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Thursday, May 24th
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From the league's front for the river front this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. The bill Michael's show made the best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Today Cherry Hill welcome. Michael show on the air. And so we are glad you were onboard this horse and I mean Roger bud Bud Light to and we are now less than a week away we are. Going to be it's a matter of fact next Wednesday night or Wednesday night live in the Budweiser pavilion at the Wisconsin state fair park and we hope you were in attendance it's going to be a fantastic time. And rebel grace is gonna take the stage they to a 5050 for charity which is saint Ben's community meal and we kick off summer in grand fashion. Just after Memorial Day weekend look for a next Wednesday night at the Wisconsin state fair park. Budweiser pavilion in his free admission cards to Parker six bucks motorcycles are actually free come on out have a fantastic time. Getting ready for packers' season Packers are in the OTA is airing negative Packers now joining us in the Schneider orange hot iron I don't it. Oh well well well come out start out by asking you about how Aaron Rodgers has looked in sounded. Did the biggest thing about Erin is is it all revolves around there and we all know that within this team has a lot of successor. Little success but. One thing the last time we saw him throwing a football he didn't exactly have the most zip on it. And then the questions remain is he still happy or happy with the Green Bay Packers new organizations or give me your thoughts on that. Yeah I know people have been reading into his comments when asked about Dez Bryant and saying. Why would you cut your brain dead. I think if you dig a little deeper you know why do not cut out and it is set to make certain amount of money they went and got two other players or that money that same amount. In model percent and Jimmy Graham. Obviously if they were to reinvent Bryant. LB in a cheap when your deal you know all of but he's putting that out there because he's not happy not happy with these mystery help you made that very clear. And motivate people are kind of privy to the fact that prior to that answer aaron's bat. We've been over that I'm paid to play quarterback I don't make those decisions. So he knows. You know that the business but he's always gonna take his shot Google passer. Passive aggressive moments to kind of you know make himself heard those B. Did I I come back to what I can contain pretty much all off season one you know September rolls around they're kicking off wee ones. Most of this is going to be long forgotten you'll have been made the highest paid player in the history to lead by the actors. And bill set their sights on trying to win another Super Bowl that the ball really good stuff for the offseason. But that's pretty much. Should he be the highest paid player without regard or team because there and said all along it was about money. So if I mean isn't the team saying that you have to take this amount of money or is this air and saying I need this amount of money and and then the questions that the follow up obviously is if he is the highest paid can they win with him being the highs pay. Out of I don't do any question absolutely can to move because he's back. Is the best currently. I'd I'd going Burnett operative point. Just because there's still now that that. Just aren't what he's going to dictate you can get it with the market will bear I question if you are I mean. Matt Bryant sided deal. Read his signed his deal. You know Stafford in our sign their deal. So you know the market it back and I'm sure is representational push for him to do you Wear and I'm sure the Packers will. Obviously operate from the standpoint of trying to protect themselves and makes sure. But you never. Becomes a problem cap wise that abated such a good job of laps. With two years remaining and it still must like about our. I think both sides are you know a lot of it gets caught up being in. An emotional territory. Outside of the building. And outside of the actual negotiation. But both of these you know Russ ball in David's daughter total pros and I don't think much. Animosity or acrimony. When those guys are only get are trying to work out deal. I'm glad you're going to block that swirled around it obviously because of importance to the organization but ultimately it's a business deal and don't. Now all aid going beyond Aaron Rodgers has this team done enough defensively speaking to really fortify the what should be a pretty good offense. Yeah do you wish we learned just got to go back to what Mike McCarthy says news you in any press conference that the defense has to be better than in the off. I know rocket we well we also known outside scoffed at. But I'm sure that the record you'll kind of legitimate goal. And I think would be it definitely means in the heat