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Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 2. We continue to take your calls on the Josh Hader situation. We’ll also continue our N.L. Central lookaround with Les Grobstein and Jim Colony.

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De tanto welcome bill Michael shell on the air I don't Michael's across me radio Jose and Zola a day that tell you thought well you talk about the all star game a little bit. Who won her. Second half of the season. How the brewers are gonna turn around the six game losing streak. And how things are then going to be put back on the tracks and at the spur receive within the often running when you talk about winning a National League central instead we're talking about. The the tweets I was saying fortune and others too many people that are putting edged his behind these things look they're they're stupid. They're stupid I mean I don't miles to put it now Josh haters in the same thing as stupid. He apologized for what he did. But it's out there and it's a lesson to be learned for a lot of people a lot of different avenues not just stars or athletes but I think for everybody that is. You know about the puts something out or hit enter now what is out there is out there it's also a lesson for teams specifically. That if you don't go over. These social media. Of your players. From back when they had its inception. You you're crazy. Because there are some things out there that can be very damning as we've now seen. And the team that is now sitting atop the National League central. Looks down on the Milwaukee Brewers and whatever is going to cause the brewers either rally around this or disintegrate this season. They're paying very close attention to just south of the border now in Chicago when there is no. Better cat down there to talk about the polls so what's going on and Shiite town and our buddy I'll let scribe Steve from 67 scored on Chicago last say don't well. Hi bill or about things otherwise and that the world of the big unit that sort. Why you know why we're watching a baseball team that gather had a little bit of rough spots and now you figure they get arresting turnaround a little bit they've been competitive and I think really most people seem to think that that's the only team that's really gonna give the cubs' problems. This season but you something like this you've seen or less over the years I mean. It either blows a team apart or it's something to rally around and all of a sudden they catch their second wind and finds chip on their shoulders saying you know. Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead so we'll say our Alamo city. They don't need something like this at the statement does blow up really of the year so far muted. They they got enough problems and now this thing involving Josh rader is just just ridiculously. And what makes it even worse of course what he didn't beat worse I mean that you can't defend this. You can't say anything good about it it's deplorable it's terrible. But they all so the problem is one. Hater has not been pitching that well lately was part of a bullpen essential lights out on the more recently I mean it was not very good in that series against the pirates that was a four game series they could have won. I'll be conservative about that could've won three of those five games or couple they just didn't hit. At least they blew the lead and hater had just as much to do that as anybody and there's no way they should come out 015 in that particular series against Pittsburgh. Mean no I agree and in the meantime. And I wrote about this the other day the cubs. Since may 29 the cubs are 2716. The brewers a three games under 500 hell even the reds are seven games over 500 it's. The cubs though have really grabbed ahold of this and they started to play much better baseball and that's without Darvish that's without chow would. Judy so you're looking at this team going okay. They're missing a couple of guys that they acquired in the off season and there's still now getting it done as just strictly because the bats are starting to heat up their bullpen has been so good. That's part of it then you got to remember Rizzo who has got a bunch RBIs batting average is still terrible. Are and also look Chris Bryant I mean these two have not been all that you'd had that figure if they'd. Whereas sub sub par and they turned out to beat for the most part I mean they're still dangerous hitters all the time but. Lot of pictures of one after a mix it up it's been hobby hereby as for the most part. I mean he's the guy that is really get thick and nobody expected. At this point. Jason Heyward to hit as well he did I've been defending him. And a lot of my callers have been on my case saying I get a lot of here he's pathetic is that that's at least the whole world number one. He's the best defensive outfielder on the team may be in this the National League and perhaps strictly American League as well. And it turns out he's hitting him in the biggest blow yet with a Grand Slam with two outs and two strikes sent him. That duck won a game that look like they were total suddenly and rockets one into the wind against how old lefthander I mean it was all left hand pitcher. And that really got him going in the he was doing okay before hand but again it's been hitting about 220s. As a cub. This year no he looked around what to 8285. And have ranger and he's been a heck of a lot different. Now the question is what's gonna happen know what the crew you're gulp. The crew had a filing asking lead going into the all star break and they didn't go into unknown actual right afterward in the cubs