HR2 – We begin deciphering Mike McCarthy’s comments

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Thursday, January 4th
Hour 2. Also, did Bill seriously submit his resume to the Packers?! Plus, it was a special night for Marquette and Markus Howard. We’ll talk with Jim McIlvaine about it.

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Promo links runs. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill Mikey show. Did you know I'll tell. Still Michael shows on the air we are so glad you're here today we've got a lot yet to talk about. They're coming up the bottom of the art of talks a Marquette Golden Eagles can really take on Villanova also all you hear from Blake Martinez speed toward the Green Bay press gazette is gonna join us for a show of Mike McCarthy's press conference. We are F pretty Hubbell. As Mike McCarthy's press are taking place today. Even hurting yet but as some other some other stuff coming up a Twitter. In who's who is day right out of the year who gave his dues I gotta give David shout out. Dave it I don't have a Schroeder shredder and I bought it day trader can he would WBA why. He's tweeting out some fantastic stuff. Mike McCarthy asked a question about a fourth rear 34 he says quote we place a much sub package right focal point is how we can improve another great non answer on Mike McCarthy and another one and he has them. Was about. The coaches all the coaches and the changes he's an editor very long McCarthy non answer either and says were looking for ways to get better. Just. All the oil is really a pleasure realism did he eat yet he says the defense needs to be better than the offense. Yeah because the office without air Roger socks. Yeah. Tim and me may Guillermo. The defense a defensive coach. Quality control quality control guy is also out. What did you he's gone. McCartney's is the Packers defense these be better than the offense June mentioned. That needs to happen will certainly be that will certainly be a tall task. Now he added tennis. In regards the defense needing to be buried in the offense McCarthy said there are four ways to do that. Player acquisition. Player instruction. Player finance. And player performance. Like player acquisition where acquisition. Free agency. Or turn. Player that resent. Player instruction. Directed developed player finance. And player performance. There's no. Only two ways to get better. Okay player instruction is basically when you get the guys in there as draft and develop used new school law right. Player acquisition is free agency your tray OK beyond that your region because what he's saying is in players finance. Is keeping the guys that are good that's a she that's a shot over the bow of whoever said let's get rid of Mike. That is basically hey when you guys get here we finally school opener gonna be good pay him. And stay also marked other teams. Mike McCarthy felt when he'll learn that Ted and Russ bald and even bothered. Give dean Micah Hyde and offer. He never got an off. How much Mike McCarthy into a ball backs behind the scenes. I'd love to know. What would. I don't know why this is state secrets but it might McCarthy when asked you know the characteristics you're looking for and some of the defensive coordinator positions might declined to comment. However he says is the clear direction in which are wanna pursue. Right this is what I mean Kim red China beyond any more high alert right now. We can't tell you. Fall might what are you looking for me looking for a guy that you know much to glitzy look for guys that can connect it can't count. You have to wait and see. Once he comes agree veteran put him under a sheet. New round valley despite pulling the sheet on to say to god disobey god. You can force that. Draft and develop there's another call from Mike McCarthy draft and develop still leads to be the core of who you are they gap between your younger players and veteran players. You have to fill that in well he's right. 110%. He's right I agree I agree with the this secretive crap in the NFL as it joke. It really is these coaches in these organ to me like there's certain plays you don't wanna get out OK okay we're working on this. I. Won't work on oh all wildcat which Aaron Rodgers ends of going out as a wideout Oki don't want to get that out. You wanna put that out there but when it comes to things that you're doing. If things that are on film every coach knows what you're doing the novice. Knows what you're doing. Are you rushing for you rushing big bodies are you put why why do you only have one big body out of why the just Kenny Clarke or Mike Daniels. And everybody else is either a savior outside linebacker OK now I get what you don't. Okay and blatant insist. This holes secretive vague it's it's it's almost comical. In the NFL but the way the NFL is taken it to another let you cracks me up is. The Jacksonville Jaguars. May welcome Buick come on down. On NC. You only got going on. It was the it was the LA rams it only a year ago had a hard knocks in there. Audit take a look at seven and nine crap that is seven and nine. Okay. That's that's it I mean they had cameras and everything they don't they had microphones in the journals. You know. Many Green Bay they they wouldn't dome that place if they couldn't keep everybody out including drones. Visitors of giant secret behind the wall. All you want you look for is when you want get