HR2 – Can you really fault Ted Thompson for signing Bennett?

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Thursday, November 9th
Hour 2. Plus, we’ll preview Marquette Men’s Hoops with Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski. Also, UW-Whitewater Football Head Coach Kevin Bullis stops by.

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Promo links runs to the river for. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Mikey show. Michael's. Hate to be allowed don't know Michael show it was on the and we are glad to have you. Hopefully your having a terrific today today we certainly appreciate you take analyst just reminder tonight coming up we're to be on the road again headed boy cools in Brookfield real to see out there tonight in the Michael subtle on the road begins at 6 o'clock tonight. Yours truly grudge your body's got Gretzky is going to be different CBS 58 again tonight we're gonna watch out with him gonna have a bar girls they're giving away all kinds of prizes in getting to register for the big screen TV were given way to end of the season so hope to see -- Brookfield is a face in the crowd right 68 gonna be there. Where their friends from Bud Light the official beer sponsor of the Michael's sports talk network joining us now we continue or take a look to take a look. Around the state when it comes to college basketball Steve wodehouse who won't just joining us head coach of Marquette Golden Eagles what I have been like. No great man lecture me on well first of all who knows picking up another Hauser I mean your lie you just keep scoop when that net up so nice job there. Thank you know obviously you know yesterday was. Huge day for our program with Joey officially signing his national letter of intent you know I think Joseph he's one of the top a high school players in America he's a really versatile player. Great teammate as they went in pedigree and we can't wait to get him off campus. So the outlook for this season I guess we weep you know obviously last year had some success and you get some tastes in and you kind of wanna build upon that so what is your outlook this season. Well you know we're open to build off last year although Martinez is very different last year we had a more experienced team we lost three. Thousand point scorers to graduation. We're replacing those guys what I think some young and talented freshmen and movement lacks some experience but. You know again I think we can be a very efficient offensive team. I think we're we can be very good shooting team. We obviously have to improve on the defensive end. That was not an area that we weren't a particularly very good at last year. But I think this team has shown a commitment to a certainly working hard about it and I think this group will get better veterans of the weeks go along. Looking at Ted top to bottom obviously some of the day bigger teams there Villanova is a team that's you know gonna try to lead this top heavy league and the thing about it is a big east it is much is. People wanna look get to the non football conferences this is a conference in which. Basketball reigns supreme and it's. Sometimes the records aren't indicative of the style player of the quality of play because you guys is beat up on one another correct. Yet you know that the conference's. Just a bear I mean look at the end of the last season 70% of our teams may be NCAA tournament. Mean that's a percentage that's unheard and as good as the league was last year I think it'll be even better this year. Eight of the eleven all conference. Players returned. We have some of the most experienced and oldest team in the league. And every night. Is a battle and the traditional round Robin I think adds to that. And it is a basketball conference every school and our league is made a huge commitment to their basketball programs. Because they drive the athletic boss at those universities in it's just a really Fun League to be a part of but certainly not easy. You've got a younger team like you had mentioned you lose an experience so N and like many teams can't sustain we start talking about what is that youth mean. When you have to then try to I'm not saying you rebuild it so to speak. But when you got to figure out a flow and rotation and experience to me because guys are gonna get experience throughout the season early on the season when some of these games are really you know cunning and in the balance. Then what do you do how how do you get a guy to age so to speak. Well I think you have to start with your experience players and then hope they set a good tone on the day to day basis and even some of our experienced players have only. You know played at our place for a year but those guys at least have some idea what it takes to win. At the college basketball levels we need those guys to be remarkably consistent. While those other guys are growing into who they're going to be. And I think our freshman all of them can be really good players. It is a matter gain gain experience but what are non conference early in the year. You know we we played some outstanding teams so you know our our our freshmen are going to be thrown into the fire a little bit no