went crazy they won three straight in Baltimore followed by three straight in Pittsburgh. And what the brewers loose something like five out of six right halt yeah breaks and the five and hip game lead for the crew. Banished before he could blink your eyes and from that point on a couple of the rest of the way the brewers stretch to make a couple of runs but we all know what ended up happening. For the most part this cubs seems pretty healthy right now cracked. We gonna wait yeah I think got a lot healthier than that we thought I mean. You still love him some pitching issues and we told you already mentioned. A couple problems that mean Hayward is just been terrific as part of the rotation goes so. On the you're talking about champ would then he has been bad. He's just been plain old bad walking a lot of people following behind. And he's not the only one I mean and so far Yu Darvish. He's still not coming Becker keeps things he keeps. Claiming all I feel better this and that but. We're not so sure what he's talking about a half the time anyway. And I don't know yet recovered from that from their bad World Series showing that he had against the Dodgers he pitched well against the cubs in league championship series last year but. We gained against the especially being so them. Doctor sample never forget about it and they would love to see him pitch against with the Dodgers or some other teams match up in the postseason they're done playing in the regular season but. And they're pitching rotation as the big problem right now their bullpen has been way above what people might have expected. But they have all kinds of difficulties with the rotation Jon Lester has been the best that they got. And good have been a couple of others that doesn't have pitched okay but sub par and despite that. Cub now find themselves two and a half games ahead of the brewers in the standings. I wouldn't of thought that would happen with some of the things that it occurred to the cups. Tarlow less grouchy mr. Simmons scored out of Chicago looking at this team is really the only threat still believed to be the Milwaukee Brewers or do you think with the changeover Metheny being fired it might ignite something out of the St. Louis Cardinals and maybe they get a little bit of a resurgence. Yet looking he had to gulf. From saint louis' standpoint I mean there were too many players that and it turned down whatever and on. 86 feet blue route that the wild things are going pretty good and I think what a lot of players have turned on him. All the fans all day but not calling for his neck or around. Really really offseason anyway and the biggest issue two was of course Dexter Fowler who's having a real sub par year. Ironically the first game after missing he was lack. Who had a big home run in their victory was sent Dexter Fowler his only other really gigantic hit all Yuri epic game ending home run in a low against the cubs. That was the game in which had Jason Heyward went back into the corner banged his head and they without several games because of that but. On right now at Dexter Fowler on either. Been kind of boxed out so far so I don't know if the changeover is gonna end up igniting the cardinals are not. Or if they're just not that good. Yeah I wanted to ask you when you talked about indeed the offense and some of the players playing above. You know like Hayward who's really been hit the hell out of baseball. Plane above do you wait for the other issued a property you think OK this is what we expected out of some of these guys and now you're starting to fire and also owners. Like I said I've defended Jason Heyward from the beginning and a lot of my own listeners are keeps saying let it go he's terrible and all I've been saying is well. Once in my life. I'm right and a lot of you're wrong. It seems like I stand by what I've been saying I mean they get well without the guy they're not in first place right now and you could point to a couple of other I mean hobby by as. If he is not on this team not doing what he's doing. There are easily blown Natalie the brewers got the cardinals but hobby Baez has carried this team and actual. Last is always a pleasure to talk to your buddy I'm sure we'll touch base once the bears a start to hit burn today and then now from their role be fully enthralled in Packers and bears football after that maybe even some. October baseball it's always a pleasure to off. You all can have Danica Patrick people down here Rasheed gets all the air itself because of her. Hawk pro affiliation if you wanna call at. You know what I seal or Roger she's hosting the espy's and I want to see Aaron Rodgers be up for awarding her have to give Aaron Rodgers in the war. You talk about an awkward moment now that they departed ways you know so. We were watching you prepare apart well yeah I was she's kind of like on an island now. She LA and Packers fans alienated there's been. The bear the bear fans are basically saying you know she is its own debater as well they're fans of disorder through. Are they wish her well label that is key minutes just if he's retired if you will but if you get behind a race car. On one wish everything well for a Coke she's safe and sound but on. Well when you pull stunts like that it's like with. Ryan interior did when he signed as a free agent with the cardinals when he made the comment he says all of their happy to see that I am now on the right side of the rivalry beer cub fans just get the feeling. When material period at Wrigley and cardinal uniform I need not tell you how much she was booed every time because adept attorney with a very popular player down here you are Danica Patrick up I don't