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Monday, March 12th

Hour 2 – We resume our discussion regarding Damarious Randall.  We also hear from Travis Shaw and Josh Hader.  Plus, Bill has some unpleasant stories about his flight.


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From the league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but bill Michael show. Good day to help welcome. As we are live your merry go baseball market for those that are on FaceBook that are following us. It is FaceBook live we have I just kind of get a little bit well a walk around the upstairs in the press box here and for those Bjork FaceBook hello. What the program for those of you listening to his. I'll wherever you'll whether it's back in Wisconsin or the surrounding border states. Or anywhere on the app yes we have an app now though Michaels that he could find this echo Michael's which he tracked it down there but. For those that are listening or watching well. Our FaceBook life. Tripod so to speak just took a tumble so law for the heat that was watching you just saw that happen so anyway that being said. He Pia out posted on the Arafat will keep you out there on the on the on this on the stadiums of speaking out to watch median tired. So anyway how we're talking in the last hour. About the green bay Packers and we discussed Mary's ran over discussing the trade a lot of people to chime in and day if you still want to you can 8558308648. 8558308. Still 86 foray. Stevie and Ryan when we get to come up here just a second or largest portion program brought you by the president biomedical treating got the oldest in Wisconsin. And beyond the borders and if you wanna let checked him out. All you have to do is give a call 4144554451. That's 4144 part 544. 51 or whether it's eat either have a 98% success retreating by the way. Or if you not only have the ED but you have low teasing going to look at where energy betterment of clarity better movement stamina. You can now call for that is well we all want weight loss program trust me out here in Arizona it is teachers season. And originality good teacher you may want to develop buzz again 4144554451. Of the gates just open your merry go over we're getting ready to take the field. And it takes some batting practice the fans are now starting to walk him is not Marion that that are well. With the meander around the ballpark a little bit. And again it would follow us on FaceBook why you can't possibly go to FaceBook dot com and check out the bill Michael show. That the bill Michael show like is there and FaceBook lives on its ballpark. And about 2530 view I apologize a little while ago the camera took a tomboy for ever but we had probably a hundred people that were on line. And for all of you people that were there we apologize to thing Allison just went and a crackdown so. We're back up running again so you wanna check this out on FaceBook live. You can't 855830864. As the back of the phone calls talk to Stevie Stevie welcome program the Michael show. Paid Pompeo first time caller. I'd look at. The factors that if we are feared it would be to be in the coaches. Some bit. A bit popped in my remarks that the secretary would get hurt their security every bit although it's hard but gummery eight or averted you know. They don't do this Gardner on their own deal. In our FaceBook page are put the may quarter jet Janice he's 63. To nineteen he spared he can it. Ian. It's what you get for you keep it to 21 occur hyper spare they have shields. That being with Mike McCarthy did that go like what we're dictator. You don't on this still carpet in the clear but seagate. Believe all the chancellor that struck if circumstances. Into left indicating he got it was 8380. That it is now. In speed and gain but he never took out that your candidate Trevor being worked. You don't talk to via an oval write it good outlook are part restrict or you're an adult are right and get people to. Barbara get a built up to via and that's about it a coach with a clear air bases in this deal that the air at the break up there you know. In you know Arab piracy and when he played basketball. Get a piece that. That predator also be legal fees on all the pain. On induction. In east it would mean the practice argues the optimal all the current get would be he would be adequate to teach edict. The guards are out there also will not be no quick oracle or in the BB Tuesday before the paired these babies about to confirm. There on the top all. You know we get the ball tattoos what they do great on yet get a interpret David but did the people they are elected to do this but he taught. On Ellen. That's what they get on the market Adam and get jet and and are they keep doing this Spain don't repetition of right. Yeah our our our into it you peel them off the maybe India if you teach you how to. And that I think as a teacher in a Coke are critical for two. You have to see to it yeah it buildup I'll look at the colts beat it beat