HR2 – Should Wojo be on the hot seat next year?

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Thursday, March 22nd
Hour 2. He’s bringing in some good recruits, but is it time to hold Marquette Men’s Basketball Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski accountable? Plus, Radio Joe gets to know Brewers OF Kyle Wren…

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Promo links runs. Drugs this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to control. The bill Michael you know. Welcome. Michael shows on the air and it's kinda hanging out and enjoying ourself appeared WNFL in Green Bay got me here tonight for the cigar event going on a provisioned spirits and cigars. Tonight Gary Ellis in the former packer badger yours truly both gonna be there. And look forward to a given a lot of thought to Q&A it's not like Vegas just you know whatever you wanna know. Whatever questions you have whatever inside info we can give via whatever it is lol we'll chat about it tonight so it should be a lot of fun the first time doing this over there. So what I want out say hi we have really really looking forward to and I know Gary is beat besides that did you and hang out you guys and girls. Gary I just do we enjoy this type of atmosphere it's on it's relaxing it's it's. We're organ advocates are really really looking forward to a problem Marquette fan. Marquette thing got a question for it. Where do you think the program is what is your expectation next season it's that simple. We asked about it going in because you know with the talent coming in the talent that they have. I know this season didn't and the way you hoped that they had some hiccups along the way won't we have will join the other day it's that look we want some big games last year we didn't have those are resonating this year their four. It didn't give us into the tournament which means we did have the opportunity to play I know Steve Novak his on the record saying. You know when it comes to playing Indian IT and maybe go you winning in ninety verse is getting into the is Italy that's the only tournament he is a player he is against that they're gonna select. All you ought to do is give and wanna you wanna get into the actually tournament. Sort of the RT when he writes he's giving a few games it keeps your season going you're still playing you know basketball with the guys. Put in the grand scheme of things it's about the instantly turn to what is your expectation we are you think the program it. Eight par 58308648. He parred five B 30. 86 foreign loans but it accountable free talk I want to defect in the bat in that discussion property coming up a little bit I also wanna talk some NFL football. And I wanna ask you about. Via the rules changed because I think it's interesting there's some things to get into. When it comes to catch role are talking about eliminating the kicked off altogether how's that going to play out if they do. Are still haven't shown specific. Statistical information about how kick offs are so much more dangerous. The man. Then it ain't pretty much any other play in the game also if you and it didn't got to do some homework. Arm you go back maybe 789 years when they were really you know what when news kick off line was back. In charge returning kicks it they had just about every team in the league at forty plus kickoff returns. Last year there was only. Seven teams seven. That had forty or more kickoff returns. Where they basically eliminated that portion of the game. Now I don't think you can eliminated altogether the fact that we have been on psychics. We do about that last gasp effort at the end of the ball I don't know if you can eliminate that so very rewarded and that discussion coming up here in a little bit. And talk about that also some borrowers news weighed Miley was that we were gonna camp a couple weeks ago. Now wait Miley was the talk coming Craig Counsell was extremely high on him. You know David Stern was extremely high on him as far back Craig Counsell was the wanted to sit and wait Miley goes away in the offseason looks itself and it's as I stopped. And it comes back you know setting the world on fire having a rift in camp and he earned himself a spot on the roster. And it goes down with a coin error not a pool. A pair now pull basically isn't there with a mild strain is wild story if you will of the muscle but he's got a growing hair. And that is that is tough to come back from especially as a pitcher who uses his legs. And abdominal muscles so much. So much a man you just you feel so bad for guy that really turns himself round. And and it makes the effort. The better his season and just says okay I'll bet on myself on coming back and then to have this happen so that's a tough blow. For the Milwaukee Brewers are wanna get in the that is what also gonna hear from Morgan Burnett. Morgan Burnett signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Packer secondary still looking rather rather weak we're talking Pete Doherty a Green Bay press gazette Packers coming up about an hour and twenty minutes from now to stay tuned for that. And because the question is who the hell's Cao ran. And it Brett Phillips the famous voice now actor as he plays the key role in that the little clip that the brewers put together with the entered the the salute to the sand lot so you're gonna hear from Bristol coming appear in just a little bit as far as what a joke goes though. Marquette February act. We're at. What do you expect got to Marquette this year. What are you expecting out of Marquette this year. True