opted not to handle themselves in. Against outstanding teams and high pressure situations. Are offensively speaking is this all rolling through Marcus Howard's hands or is do you feel comfortable with distribution or I mean there'd be these obviously he's considered one of the nation's top shooters. No assured mark is obviously the huge. Key to our season and I think one of the things that allowed us to have one of the best offenses in the United States last year was our balance. So we're not gonna hang. You know the offense running through just one guy I don't think. The defenses are too good to just take one guy out of the game I think we need to via a balanced offensive group. Obviously mark Marcus is going to be huge part of our offense because of his ability to score the basketball. Andrew lousy will also be huge part of what we do we have big east sixth man of the year last year and is a very good offensive player and Sam Houser. Is a little bit like this this trawlers surged to drink forest because he'd. You know he does a little bit at every day calling offensive end and you know those three guys were very good offensive players for us last year and were hoping that we can expect the same things and more from them this year. Just say salmon company of those guys are trying to clean glass as well on the as far as rebounds per game goes in just kind of going over some of the things that I've seen out of them those are the guys you rely upon really tested clean glass and get that fast break on because you'll you'd prefer an up tempo style basketball. Yeah we wanna play up tempo and and played with pace you know obviously not with I mean not. With disregards taking good shot to turn the ball over but. And we wanna play fast and try to score for the defense it's certain. If the defense is able to get set we we really reliable ball movement player movement and being unselfish as a group. And our guys I think are still buying into to those things. Along the expectation this year is far is you know that the season so let's start with the big east are everybody wants to win the big east what are you looking for out of a young team. Well you know I think we wanna keep moving toward a grown as a programming and last year we were we are projected to be in the bottom half of the big east and we. Finished you know in the top half of the big east now I think we wanna continue to do that. Climbing the ladder step by step in the Big East Conference which is not easy because of you know were not a conference that loses a lot of kids to the NBA draft two teams are what they are year after year. But we wanna keep moving in the off forward in terms of you know where we stack up against our big east competition as we did last year. Do you use like those pre season projections are you one of those guys it'll cut and output root you on board and board fodder and say this is where they expect a stimulus proven wrong. You know I think our guys or to what that's not enough now and information so readily available. That our guys understand more pay it and you know at the end of the day. It's what you do on the court that counts and you know we're we try to focus on that what we what can we do on a day to day basis. To improve ourselves collectively and to improve ourselves individually sold in the ball goes up in the air you were ready to to do battle anybody. That we're matched up against. Tarred with that coach Marquette Doug Golden Eagles Q what your house he won't do joining us on the line and I talked to a gray get out of Wisconsin and link go a little bit earlier from UW Green Bay about being a younger team. Does that mean your depth to your rotation. He gets longer or shorter because of experience. Well you know I think early on a lot of times you know you're gonna go you're more experienced guys just because they understand. You know what it takes. And the young guys have to catch. You know to do older guys that you have and our program and so I think that's how you run the race with a younger team is they got a they got to catch up. With with the older guys as opposed to slow on the order guys down and and and two bit to the younger guys pace. But I think our younger guys won't improve. I think days they attacked practice. Pretty well. It compared to most freshmen I've been around him. I think DO Jon and Jamal came in great Elliott those three kids. All have roles on our team this year in and help our team win games. On the clergy are nested Greg is yesterday and in my ask you same thing with everything it's going on in college basketball on the negative headlines and don't choose in money and things like that. How do you I guess my question becomes how do you stay away from that because there's so much out there that can drag you down how. How do you do your due diligence in keeping that out of out your own backyard. Well I think there's constant communication between myself and everybody in the program. But I certainly would mark Staten. And with my players that you know we're gonna do it the right way and we're not gonna take any short cuts. You know clear conscience and makes a good pillow and you know he should never compromise your