that with a two bit and upbeat you can get Herbert David dipped and it's indeed a burner. If you teach you about the weight or convert it to. A corner because at this. The height the weight. It the speed and be more art reception to what Mike McCarthy are hoping that we compartment on. Our recovery I have at corpus score any update you'll every be free that it would be elected. It's a party get it in the bid if you look at what I wouldn't still be. Wouldn't it simple and it would be about ego bit wary but are what we get that well what would act to do. Well I Bridget fault call first and foremost yes the brew they're the Packers meet a guy that can teach back there there's no doubt about that Mike McCarthy. If you're young you make mistakes. It depends on what kind of mistakes mr. Cali mistakes every now and then. It depends on what it is because there's a tolerable. Ascension so to speak if you have. Say a guy that fumbles you gotta find your way to the doghouse if you got a guy that say you know has taken his hands he just drops it momentarily. You know Mike McCarty has OK get the next one he's that kind of guy. Like if you continually make mental mistakes. Then they can't depend on you the reliability mistakes are what get to the bench faster many. It's not necessarily a visit Kelly if the reliability if they can't rely on you'd be in the right place the right time. And take your those around you so the guy next year doesn't worry about covering your tail and if they don't have to worry about you you're gonna play could eventually you're gonna get it you hone your skills would that you can't figure it out. The rely he always says its reliability in it they don't have reliability that you're not gonna find your way to the field so that's when. Guys like chip pianist who struggled at times at least that's been the reports even though he says he really hasn't that's been the reports are kept in a sometimes wasn't in the right place the right time. I don't know what's gonna happen which Europeans I do know one thing he's a good daughter very good daughter very short tackler as well. Very tenacious in an area which has to say Gobi a corner. Eight there's more to it than you always eat you know the old yet. I can't say the old guard would say you can't learn on the fly in the NFL that's not the learning ground it's a whole Ingraham. For your skills because there is it technique. To changing your hips inside outside forcing it got insider outside of maybe because he's been an offensive player he can have an advantage as a wide receiver but. It's just it's it's it's not that easy to do 855830864. Let's go to Ryan listening to us know Claire Ryan welcome program though Michael show. Yet. What's. Outlaw I'd reckon apple didn't seem all that. Casey Hayward yet today and then detonated thinking about it in like as we have dad's shop as. Have a knack for being around football and knows so well all claim acres Micah Hyde. It ordered the merits Randle much of these up and down the initial one thing mastered an act of beer on the football but an Alaska is mentioned. I mean we're all ball. He's too good in the third fourth stringers here rubber hammer retreat here than what they're up and keep them from you know take it the next level. And it's it seemed like quite a premium on potential and he's in scheme. And on the deck at crucial that they can make plays. They either gone down rotary go to the acts I do I'm not against the Randall and further up the network. It could get a mutt out you know at mission there but it just seems like we can't keep these guys. Who it's not that far deeper players though there's nothing that tops. Making a play on the football being around football is that guys have a knack for that and Randall came in our palate with thousands reputation. The playmaker and act for being rumpled ball as much as heated up and down. You always initial. Like height so that anyone never look all I'm starter. Oh you can feel it return punts back for a stealthy and had he to do that. But in the playmaker out leasing Angela again go. We'd act as that a lot of potential apparently got good speed good measure all elected into the scheme. I wanted to be at stake we're gonna show up on the field and make it or making it. Yeah I appreciate that phone call I mean when when you talk about Casey Hayward case they were when when they ended up letting him go letting him walk. On the there was nobody. Complained about Casey Hayward because Casey Hayward had not been available goes back to the availability factor he had some injuries that panic. Kept him nicked up I mean you don't really good rookie season he was in the right place the right time couple balls were born in the breadbasket its pretty good numbers. If people and you know what he's not really amount to much because everything was thrown right to me it was mistakes and so he got lucky. Well don't let them go he has successful seasons on the everybody's saying how great Casey