HR2 – Do you love, like, or hate the DiVincenzo pick?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, June 22nd
Hour 2. We’ll discuss the Bucks first round selection of Donte DiVincenzo. Is he a good fit? Plus, Indy Lights Series racer Aaron Telitz stops by.

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From the league front for the want this is where Wisconsin sports fans Compton told. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. While golf. Howard number two was we broadcast live up here where it's at road America. The IndyCar Series is in town. And if he Verizon IndyCar Series is in town court Grand Prix coming up this weekend at road America. And the a cloud in the air the cars the Indy cars had just taken the track they're going through the four mile track. As they weave themselves through this undulating road course as they get ready for their practice sessions so the sound of these cars is going to start to a heat up. Tremendously you're gonna hear them coming up here it just because matter factor goes Tony can on right now. Who just who joined us on the show yesterday in the AJ Foyt Eee PC. Vehicle anyway long story short it talks in bucks basketball. And the Milwaukee Bucks last night made a make that choice some of you want them to change the pick to to get rid of it to to package it up and get some salary cap space they did not do that. Do you love the pick like the pick or hate the pick even gentle. Even gentle coming from Villanova national champion 31 point to the national title game he collided up. He's that guy that they grabbed John force the Bucs general manager last night. He he had a few things to say and we're gonna hear from him coming up a momentarily by the way I want mixture that you understand that we are out here in our point creek RV rentals mobile studios and is portion of the program. Is up rocked by our good friends at new biomedical tree got a ET all over the state Wisconsin beyond reporters implications. In Milwaukee they have me in Green Bay as well whether it's low T. I'll ED EP they have an idea percent success rate curing. ET that is low teacher opulent down moody. Your stamina is not there whatever maybe they can help you out with that and that has been wildly successful then there's the all the one weight loss program. And you can check that out as well we all want what was program is called pork or pork were part five. 44514144. Part five. 4451. That is the new mail. Medical center and out last night John force said hey look we're very excited to add Dante di Vincenzo. Very excited to add player like key to our roster. A man of high character highly competitive athletic as a good size for combo guards to shoot the ball and he's proven winner. Tom the interesting thing there for all the different speculation out there about the bucks it's belted. And the players that they possibly were looking at even Chen's it was a guy obviously that is they had taken a good hard look at it. Horse settler from kind of the beginning that this that we are hoping called us this archive. Thought that was our got if you were up there in Saudi at least in our room he got there we we were worried about it we thought it was gonna go that before us. The first nearly gave him to do things that you said again got it has positional seismic shoot. Pass dribble defend at a high level compete in again you know we had a highlands for me to do that spirit sent out. And then that this is also a guy that very quietly. Now John Horst obviously only the last couple years in the job but. Even when he was a with the young Milwaukee Bucks scouting for the Milwaukee Bucks. Even back when Jon Hamm a was here he's looked at this is the guy that we've been paid attention to for quite some time not just this past season. Movements Scotty Donte' all these all these players for their entire careers end he said really successful career. With a Villanova team in the end you know part of two national championship teams and most outstanding player most recently just. Part of winning again and high level so we've had a lot of box is the watchdog to play. Also he said that when it talks about Dante di Vincenzo he said it not only seen a weak competitor. Always talk about the guy so we got into this a little bit in the percent in the first hour. He was talking about the organization and he was talking about championship atmosphere in patty agrees and in history he's in is a guide it sounds like he was in the championship organization he's also got a high character to him as well. Don T really surfaced this is the elite competitor. Really genuine highly high character person it's someone has the highest lifetime on the court and off the court so. I think a lot of guys in that group have similar skill sets a similar abilities but his ability to compete. Think the game and he's proven the part when you know I always was really important for us and think we think that gives him a chance to up possibly help us this year and didn't. More importantly I'm going forward. Now. There is the that that the stigma I guess. He's not a starter he was a bench player he ended up taking accepting the role in coming off the bench and beat on that sixth man for Villanova and he hit it very very well Saudi and national title game seat you know the kid. Is not afraid. Olympic spotlight and he's never gonna play in the NBA in allergic Crowell. In front of a larger crowd than he did playing in the national title game obviously. But this is a guy that there when he was talked to today we need to be that's sixth man when you come off the bench we need to accept this role one of the things that John force said. That this guy accepting that role that excelling at their role says a lot about his character. A lot of people would say that Dante is not the best player on the team was one of the top two or three players on the team. It's a watch him come off the bench often majority of timing contribute produce the way he did. Shows that you really not only says that he wants to play a role in winning and we'll sacrifice to do whatever it takes to win that he actually did it in not only did he do he did and high level and I think. For a guy like that again to fix a little fit our system situated wanna play and so our roster that was key. Now all the biggest question is any duplicate that replicate that in the NBA the NBA's allied bigger stronger faster. They won't push you around it's more physical game John force you to think that his physical toughness. Coupled with that shooting abilities gonna give him a real chance to contribute right away. The things that we think gives him a chance and opportunity that are physical toughness. The level which she competes in fact he can shoot the basketball in united. You are not compared to sterling brown but those are a lot of things that we like sterling flasher when he drafted him and thought that he can come and help and contribute and so to what level he's able to do that. I in team situations is to be determined there's no doubt in our minds to contribute to the roster in other ways you know on the roster in practice in the locker room. In other ways again in his character she's going to step. To be part when he. So. You know they they talk viscerally brown a sterling brown. Was good wasn't great you know didn't really like stand out to the point of Ross thanks Charlie Brown has to relieve stress. Anyone for starting position. Which you certainly hope it does it give you ten so it's a guy that. He can come in and and maybe even be beat there won't obviously be better than that. I mean they the issue of let's be honest they're open the diskette Kamal the pitching Gibson scoring and that's. That's what this is all about and they believe that that stronger faster that everything but what better skilled outside shot. Is going to be one of the things that's gonna have him excel now he did say that one factor. For them is that you know Villanueva. Who wins the national title. They've they don't play this spread it. Offense. That some colleges play where they slow it down its defensive game they play up and down pro style basketball. There's no doubt Villanova plays a pro style game. And I think things like that absolutely help a player I think acclimate. Quicker than maybe guys that don't matter because he plays a pro style. But no it does it in I think because of that scene guys in the past. Like John Hart and others have been able to come in and plug and play out sooner than others and announced a factor for sure. So Donte' seemingly the best player in the draft a lot of bucks fans feel good about there's there's some bucks fans it even have tweeted me and say they should have treated it. They did not they are high fired up about David Jones though so give me your thoughts are you excited about this guy coming into the organization the Bucs picked him last night. In the NBA draft 8558308648855830. 86 foray on the won't quite get to accountable for talk line 855830. 864. Rate give us shall. Riddick a real well. Says absolutely love it he has for the best ice. And I didn't get it done no problem. This one is from Stewart who writes the when he's email inbox I love this kid watching the national title game shooting the lights out yes he might have been hot at the time. But he had no fear that's what it takes NBA. To be able to chuck it up as long as you're hitting have no fear take the ball up the quarter past the honest there's a lot of things he can do I'm excited about this. This is from mark. Mark writes in the Wendy's email inbox. I love this pick I was hoping you for the Milwaukee Bucks in darned if he didn't I told my friends he would be there. At the Bucs would take him my friends were saying no no no I said yes yes yes. I'm a big wreck and that. 855830864885583086. 