HR3 – Are fans too hard on Hundley and Hornibrook?

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Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 3. Plus, we talk Bucks with our Insider Gery Woelfel. What letter grade do you give the Bucks for the first quarter of the season?


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From the league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but bill monkey show. Football season rolls on the bill Michael's show packers' six and six badgers headed to the Orange Bowl. Kevin hold and CDS 58. Stefan in. Give bill a couple of just a couple of breeders in December. Mean honestly it's you know. Did they give you any readers in December Joseph or you just locked in here no in fact I was off Monday I took today off money just reset from the Big Ten championship I'm off again on Friday OK good I'm doing when shall this would a bill that's tomorrow. Really the bills back tomorrow I do the show with them on the show it's in yesterday to the show with you today. 'til tomorrow and then I'm off on Friday took a three day week. Three day weakness tonight Suzanne ones if there's next that's that's the way it should be with the Packers on the road you can you can watch them and you can watch him beat Cleveland by nineteen points I'll be working Sunday. All of herders and our angle balls and show which oh by the way you can catch that and many of these network stations bill. And Gary Ellis and I'll be here in studio. Packers taken on the Cleveland Browns so we'll say game is over. Tune in on one of these many stations and giggles so renewables and show you won't react to that game you don't have like a standard it basically you start winning game ends. Is that right that's how that works. I'm here I always get here on kick off and that I'm locked in on between then yes fall in the game in word. And other producer that works for me Blair and he'll cut highlights and two more behind the scenes often in which recover as much as we can't contract that's it it's always fun Packers Sunday is a blast and I bet you have. People. From India and it when it comes to the opinions about this Green Bay Packers team is that way when they're eleven and want. But it's six and six. You bring some different opinions out of the woodwork and some unusual ones in the sense that we have been used to Aaron Rodgers year after year team after game. We Aaron Rodgers throws for only 240 yards and two touchdowns and good. Mean you know. Weird game from Rogers or whatever but. Lately. You have had Brett Hundley and and we Knoll just by the principles of science and in whatever else that. Hum he's not Rodgers don't think anyone is expecting him to be year. But humbly and Alex Horne Brooke have been two of the big topics of discussion I'm sure in your post game shows with the Packers. And here in the bill Michael show on a daily basis they have faced criticism. Are we as fans. May be a little too hard on those two. Forty Brooke the quarterback of a team that was undefeated in the regular season Hundley has had his ups and downs. But did what he had to do. As a game manager going back to a conversation I had with Gary Ellison but there with the F flagship station in Milwaukee. They caught a game manager for a reason. You got considered a game manager she teamed as we. And hunley was very happy with the wind at the coaching staff has remarked how happy homily was. Even after throwing for 84 yards no touchdowns against Tampa Bay. He was thrilled to have gotten the victory. So that's the you know obviously that's where the focus it wants to get those wins. So are we a little hard on on humbly and horny Brooke 8558308648. Your thoughts about. The two quarterbacks in the state humbly and wonder Brooke. India criticism that they have received. This year and we watched Tony Brooke. Make it's it's so interesting he makes in the Michigan game is when it comes to mind he made a couple of throws in that game and they were almost back to back. There were incredible throats. Mean on a dime yeah. Thread the needle. This rate you know raid there for a big gain and then another one for a touchdown and he could with those moments come some tough moments. Mean the end of the Big Ten championship games tough moment to watch that was. A fly ball to a center fielder that played for the other team. Is what that was that last pass that was picked off. That was tough but. Again point Brooke is the quarterback every team who's twelve and one and headed to the Orange Bowl bread humbly. Is at least helping the Packers managed things they they were close against the Steelers a heck of a lot closer than any of us thought. Certainly closer than I thought they'd be against Pittsburgh and then they beat Tampa Bay. So again are we you know maybe. Mayoral too funny Steve what do you think 8558308648. My thought about hunley. Is that. Because of his position. Because of stepping in. For Aaron Rodgers. It's just it's almost an impossible position even if Brett Hundley were. Gimme