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Friday, May 18th
Hour 2. We will also get Steve Novak’s thoughts on the Mike Budenholzer hire.

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From the league's front to. Crunch this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. Hey welcome Good Friday. Nice weather sun's out hopefully your Phelan is we're heading in the week and we does not going to be great hope we at least you're out enjoying today maybe get outside tonight's on the deck someplace enjoy fish fry whatever happens to be. And of the Milwaukee Bucks avenue head coaches they get their new start underway most likely gonna introduce him next week is right now the the com mine's going on and they have some of their. Personnel and figure edged down there are but nevertheless. They found moody moser and the talk more about it the guy that we go to more often than not in that we appreciated as a friend of the show Steve Novak from fox sports Wisconsin and box analysts as well joining us on this matter orange ally. Steve I don't my friend. Very very good how are jobless report marked as I'd like. Yeah hi I am not excited about their get out relax a little bit when you hour chatting yesterday. I ignore you know the first thing I said was give me the lowdown and you. You raved about you say it is a friend of mine did out in Vegas it covers a Vegas league in the summer leagues in those blew holes or he said that the box not this one out of the park you kind of feel the same right. I do feel the sentinel and our debt mainly because. Of all the candidates you look at right there was there would be questions about it. Everybody else with with board Alter our district sees recruitment in so many ways that. I think they've created during the surge there was you were looking for someone they'll root for sure the reporters are all so argue with. Their philosophy or their partners are OK we will go without. But you kind of knew all our art bought when you look at the list or altered terms of credentials Terkel where the books are. I think become a coach here that he was the perk its soul RR couldn't be more excited Arctic you perk. Tell me what about him coming out there and you're familiar with the pop system obviously after playing their for a brief stint but tell me what about him. Makes him that right candidate your eyes. You know like are so there's there's a lot of things that I was going to serie. This sport that excites me the most based on who bought our years it would be. The way that he. His style offense. What if you look at senatorial seems obvious that he was what Byrd 92 about. Don't want to you can take full credit for what he was in Atlanta. Both Atlanta a future war. Work seems that shared the ball almost to a fault that at some of the highest passing he's the leader pace was fast. I think that goes to characteristics sharing the ball aren't quite that. You doctors can do a lot to talk about the election are all sure the ball everybody its such as there was because what it doesn't happen. We're just seeing you seeing. I'm his rosters you can go to our allotted pretty much say all the players that play for him. Have succeeded and I think that to me is very tight there's not a lot of order cheaper on their roster. The I I guess the biggest question because people say well. He got to the Eastern Conference finals couldn't get over the hump with Atlanta and then things began to erode from there. Bomb EU not to say it's all a coach's fault blight. From the time they went to the Eastern Conference finals two today. What went wrong in your rise in Atlanta. You audible that there was as much as things went wrong I think that there are franchises that are in their place. And I don't think that that. Front office in Atlanta and put food balls or worked probably yeah. In it and in the right place I think that. Very much how you saw the relationship there and court or no relief. Very much mutual friend worked in marketing and watching it happen it was a front office at her relationship which is. I think it's telling an important and them having a conversation thank you are probably not the right coach or group that you are building what he says. You can probably pick you can get a better spot and that people ought to be a competitor. And I think the media at the box and that's exciting because. He should be in Milwaukee where you must think or he would take this job had other options. That this team can't be special they can't make that jump and garner a lot of optical Orson darker treat this as a good for perhaps troops elaborate Kirk also. What do you think it affected dead they'd be interviewed him in New York flying to Milwaukee where he sister our Middleton and Jonas. You know all. I loved it I do and I think it is the immediate should be the norm and her sister network seem oracle and or your group didn't. Do that ordered brought them their top guys their guard that it is important they're happy it is important that they are on the same page because. NBA players at a top players these guys are not important he's their partners. Very much partners which the owners ought to