DA to regulate our am regretted power poll tell her. The little hole you see smoke flying up you know all I kind of stuff. When you tell us face the curtain. It's bad size. You know we're all just a gorgeous student lions walk into the door when removed the moon boot. Eroded at all. Dome. Mike McCarthy from his press conference going on right now we are probably having guys play a little too soon and that's tough. Yeah in other words your way too young we're tired of being the youngest young has ballclub. In the National Football League dinner every year. It McCarthy talked about the GM search quote I'm involved I gotta be human yeah calls matter of fact he is he said that he was. What what does he say was he exact were a curator but basically he was a guy that is on that committee. He basically included himself as yet when the general manager comes in an interview on good beer. It says here that McCarthy. This is the first time I've been able to jump into decision making a lot faster because of our playoff situation. In other words united in the post season. Normally on these decisions were made by others around you you you're you're not doing unity right now are united in your lead your team ready for the weekend. McCarthy was asked about his job status quo I'm very comfortable where I am in my career are you just a lot of what. Cha. I am more worried about the fit with the GM. That's a two way street. Video. There are some juicy boy and his press conference. Oh Willie Disney LD says it's. And the president every survivor guardians lagoons. Policy that you all over coming out try to do the migratory voice. Always say thank you overcoming Iowa not tell you who are higher what are higher than it is commit to see who it is who we joke when the brightest you'll return again by the way I am not Mike McCarthy. And any rips his clothes off and it turns out he's really. It will inject her. All of us. The. However the murderer like what are the we've told you the entire time origins pulls that out he's like. Harm done so voluntarily to head to heads in the head coach he's gonna general manager. Saw my good news when I tell your body and Mike. Whatever represent us confidential. As governors or were your spotted taken savor big we we we are festival giving him a week. And we don't know user for sparkle in the holes in the walls. What. If you aren't they where he had. McCarthy I know what I'm in control love finding control of doing everything I can to win a championship on a neutral my dolls. Are we all I'm gonna put it all season long improvement grants. Program. My good news is mores of the program on the phone frivolity wrote you are good friends agree tripped up to your alternative fuels note be ATMs they don't forget right now they have a quick or bread two loaves were only about the especially bread for 99 cents. And I started the day did this what directors say a couple of hard boiled eggs ahead yogurt I had one piece achieves as a fantasy brokers and their building up I'm gonna go. So all the way. Obama like for all. View Boone ripped hell out of his program on a daily basis. I have something for you coming up next in the know Michael should. So why go show on the air force in the program Barack give our good friends are no male medical treating guys with the media all over the state Wisconsin. And beyond the borders they have a location rebellion when Milwaukee went down south of the border. Don't Chicago. 98%. Success rate at treating guys would ED 98%. In the low ET treatments for more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina. Better sleep at night feeling more refreshed in arrested during the day. That huge show for yours truly huge shelf. I do it. To easy simple simple process. Then there's the old one weight loss program that goes along with a as well. Shed some pounds makes the new year new you if you look and get in the shape Ortiz went jumps. Are your physical fitness program to great way to do. 8558. 855 our urgency 414455445. Wanna go to give that 414455. 4451. It's got the phone calls talk to Harry listening to was in fox point Harry I don't an email what's going on. Hey go one time caller first because her blood that was her first time caller. I gotta tell you have been off a little. Petted my guy we trust Finn for the Packers for many years and I've got an obnoxious. But love bigger federal law opposite. What cities as the vikings and it is the television for years the Packers were nothing but it Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of guys and a I got down the outcome of clean how. I'd probably by the love that I can no longer day that if ever a vehicle to get credit clip from but I'd say other thing it. I can't believe I think the last seven years I've just been in some sort of Twilight Zone. Aaron good to expose what does Foster says I just I look at it now that they can. Erin and irreverent and better than I could ever imagine here is this whole organization is imploding from about. Well I get it this way though for people that say that end and to a certain extent yeah I can understand because there have been a lot of holes that have been exposed. And I think this year more so than anybody. I've always laugh when people say that I see what how good your team that if one guys kicking your ass every year. Well I wouldn't be exactly. They're well arrogance is. I've rebuilt waiting my