gimme a good number two quarterback it's it's out there. That'd teen could have any number two geno Smith. Talk about his scheme of case Tina wells is okay scheme if case Keenan came in and was the Packers backup quarterback and Rodgers went guarantee scheme came in and threw for a couple hundred yards with a touchdown or two. He would get criticized for her because we have seen one of the master players of our generation one of the great players of our generation. Someone who's capable of doing just the deeds would seemingly sometimes bending the laws of time in physics in mean Detroit's. That that Rodgers to Rogers hail Mary in Detroit. Go watch the last like five minutes and backing for that matter go back and watch the second half of that game. They had no business winning that football game. But Rogers will that to happen and he's capable of that at least a couple of times a year willing in Victor. This doesn't happen everywhere. It's Rodgers it's Brady it's been a couple of other quarterbacks through the years but the truth is mortal quarterbacks can't do that case Cheatham. Is the quarterback of a ten into your team but he's not that kind of quarterback he's got a lot of help. The Packers. I think we'll all be rethinking things in the off season when it comes to the quarterback situation and who should be backed up Aaron Rodgers now at the time. I don't have a problem with McCarthy in this coaching staff sand you know Brett Connolly joke Callahan. You know they were able to get Jason Hill if he was able to survive. Waivers and stuff you know putting him on the practice why house final quarterback situation because I wanted to give Mike McCarthy a little bit of credit. He has had history in the past drivers coaching career been able to develop quarterbacks as of late. Has not been the case but I was still willing to give them a chance if if Aaron Rodgers went down let's see what Brett Conley chancellor let's just let's let's let marinate a little bit. And as of right now it is not in the case spread Conley is just not. He's not even be a good quarterback. And I understand some of the criticism from Packers fans because. Is is is thirty year in the system and you'd like to think that he learned some things from Aaron Rodgers and I kept dipping in the rose a little bit more hole. You know when he's able to make Aaron Rodgers that's rolls late in the game against the Chicago Bears kept waiting for them the Baltimore game. Still in that game you were looking at a barreling down fourteen nothing in your thinking man he still got another full quarter to go. Is we're probably gonna have another moment like he did in Chicago on never to. Many comes in the Pittsburgh game. As a much better game some of that was because of Dovonte Adams allowing himself to get wide open Randall Cobb allowing himself to. You know to a whole bunch of stuff. With yards after the catch. But Brett Conley. It looked a little bit more competent acting. And many regressed again against Tampa. It's just so hard for me when it comes expectations out of a quarterback in this state. People like me. Mid twenties been spoiled what Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers for the last 25 years this is reality set and in this is what the Packers may look like. In years to come when Aaron Rodgers aside saying it up. We needed to get used to the fact that we may never see another quarterback like Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers to ever come through Green Bay again and may never happen I insist. This organization is lucky in that regard to be able to find two hall of fame quarterbacks. And that's why I'm just I'm not gonna constantly get all over Bret Holley I think I'd think you'd do have to criticize them when it comes in his decision making you what to think. That looking at the tape week in and week out think you know what I could have made a better decision there I need to do a better job scanning the football field I need gold to read check downs and make sure. Everything looks right and and and you know what I'm not Camille make the big play every time just find the open man try to get a few yards of the fight another day or. Throw away if I can't find. It's just. It is frustrating yeah we're just not accustomed to that's. So four from Brett Conley standpoint I can see where some of the criticism as but I think some people have to layoff she just a little bit on just a little. It aids is mad being in the one maddening thing to me. Is. Lately and you touched on this Chou win win you have expected a big game from. From homily he hasn't delivered it and when you've expected and begin creams he delivers. So it's. The thing you think might happen is the opposite of what happens in Pittsburgh it let me put it this way let's go back two weeks. Say that I'm at a time machine and I come back and I say eighty year. Joseph in the next two games that the Packers have to play the Steelers and play the Buccaneers there is going to be a game. Where he throws were homily throws for 84 yards and no touchdowns and there's going to be a game free throws three touchdown passes. You'd say well that makes a lot of sense. 