HR2 – Is Ha Ha the long term solution at safety?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 2. We’ll react to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s comments at Packers minicamp. Plus, Gary D’Amato previews the U.S. Open.

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. My dreams. I. Chile your own welcome bill Michael show on there we are glad you're on war it is a Wednesday is it's a beautiful Wednesday as a matter fact we get you ready for a brewers baseball today. Hopefully the brewers you get a win win the series. Which would mean they get a couple of wins of choice for a series go in a row they would beat. Philadelphia came home then could knock off Chicago Cubs and then on from there. You win two out of three in the columns I'll take it I'll take it from where they were. To the feeling I have today who won a dramatic 24 hour change in his bid and bought it. I've. Again I hit it's hard for me because my sensibility tells me it's it's a series. You know it's a series. Don't don't freak you know don't get too high don't get to blow. It's a series is baseball it's the marathon right. On the other hand if you win this game OK your game and half open accounts if you lose this game. Then the cubs have your number you only have two wins against him this year and sky is falling it just. I guess it depends on how you win and how you lose. Any angst there is playing Chicago. For lack of better term so get into that discussion coming a global player on the program. In the meantime. If you live and die by the term show me the money you can do just that you can live on it. But you don't Bruce have you got the money then you can die on a two at least in the court of public opinion. Barkley index nowhere to be found during the last still work out for the Green Bay Packers so he was back yesterday and spoke as to why he was not there take a listen. My good mother and graduation I guess insiders see very little. It's our second. Jim if you have a foundation and it. Most of its. Own. I don't have time Nolan. My family means everything you among those of us hope that things are pending and I'm you know. You know it's. Oh let's go wrong hopefuls sleep. So he is god mother passed away Saudi graduation a very hard to actually passed away. And that is. Extremely understandable when you have a close person a family member pass away understand no doubt about. He also then goes to talk about it the death to his godmother was it was kind of a tough polls well. I mean everything. And also the only leader to eclipse of the community and us with a possible. Here this school disturbances in the year. My decision match dressed dressed him up on noted clinical. Everything gonna listen it's no good place now it's. An hour now so. Credit to our own not history. So he said did that he had stayed at home state was his family that once he gets a Green Bay that's pretty much JD doesn't have Stanley Green Bay so. He said you know just here it is I Ted decided his leg around my family and do not and would get a lot of sleep get a lot of rest. And spend some time with them his godmother it meant a lot to him choose a principle taught him a lot in now it's time to use in life which he taught. I learned everything in my principles of being you know today. You know not taking anything for granted these little things that you know there was a lot you know 2000 much to me like yeah. The system and run against Syria if you always talk about our customers are worth 200. And I'm going to be in business. Going to be messed anytime like I said you have they are death in the family over something like that yep it's it's it's understandable so when he wasn't there. There's a lot of speculation about his contract. He says he's not concerned with the situation when his contract. Okay being rebutted. Concert you know select items. A look at Google what I can do and that's another ballplayer and make plays you know have fun. So if he's not concerned when the contract situation but he's confident in what he's done so far. My tunes are gonna take. We have another Donna do you project will be far. No stats speak for itself eventually found assessments haven't whether it's even better team maximize my opportunity and when my wanna wants. Now I'll say this he didn't have a great season last year. So the speculation was that he was holding now. And he was trying to you know kind of true point to say hey I want a new contract. I'm deserving of why you let go Morgan Burnett on the man be a great year last general what his level of pay should be. Because I even prior to that he'd been pretty darn good and last year not so good so. You know I did it it's not that he's gonna put your thumb on. Rom but he did talk about he and divide the Adams the oldest players right now and he can't. I'm coming innings of the military listen guys assistant coach we'll have sponsored closer announcement has been on the gun club and future sales growth in. And I found that more than anybody you know it was a challenge helping in Atlanta and after excited about it is that you've two good guys in his left many well. Isa look me Dovonte from from few years ago mean all those other guys are on is this veterans are gonna east today the reps right now for the young guys extremely valuable. There's a lot on the get a lot more rips. The usual thing you do when Vince are here and and basically become a lost some the American motorist who wants right now that would benefit them in future. And you