48 at some low platelet dot com told three jock like you'll like it you'll love it or you hate it. Want your opinions on this box fans where are yet an issue out I wanna know your feel good about this particular case that's an additional scoring some of the bench depth that they've been looking port. Is now there. Do you like to pick that they made last night at picking up even chants of yes no or in different this portion of the program rocket fire spreads more through political system. They can help you out just a by a phone call call 844 airway if it's 844 care wait if they can get your prescription right over the phone to perform senior youth they will. And they can do it. Within minutes Ali at it was chemical on the chart by the way never more than forty bucks and they can't help you they don't charge it's that simple and it's good stuff. Good care good medicine for reference the Marshall clinical system the official health care provider of yours truly go to Marshall clinic dot or. For all the information all the services all the positions the location everything that they have to offer. Do you like the Milwaukee Bucks picked last night and even chads or yes no or a different one of the white culture coming up after this. You're listening to the bill he might school's sports talk and that's worth. So Michael shelves. We are broadcasting live from your road America and Elkhart late teens getting ready for the Kohler Grand Prix this weekend the rise in IndyCar Series is yours matter packed courtroom on the track right now. And that they are they're going through some practice laps. Here cars out there getting kind of set up a lot of the cars go a couple of laps around the track that negated the bits. They make coupled with judgments they get back out on the course and that's what practice is all Balch in that sense. Let me ask you this we were talking it bucks basketball just prior to. And I wanna know your thoughts on it even Jens so I'm looking a lot of the tweets coming over. Some say I'm OK with the pick. Others say I love this pick. Go says I'm only okay with this. This season all I'm sorry Brad Brad says it's killing me with this out of the race cars in the background he's a racing passion. That Brett is also he's won here so that's fantastic must be a driver of some type. We've got Jeff pat Mike who says I love the pick of Milwaukee Bucks looks like they're moving forward to the future and how they decide to boring if this thing over with. Keep us off of pins and needles. And again we don't know what they're gonna do. You know I mean there was another you know discussion last night I was watching some of the NBA coverage or listen to some of the NBA coverage or should say. They were talking about Jabari possibly a sign entry ticket. If they could package him up with one of the bad contracts in its two party. In yacht as he truly cannot coexist. Then sign and trade them away. Somebody gets you know a player the future they give him under control. In addition to that did the books Q1 of the riddle won the bad contracts. That they have right now big Jim says I love the pick but I missed the big original big red do effect which is merited patience pretty funny stuff. This one says from Ronnie who tweets is technological Michael's love the pick neither shooter. Got one but I get nervous because skip Bayless likes it as well at all. Skip Bayless is kind of that gives it that is they pay for fifth at a Benedict is it dead I am I understand that. FFF and at the ability like third period. Them. Let's see here this one by the way. From fans sighed and Joseph brought this to my attention in the box Ager Morton our ski. He's to blame for the bucks not treating on draft night the question mark according to an interview. The Bucs lost in agreed upon trade on draft night due to the media reporting picks ahead of time. The Bucs may have gotten screwed on the draft thanks to a certain Walton reporter leaking draft picks on Twitter. Now I I don't know to what extent take a listen though this is is matter of fact this season. Who is this this is the up hawks GM. Travis so lush blanket taking it talking about it this particular situation he was on 9570 games ever since this morning. Wall. I think that they. That speaks to society today more in general and the thing I mean especially in our business lines. I there's sometimes double have a conversation in three minutes later a child whether its debate. How fast information travels he. An AA makes things conflict some of these conversations were trying to you know you collect confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard he. On foot it can also be beneficial when you're talking about being an oral and trying to project. A lot Akron so you know we had a nineteen stick in your work on the ballot and you know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like there's a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the Nike stick RC camp was one level. And it leaked what to Milwaukee that it takes so all the sudden we were able pullback got a good feel that keep keep the traffic it's had a package picks to move up could we do two guys. On the board we felt really good about only one team in between and so. You know that the apostle source. So it today to eat out here here's two things to think about in that discussion. One is yes in today's social media world. When things begin to unfold in major motion or ski in such everybody's trying to be the first to get information out. You understand we can actually follow along we don't mean with through the NFL draft we start seeing things before the picks are actually made. You know when agents are tweeting stuff out. Wind. You know you've got to you know people with the league that are starting to tweet step daughter give out information. Any hits