84 yards against the Steelers three touchdown passes against the Buccaneers for that's right in line correct set that's how it happened it was backwards bizarre world. It was 84 yards against one of the worst defense is in football and that's. The there's an inconsistency to that I think that's part of where window when a fan makes a case against Conley. That's part of of what it is is it some Howell. He's not. Eve isn't matching the consistency of what you think might happen you know and and adopted the world has to be about your own perception of the game but when you're facing a defense that bag you expect something more than 84 yards. But see look at that but if you look at the numbers again and you look at some of the other situations here but we've talked about yesterday and the show. Your defense sucked. You're defense is the reason why you had a goal and overtime wasn't Brett Hundley. The defense the defense coming get off the field the defense could not stop any screen possible. The defense could not stop. Any of the Tampa Bay wide receivers. I mean the defense let this barber guy just run all over. The defense is the reason why the Packers were allowed more opportunities to score the football. Now that doesn't mean Brett Conley mean if you gave a more opportunities could breath howling at taking advantage of those opportunities. Maybe not probably not. But the thing is. Brooke Hundley really never got as many opportunities as he wanted to throw the football and to really put on top of that you're running game was working out well and you should've stuck with the running game. Mean you don't wanna you know wanna just try and throw the football when. You're running game is get it done when Jamal Williams going out there and his spirit apart that Tampa defense. So. And there were times where I thought Burrell intention of beef thrown the ball. The play action just keep keep given the ball to Jamal Williams until Tampa Bay has a reason to stop them they can't stop and they weren't. I just think will with accommodation that are working and run game. And time of possession with Tampa Bay controlling the clock Brett Conley you look at the numbers that's not good at all but. I cut him a break again because he didn't have as many opportunities scuttle it the same way that saints defense could not get off the field. And you had guys like Mark Ingram an album Comerica all four in the couldn't stop was the same thing was history repeating itself. Against Tampa Bay third downs man that's been that's been a tough thing for a few weeks OK so we focused on homily. Let's take a break in and focus on Alex Torre Brokaw and we all like that whites are gonna put his Joseph is this like all our seal like the top of his head start then Susan B likes date. Steam coming out of both years next on the bill Michael Serra. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. This fortune though Michael Joseph brought to buy Marshall clinic health system and I. I had a problem doctor skinny fixed via that was my knee that you have an orthopedic problem like a hip or shoulder knee surgery or an ankle you need to see the professionals and Marshall clinic health system New York the PD group they get to back home in as little as a day you heard me right. One day. March Republic's premier care program offers the latest procedures to get you back to normal call 855. MC ortho that's 855 MC north or go to Marshall clinic dot org to find out all about their positions and services locations. They are the official health care provider of yours truly in the though Michael show. So Michael show rolls on Kevin Holden CBS 58 in Milwaukee. Stefan and for the day. I would feel a little too tough on me. Brett Hundley and Alex toward Abrams. 8558308648. Give us your thoughts on the day it was tough on these guys. In homilies case because you're used to greatness in that uniform green and gold and for more Brooke it's actually the opposite jail. It's the opposite outside of Russell Wilson. There's been a whole lot of people just like Alex Tony there's been a whole lot of barred Houston's Joseph all stop days. But it just goes back and back and back that did the badgers somehow have had this blueprint. Of really good teams with great running backs and offensive lines and increasingly good defenses. Horror at best quarterback plays at a good way to put it yeah I think that's failure. You know. Lot of people know my thoughts and own sort of brought had been. I've been defended him a lot this year and then the number one reason why I've been defending them is because he's a sophomore. And yes. You know he did this is his ear to shine. You know people try to say you know put Jack Cohen and I I think that's ridiculous. Because he's a true freshman. And if if Jack Cohen was the real deal Paul Crist would have made that move along time ago he would've done what he