HR2 – Giving up on Knebel?/Overhype for Boyle?

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Friday, August 10th
Hour 2. We’ll continue to take your reaction from both the Packers and Brewers games from Thursday. Plus, D.A. from CBS Sports Radio talks NFL.

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Out of the Wisconsin state fair how we look at the bill like the show is on the air it is Friday. You got the weekend. Get out here enjoyed tonight. If you are an eighty's or ninety's person when it comes with a musical acts. Like. Your liking it. Tonight. They have hair at the fair. Featuring slaughter. With autograph turn up the radio. If you don't if you don't that reference you know exactly what is I'm talking about. That is coming up tonight on the associated bank amphitheater stage 7 o'clock this evening TLC. With him ball tonight. That's a Lotta Lotta mean main stage and then over here but what we've billion. Right now he's got Pacific Coast Highway that is on the show on the stage rip a method gets underway at 330 today the love monkeys great up tonight. At 8 o'clock. You've got great fans all over the place all over the place right now. If you're under the fair immediately get a fair over just started a little while ago miles weight room. Miles is over at knuckle heads and I don't ever usually point to in any direction away from the Bud Light volume but I will say this miles. He is the with the vocalist in plays guitar and all that kind of stuff. He's the guy that played a cheery in my wedding. And all my goodness he is fantastic. Is a great guy. If you do anything to the fair today stop over their the next few hours he's going to be playing over there say hello miles fantastic guy you've got Ryan McEntire playing at major schools these. Which Ryan is actually Brian and miles to be playing my wedding reception. Coming up here a couple of weeks there over there Bellic Cain tonight. That's the sport's growth that's getting that's going to be a good one live at 9 at 6 o'clock this evening pitches barbecue miss Katie stars a lot of good stuff going on. It's up or no go more. We'll go through more coming up here. Shortly so the brewers and the packages that it just pick it brewers fans don't growers Packers fans don't backers whatever you wanna do with the lack. Maggie at the Packers knock off the Tennessee Titans 3171. Receiving game of the season I can put up 31 point at some of their way ago. Meanwhile the brewers. The brewers' double. Brewers had a lead going in and I Corey Perry and able comes in cannot get and how. Gives up a base hit but four runs. All earned load the bases gives up rhyme. Goes to 43 Soria comes in. Gives up or I should say get the third of an inning like gives up one hit a grand salami. And and that was all she wrote. Take part comes in its last couple about out of the game actually via Cayman two thirds of an inning gives up or hit a run. One earned has strikeout. That one shot he gave up so the operas and losing that voted yes today 824. Eight to forests in Diego puts up with six spot in the night which just it was a game that should have never gotten away from the brewers and it did. And the brewers fall still two games behind cubs put. Golden opportunity kind of climb back in and they threw away not to mention San Diego 46 and 71 on the season and San Diego wins this series. Against the Milwaukee Brewers team that should be vying for the top spot in the National League instead of losing to a bottom feeder the worst team. In all of national league baseball. And they are only short of the White Sox the Orioles in Kansas City the royals. Its fourth worst record in baseball and you lose two out of three in a pennant race just. Can't do it. Can't do it 855830864885583086. Foray and if you wanna get us shall do it we would love to hear from him. This is also the Packers chatter in the pick out the highs the lows. Positive negatives whatever you wanna do regarding the Green Bay Packers last night I thought Brett probably played OK some of the out passes so able so able. Little bit higher. Also you had John Kaiser last night. But the quick out of pocket but you know what is it a little bit quick out of the pocket as opposed to staying in the pocket too long like Bret Holley did. Can get from behind having the ball bounced into the air into the defender's hands for an interception. You know I mean it is what it is so I'd rather guys scatter a little literally scatter will be too late. And in boil last night at a at a solid had a solid game. 8558308648. This is from the fan commander. Who says you gotta have faith he was an all star for a reason last year can able still my guy through thick and thin he's been there before. Bomb. Nadal he's not my guy. You know Derrick Turnbow or your guy for your your term cocaine in the next year and he couldn't throw strikes Soviet throw strike Tuesday and be all over the plate. So. No he he's not my guy. Being your guy means your going out to consistently doing he was an all star last year that's last year. You know I mean two years ago three years ago arrived brawl is having 280 watts. He's not now he's not my god. Baseball's a game of results and when you're in a pennant chase it's about results about wins it's not about sticking through it with a guy through thick and thin this is about trying to figure out the best way to win. It appears your guy that every time he is on the mound I have somebody warming up but it even looks as if he's struggling he