Golden Eagles has held no did you see the team. He coached when he walked are in the door was left the team with nothing you can say what you want about what a joke but he's found a way to get talent them at Marquette basketball. This team is moving in the right direction. Our own. It's. I'll give you that because win when buzz lab was had had enough. Buzz it had enough. He was he was out the door he blamed the media you blame a lot of people. Evelyn a lot of people. He was not a happy year. He was not. You know anyway she performed stocking the cupboard so to speak. For the next season he knew he was on his way. He went was not a fact I think if I'm not mistaken I think he took less money to go on. To Virginia Tech at the time the peoples of white doing that. Where the pressure seemed to be at least. Now more. 85583086. Orioles by kip dot com poll free talk went 8558308648. He. This one is from Pablo who says it physical legal fan I'm looking for the next season I think they've got a lot of talent I think the expectation is sweet sixteen. Correct me if I'm wrong a play one of the best basketball conference is all in all of the NCAA. And going through that conference should prepare them well for the term and I think next year they're going to be ready to rock. This is from Joshua says guess I think quarter was that a lot of talent I think he should be on honesty I think every coach. Who has a sub par years should be on the hot seat pouring massive injury. Josh feels he should be an artsy Alex. Alex writes no Joseph is a great guy that is great teacher these great coach give him a little more time. I think he hasn't had enough to get his guys in their head to change the culture when and where where where. Change what culture the culture was really good. They're one bad season they had been recovered wasn't a silly stock for a well but it. Krieger the buzz buzz took off more than he did really really well. And they had one bad season when buzz was on his way out the door. I'd I don't ID you know credit card wrong when I don't think Marquette has a a quote losing culture. It's not like you're the the seventies and eighties Packers it's not like you're the you know late eighties early ninety's brewers. The year your culture was you were pretty much a tournament bound team you're playing at a very very good conference. Yet the resolution could be your conference and obviously shake up in your coaching staff but for the most part your culture didn't change. Your expectation didn't change. Corey tweet to Sevilla score Michaels is going to be won't just fifth year next year right time to put up or shut up. Josh I'm happy with the progress of quote Joseph Biden next season he has his best talent if they added grad transfer. They can be top 45 team in making a deep run and that's what I expect. Distance from drew who says looking forward to next season after what Joseph to shine I think he's going to step on the stage big time. But optimists. 8558308648. You can also get all of us on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael as you can get all of us on FaceBook fan page as well China and over there. Obviously. And get all of us that he'll fetch window Michaels at the Michael sports dot com it's the Michaels at the Michael sports icons Porsche program. Brought to a Marshall clinic health system the orthopedic department fix me up coming back to regain feeling great call 855 and seaports though. Or go to Marshall clinic dot org 855 MC or so or go to Marshall clinic dot org and see if they can do you with the the meet great people over their Marshall clinic. This one's from mark. Mark says what he's email inbox. What is a great guy was a very likable guy is wardrobe could coach I don't know yet he's going to have the most talent he's ever had with the market program coming in next season. If they get at a piece or two it is going to be a top ten team I believe. I think this team has three wins in the NCAA tournament in them anything less will be considered a failure. I think the injuries do play a part of this but I think they're going to be deep enough and sure enough next year but they're not going to have to worry about some of those same issues good coach question market. The jury is still out next year will be the telltale sign. They. Us gonna dominate in Madison Dominic you don't know what's going on. Number it will pick the local journalists haven't. Big market. But I like to give or low I mean this guy came and took a team from book William. The teen trapped or will. Laughed all the top recruit that was added it left. What bill came in and actually recruited hard and stayed at Kerio and can help you who want it done. But he brought in talent. Guard him out there which was carpet. Actually out there I mean I think it's heated moment and great direction everyone is down because of us. Doubt he's not excited about make an attorney and it let it. I mean we have fought wars I mean he can expect. That they at the top and part that that these netbook left but I think I. We were still below average so I'm excited with the way. Look quote teaching him up and has flooded tally and I think where we're headed in the right direction. I won't positive notes there are persians local positive note regarding forward joystick a lot of Marquette fans I I keep its interest he does that seem what I'm seeing come across the screen in my Twitter feed my emails. And such I think it's. Probably 7030. People in favor of the program or words going. On the 30% of saying look it's our time went on to be consistently. Consider