certainly hope that it does he also says it's he's now worried about catching up because. He he'd. He has slight catch. Like physical would come across hamburgers he's now and how much prize or electoral prize live. I'd much fit in this kind of got the same thing because. More respect you tomorrow for the book did enough. So Isa don't Oregon and I'll be I'll be good he said also like to Ron Williams is back he's having to see him. Maoist leader got a relative to when I first came to believe that definitely puts on his defense argues plus plus plus. And you know because some of the young guzzler for a company benefit from a lot of young guys and does fascinate had a much melodic in a minute aren't going to be disallowed. And I have a lot of confidence so off Minnesota had a voice on the team. Now lawyer I will say this if you happened to read rob demolished peace peace in ESPN regarding how hard core index. And he said that broccoli index would talked about his he's got mother daughter deaths talked about the family talk about a lot of stuff. And then as he went to walk away and they said so you were definitely gone because of you know unfortunate death of your your godmother and another new Buick contract apparently according to rob the mosque he went he wing kind of give away. Which is why okay because like I said look guys work hard you're at it in a sport which. You know your one hit away from never playing again him and find a new career all right no problem. None at all. But I'll say this and I've said this before. When you have change. And you have much of the Green Bay Packers have gone through a metamorphosis from one defensive coordinator to the next and you're still trying to install. New. Lingo. You try to get on the same page with new guys around usage you are extremely young and a secondary. And you are the veteran back there short of drugs from on Williams. Eight it's. You know you go get your money. Are you I don't I don't ever begrudge anybody from getting their money being paid to pay you know you're one of these guys it's making 250 million dollars you're trying to get an extra point million. How much is too much come on but your article index coming out of that rookie deal and then they're extension. That fits your part picked up. You know go it's your money go get as much as you can. I will caution you. The only thing I've said before I'll say this again. You can go get your money. But if that becomes the topic of conversation. Which probably is more so made by the media than the actual player but if it becomes obvious. That's gonna become the topic of conversation. And then you turn around in don't perform up to the level of expectation. Via compensation. That's when you end up putting yourself in a cross hairs are fans. Because effect. If it becomes about well I'm gonna go hold out you know my godmother pass I think I'm just gonna skip things and take some extra time and spend time with family that's one thing but it just gonna say. Now my godmother pass this is a great time meter just kind of hold out on this not gonna show. And see what everybody thinks maybe they'll think a little bit more of me and my contract to say hey. We're gonna go ahead and and talked the day if that becomes a target at W conversation. And you don't in you have another season like you have last year. Man. There is no amount of of criticism deflecting that we in the media can do when it comes to fans after ball. Dissent. 8558308648855830. 864 rate on loans by Kim dotcom told free talk client talk index is your top safety back there. Give me your thoughts and amateur Packers fan. We thought senator not a Packers for the city you're listening to us in Minnesota or in Chicago or even appear Detroit Lions fan. But just your thoughts I think. I I I have this. I don't say that they're gonna all of a sudden get a deal. Because I'm not quite sure weird things are with how hard Clinton that's right now. But I know when he was right. He was a hitter like what he did back there he was he was a guy it was pretty dependable every now and then he'd come armed tackle in such great. You as a hitter I've always like come Auckland. Last year dispute it we just question was he hurt or not there we just didn't know he didn't look right. But prior to last year he'd always been pretty stable back there. So would you pay to man. Get his contract done getting into the fold and keep morale and see there's one reason I would all talk about them we come back more than a Michael your next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Jones Arnold say. Not when Madonna news content to follow. No stats speak for itself. The banks because that's what's gonna whether it's even better they maximize my opportunities and and when my wanna move. Program. Those are the words of topical index. Backers in the end mini camps. Mandatory minicamp right now veterans have been excused but how high is there. Answered a lot of questions as to why he wasn't the last time talk rose god mother's passing. According around about the mops give he has the end kind of gave. Kind of gave away when asked about if he also missed because of his contract now what that indicates ma'am I don't know I mean you can take it for what it is. But I've said it before I'll say it again when you talk about money. And then you did pay that comes with a certain level of expectation. And we'll see if if he ends of getting paid and if his expectation. Via the monetary increase. Becomes equal. Or exceeds and you can only hope. 8558308648855. B 3086. Foray on the loans we chip Telekom told free talk wise course of the program. Is brought to our friends because of don't predict go to cousins of dot com slash big gig giveaway cousin subs dot com. Slash big gig giveaway. And you can win one of the VIP experiences there's eleven album to send you to the American family insurance and theater. And you can catch one of big concert to summer as the mortgage a couple of tickets parking passes. Gift cards you name it they've got it all from cousins subs in summer vesco to cousins subs dot com. Slash big gig giveaway cousins subs where they believe in better than any official sub sandwich yours truly. And go Michael sports talk now or woman that pepperoni amount ever talk about it a while but it sounds like a pepperoni no kind of data and it. If not today I know tomorrow effort archer. Phone calls if you wanna chime in via hard core index do you think he is worth a contract extension. And also always this going to be that bounce back year for him getting a new defensive coordinator and Mike Patton. 855830864855830864. In the lone advocate dot com. Told free talk client go to Mitchell as he goes in Black River Mitch I don't even know what's going on. Fantastic you know I think it's I think he is worth the contract extensions I think I would go. Out of all the ice and in play out the year I think you know now that we've got a defensive coordinator this increasing to deep center of players and not putting a sports figure or uncle. I think pretty much the whole defense probably gonna have a a better year this this year in other area actually do what they do best and not trying to have a linebacker played safety you know. Let's sort it I think he is I think he'll have a prospect I think because I think if I were him. All the banks you know you yet you know you can't have a much worse here than he had last year you know that's fantastic year they based this performance contract after the laughter performance he'd be stripped. No I I completely agree I appreciate that phone call I think. It's tough because if your football players think of it now I mentioned this before your one hit away from your career being done. So you would like to get that security and that guaranteed money. NASA Barkley and it is looking for he's looking for that guaranteed money in a security he's already paid handsomely. Okay. And and a lot more than you and I that's for darn sure okay but what you're looking for is the security. Of getting. You know getting paid in the sense of and that way I have guaranteed money that if something happens to me this year and I take that hit that I'm I'm gonna be good. I'm going to be good now granted he's got five million come into. Okay he's gonna make five million. 957. Fell almost six million dollars. That's what he's gonna make this year then next year he becomes in restricted free agent. So. Mean over the course of time. Yeah he sees will make himself. A nice chunk of change. By. You know with his signing bonus and such you know he's gonna make himself probably 1450 million bucks and yes she should be able live on that. But he's looking for that paid. 78 million a year. If he can and getting that down a row now whether or not the Packers give it to him and giving that security and guaranteed money right now. Where somebody else does after the year you hate to go into a contract in sale our you don't want. You can't play scared. You can't go and play scared by. And you can bet on yourself I mean hell Darrelle Revis made a living out of it and a huge living out of when you look at total the total amount money that deck I met Demi over the years. So shut the worst thing in the world. What you do expose yourself to well what happens to me if I have taken a hit and I'm not the same guy and I can't play. Then what you have is what you got and you have to make sure that what you got is what you have to live on the rest your life basically. There was another quote I'm we didn't have it here with our sound bites but in the piece of rabid mob Steve's talking about. Patent system and what it would mean plain and patent system this is what how how Oakland ace had to say quote. I'll definitely be a lot more free in this defense for sure. We've got to see what it looks like come game day we can talk about it now but game day will be talking about some totally different blank is yes were. We've just got to all wait and see how it plays out but I'm excited about the new defense I'm loving it right now I'm loving it. I know that there's a lot of people excited about what parents do end in the big singer pot clinics was outspoken about one to Mary's Randall and barely the rumors were that he went to coaching staff and the coaching serves and take. Mary's Ottawa civic cat but the cat's back records you know I you know what's going on that there has to be some accountability and now they guys. Mike Patton. Look between mile an offense Bos anybody who ever played sports that the term was you know hey he had a coach really got army today or he got in my hand are right he got all over. Coach Ben is doing net. Then there's not anybody get a free pass out there's. You know he's he's basically looking everybody auditioning everybody he hasn't seen too much of everybody. Tories get on everybody about the news. And an article index is a guy that was outspoken saying man I likeness. So it it's good to hear that there are some accountability right now going on with the Green Bay Packers defense of 8558308648. 8558308648. On the loan by kip dot com loans were kicked out counsel for you talk like loans by kip. Dot com told free talk live one chime in feel free to do so. This was from David he says. Huge chocolate and expect. After watching him play last season hearing him talks on the little cocky know he's very important agreement packers' secondary hoping defense chain in the defense of change. Helps him play like he did back in 2016 worth another contract for shore. This is from Mitch he says he is of attention be great a great leader like Charles what's OP doesn't choose to be an enormous distraction are quite like Martellus Bennett. Bomb. This one's from Jacob. Jacob writes I really like what talk Clinton did springs of the table however last year you cannot deny he didn't look right whether he was hiding injury or just looked lost. I would say they're hot hot Clinton nicks has the potential to be very very good but this would be that proving your from the Packers I don't go overboard. Chris says he's just very very average. See I don't think he's average he's better than average but he he's not he's not a great guy that some people make him out of odd Kevin coming out of Milwaukee Kevin Walker of program go lycra shorts up. Think of me the upper hand on his behalf he got for what potentially short in the past. But a lot of other players in the contract at all that that we will get a extra incentive for China of these volunteers are on period. I'm like that you and the Akron and it but he would get an athlete nothing there's no incentive for him to shore up so basically out of his own pocket of his own dime social. Right. Well I mean he you know he he lives there anyway it's not like he's. You know spending all the money you go back and forth in such appreciate that phone call but no I mean he's he's just there are to be there. You know a lot of guys like you said heaven sevens in their contracts to show for many can't smitten but this was a mandatory mini camp for today or for what started yesterday. So but the veterans have been excuse. My McCarty right everybody and give her wrote the speech and aunts and vets you guys go we need to get the young guys. Acclimated failure and events. Said run and coach. How we look at. So that's raw. 855830864. Molly writes I'm willing to see how this year goes with a new coach in scheme. My opinion is difference in the Packers obviously but I think you would have to be an important year for him. He has to do better than last year I think he has potential but needs to put the work in. In which Molly's. You know in the in the sense of a lot of Packers fans it's a man he was really good in last year. To hit. Associated beautiful day of agreement that. Just like it is here are studios' beautiful day practice number two during a mandatory mini camps. As we sit here and wall look at eighty degrees. Picture perfect skies and it's good look if you're going to be of Green Bay packer football player today. Good luck nothing nothing nothing to throw you off your game and on this one so this was from Jake. And Jake big Jake writes I think hot Clinton Dix is a hitter like guys in the secondary that are free to put their nose in there they are rare Bree. He'd even though he does play safety he can do some coverage. And as good across the middle we have seen that he's come off the edge quite a few times of pressure on quarterbacks I think he's all round player I don't think he's a Charles Woodson in the making. He is what he is he is nothing more than hard Clinton Dixon above average safety put a good guy to have your secondary and he's a veteran. He goes on to say that. With having won the most veteran guys on your team considering his last contract year how much you gonna help the young guys and how much is he going to help himself. I wanna see our Clinton Dix excel but it has to be with the it has to be with the entire group. Many years on talk about. What he thinks he be worth anywhere from 78 million dollars a year. He doesn't have the same hitting us capabilities got it became chancellor like how hard Clinton expert. Sort of way appreciate him object. This the reason I said keeping heartland that surround is good I mean when you look at the youth that you have taken into my Williams is your veteran corner he's your study. But when it comes of the safety. Position. Well let's be honest. You have him and Josh Jones. Now I know there's other guys on this team and guys some guys could probably take offense or about to say. Blight you have Josh Jones and hard core index Josh Jones was drafted last year. Topical index got here in 2014. He was your first round draft choice after that. Not one guy has been their here more than a couple years and let me give you the name's Germaine Whitehead street freeagent. Cantrell Bryce. Wasn't drafted. Raven green. Wasn't drafted you they picked him up this year undrafted. And mar what Evans wasn't drafted. That's it that's all you have to save the part Clinton Dixie your most veteran guy otherwise you turning the reins over to Josh Jones. You be crazy. Think about. 