can't throw strikes. He's he's gone period if that's what you wanna be and that's what you wanna cup player and say he's my guy that's fine. But then he's he's on a very shortly. Very shortly and let's be honest clothes are supposed have a short memory. So if DIA as of getting pulled it to get as it has feelings hurt as we talk about the mental aspect. Of being a closer then you're suppose there are short memory anyway get rid of it get all operate in the next opportunity to make the most of it. 85583086. For a Mike writes the when he's email inbox don't wanna see Corey can able near the ninth inning anymore he just hasn't added. Earlier this year he looked like he was going to it's okay hasn't done anything since he had a little bit of a pickup during his injury. And has been awful since he's not awful okay I'm not gonna go to that extent. He's not awful. He's not awful but he just hasn't consistently good and remember last year he was he was mowing guys down via the strikeout. He's not doing as consistently as yours he was last year. 855 B 308648. Let's go to. The phone calls talked to liked him listening to within limits don't want the program now what's up. All. Know well. But wanted to make a couple comments about Brett Favre. So I like orbit it does so. The dirt so it'll K. Our budget concerns one is I guess his arm strength total laps still looks a little. And as pocket presence. Is some sort of the other quarterbacks have a little more about where sought. I hate you first audition I agree with you I thought Brett Hundley store those quick outs in the sunlight passes still. I don't know it's just because of an edge rush street throws the ball high but he's done that even that ball back his rookie season in training camp we saw that consistently. He seems to kind of loft the ball a little bit and it's not as accurate when you talk about the pocket presence. He lets pretty it's great to be able to stand in the pocket. That's great available over the football what he will take some hits every now and then that'd be just steps upper feels the pressure second earlier. He can avoid in the Sean Kaiser he may have gotten out of the pocket a little bit early. Like he ended up making the most open and a couple of drives I've let John Kaiser had a better pocket presence at a little more athleticism. And what Fred Hartley did now. Let's see what the next three games break because we know it's going to be a battle between those two guys and we know boil obviously had a a great time of it last evening. And he's gonna be the bassist Jason Hill of this group by he's going to be guy that is logged in to used to play well people don't wanna see they're going to be forcing a decision between. About Kaiser Huntley and I let's beyond appreciate that phone call Huntley is the guy he's Mike McCarthy's guy. He's heading to the system but it that nothing about it. Kaiser comes in looks OK finally comes in looks OK huh he's been in the system for years tiger came into the system couple months ago. If both guys look okay at one guy has played about the same as the other one guy's been in the system for years know the guy's been in the system for months. Don't you think the guy that looks about the same should be getting the nod because he's picked it up he's done well athletically he looks a little bit better. Just it's just my thoughts it's it's. You gotta stick with the enemy you know oh. When in this particular case. I guess my question then becomes it look if they're Rodgers goes down who'd get more faith it. From what you've seen athletically from what you've seen arm strength from what you've seen with presents what do you more faith. 8558308648. Let's go to Bob listening to a should receive Bob Walker before let's go to Bryant Bryant agreed. Do I think they can make. And it is so. But the heck out of me last week with the brewers game. It's like the first block OK second block OK now let's take him out of there if they can live a block the third guy. And and you'd still have a bat I was up automatic liners today. It's like you said that the pennant race now I don't care about you being a friend with kid enabled the book is confidence. Football games against the worst teams Italy I. I can't remember what campus until. One of the worst teams in the league at blowing gains that they could pick up on the cut and have a better cushion when it comes take come hopefully September restore it but. This is managing getting elected guy load the bases on walks. If you pick might that point even Padraig left the second walk he couldn't find the strike zone. I don't know what you're taking them but until you want to beat buddy buddies. I I chemistry calculus you appreciate the focal I look at it this way court it was struggled throwing strikes. Court and Abel has gotten behind in the count quite a bit and it's cost of. I'm review I'm I'm look I agree that you love to see a guy kind of battle his way through it's what given the season. When they're sitting in their postseason you're saying what Craig Counsell had faith in me he'll be battle through this and I had a hiccup in. But it's been can say this isn't just one instance or two instances this has been consistent for awhile now. 8558308648855830. 