbers for. Again brought you by our president royal AP PR awhile and I found more than a micro show next. Wisconsin law. Bill Michael's sports talk.