HR2 – Can the Brewers make it to the postseason w/out a healthy Braun?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 2. Bill and Joe are not trying to pick on Ryan Braun, but what is his worth to the Brewers going forward? Plus, we’ll weigh in on Robinson Cano being busted for PEDs.

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From the league's front to the river front this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence no here's your whole. News. Today Julia welcome. Michael shows on the air. How I look into that. How weird day is going swimmingly. As we continue to muddle through via the Wednesday edition of the go Michael show and not to say that it's not a quality program but judges that. What is laser that you just want to get through it I know it's called home daily custom you get through you wanna start working your way towards the weekend. As the brewers have a mid didn't day mid afternoon early afternoon game. Bit of getting knocked off last night to the bats were were silence for the most part by Zachary Zack Greinke just doesn't throw hard anymore many stores wicked stuff. He is doesn't. Doesn't throw like he used to and thrown at you know lower to mid ninety's range thrown in the upper eighties and still just has some way to secure a medics. In a lot of ways Maddux didn't always have your 9395. Mile an hour fastballs but he could you spot a fastball when he needed to and he always had some wicked movement. On his off speed stuff. And Greg he's got it done last night the brewers go down. And take the loss. And now they're back out again this afternoon but here's the question okay when you when you start they're kind of you know inspect and analyze with the Milwaukee Brewers are put together. With Ryan brawn and who is struggling I was kind of going through there's. In the last thirty games he's hitting to 35 in the last fifteen games he's sending 160 the last seven games he's hitting 120. Not getting better it's getting worse. Overall for the season right now. He has had an average exit velocity. Of 92 point 27 so he's still which the Major League Baseball average at this point when you talk about Saber metrics is 89 point 08 miles per hour. So his his exit velocity. Is actually better. Many average is home run distance at 410 point 18410. Feet point 818. Is better than that the regular Major League Baseball average of 398 point 14. His general velocity is down. A little bit from last year but still better than the average of 73 point 39 he is 76 point seven for the launch angle. Is twelve point 420. His ought to launch angle is seven point nine which means he's hitting some lasers. Okay. The average height. Of a home run along ball at this point is 38 point 56. His or 37 point 66. Which again goes back to tell you that when he does get old one he's he's he's drop drive and an east shooting laser beams more so. Then he's hierarchy long fly balls. So. Is it a matter of he just needs to start making better contact. Or he has something else innately wrong going on in the ability to make contact consistently. Has gone by the wayside. Regardless do you give up on Ryan brought or can this team continue to prove be progressive. With an alien Ryan brought putting up those kind of numbers. 855830864. In loans by kip dot com tore free talk when you take that a step further. And now that a quarter of the season is pretty much in the books okay and in the standings when you look at the Milwaukee Brewers right now I'm in the brewers'. Who've gotten off to a good start this season. Better start than they did last year in the sense of they've been more consistent and has amid all or nothing so to speak. Even though they do have eight shut outs to their name. Offensively speaking they've been more consistent they're tied right now Pittsburgh atop the division. Pittsburgh 24 and seventeen were 25 and eighteen both of those teams tied for the lead in the National League central. Their game better in the cubs and cardinals and Cincinnati is is Cincinnati they're terrible. Put those four teams right now hell holding tight atop the division. And you look at it this way. The brewers are a little bit past that that corner mark. And they're in first place and they haven't hit their offensive peak yet. Yeah arms and so on one hand though let me give you this scenario record in that I wanna go to the phones. On one hand. You look at this team and you say okay. How could can navy. They have not hit their offensive peak. They've been shut out eight times so for a deceased. And their record is still well over 500. So you'll look at the positive. They still have games coming up at Wrigley great American PNC Miller Park. All band boxes and and in the National League central. And if they start hitting. Wrist what they've been given pitching wise they're pitching right now remember his seventh best in all of baseball. There's total total staff. If they start hitting naked this reversal just Norway I was division if they really started in the baseball. On the other hand. How good can the pitching be. Will it hold upper entire season. OK if you're waiting for the other uniform pitching staff OK then you're looking at the the glass is half empty. And at the brewers' bats say some of those bats like Travis show all like Garcia. Like Santana LA say that was their career year last year like Kenya. And this year reality starting to sink in and and the pitching goes south a little bit. Well. Then sold those divisional hopes most likely. So what do you think. What do you think of the quarter. Can this team win consistently without Ryan brought really being healthy can they get to that post season and do you think after a quarter of the way through the season this teams on their way. And on the precipice of their first post season appearance in a long time. 85583086. Foray in loans might get dot com told free talk violence go to cam listening to us in West Bend can I adore them now what's going on. Bill it. Shall go about. About a without the trigger a proper grip but I thought OR I thought that but I thought they pick that apart. And what what Acker back pedal went about it. But got a lot. The work. I am very good partner. One during that unique because. What do you hear in your notes in terms of that being all are under there haven't been able consistency. Their at Boca in beating opting. And that's a problem that's about the changes they're going to get the playoffs they're gonna have to be part of that apple will be that series La you know for the beat out all the cop. Opening up the public when that's what should be. They are out all. That and spend that problem might opt. And I knew that as being engaged. Back and told them if they're going to be a legitimate contender they're gonna have to solidified that wideout. This audit like that in Africa that. If that are gonna continue to get like Egypt like it hurt. Yeah right like it could be considered an apple sell it short shorts are a lot for a second base that. That clearly the other people ought to get Wagoner then. Ever thought about all that. Well let me Ryan brought it looked remember that they are a lot on a couple of hours at the belong would say that. I think they know what they haven't kept there about Specter that issue and you cannot happen I think that kind of money belt. That budget much. That's not a problem you got your outfield for the art it'll be reviewed and a lot of that going to be acknowledged in a rock. But span they have and it but a lot of respect. You've got the part to play first base and it very well off the ball. Oh I think at some point aren't here for 40 am maybe a lot more experimental. Widget that you step not a problem. But look at getting edgy that you got Jimmy come back. Saw I think those big thing on Iraq and but I think get more consistent. I locked out in life a did you guys in position here at least the next 48 and don't make a decision after that but. What that light up at like I like actually a lot of data that it. I buddy per share it he drops off you get aboard 855830864. Garcia for awhile was turning kind of balance that average back up hitting to 33 over the last fifteen games in the last seven not as much. Wrote her wise hasn't nearly been as good as you would hoped put. Going back to what can sit by the way the last seven games. Hitting 200 with a slugging percentage to fifty on they shoot a 304. He has taken some walks three walks in the last one he had bats. Are earned the last 120 plate appearances. He's got four hits in that period of time as well score a couple of runs four RBIs but has had three walks five strikeouts once stolen base to his name. A by the way the stats are brought to our friends at Abu royal giving you the shots of the day. At royal implementing SAP and they got a solutions to companies just like yours and that's how they get it done. Are you do find him on the web at HP PR OYO dot com it's eighty PP RO YO Doug comment. Going back to ties saying that day they need to be the top teams Colorado. Right now two and a half games behind Arizona. In the west they're 23 and twenty. The brewers took three out of four from that. Brewers get a win today they will take in two out of three from the top team in the west that has is many wins the Milwaukee Brewers did. So. All he did the division teams yet Chicago as it has been the nemesis I mean if you even get say three more wins. Out of bed that grouping was Chicago you're one and seven against Chicago at this point. You get three more wins. You know you just take take take it did just you know 433. And four foreign for what ever. You know. You're you're talking about an entirely different scenario to sport. The cubs are a couple of games behind junior a couple of games on top right now. The cubs have been the problem. More than any. 8558308648. This team right now out of ballots the quarter term. At about the quarter turn. Are sitting in first place tie with crisper. They haven't hit their offensive Pique their pitching has been fantastic they've had some injuries to go along with a their depth is shown up. How is this that year. When you look at this team and say okay rule one of the going to be ready to fly air if you or you go like Canon say you need to make some deals to get better. Yeah I don't think the brought out I'll be honest I don't think the brewers wanna make deals. I really don't I don't think they wanna make deals are wanna think that next year is the year that they wanted to ground running. That this year they wanna get through this they want everybody to play as well as they can make some decisions coming off season and then make that run going in the next season. But I think right now I mean they they love to do what I mean I