know how popular she has been there hasn't been but now. Achieved its own the bears in favor of the much relish shut their north of ruffle road are you kidding. Oh well it is what it is now she's on the island it's always a pleasure LS will dog you symbiotic. They're there they got less drops deep six him in the storage gaga joining us for governments and genre talent to better hiring drivers right now you regarded preacher fair eighty plus years immediate and call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs. Dot com when we come back Major League Baseball has just spoken. We'll tell you what they said coming up next and a Michael show. Wisconsin law. Phil Michael's sports talk and work. The program for the Michael show on the air we are glad to have this portion of the program being brought to our friends or new album medical training guys Levy with a 98%. Success rate. And if you got the Latif thing going on me if you have a CN you're comfortable moody run down look for better move betterment of clarity better movement stamina. We'll wait lies they can help you out there or just be all the more weight loss program that is fantastic and yes it works. Call 4144554451. That's 41445544. 51 is worth a phone call can change your line 41445544. 51 Major League Baseball. Has now issued a statement regarding Josh cater. And they said that Major League Baseball. A during last night's game became aware mr. haters on acceptable social media comments in years past. And have since been any communication with the brewers regarding our shared concerns. After the game mr. hader took the necessary step of expressing remorse for his highly offensive. In hurtful language which falls which fails to represent the values of our game in our expectations. For all of those were all part of the office of the commissioner require sensitivity training for mr. Nader and participation in Major League baseball's diversity. In inclusion initiatives. Pretty much what we saw. Not gonna suspending for something that he do when he was seventeen but they are gonna settings sensitivity training to make sure something like this never happens again. At some point like I said haters gonna come back before the the media. He's going to have taken questions yet again and try to put this behind him. In it's something that right now he's so it's a whirlwind. He's gonna have to live with he's gonna have to accept and he's Canadian he did last night a very good job of quote owning it. I just don't always mow a bigger from a ESPN radio was on us a little bit earlier said what more is Pete do people want from him. What pound of flesh is is acceptable on different levels. Com. We uses and joked yeah there's a quote here from Dave. Stearns he says we've been in contact for Josh and he's fully aware of the severity of the situation related it was social media comments. Regardless of the timeline of his posts his comments are inexcusable. And he is taking full responsibility for the consequences of his actions in no way to these sentiments reflect the views of the brewers organization or our community. Those of us that have come to know Josh do not believe. That these polls are representative of his beliefs. He has been a good teammate and contributor to the team in every way we will continue to work through this issue with Josh as we prepared to resume gains after separate. As Amber's general manager David Stern's go to phone calls been a whole long time pages there was Ellis did you you don't emir what's up. They what's going on Bill Belichick let our our job Qaeda will never be able to un ring this bell. Understand Shelby's comments and as far as transgressions. Lived with him forever now it's incumbent on him to. Go forward and try and that salvaged. Some of the things ought to appeal. Let me be working in the community in the Lockheed. Certain areas until he comes from. Martinsville Maryland. Which isn't predominantly. White neighborhood. Plates with a 135000. People a department where do you live there. Bought 71% of the population. Up 12%. Are American and look you know but you know that he's probably a product of is an environment. Arm the comments that he made on Twitter are very reminiscent. People that are still. Of being used here aryan brother. Kkk. Or white supremacists those are the comment to make those type of comments and it was probably. You know associated with those people cause it's not uncommon. You know for the small community like especially in the area where he grew up to be involved in that situation. And that's a learned experience and environment. Are I would have personally never let him speak that the media after decades. He just got through it rocks. In the first all star game. On the mound. It is it's terribly was under attack sort of speak. In the stands and they were you know. And not comfortable with what was going on and then he gets bombarded all the questions about. Is part social media inside where his handlers are representatives or the brewers organization. I would have not let me comment until they could find out exactly you know what to say and ends. Yeah they're going inches damage control they will continue to do that at this point I would definitely not let him. Speak on that that situation last and I just wasn't that much either way because we live in the south by. Society. And I can I can see somebody in Canada watching the news today. Taken the sound bite from one of the reporters asking him arm as he changed his view of what he says no. That's what they're gonna that's what did it take part. In line so. So a lot you know hopefully I bought he used. He's in great picture are lucky on the mound I don't know what kind of person was the past I'd hope we can. All the Communists but you know we celebrate people that are of this bill though in this country and how we got. I pop it in the hall fame baseball saint and he was one of the biggest racist almost walls and they get them to start. So that's an opportunity like this never happened 400. Our body trichet. He drops off and you get onboard 85583086488558308648. Gives you shall love to hear from me it is. As Sergio just read David Stern's talking about to they have been. Conversation. Which Josh in Q they're going to take care penises. As the bad luck and Isabel look for everybody in ball. You know it's not just for judge later means to reflect on the brewers to reflect a Major League Baseball. You know now we just kind of wait wait and see what happens in and I guess the next step is. The way this I can see this playing out the news is just going to kind of quiet down for the next day or two. Then John ash is going to meet with the media. Friday probably before the game and you're gonna have those comments that are going to be out there. I don't know I I hope to god. That they do not give him something to REIT. No don't do that. Do not do that. They made it worse thing you can do right now just make him available. Make sure that the economy is school up on what he shouldn't shouldn't say they'll prep them for but I'm sure it just in listening to the conversations from him last night. He was contrite about I I I'm sorry I I don't know what to say I mean he just. You know even tested your ever segments and he's like I vaguely I don't believe you know I mean aren't these amounts are camps are hurt everybody in army. He was pretty. You pretty up front in the one thing that we come to learn in this society is if you're pretty up front about stuff. People tend to forgive you people tend to go OK you know we kind of get it the one thing that they'd. You can't really unlike you know pages Susan ring the bells when it comes to racism I mean it's just that you you're gonna Wear that scarlet letter for a long long long long time. But at least the owned. You know Henne try to get away from and in some way shape or form would have been terrible. He kind of old woody didn't do so young is young and stupid mean I don't know what else to say so now we wait for Friday to give. But you know early Sox last night was supposed to be a really great moment in his career. His parents his family who live in Maryland you know on the just a short little drive to DC. To be there to you know to see their son pitched. And he goes out there he gives up that home run which really hurt. And then. The avalanche that came after that that last night was supposed to be a great moment for Josh area and instead they want when everything backfired. And and it sucks for his family to be. Escorted away to be to take off third brewer jerseys with eight or on the back and words as generic brewers jerseys. You don't just so that they don't receive any out lash from anybody. Yeah sucks but it does it sucks. You know I completely agree 855830864. Let's go to Phil was it was a walk jump over I don't really know what's going on. They're good morning guys just can't get anywhere and it's but not. Yes that. I hope what that like this that may develop hopefully they'll think I wrote an alert from that and then they'll have they'll get back on for active and get united. Mike my point being is that with C. With Josh cater and the feelings and that's the bad part about this is that. You know he's getting bombarded and everything we got to realize is that. You know the sad thing is is that certified the 40% of the people of this country feel the same way he does. And you've got you know the state of Wisconsin. Voted in a man who who talks like this every single Dade city in public. And that's the problem and you've got the leader of our country this legitimizing the spot. And it if that is kind of a lot better. Off of what's happening in this country and I hope that's. This situation. Can can turn to a positive and you know I'll Seattle Bieber fire younger I think like that it's you know he does that of the freed a country what he wants. But I think you might as editor previous caller he's got to you know and I think he did you got to take responsibility for this. But he. This is going to be went down for probably the rest of his life especially. As long as he's in baseball. And he's going to be dealing with booze and he got to see what kind of character this guy as. That to get about what but this but this does this is the way the times are right now we're building a wall to keep up from people. And we're not we are some of a lot of people want to build a wall. And we've got to look inside are each about half the look inside before we start elements Raymond. And and determine you know what what's going on here and we got to do something about this because you know we're all Americans. And we it doesn't matter what color we are everybody contributes everybody works to make this country better. And we can't. Regardless that ball at the time he lived in and everything. Wily than I would in the fifties and sixties. And I would never fly to intimidate people because they're black or. Are homosexuals or anything like that because it does it's it's not me it's that that's what they wanted to do. We've got to let them do that we're always worried about what everybody else is doing instead of taking care of ourselves. And I think that that's something we've got we got. You know this is scary we gotta we gotta stop this. It there appreciate the phone call it is from. The whole thing about being the product of the fifties and sixties and such around. It doesn't fly. And you'll need to look any further than Marge shot to see that it doesn't fly. We've been there done that with somebody in baseball that made comments but that was basically run out of a game. It was a different time then that it is now. But. But it it's. I I I think what baseball's doing is correct you don't suspending percentage do when he was seventeen it's not like he said it today. He said it now he'd be suspended without a doubt. Bomb but I think what they're doing is right you sitting sensitivity training you let him. Meet with the media again. Our fans are gonna hold it against him they're gonna hold it against and there's nothing you can do values now have to accept it and move on and try to do better. By the only I can say about this in and I just said in an interview before his. You don't you gotta learn from news he's Keller from this team bestseller finesse player wrestler from this we all have to learn from this more than a Mike Sugarman next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. At work. No relatives friends you know that's one reason why don't counsels me because it. Like. Pro. Things you say we don't kill the removal from. Back those in the words of Lorenzo. Pain of the Milwaukee Brewers. Trying to put a little bit of a a spin on this. The words of Josh cater. At least he tweets of Josh carrier from when he was seventeen years old and many of you are bringing up something that was posted back in 2016. Is that. Tweet or post or whatever it is it's floating around out there at least according to many. News. Photoshop. It's erroneous it was somebody that I guess is trying to poured gas on the fire so mystery. So what Major League Baseball is concerned with is looking at it was the tweets from when he was seventeen years old from years ago. And the one that's out there that people are claiming to be real. From 2016. Is erroneous just so you know so somebody passes along to you just say it's been. I guess at least according to many sources has been proven to be our faults and that's Photoshop. So. 855830864. Rate and if you wanna gives you shall please feel free to do so. In the meantime we continue to take our spin them around the National League central and let's take a look at the Pittsburg perspective on things Jim colony from now on he says are 937 the fan in Pittsburg now joining us. On the shutter or shall I generally don't like. Are doing pretty well enjoying actually noticed that I strive for a sports stock people. But there's no. A whole heck of a lot going on but luckily there's always seems like there's always something pops up and so. Businesses build blooming relatively speaking and there's Burke. Well you know here and be Milwaukee Wisconsin. Northern you know area here. Not the best I mean or something has popped up don't get me wrong but it's not the best outlook for the Milwaukee Brewers remorse over Josh rader so let me ask you this this Pittsburgh team. I said going in that series this is almost a playoff series for them because they're gonna keep any hope alive they have got to get at least four wins over the Milwaukee Brewers in damned if they didn't sweet smell of a five game series. So does this all of a sudden give a shot of adrenaline and none not only the team but into the fan base. Well it actually because it really blows collapsed this say street art article go. Yeah guilt or hitting it as a weekly radio show network and our station. And also between the local after. And set. Well early based at what he laid out an ultimatum but he basically said you know there there's eight games here between now on the break and foreign force not panic about it. And when you know imagine the pirates got seven at one including a sweep of the brewers. So all of a sudden there's a lot of productivity and what Janelle. The buyers not to take four days after the all star break so maybe not the best timing there. You know I don't I don't know it it doesn't really auditing cutter reset their pitching staff which they really didn't reset all that much. You guys Cincinnati coming up another play better lately but they're in last place so the it's sort of the pirates still but. That thing isn't what we've seen from this pirates game while there evidence for. They were 26 and seventeen. And then they were the worst in baseball I like this can't sit and pretty appearance they were just awful after a may eighteenth in in Seoul actually last week. And they could just as edgy easily revert to that mode over the next week or so. Bite you every say you know so big topic or we'll talk about it should depart speed buyers should apart these sellers they sought the wait another week. You know I think that nobody and it should be engaged which seems about potentially. Try to pick up some help. At the trade deadline but at the same time that you know they can undo all this feel good stuff that we got last week it fairly short order. You know by about it I'll give it a much almost getting swept by the rat which is entirely possible. Looking at this team moving forward will there be any. Shall we say a inclusion of trades who'll lead try to make a move maybe better themselves or is this a stand pat chambers as a team that considering the resellers. Records and I don't I don't think I don't think they know right now I think I think. Arnott should be engaged in dialogue with inched. Aid to stick in case of both scenarios there's another saying oh it's it's really easy to sail acquire short sellers. Okay you want. The fire roster you proceed parts place you want to the part should be willing to trade. And purchase those are valid. But