Twitter prior to I mean we have actually done that before the picks were made. In the NFL draft. We have actually done this. In an ounce up in our draft coverage at a time. So now you're talking about people that are inside or so. On one hand you could blame agent morgues are ski OK you can say you know what he skirts but the bottom line is somebody. Whether it's through the Atlanta organization. Or the Bucs organization opened their mouth. Somebody opens their mouth is you just you don't pull information out of the year. You don't mean it would it's a scalp an office person a PR person but general manager who's got a relationship with somebody. Somebody. Opens their mouth. And we hated Ted Thompson for not giving up any information. Patent. Because it in saving it he was he was that the ultimate poker player he was never gonna reveal his Hartsfield right. Well if you reveal your cart is what happens. So on one hand you'd you'd despise. The media use by social media you despise certain things it it leaked out it can be detrimental to your team. The bottom line and shut them out. If you don't want information to be leaked out there you don't wanna kind of screw yourself which in in this particular case somebody did. Shut your mouth. Don't say a word. You know it in the it you don't let your phone to be but which I can't imagine that's happening in today's gotta order base you know scenario to go by. But shut your mouth that's what it's not. Adrienne wanted ours he didn't screw box. Somebody at one of those two organizations screw blocks the Portugal 8558308648. Do you like to pick last night. As the bucks made their choice and got themselves shooter. They pick up even check till last night comes out of Villanova comes up that bad scores 31 the national title game solid numbers all the way around braced his role as a bench player. Yes he wasn't a starter what exactly do you start to Milwaukee Bucks and lets you really comes on as a shooter beacons of light it up. So do you like that picked 85583086480. By 583086. Great it'll quicken Dutch couple we talk like. On this one. From brewer fans is like and I guess he seems like a good player but honestly. The Bucs can't draft with one exception in the first round to save their life they've been so pathetic so I don't have much faith overall. Com. This one is from a market says that your pick is shorter than the commissioner I do not like it. Wait a minute mark spud Webb had helped career India Allen Iverson and I held a career in India. They were shorted commitment commissioner. Remember those guys. They're pretty small. I don't mind I'd look is it that a small guy plays with a big heart as a soft touch they can art. Not a problem with a at all. Drifts he says personally aside desires Smith he was the only player that I felt that it fit the mold what the actually needed offensive player who compression Ole. And shoot from the perimeter and a high percentage. I'll real quick let's go to Terry atlas it was an apple to underscore cared what the program that'll likely show. Don't know. What's up. I love the pick that the guy wanted all along. I heard John harsh compare mister brown little bit but I hear more as Chris O'Connell street India. A little book mark but he's more athletic I looked ordinary things that it will. Night I hopefully it continues to proceed while quite continues to develop a shot. You know the gonna quote little weight on even make you a little bit stronger but he's got tenacity inside he's not afraid to coincide. He likes to play with you know with the with the bidders he doesn't have a problem with a with a bigger players so why I'm. And if you ever seen him shoot. He's taken this a cavity and to be able to kind of you know promote that fadeaway jumper that he's had at times. He's not afraid of contact so that's not a free to contact is gonna be you probably a more valued piece. Commodity coming into the habit of Korea are preparing to step Corina says only that sets up. Separated by a contact. He was got to kind of welcome that he just ended up developing such an incredible quick cross definite jump back. That he just became even more prolific once I got there yet game that's which are hoping repeated chances that his shot just continues to get better but the biggest thing I I agree with you is. Nobody talks about his defense. You get a pretty good defense down the stretch and at ball in the national title game as well. It came up big for Villanova let's do this RegToy take a quick break we're broadcasting live here at road America the point creek or he rentals. Dot com mobile studios if you look at for our beat if you look at for a weekend get away whether it's three days or more. Check out point creek or be rentals dot com point creek RV rentals dot com. The ultimate weekend experience everybody looks at that everybody wants in to invest and can't. They've got to cover. Whether it's three days or a whole lot more they got everything. They're privately owned company Caitlin and her husband fantastic people and whether it's camping here wrote americorps anywhere. Anywhere you hit the brigadier set it up for you but anywhere you go pick it up. You take it via wherever your destination is and bring it back and it's all good. And as that we are to invested everything that is the point creek or be rental company good point creek RV rentals dot com point creek RV rentals. Dot com Michael Jordan talk a little racing what we comeback more right after this. Michael's sports talk it's worth. Program we are broadcasting live out of our point Greek RV rentals and mobile studios we are broadcasting here. At road America were the start finish line area that's region vice point Greek RV rentals could appoint creek or leave rentals dot com point creek RV rentals. Dot com good old Caitlin and her husband there they're great people to work with sincerely sincerely mean that. As they set us up and I'll stick it through RB coming up here a little bit later on today joining us now. Here right in our studios is we should hear certain baseline road America if you ready for the IndyCar Series this week and he got a lot of other racing going on as matter of fact. I got the early world challenge you've got the pro myers' you've got to the GTs got everything going on. I with the guys we have with a lecture Pulitzer is joining us Indy Lights series driver for bull party racing. In their pay and get your head led the NL have rallied on FaceBook so I could have volume more. Yeah Lester today you know we have logo last year is so bill wanna start with when you talk about the track as you said the track is popular this year. Yet just a little bit bumpy here you know Wisconsin winters are not great for our any road surface tracks included. I just a couple of aunts got a little bit bigger here but. Be honest with you bumps is what makes Irish structural more unique. Is a little bit extra flavor I like that you sit its character it is character you're its character. So you said that now which is the bump over the under the heat the Johnson over it's not anything the average of Stratton bridges for. So this Agile little airport. Little bit little bumpy there. You know these everybody talk about stuff like that about a corner on this particular term going underneath the bridge is threatened realty did you guys talk about Somalia yeah guys although about bombs here you know where I guess. Now what you can do you honestly you can't set the car for one bump that doesn't make any sense is that we deal with right. I mean how tough is that not a lot of car addictive I don't wanna say it's fragile to a certain extent when you're doing a 190 miles an hour but. How tough this that a car would take an airport booklet that. I you know what it's not that bad. The related thing that takes that approach to business get plates in the bottom of the car that's that runs over look what. Tennis sometimes feel the bump yet you know I don't know definitely. That. Well we've talked before about this racetrack and now you guys are off to highway after they see you guys travel all over. And again and Tony can nonsense this is his favorite road course you sit in the world. And he said I've traveled everywhere it's always been biker road course not only because of the road course but because that installations of the road course what makes this place especially you. Yeah wow I think Tony I just became best friends there at that statement that is this place is awesome. It's just it's just a track that. It's it's strange to describe it but it almost feels like you're going somewhere earlier most racetracks use no use doing and assert on is kinda. Driving around you is get a rhythm this year it's so big straight razors so long every quarter is so important. It kind of feels like you're you're driving to yet somewhere which is a different feel that you have a lot of other racetracks. And obviously in my home state Wisconsin right so that's nice to you how big a contingent comes down from rice lake. Yeah it quite a large contingent lots or is like wink systems and poison gas. Will come down with an LC a lot of friends and family that come down we'll have about fifty to sixty. People here that I invited and then obviously. A lot of other fans that just show up wants media I got why should not a bad way it was when we went like this next week opium rice lake into the racially celebrity golf place. And I got to their last year and kind of staying at a built a new hotel and righteously and I was there. I would do one of their little happy hour things in all my god there's like ten people that he just fair to say. Oh my god it's easier it. It's like you're you're like a rock star coming out of the matter actually meant yeah I mean I don't I like to think that way but it is cool that. Felt a lot of people out there enjoying what I'm doing and I signed Joseph at a meeting to sell it sits it's really exciting to have that kind of following it every time I go up north. Back home to birch wood. You know everybody there as I was glad to see mean want to hear Tom Iranians want from China has seen in erase what's the what's the better hang out in the and rightly so prominent. I'm leaving them go to next week's a moment ago just for a night it just go hang out of Florida cloak. Hopefully it's a city where I don't comment on rice lake I'd I'm not. Super familiar address like to be honest with you. I don't Jaber is