HR2 – What kind of coach is Mike Budenholzer?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, May 17th
Hour 2. We’ll also get Gery Woelfel’s thoughts on the Bucks hiring Mike Budenholzer as the next head coach.

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From the league front to the riverfront. This is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show may best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. You're welcome. So Michael she on the Arab. Hopefully your Hammond a fantastic day and certainly appreciate you hanging out what is for fuel I don't like those radio Joseph across the way everybody's here today. Mr. Moore but is here today chuck Freeman is here today. We got some janitor I can't pronounce his name and he's in Czechoslovakia he's run around here today. He's been border guard hairs on my again okamura. He'll be your film producer for the next ten days the guy from Czechoslovakia jet ski. Be will be here now wherever his manner. Cool like him. That being said and we know that in town has his road ulcer. Who apparently had by the way from what I understand and I I just I begged I got a front mind. Real close William yet. And I Tex I said okay thome Ken Jabbar he'd be in the breakfast meeting with booty holder. And Middleton and as Reese release it before it got the whole question is I know he can't be once that season is over even though it's not an official end of the NBA season. He can't be with that he can't do he still work out at certain things and do things Mateen actively cannot do. Stop in regards to coaching and all accounts or he can't can't do that until he's resigning serves but he. So wanted to have wanted to make that clear I was told emphatically now so that's a reason he was not. In that morning meeting. With. Yeah honestly Chris Middleton and oodles yes at least that's a way understandable get verification from that. With durable for Milwaukee basketball insider Gary is that's exactly what you hear and you understand as well. And he. Story that they differ. Yeah I I was quite sure of myself are July 1. The other everybody knows these sort of free agency is like first correct. But I talked to us somebody from the that's where all players association warned insert. To have been. Equity Jabbar Parker is not free agent until July 1 there for a few could have been part of that meeting. Time was coming from a player media players associated okay. Yeah I lied I talked to players so that that was says he said no he said I would have been. So. Yeah we emphatically no he said no I wouldn't have been there isn't as a free agent so. The other. The other angle proved is that. Jabbar wasn't mentioned go out on me yes sir I'm sure you knew the people for. But he went down there for the Indian creek where she. And he even the NBA players procreation. And ask him to use the to all the reptile people prospects. In so I know from having had downtown. I watched Chicago hotel room you. Even speech. Well cracked well in the area so I'd maybe he was allowed but he wasn't even in town so. You know but I know a lot of people are making a big deal out of this and he wasn't there. And that's why I wanted to come around find out for sure in their pay into my first thought was one he just wasn't in town has most of the players. Get out of town but I know. Target from to be on the neighborhood. That he's still he's moved his family appear he has a house here they still see construction going on a social work being done he still BC in the near us I thought OK well if he is here. Indeed go traveling somewhere well then why was millionaire so I went to have one of my friends in the it players so to speak to said no I would have been camped ourselves okay. You don't hear you know the one that invoked article. Is that people in town usually spotted driving one goes all. Yeah yeah yeah. Let not quite that's what a friend of mine told me was that they had seen him because of the cars. All but they'd seen him I guess he was watching one of armor something. All right what are. All right on our knowledge is gonna say sell me at the guys in a neighborhood tipping his cap to people drive by washing one of those 1964 chevys. That's fantastic I mean the guy just he still here I mean at least you would assume that he's going to be here once to be here. Welcome you saw me you know that you know he doesn't have. Any bottoms. Modern cars at all. Yeah but all sports cars we'll treat as our need to really really consider what he's so old that Sheikh. But it got to tell me. That. Jabari. Ride inaudible late at night. And lower bowl hole it broke down. You know. So we have no object model or Connecticut are. You know what when you when you drive at all and as that you expect. Yeah exactly. You know. Our R&R and grew and are now but it. You know why when you when you get that kind of cash you're gonna have that kind of cash you can you can always over it you know. His only a phone call away whoever I broke down on the guy sitting next to 1964 Chevy should bell and if he comes when by giving got a tow truck on the way I would look. I mean and that's what you Idec advocate. Gary tuchman Gary wolf for Milwaukee Basilan setter so from everything I've heard and I I broke and I told. What are your mind that covers the the Vegas leaves that is no mood all her. For a long time