Hayward was on hot tonight it's just it. At the time nobody was complaining that the Packers let him go. On going back to Mary's rental yeah lot of talent but we have seen over the last couple years but it times that talent to be overshadowed. By what we call it ego he went colleges do the head. The mental state if you will and apparently there's been some clashes witnesses to coaches in that doesn't that doesn't bode well so. Yeah on the merits Randall has at times been. Will say problematic. For lack of better term 8558308648. For those that wanna know current FaceBook live beaten by this over FaceBook dot com slash the bill Michael show. We go to break in and during that break up talk to you on FaceBook lives of your over the right now. Ul fire off a couple questions and maybe answer some stuff. Off the air as well when we come back Travis shot third baseman that you're Milwaukee Brewers a chance yesterday catchup with Amsterdam and channel them little but you can hear that conversation. That some of the lack of. Border to border. Film Michael's voice phone network. The program felt like Rochelle is on the air we are broadcasting live merry go baseball bark for those of you who were watching us at FaceBook lives a little while ago. You got a chance to see it and as matter of fact and again I apologize we had a really good broadcast going. And then that's with a camera that tried but it tumble. And it is shut off so we started again. And that what I did with a to shut it down now and use of super restore takes batting practice in the team it's the field. I'll turn back on the team is gonna come out Eric if I'm not mistaken about tenth and thirty. And then they do batting practice for a little bit in the they have over camelback ranch for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Little bit later on today were tucked the Packers did back in the Packers coming year and a little bit I want to oxidant typically term as well who you think. But he got when he out again that discussion is the playing games are tomorrow night Brian Anderson from New York Milwaukee Brewers television play quickly which can be call in those games. In Dayton Ohio and will touch base back. You know with you know everybody got here coming up a little bit later on as well. When it comes to a radio chosen to all whose over in the clubhouse right now talk with great counsel and a crate on the show tomorrow. By the late great counsel be on the show is tomorrow and it's immunities that we get inside the club now shooters those as well one of the guys are caught up with yesterday. Brewers third baseman Travis Shaw and you know there's like I mentioned right at the top of the show there's a lot of excitement there's it's not so much this. This excitement via expectation for all my doubt we believe we can do big things it's it's kind of an excitement up not a lot of change the club house. The guys is continually jail there's a lot of good guys in this clubhouse they genuinely have fun yesterday they were cranking out Latino music they were great country music they are great rock music. They were singing the songs to the un edited version let me go back to yesterday they were all doing it together literally we're choruses they also that there waffles yesterday morning. A lot of fun but a lot of seriousness got your Trevor shot Kabul yesterday Nicholas. Your thoughts as. Camps are going well. Everybody's tenant jelling well learn some new guys in the clubhouse. I think offensively we're going to be very good team. Which is a lot of guns. Think. From from everything I've gathered so far and it's all it's all positive I think when it gets fired right now. Geithner pitching and pitching carried since they have. Capability of our rotation. Back in the Balkans and extremely strong soon. I. Is difficult to carry over say confidence her. Charisma of a team her own you know character routine from season to season. He can't be if there's a bunch of new guys. Pretty much position player wise same. Spots. We had to obviously the coaching change that decides that it's it's the same group so. I think going to be pretty easy here with a team that has as much talent offensively you guys looked to have. Is it typically you got to know some guys it may not even make the squad is it difficult to kind of look around the clubhouse note if you had so much talent. I mean it's a good thing don't get me wrong but added there's going to be some guys are really talented it should be individual group. Yeah mentors in the camp I think everybody knows what those positions aren't as battles that are going on right now it's it's going to be. And you can't there's going to be some decisions have to mean. Especially if it's the same group in here in two weeks ago. It is what it is something we had them thank you sense can help us as a team and individually that it sometimes that are going to be upset. It's an anxious being at that position before. What I am asking himself. At some point don't you all these guys and hearing. Yeah. You know when you talk Richard pitching I mean obviously Jimmy down right now that a state equality a sky it's not their but. Do you feel ones that you don't have to have and basically got some really good twos and threes again. Keep a winning streak going and stop a losing streak. Yeah I mean. As long as you have guys that can consistently get you to the sixth seventh inning until you review. Chassis can do that chase obviously stack attacks. I mean obviously hurts and I have the guys look to fight it. The top of the rotation when Jimmie was last year on the I think chase and it was back in June Christine I think they can step behind them. Most of patents and our guys in this situation last year it's improved. There's a lot of casual restricted to doing it is a different coming this year with a lot of expectation. It's more fun and it's it's it's gonna sneak up on people who pressure really yeah. The same time that's when you when you earn those expectations that's that's on our top concert happened and then. I'm last year we are expecting to do much and we did. His balls we played we stufflebeem short. And I think this year when his embraces expectations and if you wanna get to what you wanna get too which is make the post season good deep into the season and you have to get arouses expectations. Last thing we know last year tumultuous for you everything good. And she's she's she's doing. That's the best news of all that is daughters home to wells told those the the checked up since it's been doing really well so that's good Tuesday year. And that was Travis sharp were third baseman as a chance to catch up with him. Yesterday in the clubhouse and like he's set lot of excitement in. They really believe that this team pages out ET's if they don't get the pitching. That they need they believe they've got enough now they can put the ball in play just a couple of pieces a couple of weeks in the addition. Eulogy Kane and whether or not Ryan Wright broad as playing first base or not. We'll have to wait and see that they believe that they've got an apartment fire are now. To be able to get the job done all well I will say this it's always you know I should they always put it's a little bit concerning. When you have a team like the brewers is counting on its offense to have. Something. You know guys it to start ours are real smoke on the ball right now now granted it's spring training and I you know people said well who cares spring training I agree with. Why. When you look at spring training you say wait a minute. You've got guys that should be his pitchers right now to try to control than just throwing strikes in his throwing their fastball but breaking stumper off speed stuff. And that's if you've got some guys right now. That are struggling a little bit Travis Robby won them only two point seven and Dorsey a 2.2 chipping and at two point who's going to be backing up. On the ATP because Stephen vote he's been Banca. Speaking it's even vote he was into it before it went down things hitting. 192 right now Brett Phillips is as this is just struggling mightily. He's only hitting 100 he's three for thirty so far. This spring training so there is a little bit concerned with that you look he's OK Alec entertaining for 58. Put the ball like Europe who's really going to be maybe one of the second baseman of the future for a nine earn on reds hitting 37. With an open yes right now one point 005 meters and guys. They're still really stroking the ball better footing and EP Munich are coming up just a little bit but it. Just. There's a few areas that its image -- couple wrinkles of concern but beyond that. It seemed like things are heading in the right direction of the news coming at it yesterday obviously an image it is the top of the show. Court can able. He ends up by having that tendinitis in his knee. And that was something that we didn't really know about. But apparently something that flares up on him every now and it's something that he's dealt with in the past. So you know you go back to worry about beyond that nothing in the problematic issues down here. At were spring training I'd mentioned earlier brewers back out today that it camelback ranch taking on the Dodgers. Later on this afternoon 85583086488558308648. I'm alone buy dot com told free talk line 855830. 864 in the long like it that apple freaked out. In a lot of Packers chatter Marius Randall jettison over the weekend you bring in Brett Connolly now into the mix because Brett at least reportedly going to be off. Two to Oakland if indeed all the rumors become Trudy John Kaiser. The quarterback from Cleveland. Comes to Green Bay in the Mary's regional trade they swapped fourth and fifth round picks as well the two teams do which benefits the Green Bay Packers. And the Packers now defensively weaker. How much weaker he can't release date yet but. Total number on it but they still are weaker and they are less experienced now secondary probably. In all my time here is probably the least experienced secondary. Are right now as it stands a paper that I can remember I mean it's there's virtually nothing back there are a Clinton index. A couple guys but there's not much back. Kevin King coming back from surgery but he only got wrecked Lister petrol price has been back their judge Hawkins Demetric goods and let the Pickens. But there's not much experience back. Stock index is your most experienced guy. Order Burnett looks that I beat him back with a team. And I gotta figure things out there so quick Rollins as well but he was not merely use is who would. Physically as to Mary's Reynolds we are talking about that is what you want to chime in eight by five feet 30. 864 passports in the program being brought by our friends at Marshall clinic health system that once it picks me up to many back in the game. Feeling fantastic Aaliyah was called late by five MC or at eight by five. MC ortho march to a clinic health system and if they can help you out whether it's a shorter whether it's an elbow Weathers in the Erie hip and ankle. Though the or compete department is fantastic in in New York with pain I was in pain all the time. Don't we with a anymore matter fact that mentioned earlier the show do Camelback Mountain. You know I couldn't do that as some years back because widget which has been to pay forty walked. From here you know part much a supplemental. Today and you do that to a paint creek banks are friends over at march of political system where they are the official provider of yours truly. But Marshall clinic dot or for all the information. Talk a little bit more about this baseball team radio chosen so joints back up here. In the broadcast Booth as well as he comes out of the brewers' clubhouse will talk a little. Growers baseball's a Packers football Oprah wants documents public college hoops as well Ross here's some more interviews we register from Trevor shot. Many. Dirty Jeffords all upcoming state to more than what was your read today. Sixteen stations strong the bill might school's sports talk. The final show on yeah we're broadcasting live very well baseball park where there were received his medical about they're gonna start working out you're shortly so for those of you that follow us on FaceBook. Coming up here in about ten to fifteen minutes. Follows over the FaceBook fan page FaceBook dot com slash at the bill Michael's show. And your FaceBook lives speak now watch some of the work out as it goes on down here in Maryville. For the Milwaukee Brewers are gonna tell you Billy Schmidt baca produce the majority it is until it down now in the clubhouse. Where Craig Counsell was speaking. Billy the video we shot earlier we had FaceBook like bet that was clear what it. It would just gorgeous out there now you'd almost slowed so let just coming off some people's warehouse. It is not a bit dated it's about as are right now. Where rights it's about 72 degrees. Stole you know relatively early in the morning coming out here it's only 930. But that being said about 72 degrees sunshine a few wispy clouds and a little bit of breeze. Which makes a picture perfect appeared angry and that is that is warmer than it was will eat any day that we are out there for the whole aid to Iran that we are you going to get good weather there and Ian chat topped out about 65 while we're out there. We you know what's really funny is speaking of hanging out here and decent weather got here on Friday. Well right after the show and by the way. I don't know they're not a sponsors or enjoyment and game. But there is a company. That took over for midwest airlines what was midwest express and frontier. I'm just gonna say I'll refer to the picture. Did you see the picture bill I was lucky enough to see it. Almighty god that was. There was a guy sitting next to me now for those that don't don't follow me on FaceBook like personally I I have all these followers but you can only take so many but I in post the picture publicly posted it on just the might my personal FaceBook page. And I was to say I was cramped in. On that airline on frontier. Would be an understatement. I looked at 66 I'm on the taller guy admit that but I have now. You know flight where Ike Ike could not move quite literally sat in the seat and couldn't move could I couldn't before I dropped my fault. And had to pick it up at my feet. And a little bit over again like I couldn't I couldn't reach down to the floor to get my fault. And they have seen in which you win I mean remember when that Wednesday expressed at the airline almighty god they had that luxury seating. You know that was probably a little over the top he's in the had rats yeah hockey is oh yeah now they don't have anything and then on the backs of those seats you know you can't watch TV or anything like that and there's nothing but they've caught the seats there's not an error. First of all we had our flight attendant and right. I posted this on FaceBook as well easier flight attendant with the that was dresses while yeah which did not instill a lot of faith. When he came down dresses like I. Incredible young ones like that or they'll match Friday dollar. You know wanting everybody and their own fear while I guess I don't know that kind of look at me like one's this guy doing it and it's you know. And so. He he comes down dresses a clown. And which in giving a lot of faith and I can't I can't sit. And I got to be honest they're there was a guy next to me he's very nice guy OK and I felt his pain because I was a bigger news at one point. Like he he's not tall. But he might be taller Heatley Dan. Wilson and round. All right fox all all four MP Alia. All yet he was used to use a circular but it is certainly monster. So I I walked into the playing this year indicates are sitting in front of me and I'm sitting in the back of this is supposed to be by the way stretch seeding. I paid for the extra extra space. It was toward Jim not only do you buy the ticket. Then you pay the extra twenty dollars nineteen dollars. For the stretch CD insert it did you not serious and that you pay like 35 or 45 dollars per bad. What is eagle I got what was that deal what I thought was his great deal. Turned out to be the most expensive. Crap previous flight I put. Overtake in the eye and lifelong. Everywhere. Worst flight of my life not in the sense of bouncing up and down in turbulence are talking about just sheer bumper and expects. Worst flight in the history of flights folds or did you. I sit down in my seat. This guys next to me he's got his headphones on he's got as I pit out and he does one of those. Any time X tales. Now he's got his storms down like by his size elbows resting on what is like a on more often it's blasted out of the yen. It's like leaning over the farmers. So he's got his elbows on the itself. Which hangs over the armrest. I sat and like that you're on okay so you're you're you're sitting facing forward looking in through the plane I'm on the far right side in the window. In the plane he's next to me and then the idol now he's next not to my left and in the aisles seat. You know off that left and then I'll so I'm sitting there I literally for four hours. I kept my elbow my right elbow tucked in the my side. In my shoulder against the wall and my left hand I had to keep up on the seat academy which was where Sherry was sitting thank god. But I had to keep up on that on the seat and probably. While his elbow dug in in my rib cage. That was four hours of flight on these tiny. What I can only describe his any port bodies. On this on this airline yeah. It was the worst flight. I've ever had in the history and I couldn't like complainants say you know hate junky do you wanna suck it Anderson couldn't just a nice guy I don't like us that I felt as it. I was one of those guys that walked on the I'll back when I was 412 pounds that everybody's plate looked at me and said. He's got collection next meet these got the accident we don't know I I would like god. I was that guy I was walking down going you know how it looked like I'm not a sideways through the IO. So I got it and I didn't wanna say. Late until your worst flight. Ever it was like. Four for the flight out I think was like between Syria nine kids was something to be effective maybe 800 some dollars which we bought on. Mine for like four something five something and then after the fees and the seats. And everything they charge for Wesley that it's open and nine. That's exactly what that is exactly what that is it was awful awful flight. Air. Eight by 583086420. We got here Friday really good weather go back to the weather situation and Friday night. By Friday night stayed over at the whole resort. And sat outside. Heated pool. Had a good cigar. And it was it was picture perfect I was thinking of you guys bill you would it matter what it was out here could you guys never got weather over seventy degrees the entire tenure here. And on Friday night. At 11 o'clock at night it was still 79 degrees bought her really really glad you're able around that in appreciate it yeah perfect love it. So they haven't and brain and know what to brewers fans I we left the don't resort. And then moved into the Condo that I rented. Through air BB which is a tremendous thing by the way and would what are BB. So we have this this kind of that weren't as educated communities appointments await our beautiful whatever state before. Beautiful place where I'm sitting and talking to my guess would be stepson and we're sitting here talking and and he was like you know you think anybody would know your audience now you know it is nobody's gonna know it's you know it's feet here. So when we walked into the pole. Next thing you know as a guy who looks bigger irbil Michael's what shall brewers fans stand out at the Mary Miller down in the complex that are hanging out down here merry go last night. Took radio Joseph to two to dinner last night. And had a good time doing that by just before that spent the whole day or afternoon after the club out over the pool. It was all brewers spent. There was a couple of Canadians were here to cover that wanted to see it probably did but for the most part. Like twenty restraint on this thing and have a pool and it's always got tonight. Just eat it says real big big letters no smoking cigars they're out with a cigar. No no bottles they have bottles we had hands they it rots on the growth they're doing cheese and crackers to make. The complete stereo type. Of what was content is supposed to be woman out there with a big beer keg you know Milwaukee Brewers fan your picture on where they spandex pants all different colors with. With the M logo and then the packers' logo and it's got a bit logo he spent an expansive which is. It was just complete Wisconsin right to take over the pool area discount so it was a lot of fun. And a lot more congress that we gonna go take a quick break out ramble on and let's do this we'll take a quick break we'll come back. FaceBook alive upcoming for those just for those you follow us on FaceBook we're gonna go ahead and show you that. As it were taken field. Get ready for work out they're gonna start some some different drills and such also batting practice were here in front of us this portion of the program be brought buyer for its cousins of what they believe in better. And right now they're blocking out hunger you bring in a nonperishable food item to any cousins not only does that nonperishable food item. Go to the food banks in that location in that area. But in addition to that you can get related to it DO compliments of the Milwaukee Bucks end in addition that you also get a buy one get 17 and efforts up. Many reasons to go to cousins and Ali can do deputy can help some people out in the as well. So go to cousins up where they believe in that portable Michael show FaceBook live all that coming up next. Freeware it was Johnson and the bill Michael sports talk that he. And. What about the well. Program the Michael shell is on the air coming up just a couple of minutes you're gonna hear from my Josh Peters. Milwaukee brewer reliever. In here that interview from a little bit from go actually yesterday had a chance to catch up within a critical way to get over and so I am. So it's gonna haul so we went out and kind of BS alcohol for just a little bit. So. They are from Josh hater here in just the second offer those are good to follow us over on the FaceBook fan page in joy is we now have FaceBook live going. And you've got to the Milwaukee Brewers on the field he got the pitchers working on the outfield. You've got a base running construction going on right now you can take a look at all of this stuff via batting practice coming up here shortly. So I stay tuned to watch this over at FaceBook live it is the numbers over their continue to grow but FaceBook dot com the bill Michael show. FaceBook dot com slash people Michael show and you can check that out as delegates at the brewers right now. They are out doing some work out two rolls over some base running girls over to the first baseline and the pictures are running in the out there that's what you're seeing units which are witnessing over there. Josh later had a chance to catch up with him. Yesterday in the clubhouse take a listen. Last year you guys were pitching like he got for kind of the strength of this team especially down the stretch so give me your assessment and how to pitch exit returner. Obviously stack is really good and you know having. His bullpen disease RO. We got a bunch of guys that come on you you you know whenever we needed to when the ball and that's what is it about. Same mentality every day and right. You know concerns that these guys. Company pick ups. And I think and I really have a good good year was 67 or an extra pitches and we're gonna get the job done. Last year you came in like a ball of fire units are really big moments. Is that a huge confidence boost was there any nerves for this or is this something to build on her sister something which is every other day no big deal on good. You know it's it was actually really easy come and visit the food and lastly you really come. It's him into the right place and the right routine. It's and taken that. And we comfortable up there it makes everything easier it's. And do but I knew how to do and it's been an insurance and you know and laid out pretty Tivo it and and just continue. And learn from you know my mistakes last year and now. Fix those cheers. Going into this camp was or anything in the offseason did you we try to develop another pitch re trying to work anything in particular. I'm practice. And he dances around. Yeah so last year I mean obviously everybody talked about the price harper moment that was huge for Yorkshire. Quite looking in all the different moments you have last year when you talk more about the mistakes because everybody knows success you can handle mistake