HR2 - Is the Packers' roster more fortified than last year?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, May 25th
Hour 2. Do you think the Packers have more depth on their roster than last year with the addition of Marcedes Lewis?  Plus, we discuss the Brewers' most recent roster moves involving Orlando Arcia.

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show Maine best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. A tour and why go show on the air we are glad. Your what is today because I've got to be honest with you okay between you me they Yves C programming hates us but let's beyond its okay now I'm a sports talk junkie. I listened to everything everywhere you go are you that way or aren't you do you listen to us were shocked yeah. So I have I listened to the fans. In come out New York Ellison the K fan over in minute Minneapolis okay. I listen some Green Bay radio I listen to Chicago radio awful paralysis Madison renowned and see what's going on there. But then I'll listen to some of the national stuff ESPN has gone down the toilet how there's programming just absolutely sucked as they hurdle. It's a you know your images you get what you pay for which is by the way that's the same thing I said once I walked out the door the other place anyway. You. Seoul. I listen to all the time so I am somebody dead. I'm always trying to learn something and be entertained so that's what I did okay. But if I'm just average person walking around on the street analysts on like a hardcore sports talk junkie I daylight today. I'm sorry. Man turn on the music. Crank it up whatever happens to be your favorite song or iPod tune or whatever manage that. Today would be one of those days ride beyond the trailer on the motorcycle and the music's cranked and and the whole thing. I wanna say the motors will listen and Steve ice less you know don't Michaels is kind of garbage is this right now is yeah that's it. Just I gotta get out. And you know you're listening to born in the US say here's something by Springsteen you're listening to something New York. Are you yeah you're listening to LeBron and or something on radio I'm in some in. I know from listening to me. It's funny that you say although I tell you ISO is right riding a bike at this morning I'm listening to 2 morning shows the in the in the Molly Daly show on sincerity I'm listening to. Chuck and wing color out of so out of a Milwaukee this morning to them so which by the way because chuck was not there. Running back off Phil then. And I'm gonna say it anyway. They just got weird today if it were you here we were listening that I got here for the last out OK I highly recommend if you go to 1057 FM the fans' website and you listened that morning shows specifically the end of that morning show. EE I I described it as they're so I'm not I don't mean to be offensive because I was one of you wants OPEC and still am to a certain stuff. It was so weird you didn't know it was good radio or bad radio. You didn't know he shooter shouldn't be listening to it I said it's like watching fat people have sex. It was you don't know what you're looking that you don't is not a foot is is is that is is that a full he would he'd what do you but you can't take your eyes off of it because you're like I don't know. What the hell is this but it was hilarious. It was just it it it cracked me ops who. This urgent. I set and a little bit harsher term and fought through the door to let busted through the door this morning on all right so this is like watching bad people you know right. And they look at me and they got you know but that it was weird today so I was just I'm thinking to myself that's the kind of day it's going to be. It's the Friday before Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start to summer the weather's going to be 85 and sunny I know some storms are coming later this evening but who can errors. Get out enjoy it enjoy the weekend exposed all speak the weekends. Bomb. The week it tomorrow. To another some stuff going on I mean this weekend is fantastic because tomorrow. I do wanna make a mention as we are great sponsor called steal our realtor. And Mikey and his wife are great great great people I mean not only are they tremendous realtors okay just that's that goes without saying. On blight and in and by the way they don't know a world of numbers on my house gum I'm thinking about selling my home. There's no better person in the world that I would go to the Mikey because he's just know PS it's just fantastic so. They're huge sponsors and have a Booth out at the Wisconsin Harley-Davidson which tomorrow. They have beyond Iraq. And for those units and forget about what Memorial Day weekends all about it's not just baseball and NBA basketball and and and kind of you know watching the Indy 500. But it's about honoring those are falling and really good they do a tremendous ride out their Diane Crowley does a fantastic job and organizing that's think Wisconsin Harley-Davidson. So if you're a writer and you get a chance men participate in that thing it is it it's a sight to see watching all those bikes go to the warm more so. If you can go there and stop by the EST or realtor boots and SATA Mikey because he's a great great great no BS no nonsense kind of guy he really. But tomorrow afternoon if you don't rot. The annual block party is taking place at Walker's point. From 47. From four to seven tomorrow Shari and