whole thought process should that I. I kept thinking god would go return the defense around at some point of securing like talked in the little people if only there was a lot of dysfunction trolls. Longer that I need. Could ever imagine that if we can't be that bad talent wise but for some reason on the field the defense has done. No I think Mike made it very clear that he is in his press cameras were here that coming a little bit. That between him and Mark Murphy they both thought you know hey when you don't hit the draft to draft and develop as your only means of actually getting to. The post season consistently. You've got to hit and and as Mike said you did delegate track you you can't be the youngest team afloat in the National Football League every year. And when you have holds you gotta go get somebody to fill those told you can't just hope. And David Hiller. Did they won't pass ability and didn't resonate and it's resonating now I think you I think you're ahead of Mark Murphy and baby baby bike. We currently do it all the time it took a notion that I know you've been kind of being I drove it I think you're right that's been proven right. I I let SF I don't mind if you draft and develop that's great but you got a hit if you're not hitting you know bringing in Pro Bowl type of players at least one year. You're setting your organization back three years with every position you draft to be filled by a guy whose average to an adequate it and in its terrible. But again for what some of eight straight bureau that got his record are. The defense doesn't get better. I absolutely. Absolutely present spoke well thanks Eric Berry and fox point he drops off a 558308648855. 830864. In loans we kept our count whole free talk client. So for all of you. Who have continuously criticized the program for any opinions we may have four. I do who have always been so unbelievably right. For all of you who follow the statistics in who have won. Your fantasy football league year in year out because you were smarter than the average bear. It's particularly brilliant lawyers of this I I thrive on it every now on the statistically speaking it's only 50% of the time. For all of you I hope you put your resume together and mail them off to Mark Murphy. Saying look I'm a packer fan which gives me root. I am is knowledgeable or more knowledgeable than anybody in that organization to get up and screaming at everybody including this program and on Twitter. For nineteen years. I'm using work whom team in in years literally so. That's news today. On it for all of you that statistically you know everything about everything and follow everything so closely. In whatever category it happens to fall. I hope indeed you have put your resume in the Mark Murphy MI arrogant. My SOB and many are your eyes yes. I'm sending my resume off today in email. That's a few people insider organizational send it to don't say hey look. I'm here if mark relate to give me a call I would like to be the next general manager of the Green Bay Packers. Way you did the why not. You gotta put your money where your mouth that. You sent them there as I'm sending their I have not sent them I have compiled it I composed it. I've piecemeal that together there of my experiences. Going all the way back from when I was too big remember I was 65 and six great I was too big when let me play Peewee football. Pop Warner complex. When you're when you're one thing about this multimillion over six feet. Not a whole lot of people in the U 100 pound area most people over six voter right around 192 for 250 somewhere in there depending on six whatever. Saw a 65 in 17180. I was like you could see through and put the weight limit was 140. It was huge and being you know they saw me walk on the football field turf report their kids off the field. So I couldn't play either BA coaches assistant. To the love again and wanna be around again. So all I did was stats and called plays with one of the other coaches in this back when I was in seventh and eighth grade. Then when I finally got to play my freshman year I immediately got on divorce are playing varsity and I was all of GCL and all statement for two years when ball. And then obviously there's been you know doesn't seem goes on from there however. I've been covering the NFL since 1992. Now it's not as long as say like a Bob McGinn but. I'll I'll throw my name of the ring why not. The worst that you knew was saying now the best he could do is say you know why you're the guy. I'll be happy to talk to the media Tinto. I would be the face of the organization next Aaron Rodgers. And Mike McCarthy can you point me head of PR I wanted. I would you'd be one it would be more fan friendly. Definitely and how we would include everybody we would welcome in the fold yes much like to do got to Jacksonville. Yeah where that you pay if you wanna go on a field gonna kill mud on the you know on the field my arm walk around at. Talked our guys do little insight or some pictures are guys that give away state secrets but they be become more media friendly. You know because at some point in time. This during this franchise to go back to the dark ages if it's for a year or two hours for ten you don't now you got. Be kind to those on the on the way up because you may meet him on the way down. So I would be happy to do that. I would be obviously off to to scalp. And trust a lot of people