consider these dark aren't making twenty million dollars. So that's what they're not just important it's important your record pig I audit village to buy article it. Yes he wanted to be happier you'll also want to make sure that that are your parents 45 million. Is going to match with his boss who might be together with for the next hopefully ten years. Seoul are low but that the opposite critical include him you know Donna is the future there's no doubt about it a large equity. What do you draw if any thing now there we were come back and forth yesterday are starting a couple of people Gary wolf full says that the official season doesn't begin until July 1. So therefore Jabbar he could've been inside that that that breakfast but as an unrestricted free are you restricted free agent. Prom be you know your thought process was basically no you probably wouldn't wanna be there or at least be involved in something like that what did you make out of the defected Jabari was not a part of that breakfast. Not my understanding of them and this could be wrong what Gretzky is. There's not a lot that you talked about or part of offerings while to become careers or electric Circuit Court heard July wondered if there are I would like it. My understanding what that he wasn't their because that. That it's hampering development beat all the people tried the shell. That's very much your personal longer I think there. You know just in speaking which a party and in the weeks insisted and under. Are very much have heard the word used talked about Milwaukee being complexity. Hoping to stay but you understand the process that they. Just like the book shall. Our own. If not being there I think based on the conversations are that would bar it shouldn't be used. Read into I think that that group that monitors and was because he couldn't beat. Things that I financing and I said this yesterday. Was that and again iconic touch base with a couple people that neighborhood. You know he's got family here now he's guy you know at least old chat when neighbors still being seen in the neighborhood still renovating a house. It seems like fraud tens of services in you when he told UN neat. Down there that night at. Merriman social we're doing the Milwaukee best bar that Milwaukee's his home he wasn't didn't do this is his home now is an. You know leaders and electric you know you know this from speaking with him a bigger problem is. He said those things and I think there's a lot of guys that fatal things like this is home where a lot of B. You go. I think he's just saying that it has the say that the Bard not their when he tells you look are unhappy like you're in the play off. He's unhappy at what it tells you heard Milwaukee's all or a lot of period where I hoped to. Kind of chose to beat the start of my career a little bit in the beginning. He's being up this does he heard what so outfield until it's over yet the corporate culture that is where I want to stay he's not a I'm gonna go chase a big city York changes seem to regard it would. For sure what this figure balk he understands that it's not fair because your partner. In his field and and part of the order positions in the control panel. Offers Egypt's. When you look at booting balls are coming here and you mentioned it before or the other offers. What does that say about the box organizations say. You know as opposed to Toronto. And Toronto a very good team they've got some you know it they've got some very good players there and there's a lot of upside DeRozan and company they certainly have the capability to get it done but they didn't go deep is it is they wanted to in the post season. So what does it say that he chose Milwaukee oversee choosing to go to go to trial. You know what does did you read about it a lot bigger got so the higher dose of coach what was that there was a Toronto law kind of decision bowl organizers. Worse. Almost for sure talk in lippold organizations salt. In in my opinion it is completely because of not. I mean that because if he's talking about making the move right now at this point is careers ordered them or your goal. And in the truck court boot altering the private career. Trying to win a championship as a coach. I think he knows he needs. That you need that superstar you view that Carter. LeBron or expected to take over this we will insert it all the shoulder that's what you mean I think the box have. And not as they have also pieces around them that have been mashed together on the conversation. That the chemistry or the maker Bausch. And he's got a guy I think there's been proven to build a cute guys play together and the way that you. Runs all his offense specifically is so inclusive and that maximizes guys sort that you feel that the way he coaches it and has star like doubt about that puts it over the top to talk about it but you know contender. Talk with Steve Novak from fox sports Wisconsin in a box analyst as Steve I wanted to ask you talking about the cavs. The fact of the box went toe to toe with the Celtics took under seven games the Celtics suit. Beaten up on Philadelphia and they're beating up on the cavs right now what should