HR2 – Could we see changes to the one-and-done issue?

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Tuesday, February 20th
Hour 2. Plus, we’ll talk Bracketology with Jerry Palm and Marquette hoops with Jim McIlvaine.

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From the league's front. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans column troops all the bill Michael you know. While on the go like we'll show is on the air we're glad you're here today. Towards the program brought to bud Bud Light plug light by the way. Coming up this weekend on Friday night they have the mama tried flat out Friday. They got a big event of your motorcycle enthusiast it's going on down the Bradley Center. Big one coming up this week does matter of fact one of the writers is gonna be here in studio tomorrow all brought you by our friends in spotlight. And we've got some stuff brewing regarding the motorcycle ride that we do every year for the Fisher house and for veterans' families. Not only this in Wisconsin will be on the borders because they come from all over so. Stay tuned for all of that and it's all brought to our great friends over bud lite David when this for a long long time. But like you official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network. Jerry palm the bracket colleges for CBS sports now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Jerry I'd go. This is where does this kind of the kind of the busy Christmas time I guess for you when you talk about records elegy. So out right now I ain't going to the Big Ten because we know the badgers are not going anywhere we understand that but do what right now how many teams other Big Ten we look at that. Probably four. Missed it it Ohio State Purdue but I collectively dominated the league all season long. And in Michigan. Looked like a middle of the bracket team and there really isn't. Great chance for anyone else. Short of winning the conference tournament. Nebraska and Penn State and got at best. While it shot at large hopes. Teams we were time of the big east earlier obviously Marquette being in the big east and they were kind of on the outside looking in they've had some tough losses. Sub 500 record in conference. Is there anything short of winning the tournament that the Golden Eagles could do to get themselves in the term. All sub 500 record in conference is that the thing. They don't look at your conference record performance separate from anything else so all part of Liu are. They're gonna have to won't work the ball they got the next three gained argued he that are not term it. They cannot afford to those that went all pre. And then you've got great at all. If you don't win that game and you certainly need to do something in the comfort terms it again one of the better teams in the legal department. Though. For market it release to the matter. You know they party got. Questionable losses home losses Providence Butler Georgia beat Robert Pollard Jean Georges at bat that. You need to take care it is against the bottom of this leak and it starts at your site on the team who can help older residents. Some of these conferences that are out there they're pretty heavy I was looking the other measuring a little bit about the big twelve what Kansas is Don and obviously Texas Tech in. Huggins over West Virginians such held deeper today how deep is that Big 12 Conference. Fantastic I mean they're the bad even Natalie they're not an economic department that there repeat. But I hope they flatly he'd cut the big win this week though. That there's it was fantastic week this year apparently stopped about other big east he. It's like one and one day I think the bottom of the big twelve battered in the bottom of the beat ease the net. But I think the problem well Beasley etc. there's tremendous. Is there a turn it is there a mid major that could end up possibly would too we always talk about well they have to win their conference tournament is there a mid major out there that. He's just that strong that your gonna get two teams in. You wanted to find it major forming I was. Oh yeah and dagger and think Mary writes. That you don't like to enlarge level seen. No. But you might be like I don't consider a Burkle I don't use the term mid major. Period. Of major or not and that got seven meter as rector of the Americans out there this year based on how they orbiter. Probably goes back well and maybe to debate and at least. Public. But outside of that is ID you Rhode islander Nevada where a bullet there copper or missiles or at large teams. That they can in the mountain west. Indicted they Mary from the West Coast look pretty good I think after that you start you did pretty sketchy territory meaty middle and eat. Meeting New Mexico State but probably not back to a statement to Egypt or better. You got guys his tweet me who's listening to a senate Kentucky's is what has happened to Calipari and company he says he gets all the want and guns and he still can't produce another national title and that's the expectation from Kentucky then I get. Or what is it with Kentucky right now. Well Kentucky at the youngest team in division one out 351 team Kentucky he don't think they're that in. Course