I are going to be doing celebrity Barton. And we're gonna bartender it's a to block parties outside it's right in front of standings and were celebrity Bart Tennant all of our tips tomorrow go to the American Cancer Society. So if you come gadget if you're gonna go out you're gonna party this weekend you gonna do anything fine and maybe even call it an early night but 47 tomorrow. Bomb and I know they donate a portion of proceeds as well because Jerry serious is fantastic him and Ryan lower urging all down there. They're great people ordering its Danny's just outside a Stan he's our second national Walker's point down there for the walkers point block party. And all the tips we get a portion of proceeds we get from serving the alcohol or all the trees for that matter. Outside finest but all of our proceeds go to the American Cancer Society so. Great way to start this derby unofficial start to summer we're going to be there tomorrow okay out rambled on long enough with how we talk. We have a guest waiting doing. No I tell no holy crap about it for some reason as you say that everybody wants the 1 PM hour today to come on the show yeah mainly because. Ellie get outside probably are so the weather a little bit sure no 1 o'clock that's like right after lunch seen each launcher relax a little bit than to right back it up so today. Coming up in the late hour of the program the last hour we are pollinate our green or analyst. We have Michael Evans who has been around up there at the RB OT eight. And then brewers reliever out of that's teller pen and Dan Jennings is gonna join. So we've got that were loaded in the back campus. Actually looked speaking of the Packers. They signed Mercedes Lewis. Good against. Is kind of raising an eyebrow here I'm going. Okay that is that kind of Ted moved. It well maybe but it's more of a Ron Wolf kind of vote you know I'm just kind of pick up a guy here in for a partisan to pick up a guy here and add some depth here when I do this and you know. I like it. I hit I really don't I think it's a good move I think it's good depth. I think it's its hedging your bets a little bit because those guys to Jimmy Graham goes down when he got. You know I think it's a really good though I'm I'm I'm really they're not. They're not done yet I still think there's something you meet on either with a liner in the past or. Correct me if I'm wrong. I still think there's something to be done but a Packers on why her tried and Mercedes Lewis. And is good against do you think it is is he being very eyebrow raising sly like a fox right now. Is he taking page of the playbook of Ron Wolf. Izzy is he doing what it do you think this team here's here's the best question. Do you think this team is more fortified. Right now. Then they were last year. Do you think what he's done. Is said okay we're gonna target this and this and this. And we're not going to reach but we're going to allow the best possible at least to fall into those categories and we're gonna grab them. Do you like what he is done. And I don't think he's done. Just my eighth 20 cool my thought process. I don't think he's done. Do you think this team is more fortified. Right now. Then they were all of last season. 855830864. In on the loans we kept our council free TARP money by 58308648. Give us your shot. Do you think that this team this Packers team right now at Mercedes Lewis just another deaf player and other quality tight end. At the tide in position. And he's also a really good blocker that's one of the other things I forgot to mention Obama way. So you running around the right side because you don't know what's gonna happen on the right side right now so you better have some extra help to protect the front side of Aaron Rodgers. So you put Mercedes Lewis there you split Graham out to the other side. Lewis then give you a couple of good chip blocks he's and a safety valve otherwise you got other guys like to bunting company going downfield. He got decent running weapons out of the backfield now they can actually break a few who didn't. Is good against more fortified for this team right now there was all of last season. 855830864. And on the loans we kept our council rhetorically. This portion of the program being brought to our friends. At the marsh field clinic martian clinic health care system fantastic people there and they wanna help yelled Terry my way get something yelling at me and this week and you don't wanna blow this week as we go week. To get something right now UA to woke up today Iran yet size thing going on you column say head out and had a sinus infection while okay what's the symptoms you your Obama walked. Talk to the nurse practitioner they can help you out percent of prescription antibiotic whatever happens to be. To a pharmacy near you you react to head out and visit the doctor but if they can't help yet one they don't charge into it only cost your phone call. It's as simple as that that is Marshall clinical system call 844 care when it's 844 care where grew Marshall clinic in dot org. For all the information for all the positions and services incumbent so it is this team right now right here right now today. Is it more fortified. Then it was all of last season. In the in the short period of time that Brian good Akins has been the general manager of agreement Packers more than more than a Michael's turn. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores called me and who. No no no. Michael Schiavo mirrored. Hope we're having a fantastic days Brian good against. Fortified this team. More shows so far and now all this season. Missed pre season if you own. Knew what was all of last year. 85583086488558. I'm sitting here kind of scrolling through. As I'm talking some of the notes that I had and every week. Did you probably your computer yeah unfortunately OK some scroll through some in my notes in I'm going over our FaceBook fan page answer stuck. I'm getting nothing but Memorial Day sales. What's the what what is the best memorial they sell up to what he's is that what it is is it war what do you see that's usually Black Friday or grills. Grills yards stuff stuff like that you know. The best Memorial Day sale is blank. What what are what are you always at the big thing for me was for a long time patio furniture. And then I went out and finally I want went to a masters tees and I know look it's expensive. But I finally bought this set that's just touch. You can put a hurricane and find it put it back to gotta be great in that type of thing so I got that so for a long time as every two years has find patio furniture. But the the best Memorial Day sale is is what. What do you look forward to every year flowers. I did in my yard Sunday somebody's yard day so I'm hoping it's not raining or anything like that Sunday Georgia got to finish cut the grass because it looks like I've been telling hey. It on my yard. And I guided by adding nature's continued great price summoned him nature's gate come to start doing my yard during the day and alliance because I cut my grass and the next day it's like a little forest of palm tree dental plans that are everywhere you know sort of era that but it week we've grown out last night a outside for the first time a long time. Enjoy it but I'd argue the miscues stuff to buy. Digits long day on Sunday so today I'm sitting you're scrolling and it's just now you're being bombarded with a memorial day's most holy macro. You know and I always wanted to know. Why Memorial Day. Okay well ladies listen up why has Memorial Day always the biggest weekend by pain. Because of pit that's all I'm getting right now on pop up victory seeker pardon upon at. Victoria's Secret Frederick's of Hollywood. Adore me. I there's there's like three or four different web sites darken stylish and are gonna hurt them but it's penny weekend. Is that what did you do like traditionally is that like the end of college going penny rates are guys like looking for pennies after that is that what it is for for girls. I've no idea I don't know or is it just that time a year that you bottom last year and eight and you Biden like fifty tax guys fight like a three pack you know. So and you Wear those for like three or four years are right otherwise women get like forty pairs. What should we just like co wrote him or something after a year they're all gone all chewed up you know it's like he's. You opened the drawer dare open a drawer your Marian Wright yet bureau for your wife's drawer. And aired there's a it's like W base of salad of all different colors oh well absolutely you don't do it it's like looking at fishing line it's been laying here click here. You'll be old the old spin cast write this may get to throughout the woods in the knotted up. That's what it looks like if you're fisherman you know exactly what they'll talk about oh start breaking and dynamite or of these company now what does that do I've never notice I've never pulled those off via as a leverage they have yet I don't know where those came from me and I'll. And tease the grandmothers. Holy mackerel yeah. I'm gonna put these on a boat in case you blow the motor and we sell. It. What it's always harder now owns just soaking wet she's opaque when she takes a closer obviously to work I'm like what. Around. Him crawl these much of a bag of the pregnancy days. So I have no idea. And knowing it's just it's penny weekend apparently he hits you get along mark at about forty yards for pennies. I'm pretty bad with socks though. Are there at five pairs Sox then I lose one signed up I actually got this idea from Bob but Bob he said he just throws them all away. As he loses some you know you have one here one here right Sunday January 2 different colors I take my socks up I kind of just thrown around. So what he does he says he just everywhere is umps throws them away. Goes to task go despise them ball. Polish fired on does that that's what he does. Save your Smart you keep buying the same ones involved so that way you really are just doubling up her face so you they always match you know. But we got the little dog who takes them. And you'll find men like my dog almost house and you'll finally tenable that's where they ago they they take him and run in our weathermen I don't know what to do with them but it is what it. How how the hell we don't this time. We've talked about the Packers next thing you know worn out. A big draw or blue your base of panties federal tangled up that's what happens on Friday that's that's what does that intelligence feels like a weird day 85583086485583086. Foray on the loans by kip dot com poll free talk our homes by kip dot com poll free talk quite. Our gives shall we we wanna hear from you do you think price good against his fortified his team better now. That was even going into next season it seems like. Now he just seems like to me. The depth that they now have