at least mention when it comes in the NCAA tournament more on this week a backseat to immortal might Russia right after this. After the program built like oh she all on the Aaron we are glad to have you hopefully you are. Enjoying the day and for those of you here in Green Bay Opel your gonna enjoy the evening with a us. Good to be alive over at provisioned spirits and cigars tonight 79 now the event starts at foggy command to get there early. It's 35 bucks for the ticket stands to sit here talking to a couple people from WNFL. And they're gonna have a nice date set up Kerio materialism and hired recently got a couple bar stools. To put our Ron white concert you know Ron white is. The comedian. Public blesses Scotch doubles cigars again I think history in between the ordinary guitar. Are really looking forward to it but come on out to get some cigars you get some some beverages and and at all included by the way in the price of the ticket. And there were ever Wear a lot of fun and it's his duty to mark Daniels for WNFL. Is going to be joining us tonight mark Daniels I guess Joseph is going to be the master of ceremonies deceive. What are marks to have his like his cue cards there you know is discards in front you. Firing off the questions and such were riveted on the night stand mark candles be there I'll be there Gary Ellis in the former packer bear to running back going to be there. And hopefully your face in the crowd tonight as well. And tickets I am told are limited. So come on out or just go to prohibition. Spirits are provisioned GB actually prohibition GB. And that's the front of their website you can go right there on the front. Stock click on it a lot of media cigar events. Click on that and he can go in order tickets or you can just give a call. And check it out for yourself. But it should be a lot of fun tonight should be a lot of fun and I come on out to prohibitions spirits in cigar lounge this evening. Five denying here in green that 85583086488558308648. On the loans by tip Tom Cole free our client. The out by the way the Packers. You've officially announced all the different signings in such Mohamed will percent. Is going to be available via conference call today so he's gonna address the media for the first time. So you can hear from him. Probably more so tomorrow the show not so much today but no. Will be there this one is from mom are friends. Chris who says and you enjoy Hauser the daily sun's coming. Which will give them something their lacking big with that lyricism. Pelted from our serviceable but not particularly gifted with quick feet scoring potential expect expectations patient out for the big east. When at least once heard a game ward Joseph he's bringing good recruits in the east restore the program to what it once was under buzz and Karine. That is our body. Chris from all Clara. Giving us a shot. Jimmy writes I have a big believer in what's going on over Marquette however. It's all about the results I think they're headed in the right direction. Much like the box I just have to week easy. This is from Bryant who says I believe Marquette is moving things in a positive way. I just think they need a few more big wins and in their back on top and will be talking about market basketball. Being a power house yet again isn't it funny how things go cyclical. The badgers were so good for so long and now they're down Marquette is on the rise UW and was tied for awhile and then they went down now they're coming back I think things. As far as basketball goes in the state of Wisconsin are pretty him. NATO as Brian Brian appreciate the email eight point 583086488558308648. Standalone particular council freaked out like let's go to topless it was in mortal Wisconsin town I don't. We're all our youth are enjoyed listening to your program thank you do while. I think markets headed in the right direction her. I believe it play in Mali next year November I'm not mistaken about. And that might give us some indication as as to what the team's gonna be like cause there's almost good teams in Mali. Well they really need to do on our gonna help outside shooters. But their outside shooters this here. They need to death of some good rebounding. And some insight offense. Because they are sorely lacking McNabb. And it's sad aspect would pit stop. And think that there are also children wouldn't be more effective. Yet they had isn't affording our appreciate the phone call what is this morning that there were say well they've always had good outside shooting no they haven't. Mean Joseph how many times have you and I talked about this team in need of outside shooting they could if from beyond the arc they were struggling. At the three now they've got guys that can shoot from beyond the arc. But then they they'd now be orders now to be the big cities and these glass cleaner they don't have that the if you guys that are that athletic on the inside now we're saying just the opposite. Markets giving their program next year. I'm excited about it I think that with the injuries that are coming back from. From all the Wisconsin Badgers program as well I think a guard is gonna have a bounce back year next year also. 8558308648. Allen is not an issue with Marquette I expect top recruiting class. In the state in top three finish in the big east moving forward. Bryant's is the or John's going to be a piece next year's dues are only a freshman he's going to be demand. This is from Jason. Who says Marquette got some good recruits coming in. And I'm feeling strong about the program I want her to him you is