around me. And I would kind of go from there. I would set it up. I would go I would do an open forum. And a town hall type of thing right there in the atrium invite everybody in what is your biggest beef with the organization. What do you think it is we need to do not gonna sit there and take everybody's piece of advice but. You take everything legitimately what we do what do increased to game day experience here limbo for. What else would you like to see I don't think we're gonna be able to get a Super Bowl Lambeau Field anytime soon but. It is something that we could maybe work on is there a way to intent a lot of the town and obviously get in a hotel space I doubt it but. Let's see if we can't put something together. How many millions how many tens of millions hundreds of millions dollars would bring into the city you're in the area do you do something like that. First order of business I got to obviously look at the salary cap. And who we have that are willfully go over paid for their productivity. Given that discussion I sit down and talk with Mike McCarthy you know what you need whoever the new defensive coordinator is this okay. If I'm gonna get you a kick ass defense in your gonna be the mastermind behind all this what in the and then I'm gonna immediately at the end of the path and try to find that. So. I'm gonna get our buddy Dwayne from doing cover all just chimes in society need any upholstery worked honor crevasses or wanting dreaming like that around Lambeau really be happy to do it's they go it's a community after already. To community effort. We know says there's already enough their senses and says his place for ribs down here in Milwaukee which is just grown exponentially over the years. Steve says mark. Do some more us as stuff up there. Maybe open it up to other restaurants as well get some of the finer I'd buy her fare from throughout the state all inside Lambeau Field material hometown feel. What else can we take from other organizations. Distance from the diamond. Says can you please god get real cheerleaders. Seagull cheerleader thing is always an area of of sensitivity. Because first of all hearing Green Bay you're not gonna see a whole lot of skin. Okay. Secondly. In Alley there's there's there's a traditional feel to what they doing green that it's all the pomp and circumstance of what other franchises half. Fireworks and giants labels and all that kind of stuff fan that's not really the packers' way. Not that I'm not that there are close minded to it but if there's enough of an outcry Ford I'd be more than happy to look into. Okay then employ additions. And do we go to George who stands or where I'm sitting there across from you I carry Arroyo name dubious sexual harassment suit in the making I think not. And you only take the elderly that way you avoid any impropriety. Only take the elderly. The rheumatoid arthritis they're not gonna feel a whole lot of cold that aspect anyway so they won't suffer too much. I'm kidding of course. What else we have for this woman's this interbrew bought. Bob says can we please god get seats would backs on them and is sitting on benches for 28 years now. Broke Bob you know if we would do that here's the problem we just expanded the stadium not too long ago negated up to right around serie 9000 people. OK let's think about the if you take out the benches. And put in seats that will eliminate him out 5000 to 7000 additional seats and you'll say how is that possible bill. We're here's two reason why. Does most of those bench seats are only spread out or think anywhere from seventeen to nineteen inches. And let's be honest OK let's call what it is between you and me. Okay. Honesty right here you want honesty right at right out of me right. There's a lot of people in this state. Whose asses are bigger than seventeen inches. How many people are sitting in the IO. Because people that are in the middle of those benches. Have a case of tank gas like you'd never see. It's like they're they're smear smuggling throw columns okay. So we go to seats rat to eliminate some of these seats to the bodies be one big body to be a legitimate. But it's something we'll think about however. Maybe we do another stock sale. And we had seats in the opposite end zone if we had a deck but that 5000 upstairs. Now we're think it. I'm Gomorrah idea states and more than Michael your next. Mother back to the program go like bush. Goes on the air we hope you're having a fantastic day. So they're talking about to be in the packers' next general manager I am going to submit my resume yes I will talk regimental vein Marquez basketball's broadcast to. Former golden eagle Marquette warrior himself eleven system and I just had to say this and then people say do not JP wanna get rid of those benches Joseph. And so Lambeau Field is it just back autumn like did you on the bleachers at Lambeau Field I'm all for that the one thing we'll be mandated though. Would be we would actually have bleacher police. If you stick how do you know how your blood it's true that bleacher where the bleacher back in the bleacher is if your bus flies through there and you guys but crack. You get rejected you have to give up your season ticket there's. Nobody needs to see that. The other thing about this is I would mandates Denny's wings inside Lambeau Field so that way every every. Every Booth you've got go Michael's garlic cheese bread