HR2 – Wait…Favre invented the RPO?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 2. Is it true Brett Favre was the creator of the run-pass option? Plus, we’ll chat with Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Mike Haynes, and Insider Adam McCalvy to talk Brewers vs Cubs.

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From the league's front to the riverfront. This is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. The bill Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your host Bill White schools. While I don't know Michael show is on the horse so glad your own more today thanks so much as always. Take a listen to a spores of the program being brought you by our good friends it knew Mal medical and we'll talk more about that coming up here in a little bit brewers last night fall as Chicago Cubs in. An ugly night dump the ball yard were bringing in now McKelvey from brewers' Doug coming LB I count. Best brewers coverage. This is the bill Michael's show now let's get the latest on the crew from insider Adam McKelvey. Brought to you by concordia veterans services preparing best to make an impact within their next mission through education find out more at CUW dot edu slash veterans. I'm Kelly are joining us on the Schneider orange hot line and then Adam up close and personal last night it was. It was probably as ugly as it was watching Intel last evening listening to write a bill with a call I adjusted it. I mean what else do you say it was a bad game last night in the cubs and everything it could give it away and the brewers couldn't take advantage. Yeah the upper plate. I mean there's no getting here they've made. Did not scored a bunch runs obviously that well documented. 36 elevenths is via season series scoring so far. And they've made they've made mistakes that. You know a bad moment in a lot of these eight law. And lap like maybe the BR where they also offers advances. Why out with John trader on the mom. They have and the second eight yards as admitted that night you know eats these city to court. You heard Garcia. You know sort of signaling that are coming. And he'd he'd just. And the tag up baseball and that was a little tiny thing and gains that are being very big thing Jason Heyward. And the unbelievable. Up Josh gators the better. And the cup tie the game and go on you know to win big eleventh so let you know right in front of you com. You can't make mistakes against good teams in the purse and done that a lot of these games against the cup and it's it's led to the lop sided. Outcome in terms of the season series. Even when he watched the game I think each has really competitive. Like they're getting blown you know they're not getting worked in these games. But they knew that he can't back we look at the result and it looked like they're getting work by the cup this year. Do you think the cubs. Now I mean I don't and Obama. I know that number one. I don't. I don't know that's a baseball works either you know work it out and Jonathan your admin he didn't make jet lag. I don't know like he needed to make to track. If you lower. Like the higher heels when making year year year year members. You know beat him up. That may be a little bit different and different players in different years different managers and I don't know how to eat and you'd you'd necessarily concede the brewers were in the pirates'. All those years it just was one of those. Corks were one team beat another longer time at Hamburg have been really bad. For a long period of time like multiple years all these players. I would say that. You know a lot of competitive games between the two teams marching orders. You know. Crush the the bunch of times over the last leaders. I have a hard time looking. Nine games and saying that one teens in. Odd Craig Counsell talks about the decision to pull pitchers when pitchers still don't have high pitch counts and well it's a particular case is understandably at some point don't you begin to pay the piper when you start to put so many innings on your bullpen. Well they answer. That for Kurt elbows know that. All they are very comfortable with the any set of analog by hater. Albers jumpers. Naval hurt so it's a different case. Are there you know dirt or our main guy. Com that have fueled this and captured Oprah and we got council's they are extremely comfortable with the workload. That it totally sustainable. That they need these guys. Armed they believe they will be just as good in August and September as they have been so all armed this is just. This is just Detroit the other opting to get their routes junior Garrick trip hitched our longer in the game yesterday. But his spot in the order was coming up number one. I'm they're trying to score runs against the team the crowd that person or bury you run against. Of this year trying to get from offense going and yeah fresh job creator. And an accord enabled it in the pitched once in the entire month of June. So council felt like he had more than enough to get through. Final three innings and win a game against the team they really wanna beat. And you made the decision that you know he thought was best to win against armed. But you know again they they are not worried. About the innings armed. That these leaders are law and we'll see whether their you know others which cater example. There's no track record you'd never pitched in the stroll through the season before. Armed so. You know they're going on there conversations with them what she refused telling him on what he looks like. What I'll stop is playing with the data says about all this stuff is flying armed all of those factors. And down they believe that they are. You know that there that there and it gets out. What's. What are you can do with Garcia Amin is RC a Destin once faced come back to full strength and salad the nose back and you figure are. The new acquisition is up to speed do you think Garcia is on his way back down. Yeah I don't know build upon the total mystery and their resolve the other air this construct body inside. The wall caught up in the front office so just what in the world happened. And how it is the guy told from a pretty promising. Year lecture and he did this now as you know there's. Sort of backed that that he doing with that back leg. She did it last year but he also really able pitches on the inner part of the plate and did some damage in. On the you know have moments you know get a pretty decent option to see in the last year. We factor in but he dug principally. The Orlando are cute 2013. And inept play. What's happening this year it's so bound offensively I think I would I would yesterday I think it's fixed the worst. Awkward player baseball if you count guys at least armor plate appearances. Armpits so bad in it looked so comfortable and he looks so incapable of getting anything on the cover apps deploy. That calm you know while they did do something better down and then circumstances brought him back so it's Paladino doesn't get healthy that. But maybe three weeks away that's the long term way I think to convict happen more quickly. Is Brad Miller who they picked up from the rays will get on his feet under a little bit AAA he's gonna play the middle infield there. He is more a second paper tomorrow you're the shortstop these. Armed you know. Is. As the defense shorts on these guy with a thirty overseas and on his books. That make any sense but meaning he has greater shorts popular. The you're gonna take a step back there calm but the key you know rose a weaker ten days or something like that. And get to middle income under his belt and ours continues to just not at all then I think it's something here at least look at. The other pitching staff I know that the bullpen has taken a couple hits here as of late Tom people assure you say well they just pitch above their heads last month. Our Escude they pitch above their heads last month. Union and a well I don't know I mean his junior year I need it argues for a resemblance against the cubs. It's really care and short scene or driving. At least from the starting. Armed suitors then pretty. Lately. They're you know they're trying to figure out again. Not maybe media market. Your curriculum a little better at any Denny's grand. And then try to get active he's helped the so you know. I don't know I think they're performing at the these as a starting out. Not too far off what they bought on the bullpen has been better I think that everybody on. And when you put it together injured inning. You know at the job that certain pitchers. Give me five. With a chance to win the game. I think more often than not doing I don't think they're Gannett and that dumb the simple answer I think and that's sort of what Vietnam. You know those who don't watch the team all that much in internal look at the stat. Either gonna do I think even as watching the team I think they're gonna tomorrow during Richard Adams makes in the trade deadline. Revealed more depth in case you Jimmy now he continues to be slow in case that Davies. Takes more time in key handers and these court and again you know right into a good rhythm again. I don't think they're gonna add but he took that rotation is that you know again this particular streak though if you look at it. Statistically that's the one area that are you know they're pretty below the edge and calm PepsiCo nom would sit there I don't. Know that I would wanna sell on her arm but I would you know of the interest that matters only there. What is your time by the way retire without the caliber should come and LB dot com. And you and I talking and said you know at some point you gotta just kind of disappoints the cubs in the face would you be trying to do read metaphorically speaking. If this team should lose another game or god forbid gets swept in this series. How will hold you think that puts them in. In the emotional state because we talk so much in an Ed cedar came on last year and talked about how this team. There would not about data de upbeat team and called good clubhouse and such but. For whatever reason it's it's this this cubs nemesis last year from the time the cubs delivered the knockout blow at the end of the season. To the beginning of the season the way the season's unfolded and then you don't get them again. Until relieve the chips could be possibly down and then you've got to walk in this team and face them in September and try to be damned if indeed you're right there on their heels. Vying for division titles so. How important are these next two games. It the you know again I I can't be in the players. What were that important shortstop. And a change. That won't go where little ones. And the and the one you are listening are the ones. Living and dying now leaves gain. I really don't think the players are and I can tell you what the hold going to be if they get swept. The old going to be two games back in the division. And then you don't see them again and aug. So it's too would have games back in the division and light. Ninety. Games supply your 8080 some games supply. So. That doesn't bat bat out mathematically doable to arm. More than doable but it for its for the people watching and and you know the art published in the by. And look again it's it's no fun to watch your team. Get beat by you know your aren't. I'm and that's without the burst apart losing touch from from you know a logical point of view them very worst thing. The very worse situation numbers can be as of Wednesday. Is two and a half games back. Where it. You know more than half disease ploy and that doesn't sound all that bad. Bad to me so I think YouTube you know look at it from just that point of view verses the emotional frustration that a lot of people that they must be feeling after watching last night again. You know that the bet that just the way you're gonna happen view of a step and what it is prolonged. Our real quick before I let you go I know they take Craig Counsell and in David Stern you talk about making moves in what may or may not happen down the stretch. So what do you think it needs to happen to kind of give a little bit of a jump start to this team early to give this team more for vacation moving forward. I've read it the best record in the National League so you know. I'm not certain that. They need to do is looking to jump starting. I think they held a couple of positions so that they're looking hard at whether. There are upgrades to be made over. What they've got it don't cost you. So much in the long term that it that it it it hurt you from an organization or an idea. So shortstop and obvious. And architecture remaining the child but are there other more marginal moves. That are available. To get users unit which Roland or he had just done is producing. Captured one. I think they're really like meaning he does behind the plate. But offensively he's not giving you. They're they're been stretch here and there. But but again in the if you step back and look at it Foreman. To just report abuse others that scenario where they choose could use a little moral and I'll look out this. You know jumble goes down field and first base whether somebody emerges or there is an extra piece there that maybe. You know turned and do. A part of a trade or or something like that right in great deal to be in the same camp as another. Player who's been very disappointing wondered what he did last year so there are couple places in the diner a reserve available but. You know again I think it's where. Remembering even everybody is really doing this morning they have the best record in the National League. They have started the eighth inning to. Column and I think kind of work. Thinking about it you're thinking about what this team and and you know but look I think gave concerns let alone will upgrade affairs upgrades to be made and were kept clean that he's not those discussions are beginning. Always good job my friend we'll talk again later died down the road and also are good luck tonight because it's just it's rough listening to Miller Park sounds so loud for team that the unit report. Yeah. That's another thing that secretly injecting about this it. It was very one sided last. I would venture with it kid got. Well I thought it would be better. I'm with ya go you better Joseph and I talked about this yesterday Joseph called a Joseph know it's going to be Wrigley north all over again it's going to be worsened boy he called later is it certainly was last night. Yet capitalism baby yeah people are making money. No doubt Pittsburgh people or so most tickets and making their money first you can tickets and whatnot nobody gonna do. Yep no doubt itself as always we'll talk next week. They are gutsy they got the cal laborers that common joining us in the Schneider orange outline about like a show up next. Six clues stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now. I don't I don't show on the year's Porsche program being brought to our friend didn't know now medical training got to be the red tile dysfunction all of this it was content beyond borders they have a 98%. Success rate that is 98% success rate. Intriguing guys leaving. In addition to that. In addition of that. There could also be double OT treatments they have if you're kind of feeling run down a mental clarity is in their review moods up and down just. But I stability used to go to its numbers checked to what happens. You're the age of thirty think about it does work been there done that. Oh yeah. And then there's the all weight loss program and if you're looking to shed a few pounds as the summer months did hear you find yourself Tug on the teacher a little bit and not not feeling great and you wanna jump start yourself when it comes to health and fitness and weight loss mail I got there was. Call 4144554451. It's 414. 4554451. That is a new male medical center again for 144554451. I'll bet a lot of things that do you could attribute to Brad fork. Brett Favre was always somebody that you can watch in. You go what you can almost guarantee a wild moment and every game right Brett Favre was that kind of catch you can also guarantee yourself a lot of the times. And all my god are you getting any moment. Just about every two. But tell what we did no one Brett Favre said down and talk we Jon Gruden. Was it apparently. He invented did the run pass option listen or call a running play. This is pyrite 93 week hand him the ball correctly and work tag and with Z. Now he's gonna run a bullet slam. This is a running play that is what this one will never tagged. This just started doing this man I start seeing him. Practice. Unlike. Without change and boy this is just it took some time lieutenant when you start seeing things a little differently again and they're known as well employee and I got nothing to thank about. Just handed off not only was I become more with the handle all Somalis those trying to be creative and this vice but I thought to myself. Am I guess why don't now if I had to change it so. You know hit your son may be at work but maybe this guy comes up. Maybe this guy and all the sudden do it now plays not as good so why not just do nothing. So in practice I was like okay. This runs away from me. Then just no matter what usual ones that slant we don't look. So would you look at that guy I'm not all got an odd one of these I said I got it so I've studied. I'm throwing and I would look more your child would be like. It got I do that it wasn't going there you know but so I started in practice that's said coach Mike Sherman. You know I had worked so I wouldn't say Michael what do this mundane Maceda. Myself pummeled do it and showing that word before I ask you suggest permission Ali's old old coach is there like all were moved away as far as we know. And on news that so he should practice until our guys if you're opposite the wrong. You Ron Wannstedt. And and if I had a new guy and I knew I was as an aside just walked out I knew that. And about one if if the same quarter was inside. A registered just just smoke and so we just in now driver was impossible task. So all the run pass option and wipe all that kind of stuff apparently Brett Favre invented that. If you little nicer guy props to our Donald Driver who was quote impossible to tackle which we would you tell the inside screen or the inside slant. Eaton Donald Driver was was it I'm telling you what he did he ran a better than. Almost anybody we haven't seen inside slant Q ability like that since Donald I mean it just it hasn't been there. Palm anyway Brett Favre says that he invented. The run pass option Betty and I remember far be in the run pass arching I'll. Now you would stick is headed their go back to that game in which job. They won and add county stadium he's diving across the goal line. To beat Atlanta put to the Packers into the post he's the first island since Moses was a baby. And kind of the run pass option he had to scrimp we have talked in route taken runway. But down remember far being the most fleet of foot down but apparently he was even before Colin peppard and simple. Brett Favre local we can do now we look. Odd appears bigger football. Come and appear after the bottom of the hour we're gonna talk when Mike came the pro football hall of Famer always good to see him every time we get a chance to say hi and sit down at the table. And to Super Bowl he's gonna join us at coming up next in the know much. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Well Brando Michael shallow on the fairway are always glad you're on board hopefully you're having a fantastic. Day. This portion of the program brought to my friends are more should clinic health system we have something yelling get something out or the PD cliche like I did I had the need ought to live with pain anymore. And it would pay a long time. When it got any thinks they did a fantastic job best part about it is maybe just maybe they need to homeowners will is a date same day. Who knows but it was an ankle that's in need of an elbow to shoulder or hip. Whatever happens to be just call made 55 MC or so 855 MC or so. And assume they have to offer in the Marshall clinic health and health care system and Aussie you have to go to Marshall who think dot org. If you wanna find out the doctors deal locations in all the different information. Regarding Marshall gonna go to 855 MC worth of the official procure provider. Of yours truly and a guy that today is no strangers to some orthopedic surgeons along the way Mike Haynes now joining us. Pro football a favor on the Schneider or child like you probably had a few of those are at. Some allies gave that they don't want them out less speculation might. But you know a lot of CDs are. Are fortunate to be out on the corner and so we get to avoid some of the injuries that football players are likely to get. When you. Yeah during the playing days. When that that would cause and we're talking a mini camps all these different guys kind kind of coming and then meshing in jelling and getting no guys in coaches and changes in. And such when transition like damn there's always strangers in Europe a transition like that how difficult is it is a player to kind of keep your head and absorb everything. I think it's probably more difficult now than it was in my area because it wasn't a lot of movement now you know. Guides would move around from team to team. But not like today you know like I can pair my career like they beyoncé and exactly not too keen laid on like. You know he. But but it's a little different now guys are more likely to move around. Thirty together a lot in the offseason with the with the OTAs and everything so their spent a lot of time together. Bonding hopefully. In in some teams is probably a lot easier to do it and others. Because they know how important it is you see some of the veteran guys that are fortunate to be on nineteen for a long time and probably take a lot of newcomers to the team in under they're weighing in in introduce them around the community and things like that. So I'm sure it's different every place. My bad I think the green it would be one great place to go. I you know like we consider a destination all place I don't know guys in the league feel army and I know. This way when you went into a different team that you play for the year ahead patriots and their generators. But when you would have the opportunity your start to did guys talking about opportunities played other places. Back then I don't think Green Bay was destination why I think in today's day and age with the facilities. The stadium the history the ability to win now with Karen Rogers each and every year would you consider that a destination placed a black. Well absolutely plus I have been there has seen their facility it's a great facility that the community loves their team it's almost like. Like you didn't duck in the whole fame that's a special place the people there love their team they love the aptly the whole community embraces the whole concept of being a hall of Famer. It's the same thing for the Packers the Packers stand that I've noticed that there was a time I worked and we got its back don't they are being watched twice a year. And I got to get to see that a member get out at the airport. Beating Mario Kart they can you help me on I'm trying to sinopec facility and they walked outside please you don't like so there. Is that it's over there you know everybody knows when to pack our streets remain the streets. Now I'm sure Aaron Rodgers and have a street name after him so poignant lifetime. I got to ask you when you talk about destination places the raiders have always have a special relationship with their fans now they're moving heading off to Vegas how does that hit you when you found out that that was going to be something that was gonna become a reality. Well I I have to say I wasn't really excited about it and it's I'm starting to track and and change their feelings you know because I want integrators disdain California you know I just just. That's easy for me it's medium medium low shot which I don't know. But I think for the NFL I think it's great that they're gonna have a team in Las Vegas we think it'll help. Grow our sport around the world on its gonna be a destination site I mean I wouldn't put Green Bay on the on the rocks on that list of teams that. Like they people in Mexico City and and not Asia you know Japan and China. Yeah in Europe countries wanna go to Green Bay but like Las Vegas. Everybody wants to go Las Vegas you I think that's gonna help the sport and they might wanna see the Packers play against the raiders in Las Vegas. But you know going to Green Bay in the wintertime as bad not bad debts national interest. I. When you see the dominance of patriots had over the years playing for that organization as well. And obviously there's. A very good system in place for when you hear guys say you know winning championships is great are we having fun there. What is that what what kind of emotions you have as a former player. What did it to be I I looked at my career has it's going to be a short time. Fortunate to get fourteen years then and I wish I could've played in fourteen championships. You know I I didn't I didn't play football pro football. They have a good time I really played them make some money. When a lot of championships and hopefully get myself set out for the rest of my life. So I wouldn't find that I would you know I am sure that guys had a good time they'd they'd have a retirement they couldn't at other places. But I'd be surprised if if it was a lousy place to be artistic but maybe being around that the facility. You know you have to be serious when your around there and I don't have public certainly that's that's what I would've enjoyed actually. I was Michael Rains and we're gonna get into the reason he's on which is prostate awareness in and screening and such coming appear just a moment but I do wanna talk real quick about the league in and I would be remiss if I missed the the 800 pound elephant in the room and that is the fact that for as much as they wanna avoided did the owner Stephanie by trying to implement some type of rule regarding the National Anthem. Well I just you know for me the National Anthem. I believe we all should stand up for the National Anthem I believe everybody all Americans to stand up the National Anthem and the protests. Should be you could be audience the more after the my recommendation was that bit the GA announcer would tell the fans that are in the stadium. That the players are kneeling now be because of this reason you know whatever the protest is. And then have the PA announcer. Afterwards to say now please stand and join us in the singing of our National Anthem yeah I and so so everybody happy in that situation. And then it would have been nice if the National Football League. Could've said if we have 32 teams so that 32 cities where their team. We're gonna work with BI and local our police department. To try and deal with this problem that Colin Kaplan tickets raised. And around the world won't get to the answer you know what will work out. But didn't know it's not it wasn't about the anthem. But it ended up being about that I just think the message got. Distorted you and I still think it would have been a nice thing. That could've been I haven't a little bit differently the president didn't help. The folks jumped dead in and didn't say good things. I think the best to just get distorted. You know our our hope but it it will be. Rectified now and and people understand that every player loves being an American. And they're sitting no there's is not perfect. Yet in in our country but there's a lot of people's focused on making as perfect as they can then this is not gonna change that Q what's it gonna continue to work on it. Talk on Mike Haynes a pro football hall of Famer in the reason you come law and because we're talking about prostate cancer as well even a bigger a proponent of getting checked in knowing your stats in such. For a long long time every time we get a chance to have you on the program we always wanna make sure we mention that. So the biggest thing and you and I talked last time was. You know didn't give or your doctor and guys that as you get little up there in years younger reject. Yeah well you know it's really not necessarily up there in years because of its family you want a have these conversations with your doctor before you get here because. It's a slow growing cancer what I mean by that is like it's it's probably an Ibrahim and system. But the bodies just dealing with it and tolerating it then and everything is fine. But if there is a you know situation where the PSA number that despite that number it might mean you need to take some actions so. The rent and your family you're more likely. To have that happened to you obvious or you're in your litany of bitchy or whatever so I just wanted to be aware of it because it's a cancer that is easily treatable. If it's caught early. And I didn't know ran in my family here bat. Died at some kind of cancer. And then when I talked to my primary care doctor I was 55 years old. And he set I was behind in the tech community where accidents are wrapped in the American. He's hit me for the biopsy and my biopsy came back positive they checked twelve places on my prostate cancer. In nine of the twelve. And so I was fortunate to find out when it was easily treatable and I was fortunate that I had that conversation with doctor because the by the time I media you know had a conversation with my doctor. Might have been a different stage in doesn't mean I wouldn't have been able to do to beat but it might have been a different kind of fight. Mike it's always a pleasure to talk TO look for to see you down the road as well lo and next your should be in Atlanta and organ have a lot of fun there as well but to bestseller T all throughout your endeavors and we certainly appreciate your time okay. Are appreciated thanks out to audition they don't my case the great Mike Haynes pro football hall of Famer joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange colony to hell of a quarterback. Fellow. Wheels leaping ability hands. Man he was. So soak elected to the pro football payment in 1997. Cancer survivor soon on good for him always good to get him on the program always good to talk to a little bit and pick his brain get his opinion. He joined us on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider Harry drivers right now you work arbitrage fair. Eighty plus years that beginning you don't call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com it's 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs died count gets stats for whom we come back to forget coming up after the top the hour zags they meant. The free in the post game most also does that fifth inning and Chicago Cubs radio network will give his view. From the other side so to speak coming up here just a little bit stay tuned more than a Mike show coming up next. Wisconsin. So Phil Michael's sports talk and work. Program though Michael shows on the air we are glad to have you here's one statistic for yeah. When it comes of the Milwaukee Brewers. That is four in 21. For a in 21 when they're trailing after seven innings and and if you really wanna trying to get down to two in the gritty. When he offense isn't nearly as productive as it should be and I said all along four point two two. Four point three runs on average person for the season runs per game. Is what this team needs to bring. When they score three runs. Or fewer war. The brewers are eight. And 22. Scoring at least four rockets. The brewers are 31 in 42. Huge statistics. When it comes of their ability to win you get to that four run plateau usually winning a ball game. Scoring three runs or less. Eight in 22. And then they ended up getting beat by the cubs yesterday because they simply couldn't Muster runs seven into that five run. Eleventh inning the cubs put on as the brewers could only Muster two runs. For the entire game last night again less than three and ended up losing. And that number goes up put. Those I mean that's that's yourself when you talk about shot of the day that ship of the Milwaukee Brewers in the senate today brought you by our friends at apple royal AP PR OYO dot com. Implementing SAP and big got a solutions on the web companies just like yours all you have to do. His check him out again eight PP RO YO dot com we'll take all your information for your vision is. Port through their ship kind of give it back tee and say okay here's the areas you can know they stand for improvement here some the ideas you can use. And implement that for your business and make it bigger better better stronger that is what employer does go to AP PR OYO and our count. That's that's an ominous number when you score three runs or fewer rating 22 you just get to four runs 31 in four. 31 in four. Tough one. Extra inning games the brewers go to four into the boards have been pretty good in extra inning games a season I feel pretty confident even though the looked as if they were kind of joke among themselves. I thought some pretty good things last night about them go and extra innings and then the wheels fell off. The wheels fell off pitching chart to suffer and just didn't go from there but. But it nevertheless four into now they are on the season. In. Eating now. Like all is not lost in this team had very few come from behind wins last season they've got seventeen so far this year so. There's a lot of good deed to look at as Milwaukee grew brewers ballclub and says you know what. I'm not overwhelmingly concerned what would the biggest concern is. That you're gonna have ups between the next two games and then a couple of series I think you're gonna have what eight games remaining. With this team I mean if you can't beat the cubs you better have a nine game lead going into the last series of the season. You know at least throughout because otherwise you're gonna watch this whole thing wash away. And you're just not going to be able to be need to meet everybody else and series but you know again get over on the cubs unless you have a aid in insurmountable lead. To where the cubs can just take your partner are really don't worry about it too much. 85583086. For a personal loans were tipped a council free talk like. Coming up after the top of the hour zag Zaman the pre and post game post it ended does a fifth inning for the Chicago Cubs radio network will get his side. Of things last night mark rights council stubborn is not to bow on the seventh. When Perez doubled to open up the seventh got the I got it stranded there especially when he was followed in the lineup by the yard who can actually bunt. Would have changed the complexity of the inning guy and can time out of the game with a run three on third with only one out. And mab a sacrifice sacrifice fly needed to extend the lead counsel is the reason. The brewers continuously lose to the cubs mad now manages him every game the brewers gave this one away and it's all on council that mr. mark. Listening to his in the crescent Minnesota. Listening on the app. Always appreciate when you listening to a song yeah. 8558308648. This one is from Tiffany. As somebody was at the ballpark last night when my family I can never take my family back to a game in which involves the Chicago Cubs the fans could be any more obnoxious. And foul mouth I was completely disappointed last night in the ball game in the atmosphere yes I appreciate everybody cheering for their team it was fun. In the beginning and then as the beer began to flow my family was insulted my kids were even insulted by some of the cubs fans around us. Who made jokes about everything from the city. To my kids hat. Completely disappointed in the experience menace from Tiffany Tiffany appreciate team. That is disappointing I told you last time I was set a cup series. Immense amount cubs fans are even making fun of a godless America. There were standing in next. 85583086. For a this portion program also brought to our good friends over it to cousins up hey reminding you they wanna make you VIP. They really do go to cousin subs dot com its cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. And they can be sending you lord of the big gigs summer bass is a matter of fact. Send the American failing insurance campus theater check out one of the countries you wanna go see like a VIP a couple of tickets parking pass. And some give cards along the way treating you like to be IP that's what they do hometown proud that his cousin subs. The officials sub sandwich and go Michael's sports talk Melanie and go to cousins subs don't count. Slash big give give give away by the way also to stop and a cousin subs. They have those gift cards on sale martians are on sale before the graduate so to speak twice per dollar gift card. And you give yourself a free sub along the way I remember that. Going get that gift card this yourself free sub take a load up. Good stuff coming from cousins subs. Coming up next we're at double zags they'd been pre and post game post and does heavily it's the fifth inning if I'm not mistaken on Chicago Cubs radio network. He's gonna give us the enemy view if you will we'll talk about this and then not after that. What do you think last night. Wash this thing for the Milwaukee Brewers. Lot of people pointing a lot of fingers in a lot of different directions stay tuned. More like a show coming up next. You're listening to go there. Bill might school's sports talk network.