85583086. For a coming up next he is down energetic guy getting ready for the US open carried a motto of the Milwaukee journal cell he's gonna join us next in the though Michael show. Wisconsin love. Bill Michael sports talk and work. When you try to go out when he US open you lose a quick so. I'm trying to just position myself these first couple days get through the first. Challenge of Thursday Friday and and have a chance that we can cause a lot happens on the weekend. Especially after the cut when he starts eliminating players. It's a Phil Mickelson and we are getting ready for the US open another major on the doorstep. Getting underway tomorrow. Should a cock were taken place. Words I would Gary D'Amato the journal settle coming up here momentarily this portion of the program brought to our friends in Marshal for the man they help me. Fix we have coming back in the game if you've been following this program for a long period of time for a while I had just terrible the pain. And ended up make a phone call. Sure enough they were able to get me in. Had a chance to sit down a dark educating. He said I think we can take care of those brought me in. Cut it open. So back up. And I was backyard now I stayed up there row one night I was hotel room but it. Our nurse knocks on the door had we gonna take area you know whatever you need to get up move around four hours later as a walk and and here today I sit couple years later ride a bike to almost 3000 miles. And I campaigned for so it has been has been a terrific experience and if you're living with paying you don't have to ankles knees elbows shoulders hips whatever it may be. Just call 855 MC or so that's 855 MC or so and see what they can do for you. And maybe just maybe they each home as little as a day the way they did for me. And down. You know like I said it's all about though the quality of life and living without pain and and they just wanna treat you like a friend like part of their family rather than that just like an insurance card so. I call made by five MC or so if you check out more information wanna find out physicians' services locations on the concept. Go to Marshall clinic dot org that's Marshall clinic dot org beer the official health care provider of yours truly. We now go to on a ship Concord Gary D'Amato from the Milwaukee journal sentinel standing by Gary I don't man. You aren't doing well all I I wanna go back because I know there's a lot riding on this via you know players in such. But an interesting article are read the other day and I was thinking of you at this time because there was a writer for a CBS sports. That it talked about the US GA needing to get this right agenda cocked because. Chambers bay was like playing golf on a gymnasium floor and then he went on to rip Erin hills. And say the degree India fairways were too wide the wind wasn't blowing even though was the longest course in history we did have any major names because they could all falter. From this does it seem like they just ripped out ripped the hell out of iron hills as well some to mean what is everybody looking for. Out of a golf course. Yeah I think in other Obama older players and some I who have maybe. After Simon US open. And maybe some older writers we're used to a certain kind of look at US open IE. You don't narrow fairways eat Barack tree line Airways though classic East Coast kind of classic golf course look. When you qualify a little bit randomly. Chambers they definitely earned Joe's. I think it's the look of it and the weird ways that source people up like it all. I better defender and a little bigger for you would look first US open Villa twenty tigers are seven and so there were six ER fight. And that's gonna affect scoring any guys I think are quite welcome make a lot of birdies and a deepening US open. And then of course all there were some extra wide fairways yes USC was word that would outlaw. And got it would have been hacking out of you know part of the rock. Playing slowly gave extra wide fairways and the wind didn't blow and it rains a lot in the weeks leading up to a beating was sought. Of course I'll play what though. There was a lot of golf course mutual the history but like I mean not in there no end up courses off the map weren't scoring. See that's exactly and it did it was mother nature that set up the perfect condition to play golf. It wasn't the course and it wasn't that he wasn't the facility itself right. Yet they could come back two weeks later the course dried out got Furman as in the went by about our superlative that I hear ye Weller. Fourteen storage Iger. And I completely agree I'm jealous of the fact did you get a blimp crashed. And you have unfortunately a patron passed away but. As you know it's just ate it just seemed like these they were looking for a reason to rip it. Because it was so new. And so are pardon upon green. That they were just look deeper reason approved ruined no no no no this just uses it for us it seems like some of other writers that were there just had a level of arrogance about him when it came to golf when. In reality they probably do would no one would from three wars. Yeah exactly I I thought it was a good open venue I mean it QB UST everything in line in terms of Pete and the density of the other. The property allows for all the the parking met US he needed Alba concessions and all the Alley so. Not the scoring a blow yes but. It's produced the good champion Brooks who could win again this week and the guys really that clearly murdered earlier this year but he. You don't want our slayer and the other actually is of course was too easy waited seven and ranked. Missed the cut. That was minus forty. Why in the world where the top golfers in the world on they don't even get make that caught on that thing if it was such an easy golf course. And and tellingly they operate the court says they slam their front. Usually when