sitting there and the wings in the recent he would bring the wings is not only are they the best wings and you're gonna put him OK let's be not good how wings on a cold day. You're right up there you're just better and sex. But if you don't want the ball as you got somebody sit in front you would but cracked hanging out that makes a great depository for the votes. Seriously if you just see you sit next thing you know our chicken bone stuck right there. What would you do that for nobody needs to butt crack do so in not only are they fantastic importation. But they make great but crackle. So that's three Mellon mandates any wings inside every concession stand inside Lambeau Field. Every walk the Michael's garlic cheese bread just who's in and what that what goes better which he says in the Michael's garlic cheese. Now hunger. Ollie gray and Jim Madeline who was never had to worry about but crack in the fans stands for whatever reason that the Braly synergen I donate on the generally weird day what's going on. I'm doing okay but it didn't have to deal with pat and actual basketball game couple weeks. Good and comfortable for myself and like a half dozen people sitting around. All that's view of the whole yard you forget about the high school whether that they release of the Amazon wooden bleachers you look down there's some of the signature you trivia history for either your tear the other team and every time they stand up to got to hitch a mob because when they sit down it's like are high you do that's what I bring greats Jim writes from now on. We she didn't step up she the whole time and it was awkward to. That being said you've got a heck of a season underway so far your 114 on the season in Marquette plays a really really good basketball Novo on the horizon but. First of all. For those that haven't followed it closely because the Packers are dominated most of the news and obviously badger football has as well but just give us the breakdown of what you've seen so far this season. It is like emptying the kind of lives in the eyes of the reportage. Last night we we played at Providence which is closed arena in the big east. In particular property called. It's based on the Spartan market power and they just bit phenomenally well for the remainder of the game through over. You are using Marcus Howard dropping 52 in overtime to get the win there. It really was a couple of years you're talking of this team you couldn't hit a three to save your life now they can bomb from pretty much the third row of the stands at this one right. And that'll really. Three of the very best shooters in the country is not a good one guy can get it would cost them thousands in the Andrew rousing. And it Hiroki. Should have been such an unconventional way to you have to watch believe it I've watched acute. Bake at least. 33 point shots wouldn't offhand. And he goes up because he popped six skeptic out here you can commit the file that he's still trying to shop often don't look at some chance to do it. He did that in the opening possession of short term last year that's try to get shot got a full play these women get a couple times this year. Com last night it was a fourteen to two run by Providence. And you trail and 7569. With right around from a mistake about two minutes to go on the ball game. Bomb it to Sid kept that Ronnie take that kind of a punch what does it say about the sustainability of the team. When they then came back putting in overtime and when that ball in. While I consider reminds me a lot of what team I was on with younger players being cute rob Bartlett organ or the we didn't really have near the offensive firepower talent that these guys have picked. Should be very young and have that much experience on your ball these guys all played heavy minutes as freshmen and and allows use of your senior. It it shows there on the road in the type environment due to your real look at outcome we predict the market will lose every game mobile world big east obviously that's not gonna happen. Above that told you how hard it is to win on the road in major college basketball and how much progress these guys have been a very short amount it's. Got Villanova up on the docket next Villanova obviously highly ranked school this is the number one are they right now they note number two or three in the country. I just three epic of Michigan street want to. Okay so your plane at third ranked team in the country what does Villanova offer coming up. Coming up this weekend that's going to make them so incredibly difficult that where the three can't overcome and in your ice. You know when you get into this conference player a mark that is us this conference top to bottom a lot of coaches of sort of news one of the very best years they've ever seen in terms of the talent from England into the back to normal. Up less than they have been for the last several years cheer right. We have the program or we don't know journal broke in the post player Jews and bumpers is Patrick outplayed the other New Jersey. And watch his progress over the years from preschool or Illinois looked. I mean it's it's phenomenal to see him develop the talent. It'll stop whatever government held bridges about it even gentle and it doesn't matter Josh are graduates or something else moves. Just slip another guy in the air and it doesn't matter peace workforce exports and you're before. Well