we read if anything in the that is to Wear the box are right now. Also question I was out feel the same way it right when that she's the candidate. You thought our football loss in the first armored go to one day applause record of one game seven. And all the sudden you watched Boston become productive. In the NBA differ from this period of time. And you goal this Phillies certainly in place all about it but auction Cleveland it's early in the series but they certainly have either. Which just makes you go okay what are all the best of it straight now and but what Milwaukee literature report we will work there are half full or for being in the so. I agree it's the season and that it makes you feel differently epic about where this botched it has just watching bought the merger of and how well that they played against Cleveland intro to subtle equivalent truly. Were considered. Worse than Milwaukee in the Sudan but they're looking at about the war declared a better. Bomb before elegy go at Cleveland going back home and they're going to be taken on Boston tomorrow night down two games in nine. I certainly expect him to get a win at home I yeah I can't imagine this is a big game for them if they lose game three then all of us tonight I think there. I think I read confidence wise they're pretty much shot LeBron and LeBron. And boy that Western Conference series and now I think it's wide open after Houston's is dominating came out and shot the lights out. I think that really put as far as cold mistaken as if you look at Steve occurs face Hewitt he looked as if he was saying they're gone. Guys I told you so you can't just robust rules on go to win I think that was a big punch that faced a Golden State as well. There launchers in English so many street right ultimate shot that Tony says a lot that is true bought. When they have Peter Tucker make it shot good point two points and really haven't met bully president Chris Paul's like a lawyer Peter Parker regroup out there. Well big big shocker replete with that that he's got two cards. There's critical state in game one they did not that believe. Arrogance edge that makes them so good and actually they've got to be in our typical. Golden State. Our political signature I think because there are more consistent defense team. Are in the east of this port I don't know I can't help Boston now and it looked so that there were as Smart or cool book out. Yep no doubt Steve always a pleasure buddy look forward to seeing down the road as well and I hope we get the Ed now did you adjust your schedule you gonna join us next Saturday. I didn't check yet as long as my lament of the British public. Okay check your schedule and if you're good go then we're gonna do some some beer slinging got it standings for charity for the block party coming up by next Saturday so let me know and we'll touch base and then. I'll let people know if you're going to be joining me next Saturday afternoon. Are out talking a scenario that Steve Novak from Bucs were Wisconsin boxing analyst joining us for a couple minutes yet. Not this Saturday but next Saturday there's big block party to do this annually. And this Denny's and what's the bars in an area down their get together and it puts amusing in the streets in such second national Walker's point. And Libya celery Barnett bartender down there they donate money to the American Cancer Society. Portion of those proceeds so I'll be down there all the tips everything that I get everything goes. To the charity so if you get a chance to come out they wanna have a good time not this weekend but next week I'll talk more about it next weekend but. Gonna be down there not only is the home of the bill Michael's garlic cheese brought. But best swings around but I'm now I'm gonna be out of work. So you got it from its all outside to his big block party out front of the I'm from the bar restaurant there so I look forward to it and try to bring Steve with me Steve. Steve got touch and we love to do this is gonna check conceive really going to be out of town we got you know some Little League Baseball but it we don't ma'am there's so. We'll find out she's going to be joining me are not he gay joint is by the way on the shatter or challenge Schneider our drivers right now. You work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they've been getting it done call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs to our count. 844. Brighter go to Schneider jobs dark on this portion of the program being brought you by reference of Marshall clinic health system. Picked my any of them back in the game your MP department there is fantastical 855 and C ortho 855. MC or Theodore to live with pain. You don't have to live with orthopedic problems whether to shoulder elbow and the ankles whatever happens to be hips. They can opium and maybe that each home as little as a day all you do is call 855 MC or so or more ago. To Marshall clinic dot org the official health care provider of yours truly when we come back. The next step for the Milwaukee Bucks is what. More than election. Wisconsin won by age don't bill Michaels Stores told me. The great coaching. The this season and had a big devastation took over the game. Rather like oh she's on yeah. We're so glad to have youth on this Friday. This portion of the program being brought you by our good friends over there a quick trip quick trip and tobacco outlet plus wondering why did you Thursday June 7 it's our first one of the season. To be fine ground imaginary get ready here we come Thursday night June 7 it was got a brewing company 1079 American way in Verona. 