of the backfield Koppel with that he ordered they've brought in. Not gonna figured they got it ready LeapFrog the offense but I do think they're ready to. You know holed up there and the art I know Lockett made about the lack of pass rush and for good reason. We've watched them. Struggled to get to the quarterback with regularity. The last several seasons and haven't done much by way of bringing in outside help. I know they're counting out some young guys over. Eagle on it in some interior rush from workers and maybe untreated Adams helped in that regard. But look he is Mike Patton has prove. Many times over as you can produce a high level defense. No matter what kind of pieces he's giving. If he had been successful everywhere he's gone as far as the defense of side of the ball. And a lot elect pushed back because his tenure in Cleveland I was sitting back respected. Stacked against him mightily until one in Cleveland which is kind of amazing in this teammates. But at the defense of coaches in front of mind. Coupled with the pieces they've brought in. Yes I think their defense is very well situated to if not surpassed the offense at least two complimentary way it ever be like. What else needs to be done. Mean guys that that's I don't like where he asked in the borrowers if they need another starting pitcher I mean you know if I guess the biggest question mark you know there's Clay Matthews addressed to the outside line backing depth is. Not necessarily want you where you want to be relying on some guys yeah. You know you really don't have a proven track record in like guys like Vince Beagle or such but. You know it is is that the most glaring weakness or is I continue to circled it they got to have an an option I guess split. That right tackle position is solidified it this point nine. To me there right at the biggest question mark on the roster there's no doubt about that and I know my colleague counselor and reported that they do it. Created and then from Jacksonville. In for a visit this week I think that would be excellent if our navy. That alleviate some worry there. When you give back whoever plays and playing tackles help on that right side. Poppies used an excellent blocker and bill offered little bit back. But yet to meet absolutely right tackle the big question mark because I can't imagine prime blogger ready one. Considering he suffered a torn ACL in November. December intermittently and was beaten and you know we've seen is those breaks in the coming up injury himself and he did not play very well when given the chance. Several times after blogger went down. Our cal Murphy he showed some promise. He'd definitely struggled in in you know. Third and long passing situations. So I've I guess they're gonna go to camp than what those guys battle it out and see you who comes out on top and perhaps they'll be the starter. We won but I would not be surprised at all that are in scouring whatever waiver wire available as far as. Cut throughout the summer and maybe salary cap casualties common. Maybe someone shake loose from another roster right now to meet that is you biggest question mark on the team no doubt. Culinary Naylor Packers we knew we'd get yummy sure you get into it I you question that I won again this morning you know and the Packers did Dez Bryant I've said all along I I thought. At best it's an extreme long shot for them to bring him meant. It is the only thing that makes sense to me and we just talked rather slow awhile ago and Erica at home from pro football weekly would be. About that is what three concussions in two years and he's your veteran wideout beyond that you don't have a veteran wide receiver. So that would be the only reason you would bring Dez Bryant and obviously he still has some talent but. You yearn other than that you're gonna let the young guys shine have Dovonte Asian number one you've got your good slot receiver in your combat guy your familiarity guy. In Randall Cobb and you've got one of the best. Tie touchdown catching tight ends in football history now as a party your squad the only reason you bring Desi and is to have some other veteran presence. Yeah I mean I think he. I think he makes a ton of sense of the Packers really do I think. Everything outlined there as far as. Adams being their soul kind of legit weapon on the perimeter Odyssey and a cop it's still there as you mentioned Jimmy Graham for the at all it mostly interior guys brand and operated outside a little bit let. As a complementary piece you're Conning undrawn Morales and sponsors rookie. And young guys inspecting your. I think pat like that that bringing in Delgado one year crooked deal. Makes eight on its sense especially when you're talking about right there with the body atoms that is injury. History and one injury enemies started OTA as we saw with the district. And you go out there now also in Iran onto. For me to paint brown. De'Angelo Yancy you know I mean. Wind up all outside lights so. Yeah I think like I continues they