did last year. Where he was going back and forth between Houston and horn brook and just riding the hot hand. And that very well may happen next year. You don't look at Al sort Herbert in the way he's developed this year. The one thing we've all got used to lose the interception that he's going to throw it no matter what it's is gonna happen. And it was quite a surprise against Minnesota in which I think was the second best performance of the year necks of the BYU game in throw. He was right on the money every time it receivers all over the field affective in the red zone. That's a report strength or else tournament is very effective on third down as well he's able to hit his receivers on third down has been able to that all year. But it's usually that heck. Where it throws them off but then he's able to respond ends up playing better because of in this game against Ohio State. He made some bad decisions. We we saw the Porter brought that a lot of people just don't like and they're tired of scene where. Considering how effective he's been in the red zone this year he is made a bad role in the end zone. On that on that big drive that the badgers put again and that second drive of the game. There are going down and that was really what that was one of the turning points. Because you're ready to make a statement against Ohio State within a touchdown and instead it flip flopped an attorney and what picked. And now you had to really come from behind. And then also. At the end of the game where do we still had a chance to win. Considering everything that happened in the game considering just look like European elements now coached. You'll still had a chance to win that game and a holding penalty aid dad a missed pass interference call on Danny Davis. And just the fact that. Ohio State's defensive front never got tired they never slowed down and they kept putting pressure on morning brook and wherever could not get that ball down the field. My thoughts and order broker this. For next year and it unless he does something crazy here in the orange ball works he'd torture as Miami where he does something where you're like. I cannot meet Pete there is something. Alex sort of wrote I just think next year. He should have a tighter leash. This is is here to really prove that he is the real deal that there is more potential to own and I still think there is room for improvement. Miguel turner works ever going to be a great quarterback in Wisconsin and I don't think he's ever going to be. An NFL quarterback. But I still think there is room for improvement and if we see a lot of the same stuff that we saw this year cabin where there's just a lot of inconsistencies. Then maybe Paul Crist. She did Jack Cohen shot maybe it's time to start right in the hot hand see navy jet Cohen has some things should he makes impressions and sprained. And into the summer when these guys are getting ready for the 2018 campaign. I think all that's fair I think there should be get tighter leash on Alex we're Brooke if we don't seem more improvement. What if Alex or can take another step forward starting with this big game against Miami in the orange ball. That I think Ellis sort of brought it's it's his job to lose. But I think it is fair at this point have a tighter leash debt criticism about quarterbacks that Wisconsin. Looked guys. Think the badgers as long as Paul Chris is there is ever going to recruit a four or five star quarterback I just don't see how that's going to happen. Maybe somehow some way maybe. Maybe they're able to land some legitimate Corbett and stayed here who loves Wisconsin just wants player for Wisconsin no matter what and does wanna play for an SEC powerhouse. I just don't see how you're able do they assertion now. Where in college football it's old bald dual threat quarterbacks. All the top quarterbacks in the country seem to be dual threat guys that's not the offense you run it was Scott's and it's a pro style offense. Are the badgers are able to refine a four or five star pro style quarterback that has to accept the fact that. Your game your offensive game is still always going to be hinging on your running backs and your offensive line. I just don't see how the how the badgers are able to figure that out and that's why am at the point. Where I can accept that they're never going to be able to get a top tier quarterback so maybe let's just chill out a little bit. With what this quarter big kids you. You're in Europe but it that's ground system. Is a big part of this and and here's your stat to back it up Joseph here's your here's the number the day goes exactly the way you're saying. In the Big Ten championship game the Buckeyes did a great job of stopping Jonathan Taylor which really no one else had done during the year. So the badgers had to change things up. Alex Horne Brooke attempted forty passes in the Big Ten championship game 40. There was only one. Game in the entire Big Ten schedule where he attempted more than twenty. Which means he threw more pass attempts in