think they're more on the precipice of doing in the night. And in much farther along in the rebuild the many expect remembered the technically this is your forty. At least the third year of the rebuild. You know Doug Melvin started a couple of years ago when he started tearing things down. But technically mean you're you're kind of ahead of schedule when people said it would be five years before misty will be good. Soul. I'm I'm kind of thinking that did they wanna. I got that sense we were in spring training that they really wanted to keep their arms around this thing one more year if they quoted. And then make that run specifically when more more pitching has begun again become available free agency this coming off seat. Once your thoughts in his state to immortal like a joke on a next. Michael's sports talk. Come back. Your little cooler today. He's your back in my head Joseph. By any chance. So yesterday. Is that it cuts my hair should equal. Okay she she's doing this thing for an award. And you have to it cut hair in particular fashion only kind of stuff so. Sheila three different style she had to do one of whom she wanted to do on and on my hair and rice okay no problems is she coming here to before and after pictures were yesterday. She text to be during the show and it's a belts time for me to go back to get a haircut about what 32 and a half three weeks or something like that and she she text mes is taking you come out. And I just need to kind of do a few things because I got to reduce some of the pictures as shared a proud Markham on helping on the big deal. And I didn't have much going on after the show yesterday so. I had a couple meetings late but that was about it's or is it OK Omar work so I get out there and I sit down. And I think. I am not I I did I prefer scissor cut it just looks better to me so she pulls out the clippers you know the rural. Morgan went OK and we sitter talking and before I can say what are you going to do she goes mobile home and I'm talking in. My large chunks and now I'm there's a lot of things in my life that I really cut okay family kids money out you're kind of stuff my dog's obviously. By my hair is one of goes. I I would I'd be honest there's some people like you shave their head they look good. I I would look awful. With a bald head or Shea buzz cut I've had I I'd I'd it be awful I don't know how to explain like appears when leaders it just it would be terrible okay. So. Overall and takes this large. Chunk of hair. Off the back rim like lol well she says well first of all don't worry because I'm I'm gonna do something and just trust me. Energies and secondly. I can't fix it now it's only glue back on those dogs and just relax. So I don't admit that she did a good job. Cuts. When she took the pictures the back of my head is like all my god. So I'm. Nom yes I'm. I'm bust pretty until infield got a drafty today when I rode the bike this morning in 45 degree weather 47 degree weather and are you feeling on the dome. Little bit different day for you we're dale also implement my headphones only on the air I can feel alone sleep before you had that Matty med. That area right. Well I think in the next year or so on the active at any Jeremiah had. Tie ups and authority except that that's that's you know your. You're Europe's you'll be I'd actually I'd. I'd let my hair growth this long and while I usually keep a pretty short I do yeah you do especially the summer when your golf and buzz cut fade all that I gotta I good you'll get a haircut on Friday. OK can we use it rate had an opportunity when he went clean up before you leave no you're going toward Florida. Okay you play golf and yes they go yeah I let us play a couple of the Disney courses down there and. Planet to resort to understand also I leave one week from today nice so yeah you're on the clock you account now what I'm not gonna lie I I think count announced last Maya like it that way when now argue that we when you're ready to go to the house when I go to would go to Italy Cal's I take those ten days and take off and do nothing. So yeah like I get that you know this year though I've I've got just about effect it is still supposedly gonna today's bottom two vote. So I'm really really important summer. In a perfect world I'd like to shot all social media off. But I can't be that removed from sports I have when I get back. From a vacation I have to have an idea as to what's going on right ports world or does it does is part of the job. You have to no matter what even when it you're on vacation it was gonna keep track about what's going on the brewers what's going on the Packers. Usually I'm on the occasion so many things break that always seems to happen every time I get out of town something happens like the bucks I won't hire a head coach until I'm gone. Sold. Sign I have to now stand Twitter but I'm back between the whole you know. The reason I take because when I go on now where I go. There is an Internet. So. I mean at the house to breaches now got cell service in that area. So were I go there are there really is an Internet there's not much I mean it. They claim there's Internet but it's like to make a bit up and down and adds I mean there's nothing to edit Sid would take you a month and a half to download pictures. On the old AOL dial up comes to mind when you generally league image your trying to download