repression. Candidate they're there just isn't up veteran on this team. That is in a leadership role that you can even lead by example all this is what you need to do. To it because our business are you need to approach. Going through the rigors of conference play in the comparable or better this year to. Well like you just got about two young guys trying to figure it out right peek at something. It'll usually WW one and done they're usually better daughter to one team that mixed the end of this year. It is just is that I think that that Kentucky's biggest problem is that they are. Mobil 100% awhile for. How teams they gonna get out of the SEC 78. Yeah public act yet been a great year in any dominate the middle of the bracket Auburn and edit the look like to keep that have the best shot at being you know they stopped 45 teams witches. You know one to succeed basically. And after that you know with the big. That's like a ten car pileup on I know who then they Hitler the Gingrich. And what we years that you've got you Oki we can win on the road Atlanta elect or. Ordered got like four home losses in conference. But you know to one on the road so acute. There's a lot of weird resonate in the league and you know it'd be fun idea for the committee trying to sort of about. Where is college basketball right now with this investigation kind of looming on the on the horizon. Well I mean to carry things over and you don't really know what's coming next. You just know they're not done an inspector with the report. Last week I think with the Yahoo! Sports. Talking about how you know that there could be menu three dozen programs under investigation and many of which. Included among net opt sixteen committee revealed a little over a week ago it. Yeah that's not surprising you know once they arrested of people you're in a good start other people are are in and you know a lot of that but that didn't get exposed and it will happen on the get the right. It'll when they had the information ready Bill Bennett when there have been enough to indict arrest someone they'll do it. But it not. Really getting any consideration to college basketball scheduled bit BI operate on her own terms. Com and that's are the reason I ask you because obviously one of the coaches are being talked about heavily is Bruce Pearl yet again I'm sitting down their Auburn right now and he's refused to talk and I know that there's it's made some. Some people down there rather nervous about all this and I'd I thought of when I read the Yahoo! article that they said as many as 1516 teams they're gonna make the tournament. Couldn't have vacating wins I mean act I I I understand where this is that so to speak by. If this is true this is that this is unbelievable this is something like we haven't seen a long time. Korea Iran would like to say well certainly it's like something we haven't you know a long time entered those you know FBI involvement that are usually get the ball basically which. Win at one of those quite some time but done. Yet it. I don't know I'd. They get them it is up to him not surprised. At the stuff that being refueled. And I think that certainly. Some programs are more boats and others I remember you don't back in October I think it was all that started at an wondering you hurl the November. And I hope not only did he survive. But without the two kids that were recruited. Where but it stood FBI investigation and the coach getting arrested. And him looking like he would need the job is one of the top ten team in the country. And I would get that one of the more surprising thing in golf app. I don't think Carrey in and by the way we're talking with Lou we Jerry palm of the prior intelligence for CBS sports I don't think there's any doubt Bruce Pearl pearl can coach. I think that there's always been that that muddied line as to where the fifth. Things begin in things and am in that that's when it comes with the meat for a long time Calipari and their reputation coming out of you know the 810 and coming out of Memphis and such and I know but there's larger wedding meditated doesn't matter really cheer for. Yet he said you know all of those programs that pretty lapse. Suffered sanctions you repeat it happened while he was there are. That it happened at the Kentucky yet. Yet while Bruce Pearl and a corporal gets greater scrutiny be you look at one point. So now you know that. When those spoke at an honest program to get even greater scrutiny. Mean they by the way going back to the badgers if the badgers were win out here that they went out rest of the season and win northwestern they beat Michigan State. Short of winning the Big Ten tournament where that put them in your mind. It is in terms of being an adequate and will seek a lawyer in ninety. Well what content is. Got they're like 127 in the RBI and ended at the win. Just the finish 500. They have to win despite gains in a row the finished above 500. They're not getting in the tournament that any term it. A look at our 500 team you know. Are you that they wanted they want order rolled in law it appears that. That not given in the nineteen. So at their pokey and hope that they can get a 500 probably are you know dvi yankees like that they were choose