the Big Ten title game then 820. Regular season Big Ten games. We're talking system which means this. If your focus is on getting a quarterback who can do something big in that situation when your run game has been stopped if you want that. Extra part of your office. Then I think you have got change all little not a lot but a little. All of what you do leading and you can expect a guy whose high in pass attempts. Was 28 against FAU. And then beyond that was 24 against Maryland and there was no other game of more than twenty in the Big Ten. You can't expect that dived into running to the Big Ten championship game and it temp forty passes now I know that's dictated by game flow. And a twelve and no team. Can run the ball because they are winning most of the time. I get that. But the system if you wanna be at that elite level again India and I'm starting. I'm kind of get the cart before the horse but if your focus begins on you want a quarterback at that level. Mean you have to give him a chance to throw more than 161718. Passes against Illinois. Or Iowa or Minnesota. And and that's where forty Brooke what he didn't throw any more than then that number of passes. If he hit it ten to thirty in those games forty turn into a great quarterback at don't think so not this year. Maybe there's some improvement foreign down the line but system is going to be a big part of this ties in to your point Joseph that. A great quarterback is looking at a place to go a great high school quarterback is looking at. A an elite college football program to join and he looks at Wisconsin and he looks at these numbers for forty Brookings like. So he attempted. 17181920181919. Mean the same number and not that many in any of these games or Brooke only speaks heated 200 passing yards. Once the conference play started twice once against Maryland right and of course the Big Ten championship game because he had to. You league quarterbacks high school quarterbacks will be taken away from the system because of that so it's partially sister it's partially system. Would like to have seen something smoother and cleaner out of forty broke he would have gotten more chances to throw the ball had it been smoother cleaner but again. The did change from this system is what we run 20 we are one of the elite programs in the country is going to have to come with a different element. You're gonna have to try 33 passes against I don't know Purdue. And then let's see what happens to. There may be some growing pains in that in and that's play calling to a mad mad nobody Bill Walsh for CBS fifty was saying this. The badgers are the tape a team that will do something opposite on second down then that then another elite team would do on second down because they run the ball so much. His point is second five throw it. And then bill if you can get three yards then if you miss that pass on second down it's third and five you run for three and then you run for three get. But see that again. This is very similar to the packers' situation reversed only because you have followed running. You have found Jamal Williams Jamal Williams has helped salvage. This season for what it's worth up to this point Cynthia with errant shots you got to running backs two rookies were getting it done right now. And just let him back at this game against Tampa Bay you had a run game that was working white pass the ball. Why do it's the same thing throughout the season here with Wisconsin Badgers you had. A kid a freshman and Jonathan Taylor who was in the conversation for the Heisman Trophy. Conversation. And he's out there have been 10200. Yard rushing games every week. Why do you need to throw the ball forty times what you need to throw the ball thirty times if you're out sort of brought you just seem to be effect of in crunch time situations. As an always been that case when it came on the third downs. That's where he was effective that was his bread and butter McGinn in the red zone. That was his bread and butter that's what worked well but everything else in between. It was all blood Jonathan Taylor why would you not give the football Jonathan Taylor and that's and it's the same thing here. You know corporate now wasn't a situation in that Ohio State game now to make it easy he's got to make something happen because Ohio State stop Jonathan Taylor in his tracks. Now I thought at times such in the second half. You know Porter bird makes. Pretty good throated Danny Davis and Danny Davis had a cold for their bottles a great one handed catch but then the problem was corner brook then. He started a goal it was kind of like okay I'm just gonna launch the ball and see if you can catch it Danny Davis I don't know what that was the right move. I think you still had to work with a little dink and dunk I think slide away to just go for those five to ten yard passes and just. Work your way up the field that way instead of constantly trying to go with the deep ball because I felt like Barbara. Was started to that a little too much in being a little