integrity. Or character. In order to. You know make a quick buck or get a quick way you know we're in this to build a sustainable program. And that doesn't happen if you're doing at the right way. Quickly. You you have to build it brick by brick but I won't compromise on that. You know what people say about me in terms of my integrity is far more important people say about his coach. What Georgia pleasure we wish you guys the bestseller real to have gone throughout the rest of the season and no wish a lot of when's men looking forward to her crack. So much for your belt are delay they Christie was announced he joining us for a couple of minutes in the Schneider orange college nutter hiring drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty pleasures are beginning at times column 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs died count. When we come back to back in a Martellus Bennett chatter a little bit because a lot of people that had stuff to say and I wanna make sure to get everybody's opinion out there stick around for the Michael show next. Sixteen stations strong yeah. Real my school's sports talk now. Well I am well with the cowboys. Is you know look. You know I don't know you know I've been the same person but I have moments where we. Always a myself. Not being enough of these two things happening around me so. I'd go. Conflict of the better but it better mindset when was in Dallas approach been burn off earlier in my perspective in my mind was in a different place than what is now also. On the sort of recent years and years growth and he's got a pretty cool mean they have great chemistry so I destroyed him more often. We'll look back there as well and beat these have got it got the big rig go back now go back I'll go back I'll go back up. But don't just think it. And that is Martellus yeah it's. As he. Did this they start off right goal goal get out of town that's that was with the Packers told yesterday so we don't need it anymore. Had a young when he put out the tweets about the possibility retirements seem like in many ways he quit on the team. And it pitches seem like well once here Rodgers went down he was looking for a reason to get out and that's yeah. He took it the packer said enough is enough so they do want him in the locker room. You know kind of bringing down other guys forum and having him be the leader that ever because it wasn't that long ago worsening over the course of plot a couple of we see going. And we've we talked to Trevor Davis we talked Egypt Jin as we talked a bunch of different guys that's a Martellus Bennett was teaching them technique using god as they could go to. And and Aaron Rodgers went down and it's these don't play anymore. And we'll play him. Things change so he didn't have that and what he felt was a legitimate shot I guess winning a Super Bowl and and the team looked at him as somebody who was quitting on them so they just this our Pakistani descent okay Archuleta will need it. But I heard that you know was found you know hey what are you doing putting out a tweet about retiring and then he'd. Pull the I'm a veteran I can do what I want everything in. Everything deteriorated from there all really bother me was. Even bothered to talk to the media about it he refused calls are snotty about you wonder if he is another one of these Camden guys that when things are good and they win and things are wonderful and they you go back Obama I don't know about already with the milk cows and put words she said that's far right the world revolves around me just get it may look at me exactly and then when things go bad. You know when you're looking for leadership. Here it is you don't get it. You would think are bad as we character comes out that's when you find out if people are when you're willing to really say OK I'm gonna try to gather the troops you're so to speak right or at least owning. Right only that they you stink all they you're underachieving. All they you're letting your teammates down and your fans down. You got a lot of people around the state I really really great healer a lot of people. I like 58308648. If you wanna chime into producer. I just think Martellus Bennett's equator. And that will be confirmed even more. It somehow someway there's the team out there that wants to pick him up I don't know if there's any team out there that would want Martellus Bennett right now but if he signs elsewhere. Shoulder thing man I just. He's a quitter anyway meant that says that's what I think I have been so disappointed. That should not just by his play on the field but. You know this team is dealing with so much adversity right now. And they're trying to prove a lot of people wrong that they can still win with out Aaron Rodgers and this guy has the nerve just bail on him. Know what is it six the other guys in the locker room that CNET to see that Martellus Bennett just got caught. What are these other guys think. They're trying to prove people wrong right now and now this is just another distraction that they have to deal with going into this. And against the bears. 