to do it. Hey real quick before also before I let you go via their there's a lot of talk about changing the one and done rule we're gonna hear from Adam silver coming up next put. Give me your thoughts and all the discussion regarding this whole one and on time. Well. I mean as a college basketball as tight as these players in college basketball. I always sort of paper and it would be all wrapped model you're gonna restrict. Players. It did well you don't where you either go on ice where you wait two years. But I also consider. Restricting. People's ability to. You don't go out and and make a living for themselves they're chosen trade could be kind of America. And I realize this is collectively bargained so that illegal. But it bothers me that people you know who are good at what they do it go out that are living at it because of some arbitrary. Great stuff Gerri as always we certainly appreciate it okay. Thanks out to argue soon they'll Brad intelligence for CBS sports that's re curious of CBS sports dot com that is Jerry palm. Breaking that's in college hoops in the likelihood of the badgers getting into any term. He's practically needle. In his upped. 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Check out quick trip shop in the way any participating Qwikster go to quick trip TW IK Qwikster dot com that's quick trip. Dot com Adam silver. Gets into the one and done so stuff because as we just heard it is somewhat of a conflicting topic when it comes to whether or not. Players should be able to just commend the college for one year basically a few semesters and then get the hell out he discusses. Work conflict to be honest. Were outside of our cycle of collective bargaining right now. Which is when we generally address an issue like that but Michelle Roberts and I've also agreed that there's no reason we should at least be discussing it right now. They should be discussing it as to whether or not they wanna do all of this is taking a one and and so does become and it it really does only effective very minimal fuel. It's not as if it's. You know affecting. Many so to speak because I don't so many players let's be honest is only so many players are to possibly go early. You know I mean. 855830864. If you think I'm wrong on this and it only affects people doing gives you shall I have sort continues this discussion. And he said here he talks India plays association about the one and done situation. We had some meetings with the players association where we've shared data on success rates are young players coming into the league we've talked a lot about youth development. In terms of whether we should be getting involved in some of these young players even earlier than when they come in the college. And in addition to that these talk about having younger guys in the league it does create some problems as well. We think we have a better draft when we've had an opportunity these young players. I'm play you know the level before they come into the gym yet on the other hand. I think the question for the league is in terms of their ultimate success are we better off. Intersecting with them a little bit younger we'd better off bringing them into the week when their team using Archie league as it was designed to be isn't developmentally. And and getting them minutes on the court there. I think you'll be a great thing if they're going to develop these guys put him in the geely if you're gonna do this put him in the dealings some players. Some players are very few okay actually coming into perform at the age of eighteen. There's also recognition that for some of these elite players. There's no question that they can perform in the end that at eighteen years old. Many others who do it there is some people. Bombs say all this kid can or cannot play and in how many times we see any guy that's one of the top players in the country. He's going to be I wanna Downey goes and he doesn't find any time any NBA and they do it. Why money if your guarantee the money when we don't want it right you don't sent. So that's where one of the issues comes in days about how much you're gonna pan am indeed the money is what they wanna grab. Buddy can also be one of the biggest deterrents actually getting their game together and then getting more money down the road it's what you wanna grab up front. Vs what it is you're actually gonna get to as for your long term limit he so we're not rushing through one and done conversation. We're not by any means rushing through this I think this is a case where actually outside of the cycle collective bargaining can spend more time on with the players association. Talk to individual players talked him through executive board and really trying to understand the pros and cons of potentially moving the age limit. So they go that some of the discussion that Adams overs had regarding the one in Dunn's in college basketball I look I've eve you can do it go for. Near the problem is only so many Hewlett actually do. And that's where the issue becomes. Paramount for not only collegiate sports and for some of the lives of these guys. But pretty MBA and we MBAs already considered somewhat of a watered down league you're just finally starting to get some stars together and the problem is they're putting all stars on one team. And they're creating super teams and it's to some fans is to turn off. To others fans it's you know what team can knock down the mighty giants. It's the David and Goliath theory. So. You know I don't know what to the one and guns have done a college basketball I do know that then when they comment on it there was a statistic the other date I just saw this. There was out of 171. Round top draft choices. Out of seventy. That have over the last guy I wish I saw this statistic can read it for myself. Bomb it was like over the the last 12145. Years or something that affect these top draft choice and in chose. Only to. Have worn championships for their team that picked them. Only two and LeBron had to leave and then come back and do it. He left went to Miami and they came back because a lot of these guys these teams that are tanking. These teams that are kind of throwing everything out the window to become one of the worst teams and then in the NBA to be able to grab a couple of these top draft choices. By the time they mature enough. To really play good competitive NBA basketball. They Mubarak. They they they haven't been able to fulfill the prodigy of taking your team to a championship. So they don't get that second mammoth contract they don't get the Max deal people don't feel it's worth it. And they move on and then they win somewhere else and usually after they've been teamed up with two or three other big name stars. It was mind blowing. For the teams have done the tanking thing over the last 51015 years we've really really discussed. It was mind blowing. To hear that many of these teams never ever won a championship. With a guy that they tank for. Because it takes so long now you're talking about putting eighteen year old into the NBA. Not in favor of that. Put him in the geely make it a developmental league if they wanna get paid pay a minimal amount of money may be that keeps them in college maybe it doesn't. May be gives them a little bit of security for their families. Because of it is making something beats making nothing. To many of these guys and your being looked at on a daily basis by eight by NBA scouts and not college scouts. So maybe that's the direction you wanna go and I would never begrudge a player that's good enough to do it. The necessity of staying in school. What you also have to then weigh the balance of ongoing semi pro. And passing up an education. And the ability to graduate and ability not to have debt. When it comes to graduation in the sheepskin. So will that you begin a way that and I think that becomes more a fair option rather than just saying hey. Your on the court immediately when LeBron you're on the court immediately was staff here on the court immediately would yon assert Westbrook gray one of these guys. Because there's there at the right now there's not a lot of in between. And maybe if you open it up to the geely guys a little bit more may be that becomes a legitimate choice for a lot of these place. The problem is the old the geely not every team in the NBA has a junior league of correct which is an issue which is Euribor. In order for this in order for this to truly work like it is with Major League Baseball. You have to averaging a league team. With every NBA. If you're going to start investing in the younger players in that particular weird you know. Expanse. You're gonna be like the bucks is that we have to have. Because we want to govern our guys for a long time the box who didn't have a the Wisconsin heard. Would send their guys to a geely would they didn't have control over that guys to what they were learning what they were doing because it wasn't their affiliate. These geely teams would have to be then affiliate guru affiliated directly with the NBA teams that there the feeder feeder team for. 855830864. It. Won't get this a more opinion on college troops Jim Mac obeying color analyst for Marquette Golden Eagles in the radio network. He is gonna join us we'll talk more about this will talk more about the the scandal that is the NCAA and college basketball. And also talk more about Marquette basketball next in the Michael should. Yeah we are glad to have him. Thanks so much for taking listened to a jazz own certainly appreciate it. Lot of college of chatter today Jerry palm always good crack intelligence for CBS sports join us a little bit earlier. And that atop which a map of any color analyst for the Marquette Golden Eagles radio network come and appear. In just a couple of minutes this portion of the program brought to bargain friends and marsh field clinic health system and they helped me out they can help you out as well Pearson the orthopedic we going on shoulders. Hips knees ankles elbows. They got to go one on our newest colony parred five and seaports and that's 855. MC or so. And maybe just maybe they can neck each homer in as little as a day you're heard me right in as little as a day. That is 855 MC ortho find out everything. That is a Marshall clinic by simply going to Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic and also how big oval win a come from behind because I was I gotta admit I was watching the game Saturday night and thinking holy crap loses ugly. And all of us and I turn around and they ended up winning a ball game how big of a character win was that for that team agree my on Saturday. I really nationals in this is really the Thai embassies and lower every coach the country. Doesn't really. Talk to his team about. You can win these games in Munich if this record or whatever. Feel better which are all focus and out of a record stuff all the coaches right now are saying that's the one game season. It'll come out and in which you care what this game because this this game means a lot Hershey's and that's pretty worst case all the way through February where there. Other forewarned Souter voted for the Bobble. Caused some injuries obviously with the with the Golden Eagles right now and looking. Looking forward Howard doubtful for our tomorrow night's game added yeah how big a blow is that your mind. Well you know it's yeah a great player and I think that surprised people more of us but kept coming back at Creighton was that they do without Marcus Howard. We we've watched market teams do that before they lose a key player. I would draw on the field goes owner of support bet like console also asserts that. Reporters would be too great to see them all so teams can rise up in an individual players almost seems to rise up and spa. But the question is how long it's sustainable so hopefully. Look at our visitors should bullets and from player doesn't provoke play more than one game and let me get back quickly could certainly needed to benefit conservative on the floor. How much is Greg Elliott you know and the game is now he's carrying kind of the way of the world on his shoulders I mean you're you're coming advertisement averaging over twenty points a ball game how much is great Elliott fuel pressure. Well you are. And they're just good coaches don't focus. Certain things of this for me here. Freshman really rattled you're fresher at this for the season because. He does well as 20/20 five games of their culture well it in the kind of know what's gone on so I think. The pressure would be different if that was the beginning of the year and regulate or this step up but. I think she hadn't been Jamal capable surprised a lot of people. I think people be shocked if our about all of them shooting better from three this season right out of Marcus how orders of the shortage. So they've they've proven themselves capable outside shooters they give us a little bit more linked to the Marcus Howard does. They're just the other not obviously the scorer that he isn't able create off the dribble like workers' social others will particular picture. Three wins in the last nine games this team has been consistently inconsistent what has been the bugaboo. Well if you have three guys are seen or are capable scored thirty porch on any given but it would chew on in the game as much as possible interest yes. The issue is you have to all of our troops six feet tall which creates some problems defensively. And it's not because. In her housing market sparkle or curse just because there's so mismatch and size lies are so you have been able to exploit. Look at what his own against Creighton and they've done that the past look. Not as much success they had more success against Creighton although I think. While over the Craig gamers. Very mature coach ordered Austria brigade you know what post injury things are fair on their ability to doubt revolver almost full album I've achieved or gave our report about a approach. Bird in that situation would better if you commit a commitment to a new disgusted by it and impression Boortz. As well both teams shot the shooter took 2% from the floor hit future lords serve on the court scorer retired on the court. In speaking it's not secure because you're crashing the last of attribute difference maker. As you head towards the tournament was his team needed doing your opinion to get into the term. In terms Lou Williams if they pay it forward in the last four games but all of your genes. They've issued the and in could be then. Different times happy and so. That would certainly help our sort. For most the sea he's perfect as good as the big east as top to bottom the worst urgency you know really good actors with stage our government strong Libya. 500. We had season in the big east. And no debt losses. Can probably get any team in the conference into the tournament and if we've seen that capital of the big east pass so I think that's realistic and American meat market connections or more days here of the final stretch for our recent role as a. I would Jim meddling color analyst for the Marquette Golden Eagles in the radio network armed. There is only we were talking earlier. About you know great guard in the expectation Wisconsin because of so many I term appearances. What is the expectation right now Marquette. Well yeah I think those are different situations as coach for a post he wasn't nervous system ever broke Williams or wasn't. In number recruited a lot of the guys are well the roster when he got there so. It's still kind of an apples and oranges between those super. I guess. Bill the accords with the situation what weight gain was fortunate in my thought you know get to determine ever want to go all should be below acceptable when. And people on there if you were refinement. In that just sort of situation I think there's a long term expectation that. What's approach considered it find its footing. The reason torture but whatever resources in and support to. But he's up there the recusal was turbine every year in uncertain years makes pretty deeper. I guess the question then becomes Wayne. When do you say is a guy that's been through a system and you've looked at you say okay. Now this guy's got his feet is it two years three years or when he has all those guys when all those guys have come through and he's got another year owners got at what point do you say okay apps I've seen this guy. To know enough that he's either a really good coaching east tournament down consistently or I've seen enough of a got to say he's good good tonight good enough. Well I I think each individual system is different each situation. And I and other similar coaches struggled to torture. All probably have a cute little bit this year but you have to have people. In the program we're really good but I ask all bargain and I think might broker as well bust in the country. And when you look at a team. There are good pristine view Trevor also spoke to in hadn't thought pro early. It's so you're gonna have things like that but also you Beckett could help in the short term but. Brooke it's urgent medical book or curb because you may have missed some of some other high profile recruit because you'll play the frontrunner also. To order a cheap if you give up to picnic public editor program Purcell and their arms so when when you factor in public matter or gets transferred her. Variety of reasons. Yeah accuse you of a better picture perfect. They look at the roster they look at the age of the players and in how the kids are developing better in the program or security is some good sense of aware of red who's in the pipeline of it will the church's. You know a year two years out with the schema and it is trending in the right order and I I get the feel that. People seem to think works attributable report. Bomb on him before let's go wanted to ask you com we talk a little bit before we brought you on about the one and done and I know out of sort kind of address the wind on rules and Jerry palm talked a little bit about college basketball regards that as well. So we've got both different perspectives give me your thoughts about this told his every year comes up every year we get into the discussion. And every year the NBA's pressured more more say open it up. To eighteen year old now we know it's a minimal fuel but give me your thoughts on that. It's it's on the Castro right now and if it goes gum a lot of times it is pictured at a high school levels of and the people of influence and inaudible all of the stuff for them. The payoff scandals get a goal and that your gonna announce federal Trevor that there's there's chipped out there that are getting batted voracious. And that kind of muddies the waters and been in an essential or do something to protect cheered. As much chance from himself sometimes and try to give them a leg up on the future actually what should early college. A social for a year in which there was sort of a bit. Academically are really don't help because all we really need to do stay eligible for the sort of structure on the block for questions second restaurant. The report from a year out of twelve of fifteen credits and and really not eating any weight immediately meaningfully closer to a degree of it work for which started. So. Sort of iron to me in every subject though certainly the Europeans triggered a sell out and come up with a solution that makes our surveillance over certainly assure and I hope they do. Because it. If it's good for the game to have these sorts of things sorted out and the return bad examples Pol Pot which is legal black iron. It would ask. The good news is and not I'll mention a whisper of anything improper with some Marquette program what are your thoughts on what's going on with college basketball right now and the and I I guess in the impending charges that are gonna come through numerous basketball programs and Yahoo! Sports article it says as many as sixteen programs. Could end up vacating wins in the top 25 that are going to be Indian civil interment this year. Actually I it will blow out about it. The other day in and I'm worried a little bit purposeful. And a chassis Berkshire or college basketball like I assume you have what they have the death penalty because of the actions of our football program that didn't just impact the football forever. People who are graduates of a certain you were good people who have not had a dual sport local all of in the negative connotation of the word along with. The death penalty for everybody associated of that university. In linger for years and I think people need to understand. Whatever comes down all of us whatever schools are impacted. But everybody college basketball's cricket. Attract a lot of people are straight and do things the right way every not a part of our coaches don't talk about players. Ever could very well be situations where. Can dark teamwork are