at the corner position is for real. They have got to and I think it's going to be incredibly interest you because you don't normally see huge contributions are rookies. When it comes the wide receiver position but this is what receiving corps there is a lot of projected talent and then you throw into the fact that. Aaron Rodgers really likes withdrawn more Allison has been able to accomplish they like obviously Dovonte m.s are Randall Cobb yes but Michael Clark was a guy that had wheels that they really enjoyed. And he had a real shot at making this roster and then they go on it tomorrow more they get to Marquez have Alice gambling. Anemia seen brown. I mean they've gotten many players now on the scene and now that's not including Trevor Davis who's the wheels of the steam. They've got all this and they went down found size. So they've got weaponry now they don't have a lot of veteran weaponry but they have weaponry then the Jimmy Graham moved. Keeping Lance calendars now you bring in Mercedes. You've got obviously Aaron Rodgers coming back. You still have time I gummery airing Jones Jamal Williams you still have those guys and Dovonte mace. And and you still have the knowledge of a guy like rarer cal ski. Joked carriage daylight. So offensively. Short a little bit of veteran. And that right side of the offensive line right now you still have sake how Murphy and Bryan Bulaga in sprigs penciled in. You know they try to fortify the depth of coal Madison. But you you have a little bit of a question mark there but it appears just to McRae most likely. Gonna be that guy over in the air guard position in less coal Madison to come in and do that right away and you move McRae outside although I don't know necessarily that's the good the best idea. But did they pick up more walkers and your your bringing back a guy like my previous Adams. You know you drafted James Loney Kenny Clarke had to step up year Mike Daniels is Mike Daniels you know. Clay Matthews hope he comes in help even though he's got a little bit of a knee tweak right now Vince Spiegel your opening comebacks and maybe some of the stuff. That was done last year Warren Burke site I find really intriguing there's a lot of people. There really seem to think that he is gonna add something that defense is for speeding cover abilities are more safety than he is a linebacker he come from anywhere. And can cover and then you look and say okay we met. Josh Jackson. And then they go get Alexander. And you fortified the corner positions now. It AI. I I'm not saying that this team is stacked because defensively we know they're not. But I have to look at this team right now and again this is a far away away from you know in the end of July and August. Put on paper. It seems like for everything they needed they got it in the one area they needed which was outside pass rush. They didn't reach four billion say OK or try to make this I mean this with Ted Thompson would have gotten the Daytona Jones and try to converting you know that type of thing. They didn't do that. They just said look we're gonna stick with what we have and enhanced what we already had. To the best of our ability. And then let the chips fall where they may for the areas of weakness and we'll do the best we can to cover those holes. And they they obviously get bring in Mike Patton who plays more of the coverage. To allow all pass rush. To get to a quarterback rather than saying we have to stock it would pass rushers to benefit our coverage. So. But he can play that way he's got a person public. Apparently at least just a listening to everybody we've talked to him Brian Billick who's been on the show numerous times said the exact same things that it might Patton please to what he has. More so than a lot of coaches which is the reason he's had sustained success being learned that. From Rex Ryan. And he's an aggressive coach. Which I think a lot of people really really lie. 855830864. Or loans by kept us counsel for talk play 55830. 864 rate on the loans quick tip dot com whole free talk and how much do you think this team is now stat is opposed to what it had last year. And how deep do you think they are. Because my level of confidence is right now Qaeda my arms folded them saying show me show me what you got. But I gotta be honest. Show me what you god but I'm on the sidelines with a smile on my face because I'm thinking. This team is probably at least again paper wise for what it is they've done and what that the personnel they brought and I really like what they've done. Because the available if you have to go with the availability. If they had a bunch of pass structures that are on the market and you say you know I didn't get any of those guys that I'm disappointed. But if you've guy a lot of quality guys at a depth position. And you take the best of the best quality wise. Shorted getting worn at Ohio State which many people seem to think that Alexander might be better even Josh Jackson's better than that. Bite I think they did fantastic and in addition to that you fortify yourself going in next year's draft I guess I really like what's gone on so far in Green Bay right now. Woolsey that projection the wins and losses. This portion of the program being brought to our good friends Allred tells us of what they wanna treat you like a VIP. You heard me right there won't treat you like a VIP here's the deal. You go to cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway and you can register OK if you are a winner. They will give you a VIP experience you'd there's eleven concerts this summer fest that are on the big stage the American family insurance empathy OK or partners. They're gonna give you a night is a VIP a couple of tickets. VIP passes for parking they're gonna give you some gift cards along the way take care you treat you right and you're gonna see a terrific concert. All you have to do is go to cousin subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. And get yourself registered in the best part about it is you can register not once not twice not three to which you can register every day all way up in through summer. So it's that simple. But it doesn't subs are counselors begin to avoid other subs they believe and out of the officials of sailors and no Michael sports talk networks. Don't wanna talk more about this. And a very very important message coming up next and a much. You're listening to though bill might school's sports talk network. Why don't show on the air. How we have a fantastic they can the last hour of the program note for Nepal familiar ring legal analysts is gonna join us Mike Clemens. It has been up in that Green Bay and up their for the OTA's. And he is going to be joining us also Dan Jennings the brewers relief pitcher he's going to be here as well so a lot upcoming. Here in the Al last chart and program. So we're talking about an agreement Packers in the fourth vacation this team and I just kind of just picking your brain I guess for lack of better term. What do you think is is. Do you think this team. Is more fortified now. Than it was all of last year. 855830864. Rate on loans by kip dot com told free TARP or do you think this team is more fortified Green Bay Packers right now. Then was all of last year. Yes no indifference. Here's a shot 8558308648. Just when you look at this thing on paper it just seems like. You're starting off in a better position. Then. Then then. You were all last season it seemed like last year it's human flesh and his team was scrambling. If that makes sense. And even though I know people wanna see them pick up a pass rusher. IE. Yeah I agree that looking at one part. But I think they're starting off in a better situation right now then they were last season I don't know why. I tip my thumb on it. A bush or court I was she give you some kind of analytic. Some deep in debt statistic that was going to say here's the reason as to why. Statistically speaking this is what the look for. But he didn't I just say look this is a team that's bigger is a team that's faster. There's a team that has more versatility. This is a team that has athletic football players not athletes. Athletic football players I prefer that. You know. In talking heard him both on and off the air. All those assisting coaches and all those coaches in college from all the different guys that they brought him. You know you've got Clay Matthews on on a final year of his contract. You've guide and Randall Cobb in the final years contract. You know usually you get the most out of those guys. You've got a lot of young guys coming in that are hungry to make a name for themselves. Saint brown as he guided Phelan and draft is playing with a chip on his shoulder with a lot to proven he's he's a different caddies a weird dude. You know get Aaron Rodgers coming back in trying to. Trying to kind of you know. Prove that he's a man after he gets paid because we all know he's gonna put it. It just it seems like there's a lot of different things that are kind of lining up to say individual league guys will play better. And if they do collectively you're going to see more wins and losses type of thing. 8558308648. Channel owned by kept our council for talk on a 55830. 8648. Give us a show. Posted this is go to Doug listen to oozing Green Bay Doug walker the program and a Michael show. All right belt and I don't know off the roster better not like you say it it looks better on paper. But beyond packer fans. Let's let's face it the Green Bay Packers are and are rebuilding more. That's what this viewer is doing right now. You are rebuilding their roster wide receivers are being rebuilt the defense back Serbia and rebuild the linebacker core is being rebuilt this team is rebuilding yeah. And what ordered. Do you stay but let me ask you this dog. Do you do you expect to diminishment in wins because of it. And it all depends on number twelve if he can play. So what he's capable of playing that's not don't go he's coming off an injury we don't know he could be the same quarterback you always look right. Its assessment they're both only been here. Would have been audited if you got somebody that knows what they're born you can rebuild a human a year so it's written don't look at programs you know it it. It's it doesn't take 56 but Margaret has got to be very players that are now. Com I appreciate the phone call bomb. He's right it's it's in somewhat AV rebuild moat. Blight. It's it's it's I don't think it's right when it comes in agreement Packers used a term rebuilt I think it's more reload. Because you don't expected him to rebuild would indicate that you're going to take a downturn. You're silly getting drafted higher. And and that's that's not what this team is going to be doing. You. I do they're not there I could take a downturn I I don't believe that I'm I'm still sitting here right. I went through the