popular Democrat the popular unheard. But if you just take a quick fifteen minute drive up to virtually you've got in virtual it that Paul's Pete sedan. The blue shield bar and acting there. The air redoing their tracks which burned down the old their tracks are. I think it's going to be done by. If they wanted to have it done by. Just the fourth of July okay yeah maybe that thought ever by an audio and the blue billboards announcements blue go by yes that's classic perfect I. Dog Alex has been your perspective with what did you hear earlier this week Monday so that team got here wins Nickelodeon. I had an event after his slate wing systems. Tuesday. Cinema cart came down here that I did Nike here until yesterday afternoon. Which is you get here few hours before we could obviously you guys civil practice today go to cancer programs that help which is a track changed when it's cooler like this verses. I'm we've been here when it was 95 yes here it was cold early right and it got warm. I suppose you little warmer throughout the weekend as opposed to silicon Andy Reid just sitting upper groove something like this were to road course like you so much has changed. You know this change quite a bit throughout the weekend lots of different cars here running with lots of different tire compounds and got Firestone tires Cooper tires. Prelate tires for the world champs a lot of different rubber that goes down. But by and large cool temperatures at racetracks actually helped cars go faster lines make more power. Tires can get more grip. Also. The cooler temperatures obviously treats more downforce those cars they have wings and everything now are gonna be trade or downforce so. Really it's the at a certain point or it's too cold. Cooler temperatures are gonna always make cars faster. Nobody Indy Lights were seen the Indy cars show where it would what is the biggest difference Vegas is just strictly horsepower what is it. Well it is it is a different cars completely different car with different tires different breaks different engine more power. So it it it's completely different but I've got to test the IndyCar and the general driving feel isn't that different from any Indy Lights car. You know I've pretty much picked that up right away it is taking too long to get up to speed. Would attest to that that is Indianapolis speedway ruin it really yet in DGP course but it. Was my top speed and 8090 or something like that is an okay by the way again. Would you hit the would you get on the street earlier in our Indy Lights are reviewing. Over a 170 I think. I think if we use push to pass treat you like 175176. Probably MacKenzie to use that reiterates. We when he pushed past her and you have devoted to give it is it extra time. 5060 horsepower and you have to be within a second of Hartford and you. Okay yeah okay speaking Tuesday you can't just pump it out right is it where realised how difficult has the past was records. At this track actually not that bad and and here's why as you've got such long straightaway is that then end up going to heavy brakes on it whenever you have that. That's how you gonna get passing you know if you got a track that is costly as fast corners and it's. One group you know you're ever gonna see a lot of passing it here at the run down into five long breaks down the run up to one that's long the run down a candidate coroner. Those are all. Long runs and a straight line in two outbreaks on and that's treated he passes so looking at the course itself way from the deceased or passed somebody I know you just kind of went through a couple passive but where's your favorite with your favorite kind of get get somebody underscores yet you know I'm biased judge so it was a ride my favorite spot is getting somebody down into Canada corner because that back through it and on years back and forth and and drivers are you any kind able to naturally block that person behind you without. Necessarily blocking let's say that you get a significant drop move on somebody's candidate that I always feels yet I do an issue by the way. Horse race was. Race wise we start off pretty rough first race at saint Pete we actually qualified up all the track record. And I promptly destroyed my car in the second qualifying session and had to sit out the first race. We event though your fault. Yeah I say this in my faults. You know here just trying to to get everything he can't at a street course and it's just linebacker for you holes. You and then that GM executives that went sideways in the Corvette yap kind of the same thing and now lives. I think golf. Yeah. Feel that that guy I don't know that that that cars a lot of horsepower and he's edit slippery street Carson. Looked like he just got throttled there'll address the reality is that no here here you know kind of agree injured moment that he did Houston. He did that today they got a lot of publicity out of it anyway definitely so watch these guys go around the track you know I like giving Chavez sitting at 1461 minute 46 seconds to get around it's a minute 43 to get around this thing. So what you're talking about street awaits those cards what are you hitting 200 miles an argument for rock you know I don't know what they're hitting at and these straight aways here I've seen a lot of energy it's got to be in the 190s somewhere I I would assume. But I don't know exactly. They go ahead that you lose but it's always good to talk to him well but the Bhutto Barbara. Broxton or virtual murder parks where Mozart report. Just above rice lake yet and I don't find the Aaron do you expect but let's not get that yeah you yeah can all be there at next Wednesday or Thursday night richer detail that I felt I could see it but they Somalia forget what his lawyer deal is joining us Syrian said the studio. At road America and quite take a quick break and come back. It continue on as we get ready for the and he writes IndyCar Series is weakening lights or running. You got the mod as running it GT right all kinds of receipt appear at road America Elkhart lake Wisconsin. Mortal like a show coming up after this. Six blues station strong. Will my school's sports talk now. Back in the program though Michael show on the air we are so glad you were on board thanks for taking a listen to us today broadcasting live out of our point creek or -- rentals mobile studios here at two road America. As they get ready for the rise in IndyCar Series it's gonna race here on Sunday they have the qualifying going on right now are actually I think that that practicing going on right now. And it's the court Grand Prix this week it should be a lot of fun and the cars are you figured race passes all day long it's it's it's a great place it just did a tremendous venue. This portion of the program brought to leverage at new male medical time now for the new male medical. Heads up plays of the week he would that we bring these Chia complements our president bill let according to do was call for what four point 554451. Another one. A lot that two run double take a listen booting get a whole lot of playing time going a year. Let's say. So they go we thought I went out did not but he continues dollar horse at that with a double last night they knock off the cardinals that is. Our buddy Brian Anderson goes Schroeder at fox sports Wisconsin particular radio Joey get well let's all be from the same game in the offensive barrage Travis shawl with this RBI double in the third inning. If. And then last night Eric things comes up in plus one on the bases clearing triple take a listen. I. Well. They have that cinema has a place that we brought you by our friends at the new ban all medical center. You know I got news column for one port 45544514144. Par 54451. On a lot of people chime in regarding Milwaukee Bucks last night I was when I kind of get some of the emails. That have come in and get those channel last night John writes of the unit how can you not like a guy. That shines on the biggest stage in college basketball not said that's John listening to his. He chip or falls and John by the way don't forget. Our friends. Our friends out there it quick trip in the back well that plus grocery they have that cigar dinner coming to temple falls it to the chip or river distillery. Coming up Thursday night July 26 and it's gonna be hated by TP catering usually gets stuffed chicken. Or is it being prime rib garlic mashed potatoes bad vegetable medley Alec Brantley cigars. Are going to be there that evening. And you can pick up your ticket to tobacco outlet plus grocery on birch street in oak player or on south prairie view road in triple balls. One of those two places so you can that check that out. And in addition to that tickets to sell some tickets get yourself some I drink tickets get yourself some raffle tickets that dinner forced free for forty cigars as well we'll see out there. As well. On this the last night the bucks make their pick this one also from a Jacob who writes. I'll love this victory finally got a shooter guy that values defense a guy that comes from championship pedigree on fired up for the Milwaukee Bucks. This guy's good events players and they did just draft goddess. I I don't wanna temper the enthusiasm because I love it. But don't set yourself up for failure either just have the limited expectations in kind of wait and see in an NC would John worst what else he has up his sleeve and you know Joseph since all of that and our studios. So Joseph I mean you and I talked a little bit about this but you being the parts guys that you are so you like to pick. Yeah I'm perfectly fine with that and I really don't know why some bucks fans are really upset about the take your picking seventeen you're not eighteen. Number two number three number five not even number ten I mean once we get out of the top ten in the NBA draft people should all this works by now you've been following the NBA. You should know that it's kind of a crapshoot after that and you know I'd said before the Bucs were gonna trade that pick. Go out and get a guy that can help this team right now I think John Norris got to give it away the other Dana's press conference when he said that you know were open net. Bring in a rookie that can help this team win right now I think di Vincenzo. You know fits that mold I don't think he'll ever be a starter. But we always talk about how the Bucs don't have enough three point shooters especially coming off the bench