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And then after that we have the ramp for and we we just have kind of up kind of a private shall we we were great times a lot of four hope to see out. Hope to see it brought you by reference that tobacco outlet plus quick trip and heard almost cigars so should be attacked. That was shot as the voice you heard this before we came back from break in and talking about food halls are talking about this team and my question uses it's. What now. What now what what's the next step. For the Milwaukee Bucks. Got a tweet here from team. Would you Condon who basically I got butchered that but. Says the next step of the box is getting more Wisconsin nice to become bigger bucks fans news Celtics for the new arena all this will inevitably come with winds which that's it. And I'd sit. It's not. You know is debt more purely fans. You can't just okay become a fan here you go Hillary you do guys start giving away free tickets of people have a great time go to Bucs games. That's one way to do it. But the other way to do it to be perfectly honest with you is went. Now if poodles or can do that and his team can get off to a fast start get people involved. Get people believing that hey it was the coach it is a new coach. He's gonna get more out of these guys and with the previous previous regime was getting. Yeah you're gonna do you're gonna draw on fans near draw a lot of people. Go to become Bucs fans at all and a very quick ago period time there's a lot of people right now I think Europe. Throughout the state Wisconsin and and and people just did that have a casual interest looking over the fence even if you honest has brought the men. They have a casual interest these people that always look for underdog and always wanna believe. I think they would love the new blood that is. You Milwaukee in the post season. And go far to the policies might my point being. Which do you can't keep talking about he can't keep saying own the future what the hell is a future gonna become reality that's what I wanna know. That's what needs to be done. And you know Diane. You you need a shooter you need a big man. There's no denying that you more consistent shooter and you need a big. Men how you gonna make that have well that's that's order store. But I think first the first things first you bring in you Buddha holes there you think you would assume maybe I'm assuming too much. But that he's then gonna bring in a guy like maybe is assistant head coach start and Hamm. Who was a fan favorite here back during the run in the early two thousands. I've always sedar at hand comes into it's too hard fouls two or three big spectacular dunks in any was caught on what he was an energy guy. Huge huge. And then you know you bring him backer a smiley face of people familiar with who goals or who's. You know god brings that hope often you know Gregg Popovich coaching tree. And say OK now we're gonna be. Near San Antonio 2.0. Hopefully it works out that. And maybe you maybe start to make a couple of deals you get a get a shooter. You know who knows what you get the draft you know and maybe things start to come together and maybe just maybe you guys you know they re signs say Jabari. And he then goes an entire offseason now working strictly on basketball and not on rehab. And gets bigger and better than many people thought he would be. And then you've got a couple of cornerstones you do shooter. You you've you've got some of these pieces in place she get a little more out of these guys and then next year you win a series. Then next off season and I hate to say that. But the next offseason. Then you've got some money some contracts are gonna start expire then you've got some money to go out and find if you guys it's OK really these are the steps I need to take. To make this team really poised to make a depot sees Iran because you know the clock is tick. You gotta get it done. 8558308648855830. 864. You alone by Kim dotcom told free to outline what is the next step. For the Milwaukee reports. What's the next step for the Milwaukee brokers are Milwaukee Bucks I should say I'm sorry. What's the next step of the books 8558308648. State to watch your thoughts and is coming up next an election. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. Good work. Michael show on the air gig I got to take a moment to recognize this and I can't believe I'm saying this again. By there has been yet another. School shooting in this country today. This time sent a very high school in Texas. So far eight dead. Twelve injured. From I just it is beyond belief to me that this is something that continues in this country. You know and I was just sitting your contemplating this. Because the anger inside me this this into the to the point where I thought we were getting past this after. It started becoming awareness. Around march almost to say enough. But for this to continually happen is just mind boggling. Speeches it is. And I know there's a lot of people who immediately myself included that immediately run for blame. Everything from gun manufacturers to state legislators parents students who bully anybody and everybody. But the bottom line is as did the the people they do this are the ones that deserve your anger. And it's just. It's mind boggling that this continues to happen in this country. Just unbelievable. Medved and for those that even in this is one of the reasons that I've always said and there's there's a couple of different sides of this. When we have we've had a habit in Wisconsin in the surrounding areas and those haven't done Illinois I haven't over and in Ohio lower in Minneapolis. When these people the colonies false threats. I've always said you should prosecute these kids to the fullest extent of the law when it comes to just the threat in the stupidity of making a threat. Because this has become just tiresome. Just tiresome. And as much as I wanna blame so many other people it's the people that think they're going on some type of blaze of glory and doing some thing. It has nothing. It it just it it's a gutless gutless cowardly move and ever since the and it's just it's it's just mind boggling to stuff to happen. So anyway I just these thanks for being a obliging me for a minute here but I can't believe there's been another one in this country. Com. 85583086. Foray on the loans we kept our contour free talk like. The Milwaukee Bucks they have their head coach now call. What's the next important thing but the Bucs do what what if you're the Milwaukee Bucks. What is on your to do list and say you're general manager it is. What is on you to let's say you're the man you're the owner of the box you're the guy that's in charge. Eaton whose last three diamond boy won't let anyone of those guys what is on your list right now. 855 B 30864. In loans we kept our couple free tuck went to go to Mike agreed field might take on that and now it's up. It. At the site nor the technology just in all shooting. You're out. Propping metal detectors at a public place that's what's coming up on option one will throw out all the stops. Metal detectors in every public place actually urgent and schools and government. Anyway. Having said that. The Milwaukee Bucks all lately. Bill as kind of milk. Together. I don't think it'll like excluding all kind of scenario it just takes pains and the glamour and you know if it worked the other that she might think they'll mature a little war. I'm I would lighten up fortunately. Either one and only championship 71. We know we're coming up on half a century. Out of the country I am not gonna hold my breath it's a small market senior. Okay I'm not saying that we want championship you were little. It retired but in today's economy. I don't think that particular market compared thank you look in Milwaukee Brewers. But it's just try annoyed me maybe they'll win by upload maybe all the timing will be right when he in the playoffs they do. Somebody you'll know whatever EDT won't show up. But that the only thing I can see all in the market is Milwaukee Bucks putting up that team. Going all the way. I don't know I it Bible Belt but I just like a I'm a little would be happy biggest airport anymore so. I'm Bridget phone call Mike I looked. These. When would you talk about getting more superstars I agree with you that what they have right now I think has the ability to get more wins I think it has the ability to get more post season wins. If the ultimate goals when a championship then I'm not going to average it's it's not there. From what they need. Is it you really lets goes yup so okay and Joseph tell reverend wrong or not care. If this team wants to win a championship and that's their goal. There are no less than two shooters are way. The more shooters are better and today's day and age where the three ball has become so important because as much as they wanna bank and in so I would be honest they need three shooters so. For as much we say let's give one shooter you really need to. You need at least two guys are gonna sink it regularly. And you need a bad apps. On let's say a big man I'm saying a bad acts you need a guy like Morse Morse from rather than the Boston Celtics. That guy has no fear. Naught. Get the middle throw some elbows get nasty pound you down you need a bad acts. This team doesn't have a bad ass Dell but Dell what can be your bats okay. He can't a big you have to do. You need that guy in the middle. So you need shooters. I immediate none at singing enforcer which you'd need a presence. Unique Johns is a great player. And a great guy. But goddess doesn't have that I'm not only gonna do the good of try to beat you on the dribble. I'm gonna try to Picchu when many airman try to beat you so you really wanna face media. LeBron it's not the battered real broad kind of morphed into that but he let other guys beat the unlikable enforcer sort of speak. You gotta take you got to fight to buy it takes pride in being your bats. They don't have that don't have the mentality. Put you would use is doing right now. Houston has that mentality they've got it as a team right now. They just they're not gonna take any crap. They're going into this series the first game they look good they were on their heels a little bit in al-Qaeda just in not literal good. Ellen great right. They get knocked off. By the rockets. Date they got. They they they got that they got that bad ass mentality. When you look at what they they did when they just pushed around. Pushed around a Doran come up to read 38. Okay everybody believes Curry's ailing and somewhere shipper formally with sixty the last game but they took at a clay Thompson. They they took until. Talker. Ariz. They took it 20. Hell even Gordon to a certain extent. They just did they just didn't play with fear they didn't fear them at all feel like you're Golden State this is all you're bringing to the table. Screw you take my elbow got a might damn way and that's what they did. And much like Steve Novak said he here at the top of the hour yelling their had their threes there they're damn good team when they don't. There in fifth obviously not nearly as good they just missed their shots. But they played a game with no fear now it's easy to play game with no fear home. Hours the other perform and wrote. More us was the same guy on the road he just didn't have the same effect. Because a team in play as well around him when they came in Milwaukee. By. They they thrived on being that team that we're not taken a year crap and I don't the bucks tab 8558308648. Aren't listening to his downtown art right. It was going. Good bell joke let's mom. The process need to stay out of the way NL. Let let Mike Gordon older go to work which he obviously didn't do very good job or not that's. We got worn out or get twelve to go now because what happens next as your head coach it together with the players. One I wanna start going over their roles within net vision he has for the team. And so once you go where your role but the players and he sets and golden responsibilities. And you get thirteen guys on that page. And then you go to work that's what we that's all we can hope happens. I think from our organizational standpoint it obviously. You do need computers come out the bad chip interior presence. But the big or decent that we got Malcolm brought against god has Jabbar and middle thing. I mean older some great pieces and built around. So I think so too I just think that they it's not like you need to go out and find three other great superstars and the degree he could. But I think you need great I think you need guys that are very good at what one thing what it is they do one guy be the best two other guys being shooters. Maybe I you know way again do you try to rebound or Grady you know but a you don't have to have. Great all around players you don't need three LeBron to come and this thing Elvis and taken over what you need is guys that are great at what they do in the sports in which they play. Great and they're all the lowly Washington get urging guys on the same page and once again. Public good first impression made on that's so good start by a vote no. No doubt itself are appreciate it man he got up to get aboard a 5583083086. Great I wish it was that simple but. Look at the Boston Celtics. Get to the finals and they beat Golden State or Houston. Then you're your theory build sure with a really good coach who knows what he's doing and and guys can listen that they know their role sure maybe that is more plausible when we think but. At the end of today you wanna win a title in the city you know we start next Deanna so it's just that simple. It's just that simple and another three point shooter and a big man. Yeah that should be able to get surpass the first try to muddy conditions the Eastern Conference finals but when it comes to winning a title. And what you're going up against in the west. You need another star at least another start to make that happen otherwise. Mean if getting to the Eastern Conference finals is good enough for Bucs fans and so big. Almost bought the Boston Celtics without carrier meaning Gordon Hayward improved to the world that. No no one year old plane in your role listening your coach following. What your coach does making adjustments when you have to. And get the job done that way and beating a superior team like Golden State. It's got four stars on their team. If they can pull that off then my thought process can change. But in the meantime. Six gonna keep winning. But to keep winning says what they do. And there's another team that wants support up and try to beat goals in the finals debt is a team that's gonna have multiple stars on to get it done. But in the meantime. That debt that's how you want to win everything otherwise when your first round playoff series. In an Eastern Conference finals with the role players that you mentioned sure that's possible but in the meantime you needs are player X yeah that's. At the end of the day and yadda scared to go out there were Croat. That's