schedule and we did it together on the air. What do the schedule I looked at 101112. Wins always give or take. Because I really believe okay this area got better and I look at the opponents who got better. Come in and in the division Minnesota's TB. Minnesota has a punch you in the face defense they're trying they've got four guys they had four guys that we're going to go and free agency after this season. And they ended up would they sign it wasn't wasn't wasn't Barr who was it was it they sign a camera who is a sign. Blight they're trying to lock a volatile they got a lot of talent back their bars anyone on the it's going to be freeagent. So they've got some guys back to that they want to retain that they know they can't keep everybody. So big one get Kirk cousins Kirk cousins supposedly better quarterback. He's now going to be the guy leading this team they're gonna get running backs the running back back. A bomb. It's called gaga whom I think in southern Richardson com. No doubt caught double cock it up down curtain union had a Comerica warrants in Jericho I can think of his name. Delicate period Donna could back they have what's AB's Marie as a back up out of Oakland. So they've got a decent 12 punch or their Kyle Rudolph took out rude he still he still rare quality tight end. Still find digs is in the mix Adam Phelan is in the mix. They went out on the pick of Steve CEO XTC Coley. They've got a whole bunch unwritten you know undrafted guys are gonna try to fill in figure this thing out Kendall Wright they picked up at a Chicago. So they're trying to fill them with enough pieces to say we can move the football. Kirk cousins can help us move afoot by go over to the pick up the backup Trevor Ximian. As well so they went around said okay we know we have to have a decent starter and a decent back up. And now we're gonna let the rest of these guys. Xavier Rhodes I think you might have been Xavier Rhodes who has just up -- quite if you guys are up for contract and agreement in Xavier Rhodes I'm not positive but Xavier Rhodes. Harrison Smith. Trey Wayne's. Eric Hendrix. Anthony Barr I mean huge circle through whose names and it's such a stifling defense there the team to beat in the national. And then you have to think yourself OK how close. Is Detroit or Chicago. How much more competitive today again if they fix some of their problems and they said they get a couple wins in the division. To make things just a little bit tighter where those wins in the comfort. You start to look around the rest of the visual look around arson teams in the in the in the NFC. And Packers are very tough schedule the shows be honest I still think the Packers aren't in rebuild mode or reload mode. And there's still gonna with 101112 wins are still an end up in the postseason now we all know that's predicated upon Aaron Rodgers how good is to Sean Kaiser. That's the next big question we don't talk nearly enough about it but it. God forbid anything happen there and go back to the callers point and I says before the last time we saw Aron Rodgers throw past. He didn't have that same snap on a football. Okay now granted he was just off of injury off of a very tough shoulder injury which he had screws and plates electric stuff inserted. So on shore his arm any shoulder and that throwing motion. He's he's worked out it's much better I asked Mike Mount Clemens about that last week in a Morgan talked him about it again later on today. About does air and have that same zip Erin had. Everybody talked about the legendary arm strength of Brett Farr. And I got here I came to town in 99 NI I saw it firsthand I mean you could hear it. Is when it went past you he just had this innate ability to throw the football guide. Reached out of the sky and put a lightning golden Brett partial OK sometimes it was erratic sometimes it just went along or his mind went. And other times it played to perfection. Like a stradivarius whose symphony it's just perfection. Aaron Rodgers has a general arm. And you just wonder because not only is is it as strong. But it's even more accurate if the if you if you can believe that it's the most accurate arm I've ever seen the ability for him to put the ball on a dime use. Is is is awe inspiring. And you wonder after breaking a collarbone in that throwing shoulder if that same innate ability. To do that is there and you wonder if the same level of strength. And velocity. Is still there. And that's something we get to city so I mean the caller brings a developed when you don't know there's a lot of course marks regarding his Green Bay Packers football team. 855830864. It'll only get to a council free talk like I missed the announcement didn't admit the kind of leaked. The not an announcement item I I missed. Are you a loud statement. In this particular segment our promise to give it to you coming on national Microsoft. He ordered to a mortar. Bill Michael's voice talking that we're. The bottom of the program are men 206. Two army I've why I really wanted to argue and what I wanted to say but. Take a listen and there's the Milwaukee Brewers I'm never make its moves. Infielder Eric so guard has been recalled from triple a.'s sky Sox. The right handed pitcher Adriana Hauser. Has been recalled from double A Biloxi. Shortstop Orlando rcn has been optioned out. And right handed pitcher Jorge Lopez has been optioned out they both go to AAA. RCA just not producing so they filings or look goaded go get offensively healthy. You'd need to move. How about that. The best defensive player met trickling. In baseball. Is being optioned out because offensively he's just not cutting it what does that say eighty year. What does that Sadie. You what that says. Sub par right now here in the bigs is unacceptable. We're not that team anymore. We're not dead team anymore. You can't sit here and just take up a roster spot if you're not gonna really produce. I gotta be honest I mean I know there's people that are just. Over the top Garcia fans and last year I was heavily criticized for criticizing Garcia and he didn't get hot until midway through. Made me were dramatic. But Garcia right now as it stands. Hitting 1945060. PS2 33 on base percentage and just struggle. 