epidemic a world sense I understand why there probably not going to do it. Aaron Rodgers says a blocker in the locker room they liked young wide receivers like bring guys up in their system. They rarely if ever go outside especially at wide receiver so. I don't think it's gonna happen but I think it would make a lot of sense. It. No I I completely agree if they brought him in. But the good the only question I would have then is is dead is going to be happy if he's not seen the ball all the time. You know I mean. Right now and I know a lot of active. Yet a lot of attention black hat thing at much of that in the past and I would also today. I think a lot of that block that guy demonstrative there's no doubt about that. But time and again we see you know where it appears like he's quoted quote blowing up on I. And an apple don't release the audio and it gym quite literally encouraging. They don't once famously and votes by lack of years ago where. All a Twitter just exploded without horribly. You know it was just all like on paper so terrible. And then you heard the audio and he was literally yelling at Romo it's okay c'mon dude dude it's got that. We we. Support you pop. So I just think people have formed their opinions off of images in court. Headlines what have you had to pick I just want to win they get really passionate he wants to win he left that show and looked. You gonna go for one year let era just on the football what better place could possibly end up. To pump up the numbers on approve it deal and get one final deal whether being Green Bay or somewhere else and that's what his kind of stated goal is. I did a better spot form an angry about it but. But at that I doubt it happens but I think it would make a lot of sense that it did come on you talk about. Oh I don't mean to him much more than. 34 million dollars as a and that's most of us yeah they are ridiculous settled up but that's what it would you know that's what I would. And it's draw the line so to speak. But I Idec I think you've already turned down a multi year deal and Baltimore. It doesn't wanna one year deal but. He would do it or for that amount of money I don't. Aaron always go we will talk to you soon I'm sure you gotta get back on the scaffolding to put those lights out there that Lambeau Field is getting. The the absolutely gotta gotta make sure everything the only action. Now and VI LEV lights and should hole plays going to be blue now when they turn those things on. Not a fan not a fan though I'm on the traditional now and a note this comment after the all five a. 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Everywhere you Wisconsin. Bill Michael sports talk network. To have your boy what a beautiful day outside it is today for you went from 55 to about 71 and a matter of an hour hour and a half. We're finally getting in into the eighties was sunny skies is his perfect get out and enjoy it you don't get many days like this. In the state of Wisconsin in and Sowers not quite here yet so. When Memorial Day right around the weekend. Mantown enjoy the weather candidate take an early lunch taken early day off. Whatever you need to do don't do it's it's it's nice. Other sports programs judge speak in a nice is brought to our friends a quick trip in tobacco while a plus now. I'm telling you about this speaking of nice for a while now. That if you wanna join us which we hope you do. By a cigar and we get to cigar dinner coming. And word really look at Fortis is always fought these are these are great times. 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Just bill Michaels at bill Michael sports dot com and we won't put you in touch with the right people and it's all set up for that night. Judge Amy you're out driving a truck Israel working on construction site he can't get over there audio news email me bill Michael's act bill Michael sports stark county and Anderson and information we'll pass along the powers abate and the rich taking care. But it's coming up Thursday night June 7 a couple of weeks from tonight we're gonna be the Wisconsin brewing company on an American way in Verona and really really looking forward to. So everything that is the Green Bay Packers everything that is. The U in the world there and Roger would pay attention to okay and I know it becomes somewhat mundane or almighty god here we go again. Blight Olivia wine. Marina name. Was recently are now a serious sex and Andy Cohen live show. And started talk about. Aryan in the sense of not their relationship a more so hated him and his family. And that relationship now ironies there the dirty laundry okay we know that he's very private guy I respect. Olivea has taken to the Airways numerous time talk about their sex life here she talks about the failed stimulus. You guys in your last relationship I mean it was that had to be variants. Well it was it was only intents. Com. You know if you if I mean and mean speaking of like broke families and have him as a broken right thumb but it is. Is it or