he thinks that the Bucs have knocked it out of the park the way they handle it the number of interviews they went through the fact that they knew that voodoo altar was on their radar but yet. They still went through the process defected they brought him and twice they interviewed him doesn't matter where he says I don't give a blank if they interview Allman in Brazil it doesn't matter. And they send the fact that they finally found their guy and before they made any official they took him to the players is hey guys. Being honest in Middleton and sank just meet with a Skyler snow to think to get the players to take ownership of the sign off five he said he thinks they have out of the ballpark and your thoughts. Yeah I mean I don't know we get out and eat real issue right fighter that they had what all's well it is. You know I think it does sort of price five or six weeks to the jungle where it is okay. That might who people are at Seoul summit opens quotes associates around the NBA. That he wanted the Milwaukee Bucks job okay. And that police spoke volumes and guys actually on the job he will equal you know. Because there's not a lot of guys that do that usually. That's what box adaptable states to you know brilliant coach here. And I just remember when our recruits for. Erica yeah like he was going to our affiliate in England there are several other coaches they can't block it like. He had stolen so you guys should be happy that I Peter. And wouldn't hold it to control treaty gently want to coach or. That was one of the things it I would whom we addresses in the last hour was dead heat. Left Toronto without an offer blood there was the insinuation. That heady one of the job he could've taken it. Where he wanted to caught kind of talk one more time at the box and the fact that he wanted to go to he won the box job. Over the Toronto job. Should speak volumes to the fan base is saying that look from the outside looking and the upside for what this organization has. Might be better than what a lot of people think it is here on our own backyard that tend to look at things in more of a negative light after again being ousted in the first round of policies. Yeah I mean if you look at the pecking order in the eastern captains or other you don't. Boston and Philadelphia. You know Milwaukee and to the job as he could possibly yeah well. I can colonel Singh were my clothes dirty interest as they come here. So. What what does he bring the tape one yards because are talked about because the player prowess the fact that he is an open door guy here and in some guys say that but he genuinely is he's got to work with you one on one he's. Hey you know I just heard a lot of positive things now he's not a guy that is gonna motivate via fear he's not going to be a guy's gonna motivate you because you're afraid you're gonna to ago. 200 push ups and run your tail off he's he guided just kind of walks in the room it has this modicum of respect. Yeah yeah he probably you opened your description I mean. You know what I told by the people and we what's the hawks couldn't get. Demonstration lassie right on don't get people you. You know regular where are. And the one thing I don't works how so each game I mean heat yet. He is something that we've built whole game interacting with the players in the acting with the official. And that is really in tune some bikini. And the other thing I really like. MacBooks and of course could really liked. The fact that his team's bowl football you know if you don't see one guy call me that. Or 1015 seconds of that yet it's you know that the ball moved to a guy that open. And I think that would or the books you know very well. What do you think he is. His fours and x.s and o.s guy. Well he's defense minded. Which which is a novelty around here right. It yet but I mean he insists that will work until he can be up. Park which tritium. The move could and often politically possible choking him or he might look older at. In Atlanta and I'm sure he'll have bought Eva. This is kids are solid little problems. And what you have that is very well grounded. I liked the fact that when you talk about being a player's coach he's very much. It. Not just an x.s and those not just a basketball guy sometimes. And I and I hate to bring a Jabari Yemeni you go to a gala to Bahrain when you talk to people around him saying he's a very very loyal guy if you you can if you're straight in front winning. You'll run through walls for. And with a lot of guys on this team seemed to be impression more than that in that regard it sounds like. At least not x.s and o.s were more personality wise they're booty holes are probably was a very very good fit for what this team has offer. Yeah you know the other thing that I think it's really. We're gonna help welcome holder's actions stop troops can start gambling governor. Goya yeah we will do our there was an energy guy I mean he was a guys that are off the bench. Give it to just terrible hack in 2003. Monster dunks and then go to the bench. Yes and you don't let you know thirteen people at all on or not it is life a little. Smaller version of Daryn you know yet you can play horse with a from beyond the arc you don't his house. It is exactly what. You that darva about it but Garvin and he is just about in the individual he knows how horribly to people. In