going to be able to have war is going to be able to have wooed June time. To be able to make sure he gets the winds to support the roster. Iran is covering this directly Wired News riddle we are gonna read this correctly I think what you're saying is is it market gonna give me enough time. To go and develop the guys in the hats. On. Yeah and you just depends on what you do with what you have I mean if you get wins and continue to tread in the right direction yeah you're gonna have all the all the time in the world but it. You're not winning that you believe you and everybody believes you have talent. You ticket at talent to measure going to be out of a job just the army I don't have pros it's apples oranges somewhat but just look what's going on right now Agile property company. You know they believe they have some talent we all believe they have some talent which is not magic right now port ariz. Injuries. You know things haven't gone their way analysts say geyser given opportunity at times they look lethargic they look like they just. Are kind of go through the motions sometimes some things just don't seem to be functional. So. You know if you you don't get it done giving out jobs. There's certain level of expectations. 85583086. Oreo won't quite give that count all free to Auckland. Give us issue out. While away at coming up after the bombing are gonna hear from Morgan Burnett. The packers' former Packers safety who's now off to Pittsburgh. And coming up about 45 minutes joke goes wanna won't want the brewers Kyle ran out the Arnold ran. And you're gonna hear from him coming up here shortly as well deposit who. Exactly how rant coming up here shortly. Going back to the NFL talk about Morgan Burnett and even more so that the bigger picture. They're considering some different things we talked about yesterday in the program the rule change came down regarding the catch. And some believe finally they got it right is that catches and the play catch wobbly catch belly catches and duct yes it deducted to catch. Now they've given you the notable football move. And if you catch it and you reaching for the pilot you're reaching the end zone you're reaching for the out of bounds line you're reaching for a first down and you drop the ball. That does not constitute an incomplete pass that is the catch and a fumble. That's what that is. So all remember the Dez Bryant catch nine catch. We don't do was catch we look at it but we we knew what the rule was so therefore we hold our presence that's not a catch. Much is chagrin of many Dallas Cowboys fans but it passes what you look you know was kept right it. It's it's go back to the and I use this example all the time goes go back to the Supreme Court from years ago when they arrested a final pornography he has. And the argument was. I can't define it but I know it when I see it. Right we know what we saw that was a catch and he took off running every tuck the ball away and went down with it and drop the ball should have a catch and then a fumble. But it wasn't so that being said. The NFL now trying to define a catch also. Something else that's gaining ground. He is they are no longer at least the proposal is no longer a pass interference. Are you moving the ball down to the point of the interference. You are now it's his duty just like colleges a fifteen yard penalty. Keep going. So no longer be used we stood up and hope to pick up fifty yards because somebody goes up over the back to your wide receiver. Which it will change the game a little bit late in ball games could you give up the small chunks does don't give up the big jump which means pass interference can become a little more prevalent. Very you've got the suggestion of targeted. And targeting is not committed this yet. Well what they're going to do is. All of these shots the Gradkowski shot something like that specifically where maybe the ref didn't catch it with somebody New York does when you look at. You look at replays they were adamant that I didn't just raise a form he punched a guy. Vick and I'll throw you out via oral at least are gonna vote on it but they wanna be able to throw you out of a ball injection. Right then and there Ottawa ball game. If you do something stupid and egregious that maybe officials just don't catch. So New York wants to be able to do that as well the long arm of the law coming from the centralized location in New York City. As they're going to be looking at all these different replay so. On one hand. They're trying to speedy gave up try to get you out of the replay mode trying to make things a little bit faster elect kind of stuff on the other hand they're gonna look at a lot more stuff now. To figure out what to define what not to define who throw out not to throw out in what is and isn't a catch. So is the NFL getting it right we'll talk about that we come back and we're gonna hear from Morgan Burnett the former. Safety for your Green Bay Packers now in Pittsburgh Steelers stay tuned for the white shortness. The program that will like ocean dollars on the error we are glad you are on board today. The important programming brought by new mathematical training guide with EE over the state you on the borders. You got what would urge you maybe a partner. Not getting it done column. 