will come down piece by piece but. Yes so I I I use my phone I stay attached right look for major breaking news beyond that I don't know we know we don't in the wrong. We have DirecTV in the house so he still leads chairs what sports senators doesn't keep up. The local stuff and you're just you know you just kind of detached from so anyway. A bomb so the question that we were asking before we got into our in or break a little bit. Was can brewers make it to the post season with Al it consistently healthy right abroad that you wanna take it a step further where they're sitting right now if you wanna project out forward. Now I know some people say well you don't locate their projected a win 9899 games close to a hundred the way they're doing this right now become long and well. Curb Your Enthusiasm little you know just look at things in a realistic life. Are they really ready to fly in your opinion and are they on the precipice after a quarter turn of the of the season. Of of being finally in the policies. I think they've been the pitching has certainly been fantastic seven best overall staff and all baseball. One of us was second best bullpen in all of baseball. Sold those things are all fantastic. Now you have to say okay do baseball gods come back on its okay there's going to be some things are gonna go on there and even things out with this team or they remain likeness. And then if they remain like this and hit it starts to come around as the winter is via a summer months begin to really get here. And so Lee Miller Park Wrigley Field great American PNC all we come band boxes. Well hell yeah. Then things really start to heat up. And his team could offensively his runaway I would before Tulsa and so where are they your opinion 8558308648855. 830864. Rate on the loans by attempted dot com told rhetorical. So I just me to decide and you can follow me on Twitter radioed shall sports I you know I'm not trying to rip on Ryan Brian really not. Like. Once you agree his MVP caliber days are over with that this is that's never coming back that are out on the downside and I went. I never because I think anybody can do anything something's gonna happen in the stars can magically alignment if I had to sit here today and say whether or not believe Brian brawn lose. Going to come back and make some kind of historical wrong at this point might my answer would be an infinite had a definitive Knoll. I just think based on his health and how fragile he is. This man cannot get through an entire season without injuring something right. It's in it's always a strain or a tweak probably snubbing it's putting them on the DL for X ticker well no it has and well this like but he usually gets manage two point work the Som yes he had a back yes but for the most part. In less it's a severe hamstring or something it's always a tweak of something that requires a couple of days to be down yeah I think he handed deals than last year. He's not a consistent DL guy he's always been a guy that has to manage every. At the bottom line is he's always tweaking something it's always different muscle he's he's this year it's been what the calf and now the back in the at. Back injuries for anyone always scares me. And that was a concern coming out of spring training bra on said it himself. He said moving over to first base the one thing I have to worry about now then. You know home what I had worry about in the outfield as the back because there's more emphasis. I'm using my back when and when it comes to plane for space so not eerie go he has a back issue. And we don't know what this going to be. A long term thing or just a little short term thing but back to the original point. Right abroad cannot stay healthy throughout an entire season when the man is healthy he can produce. And when he starts to get banged up and he starts tweaking things. The production really tapers off I just brought is never gonna be healthy throughout an entire season again as he continues to get older in the body continues to break down this is not. I don't think. The MVP days. I think Earl for. I do think though bill when he can't stay healthy. I think he's still capable be in that elect to seventy hitter 800 yes. You don't match I think it's still realistic. He needs to be healthy that that's just that's just what it comes out to win yep he's this man you meet the numbers. Yeah straight get out on average. 23% of the time in if you compare that to past seasons now again we're not to a full season but you're just looking at worry is on pace right now. He struck out 23% of the time that's that's the moles that he's ever struck a mountain. Mean look at this I mean look at the other if you ever go to finger tips and look at his strikeout rate and all the seasons the last five years. It doesn't come close to the 23% clip they he's swinging at right now and he walked in as much she'd. It he's walking I believe 6% of the time. Compared to past seasons Reese walked in you know at a 789. Even 10% clip. He says he's. He's not impatient at the plate. Now and then that's the problem he's the one thing about him and I noticed more and more is he's either felling a marketing way out in front. Or he has been way behind he's taken everything down the opposite way. So are by the way last night Trevor shot nice double one for three last night had an RBIs runs scored. Our Herring had an RBI should say not runs Corbett had the REI but in the last seven games we were talking about Trevor shock. Hitting 296. Just beaten up on the road for maybe Trevor Shaw's that. Is finally starting to come back he. Would then be the hot stick of the game which is brought to by our friends had Clemens and they want to let you know the snack sticks a convenient high protein choices. That fit on the go lifestyle is just like yours in mind trips in the ballpark. Snacks between games golf bags lunches you name it office afternoon snack after work out tackle box. Whatever it may be if you're on the dorm bridges in your fridge you sit around my house doing nothing he wants them so yup until dinnertime. Snack sticks climate sacks Dix may using premium cuts of meat and highest quality ingredients that is. This hot stick of the game. There's a player a former brewer. That was kind of curious about 'cause I saw his name come up on Twitter he was too it's sup with I think intentional talking MLB network owner John in the loop current. I was just curious to know current up to these 200 season. Really did see them he's got a 295 average 363 on base 393 slugging I mean that's not good but gentle Kris ever been a big power hitter. And he's right on par with his career averages. That's insurance. Is played 33 games 112 at bats it's always struck out fifteen times. That's. That's good to see from loop current are old. Bloody. Dog I'm glad he's playing well I I almost think to myself at times I wish right now with weepy in a stroller at the plate to pick him up in the offseason especially with the fact that they've had vote goes down with the injury band he's been been nicked up a mean they've they've had some issues so. I wish they would have picked him up when he was out there on the market we kind of throughout their would you consider. We'll continue this discussion when we come back also. Also a great question we asked this quite often good. If Bryant brought is indeed banged up. There's another question to ask. And then won't get into that discussion as well when it comes in Milwaukee Brewers stay tuned more than a Michael structure that. Sixteen stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now. Michael shall we continue this portion of the program being brought to reverence and ML medical treating guys with ED all of this it was content beyond the borders as well. They have a 98 successes success success rate or should sank in trading meeting. Ninety L what guaranteeing that they can help. And no one comes a low T treatments if you feel a movie if you're feeling sluggish on the mental clarity the brain fog it you need the lift. They can help you out it works it works and it also was helped a little bit with the midsection so's. But if you really wanna concentrate on the all the one weight loss program they have that as well. And they can help. 4144554451. 4144454451. That is a new Mel medical center all you have to do was call until we cents. 4144554451. You pass the port other quarter term. And the brewers right now in first place how good is this team in Europe 855830864. And when it comes right broad line. Not to sit here and say that you know in the end in this particular case were picked on -- going after images can this team win the division. Or get it themselves in the post season with eight and up and down on healthy you know we Abed kind of treating him fragile Lee Ryan brawn. 855830864. In loans were tipped accountable free to Auckland let's go to our KJ but he to a source Alice KJ doing it in there what's up. They are doing well OPEC to take my call sure Belichick are still pretty comfortable going out on a limb with you know. In saying that I don't think Ryan brought well. Beat the MVP. MVP caliber. Where that he was in the past. I don't know let me ask your question at the beginning to see you know how many games that you have. Right broad penciled in or. You know projected salutes. I said between a 10000 intent. Hundred. So just because everybody according to a 120 you know 13840. This is to be a bounce back year and I just said go by the past just look at the past and now. You're throwing additional players in those positions. That are better than him and so why would you be throwing him out there if you're indeed going for the wins vs just plain Ryan brought because he's making twenty million dollars. Right so in my mind. If he plays a hundred outs in eighty to ninety games. Are eight I will be satisfied with Jack on that point I don't extra weight anymore now. But. Yeah I at this point. I hit it in we have. Without Ryan gone. In the line up they're banking on their dignity coming through and they're pitching they would have gone out and got a problem pitchers. They were you know not that he got their city was substantial about redemption. Given to the player are you in big draw to get somebody you know going forward right now we are banking on what it out. In the lineup and that's I'm sure we're out right brawn. So are you are predicting that the playoffs are gonna win ninety games I don't. I wouldn't think so at this point cater pursued a far cry when I think it's 98 games I would say they can go anywhere I say six I think everything comes out there every before it's also and done a lot of people expected them to take a step back from where they were last year. I just don't think a lot of people of this pitching staff has much face the shame of it is is at the bats did not explode the way you had hoped because had the bats explode the way you had hoped. And the pitching staff have been this good use should be up 567 gains already in the division if you look at them. If the bats were on the alive and well and you don't have H shut out steer name. Then I might be difference in our. The and let's see here the this one's self from double wells says so why is the question. That Brian brought us who value. All right now he doesn't. What value is there for Ryan brawn. You know he's that guy is misinterpreting what I said yesterday in regards to trade value. Ryan brawn is never going to get trade. Anyone out there who thinks I don't try to ship Ryan brought to another team that's not gonna happen. Number one he can't stay healthy OK why would teams want to try to go after a guy who's constantly riddled with injuries. Number two he is 105 rights which means. If there is a team that wants Ryan brawn he can say nodal and he can say right worry is the only team that he would accept to treat to. Is probably the Los Angeles dot to Dodgers may be the Los Angeles Angels because it's LA and that's Reese from. So. The throw twenty million dollar salary I know nowadays if you can various sailor to some of the other top players it's not as bad. But does any team really wanna take on their salary anyway for the next couple years. There there's just when it comes to. Value trade value he doesn't have that right now right abroad is going to be a brewer until his contract his up he's never gonna get treated. It that's done that's what I've met yesterday now does he still had value to the brewers. I Digisette if you can stay healthy. Over a long period of time I think he can still beat realistically that 270. Hitter with 800 OPS I think that's still possible but even if Ryan Brown's plane at that level. The brewers gonna trade him anyway no. Tucked every brewer in the clubhouse. Well it's like the same thing right bronze the leader yeah he's one of the leaders in the club house may want to ask yourself how we can we don't see it in that sense where it. Behind closed doors apparently years. Exactly talk to Brad Phillips last week. Say Ryan brawn is one of the leaders of the glove box if we're talking about having a good clubhouse. And guys to look up to whether you like Ryan brown or not. He's a lawyer of these guys so why would the brewers. In a pennant race trade Ryan brought even if his value is up there why would they trade. He's not a he's up the united trade in the value down you can't hurt exactly he's not gonna want her. And a sore and he's not going to bill if he got traded. I'd be shocked. She hot I would be I have to ask who is trading for him and why. That that would be my biggest question you can understand the brewers got out of that contract. And they got something in return. I would say okay the brewers due rob Samoa. But my question would be what team is trading for Ryan brawn and why and why. Because we know that the value right now would not be realists they know something that we don't. Or that the medical staff does and in Milwaukee then or they're just desperate for left fielder. Because everything in their system is completely depleted in their team is only hitting 220 in their four Ryan Braun will be a godsend. Bob beyond that I would have to ask why why are you trading for him this look the brewers are no longer and rebuild nine and a half a did the reds picked up what's his face. From from New York. The pitcher. Harvey and Bob yeah Harvey they picked up RB who thought they're gonna do that yeah but that was the toxic situation. Bride Nora wireless up when your team in the midst of a rebuilding you have absolutely zero chance of doing anything. All this kind of a shot a dark and they're you know I mean at this point your team like the reds you can get away with stuff like that you're you're strategists your. You found or not you're hoping you can fix Matt Harvey and all the sun and Harvey becomes one of your cornerstones as you're rebuilding for the reds. And they really got nothing to lose by bringing in Matt Harvey that it's. That's fine but that's always talked about treating joined by ago. Well they should tree Joey about you know it's marked AT gets so much for him. And and they they didn't mean they they haven't really mean they've committed some what Timmy it's just that that's is that that's a whole different scenario and an air but nevertheless. As some team to follow in their head but I just don't think that there's more than one or two MC. That's. What and the end of the day Ryan Brown's second straight you know these are gosh I think if the brewers were in rebuild mode right now old. Even then it's gonna be very hard to treat him but they're not a rebuild mode anymore they are now working up word and they're trying to build a World Series caliber team. Which I don't think they're there yet. A 5583086480. Loans by Kim dotcom told free talk about and you cannot be this go to bed we'll talk about a coming up next in the Michael Shia. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk networks. Have you thanks so much for coming back. Gil Michael show. I know Michael's radio Joseph across the way. Flight is on Twitter and bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael's or at radio Joe's sports. Wondering why you that this portion of the program. Is brought to our difference of Marshall clinic. Ended there was a fix me up coming back in the game orthopedic we I was out for right again today and I I always. You know a year out peddling your I'll move it around your figures of a campaign you know I don't know at what point in time a year to pass that but did not that everything's been fantastic since I had any surgery there orthopedic clique. You don't have to live with pain anymore only to do was call made 55 MC or 2855 MC ortho. Andy can find out the information maybe just maybe they need your home and as little as a day but they do great work and and whether it's an ankle or in the year and elbow or hip or shoulder whatever happens abate. You ought to live with and then they can really help you out they did that for me it's been fantastic ever since that's our friends the Marshall clinic. Go to 855 MC ortho or Marshall clinic dot org to see all the they have to offer Marshall clinic the official health care provider of yours truly. If why brawn. As we're sitting here talking Joseph about Ryan Bryant's leadership in such inside the clubhouse if Ross brawn. Is not a part of this. Moving forward this season because of injury. And his numbers contained started to kind of found. What then becomes the identity of this team. Because as much as you wanna say OK well they've got this going on because of their pitching staff because of this because of that. You just said that a lot of the guys inside that clubhouse say. Well it's Ryan brought you know he's he's that leader he's that guy will Woodward who then becomes the guy reported that identity began. So. It's not that they have to have this defined. Moment of this is what they are. Good but then what. Is it the identity year or is it is just an a team that is just strictly relying upon this offense did. To get past everything or do they become a pitching dominant team. As we've seen so far this season. When you look at the numbers and I mentioned this a little bit earlier when you look at the numbers the Milwaukee Brewers as a team. Have been pitching wise just fantastic. They've been very very good matter fact we talk about team ERA they knew they were they were top ten in baseball. They were top ten in baseball. The brewers right now number seven. Where the 350 teen ERA teams are only batting 230 against them and they have an overall whip of one point 23. They've been they've been turned tremendous. So it as the season begins in the weather begins to heat up obviously Miller Park and Wrigley Field and PNC's specifically grid America. They're all gonna become a much more attainable brand boxes where the ball is going to jump. So you're expected in order drops somewhat but how much in that end in the same breath that you respect the office to get back so what does the identity and become. Also. When you say you can't be this stupid and wanna talk to set Everett after the top of the hour about this sets ever international baseball and so is gonna join us. Robinson can now. Busted for PDs. And then says that he did not know. What he was taking. Was a PD. Said it was you know hey this this was a what what he called was a supplement it was fake or something but Robbins a canal basically set I didn't know. It you you can't be this stupid. You just you campy. I ate it just. Well when it comes to putting any thing in your body. In today's day and age you can't be this super suspended for eighty games free dire rhetoric. Perot Samie. Which is believed to give uses a masking agent to conceal PD news. So when he was tested. He said he took some thing and he had no idea. No idea that that's what it was and he was contrite in his apology and received. Of this drug from a licensed doctor. Here you go right after that in the Dominican Republic. To treat a medical air ailment. He now wishes he had been more careful. But no matter rationalizing your explains gonna absolve him to the extent that he desires. Perhaps he is sincere. It was simply guilty of bad judgment. But we've heard too many of these types of stories. To react with anything other than a lot of cynicism. And that's been forever since Ryan brawl ensued before the group of reporters and fans and such. And then vehemently. Remember Wei and his finger at the world and denied doing anything. So that's not me I don't do that and and that that cast a Pall on the net. You you just you did you guys in that clubhouse now you cannot take any thing pain relievers nothing. Elicits on the approved list of Major League Baseball. Or you go to your team physician and say can I do S. And they'll say yea or nay or whatever than to let you know but he knew you can't be that stupid so Robinson kanell. Even if he is sorry is he sorry that he did hitter is he sorry that he or cock. You know I mean so Robinson can go suspended eighty games. And won't be won't be Iraq and now has to live with a scarlet letter around his neck the rest of his. We'll talk when national baseball is that are set there were about just that about the brewers about identities. As we get through the quarter turn of the baseball season Campbell at a quarter of seasons got put this. We'll get in that discussion coming up here just little bit more of a white a sure after this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.