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Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 2. We’ll talk Brewers with our Insider Adam McCalvy, and discuss the legalization of sports betting with Brett Smiley.

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From the league's front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Michael Holmes. OK guys today don't why don't show on there. I know life goes radio Joseph cries we're having a good ones available you are as well you wanna get all of us on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's. Bill underscore Michael's or at radio Joe's sports and villains or Michael's are really into sports you can find is there. I Pfizer were on the FaceBook fan page simply FaceBook dot com Bebo Michael show urged Google Michael sports dot com. There's a radio dot com app play any ways to be a part of the program now. And oh let's do this as bringing man at a much how we brewers are coming in a leader account. Brewers coverage. This is the bill Michael's show now let's get the latest on the crew from the insider Adam McKelvey. Brought to you by concordia veterans services preparing best to make an impact within their next mission through education find out more at CUW dot edu slash veterans. Canada Kelly ever judge nominal lead I'd Tom now joining us. On the Schneider orange online well Adam how you doing. Pro builder. We talk and I'll last week about the upcoming road trip and is so far not bad. Mean when you look at the overall you know wins and loss totals when you're talking about teams over 500 because for awhile was. Well the only beating up on the Cincinnati's in Miami's would now they're getting it done against Colorado and obviously the first game. Against the Diamondbacks but two things I wanna start out with first and foremost our Ryan brought in last night. Some back issues. What do we know anything in particular. That it's not digs the exact same issue that. And before I'm a little bit I thought that maybe a little more concerning medical news ailment. And you know we know that this is is going to be our go uses this is so where he's at his career. This is why they have the basically for guides surgery spot. I'd I don't expect this to go away it reduces going to be days birdies and a lack a little uneasy not because these guys. You're kind of typical thing going this is just the new normal. And last night we had questions. We a couple of callers it talked about it seated on third base with. That quick ground bought on the third which and then Pena took off. And got thrown around town where it was a go on contact type of player was that something that was delay or our talk about that a little bit. That looked like contact. Which. Always makes everybody that we don't work and then. Certainly doesn't stand out as much when it does work and it's you know when when it does work it's a run scoring ground in a talk about the third base. I don't know to me. We got comfortable about this before he Hughes said they're going to be aggressive. But at Peter's been instructed the debts and and it Jeter left leg just talking generally. And Jeter have been instructed to be aggressive. And down another way to get an offense so far. It makes a little bit of sense to be aggressive and spot because you're not getting a lot of (%expletive) I'll say it one of the things about this trip that's happening is they're scoring ground. It's at least five they want or are they scored five runs and all those victories they got shut out that and the other. And that was against the let the cup three though. I think it was you know to score some runs they got a couple of runs off of Patrick Corbin was really good. For the diva about it winning game against a lefty starter. I think as big if not then that's when things quietly going on the jury consultants. Is there not producing against lefties or near the bottom of baseball and PS. Against watching the pictures and and when you look around this lineup it makes sense Ryan bronze not done. Nearly what's been expected Domingo and channel com on. You don't even before this road trip probably on the last homestand. But his numbers are way down Garcia's numbers are way down Kenya's government and now he's he's just got help back. Arm but somebody's right handed hitters who produced offense early last year or not this year. And it is. You know as sleek as some trouble against lefties so that was another thing that. Happened yesterday at our problems you know a little bit notable as you try to look forward. But the electorate so things are going to be aggressive in sending guys and it's gonna lead it from all the plate it's not because Jeter's bat third base coach because that's what we're trying to do. The that the other injuries don't have materials are quick to seize on target in the month of beginning in next month. I don't know I mean I've never I don't think that is a hard I don't know I mean he's still in the background 150 the every now than I do and updates and it's kind of the same and they knew that this. Finals these are large brown was going to be a long one the next state is getting up on mom and want to get her mom Betsy in the when he's gonna. That's when you can map. You can't happen right now because he's Annika ma so with every time you know we asked him. There's no step back there's no he's our he's they say he's the head of what the scheduled should've been when he went into bomb there's no you know there's no problems going on these key figure in the about Jameer Nelson is like. You know big in sweats every day working out. It's kind of like a running joke that though Jimmy's working out again shocker. So he's doing the thinking is to do but he just he's a clear that hurdle where. You know he's got arm strength to get back mob and that it's not there as far as you know armistice secretly app yesterday. Made all the others dot org. It hasn't happened yet but but I think he's getting there every week or two weeks I ask him just kinda. Make sure we're not missing anything Betty is that getting past the backgrounds. So with this team may offensively speaking we know that he owned some guys we won over the numbers a little while coming you know got some geysers start to have. Pretty easy years when you start to look at the numbers if they get all the way through the end of and that may. Some of the guys that you thought Matt Welling edge questionable seasons coming and that they're gonna be a little bit better. Guy like we are starting to hit the ball things are looking good Cain obviously is is having good seasons so is so was a guy like yellowish. What concerns you right now offensively just Pena's still conferring things concern you and all of this does. Does do you know Domingo Santana who was not hitting the cover off the ball for awhile that he's finally starting to come back a little bit is he feeling good I mean. What what concerns you right now. I'm. You know the lefty thing in outrage. Is that numbers they're gonna have to improve. But that's gonna come to me and forming better. Part you can get some that would help that. You know I I think I I don't and agreed dual arm about what's happening offensively I think they've had feuded. If given time this book from around I mean I don't think sect based. There's no wonder if you wanna add that to spot where you have armed because you just don't have an entry entry there. We are here to bought it on a prospect now. A real maturity impact prospect very karma. So I I don't sense that they are alarmed about. About the options. I think they think that give it time. Get the warm and we've all seen. Or park. Once it starts to get nicer out let that sort of happened. And some of these guys who are up 20 start has been trying to individual positions off slow starts. And a lot of guys have been at the bottom line give them time and they'll get going and we. You know we've kind of seen that on this road trip in Colorado. The first game they got a lot of production at the bottom of the order Marcy and those guys. And then laughed again with the biography or produced their their first rally at an otter out of the Diamondbacks had the Arctic doc let me just let ago. To second base because making the third in the RCA cashed in. The double with respect open and the pitcher comes so. Yeah that's the kind of thing that they're probably talking about Europe were radioed vinik the more you but it for the brewers turned in it because. You are contribution for it in RC a guy and not look good with comparable. He's not aggressive at eight. It was you know sort of Accenture had to Google that the average and I think getting off into the bottom of the order would would answer that stroke. You know the concern is is over urgently to keep score more rock. The other the bottom. Out last night for the game bottom for a major would be at four runs per game that number need to come up for sure because that opens gonna go through stretched. It's not the skill and they're gonna give absolutely runs and the opposite you have to win some games by it. And you know yesterday. He didn't give up latter rounds but those late run by the brewers offense. Is really encouraging for creek. When you talk about encouraging outlook as your has played extremely well things is eventually gonna come back what are you gonna do. When things comes back and you every. The argument here I mean what many people are talking as is trying to move Ryan brought out of three hole move him down lineup. But what do you do when when things ready to come back and at large hitting 313 you've got to Erik Ainge whose even though he's 250 he's a legitimate power threat. And then you've got a guy that's struggling that's making twenty million dollars he won't what are you gonna do you know. Well I've actually need to deal with that you get to it because that we've heard anything about. This team so far this see that your best laid plans can go to waste and injuries pop up I mean how many times has that happened that we've sweated these large. And then. Here come in as something that completely answer the question are bigger things injury. As one of those in opening regular bank robbery cases regulars so. I don't think it does any good to let what's gonna happen down the line when you don't know what they're configuration of this Jean and beat they they tell. A lot of injuries. As an adult let you if you think about it they're juniors here about a third inning on opening day at a loss right from early. But we can't think about this year you know able. They lost their top of their memorable inserted pitcher ouster lead shot made pitches and I. Because jaded and Anderson. Thank you have between injuries and illness and little weird thing they had a tremendous number of our little hurdle to overcome and cover and you know here they are. Cordova in the book actions and that person. The Atlanta Braves bulking. Up the best record nationally so I don't know I think you're the first six weeks of taught anything it's that. Don't make don't let visions like definitely got to make. Hum well I and I agree with that because they've said this before we heard on spring training sometimes in these things take care themselves and don't have to worry about it. Blight you know again you know I know it's a day by day thing with Brian brought that back exists at this this or else bothering him as it in the back as is have been other things bothering in the season as you struggle. Well Dick at the I think the big one he's right captains and Phnom bothering him. All you know the fact is an issue yet that yet surgery elect. Two all he let go of that tree out season ago. So ever since that they've really got a lot of you know you're wrapped up its heat before teams and he's always get Matt back worked on. That's just a maintenance thing com. Look I don't think the equation for right brightest compliments of the Hugo or bill simpler for Ryan brought that any other player I've ever. When he's healthy he's good read that out the use doctor. And you know to sort of temperature for everybody. To me just. Not I say that is true leader of Brian Brohm and anybody else. And he's been banged up again. And you know it's not throw lack of preparation it. You know people blame the training staff in big serves all these injuries now they're looking at a the soft tissue stuff you know you elect actually it will prevent rubble of that preparation. I know for a fact the prime brought it is not preparation. On. It's just that he's 34 years old. And this happens the armed baseball players who are 34 years old I don't know that you're going to be able true. Get around it. Or at least planned or not being an issue I think you just have to. I've been here that he's just gonna miss gains you're gonna miss some games and you try to get him healthy as many games as you can bet that I'm actually. Don't think they're to commit. I'd that the I mean I think is gonna be a part of this team just not as big apartment he mentioned the you know where it's in the order. That that is something to think about it some. She can't get healthy. Arm but you know I don't I don't know when the right point is to to do that because then we'll c'mon have a great game. And the right right brought again and then you think you want and the real so it's it it's really the whole situation is very very tricky prepared council. Given our broad picture in the organization what he's producing as well we still looks capable of producing the way opposing genes. You know approached him in a way that makes that you know obvious that they abused him is still dangerous. There's just told that this is this is worker counsel count her in his box. Because this is or for our seat is available on them drop them in the order your release him all that saw. And and that's that's an oversimplification. When you're actually making those decisions to little more Dutch. Always gets up my friend we'll talk again down the road next week or ten. It is about to audition they go out of the caddy Bruce dot com and Joining us for a couple of minutes and shatter our child like shatter our drivers right now. You work hard to treat you fair eighty plays year's Emmy in you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs downtown. More of a Michael show here from Craig Counsell coming up next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk and at work. AJ welcome this foursome programming ride my Marshall clinic health system. The ones who fixed my knee out. Took the pain away they disagree you don't have to live with pain anymore. Something more to politically you need to get done. Don't put off any longer they need your home and as little as a day you're here in the right call me 855 and C or so that's Marshall clinic 855 MC ortho. Forty go to Marshall clinic dot org that's Marshall clinic dot org. And check out the positions services locations everything they have to offer but it is worth a phone 855 MC or so 855 NC ortho. And check him out for yourself the official health care provider of yours truly Craig Counsell says last night big win in the desert and this is a. Very good baseball team. It's tough to beat him were read their place so. Good start of the series beyond where we. You know we we did we do the job. Wrote a certain decisions and they keep winning on the road trip by against teams that are over 500 so that's the big thing he says that a BR. Some quality at bats in this win it's. So I gave Arce good kind of tutorial on on pars on what he was gonna see and a lot of arsenic can get a breaking ball to get the business all its. He was he uses it and you know in big game that I of course share. Without a doubt he did ER had a nice from last night also talking on the fastball being key for Dara. There was a good fastball is a very good fastball tonight it's dollars a month to ninety size of there. So probably is best fastball tonight and no I don't we just didn't feel gray was this woods at times so we did stuck with the fastball and I shall. There had a really nice unless he continues to pitch well since he's come back and that's that's been won the impressive thing so. We keep talking you listen on the national pundits and they'll keep saying well the brewers are gonna need another. Another arm they have to have another Armand and it's just it's it has in the arms and have been problematic for this team. It's it's been the bats going sack and at times or hitting with runners and score position so. You know while I wanna say I agree and they got to get that other third charter that second starter but it. For the most part it's been the bats and then they've got some good pitching and their bullpen has been actually fantastic core to enable what is going to close before the insurance runs last night. Look like it was coming on the script is those and Albany into some Josh and and Corey was gonna cause an out and no tolerance and Vincent Parker. Luckily were only gets a tailor anything. And and then now you got brawn in with the update on the east back stiffness it's it's so it's difference. These floods in its system back there again so mom. Loans were made there and. And that's not the most encouraging thing when you talk about day and hey win last year and then I wanna get to the heart sticker game last year don't forget. VR hit 241. 241 a down year. Three runs scored and RBIs in the evening one strike out now hitting 282. 282. By 331. On base percentage. For Johns BR who last night. Where's your Clements hot stick and at a Clements a Milwaukee the hometown sausage company Clements the hometown company proud to support many area community projects. For decades now home to people that in the production. Of while the hot sticks Clemens snack sticks they're convenient high protein choice. Fits in goes without any lifestyle trips a ballpark. Snacks between games golf bag lunches you name it they've got it that is the hot stick in the night that goes to Johnson BR brought Cuba are friends. As Clements Clements sausage. They have 8558308648855830. 8648. Personal loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line. By the way I got a couple people that. That brought up some stuff about the Packers we're talking about the weaponry for the Packers won't back in of that promise we'll get back in that coming appear. In just a little bit when we come up next couple different things I want to talk about worked out a bright smile he's up from sports handled dot com remember yesterday the Supreme Court. Pass down that ruling that the government did not have the ability. To regulate whether or not states corner could not have sports betting. And I wanna find out what that's gonna mean Ford while states in general and obviously don't look are closer write your own backyard. And it is some of the the thought process as you start to go through something like this and then that something incredibly special. Is gonna go up on auction room talk about coming up in about 1520 minutes from now something incredibly special going up on auction. And whether or not you were anybody you know man about Amanda when this thing before it's also conduct door predicament of after the top of the hour as well Henry Johnson. Detroit Pistons are forward former Marquette golden eagle he's gonna be joining us as well and it's about an hour from now bottom of the hour next hour. Eric brand chicken Green Bay press gazette or to chat with him. About the exact topic that we we had earlier and that is with Aaron Rodgers and the weaponry around him whether or not this team showed should not. Quit after Dez Bryant as you heard earlier Jason Witten now with ESPN money I'd broadcast former Dallas Cowboys tight end. Believes it Dez Bryant coming to Green Bay would be a very very good thank stay tuned when we come back and talk with Brett smiley from sports him about count. As Supreme Court yesterday shot down a law that did not allow the states make their own decisions when it comes to sports betting. What is it gonna mean for Wisconsin stay tuned coming up next on the Michael show. Film Michael's voice talking network. But why should continue as we are glad to have to thanks so much as always. We certainly appreciate Chang and Alice it is fortunate programming brunt of our friends and cousins are blurring mind your cousin subs that. Don't forget they wanna send it to the Big Dig and make you a VIP edit the big gig giveaway from cousin Seth and summer fest. To win a VIP concert package including tickets parking pass gift cards and a whole lot more. And terror daily my friend Ted cousins of dot com slash. Big gig giveaway enter daily at cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway comes out where they believe in better the officials sub sandwich. A bill Michael's sports talk network went ahead here to. 'cause some kind of debt how reluctant. Pol let's do this yesterday in case you didn't get a chance to hear at the Supreme Court shot down a rolling. From years ago they basically took the power out of the State's hands to have gambling sports betting basically. And yesterday. All of a sudden states perked up and smiled specifically New Jersey and many others. To say were ready for this were ready to make our own money possibly as much as eight billion dollars is reported by New Jersey. Could then come into the tax base. So ought to talk a little bit more about this in the ramifications. From sports channel dot com Brett smiley joining us on the Schneider orange child like Brad I don't today. Thank you so much for come by what does this mean for states in general are we gonna see basically opened sports book like we see in Vegas now. In some states yes. There's by the end of this year you'll stricter standard states. We with legal sports betting about a style. Teenagers it's going to be out and science. That the way it's going to go with a lot of legislation were seen is that. The guillotine brick and mortar casinos is complete riverboats. They'll be don't want getting a licensed in from there they'll off her online and and that's so people can get back from the silence. What about the hole is because we don't in this discussion yesterday about while the brick and mortars may go away if you've got all these kiosks inside. Like you are atoms or from the NBA wants to see an inside the arena is where you can actually go bad on quarters or. Go bet on the game itself in such. Do we see something like that happening yours is still going to be more mostly brick and mortar we have to actually physically go and have a presence in the venue. It'll be a combination outs be at a sports but in the casino and there ought to grab the deal the ability to. To create mobile apps in Nevada right now in the majority of wagers are coming in and mobile phones or maybe it's about heat and ads are key outs. That those exist in. United Kingdom and in some of the place in Europe I don't perceive that happening I don't change. Annually to one against quite tacklers. But also it veterinary at golden knights gains in Las Vegas people at their mobile phone there you go to wager from their so. This has got the ability to. Two exist in brick and mortar casinos. I don't see them. Getting and let's put traffic there's no purpose. So how much how much money are we talking here on average do you think. Is going to be Gerome Gamal and different states in an edition of that so wary because some people they at least gamblers are concerned. If you the government involved they start setting lines. To make it more profitable for them or is that really gonna take away the corner bookie so to speak here because people are suddenly allowed did to gamble within their own states. Or do things change I mean I you know are are they gonna hire guys like used or setting lines all over the place and news how do you see the industry changing. All this really means is that. Each state is going to be serious too. The set up. They're they're operations and and license. During casinos how they see fit they're going to need to figure out what is a workable attacks trade that you can't act that you hire the right moment. Typical for operators to him to compete where the black market which is not going to go away at least not anytime soon. And and a lot of the the properties that are going to get elected and in a variety states there are owned and operated by. Nevada corporation to her experience in this they're probably in assures them their resources. Have experienced directors the mayor bill would be the one setting the lions it really want to state any good chew. Two to offer about products to consumers that'll that'll. Force them to just to say the black market. That made it clear that states and and citizens. You know we'll have the opportunity to do is now. My assumption is for your business this is a boon because there's gimme more more people now seeking out advice correct. Correct yeah I really good gains Miley also yesterday. A couple laps around there and and shouting and they'll her purse such a long time that this is what was the course or Israel that's. It stands advertising at the same time. Fully embraced in their segments on his he and that. Discuss sports betting and Al Michaels making a reference here and there it's it's article what's in Nevada so it's it's an agency that. People who enjoys sports betting parties that few bucks and Monday Night Football we'll have the opportunity now. Why was this law enacted begin with you your opinion. It was enacted not long after that the euro's scandal which are betting on. Games that he was managing there was also some point shaving scandals in recent history and going back in the sixties when the wire acts which was fast. It was thought that. Sports Betty Lewis wouldn't dominated largely by by the modern mafia so there's always had that connection. And I am here in the US and its cast. Got that stigma and the the legislation that was passed at the back into the league is and that's kind of frozen times worst sports betting let's in 1982. By the way we're talking with the Brett smiley from sports handled dot com so. A bomb patrol for shows like there's there's a guy named for route remember running a scout for ought to mean his business would then boom because of something like this and already has and he's been very go to what he does but. Peter Odom and looking for more and more advice when it comes to sports betting that the opposite side of the points people say all my goodness this is gonna lead to addiction and there's going to be more homeless and now all they see as a catastrophic worst. Is there any statistical information or analysis to suddenly backed that up. There's no doubt there are some people that maybe aren't any right now that are going to be exposed to data and wraps struggle with that. That's for sure a lot of people are already wager not sure where. You know they're not terribly concerned with. Responsible gaming we offers an edit permission to interview doctors and Sunday Easter rotten and he. Our program. So people and their families simply want to. So look out for any signs. But it is to immediately we're comfortable right now with people in the scrap just tickets where. And using some stage of a lottery going to the casino and pumping money and chew. It is slot machines switch over time are gonna lose. I'm of the mind that people enjoy sports betting in tremendous quantity and this is certainly there's concerns for people who like it prone to addiction but you know that's that's the case with anything. Real quick before I let you go as well and and in in the talks of all of this I know that there's some racetracks horse tracks and such that are already. You're talking about adding this this sports betting it's gonna be there right away. Should do you see like a resurgence in some of these places like these are going this is going to be a big boon for some of these other businesses. There were struggling to get drivers along pretty times such as horse tracks. It's absolutely Darnell horse tracks you know if there were spreading your immunity were widely used separate lines correctly there. Going to boost profits. It's it's not going to be an Asia and the horse racing handle. Not a leader has been going down. Steadily. That industry has had some problems it's it's got salt. It's a custodian shall a source of revenue by. I don't know how much of the younger generation is really engages or staying so. That's humorous and. How are they regulated when it's on the web. Apparently daily and it Italian media in the GO attracting so if you're in. Somebody were content is not going to be able to use so forceful that state and Iowa or Illinois. That technology it's pretty happy right there. Okay just because I know that there's some people saying what a fine. Traveling yet I'm based out of Wisconsin in May is it just strictly the IP address of geo tracking user other. Mean I'm not a savvy when it comes to that kind of thing but I would assume that they're tracking IP addresses of what to Wear their bases. Per act led the geo fence in his that is not the way around that but. I suppose benefited. Look at increasing that states that are going to be offering wagering day say you're travelling and your independence they want to plunk down and box. It should be a simple restored to. Their website and register. Well it's going to be interstate about how soon I mean that you said seminary states this year ready in the year gonna be up and running a mean I've already seen reports that New Jersey say by labored erred by Memorial Day. We're gonna have everything in place rated ago. But at what point do we fully see this throughout the country so to speak I mean I'm sure there's going to be a few states they're gonna say now we really don't want and maybe go those that were reluctant to the lotteries and early on might say the same thing but how soon before you think judge about every state has this enacted. Yeah and we go to a track from the website where people can check out where restated that by the Internet here you're gonna see 56 maybe seven states that have legalized and have casinos and racetracks that are offered it in person and mobile pats had the baby what surging up already legalized. Mississippi is going to be ready to go to Jersey of course. I think by in the year new York and Michigan will be on board and probably. By the end of next year it to be another ten or a dozen states there's there's is that. Why automatic conversation hearing about sports betting and states here at the source of revenue elites effective if started occurring welcome incurred by the league's. So yeah this is the wrong it was really watershed moment and no pun intended to gain changer. They go Brett appreciate the the information thanks for updating us okay. Or should they just rubber it's Miley on sports handled dot com at sports team old dot com you can read his stuff there. And it's it was a landmark decision you know I'm down a house to put it remains to be osu was a landmark while because. States were not able to create their own power when it comes sports betting and gambling and AdSense and now has basically wide open it's what you wanna do when it's what's your. Constituency once and when that again I said last night in the piece that I put out many of the stations. There is gonna come out of the almighty buck as it has all the time I mean it's gonna come down how much revenue can they generate. One of the services where can they put the money and I in this is where I encourage many of you to get involved because. With a lot of these other should remember when it was supposed to be a lottery was pretty much for saying. Say you know education and suddenly you know that there wasn't enough money coming in and education are being cut and cut and cut and cut. This is where you agents say this is a brand new stream of revenue. And keep your eye on watchword goes. Is Jimmy infrastructure isn't going to be a police fire is it going to be education which I think is probably one of the most important things you can probably. Sink money into in the fact that they cut it every year is absolutely positively ridiculous but. You don't see where the money to follow the money BA's upset about this when it comes in the spending of money as you would be is if they receive gonna. Put attacks and in place and then end up buying into Marie I mean because that's worse people than to get up in arms about it and don't even know what's going on. Yet you wanna get the you know have something on his present all okay we're just generating new revenue involved involved how encouraged. 