4144554451. At a location agreement location in Milwaukee as well. That time here where you're gonna start think it yourself and its energy when it outside the B hiking maybe viking navy yard work whatever happens to be you need the energy to do it. And maybe you don't have it tired all the time below T treatments that can certainly help yardage is OK okay checked that the best way to find out what you got going on scope it jacked. Bettors going weight loss program teacher sees right around the corner. You wanna get that take care if you cook. You're looking a little heavy that teacher who you column 414 or 554451. That's new male medical center Morgan Burnett. Is now eighty. Pittsburgh steeler. And nieces they look I garment excited design with a another great franchise like the Steelers. You know the history of this bird. At a tradition. You know about the Rooney family in just the players this year they have traditionally winning come from grain beta of the same tradition. Well for those guys to be instilled in me and won't be here. You can't turn that minded guys talk about his first service but very proud city prop town great players I just wanna be a part of it. And try to earn respect to my teammates and be accountable as teammate. He also says they look I played safety played linebacker went on nickel got a lot of versatility did that appeal to the Pittsburgh. They're out there that plays a role especially they've in his lead to more you can do them only you can stay around. So I just try to do the best that I can't supplement this report. On thing I can do is be to be as Morgan Burnett that can be a try to have our team and this was and so that being said. Ball he you know alternate positions and he was playing for Green Bay which one was the most comfortable lack. Definitely is as safety of course that's why I came into the league as as a safety. And how much time majority of my time agreement thousands safety. And is this I have known things in my who bought them capable. To move around and play different. Position in the Veba agreement got these as it was and it changeable so there's not really technically right and a program assists for his strong. But Tim agreed in your safety got a game to play ball. So you weren't Morgan Burnett goes to you know greet her two Pittsburgh. What is Mike Tomlin have in store for him I mean he's is he gonna be a guy that is is revise safety where what's his place going to be. Nor ever said anything yet so now I'm just common in legacy. Everything is new news on this come in just. Do my job SY can earn the respect. Of my teammates be accountable as a teammate and I understood that the coaches. Palm. What would you prefer. Playing well analyzed I really doesn't matter medium and sort of football so long for more on the field. I'm happy pounded ago. He's got a guy and Shawn Davis led you know in that secondary for the Pittsburgh Steelers he's there and more Democrats as they look when you look at this secondary and their defense he's impressed. I'm rob watch some of fan footballs I'll watch those Gaza on TV. A sign it was very athletic guy and I think he's a burst of guided care played bay commit of you come up in the box. And they have a lot of great at least on this team and I say I'm looking forward to. Come in it to true but also learning and he embedded as a player and being around great time. You feel how Morgan minutes feel when Dom Capers says hey we got all these different packages. And all that kind of similar move middle linebacker wearing a radio home. Those five personally Miller says mommy or linebackers so when they brought it some back catalog orders has not been on use it on whether. I mean has taken all that you're going to repeat which he did you hear me and some type could be a tongue twister blew it he got it about them it's their right is right. But wide Dom Capers goading him why he want Morgan Burnett to Wear that radio helmet instead of one of the linebackers like player now. Where it was ties because I elaborate due to injuries so. Aus one got those acts on field which order the times so would it is that you primers need someone that's going to be on field whole town so. House in the years ago and down and know just their job as new dues are viewed. Now remember he was injured. His rookie season back in 2010. EU you know he did not get a chance to step on the playing field. When the Packers won a Super Bowls so what does he remember about that. I was her legs they were not as them just excitement energy. I say you mean this hoo boy canyon billionaire who historical franchises going against one another I mean it was a great day for in the Palestinian. I am act dame way we're reading where you blew it. Hopefully like you can change things around but it was far watch admissible man and it was the greatest dismissed as a rookie as a young players whose whose door. Remember back to 2010 he only played in four games you won pick. On and one pass defended in his rookie season. Pretty durable the next couple years played sixteen games both of those seasons but that was the last time Morgan Burnett has played sixteen games. He only played thirteen and 2013. To fifteen games in 201411. Games. In 2015. Fifteen games in 2016. And only twelve games he missed four games. Last season and his forces interceptions ago. You know not graded plays if you don't nearly have as many with the years that he was playing steadily at five picks in 20112012. Combined. After that he's got a total story. The remainder of his career he's been pretty much banged up in and significantly the stats have dropped off so. For I mean look I wanted to see Morgan Burnett returned for the right price. And but I think that her ability the old and a joke hey we need guys available might but it might record he talks about all the time. They need guys available and and