he's up to 1518 points a game and they just keep on well. Going into this ball game it's been pretty fun season like you would mention very talented team a very fun team to watch Bridget doesn't get any easier he really did then Seton Hall after that. Are you got to travel to bomb an Aussie and hall who is at least at home. Are you don't it's important to Paul from it I ask you about this. B of DePaul obviously there own three in 78 now in play but. This has been a program that for years has been trying to get back on track any for whatever reason I'm listening and there's some optimism. Not that did all of a sudden make some kind of Ron and be in the top ten ring like that but DePaul is trying to kind of rebuild itself are they on the right track in your estimation. I think they're moving in the right direction I don't think this is Lucy's murdered a bombing their head that. I think progress is being made in it and that figure really started institutional level. Are you willing to commit to our major basketball. And they say no scholarship and scholarship where we're ego. But that's just not true there's a lot of in the flight commercials like he's of spots wherever they go there are a lot of teams that. Don't monitor all the biometrics little player like Marquette doesn't double. Things on her shoulder I'm on the shoulders albeit big and Mr. Bush got these guys stick on the court and the go to them agree to make sure these guys have. Every resource available on the slow old. In the poll shows movies and duo of trees and there are programs where they have a new arena. In the battle arena that may be right size for their program and they include location. For their campus were a lot more students should come vs. Trying to drag a busload of students out from downtown Chicago up Google's model ride you must be that it's not a greater reader has not. Basketball built. It was and in the Bradley sort of double doubles in which it's how accurate that they play basketball and folks who. So do you arena next year will be amazed at every seeding in the they've done so much. Things to improve the view spiritual and the games as a broad concerns the bill little bit Geithner expressed over chambers of the posse leopard Becker. Has that levels you in the lower. I looked it tell you tuck we talked so much go Marcus how Hauser bush two or Marcus Howard I should say with. Talk about Sam Houser talk about rousing talk about cheat on the way these guys have progressed in Cheatham. While he's only played the five games obviously there's been some injuries and some things have gone on the season for this team we you're talking about a lot of guys that have some experience that they're hanging their hat on it's not just one guy and that's that when I start to look at the box score each and every night. It's not just one guy is getting it done used to be you just really died on one guy and it's not. Well you have any Cheatham was it was a big part of a team on board he reached a point. Through turn from Molly good. He's hoping he'd be closer to home and if you transfer the oblique if you look for Gold Coast it. Sam Houser. Is gathered couture house he talks about regularly since just hard to take him off the court because he does so many things that both sides. He's such a dangerous outside threat. We trust so much size. Yeah you have to put a smaller more Agile player around the state was among the perimeter. They don't just Beckham got to take like an eight Trevor he's so good back about it for a jump shots and in eight royalties so crappy and everything he does and it's even the bigs in it's it's a different team the other Harry falling is eligible to go on the court. That's just because he's fathered a fault and you worry about helping people jogged out of the quick foul trouble when you ridiculous charge. I bet that's always acknowledged it's the primer beacons because they had a rousing Marcus harder really undersized. A lot of teams go right to have those guys and challenged them defensively so lousy in our little ones. We couldn't foul trouble a lot as usual we'll see that from former players but I think he's trying to work their way through how we gonna help those guys because. Party you have to play defense to a harder to treat would be get offensive. And more are you picked up clustered together should shots so. It's good to challenge for the most Portuguese who wanted to bulldoze Gaza report the same time and create some matchup issues that that they are you look. I think we got a baby doesn't give enough credit is Matt held. Does a great job on our screens because she shows Dick and it usually on route is or power. And if you're not. Playing the ball screen while we're gonna passer because although basket off straightaway and help us a great job of making himself big doesn't play outside of himself physically and people were orders and Evan in most situations where. They don't give anything up by him leaving and temporarily double team of the ball. Yahoo! we've gone back to throwing that was one of the things I ate he'd gotten some minutes against Xavier. Obviously and then have played a lot of time against American now is he its its got to be nice to have a guided what he's no simpler raising guys almost a simpler come off the bench. He's got that are out and out smoke frustrated impatient coach Fisher thirty year won't Wear them and into