she can't. Anything stick out in mice that I need to do that better. Not really to me in this Italian edges dumb wars. Excellent excellent news. Make sure that you don't get too yeah and turn it into. He lets. My secondary and my response. I was sort of injury Jefferson Orleans talking about the way you guys communicate to Craig Counsell. And mark how old you guys say OK I'm good this day I'm not this day. And the use of the bullpen give meters has been kind of how you being used in how you feel about yourself and how many times you can go. Yeah. So that's great now that's where we're trying to figure out you know what what you know boundaries are on you know just trying to go out there every day. It's. Chance Wednesday. On the communication right there on that ours eyes you. I mean not means you from. Several seasons here. That's going to be different from me you know. Asthma things he emphasizes that you communicate better game figures. It's. So last year a lot of guys in this team trying to make a name for themselves now you made a name for yourself in a different pressures this year. Better words little bit different. As saying Montel is saying each year. Always working on things and trying to get the best I can being. When it comes at a game this being prepared and ready and. Your corner kind of I want to see laid back guy a little bit as opposed to some of the guys in the clubhouse and all the personalities match. I think it's great he. Back to back guys that are funny. To me. It's is fair sentence. It's memory. Reenactment it is okay cause errors and tensions and ended on our means months years. You got leaders to. He. You love Richmond right track and make sure things phone here. They doubt that he's Josh hater joining us yesterday for a couple of minutes at a chance of them chat with him rumors right now of those you paying attention to his. Over on FaceBook lied you conceive that you wanna go to FaceBook dot com. And it just slashed the bill Michael show right now we're working on bunting. Bunting right now. Stuff for those that say that the brewers fundamentally in ticket drop a bunt down. This is something they've been doing it did it'll be yesterday but plenty right now is something that they're working on what to do with runners. Runners on base looking at signals. And all that kind of stuff at cedar thrown signals at the guys over first in the third. And though you'd bunting right now so fundamentally. Try to get that hit by the way broadcast live on your merry go baseball park and we can't do without her part sponsors the Milwaukee admirals get on board. You experience and nonstop action Milwaukee admirals hockey appropriate arena they still have chased the post season going on checking out of Milwaukee admirals dot com that's Milwaukee admirals. Dot com there has taken no hockey also our buddy Dwayne from point covered all I know I saw him kind of respond to lower earlier. Point listening and watching Wausau. And they do whether it's a boat or street cars home business on east furniture they do would all call 7158701190. 715870. Point 119 that is Dwyane are but he went from points cover at all. And our good friends at steady second national Walker's point may Milwaukee's number one sport or. Shuttles all the games including shuttle bus to brewers games is a great package is going on right now they were voted Milwaukee's best fish fry and Milwaukee's best bloody Mary. So you have to stop and the studies don't get the go Michael's garlic cheese spread layered others well stick he's. You should be here coming on the next hour to get back into the discussion regarding Green Bay Packers. Paula maker green and analysts is gonna join us. Joe's in Seoul also produced the show at down here he is right now down inside the clubhouse is a great council meeting with the media you can hear that coming up. In just a little bit Billy Schmidt back in the studio is producing the show and again if you want followers over on FaceBook fan page you can right there. On FaceBook dot com slash eagle Michael show it's the verified blue check mark in the brewers it's FaceBook life right front yet. And you can check out the brewers go through some spring training batting practice. And drop it down by its working on bunt base running right now so the final miles some of the fundamental stuff that many times. We talk about say in this team do this in this team do that or hitting in the opposite direction as some of these guys have been doing as well. Can't they do it on accuses the bases well they're working on it right here right in front via its of videos taking place right now live. Go to FaceBook dot com slash evil like a show. The bloom verified checked mark. And you're gonna find FaceBook like video on their right now did you talk to Packers football great go to it was all in the coming up next we'll get his take. Under the Marius Randall traits they tune right after this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.