the problem with Morgan Burnett his band. He hasn't been available. And in even though he's tackle numbers have been okay. They've been dwindling he started out with 78 the first 24 years he played yet 78 tackles and 87 tackles. Then he had 66. In 2013 a significant drop off he played fifteen games is the strong safety 2014 with 105 tackles. He had a couple of sacks. ER one and a half sacks he had a 38 assists he had how many past affiliate five passes defended that year. He ended up having an interception that your record is better year statistically. Then after that his tackles 4768. And forty. Dropping dramatically. And in the year 2013 2070. Doesn't need it equally sure 2012 doesn't come close to each year. A 2014. Those two years combined. Because he hasn't been available so. Mortar Burnett the eight while he's penny for your personal player in a pretty good player when he's healthy and able stay healthy. By the way his dad brought to market friends that apple though they bring you the stat of the day. And there implementing SAP MB got a solutions to companies just like yours they can help you take all that information. Put through their sip decipher give it back to you and make your business bigger better stronger. And they can do that for you if you just call them or checking out of the web app royal eight PP RO YO dot com a PP RO awhile ago. Dot com they bring you the stat of the day when we come back regular Joes in Zoellick it's jets don't want all the brewers outfielder. Hour by hour rent. They held power ran more little Michael your next. Back to the program the Michael shows on the air. Broadcasting live WNFL here in Green Bay we are glad to have you aboard. The sports the program being brought by cut themselves where they believe in better they'll Michael pepperoni but I rail act she's all good Saturday Iguchi skirts that will make your day. Negative I've changed my friends. It is osu good. But here's the best mark. You can buy one get one I'll tell you out. I'll tell you how. Take any. Story nonperishable food items any cousins of your vicinity they get in dropping off that if you buy one get one on a seven happened so horror horror. Or. Did he could be on a pair about it it's not a bad deal. Stopping and gives up and gets up and he's a really good stuff and feel even bet that is cut and subs were they believe that the officials of seeing what the goal Michael sports talk network. Don't forget coming up tonight we are going to be at prohibition. Cigar. Lounge looking forward to over here and Green Day in day if you get a chance to one ounce 35 bucks to get in tickets are going crazy. In it begins at five Jerry Ellis and yours truly. The former packer better AA is running back is going to be there was mark Daniels from WNFL here green bag I'm going to be there. Can't tell stories to a QNA. Pairing cigars Scotch is a you don't smokers regarding the funeral for Scott come on into yourself and cocktails of your choice. We have a great time. Really gonna have a great and I come on and enjoy yourself. Sit down relax Dick maybe that extra day of the weekend it company and tonight over prohibition spirits as guards lounge. And if you wanna find out more information about a quota prohibition GP dot com prohibition GB. Dot com. Joseph and so sat down with its mr. irrelevant. But they got the brewers' minor league roster. Major League roster that is trying to make the bigs in just toiling away he's trying to make a name for himself right Joseph. We are that's just the problem here bill off most don't know Carl ran has been in the brewers' organization for the last couple years and he's done it's pretty well. You know we talk about a surplus of outfielders we talk about some of the top prospects. Even Louis when Sen who just got traded away and now you see with the brewers have done here with Lorenzo Cain in Christian college. Yeah elders is big logjam and there's talk to key up Broxton and Brad Phillips may not make fifteen you've got another guy that's been in big league camp the entire time Kyle ran. He's the son of frank ran the former general manager of the Braves now in the Al Boston Red Sox organization so he's got a nice history of family. He's a really good guy but see the thing that we talked about is. You know you work so hard you get to this point in your career you get to the big league camp your Beatles it's route and yet there's so many guys in front of you. Even if you are doing well which she isn't spring training. It is frustrating we we talked a little bit about they use my conversation or brewers outfielder Kyle ran would you assess your spring training so far. I. Think it's gone well you know I feel like I'm seeing the ball well I think that's like the biggest thing comes spring training it's you know the results in your batting average suffering eyes that you kind of just. You wanna make sure but in the spring you're seeing a ball long track and the ball awfully gotten to that so. On that and I feel like on the ball really well and then you know luckily there and Clinton. Opens in decent barrel on the ball to and got. And hit sun apps and big situations that's been good yeah I mean again these opportunities of late game situations late inning situations and it's it's really good to see this. He looks just like her council give you a little. Advice or encouragement. Or to say hey you know good job today you know that sucked decision. The Alzheimer and Indy the afflicted nearly double giving you good feedback. What he gets it wrong or did some right there was letting you know. Yeah