34 strikeouts. And only seven walks I mean you're just flailing at this point. You're just you just throw on the batter out there. And you can't just hang on to a job just because. That's a wake up call right there. So par on the Milwaukee Brewers is no longer acceptable. I like it. I've I've I just tell you drop like it eroded and who I like it. But I do R&R man. They're not screwing around. Not screwing around coated. Gary and Appleton Gary walk in the program though Michael show. I'd walk my dog while it's. All I want to punch back on the Packers I just thought well our comment on the ice they. What they've done this year it's fantastic what what they had to Wear court but I took it to precursor to next year. Next year the Obama money they're gonna help. Just failed the small cap with a cap board op Ed. I'm obviously contracts that are either not going to be either deduct that interest and while that's a lot of money to work. And I really think they did everything they scored and then next year I think you're gonna see some really big balls and Eckerd. That's important and actually yes what the course entirely near camp our home. I I don't think the aggressiveness by the growers. To arm that the best people on the fielders just absolutely fantastic arm. And it's about sixty arrests in the case in all the injured are gonna be the director of the producer you're not gonna be worthy of BM. In the big leagues and ultimately worker tell shall yeah thank your comments while the air. Not appreciated. Your right thanks so much for the phone call bomb. So here's the question. Because salad Dino. Is he good shortstop. And he's got a very small litmus test 25 at bats. Ten for 25. With three gainers on the season six RBIs you're getting how're. Out of your shortstop position. Five strikeouts one walk on the season six REI. Would ten for 25. In eleven games hitting 401. Point 2230 PS by the way to snatch brought to our friends at upper royal. Implementing SAP and big got a solutions to companies just like George on the web. I gotta do is go to Broadway PP RO YO dot com eight PP RO wired dot com they bring you the stat of the day. You're gonna make your business better over the web that's way to do it go to opera but look at those numbers. And then you go down Garcia it's it's it's like well why is he here. He's great defensively incredible range he gets the things that you held dear can't get too. But he's not any anything else. He's more numbers are just garbage. Got to go real yeah gotta go. He's he's a player with a options got to go. I like it. You've proven yourself hey once you get here and if you prove yourself and your heart you're staying if you're not speculator. We don't have time for you learn appear anymore. Good for the growers. And let's hope that Orlando or see it takes that is the wake up call and he goes down kind of gets it right. Colorado. And that and is able to come back up soon did you know something's gonna happen along the way that they're gonna bring America. You hope that being sent down could last year when so guard was on. He was sitting at table and he was there are Trevor show always hitting and brawn was hitting and things was hitting. They were score runs or will man. Now bottom line wasn't doing all watching hope that the bottom line continues to contribute but. They were score runs a world. Army I did not get to it but Ike 10 allude to this coming Monday is Memorial Day weekend and mentioned a little bit earlier. But this coming Monday more wore off and you don't Joe's off I'm off right right are you here. You run on the shown under our exit be at the brewers cardinals and rigorous cardinals nearly bill Schmidt this year. Schmidt he's gonna get guilty here. Bomb but we have our memorial they show and we traveled with. Bomb. 156. Vietnam veterans. To them to go to the wall. In DC and then we went to the rest of memorials. And had a chance to talk to them we met with the least much of school kids from Milwaukee. That were there to greet the veterans as well and once there weekend in DC meant to them. And in addition that we talked with some great folks from the honor flight. We do a recap of our event but it's it's an honor flights. Monday. And if you're gonna be out about your on the votes from the motorcycle are no talk radio is not necessarily thing wanna pay attention to and it if you if I had a choice don't listen to me elicited that. Listen that it's going to be good show coming up on Monday. And there we can't do without great people from the honor flight support that group as well. More like a show coming up next. Six clues stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk.