HR2 – Is it still Super Bowl or bust?

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Friday, April 13th

Hour 2. We discuss the signing of Davon House. Plus, Brett Favre may have had a thousand concussions? Also, do you want Dez Bryant? Rich Keefe from WEEI in Boston previews Bucks vs Celtics.


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Promo links runs. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill monkey you know. I. We and a while you're on the bill why don't show on. The air on this Friday and I got to tell you I sitting here earlier today and I was kind of going through the a beat glad you know that it's not changed over in the snow is. Not really you know come accumulative way everybody thought oh good then and you know kind of getting into that discussion. And and no more than I did that then the winds must've shifted the weather started change. And you've guide I don't know maybe a half an inch to an inch of hail all over road America and farther north it's now snowing it's it's it's turning it into it. So if you're out about. Be careful. Be careful because it is. News she's going to be ugly I guess some of us would put it hey what side note to just sports today which is kind of sports were not. Did you see they released the the pairings of dancing with the stars and I'm not really into that I've followed it when Donald Driver was going through and everything but I just not my bag. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is gonna do. You know that. That is going to be like I've been. And watching dumb B dancers something I mean that's that's Kareem Abdul Jabbar dancing. Korean has really opened up over the years because he's always been a very contained person on back to his playing days has always kept to himself he's never been. You know. I hope there Newton. And he's out was that I was Rosa press found that out a retail mobile wall away who had the game when he shepherd Notre Dame she is going to be on Dancing With The Stars. It's video. From from Wisconsin from Wisconsin. By the way and I guard who I don't know who just wouldn't in this summit to go back and check it. For those of you in poker player. And ladysmith. And marsh field and tomahawk. Wausau park falls maybe just south of Hayward Wisconsin. Eight to twelve inches from beginning now. And it's just. Crap. Oh my goodness. That's from Kim came onto him thank you very much. That's just to Chaka Chaka stuff right there period. Bomb mightily this portion programming brought to our friends at Marshall clinic Marshall clinic health system they have fixed me up coming back in the game in new champion. They do the same be great people. And who knows before it's all said and done they can. Think it's fixed up did you back in the game orthopedic leave its shoulder it's mean it's an ankle and elbow whatever it may be maybe just maybe they meet your home as quick as a day you heard me right there as quick to today. Which are Yahoo!'s colony par five MC or to have it 855. MC or so. And and take a listen 855 MC or those who would they have to say Nancy they can help you that's the way they do. That's a march from ninety official health care provider the bill Michael show. And that we appreciate them being a part of program now it's big and health. Brett Favre on the meg and Kelly show yesterday. Was asked. Hey Brad concussions you. Since they breast sorry. How many concussions do you think you've had take a listen. How many concussions would you say you suffered. I don't know. 34. Maybe. But as we are learning about concussions. There's a term that is often used in football and and maybe in other sports that I got dean dean has a concussion. When you have still bringing of the years seeing stars. That's concussion and and if that is a concussion not had hundreds probably thousands. Throughout my career. That's amazing. Those are what they call so can cause of hits were you don't really have the majority of the effect of a confession. But that Manning. And if Favre says look pretty east. He's he's a great healthy and over you know Jesus to you gotta wonder got her own. Tomorrow may be in great health and I don't know who I am where where I'm going. On so it it can happen overnight. And I know it's not it's. As dramatic as that but. That's the scary thing and so no matter what I do drug picture myself physically. That is they they've a part of my future that I really can't control that is very scared. And that it because we've seen this city Jim McMahon was that way or is that way where area I think he was done in Arizona where his wife her support like one of those. Tracker chips because he can be far hey I'm gonna write a street could pick up Delano. Next thing you know EEE he does no worries that doesn't know who he is. You know it's it it can happen and you know the more we know. Whom the more that they can make the game safer. Favre said would he looked. At the future may be differently regarding football. I look at it has been so from wonderful I didn't know. But I but had I known in your five I'll probably would look at my future a little bit closer you know as as as my career unfolded. In view what they list. Favre would not have had the Iron Man streak. And in today's day and it's. Now think about though the statement I'm gonna make and I don't mean this in any way shape performers derogatory remarks are going very far. But if we had as if we had somebody that started out today. The head the Iron Man streak in football. And played the way Favre did. We would think they're stupid. Because you didn't take yourself out of a game when most likely you had a quote. So can cause of it org you got a day. We will look at it is almost a badge of shame rather than that you honor. To say that you played him many games because he basically through your health away. And you hope that isn't the case for Favre like the more he talks about it the more you start to raise your eyebrows. Favre said. When a black. Would not play today for much is in the game is given back to him just would not employ. But when Favre speaks we on the others. When Favre speaks it it just it's like the world stops he just commands a room and attention. Just doesn't. So those statements he very well yesterday. 855830864. Rated by 58308648. When loans which it dot com told free talk and also. Coming up. Who was gonna happen. The bond house is coming back to the Green Bay Packers urges garnering experience burning anybody back there that they possibly can it's gonna have a the ability to help teach some of the younger guys. In my house we know was a locker room presence last year. Was it guided the young guys are relying upon. So he is now back with the team. Let me ask you this okay and in this this goes back to just. Bare facts bear not old conversation. Okay. No holds bar. How much better reality wise do you think I mean is it realistic. To say that this team is gonna get so much better it truly is Super Bowl or bust. Or shall we back off of that pressure and we back off of that that sentimentality it's one thing to root for the team. But knowing where they are personnel wise. You know you pick up Mulholland walkers and hoping he can do what he did a couple of years ago. You know you hope to Clay Matthews can stay healthy you hope to nick Perry can stay healthy but you know. You run around back there with quarterback position of Kevin King coming off of this a shoulder surgery only making it through three quarters it was a rookie campaign from on Williams and aging veteran. To Ron house and aging veteran Quinn Rollins is okay he's not great. They got a whole bunch undrafted guys or banker Donna tell brown and Josh Hawkins and Lindsay pit skins and herb waters and Dmitry Goodson who was drafted sixth in 2014. But has been pretty much banged up his entire career. You got popular index coming off a bad year you got charged Jones who have good when playing near the line of scrimmage but look launched in the secondary and then in minutes than the budget again colleges three free agents Jermaine Whitehead control Bryce mar when Evans I mean he. What what do you expect. Mean seriously worried. Should we even be sitting here saying should we be talking about super holes. We're talking about just do you even have enough horsepower. To win their vision. You know the goal has always been when. You're you're gonna win the division but the goal has always been get home field advantage. We could be talking about this team just getting the playoffs. Just get the playoffs get a win and get out and continue your bureau. You're re load of of additional talent hope that you choose correctly. 855830864. In the loans by kip dot com whole free talk line. If you wanna chime in this portion of the program also brought to our friends in new biomedical treaty guys with EB location Milwaukee location in Green Bay as well and you can check on the web. Simple as that or his call 4144554451. That's in numeral medical center. ED 98% success were 98%. When it comes a low T treatments for betterment of clarity better mood better stamina and energy that kind of think they can help you out there works I'm telling you to work she discovered going detested. And they'll tell you within a matter of twenty minutes. Yes no different whatever in the making give you diet and exercise and if you wanna jump start your own weight loss program I know it doesn't look like a vote eventually ready to warm weather teacher seasons here. You Marla DC wanna be packet and our. So I got news call 414455445. Warned at 4144554451. Should we with all the changes. Knowing what's going on in Green Bay and when you just simply look at the town. Should we really BCA. Super Bowl or boxed. More though might show next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. Work. So Michael show is on the area and you you know like if you bought houses coming back we kind of felt that. I saw that coming. And then you get to thank them. Yvonne house is coming back he's gonna help. With the younger guys tomorrow oranges coming in because wolf drawn Williams had some film some good stuff last year and he knows patent system. You're hoping. Monetary B seven steps up we'll Christen returns. The form from two years ago in your hoping they Kenny Clarke continues to progress in the hoped and Mike Daniels is just Mike Daniels and you hope that. Played Martinez continues to get better in Clay Matthews stays healthy and nick Perry stays healthy and then you look at that. That's secondary and you're like okay. Kevin kings coming off the shoulder surgery and you hope he's going to be given remember last year was his rookie year and Josh Jones played good middle line wasn't good in the secondary but. He Garrett a Morgan Burnett and how hotly indexes color lava rather lackluster season and don't Quinn Rawlins is. You know the other in other bookend from the Marius Randall but he's more of a slot he's not an outside guy. That leaves you with Dmitry Goodson the only other drafted defensive back other than that it's all street in college free agents and her waters and Marlon Evans Lindsay Lindsay Pickens Donna tell brown Jermaine white head and lost my forgetting here. Our Josh Hawkins petrol prices appreciate Gary you know a lot of those guys at second there. And I'm thinking to myself really. In and we're now we're gonna have pound our chest you know Super Bowl or bust. You know. Is it fair. Mean you kind of set yourself up for failure. In in in in reality argent. 855830864. In the loans we kept our town told free to our client. Would love to know your thoughts and assist porch in the program only brought to bud Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael sports talk network. And we all know the warmer weather on the way due may thirtieth Wednesday night may thirtieth Wednesday night live gets under way again this year it was got a state park in the park in the a Budweiser pavilion. Hope to see out there is a face in the crowd all brought Cuba bug lights go back the phone calls. Talk to James on the south side James walker on the program don't like Russia. Where do you big unit that you very much. You don't want it's been a great subject because it is in it auto bought it I was like all lived. Ask our talked. A ball. You know what will post what your view we were talking about the Packers why they want change the subject but since you did you you know. I heard it of the Packers got Marvin Williams outcome I'm offensively. Okay. But the what I heard yesterday that they've also a throw it a lot of fun you. And then and then all these players that you you didn't mention micro incorporated had career years. You previously thought although the Packers are they can the is that basically what that is things are players. On in the past. Is that we're third forward. And even the horrific. Try to get someone else and also attributed to that could last year. Didn't he deemed to our house did not every year. Turned. You all would you watch it would you would you would you watch the game where you lost Packers you don't hear about the guys you know all our home. Does that you hear a lot of my youngest is now making mistakes but you know I mirror I didn't hear that you would do anything good either. Thumb and he put it this way he wasn't standout he wasn't locked out you know I mean is so EU he he was a guy. A do you feel bought from getting all spring and hope Barack and ending up I know the truth we. No YouTube frigid frigid phone call I look at his. Divine help was the guy that was like in that locker room and really helped and really took it upon himself to help the younger guys. That's it. And and in reality that goes along way. If you were a guy that knows your place if you're a guy that really works with the young guys you're not afraid of showing the young guys what to do because. You know you you know that your jobs in jeopardy because the young guys once they get it your your pretty much washed out. But you're not afraid to get in there and help coach you're not afraid to kind of get your nose dirty your hands dirty. And you wanna show the right way to do it all in bettering the team. I have no problem bringing garlic impact. No. None at all 8558308648855830. 86 story that's an loans by kip dot com told free jock on. 8558308648. Gives you shall. Wanna hear from you it's about the phone calls talk to Dan listening to us in May not or Dan walked in the program the Michael show up. They're all caught doing man what's up. All geared up extols armor to get the streak yet. Ever had saw that man I I don't even see eye to eye candy and feather who died two school choral in the fetal and cracked. That's not about ruling that out there. But they wanted to do I. Like the fact is brought up our vision. Art about art art. One thing that I ought doc. You know that we all are all eager to rest all that. Yet or in danger in Italy beat the players are out pity your watt at the start I'll thank. You know that like our racial ethnic or. Where our state you know you. But big event like bit slower rate darker brother wilder your state and balding beat the gators up. Duke it out all the acts that later. State. People of the past. Year note that all of acres sport and it should a but researcher the past fifty years a lot of us though that there's a back all the acts like a ball late. And they're bigger that we are lying where it all. He'll start guy at you know but the big on the big belly dollar absent all that side of the net acres that. Yeah other help the fact they're but they're also arrest or would be eight. Eight that late in our brother brother and older are out Andy or like. Go figure error when you get older like to help our job. So it there's there's like that great line worst. Article art orbit they argued don't be sure of that no or knowing that you know. If you're all of these are sport. Utterance that it Greg are sort having by a I article you'll start Brett and beat our our battery layout but. I don't start on it at all because. Eight the since it researches the that should all out. You want to get back you are a lot. That a lot of gray area it by our pursuit bring in other. Auto problem no problem on my pleasure Dan appreciate the phone call 85 Wednesday that's face safe. Did you have much snow this weekend 855830864. Auto loans we kept our council freaked out quite as a legitimate. Is a legitimate. With all the changes that his game. When you look at this team and you say okay personnel wise you don't like. They've got they got a pretty good offense Aaron Rodgers obviously backed an antenna aaron's there you know here but a pencil in six to ten wins I mean just with the arm of Aaron Rodgers. Knew he tem Mike McCarthy bring back the buffer and Joseph Philbin you've made the change defensively get rid of a lot of different coaches there and personal people in front office move on that a lot of change slight change to get settled in a short period of time. But you look at the defense you like if you know what needs to be in the top fifteen you know all. You watch these teams even when they have good offenses they still have their top five top ten defense is you you know to win a Super Bowl that's what you need. So why don't we sit here and say yes. No problem Super Bowl or bust our is it pretty unfair. It's gonna Harrell listening to us in Waukesha herald what the program the Michael show what's up. Good morning I think the problem that we have as Pakistan is we expect there we need to see all these big error in axial. No wonder what you know. I got not got to block and it's on Colin you can bet that he was gonna beat you at all. I'm they were going to be related to each of the dream team exactly they would drink yeah exactly how many of all. Exactly what that. They're terrible they're all not say what happened at number one nick got an app out. Number 22 year a year or two later groundout wallet and even in the early part. I think what people out there realize is that if you have eight good defense at Scott and good linebackers. You don't need to watch out what gun at dot they eat at street they'll be back up act at cornerback. You've got a lot can have a team that plays well together. A perfect example it might not late 1990s. Yankee. They had to run or I don't lower thought I. And that superstar like Jeter and pop article about you know what felt like people like Paul O'Neill out. And torture and other people who weren't great players that occurred where they were steady player. But you know what were the Mets and oh the match and it played well together. And we don't you know you you've got you've got right back till like little who number one came in late. Because they don't want your party because it is going and they got hurt you can play everything you'd have a problem there and doubt. Don't know who won their first quarter and played great and the next European football Eric. Everybody wanted to read it well what one part about it at a packed lab here at the end. Randall what are well we end up trading. You can't look at that yeah yeah he got hurt and the at a top cop got hurt Dan that the hockey otter. The topic came back came back early as. There's injury everybody wanted to get that aren't yet what a bit and didn't I don't wanna copy that op I respect aren't that. Are likely you are people out it's just like and step back and about I bet you're going off to eat that every time a little bit outcome. That we can't get heat and the world you that's not. Everybody especially. Aspects old LP an app that can't happen again. A look at you know I thought our children that really pick iPad because. But you know what they are pretty good diet and not let it play better team it don't happen that child let them and you are not Al. It all out and play our epic is that the act. Every effective way. Player on your team they have a player ever seem. Right now I agree appreciate the phone call 855830864. Will pick up on this a little bit later how Retief he's the co host. A daily keep on 937 WE IA in Washington. Let's talk some Boston Celtics basketball boxer getting ready to head out to the Beantown area. And they gonna take on the Celtics this weekend and they're gonna unit under way on Sunday as the post season begins officially for Milwaukee. Can they win this series and how beat up or the Boston Celtics will tell you next in the go Michael show. And Michael's sports talk. No Michael shows on the air and. Can you ready for the post season. Boston Celtics gonna be hosting the Milwaukee box. And for their their bank down and carry you underwent a successful knee surgery reduces seasons pretty much done. Fortified months is a matter of fact with a knee surgery. They don't like a lot of injuries a lot of stuff going on right now and to talk more about it. Our rich keep peace co host of a daily keep on 937 WEEI. Embossed in. Ginn that set up for this Sunday's ball game in the matchup between these two teams rich I don't know man. I've got a real. I. Oh you talk about too the difference between two teams and in the box they didn't have the best of seasons but they are now back to 100% full strength meanwhile Boston. There knowing I mean how banged up business today. I've never really backed out and it started game one of this scene in court record doubt but that it at that devastating injury. Not that often at these I think people overlook the and that partly chants of yeah MBA bottle well but what don't you ought. But that may bounce back they want to the box in game you want. A game. Sitting out properties are proper for a while they both urged the second best record in the east but. However are being done for the year market Smart. I would say it out for the first Ottawa there's a game that'll. Though there are two best players out they smartly did their best player though there are a lot of trouble. How do you see this going the bucks have been a team that and I've said it all season long we have not seen them beat consistently good teams. For more than two games all season I I I I called it's almost like a pointless series I'd pick the bucks sectional loses series because they have many able to stacks success. Can does Boston have enough to get over. I don't think they do so you look at itself without picking up that I did think. Oh in playoffs I don't all right almost all. With the most pal the guy in decades he's done it and it's not even close. Any actually at Hartnell or tablet well. The Celtics. Just I don't know they give you a bet that they opt out how to read a look at a good policy yet hot. Boat. They couldn't wait any game they can beat anybody but at a deficit here. Without having the best player or. I think I did a lot of trouble that local people are well coached. But I just don't think they have be consistent scorer begin at dark. Why it won't when you talk about consistent scoring the boxer team that basically is an inside two's team we know it's morphed into an outside threes and shooting league. This Boston enough firepower from the outside to be able to just over com the Milwaukee Bucks as we've seen the box that they've lost game they've outscored teams. By six and seven buckets but they still lost games because there inside not outside. Yet that's so that. They'll outline. All of our or rocket pre outlook for Marcus or to look there are big guys. Built that alone should a lot of we rookie you're a franchise record for most vocal. He really an Olympic bridge where I'd say inadequate no people. Are all out. That a lot. Nick. Apple bought I bought. That could erupt or when the leaders. Colin rich keep our coach of dale and keep a 937 WEEI. In Boston and normally this time your race talking yankees and Red Sox in fights and brawls but. We got Celtics basketball as they get ready to host the Milwaukee Bucks is coming Sunday. So it is banged up as his team is does this really tests the mettle of a young coach. Like Brad Stevens I think Bret Stephens has been fans I had my doubts but he has been fantastic and it seems like everybody has bought in. Do you think he can come down to x.s and o.s of scheming in coaching. I think everybody watching about shortening. Their quote. Oh you're funny you're off. It will be at all at all or coaches and an editor MPL Brett the not been criticized since he got here because beat her around. That's not a lot of people anticipated. Adequately taught them most out of the folks here. Make that play out yet no talent. Partly to make the close but it bounced the first the next you're they'll. They get a little bit better they don't. Last year they can all over the culprits don't look that up anybody we will look without the people prompting me out. And efficient with. It ought to give you a volatile. Unfortunately. All that crop up in now I think projector or. Don't teach you about game at least in fact that all of the panel that they have. Unfortunately. I need to get out enough that you at other horse which they don't have. In and out my lady is a quote yeah I don't think we'll yeah the first. Even though injuries it's stacked today had won six in a row prior to losing to the box going back to Tuesday April 3 after that they just really re never recoup Tareq. They lost four out of their last six ball games. What was it about that loss to Milwaukee that kind of sent him into a tailspin. I. Bet you know how. Are the smallest yet. Or. Would have a game I ever saw. That that eat that they put it epic battle while yet but they're also look at it and I'll. Car or anywhere. This course. Under probably it's at night and edit OK. But when she paid off all. Well or Al Horford offered to. Portland. Won't have to water our battered pop about. When you look at Horford is game and then in the one thing I appreciate his effective he can he can crash the boards in many get it done Bucs are real good when it comes to be rebounding team. That's right think a guy like or for become so valuable because he can really own. What the Milwaukee Bucks are doing have they don't really have that energy that defensively and offensive for that matter because offensive rebounds had been a problem for this team. So I think Al Horford you're gonna talk about a key cog in this machine as they move forward towards Milwaukee is got to be out or for Ernesto today. I didn't hit it yet hopper that you'd eaten that. You know he's a Mac truck. He's got a tech guy out if that guy that is. Outlook is regarded it as well eight. With hawk. And little. Read Little League. And walked. Really a lot of outside game. Doubtful that you have a big game at our general. That it. We'll stop that car on the good amount as well it'll keep working out or and it. They'll be you know there's like for you yet. Look aren't bound book or a lot of trouble when you get out. Jong checked in immediately to keep it here. So you've got the the Bucs winning this thing how many games. Six games okay. I got an outside of the box faltering in five or six games I had just. Again I haven't seen them stacking up wins I hope they prove me wrong but I just haven't tuned to a consistent enough throughout the season we'll see who's right come out I can't believe him a couple of weeks by the way. Well out of the half hour. All out holy macro rich he's gonna judge give and we appreciate it did real quick go what does the what does the vibe right now you got some things going on rail with the NFL lot of stuff swirling around the patriot slugs of swirling around the world for a Red Sox as well. Yeah it certainly. It it. Won't tackle or a manager couple thought they are out there you ought. Or pay attention. To it surgeons who were critical reportedly ran. They don't. Excuse it Iran expert and it'll all get into it that polish capital who were trapped. And about the rule just order a bit. Last night and they look like that. So all or a lot going on. You shame on me forgot about the Bruins as a matter I think a real quick one more thing and that is his EI and Tom Brady can estimate up. I think we'll I don't think. That Dick. Open. Well. Well well. Or well. Boat dock on everything if they're looking back alt. OPEC Milwaukee but I monitor at least in the air to it all right. Yeah Asian man judges are and since they are rich keep Dylan Keefe on 937 WEEI. In Boston that's the the infamous station that had a couple of different personalities if you will have some issues and they ended up going darkest just turning off the signal for awhile and had a day of human resource. Soul searching I guess that's what imploded but they're all they're all back in things are good and did you hear their Richie good guy thanks for joining us for a couple minutes on the shot George ally Schneider. Schneider. A they've been getting it done for a long time as I wanna go with a new team a good team the team. That is Schneider and our good friends over there I've got 844 try to go to Schneider jobs downtown if you wanna. Start driving for them a lot of different types of drivers needed 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com when we come back. He's now out there. He's now out there. And I have got a lot of mixed emotions on this let's say what I'm talking about coming up next in the Michael shot. Six clues station is strong and you might school's sports talk. Listen up reminder. I know the weather's gravity. I guess that's what would go better think about this government and if I can tell you she's. They could mean driving out good I'll white van with no windows event. And I'm trying to entice you and in my van. And I've got on cold. Crappy day. They wore him hide. Pepperoni Mel. From cousins. He would follow me like the pied piper. Towards the nearest cousins. Coming today Fortis 6:4. PM to 6 PM I'm going to be at the one on met one road in Mecca on come on by and say hello. Now bring in the man bottler for fifth at a lower going to be their 46 today you can get died pepperoni Mel. You can get different melts and now I am in season. You get colds images you'd you can get soups and salads and cookies and crackers in cities all kinds is governed chips. But come on out we're going to be there for a six today hope to see out there's a patient grout that's got themselves on met on a road in Mac warrant. 46 today and that is cousins of the officials sub sandwich and a Michael sports start network. He's out there. And I struggle with the news. I don't like they got only his attitude don't like to selfishness. But Dez Bryant has been cut by Kallis Delis dealt. We always talk about strong locker rooms and strong presence and end it you know disciplinary ends and you know and and guys that can handle. You know roll off the rails players. Dez Bryant just tweeted out the love Israel thank you. As he has been. Released by the Dallas Cowboys. And now the question news. Would you wanna see him. In a Green Bay Packers you know. Think about that from Edmonton mall that over. Dez Bryant. I'm getting a lot of our the or is done. You're Kennedy's gun shy and is the Pope Catholic. Does a bear blanket the woods you know I was out assume that's a very big yes. You would love to see Dez Bryant an agreement Packers uniform I don't know what it would cost to get them. To be out of Dez Bryant is a fantastic down I don't think you can deny that. But. I don't know what's gonna cost to get there. Com. He had zero. Against the cap which is the reason the cowboys got him. Does come loose he was total base salary of twelve and a half. A signing bonus of four the total cap it would have been 165 for the cowboys this year. He's making about 125 season. He came into the league back in 2015. Remember. Are you excuse me student should he came into the league you strip by Dallas in 2010. And in 2015. Got a five year seventy million dollar contract extension. So old. New would you bring in Dez Bryant. Did in that discussion coming up also wrote any down. Given some buyers or buyers saw after the top of the hour and emirates are we Dennis Miller the comedian longtime TV and radio host five time Emmy award winner he's going to be joining us. On the program which is what you thought you notice up on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael's. And see how you're not gonna get Dez and a one year deal. Yeah. I Andrew says QA if they don't called as gruden Koontz is no better than tat. This is from net who says scum of the Packers dominate from the NFL and Aaron Rodgers for the next five to six years. And Derek says I would love scene here we all know it's not gonna happen. Mark says would love to see him being it would love CNN green and gold. But we all of the way the Packers operate. The stuff their hands in their pockets and walkway after good talent. Lot of people strong opinion on us but think about that you put Dez Bryant. We Jimmy Graham. And Dovonte Adams. And then put Randall Cobb in the slot. Holy crap. You may not even need to play defense. Seriously you may not need to play defense. We'll talk more about this after the top of the hour stay hang in there Anthony. Terrelle in a cast of thousands all on hold. While more than a much assure residents. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.