I think me and him Nate or we like to sit by. Counsel and Murphy and all those guys in the dugout during the game and kind of just talk baseball and maybe six game situations and so and in that regard I think did a really good job. Get a chance to really get to know Lawrence of Cain Christian college kids. These guys right now our really to help turn this franchise around get them going into you know higher levels. Yeah I mean will we do outfield drills every day together so I've gotten you know I've got a chance to know both from the both really good guys obviously really good baseball players. And so it's it's fun to watch guys that you know you can even watch on TV for awhile. And yeah and they go about their work right away I think it's kind of cliche thing to say delight that's something you find that most guys have had successful quickly careers that. They get all their you know pregame work down posting stuff fan and commit their bodies are healthy stuff like that so. Yeah experience from just hanging around them then and kind of talking and then and seeing how they work has been. He. What does it mean again we're tough workers outfielder comrade what does it mean. To be now here in this clubhouse with these big leaguers. And really taken in the atmosphere and mood messages that creek counts on the team being connected what does that all mean what's it like that. And I think I think it's flip by as your mind that you you know you're an option for them at whatever point this season com. You know it's it's funny because you know I brought up from baseball for a long time since I've been around Major League Baseball my family and to be a big league clubhouse for spring training for the first time it's you know it's it's just like everybody else it's a dream come true. Finding as I know most these guys I've been in Tripoli the last couple years and a lot of these guys are guys who two years ago were in triple and right in the big leagues so I got a lot of these guys and so it's it's it's definitely isn't veteran guys who lead the right way and it's also much my friends have been playing with last three years so. It's exciting and vote. This is. A talk this adult with all the talent that there is calculus right now if you're just trying to trying to make the team trying to get the spot. And yet there's a lot of depth there and it's it's. Really hard to pull that off. Is it frustrated at all does it mean how tough is. And is no question it's frustrating I mean. You look at the depth chart now it's like you know want to mom probably six or seventh on the depth chart when it comes to the guys that you know guys go down who called an accident. You know it's easy it'd be easy to dwell on that kind of look at it as a dire situation. Placed on I think I'll never get an opportunity. But I just got to. Have a good attitude about it. Keep working hard keep putting up numbers in hopefully you know whatever happens. And I'll get my shot and then if I get my shot I do a lot of jobs. To stay appears so. That's a tough situation out. It can be frustrating at times but it didn't today get a khaki grind. Well baseball's increased gain and we are things that happen you know you just never know. Yeah I mean it's you know it's. All the sudden it's like couple years ago electorate against collided in the outfield and all of a sudden like three guys like. That's not obviously not wishing for people to get hurt like but that's just how baseball isn't so it's just. You hopefully you're you're playing well and who knows something happens whether it's a traitor an injury years whatever happens in. Like I said you get your opportunity news in the Q well but. The result you're Kyle ran tile of the season and what he and hopefully things continue to turn upward in Cuba thanks appreciate it. Video that's power ran and that Jose and Zola Joseph good god man I mean he's not open for injuries but obviously he's hoping for an opportunity and that's the thing and yeah I'd baseball is a crazy game you just never know you know you feel like you're stocked at one position. And you feel like well you know. Yeah they've got so many guys your guide it. And then you get in situations where it's like I after guy after guy gets injured and then guys that you would never expect to be at big league level actually make it and yeah urine for guys like tolerant because sees it it's about push yourself and issues for second you've worked your way all the way up to the seed get your chance. And yet there's so many guys in front of you now you really can't do anything I'd like to think at some point Kyle ran will be on a big league team and he'll be playing in the majors. Right now though this is gonna merely talk there's just so many outfielders and coming out next hour we'll talk bread Phillips was Brad Phillips. Is in the same boat and he's struggling in the spring training to say he's not. Tune himself any favors trying to make team but Brad Phillips is another guy at your wanna see at some point the question is when. Top of the hour to come back again we're gonna talk with Pete Doherty at the bottom of the next hour reduction agreement packer football the press gazette and Packers And well you know what we got some instantly turn and actually getting underway tonight also like Joseph your pretzels granola lot yet to go. Like it to go we're broadcasting live here in Green Bay this ports in the program being brought by refer to spotlight the official beer sponsor. Let it go Michael sports talk network stay tuned to my pleasure right after this.