what is it am I don't know it ludicrous that it is a tough sell for star player to come to this city and play a splash out long term contract. Assess what the reality is. 855830864. Able to back candidates mixing Columbia Missouri when we come backstage immortal Michael should next. Border to border. Film Michael's sports talk men who. Work. So Michael showers on the air. What do we have VIP. Here's your chance and the big gigs give away from cousins of the summer fast eleven concert at eleven nights out that half. The American family Jersey ever theater. It's all very summer fest eleven chances to win he's VIP concert baggage gets a couple of tickets or parking pass gift cards and a whole lot more are eleven people are gonna win this one of the con experience. You could be one of experience the Big Dig the way it's supposed to be the best some effect outlook but it cousins subs dot com. Where they believe in better the officials sub sandwich and go Michael's sports talk network. What's that next step for the Milwaukee Bucks what's next wave you're the general manager you're the owner what is what is it that you're looking for concentrating on what you need to do. Forty need to do coming about the top of the hour by the way. Do you agree would Bob nightingale. Of USA today the national baseball writer that the brewers have a shot to win the National League pennant. That discussion is coming up after the top of the hour. About the phone calls daughters of bucks though mic in Columbia Missouri nick I don't an email what's going on. I don't. Mind. Well I think the thing that no one's talking about it chuck big. Out here is very don't get the expectation of the Packers are built into the draft. And moving up we talk about Iraq. No but we need you because we have look at our roster abroad and some of these guys that are here became a draft right. We would pick already freeagent. One here are written in did not about it. Went black and we moved up impacted the deal to get its act kind of draft is don't make rigid aren't legitimate that they cannot. I'm looking at mock draft bill and look at it triage tutored at it in and I rejected and those. Army code plugin. And have bought a I'd income immigrant by a small but I'd say it's just amazing. What radar at this model expectation about. Being efficient would draft and we do what we do it Packers now. I figured. Yeah you know what that's a great you appreciate the phone call I think because the Packers have. Had this established success for such a long period of time. But there's an expectation there of okay the next step is Super Bowl and then you won a championship so the next step is. We won a championship we need to stay on top. And then when that doesn't happen in the next step is to get back to where was when you won the super why I mean that is. That is the continual. Process for the Green Bay Packers. For a team like the brewers who have never won a championship the process is used to pour all the way down we watched you you were transparent about it thank you so much. Okay. We appreciate it thank you so much. So you tore it down. We see it we see it rebuilding. And we understand it now let's get to that post season after the post season to that to the house yes from the house CS two World Series from the World Series to championship. Now you try to follow the process with the box. It's almost apathy at times which is so. Scary. Because how many times you watch the bucks he got excited when act symbol blocs are to vacuum and get back there we don't care. That is so dangerous. That is so dangerous because what people awkward for your proctor really don't care that it that I passionate about it. That becomes dangerous. So. When you ask why don't we hold under the same standard honestly. I think a lot less people care about the Milwaukee Bucks because a lot of people are sitting on the other side of the fence with their arms folded going. When you show me something and then I'll give a day. Got to know him across no walk in the program the Michael showed about a minute here no shoot. Bought yeah yeah. Just might spot your I think finding the missing piece of our neighbor and Howell with deeper damage in Austria point shooter superstar that next. Honestly. I'm coming from what I think actually I believe we have a young talent team. Are more a lot of work pretty well around talented I think what we need is a veteran like six man role player. Japan now latter of the starting group and get them some experience like somebody's used and the winning position I don't like I'm very developed as a player. Iranian. Yeah yep I know I get it appreciate it. Appreciate it it looks proud of on this coming up in the next well later in the next hour as well but. Nevertheless what do you back in baseball Bob Knight got USA today said yesterday on the program face the brewers every shot not the when he NL central with a win the National League panicked are you a believer. Also Dennis Miller. You're gonna hear that conversation to monitor the bottom of the next hour as well stay tuned more to go what are your next. Six blues station strong the will my school's sports talk.