at this graders should all wait a minute he's got a concussion disabled list with a lot at least a second or third time this year and that's that is an issue by the way. That out and you know we're a lot of those I wouldn't be surprised it's a relic stuck next week I would be surprised at all the sudden decides he hit play again. A receipt place you wouldn't be able to catch you yet. About Jordy Mercer motor shortstop steady not much were bat. But these are real steady fielder is not courier well that nobody seems to want to have Josh Harris. Maybe. As a as a complementary player but by. He's been he's been inconsistent this season. The editor of pitchers that another gene what a lot like say actually pay Vasquez arts are gonna trade him. And now all of a sudden they've got other guys that are playing well they look so I don't according Dickerson Dickerson will be a god might have some values people. Not a lot of power but he likes you know abuse of these the depart most consistent hitter all season hasn't really good patient approach at the plate you guys saw that over the weekend. And you might be available because she'll be a it will be as another year of arbitration next year but I and our social kind of value he has another team's. And and in a bit sorry I don't think the pirates know I hate to be wishy washy here. But but I don't you don't think prior snow and I don't think that really should go in the until they they play another we sort of games. Our Jim colony 937 the fan in Pittsburg. What is the fate I mean and we just didn't noticing the crowds all as the brewers were there. What a fan reaction been gone to a very hot start there's a lot of people didn't believe in and sure enough they started to falter they come back they get some wins but what is the fan reaction Aaron our fans expecting out of this team. But silence is our purpose. Because. They and other. You saw the crowds over the weekend or lack thereof. Attendance is down no I don't attend just down across the board initially baseball but I. A tendency is I think only only Miami so called Florida. I think only Miami has had a bigger drop than in attendance percentage wise and those guys actually came right out and said that they were. I mean you look at big guys that did that that they sold out there on the all star game. And and and so I. This. I think it's thicker dissolution because they larger twenty years without without postseason baseball and then. You had the euphoria of that wild card game and what he's thirteen and they they came within. You know. A few feet of it McCutcheon winning this series in the ninth inning of game four against Saint Louis. And then you lose to La carte games and then instead of adding to a team that won ninety games 2016. They'd they'd just didn't they didn't do it sank. And and they tried they traded a walker for John for judge needs an early. So a lot of they've they've got worse. And and then they're good I picked a chair perception is is that. They care more about whether the fire it's what many ordered us. And I think it's finally taken a couple years then this year with a good start you know the letters that school lights at all that such people didn't show up. And then because they they feel that date they've invested more in achieve emotionally and in some cases. Financially what by buying season tickets and by showing up at the ballpark in there and averaging 30000 people game. This year winning baseball bat basic chair more than ownership powers and so they stopped coming and and even when when they gossip that good start. They could they could monetize that. And then they they sort of played like garbage so that when they come all pretended actual eleven data as a general and April 6 at that make a game. All these old games and people just decided I'm just not gonna go. Edits it and it's it's it's sad and you know you get to know that you're in this position you are ever spring training perk up whichever your religious got to chat and it's not some of these guys. Column kid because that 62. It's really good group of guys it really is. And end it an Celek they're terrible on purpose. But other they're not gonna get the support they they deserve support I I think they do. And yet they're not getting it not because the player this is so like the players. But it's because they don't think that ownership is investing in the product. Now and that's that's barring any clubhouse. You know anywhere you go when they think it ownership of shares just doesn't care about what's going on inside those walls no doubt. And then you know I still say I know this is this is an unpopular in the Gary called straight was not bad. It really wasn't I think Joseph much growth can be okay are as good as Derek all right. Called Maria it is going to be OK at third base and and they haven't heard Jason Maarten was promoted double or triple agent outfielder whose got a chance I think to make it. So then Michael police itself to meet Michael police but I also used the adjective. OK to describe to the guys they got you know it it betrayed had a chance you know it's not a disaster. And buy it but at the same time that the public perception. You traded our best pitcher. You know Andrew McCutcheon returned for him hasn't been great soccer in the bullpen has started to okay they've got another. I can keep forgetting kids they've been another outfielder in the minors at that as a chance to make it at some point. But you know that the return there was an all that great. Prepare for dissolution and and debate and debate centers. There hasn't been anything except this past week. The point toward that and and I don't even know