8648. Gives judge units up on Twitter as well. Encourage you to do so this up or on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's bill underscore Michael's. Or at radio Joe's sports what you already are Joseph you can't. Practiced down there over the FaceBook fan page as well you can also track his down on the website could go Michael sports dot com that is bill Michael's sports. Dot com quarry and able fourteenth save op or seventeenth save opportunities fourteen saves in the season so it's not what you blowing them religiously. What he's also given up some leads to where the team ended up getting tie ball game. And then going and extra innings because of some of the opportunities. What he's only blown three it's not like he's had this just horrific season 35 and two thirds innings. What is given up twenty at 28 hits nineteen runs. In 35 and two thirds innings. Got an ER AF 479. As a closer. Seven long balls eighteen walks fifty strikeouts. What eighteen walks. Teams are about eight to nineteen against him and a whip that is ballooning to 129 that was down the one in single digits. Not too long ago just as of late hasn't and throw the ball really well. 855830864. Is going to take a quick break we'll come back take take your pick. That hurt you or talk about the Packers from last night what type of roar from last night court and able should he be your closer at this point book I'm on the road record that would give a reason why. Because of course tables right. If Corey can able gets it straighten out this becomes a lock down maybe one of the top two or three opens in all of baseball. But they have to start scrambling and figuring out closes at this point. If we have to figure out who could eat up innings at this point who they can trust at this point court and able. In the last seven games is owing to with a 771. You are right. One save opportunity. Seven innings five hits six runs five walks in eleven strikeout. In the last seven innings. Which is the last seven games at a Whipple one of 43 in the last fifteen games oh and 3720. ERA. Five saves fifteen innings eighteen hits twelve or grounds. Nine walks only sixteen strikeouts that they get that done with a whip of one point 80 should he still be your closer. 85583086. For a more of a Michael showed that. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. The program the Michael showers on and we're broadcasting live under the Wisconsin state fair you can find is that the goose island ale house right next Budweiser pavilion across the creek culpability problem. Buys them time. Come on over. 855830864885583086. Foray. If you wanna give a shout to show. Would love to hear from you talk a backers talk a broad leverage your heart desires. Not a problem. I was going over the numbers your quarry enables numbers marks citi's core really good that they're quick and able in the month of July had a 525. ERA. Five point five Yuri twelve innings fourteen hits seven runs all or the couple long balls. Get a batter for walks. And twelve strikeouts in twelve minutes. A Whipple 150. Team batting average against him a 311. So far in the month of August. Here is let's see here are naive ERA. Five innings four hits five runs all earned one long ball. Five walks nine strikeouts. They have. That is quarry enables numbers right now. A whip this month of 180. I don't I don't think at this point in time. That you can. You can give the ball going in going into a save opportunity. Really if you look at his numbers. Go back to say July 15. When he ended up giving up three hits and a couple of runs in a save opportunity. Against Pittsburgh now that was one of those games in which he didn't he lose it heated when it clear that going and extras because of it. But he came in and he pitched an inning in the third. And I SS three runs are three hits a couple of runs. In a ball game did not register a strikeout couldn't find the plate at a couple walks since then. His numbers released and it just kind of escalated he will give you good game that'll give you a couple problematic ones that'll give you a good game and a couple of problematic ones. And that has been Corey can able here as of late. I. Nice and half after I've been featured as they can be my hands up like. RIA. I I just at this point in time major in a pennant race since the middle of July. For Walt disable last month or tomatoes has been that good. 85583086488558308648. It was a show. This one is from a markers is dollar Kelly who says don't forget that were to afford nothing lead Tuesday night squandered that is well I'm sort of a playoff teams. Do not lose that series it makes me doubt whether this team can actually make the playoffs are not well. That's a nice question okay you wanna go there. Do you believe this team issues. Do you believe this team is capable of making the but now they're gonna make the post season even if it's as a wildcard. But do you believe this team is. Capable pointing in the post season. This is from Luke. Who says Cora can able should not be on the mound right now looks different situation. In which he has a comfortable lead. He seems to be working some things out I still have faith in him that he will but he cannot do it in the closures role. 8558308648. Dave listening to a sit Appleton on the score Dave welcome to the program go Michael Short comment. Bill argument. Wallace. I'm. Quick response as far as number of teams don't lose those series period so yeah I don't get the wells well they won't go very far from the beauty in the far as suddenly. Are you understand why you would back in camp this year note that triggered McCarty is covered football. In the cards are already producing. As well probably after you know whose short side and what are their Garcia let you know McCartney highly successful coach courted the film. And it was all grades and I'll be honest about it McCartney's here clearly well you know without rockers what do you do Lester of course try to get that motivated. You know in the corporate world a multitude of currency you know a little bit here and here to have patent step in and Ron receiver rightward. Appreciate the phone call it it's when you say run at the right away I. Right now what you're looking for is productivity out your defense you know who your quarterback is when you say. What does he do without Aaron Rodgers. That record has not been good. And I said that I've been critical before you know this whole thing about going through the Mike McCarthy quarterback camp. Who's a produced. Go go through the whole litany of quarterbacks this team has had over the years. You know Vince Young cynical Wallace. The army. Good go through the whole group of guys who have been back ups. Prolonged period of time. You go through some of the guys that they've drafted. I have read only in this system for quite some time. Then. Hasn't really done a whole lot. You know I I agree look I'm I've said all along I'm not. Is this whole thing about this this camp this quarterback camp. It just hasn't produced. Brad Huntley has been the most recent that you go back to a couple of the draft picks they've had. That they brought in they just have produced BJ Coleman was another one. From years gone by the picked him up they ended up who are some of the I mentioned Vince young and cynical Wallace and and Brian Brohm was another one Brian Brohm was another quarterback Matt Flynn Matt Flynn came and did his job. And then ended up turning it into a little bit of money and went elsewhere. Bush they just have not been able to prove eagle Morton was a guy Goldman may Morton this was from Jacob who do city morning aboard was under a Mike Sherman happily. I only goes and Mike McCarthy. 855830864885583086. For coming up next. And the goal are up. A bundle our. Posted the ratio tease you say that on CBS Sports Radio he's going to be joining us coming up your momentarily. Stay tuned for that. Wrote quite back to the phone calls let's go to Stephen in Milwaukee Stephen walker. Oh. Bill writes the though it. A nobody about the debt bad taste out of my vote but period. On. I wanna have actually talked about the Eckerd quarterback in a medical point of focus I think just that you know system exposure between currently it and shock either. I think you you're gonna go down that you need to bring in the comparison oil as well. The oil is sixteen years are British are kite displeasure with Cleveland under your belt either on oil on the pocket. Passer colleges I think that stop the run more. You efficiently but that order that Baghdad is efficient in the pocket. I thought he got showed a lot better pocket awareness and all the other guys last night and you had better structure on the all as well I mentioned that drops of that occurred what was the mayor. Affecting it there and he did have a couple bad throws but. You know what you're gonna take our it has only been there for four months and maybe Boyle should give up Kaiser. I could happen because the experience factor but if he continues to be all and grown mature. Maybe next year traders last year either that was boy that was true. It would do I would be urgent phone call I would be shocked and that's it sky again Michael back to the statement of oil played against before some guys trying to make the team at the back in the first exhibition game of the season. Played very well played above that level. Now I'd like to see him do it say in a it because I really think it's gonna come down Kaiser probably so boils gonna give whatever mop up duty can possibly get. And try to put as much film as you can and then maybe find his way to practice squad defied the stated Boyle was going to be that guy right here right now. I'd be fooling myself. What he played very well and above the level of the competition that was on the field last night which again is late threes fours and undrafted. Lower end guys that are just trying to make a name for themselves and some way shape or form 85583086. Or eight DA. From CBS Sports Radio he is going to be joining is coming up next week tune. This portion of the program be brought by Duval medical they treat guys for eating in 98%. Success rate all of us it was got to be on the borders also low key treatment as well. If you look at for energy that a public query better mood better stamina they can help you out but if you're out hearing everything ought to stick. And up front porches growing my friends. You may wanna jump start you on one weight loss program and all you do is call 41445544514144. By five. 4451. That is our good friends over and all medical center. Mortal Michael showed DA from CBS sports coming up next. Wisconsin. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. Will Michael Jolie Johnny wanna remind you that in the beginning of any party unity gathering at his cousins they are the officials sub sandwich but like a sports talk network whether to giants up. Or parties jobs or box launchers whatever it is any new beginning any celebration cousins of habit has it in the air the officials sub sandwich. For the go Michael's sports talk networking here this guy. On CBS Sports Radio quite a bit if you're all listening like a religious follower like I do he's the host to the the age showed Damon among them Angel are up. And I joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline the edwards' comment. What bill how you do it. Well are hanging at the Wisconsin state fair so cream puff she skirt rocks and beer and that you can't get much better than that I guess right. On haggard speaking my language all the things sound delicious especially. The battle with the Amare I want all of. He had no doubt hey I don't wanna talk some NFL with you show last night the Packers got a glimpse at. Some of the younger guys obviously Aaron Rodgers and company did not play but I got to ask you this defense of Mike patton's. Were expecting and hoping it gets into the top fifteen but this this defense and does this franchise need to go out get out develop two number ones to pick up collegial match. Well that's assuming a colonial map can be had for sure not the ones that I know that there in the middle contract holdout right now an acquittal back try to play hard ball but I'm not change that the Oakland Raiders are ready to give up locally on practically walking. In the air. I think that they're just hoping that cooler heads prevail here because obviously he is the best player on that defense of the two teams that. I play all designed to spent a ton of money on John recruited. So if you could acquire Khalil Mac for two number one they certainly would look into it I certainly would yours be considerate. But I am not convinced that the raiders want to. Bill yet on god and that much outside into the physical crime and can be dominant when he is right. If you give Jon Gruden a hundred million bucks in control of the franchise why would you not then turn around and take carefully match. That's exactly it you're gonna is that all of that money in Jon Gruden would be assumption that you are ready to win. Now that you could end up. Doing some things that'll lead now in Oakland but as you transition at a Las Vegas nuptial work that. Big part of bringing rudin is a way to in gear yourself into your new city. It to get beat and casual fans to jump on board to build an excitement for neutrality. It's the luxury suite and sponsorship. And seats so. I think that's part of it but if you're gonna invest that much money into your head coach. And you know they're just a year ago or last point she sees it. The raiders were a playoff team and really could have been dangerous secure our state help the would only make sense to make sure your best defensive player and contract. So at that point I shut I'm not sold yet that the raiders all rates. Under the critics and they've got to eventually get a deal done with collegial. Looking at the Green Bay Packers. You know Aaron Rodgers back and healthy looks good in camp. Really I I think he's feeling a window of opportunity beat you need to close a little bit on that light at the end of the tunnel. So we lights up some of his younger guys he doesn't have Jordy Nelson their does that read a comment about Seattle so. Give me your thoughts on the Packers offensively this year specifically with the addition of Jimmy Graham as well. What I thought that Aaron Rodgers for free to the other day of practice is very. Hell he is obviously. A perfectionist and Rodgers pass to like everybody at the Packers organization. Understand that the clock is. Stick it you know I talked about a Beisel extensively. How different Tom Brady's career used because yet those three championships right that it shoot when he began to restore order. He went this first year 2000 wandered in stacks on two mortal Reno for. Four years as a starter at re ratings after that went. And years without a championship. He lost all possible late championship games. What we did say clock sticky you don't loser can't get it done will ever get a halt and they get another 13. Championships it's that the legacy. Right now Aaron Rodgers in the middle of that and Europe gap where. Yeah out of championship. Which it get another and I think because of that pressure that stress. Everybody in the organization has all the antsy to have to get it right right now. No morsel that Aaron proportionally. So I think he offered to be good or they ought to be quite because there are parts and I think there's been up what could read air. To where they can win panic when panic but it on the Packers I'm never sleep. Unless I'm constantly trying to get in the I Betty option that many weapons but he talked to possible I would never leak that I would just it we have one of the best quarterbacks ever in his prime right now. We must surround him with this many opportunities. To win a championship every single year old we haven't done Al workshop. I think that pressures just obviously building every single year. Would you go after a guy like Dez Bryant safer veteran effect but you. You know I mean I know Aaron Rodgers and you look we let go Jordy Nelson while we get that Bryant. I think that Brian has as much yet let us isn't still left in the tank is what Aaron Rodgers does you just make it does Bryant for a lesser amount of money. And it was more of a business transaction that it was. They dislike specifically if Jordy Nelson's ability. Agree I would look into it with guys but I wouldn't call all square and here's why. Bit of Ryan's already turned down a potential all were from the Baltimore reaper which makes me wonder. How much of this is about what they're still in you can do vs what other teams still think you can do. They're reaping don't have a job there's really not sign there a reason that it might beat Cleveland Browns and Owens sixteen team. He's looking at right now and wondering like that there. I think that's because dead things yet more football left it out that other GMs do. And it dead as a delusional self belief in how good years our company all he needs to get a way to roll off that would be. That's what worked letting gays can can help the team yes I'd like to keep it helped the Packers yeah. Northern Iraq or make that applied once again scary gal like. It dead in you don't want these days he's gonna demand for Israel or walks. If they're gonna be combustible in the locker resorting lashed out at the cowboys that saw the data. I wonder if it worked at because he brings what all the table but that he also created negative or not. Playing the world police sure. Are looking at this Packers defensively. This team might threaten comes in he's expected to get him in the top fifteen we talked about you know the need for something else like Julio Mac now. With Mike that scheme and what he's done in the past. Do you think this team has the capability get into the top fifty and support what the office and Aaron Rodgers has going for. Yes I do and it's because they seem to get it felt we all the trend is that war the vote count the defense lie in the top fifty to. On the back so good offense and opportunistic play. If you create a few turnovers respect for the second Barry if you can create a few interceptions on what the act at the line of scrimmage. If you get extra back in a couple of global. You automatically. Give me your defense which might not be great defense a chance to be the topic to another words. Roger does help in the open to score because now they put up thirteen points before the first quarter. Actor touched on two field goals Europe thirteen or about your defense takes some chances now the opposing offense the the quarterback tactics and chances. Now only be deported often as pressure on them they lose concentration. And the probable football and now suddenly your defense which in that apparently great. Clique downhill. It happened time and time and time and time again he does that happen. Middle in defense is that that your forward no good have a great offense to help out the defense look better than they actually are and masks it because you could play downhill and create turnovers. And let stated they are stepping drive's unique it's not the football game for a repeat that the of the Green Bay Packers. If you're forced upon them the first two and then you're up seventeen separate but you know what you can get an interception or trips back. And before you know it. You're playing down till the entire game and now you're talking about forcing a punt because she met the well 13 rate. It around the football on second or enact the changes everything. So yeah I think it can happen I don't think that the huge app for the Packers and a rocket to help the unit saw that is quite an addiction like Jimmy Graham work. Yeah the Packers keep it should be able to get the optic. All right before I let you go got to ask you win the NFC north and rep you represented the NFC. I think it's the vikings would be the NFC north. I just really like that either bill and I like you'd expect Kirk cousins directing quite a better team around him a better cult that he had at Washington. A better you than that he had little Washington. That bike seems to be back into the decision. I've not been building would be NFC and I'll tell you why are you wonder about cousins in pressure situations I wonder about cousins. It'd anarchy championship game all on the road in Los Angeles on the road and Kordell via. Does he make it up late to get it done I'm not ready right now would appreciate it over to declare the NFC champion yet. But I do like the vikings have the best team that anarchy in the war I think the end belt winning eleven games and that's enough to win the division. DNA it's always a pleasure my friend love listening to you thanks for coming off for a couple minutes out version okay. My pleasure bill any thought you know editor but he's hurt or body. Absolutely you talk you see the measure our buddy David. A mental our ideas what that even suggest what ready armies the DH tomorrow that's that's who named after. The DH of these can listen to it on any CBS radio Sports Radio. Station and the radio dot com that he could find his stuff there. Always good challenge to his on this matter which outlines that are our drivers right now you work hard to treat fair eighty voice you're never gonna get done. Call 844 brought to go to Schneider jobs dot com has sports program. Rocket fire friend march to a clinic health system fix yup got in the game or that basically what's wrong which he got banging. You don't need to live with me I get a call make 55 MC or that 855 MCI or there was an ankle in the shoulder and elbow hit whatever it may be. They can help you out which he would do anything if you don't call eight by five. And see short or go to march of the clinic dot or the official health care provider of yours truly immortal Michael show live it was got a state fair right after this. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. That word. You know all Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training camp looked each rescinded by Robert peck diamonds in Green Bay eight years Mike Clemens. The Packers beat the titans 31 to seventeen here Lambeau Field rookie receiver Marquez Valdez gambling where I struggled to catch the football practice led the way with five receptions for 101 yards and a touchdown in the back of the end zone. How to use. I feel great it's great experience for senate vote game right there and show what I can do with each snap mussina get more comfortable. And then talk about that touchdown. Com yeah it was just you know. A routine played every practice every day just the defendant was planned and it's me it's him into the back of the end zone to kind of just threw it to my tops our shoulder and I turn around and with a major political. Packers quarterback dish on Kaiser who had Valdez gambling on a 51 yard pass says it Aaron Rodgers harsh words earlier in the week for the young receivers made a difference as a group. You know they they thought challenge. And there's there's a lot of different ways that you can go about being a quarterback can beat those guys through and you know iron and obviously called those guys you know got the fans involved at the world involved in once again I think you saw today that they they responded. After giving up an opening touchdown drive to Tennessee the Packers dominated the time of possession linebacker that's legal recovered a fumble with the help of safety control Bryce and number 91 linebacker Kendall Larsen election if priest at the right sites like Yelp and under. Had a cyst that tackle actually KV. Elena 91 assignment force and was looking after is denying any involvement on the titans had new uniforms that in new head coach Mike Vrabel who says after scoring first. Tennessee let the games slip away. Yet come that penalty and take place defensively those those are there extend drives evidently touchdowns. In all continue to try to improve and and do a better job as we go on through this journey pre season and then heading into the regular season you know what we'll get things coached up and we'll look at it and get these guys that can out Saturday. From Lambeau Field how my comments on the bill Michael show. Walked back to the programme though Michael show continues to broadcast live the Wisconsin state fair this portion of the program brought the buyer frenzy but like the official response to the go Michael sports talk network and our motorcycle ride coming up Sunday September 2. We are gonna actually start at Budweiser beach were distributing in the hills or none of merlot and we're gonna end up at a Wisconsin Harley-Davidson. You know Koppel walk about 100 miles it's going to be a great ride a lot of fun lot of prizes and such in music and food and beverage is after the fact. But at the the way to get sign up to pre registered by going to build Michael's sports dot com that's bill. Michael's sports dot com listen April quicker got a friend of mine I'm gonna do this normally don't do this but this is this is kind of near and dear my heart. You know on an analog. Okay love dogs a friend of mine their dog they're doberman he answers today named a fight now the dog looks huge it looks at me but he's not he's like a giant puppy. He's only won here four months old answers to the name of titan. He's extremely. Friendly but he jumped over their fence this morning. They live in the Franklin area. 7677. Imperial out of that area in order talking about titan is a great dog. He has a load of Energy East east just fine but he's as friendly as currently gets he's not a mean dog even though he looks looks like he's not. But they are searching for a and they have a high expense of those have been instant pool and everything. Like this doggedly but apparently he leave the offense this morning and they are frantic without and I don't normally do it. But I know the dog so the titans are really cool dog don't don't hurt him. But if you're in that area in the Franklin area it just south of Milwaukee and if you're near 7677. Imperial down in that area. And you see a doberman on the loose down there his name is tighten. Just calling and play within me and then I'll let them know and if you if you find them let us now. And I'll get a hold it Chris and city because they're frantic without their dog I couldn't imagine. Losing make your Elmo and having them off running around somewhere because my dogs are pretty big and I would never want anybody. To hurt my animals and I certainly this dog is really really court known him since he was a tiny tiny puppy. So if you can if you're that area you see him. You know. Just call like. So we put the word out and if you see him run around and maybe you do see him again and catch him. Or didn't come to you let us know. And I hate to be like kind of the the dog catcher society for this program. But in this case. It's personal and other dogs are hired someone to find tight format because he's really really it's cool. Hopefully attract. 85583086. Point coming up the next hour. I'll we've got so a lot of different stuff fire sell or writer on the quarter to hear from Mike McCarthy from last night Eric Iran jacket agree great press gazette is going to would join us as well. On the last hour of the program we're going to from my Clemens or regal insider we have some special sing along coming up today. We have cream puff of brownie information coming up today all we got so much from Wisconsin state fair is a fantastic final day for us. Here at the affairs of state tune broadcasting live the goose island ale house right next to Budweiser pavilion across the creep up to a billion. This is the real Michael shall be right back. Border to border. Film Michael's voice told the network.