the body in the shape and a piece of the nickname Australia it was putting or something like that porch. I'll bogeys he's a lot more reps as other threats are about as. I don't ability to sustain high level of energy has increased. And he has an outside shot he is said to reporters that he's taken a look so far. It's just in the American Britain needs more travel courts have really get back into the swing of things were a whole new sort of doesn't play or even though he's worked out of practice for years. It's different games situation but we're seeing glimpses dislike refugee columns as a volcano. But really good things to combat hopefully but he by the time they get to march Herbert equipment. Jim always gonna judge William buddy we'll chat again though later this season okay. About doctor Su and they go that Jim Mac over a market Golden Eagles radio network color commentator yeah I said Jim and I knew he'd only play so many games in my first thought was injury north it's ready to transfer on and you're reminded me isn't sitting yourself. My erroneous are appreciated to that being said. He joins on the shatter or challenge matter Harry drivers right now he treat yes he said he transfer because he wanted to close to home. There's some things going on that he wanted to be closer to so I do remember that. Com I appreciate him for joining us in the genre challenge that our drivers right now you work arbitrage of their eighty plus years living in you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs died count. Important program brought to buy mortgage field clinic health system they're via health care provider for yours truly. Fix many of coming back in the game if you have something orthopedic clear that you need done it. They can help you out only if he was called me by five MC or so maybe get your home in as little as a day that's 855 MC or so for all the information. All you have to do is simply go. Two two Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org the Marshall clinic. The health care provider of yours truly in the dome which. More when we come back residents. So Michael shows on the air we are glad you have hopefully your. Having a tremendous day today. Appreciate you hang in hours reminder that we are heading to Minneapolis Saint Paul look forward or broadcast talking a lot of Packers football as many dignitaries in the NFL who cover the NFL. Will be joining us to talk about what's gone on this offseason. Really get their compliments of our friend from breaker Chevrolet the official vehicle of the Michael sports talk network. Heading up to Minneapolis in the big game. Thanks to breaker for being a part of it. Gentlemen of Gregor Chevrolet that camera you're surely their camels or friends from Chris and getting an ABC audio video they didn't buy a bar they've done my house the audio and the video. Gonna ABC audio video dot com ABC audio video does count and coaches pub and grill the home of the big boy burger. Great people great fun and say I recorded in the whole crew there that is coaches probably grown south thirteenth street. In Milwaukee public Martinez so what went wrong for the defense in his eyes. I think is this a lot of things that think overall assists on the thrown out there competing in his amendments every single player won't formats that's going out there finishing being mentally tough throughout any situation whether tired whether these are gone bad and it's I think overall. Will look negativism and see a lot of good things and at the end of the day we just weren't consistent. He had a good season so he can see you look back currency a lot of good things but as far as the the rest of it the results they just obviously weren't there in the coaching changes the ice today look at these these are these tough to see at any time. Noel minutes Hudson's thing that to have a lose lose the business abuse the players kind of and in values every week and you candidate on loans they used to it post this a thing that happens and yet to keep rolling with them and who's up was said to lose Marcos started. Then in addition that we she's talking about its common Gurley who it was a linebackers coach. He said the changes topic to that's that's part of the business as part of life. I think that's life and I think pro larger and have Sanjay have a sudden things and that's on you it's a kind of taken in a positive light or negative way and it's wherever you chooses gonna trying to define you as a report. Then you hear him talk about thinking Ted Thompson because tide didn't mean there's a lot of guys inside a locker room we talked about this before. My guys inside a locker room that O Ted agreed bid of gratitude because he took when no one else will. It's crazy to zionist thing backs allows drafted him and he's the guy that pulled the trigger on it and he's got that believe demand and to build have that person here with man in view roll and keep in the wrong having to sit down permits up when a tough thing in all of us thank him so that die for you miss opposite. It's this way golf. Fraud and a greenback. When we come back. You ready here Mike McCarthy. And here that press conference again. As to what might have to say is in the season press conference talk about all the firings all the things and all the changes gone in green bag. His opinion all this. Coming up here in just a bit. Stay tuned more right after this.