too desperate when you were still still two score game. Just. Hang on the football don't make mistakes. Just work your way up the field I just I don't like the way quarter Brooke approached it and maybe that also had a same Paul Chris that that's how they wanted to go about it. But. You you put order brick in a situation where that used to throw at that might say so now there's got to be. Bigger chance for error there's going to be more mistakes or secondly as as many complete balls because. Twenty passes a game is usually what he does because he's had a good running back to back a month. It and they haven't been down by two touchdowns that's that's where that whole string to schedule thing comes into play. If Indiana had a two touchdown lead on Wisconsin. Better in the fourth quarter supporting Brooke would've had to throw the ball he would have been in that position before the Big Ten championship gets a tough time. To have to be put a deposition for the first time all year. Box with Gary wolf for the Romney Racine journal times in wolf holds press box dot com next on the bill Michael's. Oh. Film Michael's sports talk network. We'll show returns Kevin olden CBS fifty to Milwaukee Stephanie in here for bill today. I'm breaking stuff. If you think he got literally breaking stuff I I. Yeah I don't have a microphone that I have done some months. Nearly done some day mixed. Oh my goodness they're never gonna let me back here. Billows out a couple of days villain in having fun talk and Packers in talking bucks as well Gary wolf from the re seeing journal times. And Wolfowitz press box dot com joins us. On the Snyder orange hotline dairy. I miss a fun time a year for YouTube you get you get this bucks team having some fun right now they they are being on twelve and ten at least doing some things in back at home tomorrow is going to be a good time for you. Yeah absolutely yeah both the Torre go recruit Lugo. Remember Albert sexson looked good yesterday of the vehicle for yet and saint OWS. Yes you you a lot more awkward. And they said you know they really do enjoy year. Occurrences on the show would allow that to this blog from. Yet they scare has its in we knew we needed it to we knew we we sent the text that was. But he he hears a thing when I'm looking for some information you know sometimes I I I know. Where areas of expertise slide and there are some things that pop up and I say Gary is going to have the answer to this question you invariably have it that's the best thing you have and every time like court. Yeah we they can you help me creating fake social secure sure no problem. Where we we yeah we have a our conversations but but yet when you said it I was like O Gary I. I hope we have him on Wednesday because can you know I knew I was gonna step in so so here we are and we're talking and talking about these box and I did. Let's go back to this game in Boston trailing by twenty for a lot of the team and losing by eleven and yes that's not the result that you want. But there were some big positives and in that game don't you think. Oh absolutely you know they they got off to a moves well certainly have a lot of breakdowns that sequence of circular. You know the the three point shooting team Beck on money Jason. They don't was going crazy. On the left perimeter but they made the adjustments in the middle pack it in you know it's it's not easy when he's in Boston and they agreed meter run. What. You know same time you know days you just can't get down double digits. In the first quarter and you don't want those to instantly put innovation Lisa resiliency and I'm sure going forward to or you could remind. Trades are still atop the Eric Bledsoe deal I think has has paid some good dividends for the teams certainly help the depth what about the Audrey Jordan is it easy it. I mean are we just is it fodder or is it something legitimate to can help this team. Well considering given that wrote the story that's a book about sort of concerned. At. Deal with more than a rumor you have a great but that. Yeah no I mean it it there's there's that we've been captain between some clippers so to several BA officials have. Other two blocks in the Washington Wizards in Toronto Raptors in the sort of terrible world war we're gonna try to repeat I'm sure there is blogs or others what. All of those scenes or are trying to take the next step that become you know. All were competitive in their respective conferences. If you look at the books. You know they going forward that they're going to be it'd be physical center. You know people can dead ball screen crawl always want what you as a picture of schools aren't helped them. You know and in many situations. So yes it makes all sense in the world. In interest and we have now. Hondo oil and I've known this for a while it. Can't be Jordan. Their friend is just too on the books. Again and again think back it see if I can tomorrow with a connection yeah yeah I don't know who isn't I don't what you what what it's. There what's that all okay they equate. The other when they were you don't Los Angeles you know so scope and have remained best of friends and when Eric Bledsoe Credo that he wanted to out of Phoenix. Yeah hundred Jordan tweeted back saying baby could come bluster and what's not so. He's he's not going to Los Angeles but who knows maybe units or come in Milwaukee. It at say this with what we've seen from Bledsoe and and again going back to the between that you mentioned. He didn't seem real happy when things were going south in Phoenix but yeah he's just been. First of all a terrific condition for the bucks but second I haven't seen any issues or any problems he certainly seems to fit in well. Yeah I know I know he's so obviously he's accurate don't order a coworker scorer. One outcome which I think the last sixteen compared to gridlock or one or two points per kick me. And operating team to pick up a twenty point plus scorer. At this point in the season is currently Kook. You know the only flaws in his game. If we aren't you currency now he he plays defense when he wants when he wants to quit you currencies theory yeah. When he doesn't not so much and you know call Booker point guards belief you can produce eco. It every night. That that'll they're watching that of course. And so that three point shooting he's only your career 32%. Three point shooters. He struggled mightily in the first 67 games with a split the last couple games. He's improved matters and so but overall I mean just a tremendous pick up. With this team now facing a Detroit at home two nights. Here's an interesting though litmus test of a game rate amid this a team that's above the bucks from a standing standpoint but have been sliding backwards a little bit to of late this would be you know Bure won a colony thing in game 23 crucial whim at this be nice win within. Oh absolutely and you know what the Bucs have had problems on made an upper keys against the Wii seems like the Celtics. Gold they're warriors coming back the very next game that he numbers of natural letdown. So low the other books response to this game but. You know Detroit. You fully expect a better candidate Gundy in my life. 56 coach yeah week you can go to a lot of credit put. Everywhere he's gone he's one. In another interest part of this Detroit scenario. Remember Henry don't include yeah. You know I mean the guy average it's off the bench in Detroit right. Had slipped. I talked to several people in the Detroit organization. And there reading about Henry in them sick when I talk dismissed if Smith reached forty. He said you wouldn't believe what Henry yelled action going to practice. Well. That dog don't do that because who have been there and you obviously dirt circle. Colorful book bringing him along but. Then I'll say what piece of control yet of some good on me. And can be another weapon form. That's that some fun stuff. Leuer is in that organization and and Bronson Cheney get the geely had pistons are all full of Wisconsin dudes are there. Yeah you know of their deadly of course those gasoline gets on ordering each. Blake from Marquez who dumped you could. Would those who went marketplace you. Wisconsin coming up will be so much it actually wager. This the the beat in state rivalry continues Garrett Wolfe will Racine journal times. Wolf bulls press box dot com don't don't let these Twitter haters get too down you know you know we love you here on the show you know what I would rate increase to make mention of. They don't retire right because if you ice it is crazy I don't know if I've seen anyone who just takes heat. You you could just tweet like a period like you know that the punctuation a period and B would be like that's. And you know what. Let me ask Maria IQ remember the last time I read you response so you know we are so it. Yeah you Katie can't be paid attention to the haters maybe get you got to do your word Gary bass for joining us man always a pleasure. But I don't think I it is scary wolf full on the Schneider orange hotlines Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard to treat you fear for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Call them at 8044 prided go to Schneider jobs dot com. Joseph how about some more bucks on the other side of the break bucks and pistons tonight we'll talk about it on the bill Michael's. Six blues station is strong the oh my school's sports talk now. Good fortune though Michael Joseph brought you by the new well medical center training guys with a EV all over the state of Wisconsin beyond the borders of location Milwaukee Green Bay Chicago. 98%. Success rate to treating guys with edu if you're like me into the low key thing you look for more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina. Better sleep at night and feeling more refreshed and rested during the day you don't give our friends in new biomedical senator call call 4144554451. In the all in one weight loss program yes it really works. Call 4144554451. That's 4144554451. Boxes just in this tonight's. Bucks at twelve and ten. Right now good for sixth in the east I think. Radio Joseph summit this before he wants a top four seed out of this bucks team so if you are that you should win this game you should win games like this. Pistons into. Out to be mohair is Bradley senator. Yacht this antenna to bow. The Greek freaks scored forty. In Boston he scored forty. Folks that's a really really good sign they win that game but scoring forty is. It again against the number one team in the east on the road to terrific side. Like to see some more of that from Yasser I think we will see some more of that from Dallas obviously you have to deal tonight with a Andre Drummond. Fourteen points and fifteen rebounds a game. As physical. It's tough for a fair rate this is and it unique challenge. For these box Detroit. Fourth in the east just it just a little bit above Milwaukee they. The Bucs could not pass the pistons if they win but they would pull half scheme away. From the pistons if they can win tonight except annually two games to one in this season series with pistons while it you'd have a it did close to eight tiebreak gauge if you ended up with a tie and you'd be. In in good shape against those teams and again this is. It it has to do with it's kind of like in the NFL with the division you know your performance against the vikings in the lions in the bears means more if you're the Packers because. That sort of your neighborhood that's where you live. And and for the box it's going to be important to play well against. The Detroit's of the world. If so weird. Time right now in in that division because. You know Indiana is it's kind of in this weird place in the bulls or is very weird place and the cavs are still the cast. Bulls fans have to be happy where they are right now I'm serious. They're looking for the next star they need a superstar on their team in the gulf whole situation done Chicago's an absolute mess that. And that in fact I would really I would ask any bowl stand right now. Are you good with this record and they will probably tell you yes if they understand tanking. And what that's all about and although the bulls are trying to throw the season but this is this is the best case scenario for the bulls right now they need a top three pick. In this coming year. It's. If it's basically they'll end up with this record based on the talent that they haven't won't be taking so much as it is. 84 team playing. Right to what you'd expect they play and debt is exactly as you say it's exactly. The beginnings of the upswing if you think about the box franchise they're two moments. That began the upswing of the franchise that began this different hope in this area that we are in now. In one and was taking got a satirical Pau and that's. I I'd I'd really hesitate to use the word luck because John Hammond did a tremendous job of scouting in knowing. And when that name was called we only to each other like each. Who is its. And he's turned out to be an absolute superstar so that's one turning point. Buddy more expected turning point goes back to win the box word what the bulls are right now. When the bucks won fifteen games when they had number two selection in the draft. And obviously the execution side of it with Jabari Parker injuries have been an enormous issue but that changed the fortunes state. Be in India NBA and we've seen it time and time again through the years you have to bottom out before you can make the rally back. Otherwise you're what the Bucs were free honest and Jabari. Six seed in the east first round loss seventh seed in the east first round loss. The bucks can be more than that now because they had those those painful years the masters did it in baseball they were terrible for three years. And now they are the world champions. So yeah I'd I'm with you it's tough right now on nine Chicago for the bulls fans but it will get better in it gets better because it's so bad right now. Well all I know way is the boxing to start borrowing here. They need this is an important game tonight and am in the division because the box should not be finishing third in this division of community and they should be finishing second behind Cleveland that's that's where I think they should be. You need to beat Detroit tonight. And then you got a couple more home games coming up one of which is one of which is against Dallas Dirk don't was to Dell's the second time please. That that was that one of the down points in the whole season rate debt that was. They didn't show up I wanna start seeing some consistent scoring nights that just got to be honest he's doing it but out of Middleton and Eric let's sell them. Let's bring the offense this defense we don't it's inconsistent every night but the offense should be brought. Every single game twenty plus for each each one of these guys thirty plus reacts to me a second option gimme a third option and you get a team capable of top four seed in the east the bill Michael show rolls on next. Freeware beat Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.