guys was the correct Italy they don't like the golf course but even the guys who missed the cut like the golf course so. But I don't think it was it's certainly the US yeah I think analytic actors on the outlook yet so you are opened as. But the next ten or eleven years but sometime when I'm long retired Bellamy you too I think it'll come back. Are speaking of that do we see another major in the next other than what's already on the books are awarded to any thing in the state of Wisconsin in the next ten years. You know I really don't know the obviously a Ryder Cup is still coming up with some straight on equal. But he GA championships. Now that is moving to me that becomes a difficult proposition that was and straight. Not because their vote. Whether during the week because of players can attest 455050. Degrees raining Pete about like it could be quite and it stopped Scott and other places. But the problem is getting the course the course ready right below only able for a couple weeks earlier so that's the problem getting. They are moving this to begin with resists just over Olympic stuff for what. I think it's. That that they went they wanna get away from ending the tour's season I am people out of and the football season sort of a Shia and they're gonna via playoffs conclude be great at the very start of a Vienna policy. The 7-Eleven 45 events that are on the same weekend as the first or we should be and she's more and let's face it not many people are watching out. Business and Brazilian doing so you caught out the ability of a lot of courses in the upper midwest specifically. That have hosted some interim tremendous events and you're big you're basically going back to assemble sample. Yeah they're going to be you know it might have to try some new faces that. It never be gone at desert southwest. Go very rarely consult the state I'd have to go to some of those courts I'll be the most they wanted to order the same Q every dollar. Now and that that's doesn't bode well on so anyway let's get on with session at Cox go out first and foremost let's talk about the course how the use a US GA set it up. Yeah I'd say it's a little different than fourteen years ago when it was pretty tight can be quite the prairies a little bit bring some early box or play. But the ruckus though pretty expo. I mean the premiums still gonna yeah putting it on the fairway. But what really defends Cilic are those the said the greens when you were designed a certain course opened in the 1891. And they're very very sloping design the women were designed all of the pretzel as an inch solid but it grow older our. Well today you know it being beat and 1112 feet. These these greens are very very difficult but so the wind and the and the greens is what the defenses shut out. Solid Gary D'Amato the market journal sentinel he is on the grounds it's an acog is we're getting ready for the US open coming back to Shannon cock as he said after fourteen years. So. Things got out of hand back in 2004 when the seventh green became nearly unemployable in the US GA had to take the blame because they've come around run hoses all over it. We're not seeing that again this year even anything close to her right. You know I certainly hope not and I think the US GA and the players step up all that is if that's something like that would happen again the history. Look they faced up criticism in recent years sort of Dustin Johnson gross apple cup eager to go. You know couple of the course and bondage in particular and and then check out fourteen years ago. They don't need another addict like that so I think there and do everything out that there. Who always always playing hot enough right now we should pay attention to and then all eyes are gonna be again upon Tiger Woods as to whether or not he's going to be able put four rounds ago. Yeah yeah I tigers you know he's Flash Memory we really great golf just under four rounds the aura he has done it. Quite a high enough local forums when. I think he's quotes you know I don't know he'd win here I mean I I definitely see him winning again and probably soon. Some but I think when you look at this field and he looked at the golf course record it's a major championship I think you look at the usual this stuff. The top players in the world guys who vomit who are in the official world golf for ranking. You know part. How to pick against that the job right now is a hot topic last week number one in the world NN space US open Brady 11 should want a couple more army so. I like best. And you look at a guy like Jordan speeds there's worry the other cat. And there's a lot of guys that we talk about that really. They don't they don't get nearly enough when it comes to credit put. You know you do there's a couple of guys out there that you look at you say okay it when they got a finely win you know there's a couple of guys. We talk about who's a cat that you can't stand Joseph Rickie Fowler all the I don't mean can't stand Ricky Fowler I just I think he's one of the more overrated golfers on tour this kid should have at least one major under his belt by now. Well you're right about or use you very outfit and you've been in the hunt and number of majors mean. He would've won a masters is here hatton you know. At immediate there have been triple moguls they so the second. But that's the thing it seems like he always wrote one type loosens you acre or school. You got a number I urge you know Rory McIlroy in an interview and added some and ask them if you'd be surprised