talk about cards that don't play enough defense he brings bolts of that. And I'm just impressed by the three point stroke that this kid as he is so impressive. With catch and shoot threes and we're talking about a box team that's able to attack the paint. Any of you know hold that defense are gonna clog it up they're gonna clog up that metal. Players like goddess can just kick it out to deep bench Enzo and he is knock it down he's got great range NS threes. I think he's gonna fit and well in each heat could be eight at decent clinch. Peter here in in his rookie year I don't think I'd be surprised by that at all. I'll look. I'm excited about what the the draft pick is an excited about it the team in general I still think to myself going in next year how much better or they as of right now. They're a little better than they got a shooter they got a young defender. It's gonna take a little bit of time to get acclimated I do like the way that they're trying to like outlook to the future and if this look. It John or said in the U holding minutes' worth that this be guided Heather Ryan the entire time anyway. Then there's something about this Guiding Light I'm not going to be the pessimist like many aren't saying why you know the boxes traditionally aren't good drafts of all of law. At some point you gotta become a believer they draft yeah honestly I have to become believe they found him in when everybody else that I don't know how to pronounce this guys name. Much less what he's all about and they are the want to tracked him down and now look he's he's a burgeoning superstar Ian NBA. So I I'm not making eating this yeah I guess when you look at last year's draft towards Tenneco okay well you know last year was a bit but last year wasn't a deep draft and last year. I I think the guy that was probably the best available felt them and that's who they chose but I don't think last year was his. End all be all the draft where they missed on somebody and they just made it a wrong choice. I think last year they took what was there and he now you just got to wait and see so in essence I'm just simply saying. I'm no higher on the box today that I was yesterday I like the pick I like where they're at now it's just kind of wait and see and to meet. I'm sitting back at it I think a lot of bucks fans are maybe yours well Joba. I'm sitting or marsh fork going OK what else what else you gonna do to make this team better other than just hiring and knew about it coach. While I don't mean it don't you feel like there has to be a little more proof of the putting before we go to jump off to deepen its say okay this team is completely on the right track yet but it's a little. Hard to change your roster when you really don't have any cap flexibility you got it stupid contracts out there. And it's sold that Betty again the box is stuck in neutral right now. And I don't know how they're going to be able dom some of these contracts they had an opportunity last night to trade. And I and all they were gonna be able to get a deal done with the Atlanta are not regardless if Walsh tipped the pick NEA. All I know way is. Their could be a chance where we don't see too many significant moves I think the Jabari Parker things the first thing that we're gonna find out is whether or not he's a beer long term but after that. Trying to move some of these other bad contracts it may not happen because they may not. Have enough assets to pair with one of those bad deals so if that happens you go into the regular season thinking to yourself. OK let's see aborted holes or can get a little bit more out of a John Henson. Can he get a little bit more odd adult adult McKinney you know make Tony snell a little bit more effective from three point territory. Add those are the things say you're gonna have to hope for. And then next year you're gonna lose some ovals some of those contracts finally and it might be a completely different roster self. I wanna be surprised if we don't see significant change is coming for the box. I wouldn't be surprised. I I certainly hope that day. Now they have something else officially about to have a way to kind of make it the on I think it's going to be three or four team deal. What I I wanna see them do something more. Going into next season and then just where they're at right now and obviously that's gonna start with two or Parker and what they end of figuring out where it. I think the two keys right now hours to figure out what to do with euphoria. What you're gonna do what so let's as the most tradable contract right now he's a guy that can't score he's a guy that we know can be selfish with the basketball but it's also guided as expiring contract. After this season that's valuable to teams as well. We've got two hours down two hours yet to go this portion of the program being brought to buyer for its cousins where they believe in better the officials of sandwich and go Michael's. Sports talk network it's become bottle it is back. At cousins of for a limited time. Always fantastic graphical go face first into that thing that is cut themselves. A lot more than like a show coming up live tomorrow at road America right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.