where it C. He imaginary and it's spoken about I've kind of avoided since sneaking an item for our a long time it. It wasn't much of before I talk show you know I'd be like. Vacancies in the mommy if you want and it's like I I didn't normally talk about relationships and write in and those things and so I am. And any any any actually you know didn't mind it or you know. I liked right he liked it but you know there was so much. Let me ask success and you can answer or not answer. I mean to the rumors were like that the family didn't like to link there were all these rumors that put you in the middle of that family that was like you were. Yeah you were breaking up this family or the Brothers or something like that. How do you process that. What it's it it and say I am. That is interesting tonight I literally was so strategic about. Didn't like whenever depressed for like avoiding anybody asks me in my instant messaging program actually haven't spoken about it at all. But I will answer it and am is. In dot. His is and I only I didn't I met one brother. On the one who is on the rush you didn't and Jordan on his friends that Jordan friendly toward N com and I met the parents. Couple any couple times and done. And you know before he nicer dating. He had an. Spoken to dead parents and one brother for like eight months before recent so that was already that was our I IE. I remember my last day on the newsroom assuming news and spent the time the day in my trailer. Just look I'm encouraging him and to click to have welcome. Does have a honest conversation and their parents and I could just kind of young people point seven and they had a really nice conversation. And then they say coming out when my first year guys in Green Bay in 2014. And then nom. Then they just you know. It just went south and me and that's I tried. Well I I just think it's really important to try to mend things in a family and I encourage that but it did that again today Ameen. Is that your control Leno I I do believe like that. Family and fame and success can be really complicated if yeah you'll their dreams are connected to your success. Slit my feeling my my younger Brothers in his mouth as his Ph.D. in physics my sister graduated nine Wright law school my stepfather is a doctor. My brother I am has a customizable business nobody wants to be famous my mom is a little Asian lady couldn't be more legal or moral agency tried she loves day. They don't there's there's no connection with the dreams they wanna do in business to my career. That is so indicative of the family of an athlete because the DC that they have something there they want it all right well I mean an end. You know his father played some football right sports chiropractor in his. His brother has it's I like. Their pitching to him but not mean they alt edit all in the sports they're all in sports and that's you know and then he is you know. Here it is in him one of the best if not the best ever play the games yeah. You know it's there at their work is you know as a direct connection to what he does and worse and that's it you know I again day. There's a lot of complications and a I don't think any either side of the road is claimed by I do think it's. It's. It's not okay when you. Try to stand on some and shoulders and then to order and face which is I think they did with him. So let's let's do this. What I hear there. Is a lot of reluctance lean on her part to get into it. The insinuation is is that he had a distant relationship with his family. Upright or her. She was the one I was trying to mend fences now this could all be something PR wise that she's saying you know and make me look better I'm not. I'm not the deviant which that everybody made me out to be I don't know are I know that there are some people that she didn't necessarily true very well when she was in Green Bay and those stories. Become much more rampant and rumored then pace she came out was a great person. Because people like to gossip about the negative it's if that's a fact. So I don't know the truth but it certainly sounds like when she's asked that correct questions she really she wants to talk about it but she really doesn't wanna talk about. Because and how convenient is it that now she's talking about Aaron Rodgers and his family in their relationship. Now that he's moved on he's with Danica Patrick you know I mean. So like this one of those things that I know people have an interest in it because it becomes. Stuff out of the DD gossip column. So to speak bright and that goes on and on and on that that's so that you meet you confided. In a lot of different places if you try you know here any Colin lie or something like that you can hear and integrity of but it was something that we didn't wanna ignore. Polite to me it's like look air has moved on. This is kind of in some way shape reform dredging up old news but then again she didn't bring it up he asked the question. So sometimes we wanna blame the person speaking about it we'll look she's answering a question. You get asked her about the whether he could ask about a career he asked about air around me that's that's what a race fascination so. You know it's it's okay. You play at. I am I in my opinion is it's it's kind of old news you hope and Aaron and his family you're good in you wish him the best and you hope that he's healed and that just his health beyond football is going to be great. And yelled through relationship with Danica Patrick is is exactly what he wants and they find happiness and oh by the way you hope that he was football games but you know it. Small committee gunman to sporting effort. Steve Kerr peace with the Las Vegas golden knights he's their beat writer. For audio Las Vegas review journal and they are an incredible. Incredible story right now. In all of professional sports let's talk some positive when we come back more than allied with the next. Wisconsin love. Phil Michael's sports talk. So Michael show on the air we are so glad you're onboard. Hopefully you're getting outing join the weather. It is a going to be like mid eighties today and Sanjaya and I'm looking at the wind orally club this guy get out and enjoy it for gosh sakes is portion of the program be brought to buy Marshall clinic health system and we'll talk more about that. Coming up but right now you talked about and incredible story all of all of professional sports. Steve Kerr the EU worked for the Las Vegas review journal and he covers the wise Vegas golden knights in some of you may even say who. Good enough hardcore hockey fan political nights find themselves in the chase for lord Stanley's cups and it's the improbable Steve you know one. Are. Well I got Italian I'm not a hockey fan in the sense of I'm a hardcore and I'll watch it but I'm not one of those you know freak out I've got to sit down Logitech of people. But this is captured my attention in my mind thought I mean I would imagine that you have. An entire nation at this point of fans now following your column to find out about the golden knights in the find out more about this team this is this is unbelievable. It's a pretty remarkable story can be honest with you know what to expect that it might well it would twenty don't gain special ops. Maybe yeah. Yeah a pretty it's rampant in her shorter than one but it. It's kind of go the opposite way there and final. Convertible currencies and they don't have a first round trip to Eric and their focuses wouldn't forward Jameson. Create altered history. So you got the capitals in the golden knights now and there's always talk about Ovechkin the goalie in about guys have scored against him and you know you get into that whole discussion but. Do the golden knights inn in in this whole scenario. I everybody's count him out so you don't wanna say do they have a shot because of course they do how strong a shot isn't I guess. They're the favorites but will ultimately. Support what's your biggest enemies how about let's I don't know that's home for people want but. The battle back but I could turn of events they beat Washington both times they played each other this year for the technical sport city. They appear distinct with us and I think they are gonna be listing. Where they semi a Mora visitor base and I guess. A city evasive of hardcore fans. How does that mean is that city like on its ear and our money buying up you know girl fight stuff. I don't. Hit the construction of the national. In selecting eight cities and there doesn't seem to call. An Angel in the arm or ear. Did you see that this incident took a little bit of adventure was home. Toronto was one in terms. But he went pits and force won't. Disposals it Babe Ruth in loans they were also routed from Harvard or slow. This database. Has been there from day one. It is growing expect actually. Today. I mean it a thousand people for not watch practice and then you better than anyone else regional. And everywhere you go to town you see people work all the insurers and all that I can't vote. It'd just a remarkable. Marriage between a city and so are. I don't think there ever gonna go bankrupt but let's be honest for all of those that put down a few a few thousand bucks at 500 to one on some of the stuff. How does that gonna hurt casinos if at all. You know what I think in the head on this date goodwill gesture current. Look at a lot of publicity fort. And I think what you'll see is other people coming and in the future that you seemed to our bets on the provincial jeeps. Long it's yeah I mean there are some places are definitely. Expose on the rights. But I think you're the one chart he'll go on the bullet and and certainly as well they're two hours or two nights when the crowd. The here's the other question I have for mrs. come off topic so to speak but it. Who's gonna be more accepted out there now as the golden knights are the incoming you all Oakland to Las Vegas raiders. Ever questioned an area I think yeah purple. I think readers have to consult a fan base. In Las Vegas among Australians. Where civil rights or any of that establishment were approached it the tribe here. They were the first team to ensure. Interest in the city. And I think you'll see. Remembered that he when he hit four times. I think the people will forget. He had Rachel get a chance on the city's social and sports. And that this week has really worked and figure that a lot of credit Kushner. Of the original would only animals or what you were saying no way it works and what he would do it's it's crazy. And its workers are anyway about nation. I know there's a lot of sentimentality for Alex Ovechkin this when he finally gets this Stanley Cup. After so many years and then ended up being the Tampa Bay Lightning so there's going to be that sentimentality there but when it comes down to it there's matchups. So one of the match of we're going to be looking for in this upcoming series. Well you'll also patched it comes in short. They'll all bets sunscreens. It was only a certain titles that you. Could split the vote you to purchase. Critical or sharp political want to instance corporate mr. tuchman sets so that's what right there. The capital or try to shut down that I stopped the Wall Street Journal fortune sort of wish that true. Didn't their big guns all year and try to keep them all to source. And I think you'll see her truck so capitals conflict. Use leads a defense or maybe treat people lied to us. To accomplish that we're historical are so big they are excellent match try to soak this guys all the reports. What was out there it just took place and obviously the ultimate answer here though. We're seeing play out this line has played his best hockey Dupree holt beat. Has played really well each series and he's from all backed by actually have it both had his problems would like it to the finals. And it's a credit or 2 o'clock goaltenders. Door had been has soared and that's a certain to watch. It is going to be fan talent then you're talking about a city that knows how to put on a show. So any thing special in the works overtime and fireworks outside fireworks inside I mean I'm looking for I'm looking forward is much of the game as I am the show around the game when you talk about Vegas. Yeah it's crazy here we've. Monday to Syria. Should. Which is what you have in place for fans and it was built specifically for this. Very recent. A place where can congregate or four teams have a beer. It's evolved and so it is and Caitlin and music. Also to support a sentence on the show important job until we all year. We seem to when I asked. So that signal. Protect and and inflict yeah. As a bridge outside and you're richer and so and I saw it he really. Really kind of good series on the guys it's. The real quick one thing injury wise I know the capitals so was it or pick he was yeah that didn't taken from the ice. On that hit from behind. Against him evaded the heat got to play in this series. Or what he's dead he's playing cat. And they'll these articles or book artist and they don't go to the warranty on line also helped edit right right I get these guys are also repeal law. You know in the cup less it's there where it. They have an expert everybody's. Outlook changed. Their drive that was that are. A local sports but trust me we're sort of slow it. I won't count Brooke I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any kind of concussion protocol that's. Does he hit her speeches had the yeah I you look silly joke like yeah. Then I would expect to be out there. Okay very solid defenseman and that would be a loss definitive losing in Washington it's great stuff steely got a good job moral talking as soon as you got that that that crazy owner in the in the Davis family moving Udoka. Right charges and wouldn't you tell us Steve Kerr Las Vegas golden knights beat writer Las Vegas review journal joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange ally. Schneider our drivers right now you work or they preach fair eighty pushers are beginning you don't call. 844 try to go to Schneider jobs died on the Marshall clinic they help me out fix a Manny got me back in the game I've been riding the bike feeling good no pain no problems. They can do the same view hopefully they can't I've I believe they can't. If you're living with pain you don't have to just make the call 855 MC or so 855 MC north of the Marshall clinic health system. They may be heat your home and as little as a day as well so they'll be less time away from. Your family your home that's having your own bed so by all means call you don't have to live with pain don't live with pain make that call take the first step. 855 MC north or simply go to Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org the official health care provider of yours truly more than Michael show coming up next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk and at work. Like those shows on the air we are glad you're onboard today. Hopefully you're enjoying yourself hope you're enjoying your days get out and enjoy. Hey