if Rickey in his curveball a major. I think get everyone you talk to. He's right. It probably gonna win one army be more. And it could be this week. Also a guy did you MO who just it came off of a victory. I'm not too long ago I mean is he playing hide golf right now fifth ranked in the world right now. Definitely yeah right you don't actually Bieber part about him this week amateur right Islam. Eat yeah ours become one of the better players in the world you want up I'm not very recently. And I'm. No very Smart guy and sometimes it takes that kind of gotten intelligence and a lot of things but US open that got. Mile long shot Jon Rahm made eleven cuts sees a tough four top tens. One win commodore John rom and as one. Yet he throws temper cause you know he's gonna make mistakes when he got to get their break. Them to. That get a little fiery when that happens about what he can get past that I think he's gonna be fine. Gerri always a pleasure I have a great Tom I know it's one of them you know kind of like heaven if you're golf enthusiasts who enjoy yourself and we'll talk you Cerrato got. Or ship out judges and they have carried a motto of the walking journal sentinel he's done chin Kok K getting you ready for the US open which gets under way tomorrow. And if your golf and Susie is good week in Father's Day weekend and US open golf eyes there's they throw some baseball and in holy men. Just put television on the back of the house like I do. Sit back fire to grow have a few beverages have a cooler sitting right there and may be a good cigar along side. Tell the dog to go get your slippers. That is euphoria right and you get higher along service for the week and hopefully crap you've got to admit it. Barry avenue joins us federal job like Schneider Harry drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years they've again you don't call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs downtown if you look divert great team were new team. Again our friend George Schneider but Schneider jobs start to China jobs downtown. Are coming up after the top of the our body Seth Everett is gonna joins our national baseball insider stake to more than election next. Listening to the white schools sports talk. Michael shell. We continue. Volume mind it's. Tim Miller Park today. He is texted me. He just. Now he the go to what's on games he you lose in Oshkosh in yards are sharing. Normally away and when Jake is listening to is he is usually out and vote somewhere near Winnebago or. Lake Buena mortar something like manner one of the farm ponds up there. Today he said a had to come down with the office. Here at the brewers cubs game what the hell he's got a picture. Like everybody behind him and every body every one of them was wearing a cubs Jersey. He says this sucks. I can't take it I may quit my job just so I don't have to come and that's pretty funny. Well you know like you keep them quiet if you get a win and probably the brewers can do that today I hit a we'll talk about national baseball insiders said Everett coming up just after the top of the hour is portion of the program is being brought to bud Bud Light it is going to be a picture perfect night to night. Out of the Budweiser pavilion at the Wisconsin state fair park the toys are on the stage this evening free admission. If you're gonna bring your car. Market for six bucks if gonna bring a motorcycle you're absolutely free to enter should be a lot of fun out there and I hope to see out there. It's all brought you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports are there were gates opened up like 5:36 o'clock. Then takes the stage seven it goes from there it's always a good time at the Budweiser pavilion of CO. Like I said SF every coming up here in the next hour. Also you're gonna hear from Mike McCarthy you're coming up but the bottom of the next hour we'll get back into some gulf discussion as well do you think the US GA. It goes too far sometimes. I think the US GA wants even par that's their goal. One or two under water to over their happy would that. The way they go about doing at times I think gets to be a little bit ridiculous we mentioned should make our heels back in 2004. In which the ball would not even stay on the on the green. And I'm not kidding literally. They rolled the greens so tight and cut the grass solo and burned it up. That they couldn't get balls to stay on the green I mean you do have one right and all the green. And a civic you know just kind of sticking your staying there I mean everything the wind was blowing in the in the would literally blow the ball. Often agree and they were wildly. Wildly criticized for that. So all Woolsey we'll see what happens because of the US GA. According to sell my. According to some. Boy have. You know have have a lot of eyes on them to make sure that he get this right. So we'll see what that was he learns about. So we'll talk a little bit more about that coming up like a civil talks Mike McCarthy. Warned up going ahead now talking with Paula maker green or analysts coming up a little bit end. A big name. Big name coming to the state of Wisconsin. Stay tuned for that that's coming up in about 45 minutes as well and good stuff there. And down excited about it. It should be it shouldn't make you breathe a little bit easier. If you're a badger fan and I'll tell you why coming appear law stay tuned. Whole lot more than Michael show we continue right after this yeah. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking.