HR2 – Is McCarthy ready for this challenge?

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Tuesday, October 17th
10/17/17: Hour 2. Plus, we’ll chat with Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Brian Billick, and Voice of the Milwaukee Admirals Aaron Sims.

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Promo links runs to the riverfront. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Michael's you know. Here's your whole list. Michael's. Welcome back Michael she always on the air we are. So glad to have you thanks so much. Roe V for a program. Has always in their radio Joseph cross the way on though Michaels you wanna get oldest. On Twitter feel free to do so at bill underscore Michael's dad bill underscore Michael's you can also attract Joseph down at radio Joe's sports one easier ways to get all of us all the links are over on the website go to bill Michael's MI CH CEO let's go Michael sports dot com. In all the links are right there you can also listen live you can listen to podcasts. All the downloads everything is right they're gonna build Michael's sports. Dot comets don't Michael sports are coming back to the phone calls coming appear in a couple of minutes his portion of programming brought to buy new male medical treating guys with ED. All over the state it was casual look the holidays are just about here believe it or not we're heading in the fall hopefully got a good summer under your belt and you don't have too much hanging over your belt but if you do rule. The new articles and that's a way to go jumpstart the health and fitness program specifically with the holidays around the corner man you don't wanna just packed it on the in the winter months. So call 4144554451. That's 4144 par five. 44515. ZEV thing that's got to down pardon upon. Again same phone number it's worth a phone call. 4144 by 54451. Analog T treatments. For better mental clarity better mood better stamina have more energy that type of thing got arrested 98 today you feel more Russian repression during the day. I just column again 41445544. Five want our quick let's go to Gary was he too was in Kenosha Gary's been on hold while Gary welcome program that was going on. A bill argued today to do well. Okay. I'm just going and McCartney statement news statement. He says damn good football coach. Damn good football. Right now London's Miller and their communities then. We've got a rookie quarterback to bear via your street your Minnesota. And Detroit rhetoric is good or he could win it and they. That's a great question you would assume yes. I would you know I mean just look at it as scheduled so. He's got two weeks Eckerd while he's gotten Portland and he's got to prepare for Detroit. Oh. You know the running game is what you yet to prepare against them you regret. That angry at. The end it is that the. First much is is is it means a quarterback driven league I agree with you. On the two teams that have pretty good defense is our Chicago and a Minnesota Minnesota's got the best defense in the NFC north. I would have to say this point on the better offense. You know I I these kind of a toss up you're going mr. risky obviously saw I would kind of rule that out down Chicago T really get a fewest what he can do. On the other hand you look at what Matthew Stafford is capable of doing you know he's probably right now the best quarterback. In the division without Aaron Rodgers and then. You know they may be he gave case Keenan continues that play this way and a key to put me you know they keep him in situations where he can't make devastating mistakes. Then maybe Keyes can't Kim's a close second because if you look at his numbers actually have a decent season so. That being said. Where the Packers right the Packers don't have the best defense in the league and they are short the quarterback they've got very good offensive personal with their offensive line is a wreck right now. That's a great question I don't know or I would rate this team is towards the NFC north goes what. In all likelihood they should win the division it even losing Aaron Rodgers if you indeed put the personnel around him to be successful you should still be successful. Exactly I mean he's big and gifted with Russia are in error actors in this victory since the 86 bears. And it ought. And you know he's dominated the city's been. Evan he's quarterback but now it all comes down he's got a crew now these are oh yeah doesn't have our order bear. Although we we've talked about Bridget the focal talked about that. That this is. Right now the way it's six. This is. Part of my McCarthy's legacy. This is still a fax a mama how successful control heard coast. This is part of that legacy. Because if he is able to take Brett Conley who hit who he is now remember. You and Aaron Rodgers went down he had cynical Wallace CN Vince Young they were scrambling for a back up they had to finally call Matt Flynn becoming get it done. There were trying out all these guys hardly has been the guy for three years that he's been grooming. This is where you were you make your bones. So. I'm mom. It's a great question so we ought to do you die a little bit deeper into KJ real quick idea what the program out strong body. They Ricardo based agriculture they you know excuse me the bill I spoke little cautionary pill. With Martellus Bennett. Ease a different type to catch an adventure at a begin the year obviously a lot of talent. But he seemed to be preoccupied. With means that are not football related. And I'll it is definitely hurt the Packers. It spent a lot of money on him