you know I don't even know they don't they go to Cincinnati and Cleveland say they went for a six. Five out of six I'd be really interested to see what that would translate into in terms of attendance one archer turtle. Great stuff is always Jim we certainly appreciate it we'll chat again soon okay. Appreciate it they go Jim colony 937 the fan in Pittsburgh giving us the lowdown on the Pittsburg pirates. Who also since may 29 of only put up twenty wins much like Milwaukee Brewers put as of recently. They've been able win quite a few more ball games you get him into the month of July they started off kind of tough with the losing a three game series. To be LE Dodgers says they lost it two out of three. The Philadelphia Phillies but then they beat the nationals two out of three in that obviously they face the brewers and they won five straight there. So seven out of their last eight ball games they're able to win they probably didn't want the the midsummer class you come to this point in time he's dirty get hot but they start off. Against a reds team that has had a plus 500 record since Rick Newman took over. Then they face the interleague play of the Cleveland Indians before they even get the Mets. And then the cubs at home so as he stated you know look you're gonna find on the next week or two. As to where the Pittsburgh Pirates are. I'll probably about the time the cubs come McCall and so they feel they have a legitimate shot with the reds a Cleveland millions of New York Mets and maybe you deal gets done but if not. Then they're probably going to be sellers therefore you look for the cubs come in and maybe beat up on a little bit he join us in a shot or try ally China are hiring drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty plus years and getting it and call 844 pride. We're gonna shatter jobs Beckham more than a Michael show next. Bill Michael's voice called men's work. So Michael show on the air this portion of the program being brought to my good friends act and mark showed clinic health system and who fixed me up in. If you notice the voice today as compared to a Monday and Tuesday it's a lot better thanks to the marsh field clinic they're the ones are callebs at. Got to get got to it's mathematics can help me out. They did. Great people there. Cared about my health and wellbeing and sure enough start to feel better finally made the turn last night. And feel of a better today and hopefully you know tomorrow and the next day in the next day continue to feel better and better and better as the weekend approaches. And as a trip approaches to be out here on the next week but thanks for the Marshall clinic I care my way call made four for care when it's 844. Care way and maybe they mutual prescription central former senior unit they can't they don't Sharjah and the best part about disease say gonna go see the doc and if you needed to see the doc. So be it but if not they can help you out it's it's a fantastic way to to get treated if he has something that's ailing your client he was again call 844 care way it's 844. Care way coming up at the top of the hour where to get the national perspective on this our buddy Seth Everett. About the National League central talk with him also. About what's gone. Seen in the last really lesson twice for hours regarding Josh Peter tweets in a Major League Baseball has said if you are just tuning your sin. They will not suspended Josh hater which I never expect him to he did he did before his Major League Baseball. You know that would be like you know suddenly you know the government outlawing aspirin and everybody gets a rest whoever took gash in the light because it's illegal drug. I'm not gonna happen so he's gonna go to sensitivity training. I'm sure at some point most likely on Friday prior to beginning. He's gonna meet with the media at some point the end expresses his side of things in his sorrow and our and then he's he's gonna take care of us and then after that you know so be it will wait and see also we're going shooter actually is from inside the club yet I think. Every baseball team and maybe. A lot of these major sports teams in the NB AN. NFL were ever. I wonder if there's damage control right now where your going back to a guy every players' Twitter account to see what they posted when they were seventeen or eighteen. They're not affected either because really I mean. You think about people around their social media departments. This might be something new that they're gonna have to do now when it comes to bringing players then they're gonna have to look at their social media to see if there's anything bad out there. And then ask that person to remove it. No doubt. They're gonna Zardari if you don't. There are for the grace of god yeah. Get ready for an backlash ready because. As. A wise man once said with success. Combs exposure. And that's when people start looking and everything in the jars traders. Is no different so. Will continue to discuss with the national perspective on this coming up next a little Michael show. Six clues station strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now. Easiest and correct in your chanting go through old. And do not hinder them. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such disease at an expansion we believe children are tremendous gift from god. And that is why each year we partner with 1057 ash and the chance to sponsor to give kids the world golf outing. This helps provide cost free vacations for terminally ill children and their families you can help by joining us on the course or making a donation and give kids the world dot org. 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