dollar remind you that the VIP experiences at your fingertips all you have to do. Is go to 'cause themselves dot com slash big gig giveaway it is creeping up on us like a bad pair of underwear. It is not too far off we are going to be enjoying summer. Enjoying summer fest is a matter of fact for about a month away from the beginning use of summer fest about. And in addition to that are good friends over cousins of the team that was our faster wanna send you to a concert as a VIP. At the American family insurance ample theater. There's eleven concerts which means is eleven opportunities to be a VoIP get a couple of tickets to get parking you'd gift cards all economic itself. All from our friends and cousins says the only way to get register for that is simply doing it daily. By going to cousins subs dot com slash Big Dig a boycott the subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. And who knows maybe you and against. Could be at VIP compliments. Of the people that are the officials sub sandwich provider though Michael sports talk powered that is cousins so ups so they haven't. Army the biggest question I've I've gotten probably over the last 22448. Hours something like that his people tend. Jump heavily on the bandwagon. Is can the brewers keep it up. Can the brewers keep it up. My answer to that is jerk one up. You know I think what I think they learned a lot last year in getting to the all star break and then watching things begin to slide. What I have been intrigued by eight news adversity. And watching this team deal with adversity. And can they keep it up. Why not they have dealt with so much adversity already this season. Now I will give you a few things to keep in mind we went through this gesture now to go through again OK right now with after yesterday's contest. If I told you that the brewers are in the top ten pitching you'd be ecstatic. By sit right here as we sit. May 24 2018. The brewers have the best record in the National League and they're pitching staff his top ten you'd be ecstatic but I would tell you. Ho ho Nene. Top to. Houston is number one. Milwaukee is number two. By a couple of percentage points ERE. The brewers have as a staff. A 334 ERA. A 334. ERA there whip one point 20 now that's not the best in baseball but it's damn good. Their bullpen ranks also number two in baseball. The number two all around bullpen in all of baseball. They're ahead of the Phillies the cubs the Diamondbacks the cardinals the nationals the Braves the Red Sox the Dodgers those are all teams within the top ten. The brewers 334 ERA ranks them. Right there with the best in baseball number two in all of baseball. Number two. This team as a staff ranks number four in all of baseball. In saves. In saves. And this staff ranks number four all baseball for actually tied for number three in all of baseball with the cubs. For team batting average against them. The brewers team batting average against this staff is 221. 221 so when you ask me can they keep it up. I've always said if you got good hitting that's one thing but when you have really good pitching. That's an out. That's another. The Boston Red Sox lead all of baseball. Mean there as a team they're hitting 267 which is just crazy stupid. It justice but the brewers batting average I said as the weather warms up so the brewers continues arrives. They were 22 a couple weeks ago they're now to number sixteen hitting 243 is a team with a 7150. PS. A 7150. PS. They are also. Tied for number five with a Washington Nationals in total team home runs 62 they've driven out. Think about this yankees hit seventeen non. That's crazy. But 62 they've hit and they are tied for number five all Major League Baseball so. When you get the stats in Friday which by the way the status today brought you by our friends act at royal implementing SAP and big data solutions to companies just like George. On the web you have to check them out you just do. Eight PP RO YO dot com eight PP RO YO. Dot com that's embroidered on top but looking back and saying can this team stole wind can this team keep it out. My answer that will be hell yeah. They may not be the best offensively in baseball we've seen this team at times shot out. But as long as you're going to be in the top five when it comes to pitching staff and everybody seems to be getting it done are contributing nobody's perfect. Almost. Jefferies it did Jeremy Jefferson hater have been fantastic Jeffers even better for those that don't know. Buy it. They don't have to be perfect they just don't have to know their role be good. And right now they're good. Now it's a long season but it. Arnold believer. And I'm enjoying the ride and I suggest you do the same. Got a lot more coming up we wanna get back into the discussion regarding the sterling brown video. And your reaction. Very serious topic heavy I know. But I think it deserves another segment of the program. State do more than election next. Ordered to pay. Mortar the film Michael's voice told the network.