I've talked to a plunge players. Who played for auctions are gamble over the years being able. Now the big question is is he gonna come to Milwaukee that. Right. Correct correct you would assume you bring him. Well that that's the assumption of and that and I'm sure you'll be coming here but they haven't set that. I was told last week at least one team possibly two genes. We're gonna make offers they have improved their scenes as. Usual we've assistant or else in the associate head coach. Singing and but he but again actually he's in Milwaukee but it kind of speech laden boat too you know. The respect people want to Durbin can't. I wonder where the level of loyalty lies when it comes to dart first of all I wondered the Bucs would do that. And make dart enhancing assistant head coach if that's the title that that he seeks and second I don't want. I was just say no I wonder where the level of of loyalty or were fond memories or the willingness to return to the ones to return. 22. To see something you know you like Milwaukee wonder if that's so appealing to him that he would just say you know what I'm going to Milwaukee allowed to. Yeah he does what blocking tech talk what could or toward the other Dave and again. There must notify users feel good news you know 11 count with served him that you're except the redwood summer for a game. And we talked about him becoming head coach at that time. And he goes military he says I would welcome some days of the trip to go to Milwaukee Bucks. You are like war hole I had never ever wrote that. You went on social thought. If you know like I talked to countless you know former NBA or all of our words right. Yeah nobody ever told that they should be wanna be your coach. Know what it was or hate the Milwaukee Bucks and interpret it and yet. In any yet that's what I am of how ought she you know. Gary. There Dario. Kate plus chipper I'll see you broke a really met. If in the long run it it's elegant to go to higher rated it did appears good on paper now we just have to wings he with a into the roster because you're only as good as the players around you but. Seems like there's a genuine amount of excitement. For love for go to malls or come in Milwaukee always got my friend okay. It it it don't wanna. Regret ever kill and handsome former coach yeah. I produce more and that is basically 90% on. That you could become coach of the Orlando Magic is right for him I'm avenue and that's a world and so on a good for him either yeah. Good hire they're two of what's up man won't argue soon. Thank you don't they don't that's Gary willful Milwaukee basketball insider also Kelvin Sampson looks to be going to a Orlando we'll see veterans of panning out as well as did Gary credit he called blue channels within two months ago. He called that two months ago. 85583086. Foray Euro reaction booty calls or the next head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks give us your thoughts maximum like Russia. Six clues station strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. Michael shows on the air we are glad to have him. Pope put your having a fantastic day and we certainly appreciate you hanging now this. 855830864885583086. Foray on the loans by Kim dotcom to hold free talk line. And if you think the Buddha walls or higher is not a good one tell me why. Tell me why. Or who did you want. If there was somebody else that you wanna see commend this situation. For all accounts. It's a good hire. Our heroine Jason Kidd was hired there was a mixed reaction. So real thought it was good a future hall of Famer. Simonyi to school the young guys. Teach the you know decent point guards. Distribute distribution of basketball. Was a defensive minded player. And but there are other people have said ego problems. Wanted too much power too many things we're gonna get in the way. And all of which at some point or another turned out to be true. I have not heard any thing. That would say booty calls or is not a good coach the last year in Atlanta was not a year that he had kind of signed up for so to speak. When he was there they won. Yes and good talent they were gonna be able to keep all that talent together recording company. By. When things began to unravel and they started to dump players because of salary. That wasn't what he had signed up for and so it was a natural rebuild opportunity image society of you know hey we're gonna cut loose that head coach. And this guy wants to go be a winner he wants to kind of follow on pops footsteps and Campbell I. This is a team in Milwaukee that is. It lag yet you considered admissible rebuild so to speak with her on the uptick they're not they've they've got a superstar they've got. A superstar in the sense of the word. Not in the sense of being that true superstar so to speak to guys it's going to throw a team on his back via LeBron will say here Colby year KD here. West broken me in that particular realm. But you've got a superstar you've got a guy and you're gonna build around and now you you you move on now you move forward. He's got that guy Cali getting your quarterback you only got that quarterback in place of canal either pieces around him well that's what them the Bucs are looking to do is put the pieces around them. 855830864. You know loans by Kim dotcom told free talk when your thoughts. As Mike Boone holes is about to become the next head coach. Other Milwaukee Bucks there was shouting by ID 308648. This portion programming brought to buy no well medical treating guys with ED all of us it was gotten beyond the borders well. They have in 98%. Success rate in treating guys with the 8098%. Success rate and in doing so. 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The poodles are higher what do you think give us your thoughts 855830. 864 rate on the loan advocate dot com to hold free talk line. And you can chime in this order is for mark who says I think it's a terrific hire. From everything I've heard today everything I heard about him yesterday. I'm extremely happy that the Bucs have gone in this direction and they did it seemingly the right way. Haven't been to fund this organized organization to this point let's hope that this pays off. This from Parker who writes in the Wendy's email inbox is well not a fan of the poodles are higher bar for a lot of good things. Some people are trying to sway me in that direction I saw Mark Jackson we're having good hire. As a guy that's had experience in very top notch player and understands both sides of both via upper management and players side of things. I thought he would have been a perfect fit here Milwaukee but I think they found the right man. This was from Tom schism excited for the future. But it's not just about to head coach it's about the roster what is John horse going to do to give his hire a better roster. Which we talked about you there's not a whole lot you can do unless you get really creative in many different ways. Just an FYI mean had sued there's only so much you can. This is from George and George says. Hey units well listen the program I'm excited for bucks basketball not as exciting as watching on display. But pretty excited that this team could get to 45 or fifty wins next season and get out of the first round. I'll be extremely impressed specifically with this roster I know they can't make money moves this season that would be next season and year after. That things are gonna get a lot better but let's hope John horse has the same naked pictures of a general managers as John Hammond seemed to have at times. One of he left those in his desk. PS if you looking for a long service and nature's gave his don't want. He's that I used for years. Com and then he goes on says no contracts no no BS and notre looking for. So yeah I was talking about that earlier in my lawn on Brookfield I made the blood covered nimble and so I'm just kind of like drug impaired today gone well. Time to heal lawn service. Thanks for the email 085583086. For your reaction. Ready continue to take Bucs are set to hire Mike Boone harsh brutal versions. As the next head coach and Al launcher discussion on this is while more than a white Russian parliament. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Nobody talks more Packers football than the big you. The film Michael show this morning to end on 1057. FA. Michael shall we continue. 855830864. In a long way Kim dotcom. Told free chalk line. I want to remind you that it is coming up. It's coming up our cigar dinner and tickets are selling. Thursday night June 7 were more than a few weeks away wells while about three weeks went from today as a matter fact. Yet the ticket was gotten brewing company tens every night American way we're gonna have a great time is coming fast. At the Wisconsin brewing company Thursday night June 7 cocktails dinner catered I would barbecue. Raffles. A whole lot more. You're a couple of drinks and dinner and if you're into the cigars they get for free cigars superdome was cigars. And a fantastic time jacks your tickets tobacco outlet plus on north Sherman avenue and Madison. North Sherman avenue and Madison willow road and wanna key and county road PB in Verona is the Qwikster. So those three locations that's where he noted it tickets. You can also go to a quick trip dot com KW I take quick trip dot com and it tracked down over the air. But we are looking forward to it it's going to be a fun fun time. Though today it's always great to deduce garden so hopefully get a chance to come out and enjoy it win this again your ticket. Just the ticket includes in earnings included. A couple of cocktails. Dinner before cigars everything right there only fifty tickets for that night and they're selling briskly. So really looking forward to. 855830864. In loans which have dot com coal free talk and talk some broad brewers baseball on a kernel bit. By. Bum the the higher by the Milwaukee Bucks appears to be all but. You know the ink is all but dried. And he's going to be the next head coach for years. And I don't I have not heard anything really negative. To be honest with. About booty holes so. We know that. He's. Player's guy we know that in and sometimes that means like well he's just and I started players. It's it's not that it's that he just genuinely get involved in a lot of different ways he's very much into. Vitamins and health nutrition. He he just it's. He just likes things a certain way. It either there's a good story in Joseph you sent it to me I was reading your earlier today. Talking about here is is vitamin plan spends a lot of time the hawks. When he was working there it's metaphor for their blossoming here it's its vitamins that they take it explains their. You know the way they kind of go about. Condit keeping their bodies in check so to speak to very much in tune with the medical staff. Com. No vitamin concept he passed out some fellow assistants with the spurs. And they continue to seek improvement on and he just he believes in. Monitoring blood he didn't believes in monitoring your health and wellness in keeping all your levels correct in. And making sure your body is completely fortified and a lot of different way reasons it's now he's walk around pass and around Flintstones vitamins I mean he's. Not writes it its matches that what what key it's. Vitamins. What he calls that is where he takes all assistant coaches and those assistance. Take these players one on one work on a couple of things right they don't try to cram all these things down their throat. If there's something that they really need work guy and or there's another element that they want to expand to their game. Don't work specifically on that so. Assistant coach you'll get it all set up at the players is okay let's take your vitamins and the work specifically correct spot up threes or they'll work guy and attacking the basket more we need you to do that. Mean this is a great piece in the New York Times that they wrote couple years back a bullet holes are working with some of these guys as they led to the sixty win two. He looks at Everett and I was reading. I was reading a story about him at the Atlanta journal from years ago. When they took when you talk about the vitamins he goes through each player. And picks out the things that they need from the health and well honest to what they need to work on to their mentality. To their personal life. And where is if he'll tell sit down and say okay where each your need for improvement like you said if it's a spot up three spot appeal gonna work on that for. But he'll say something to the effect of how are things at all. Girlfriend's friends you know and he stresses. You know OK let's and he'll get people to work on that. And then you'll have people work on obviously health and wellness she works he works really closely with the strength and conditioning except it's like. It's like he'll take the person. And like you said individually and it and look at the areas that you would say have chinks in the armor and strengthen the chinks in the armor. In every way. Boy what you're referring to is is strictly one on long work in the gym. With him with the assistance and you know hey if you honest once you get better with a outside jumper this is what we're gonna do to make him better with the outside jumper this is all organ work. Here you don't you're already got it this year or degraded this year already good handling the basketball that lets students were it is OK if you feel. That in the jam man you kind of hit that plateau and you just aren't getting you're saying. Don where you're you're saying you know your squatting so much you're leaping ability is only here you wanna get a couple of inches higher order. This is where we're gonna work this is where your body needs it this is where your strength and conditioning needs it. But in reading what you send me and reading a couple of different articles I read last night one Andrea I got to find its rally Atlanta journal constitution and there's another one. That goes through pop's philosophy. From down in San Antonio. But they talk about the different things that they use. As far as different cool. And it's not just through the spring nets and all that stuff for passing the basketball with the different things they use where it'll use smaller rims. They they use him in the put up you know those goofy rims that you get there you shoot on when you're at of carnivore state fair and the smaller the put them up. Don't put up just are sinking shots from there. And then by the time you put the bigger mark everything looks wider it's just it's all these little things that's what he'd that's what he believes. You know it's it it was in their relations Steve article and everything that he takes an interest. And again. It's all so paperwork right now I mean the bottom line is the results yet to see. When now when the team takes a floor 85583086. For a I think the bottom line for me is is much as we can end all that. And when you talk about the vitamin concept. Kenny relate to these guys are gonna play right. Because you know look there's a lot of coaches it to a lot of different things are you with some of the most brutal practices I would ever see was wouldn't when Tom Green would have his guys go out. And they would put that that cap on the basket to where you couldn't make a basket so everything you did was a rebound and it was guys were just ripping each other's heads off. And and guys get really good on the boards because of that but. The bottom line is is can you relate to players specifically in the India. Because you gotta go and play together you gotta can buy it. 8558308648855830864. In on the loans we kept our count. Told free talk line 8558308648. Let's do this wallets are got an email I morihiro quick to. This was from market Marxist. Hey guys this new program I'm excited about the new head coach but not excited. That they have got the right guy and so I'm still gonna have to want the proof is going to be in the putting. Hopefully by the end of next year old talking about this team still playing in the post season how much longer do you think the bronze template Obama complained that five years. Total but third he two. 33. Some like that. He's cronies complain notified me I don't think LeBron are ready to hang it up. Anytime soon to be honest with the browns doing just fine yep. He's at 33 years. 33 years you he's not going or another five years for people win probably two more championships with people around them. And instill walk away as one of the best players of all time I don't know he's never gonna catch Michael when it comes to. The total number of rings he's got kind of a shot. But you have to bring it really really bring it right now win this year and then now a couple more rings or the next couple years. Go back to my poodles or the we have to understand one thing at the end of the day can might be criminals are. Coach these guys up and take a into the NBA finals. I think. You're gonna need a little bit more than that yet you're gonna need you in personnel you're going to need another car I exited I cannot take in his group to the NBA finals. No bought. Can he go down the roster and look at some of the guys especially off the bench that worry weak point for this bucks team last season guys that again under achieved. Can't you look at these guys and say I can fix that for example Tony Snow Tony snell was off with his three point shot. Can I fix that is or something he season Tony sour says you know what. He can change this and he'll be a more effective three point shooter that's all we want we want to play. Guilt can you look it. On Henson and say. You know John Henson had some good moments and you know what but can. And he says the giants and I can fix that like I can mark and I fits jump on the sand cirrus. He's other roster and he just sit there and say. I don't dance in the easiest shot blocker needs to be rebounder and in NET gives you beyond that you were under the banquet this guy I mean you look at John and some say. I can't fix this John Henson is odious I'd I'd seen what that's what we don't up against so I didn't think he'd do what he does better more consistently. That's what you gotta you know John Hansen I think at the end of the day. He has look at the roster and say what guys can I fix what guys are lost causes and then try to figure out which I don't worsen seek what can we do. Chew bringing guys that are gonna fit what my system has. I have no idea but when it comes to. Bringing a championship caliber team the Milwaukee. You're still going to need another star player next to Gaddis at least one you have to get at least wanna make this happen. And again I don't know how they're gonna be able to pull that off whether it's through free agency. Or trade free agency is gonna be extremely tough because you're gonna have to dump a lot of money and I don't think the bucks for me will do that seem to have to find a way to trade. I don't know I all knowing is the more I read about booed and holes are the more I like the guy and he is. I want an experienced coach to pair with this bucks team and I think the box the ownership group China horse I think they got this right I just hope it works out. Don't forget job they cut and subs the officials sub sandwich in the Michael sports are now workload that peppering them. Was thinking that last night's or at some point my future near future. That's going to be in the grill however there's eleven concerts and eleven nights the American family. Our insurance ever theater. That summer fest with me June 11 chances to win that each VoIP concert package includes this was an up pellet tickets pay parking pass which is like gold. Donna Summer fest. Gift cards and a whole lot more. All eleven people are gonna win the one of the kind of experience in EU could be one of and her daily and cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway. As cousins subs dot com slash big big giveaway. And you maybe have always experience be best seller fast outlaw that's cut themselves or they believe in better more than a much of your coming on next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michaels Stores called good. Glover have all Michael shows on the we're glad to have. All look at. The talks of brewers baseball coming up here a little bit cricket shot from fox sports was Johnson's gonna join us to does both as a matter of fact blocks and brew crew. More bucks in the recent. Good talking about that is the bullet holes or higher is yet to be announced officially by the bucks but for all intents and purposes. That's the man also are talking Bob nightingale. Baseball columnist for USA today coming up a little while about an hour and ten minutes from now on. Good challenge him bout to the stage of the game and the season thus far but such a brewers baseball as well because. The road trip now is low you don't stumble on your face as you going to Minneapolis. The road trip thus far has been really I think. And I have to go back in check my words specifically but it was something to the effect of this road trip will be really be a litmus test as to where this team is that. And if you look at things as glass is half full not only are you beating teams had winning records. What you're doing it right now the team it's a little bit influx. You're getting Korey cable back aren't new Ryan brawn has been out