855830864. If you ever want Shimon. Too afraid to do it this portion programming brought to write new mathematical trading guys with ED all throughout the state was counsel William borders as well. Don't forget they have a 98% success rate new mailed us. And the slow T they can help you out there. Whether it's kind of feel fatigued maybe the mental brain fog so to speak. They can help you out they tell me they can help you it does work and I swear by the stuff and then there's the all weight loss program. Which yes that works as well teacher season we know what's around the corner mid seventies all week after this. 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To find out more information that is gardeners are back to verbs presented by tobacco outlet plus. Purdue almost cigars in this is going to be doing Thursday night June 7 get two tickets get an hour. But it's up for auction. Small peace agreement packer history the Super Bowl history can be up for auction later this week in Indianapolis sports stars 1967. Super Bowl MVP. Chevy Corvette stingray. It's available through the and that is Demeco murmur from auctions. At the Minneapolis state fairgrounds. It is a classic American sports card gifted. Over Bart Starr the Packers won the Super Bowl or Kansas City the first irreparable. At dealing memorial coliseum he completed sixteen of 23253. Yards a couple of touchdowns including that 37 yard touchdown opening score. In the first quarter the Packers went on to a 35 to ten victory in star was selected as the game's MVP this thing is nice. They got a picture of it actually on line. And it's a pay as you would think it's a green. Convertible stingray and Corvette stingray in 1967. With the go red walled tires it's the red pinstripe tires on and I mean everything just beautiful. Of each member of the packers' roster was awarded 151000 bucks when the game star in the pro football hall of Famer got the money and the cock. And the vehicle is finished in a good wood green they say and features a documentation on the gas tank confirming Starr's original ownership. Start by the way later sold the car in the sixties. Most recently Michael Anderson of thunder valley classic cars restore the vehicle without sacrificing any of the original components unique to the stingray convertible. He displayed a car at Lambeau Field during an event last year. And for the by the way Bart Starr listen Roy BP for a second time a year later was awarded another record that car. A red convertible. Donated. By star back in 1968 the Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was give the machete Camaro and won the after winning the MVP. On that and super wal XMB. If you remember. So they go out. So the other quarterbacks again car. But a bar stars original Corvette stingray up for auction down and Indianapolis products maybe end up but who knows how that thing's gonna go for. 10200000. But they guess and it's gonna go up up for auction this week. So we'll take guest 20220 are thousands somewhere in their seat and actually goes for that. By the time it's also and a are coming up after the top of the hour by the way Henry elements in the Detroit piston for a power forward gonna be here former Marquette golden eagle he's gonna join us. Also the box. Interviewing other coaches for a second time including the calls. Talk about that Eric branch agreement press gazette is gonna join us coming up in the bottom of the next hour as well. Gonna get back into the packers' discussion are you comfortable with the weaponry around Aaron Rodgers and in addition of that. In case you didn't know Jason Witten from the NFR from a sports or from sports and ESP and who's not gonna go and sports broadcasting Booth. Could be good to Monday Night Football in an interview that I'm show after a podcast he said that. That Dez Bryant should benefit greenback it would be a perfect win win. For both situations Dez Bryant would play with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers within an additional weapon high point getter so to speak he can throw the ball to. Do you agree isn't a win win west air brand chicken agreement pressed is that coming up. Or one of the other priorities outside pass rusher offensive line as the Packers are going to be looking for some cuts to be may have some money to spend. Where are they going to spend that money or should they be spending money on conditional wide receiver to give you some veteran depth back. So we'll figure out where all goes from there are so that's all coming up in the next hour stay tuned for that. And then we'll talk a little NBA in the last hour to Cannes against warriors. Goes off as planned as many predicted even before the season got under why. This really be good for the MBS at all honest. We'll get in that discussions well we are a lot coming up stay tuned stay right there. More like a show coming up right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.