8558308648558308648. Arens is looking mean doesn't wanna be they're letting go doesn't sound like he was a positive influence in the locker room or maybe he was a but let him go. This one's from mark who writes no when he's email inbox. Martellus Bennett seemed a little bit out of shape seem like he really wasn't in the game's only played when he seemingly wanted to. And then when things got bad he bailed I would want that guy around. Pat says all the positive things have heard about him in the locker room were they all smokescreen. Or where guys actually being genuine I can't tell but I know one thing is playing the field wasn't worth it. It was time to cut loose cut him loose 855830864. Let's go to jealousy too was in a creature walking the program of a Michael show. An area I don't think particular call jerk. So I guess oh you know with this some wondered why we are calling meet. Packers front off that the task more on that circulate this was. Just such as swing and a miss by then especially when we have Jared Cook our team last year and how well he performed. And you know why why we went out got this kind that a key in what we have you know render at all. Off I don't know what happened specifically in the whole Jerry Cooke thing I really don't. I don't know if he had beat the rumor wasn't his agent was just asking for ridiculous money and that the Packers have already had a kind of plan Ambien in in progress so. They said Trujillo talk to you later because his agent and wanna come down so they went ahead and sign Martellus Bennett right away basically saying. Go ahead get out of here you know to Jared Cook I'd be deterred hindsight being what it is that's fine. What I can remember very many if any people calling this program going oh my god I can't leave the ledger could coincide Martellus Bennett. Yeah it you know and and that may be true I will tell you know at the time I remember when it happened and everyone still that it. Such a great signing and I thought you know what we had a pretty decent guy. You know right here web then and you know made that amazing touched you know on the for the playoffs and everything and you know I am I'm just surprised that you know the Packers brought up that's what enabled up. You have this doubt that it had issues everywhere east and why they thought it would be. A different here is just beyond. I've. I that I agree with it quite last year. For the the patriots you didn't see any of the trouble out of Martellus Bennett because everybody thought well you win your with a quality quarterback things are good. When guys are content things are fine you know nobody plans on Aaron Rodgers going down and then finding out the true colors of Martellus Bennett I think give. They if Aaron Rodgers has a good allies I honestly believe they're sitting at six and wanted to buy a week. They probably beat Detroit in May be sitting here at 71 going into a Chicago Martellus Bennett as he jumped up to go play against the team that used to play for that basically the media ran him out of town. And it's a true drastically different scenario. The problem is there Rodgers did go to and then you saw what everything everything did you young. Everything happen after that. While. I remember when we were talking about Jared Cook. Like when we looked at it and said yeah it's a must sign. It's a no brainer you don't attack I'd go what first oh we don't even thinking no of the state was thinking. That Ted Thompson was signed a guy like mark tells but we are even talking about Martellus Bennett. As a potential guy that Ted could go out and sign this surprised everyone we were just talking about. Jared Cook. And whether or not they would sign him and at what cost I remember we had that topic you don't. Did you sign Jared Cook at all costs I remember a lot of people were saying. Well you don't want to over pay for the guy you wanna give Jared Cook like 8910 million a season that's ridiculous but. And come on you've got to be a legitimate right price at least and then Ted shocked everybody with Ed Bennett sign. Saw that come on and a lot of people including myself thought that yeah Martellus Bennett is an upgrade over Jared cocky is better than shared cookie is more open track record eight proven track record for the teams Eddie's played for. Then Jared Cook. Jared Cook was kind of an unknown. When he signed with the Packers because we weren't really sure who the real Jared Cook was in Los Angeles when he played for the rams all the Sears. So we knew what we are getting in Bennett we knew he brought more things to the table so it affect you got them at a slightly cheaper rate than what Jerry Cooke wanted. Now now my understanding was the Packers never put an offer on the tablet Jared Cook it says they heard the offer that cooks agent one. And they say no we can get a better deal out of Bennett and that's the route that they decide. So. Again I don't I can't sit here and blame Ted Thompson for this I just don't think this is the problem. Ted went out and made a bigger move than most people expected and considering. What you're getting a Martellus Bennett and considering his character whether be good or bad for that locker room you're thinking man okay and is there another outspoken guy this might actually help market Tony clutch with the