lineup. He's had the issues and then there's possibility go on the DL assumes this weekend. But you have me getting it done with overwhelming offense but things are starting to heat up his side continually said right about. May fifteenth is when Garcia started to heat up Trevor Charlie pour it on. You saw Domingo Santana really surges to the ball last year things started to heat up about this time. And you're starting get a little bit of that Trevor Charlotte to reach yes there long bomb off the foul pole as well a lot of things are starting to heat ups or talk about that. Coming up as well here's Porsche in the program brought to our president Marshall clinic health system and they fixed me up or the politically got the knee going. Feeling great wrote another ten miles yesterday fantastic. And they're getting undo as much they can be active so maybe you've got something ailing you. You have though a little pain anymore or got to do is check them out 855 MIC or Philly for a five MC ortho as Marshall clinic health system the official health care provider. Of yours truly let's go to John downtown listening to is John how you don't I like the higher. I'm good bill idea. You know I mean I love the higher and I think that good older probably than back. Coaching mind that we pat on the books since George Karl let. And you know I think it might be you know I look at him Maltby about actually. Look give them a higher coached. Either have been or former coach from Eastern Conference. Just because obviously you know the buck declined eighteen. Breed not the Max four times I think it'll mark implant in fact that. He has been coaching my plan for five years. You know he does have a beer rhetoric Arctic split in the wee bit to the buck really think that. That's not that he hadn't you know as an opponent coach in article along with what I think he's done. In Atlanta which you know I think you can do it lack you can this match roster is very impressive oh I think it. You'd be back in and out there and let you know if one. Yeah I think a lot of people are appreciate the phone call I I'd like I said all along I just want the best guy or girl didn't matter as long as was the best best choice for for head coaches who is from mark and mark says today hey you know I think erase some of the same articles about that vitamin concept. Coming from coach booty calls are. Didn't he work heavily with Kyle Corey getting his diet writing getting his strength and conditioning right and then ended up working with him on the court one on one Korver as game improved dramatically. Under boot malls there I saw that. Many players sing his praises after the end up leaving Atlanta. Bomb was going to Kyle Korver specifically mention in that article joke I read correctly and in that article that you sent me now. I know that there was snow scant days more DeMarre Carroll. And one other guy but he is in your listeners was I don't remember Kyle Korver being mentioned and another article. Yeah I know I know or read more part of I don't know what is it is actually yours it's said. He wants opportunities for Paul Millsap to hone his outside shooting touch for Jeff Teague a tough no different passing angles of Kyle Korver had a floater. To his repertoire I mean that's the only mention Kyle core beyond that. Com one of the articles talk about Korver and because I remember reading the same thing what it was about how he'd because guys would go out after after the fact. And they would go out and they would you know chemical cocktails and dinners in this match. And they and they have really getting their health and nutrition saying how much better we feel the next day if you have this. And they start working on that one on one as well but you workload Millsap a lot. A lot trying to get the outside Johnny outside touch Jeff Teague to a certain extent. But I would Millsap a lot 855830864. In loans which it dot com poll free talk quite. Brokerage KJ is in west Alice can you welcome program analyst on Iraq. What gone Arbil. Obvious gluten outside of the known as long as the us that he is nitrogen away and hours. A young. Yamana common ride off into the sunset with that Yo-Yo. Anyway details. Blown to hold serve as head coach. Supposedly don't know that's a done deal about it yet but that's the citizens that they have made and have. Congratulations. Choose the ownership or whoever made that decision not quite sure there was shot orders. But I hope this is not one step forward two steps backwards. And I mean that in. They have to do some of the other things up the court straighten out where you ownership. Structure so what you're doing. And what are some news stipulations of one of Somalia particulars in this deal where. This is it coaches you going to be. Have true autonomy where's the light up. Going forward in making decisions are they gonna ire. President that's cooperate and there's a lot of questions. It could be. Or why every appreciate Decatur got to run top of the hour here but we don't know what the details are yet I'm assuming you're gonna find out here over the next 2448 hours is to many of the details once the contract think his drive stick it says stick around Craig he shot for fox sports was tough to gonna join us coming up next to the Michael show. We're listening to go there. Bill might cool sports talk that. At work.