getting. Well the numbers are browser more dollars to quote school. And their teammates totally different about it didn't want anything to a statement like that it had no idea that was caught shall. I hope people will get an order there's certainly there's some directors that's good. I ordered but dutrow and very good target because it's its knowledge about our secure virtual a lot of coaches who won't say anything because that's you know. That's their job they can't really about Serb but I think there's a lot of coaches looking forward to prepare for all those programs because. They've struggled through the industry try to do things or wait and watch other people take the shortcuts and it really have no negative repercussions because. As a matter of fact as we sit here I don't know if you've seen it but Sports Illustrated ESPN CBS all saying the same thing. That were just broke that at University of Louisville will vacate. 123. Wins from 2012 through 2015. Including their 2013. Championship after their appeal has been denied. They must also return millions in conference revenue from the 2000 import twelve through 2015 NCAA tournaments that is harsh. So the character but then. Yeah well. Let these guys back viewed on it but I'll show you would like the they go to the big east where it was buried yeah you would like this that yeah earlier. You some audio. You would like to thank but a man that is a harsh harsh penalty and one of the one the Alex has said this is one of the quote dirty is programs. And quote we've seen a long time so. Rick Pitino a whole lot of troll good stub is always Jim we appreciate palca. Thanks buddy Diego Jim Mac going color and it's an analyst for market Golden Eagles in the radio network. Are joining us in the Shire or challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard each creature fair eighty plus years and getting it done. Call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot Kanye more ego getting rid of 123. Wins. Going back to 2000 in twelve. Through the 2015. Seasons that also vague case then. They're 2013. NCAA championship. And they must then return millions in conference revenue. From the 2012 through 2015. Seasons. Ended the NCAA tournaments that the attendance so man. That is a huge. Penalty and the thing about it is for Louisville I don't feel one bit story from Louisville because everybody knew for a long time. That pitino did the I don't wanna know about it I'm turning a blind eye to it. All week and not prolong time. And they just kept bringing them back and we kept saying how is this guy have nine lives and then you find out that the athletic director was all it'll. And then it really got ugly after that but they have got an absolute positive mess. Down Louisville now and that was just breaking news by the way I was giving the statistics a little earlier. About NCAA draft lotteries I've got an in front and I'll tell you what they are coming up next and a microchip. The program the Michael she always on the air. Time now for the app Roy goes stat of the day. If you're an NBA team you play games one and NBA title that's that's what is your hope reform when you lose games. Concurrently and the current NBA landscape it's kind of the tank thing. You try to get the number one overall fifth. Right. So. Here's here's here's something important right. In in the game today. You try to get the overall pick. The top overall pick to be able to build upon your team in franchise. To get them deep right. Just three times. Since the NBA started the lottery system. Back in 1985 which is small sample size I admit. Has a player being drafted first overall. And then gone on to win an NBA title or multiple titles with the team that drafted him. Think about this for a minute since 1985. Teams that have been tanking. The spurs did it would David Robinson and 87. Ten years later they did it would Tim Duncan. And the cavaliers did it with Ky re Irving. Now if you wanna include LeBron James remember he'd left. Won a title would Miami but then he came back to Cleveland as a free agent. OK so over the teams in Pulitzer why did it with Cleveland yet but he left went 112 as a matter of fact. With Miami that he came back in 11 with Cleveland. In the cutthroat and Byron the NBA. Middling franchise is stuck in number four through number eight season and conference are usually failures. More often than not. Only make giving it to the NBA end of finals and winning validating a franchise never been harder to succeed at that. Which is why teams like the sixers and lakers have sunk so low to stockpile. Numerous number ones. That's the only way you can do in today's day and age apparently according to this. The stats Roger by our good friends act after royal. If lamenting SEP and big data solutions on the web just like yours. Those companies are out there just like yours and they do it for a lot of and they can help you was well. Our got to do is check amount eight PP RO YO dot com that's app Froyo dot com. Where they're helping out companies just like yours with all the data that's out there. Putting it through the sea of giving effect tee and saying here's how you can help yourself. Say Joan. While mortal might show coming up after this.