brewers. You know I mean and that's a that's a thing when you get these character guys when it's all good when they're out they're up for four meaning get the job done. And then there they're talking up a big game in the locker room we love it. But but then when they're not get it done and their underachieving in the team isn't going well. And they're trying to be as boisterous as they wanna beat the now they look like the bad guy. 85583086488558308. Am I right no I completely agree that it's from. Big Mitchell. Who says Campbell in the back for the signing he was great time high so it's always spoke good point one. This was from Derek who says rights and when he's email inbox. You can't blame Ted Thompson this when there's a lot of things people wanna jump on Ted form this is not warm and if you do wanna blame Ted Thompson's in this. That you are serious seriously just a hater and you're letting your hate to blind your judgment. This is from Jennifer who says I can't believe they let Jericho walk away and didn't take more time to negotiate with a in that sense I can understand that and I can maybe side with you. The problem being you don't know what the window was from Martellus Bennett you don't know if Martellus Bennett had two or three or 45 other teams contacting him. And that deal would have gotten done right now and if you do lose your cooks on the out of an athletic tight it now turns out. It was a wrong move. We don't know that but at the time. You don't know what the circumstances were. The Packers got in all right they were trying to hedge their bets in case they did lose your cock your coats agent wanted to point to money which you get by the way. Wanted to talk money thought he proved himself that that catch in Dallas that highlight reel catch was going to basically just cash in for tens of millions of dollars you can get it. That's what he wanted and you don't know what the window was on the backside. For Martellus Bennett whether he was signing right away or if the Packers didn't grabbing that night that he was gonna go and sign with somebody else. I don't now. I'm sure that had something to do that I can't imagine. That they were they just said Jericho to regulator and then they immediately sent him Martell son Martellus Bennett. Out of spite that's not the way Ted Thompson moves Ted Thompson moves like an ice were. Very slow very methodically very much to his plan. What I do him credit for the fact that one he cut bait with some guys he just didn't feel we're getting it done they were his draft choices. Number 20 he he signed free agents for those that said he didn't he did he sign a bunch of free agency season. He signed it Quinn now guys unfortunately aren't panning out. Our hurts their work. I mean that's that's part of problem. So you've got Ahmad Brooks not play Quinn and I always out for awhile you have who's the other one our divine help was banged up with a thigh injury. Jahri Evans has been pretty Jahri Evans has been pretty healthy for the most part lends Kendrick has played OK let's Kendrick Scott everything in training camp and why they don't throw the ball more I don't know. Our but he certainly not the same athletic. Specimen and capability that say a teenager cook was remark tell open Martellus Bennett what he's not a guy that's gonna change defenses. When he comes on the field but he's still is very very solid. But I mean. We talk about bringing those guys in Ahmad Brooks and Quinn dial in Chris sewed amendment in into on how. This is so far outside the realm of what Ted Thompson normally dies. I can't I'm there was and there wasn't too many people that felt terrible. I think we questioned the secondary a little bit in May be the line backing core specifically after Vince Beagle when I was okay now where you get it. We all questioned because the defense we said and went what people say yesterday I'd say they needed to be top fifteen the Packers weren't shooting for that I was saying that. I sit for this team to be successful the way it's set up. This defense needs to be in the top fifteen if they can surprising given the top ten is fantastic but they get into the top fifteen here ego. Because with the offense that you have you believe you can go out and score a bunch of points. Therefore that defense from what we've seen in the past would be enough to sustain an offense to get you to the post season and and possibly beyond. And and it just didn't turn out that way. But they don't have a bunch of pro bowler sitting defensively on that side of the ball not so you're not going to get a number one or number two or number five defense in the league you're just you're just not not less all of a sudden guy surprises. We needed nick Perry to come on have a big season Unita much radius Adams be healthy and fortify that line you need UK court to take a giant step forward Mike Daniels who was down for awhile with an injury he needed him to really be that that monster guided recurrence if you needed Clay Matthews to be Clay Matthews. You need advance Beagle fortify the middle and help out with the outside you needed Ahmad Brooks to come in and bring you that three foreknowledge and that together those 67 sacks here you take six or seven sacks you're Ahmad Brooks six or seven sacks you're Clay Matthews six or seven sexier which you would with nick Perry. And then you put one or two on Mike Daniels Kenny Clarke went and I'll deal Lowery whatever you put that there. There are talking about something that's top ten could you bring in Morgan Burnett and as a linebacker or you bring in a mafia had you bringing him three or four maybe two or three. You know you bring in from different areas so there you gul. You talk immediate team it's gonna give each 125 sacks OK now you're talking about productivity but everybody had to contribute. It's not this is not what it is Clay Matthews is not going to use nick Perry just a minute period a broken hand he's he's been struggling. Kenny Clark's gotten better public Martinez has gotten better but they're not pass rushers. They're not just pass rush is a run stoppers. So yeah you've been pretty good against the run put did you know if you wanna talk about the upper Oreo stat of the day. That the Packers given up seven point eight yards per play pass play. Seven point eight your words. Terrible. Which means it'll do passes its first down every damn down down the field. What are averages on third down the spare her it's been yeah well it's there and they're giving up seven point eight yards per. Pass play at sonics did awful. It's awful that's the apparatus out of the day by the way brought to our friends and their royal they make it simple for companies just like north to implement SAP and big got a solution you can revolutionize your data and ignite your future. With app royal check them out of 118 PP RO YO dot com that's a PP ROY ago. Dot com. When we come back Josh sit in had a couple of interesting things to say we're gonna hear from him and also takes more your phone calls morneau Michael show next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Yeah. Graham and Michael show on the air and. As a spirited look at these horrible mental. Crumble quickly tastes just as well as there. Fully baked cookies that this thing to do that kind of doesn't strike out kind of crappy now hot steamy chocolate chip cookie generally haven't faced completely different and at that particular analogy is when I can race and I Bronson what the hell you're talking about. Muster in the shoulder injury that an ailing and he must've been in delirious pain at that point in time. 85583086488. By 5830864. He should've gone in the Marshall clinic they can fix it shall for. Bail me out my dot Dutch are skating or the pick by the way he gets the job done on oil go to begin with. It's mighty have no problem. Anything else I have on me that's breaking down fallen off whatever I'm gonna go to doc he'd get it done and they can help you as well any that you need immediate help. Say you have. You know something has cropped up on year the creeping credits run around it is what it is just give McCall. Give McCall yet to do is check out Marshall clinic 844 care whether it's 844 caraway. For the Marshall clinic and yes you. You start feeling better today and there's never more than a charge of forty dollars depending on your insurance its recruitment as a usage of the times and the money. Just colony for four care way they have the official health care provider of yours truly don't like gosh. Get back to the phone calls talk to Michael ST two is in Virginia Mike I don't. And Geithner that well let's. That much that navigate from Virginia. You show up mullet right and I appreciate you enjoy it. Yeah the problem so I'm actually. On an excited. Am I excited that the what Lance that you're gonna do it more planes can't occur as. I think we can record breaker as well Erica didn't have the quarterback Lei is Saint Louis Circuit City. Ugly glad Kendrick was also deciding which here on the street Louis when they. I didn't have a new quarterback. Quite good up at the same thing was was within which your coat. Has lots about five feet by playing a play making ability just to have a quarterback play. Some excitement to eat it is you know allied content that Richard Rodgers adds. Why not be in the I didn't play it would be enough. He would make the occasional play in and certainly what better and better this year. I don't fault at an all in Asia outside it was it was when it was time. Economic. It probably about excited he was injured in and Richard Rodgers in now that there's one way and speed. Chris say it. That you 4 o'clock commonality to what should appreciate. And MRT soon. All I eight. And that's a great question it's obviously Lance Kendrick is can become more of a Mormon integral part of agreement Packers offensively but boy table right now. You think to yourself wait a minute. You get an injury that unit which we've seen is that before all of us or you're really sitting tight end. Those two tied handsets that run game everything begins this government that they've had a tremendous run game here in last week but. Everything then begins to suffer never trickle down effect. I look at it this way bomb. This to me. My highest mice were telling them that did this in my feelings around. This weekend coming up. You're gonna go toe to toe mr. risky and with the Packers defensively giving upset over almost eight yards per pass play on average okay. If there's ever a time that John Fox is gonna let it fly or at least give Mitch Robiskie more capability of throwing a football it's going to be this week against a very poor defense. Okay. If I'm the Packers. Defensively speaking the bears are pretty good. And they've been able to score points off of turnovers. Obviously you don't want to turn out. But this week. Against what is considered to be really the worst team in the NFC north. I'm I hate to say let it fly but let him go. Let him go you really need to get the relationships we Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb Dovonte Adams Jauron a more Allison. You know you meet Lance Kendrick has to be the guy that steps up their offensive line mr. protector without Brian block to the rest of the year. You just at this point let it fly. Hope that the combination Mary Jones indoor time and armor you who are they decide to run out there on necessarily agree with but. Hope that Tom I mean Erin Jones mr. block went or one or two blocks last week and he ended up finding a way to the bench. So I mean because or they're simply saying look you're not gonna get our quarterback kill this is all we have. So. To meet. But let it fly. Let it fly this week. Defensively though for the Packers I think the big key here is stopping the run because that's what the bears have that's their biggest strength. The bears passing game I mean true risky. He's he's learning here. And if you look at your disk is numbers in the first four games he's played it's nothing to write home about it's on the same levels Brett Conley if not worse. And the receivers suck me in their their receiving corps is not good. But you look at the numbers are preacher risky last four games fourteen of 32 against the saints for a 164 yards and a pick. Against Carolina four for seven. 407. Yards no touchdowns no interceptions. Eight at sixteen against the ravens for a 113 yards and a touchdown and then this. Maximum backwards here in the Minnesota he was twelve of 25 for a 128 yards touchdown and interception. Mean that's none of this is really anything to write home about which are true Biscayne this passing so if you can stop the run. You're gonna have a really good chance when this game and and that's why I'm still holding out hope here bill. That this season is not all for I'm not in the Don club just yet I'm getting calls. You can't beat the Chicago Bears I don't see how the Packers can get the stock. And you know at that point it would be what foreign five. And four and six we saw last year Packers bounce back after be informed sex but the differences he had Aaron Rodgers now you don't have their Rogers. So. Packers still the chance to win in this game I think they can't beat this bears team I really do if Bret Holley can take another step forward in his defense and actually do something. Yes apple brought you gotta do what he you have to deal sub Jordan Howard and 3COM and that's where it's gonna start if you wanna. Agree. 85583086. Foray as her policy two examples in Paul walk in the program the Michael show. Yeah eight and I get that you do wanna blame Ted for the picabo at a over in the offseason but. He lucky picked up two tight ends and character actors we have three yeah. Didn't pick up a defense of free agent big big money guys that are really help the team who oppose. Who was there who who was there that you wanted to see command that was a big money guy that's really pay out. At that and up on the jaguars. Police who. If you'd agree really good defensive line playing really well. And the other thing is I think his cheap philosophy. That he's been there has hurt the team and it's really showing through now getting inducted any true they've gone when he was coming up. And use interest in plain and I think it was because of money I think that as a lot of these pics of that money. Brooks picking up Brooks that was in a real free agent pick up those because the guy got cut. Cheap pick up and I think that the. There's it was a guy feature system that hasn't been engine that can give you six sexy your average the numbers were spoke for themselves when he came and the problem is he got hurt. Not the point is belt that we have detained nick Perry. Pop got money because we did have something they've done people for the could've picked up a better free agent prior to nick Perry. And so we're paying him top money when he's not even really Wear it. We got hurt this year because of the cheap flats you know we have in the past that's my opinion about it. I appreciate the phone call item now when you talk about the chief the last via the pastel agree with you. But I hate. I. Well again I I IC. There was nothing available at outside like outside linebacker thought. I'm trying to look what the availability was some of the outside linebackers in and they're just they're there really wasn't there was nothing there me guys you're gonna wait overpay for nick Perry you gotta at least the price came down somewhat in need at a decent season giving you something in your system. Source but it revive the of the car do you know Rem the car that you don't. You guys wanted to Erik Walden Kara Walton was out there anyone wanted to Erik Walden. Calm not not many packer fans wanted Erik Walden because they sell air Walton did when he finally started getting work for the Packers and a you go back to Colin can't predict for example but that's the thing the wasn't many guys available better then nick Perry. Now I mean you we can go back in previous seasons. Where there might have been better outside linebackers that Ted. Should have gone after an archer baked and has more inside linebacker I totally wanted Ted. Seems away for good I would not have had a problem if they brought into an OK day that that I will agree. When you carry here's my read problem he he took a five year 67 million dollar deal among mistake. Boy Ed Ed yeah so again I go back to the fact that. When when people point to the patriots organization you have three guys making double digits in the millions. So you wanted to pay a big time outside linebacker he wanted to papal we ate. You're paying error Roger thank Clay Matthews you're paying Jordy Nelson your pain Randall Cobb. You're paying Mike Daniels you're paying Bakhtiar you're paying Bulaga right. You. You can't afford all of us. This is my this is my people you wanna go block everything. But you don't know what the hell you're talking about that's nine god he's that we be making double digits in the millions. Nine guys making a majority more than 90%. Almost 90% of your total roster. You can't do that. Which is the reason yeah when I'm done I'm on the cheap would you pick up a guy that's familiar with a 34 system a guy they can't play outside linebacker I got it was giving you six and a half sacks a year a god had never been beat up. He only missed a couple games it just didn't pan out. The bully a thing you know what instead of kind of on house. I I can say hey maybe you would have gone after him maybe solidifies your secondary. But about how scam on the cheap that's different is on house him on the cheek I agree with the. But I mean packer fans would you rather of had AJ buoy a pain in big money or nick Perry big money. If you would get a right now I think everyone sage a bully but at the time. If you sign boy and not Perry now you're even and in a bigger conundrum and outside linebacker because now it's Clay Matthews and then when Tyler fat girl. Vince Spiegel. I did one polian now I really did. I really didn't. I wanted to see able to come here to. And really did I have been his Doug did any true base and I want them to kick the tires on. Beaulieu wanted to kick the tires are I wanted to see the Packers name at least in some of these discussions we don't know if they weren't they weren't but for all indications they weren't more than a Michael Shannon's. Wisconsin. Phil Michael's sports talk. Our wanna get your right to our friends and W Whitewater and the football apartment in the head coach Kevin bullish joining us the final home game at Perkins stadium this coming weekend coach until one. They're doing campground at absolutely awesome so this weekend this is that one where the seniors get to come out and say hello to everybody get away get to wave to everybody you guys come off. Another win a tight fought win against plaid bill last week he got a clear on the horizon tell me about a player. I tell you Claire young team when Libya building program called source has built that program. And predator ball fire me and I know that they have won a conference game and you know but they've done that ultimate continued improved each week so and ought to be a fun baby out with its bigger competitor. Looking ahead to what you guys just went through a plaid bill at tight fund look idol gears up for you guys I mean that's really wanted to get between you rush gosh is couple teams are really gunpoint titles and one of them for a long time. So talk about that ball game because that was a tight one to per considered him. The dirty it was a crazy game because the first part of that game ball defense is the first after the game. Or defense were really old offenses down to zero points. And you can tell our receive are purchase made some adjustment at half time and no we did we came out of the blocks. That third quarter scored seventeen points. It and even that number seventy about Bobby answered here part though urged Democrats and attacked for us to just hold them to knock them and then make prospect given. They've hit the nail biter at the end. Coach looking forward of the game this weekend network talk and post season I'm looking forward to that but he got this one to get through first. Nor are targeted this games are important port we got to make statements made another statement from a bigger statement to reinstall or if selection committees and and all parties have it's that's pretty local banks so use your offense falling in favor of well coach always a pleasure we'll talk you sit and actually looking forward to an okay. Hey thanks Wachovia agree we are about you two days ago they had UW player coming to town should be to go one at a Perkins stadium stick around more than a Michael show coming up next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk network.