he's under contract with them I don't believe that. Couple years. On so they got you right. Our home one way or another. The other thing is. We finally my nature and it is keeping him out right. I am absolutely I mean if he goes down we don't be wrong. We all saw and liked joke Callahan but I don't no matter how much truck look if you're all of a sudden if you find develop. They create a good quarterback out of a guy and I'm not knocking this OK I don't mean the biggest enemy. What if you develop a you are the football guru their body believed you be so but I agree with you gotta keep Brett only upright. Absolutely yet that you technical. Are but doctors soon to think about that let's just say. Worst case scenario Brenda only goes down well. And now. You and I don't wanna see stuck with his does not mean we don't know joke Alan I like to cal him when he was in there I I thought he had. Actually Joseph Callahan brought him more flashed in bread only two. Right. If Mike McCarthy has he pretty successful run with. Would Brett Hundley and then god forbid he goes down and your team is being led by a who's come out of the ranks and gone on to lead the Green Bay Packers. You're successful in doing it. Yeah you're no longer you people go to church on some additional does go about Mike Mike McCarthy. Published as fact some I'm Hollis successful control could coax. Record wise you're absolutely right. But now when it comes to being their quarterback's got in my scholar pressure. Undeveloped. 8558308648. Okay. So all you and Mike McCarthy. When talking to the media me your personal he starts out with just giving the the post mortem on Aron Rogers knee injury. There raw results suffered a significant injury. In the game it will require surgery will be there would be of a minimum of significant Molotov potentially. And it you know. Defenses is so. Oh up searchers and their future. And that the articles. Focus on dinner and hope that's the total to measure. Com he leaves. Little bit light possibly. Four Aaron Rodgers to return why do you consider it safe to give a gimmick we all know it's broken column once a commando. Air Rodgers broke his tolerance for any surgery. Sure we decipher innings because. I'm also these cuts here are pretty clear cut for a change in. It carpets frustrate in this presser Jesse wise it wasn't just the camper and march tasks throughout the entire thing here's the reason why. Because he's feeling exactly what everybody else is OK let let's just say okay let's let's all the smoke is in the room. Which is was is clear the smoke okay let's call what it is and nobody wants to America's urban was look around there wont see you know but I'll be a big bucket of cold water. You had a real shot at getting to a Super Bowl this year your defense wasn't great offense was set up to be great. You're sitting at foreign one and let's be honest Aaron Rodgers plays nineteen months and a full game. They went ample I think they when they knew until August absolutely. The humidity coming presently kept a minute. Even with three turnovers they were still in it the defense did everything they could be as bad as defense played and they were still an. Okay Aaron Rodgers wins or bogon. And they're sitting there at at five in one. Getting ready to play the New Orleans Saints. At home Lambeau Field probably six and one probably six in one sitting there to buy a week and then you're thinking yourself just get to rest these guys healthy gimme a couple of weeks and helping in and year ago. Here we go. So Mike McCarthy is thinking what everybody else is thinking. Holy crap there when our season. The thoughts of mark Murphy's weren't saying. Wouldn't it be great victories stockholders meeting for all of us to go over to Minneapolis. Insinuating Super Bowl 52 L I hear we come last ousted was content please her acolytes that was the dream. That dream has all but been extinguished. When Aaron Rodgers hit deter. Okay that's the air out of the balloon that's the bucket of cold water. OK EE he is feeling what everybody else felt yesterday. Your dream of a Super Bowl and you were set up for it. Just went out the wind. Now if he admits that that means he knows that the guys that he has now locker room. Do not have that capability to get this team to a super so he can't publicly admit that but he feels the frustration as every other Packers and now we sit around here yesterday and today and tomorrow and the next in the next the next day and how we do was look for silver linings we look for. Some way to pontificate and prop up this team to say. They're still Super Bowl caliber team. Okay. Watching that team on Sunday there and not a Super Bowl caliber team they're not. Can they get better yes how much better I don't well. What it's gonna take a lot more concentration a lot more effort a lot more tenacity for this team even co host to being a Super Bowl caliber team. Because by the time it's all said and done the cream rises to the top. But this was a year in which it was set up for them to go not only to go. But you're going to win it. In Minneapolis. That's what everybody was wrapping their arms around their minds around their thoughts around their hopes around. But that's what that's what we sit today. That's recent. Then Mike McCarthy said everybody on this team he's right he's got a stellar rounded. All me in his turn up on me just turn it off there's no doubt about it in the old favorites are hopeful we geared towards cleaner house of a we won games here. The prior weeks and in that was good. Maybe cricket and have been corrected every Monday Wednesday wanna game but we do this but you did up there. In the caucuses so. Russell different than the rest is starting we'll also so. Will spend more on the other problem will be long tomorrow night watching the game went down so. We're looking forward to challenge. You look for the challenge holy Mac. You got to. The got to stick around James into Monica's 2000 or hear from more from Mike McCarthy. As Porsche program being brought to by reference to Marshall went to I'm telling you right now if you deal to live with pain you know to live with the sniffles and colds in the clues and all the crap that's been going around. Caught my friends at the Marshall clinic call. 844 tier with Caremark would call makes for four caraway. And I just tell what you got going on maybe they can now be a right of opponent they can't tell you what you need to do what that your doctor their doctor whatever. Would give them an opportunity to Marshall clinic near the official health care provider liberal Michael sports talk network the Marshall clinic helped system. The entire old system all throughout the state was counts. And you can just happen in check in now. And I highly recommend you do if you're feeling better are feeling bad you're looking to get better in your living with paying don't you don't have to you have to check out Marshall clinical Marshall clinic dot org. The official health care provider the bill Michael's sports talk network morgue like chair next. Sixteen stations strong the bill might school's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Good for your both liberal effort culprits but now it appears that both the drug felony. It's quarterback room there and as structure. Is the philosophy behind the development over there will be obligated so awful great about the room. I thought it would concern of mine Bob Bob Bob more focused on getting back playing revoke our football is just so that was my. Not everything where we need to give Minnesota credit wanted to game. But the bottom up open. To Mike McCarthy welcome back bill Michael show. All throughout the upper midwest we certainly appreciate it to and Mike McCarthy try to get his team employees. For what to be the season was a legitimate Super Bowl run they really felt that they had everything in place in whether or not the Packers are there we know we're gonna be there though Michael shall be on the road. Brought you again this year right numerous sponsors one of them being our good buddies down at Tennessee and Giorgio. The authentic. Napoleon Tana pizzeria. And they are they are certified by the way and there's there's only one in the state of Wisconsin and that's it and that is also the home of the Michael streets. What chuck rally cause you call my counselor yell all sore pres from auto paint and supply with the locations all throughout the greats in Wisconsin in the on the borders from. And so many more terrific sponsors including the Milwaukee admirals who bugged by the way they're at home this Friday night. Gonna be down there as I taken the kids down for big birthday party. But before that is well with some Minor League Hockey should go on out check that out. Coming up this Thursday night joining us now another guy that we see every year Subaru always fun to shake his hand seemed face to face said the Super Bowl winning coach you with the Baltimore Ravens now the NFL network. Brian Billick joining us on the Schneider orange hot like culture. At my friend. Great. And you are so it got to ask you every year we say this bullet his this been a weird year for the amount of injuries that we have seen. It always feels that would lead to added yet officiating calls that seems like they like cub royals. I don't I don't know if you could quantify that I don't know I'm sure someone keeps those numbers. As do at this point seems of how many types of injuries you have an abject players but Ohio art. I'm sure those numbers are summed it feel that way it probably isn't. But certainly as you know or does it impacts where we're adding you as a receipt. Everything's kind of coming back to the battle in terms of who the really good teams are kind of exciting that they get it increases the number of genes that truly can lay claim that having Super Bowl aspirations. So with CJ injuries no I've got to ask you obviously in full disclosure your part of ex tech pageant next tech just to from I tell people all the time go to YouTube and look at it it's it's phenomenal. So it injuries like this we see out of Aaron Rodgers Lester we talked about Clay Matthews in the shoulder and you're talking shoulder pad type of things. Is this something that you believe expect could have prevented. Well unfortunately you never know don't want to Lakeland take boy you'd had you know are pat on the air he would that have been hurt that's ridiculous. Outplayed us I believe in his path. And I think it makes no difference you know particularly when it comes to short. There's two types of injuries there's impact that's exactly what we're talking about LaBarge shoulder pat. There's also just Wear and tear and we do joints you know unfortunately is not predictable that against that. In terms of problems that a player may have with its with its wrist and elbow. Or pork shoulder. About any impact that's exactly what the pads are our Ed Ed and I believe the next iPad is that the technology that's used to next iPad compared to the other pads. Which are quite adequate. To be honest we get pats haven't changed in forty years. I believe in this pat word 28 of the 32 block or so players and habits whereby it no I want to say for sure whether would have prevented the injury. But I will tell you this it's like professional opinion all but with just cloture that I am part of the company it at a bench much better chance of surviving the cut its. Because of the and a bit of technology these fat. Now just to be sure you are not in the Green Bay Packers organization correct. Okay all of all of that no dog and know why I'm asking as far as the pads go you guys judge you have players and tell. Or not. We are out and embellish. At 128 of breaching block programs for whatever reason they they've not found reason. Even though there have been players and ask for it. They're yet that's that triggered lead equipment that it happened and their equipment people I'm sure they do. Why they're not interested in what I think it. The best pad on the market I got a question about bench. Absolutely perfect so are now move on and I say okay devastating injury like Astaire and Rogers. We have said all along that that defense needs to be top fifteen top twelve with an offense. That looked like Ferrari ready to rural of the garage with a Aaron Rodgers at the Helm. Now things dramatically change can you just turn around the defense and say you need to be top ten to support the offense. Are almost overnight or eight DB you know I guess if you're the coach of the Green Bay Packers hat and you know what you do it just. Well no I mean obviously are yet we are Ed in your division going to be Dow. Do you put into a different profile obviously if you haven't Aaron Rodgers secured an offensive clicking on all cylinders being part of the job that coach obligated coach. Was to make sure my offense and defense were working within. You know imbalanced one another as an example obviously with a great defense is we at Baltimore all of there's an issue of actual rescue needed to take offensively. Could with a seven point click lead we were gonna win again. So there's no reason to go out throw the ball all over the field if we got a ten point you know you take your the ball on the ball that was strength of a boast a market. Conversely when I was with Minnesota Vikings were at that record setting off that. There's times when obviously they would go to the deeper into court and say look what happened down a few of these guys that I can catch up just don't give up the big plus. Which means the patent coverage to all the yards they want. They've run out of possessions to win the gate so yes there are things that you could do to your defense is okay if we're if we're gonna struggle a little bit offensively and then we'll have to see we'll see how far I'll bet partly you just registered obviously coached. Our McCarthy believes and probably are doing a piece on our show playbook which use. Once they'd fixed the problem NFL network showing a number of the throws that Brett Utley has made. That yet he can make a close that that Aaron Rodgers but I can see it I see it on the ball pretty good consistently. A regular basis like Aaron Rogers well that's pretty ambitious. Well it well backlog of well he has made it kind of throws it's gonna take that happens to be successful he just gonna have to do it consistently now. Our edit they get to their that is productive offensively and that may need that could be sent to Bob caper are gonna have to take a few more chances. For a little bit more try to get more trouble. So I guess looking at what bread because I I agree figure if you look at a couple of different throws a Bret Holley has had those athletic on the wrong throws. If you took the number off his Jersey you'd say okay may desolate closed Aaron Rodgers you could see the not to say that he's going to because they're writers accuracy is is probably second to none but. You can kind of see the athletic ability what does it mean it was last week he need to get any of the starters reps at all under senator so what does it mean now for this week for him to be the guy. And get all the starters reps and all that all that in addition of information. Well it's a world of difference of its offer backed up a bit that your job is that you got to take the game plan perceptual. All because you don't get to practice it and taken a new game at you have to come into the game and it's bad I'd probably get a guy comes in that situation. And does so well that. But value you get the total folk you get to talk a total snaps in practice the game plan is wrapped around you. Are there is a world of difference and against others are progression of that as well. You've got to expect that every week he's gonna get more more grit of offense that Mike McCarthy a match that I have a better idea what's working for him. The players will get more of a rhythm and understanding of how it is what Brett on the others understand her. Our buddy get you know yeah you saw that actually throw the Jordy Nelson you saw that rollout to the right. Nice round I think we're travel problems about mistaken. Are maybe it was a lot blood district. That. They're about to have excuse me you working his way back in the ball scramble drill beautifully executed that you know you look at her go big banks like. Brooke air understood it. Our ice slant throw we also saw. Soledad inside plant broke a little bit behind one tied which doesn't leave you know that's the beauty of it Aaron Rodgers here so accurate. That gives the players the ball a place where they have a chance to maximize their yards we've seen those kind of broke from Brett hotly we're gonna see have to see a whole lot more. Real quick before elegy go with the offensive line the way it is how much does that dictate what you can and can't do. That you Baghdad you're gonna have to decide. If I need to leave the back that I did it for protection do I need to. Blue and black hole Mort door you know there'd be obviously. Every resource you have to put it protection. Diminish as what you could do down the field that you gotta keep your quarterback protected maybe Brett Alley gets outside the particle the more I'm sure that as a factor like it is with every team. That's when your offensive line struggle. Coaches always a pleasure talking I'll always appreciate you hang in Alice for a couple of minutes I know that to you guys also have see geek as well correct. Back again. Slowly everybody that extra ticket got to go to seagate dot com that the Kiki gap it tells you what tickets are available should view. It sure rating as what type deal you're getting the best ball every transaction. Unseat you back a 100% guarantee. And I know they use the promo code Billick he needed toy box off the first deceit he purchases well coming ICG given casual way like that I didn't know you're that rich can't just load. Up. Up until it for what about what I see in Minneapolis at the pleasures blowing my friend we'll talk to you soon. I've talked until there they go by head coach Brian Billick over the Baltimore Ravens when they wanna see role now with the NFL network is an analyst in that does some great stuff there you can check not a CT. Dot com. SE AT GE UK DC geek dot com if you want to see what I'm talking about and I and I'd recommend it. Ex tech pads XT EC HXTECHX. Tech heads. Go find him on YouTube to Google OK and look for some of the demonstrations. Each rule more global. Room more I'm not kidding it's remarkable. There is one specifically where they're sitting there in front of Urban Meyer. And they're trying to introduce Eric tech heads her remarks. And and he's kind of sitting there Alina Kenya and Erica and Michelle aren't you know and he. Basically what happens is. He is standing there and as they're talking. They the guy has his hand and one of these next expands. And there there are showing. This judge Kara talking to urban monitor and all of a sudden. He takes a helmet and smashes his hand. With FedEx take on it and then pulls his hand up and goes. Thanks coach for watching a demonstration and Myers with the jaws open like holy crap. Chris is something like that would have just broken every bone in your body. It's it's it's amazing to watch. It's amazing to watch if you get a chance to do it do it's it's an amazing video to watch on that thing works so I annexed it pads. You know and I look. Lisa that shoulder injury to declare Matthews I can't guarantee. He said but they won't even let us come in and talked to the players. Pages you know keep yourself keep this in arms like he'd have we got something here we really really believe any so I invested an apple my name on it. He said you know I don't understand that byte. With a shoulder injuries to Randall Cobb the children whose Clay Matthews on Aaron Rodgers some of these guys don't recently winless in the talk to these. The retirement player health. So I went they also have a and instead Graham account to and I expect pads that you can check all the stuff are as well. The article what it's it's it's amazing. To watch the demonstration. But I've I've just time and again on center and said he's got. You got to pay attention to it it's it's an amazing. It's an amazing demonstration. To see Bob broad Broderick. Who's the founder and bobs are really good guy talked about all the time now he's he. He puts his own manners just amazing to watch and to slam it down meant. On his portion of the program. Being brought you bargain friends at a quick trip up your alternative fuels no fee ATMs or go home and ninety area right 1999 to 1999. Packers Tumblr that is 24 ounces and you can fill that thing pull walk on to goodness stop and your local quick trip to mortal might Russia next. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. About Michael she always on the air we are glad to have you as always. 8558308648855830864. Rate that's Malone white Kim dotcom told free talk point 855830. 8648. Hopefully you are having a good day today. I'll tell you this. Bomb. He hears something and think about how can. The Green Bay Packers right now fourteenth. Ranked fourteenth in the league is forced total your its defensively. Given out fourteen. Apparent. He got the fourteenth and only days forest points per game the Green Bay Packers are eighteenth. In the week. Eighteenth in the week current. Getting off the field on third down. The Green Bay Packers are eighteenth in the league. I look at those three statistics are regular basis to figure out where you or defense the an agreement tigers aren't in the top fifteen and any of they have got a long way to go look offensively. Even a breath only makes this thing go. That defense has got to give a lot better. A lot better. So for as much as you wanna kind of pontificating say when are you know they do it is they do that they get that but they need to get healthy. But those defensive numbers have got to come up. Have got to come up for this team even have a legitimate shot. Talking about just getting the post season you were talking about it just just winning some ball games. Those statistics Roger Barger president Arroyo they make it simple for companies just like doors to implement SAP and big data solutions. Revolutionize your data and ignite your future with apple Oreo eight PP RO YO dot com it's eighty PP RO YAO. Dot com back to the phone calls talk to I don't know how long it shows go to Antawn Milwaukee at all walk on the program and I you don't today. I'm doing great at circuitry there you do this do and not too. I ordered state about it because you know one actual question. It's dale archer about the defense. We don't know we don't have a suitable piece it's but I do think guard equal to locate. You know based on what based upon word uttered blow. But my main concern that the rainy day you you can and to read more dictators because. Random game what it could be. A little bit of rest. The senate allow early to relax. So my biggest question is upon. How important the running game for an experienced quarterback. That apparently they're stretched. I think that's gonna be ultimately the chief of the Packard is that is that running game and if that is the case. If I'm Montgomery the guy or Eric jolted do we need to go get a lecture on the back out of Gupta is here yet. Richard the phone call the first of all I think the running game. Is very important. Weighs in against Dallas when Dallas. Started the week up. Because Jerry Jones started the run the ball pretty well they were leaked and upon. So. It's important because if they did a semblance of a run game. That that opens up lanes that gives you different opportunities that give you different packages. Where you can then get guy he's. In isolated position because you got safety starting a league couple linebackers can no longer is gonna hang back there and wait for crossing pattern from a slot receiver something of that effect. It it changes. You know us why Mike McCarthy talked about a being so important all the time. You what is important. But he's yet to utilize him like Tom Silverstein earlier in what what I suggestion that I have no idea why they. Decided just to go with. Ty Montgomery now they ran airing Jones more than timing gummery but why it was atomic number your starter what are you force him back out there unless it was for protection. In the blocking scheme. So it's very important look at this team can run the ball. And they can do it in and get themselves and cool down and distant MI McCartney's our all the time Donna this is positions on first and second down and or second and third down. That that makes things dramatically different. For Brad Conway so I'll I agree would you I think there's a huge importance. On the run to 855830864. Let's go to Roland nor such throw walk in the program now what's up. Able. Yes they'll still look bombed out a bit but Tom. I about come together with the with these with these few things I got out there optimistic view pessimistic view and a concern. First probable president of our first step addictive. Iraq that can't come back. Our plan how he put it will. But doesn't play well now we Lou and number eight not twelve great way to put it straight Brittany for the first topic. And I'll and also get some good draft well did because we don't make the playoffs and little in the U. Optimistically. Iraq it is able to combat baby that last game or the second has it was a polite. Brett Utley plays to our home output capability to run circles from offices employs fifteen minute. That help from Britain coming out we win more games anybody thought work now we're still won the top things. As far in the playoff race. Iran has come back and we still have a great chance to win so what was with their political vacuum helped my concern. It would no one has Syrian people about. Writers very hurt Kurdish national Brawley shall there. Now. I mean Alberto if you are a guy you have on and I read it read something about getting comeback and it could be always healthy. But it won't even think about that if he's still gonna have the same. Same way that he's been throwing peppered his injury because. I mean is there talk about plate is scruples and all that type of stuff. I mean no one knows if he's got them. If that arm is going to be insane as it bit you mean net debt to meet that. Demeanor of the analysts say anything about it as something that may mean the one minority actually gone back because. That's going to be prosecuted without that private going to be the most the most concerning questions. That is that's going to be take a while before it answered so. That's where I met with it is part of health situation. You knew. I appreciate the phone call ID because there there's a lot to discuss and I don't want like gloss over or do we only a minute here but it. And let me do this we're gonna take a break and come back I have to talk to Erin since she's the voice of the Milwaukee admirals after the top the hour wanna give back in in this. There's a lot a lot there and on so hang in there. I'll talk to us some must mammals hockey coming up. And then we're gonna talk some more about Aaron Rodgers and just what you had stayed because a lot to chew on their sick rallied a lot more of the mikes are coming up next. This is still build my school's sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. Michael show is on the error and now looking forward admirals hockey is the cardinals opened up the season three games on the road not a loss to show for the voice to the Milwaukee admirals the man that looks good Zimbabwe had Aronson is now joining us and I don't body. I'm great but it aren't well impersonal gimme your thoughts first three games of the season because this team and knocks off vice right the ice on general Robert 535 before they beat the wild -- to the beat the wild while the beat while twice so now here come the Hershey bears don't assume there's gonna score five as long as they don't give up more than 500 ago. Yeah exactly good if you keep going with five that's not a bad number it was a roster the apple averaged just under three bowl again. What are the big picture of the apple to their good start is seventeen. Of the players at one point or another weight with the apple lastly there's some great cohesion there. You brought the goaltender Anders went back replace or seven years ago so they're seeking guys on the roster that played here a one point or another in the national. They all know each other even the new guys that came and they wait whip acuity other guys on other teams and other organizations in juniors werder maybe shock. There's a lot of familiarity and I think it has that. It has been a great reason for it for the region the apples are up to a perfect start. Sold what else have they done offensively that has been just that good is it just affected the offense is just looking that good to pass there Crist things ago exactly had a chance to see him yet I mean Friday night in my first opportunity but. Are what is it about this team that is given them that kind of that offensive burst. Which is a year you always hear there are so many bonds were to write it in all sports especially hockey your get to the decreasing areas go to the net at all that the and that's what they're doing shooting the puck going to the net getting rebounds. The special teams have been good they've been very good on the power play they're called HO has. The pit at age fourteen out of fifteen and so allowed only one goal that quake shook. They they've done it just a good job bunting around the net creating pressure in the opposite result especially in the first two periods the apple have a great old and a game yet. And they've that they've half empty net goal in each of the games so that kind of shows you that there are in control. The other team has the political action desperation time so. Evidently had a goal and each games that they've for the most part they've been in control for probably 4550 minutes out of the sixty that they played on the actual artist in her. Defensively speaking. How has that been as oil. It's been pretty good actually it's been really good. Trevor Murphy is in his third here in Libya role in an undrafted free agent coming out of juniors and he's been magnificent that he really will talk about the rookie first Georgia but in the first year second year but. The second or third year I mean he's gone from. A young man to to a full adult man. You know you'll lose a football coach Mike Gundy was in order and government important torturer Berber region or did he the rabbit here. He's been magnificent. And Glenn Beck has been a great story either guy he's going to be 29 years old. Arias 29 years old. He was hot shot seven years ago he was the next big thing both literally and figuratively he's six foot six and goaltender. They came over from Sweden to back a record rain today in national didn't get much time but everybody saw the potential so he was traded to Tampa Bay. To become the number one and as in any kind of bounced around a little bit mastery on himself. Partly in the American hockey recruit you games and any impact sweeten the trying to find his game. You want you back to the NHL so this is a big shock for him a big opportunity to. To be a guy every night at this level to try to get competent back in and he has been magnificent for the team too so it's. It's been if it really has been a nice team effort and everybody in the pretty good at this moment. Our big weekend coming up game both Friday and Saturday her she is in town on Friday Iraq per back in town. Oddly dreaded Rockford ice hogs back in town on the Torre for is they're still that that's ferocious bribery that scorer in in in really kind of broke down some neo will say fisticuffs and altercations over the last couple years. I think there will be with Rockford eventually the other two cure games this year the rock creek and I'd rather than the well that they played the last several years because. A couple of other teams have been at a Hershey included. To the schedule or she's gonna make a swing through the mid west Grand Rapids and Rockford so I think there will be there are a lot of new players there's a new coaching staff at the Rockford. But when you see a team that many times. You'd get there there's gonna develop some hatred and and I think eventually we're gonna see that here in this series. I am bringing ten kids of the game birthday party on Friday night that off or tell all of those it is yet. Please don't put out the first time burst and the admiral. In Hershey and unfortunately losing games six and they Calder cup final in 2000 should expect and back in June of 2006 our. Yeah come on top of the grade we're gonna bring them all it is rumored that blues. Will figure it out yet if you know what we're we're kind of an open area so we can that we can make up and happened a politically. Bonnie I'll be there will sit for an eyebrow girlfriend regulated they don't get down their support the admirals Friday night the Hershey bears are in town I will see there'll be the one. Well completely gray hair no money pockets slipped inside out kids running wild. And and and and drinking heavily in the corner almost in a vegetative state at that point but I'm looking forward to a fifth. I now. Yeah our backers chatter coming up after this. Border to border though the film Michael's voice talking network. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system.