HR3 – Biggest takeaways from the Packers win?

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Monday, November 13th

Hour 3. Plus, we’ll continue to discuss the Martellus Bennett mess. Also, Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette stops by.


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From the league runs to the river for. This season we are Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill monkeys you know. While drum though Michael shell on here we are glad to have you. Hopefully you are. Enjoying. Your Monday after pretty good sports weekend throughout the state of Wisconsin. Of the way down or make a correction in this and thanks to our thanks to Mike who brought this up. I didn't have much Jesse and Al I was mistaken that the official body for the I could I forget they planned November 23 at play at Thanksgiving and then they have that. We can have fought until they go back and play the Atlanta Falcons so they have three games in a row they have the rams upcoming. And then they have the week ever Kimberly were Thanksgiving all right holy crap Rory at Thanksgiving. But then from there they play the lions are quick turnaround a Thursday gain on Thanksgiving. Then they have those ten days before they are to get back out there on the road against you or falcons and on the road get against Carolina Panthers. So then they take on the Cincinnati Bengals bid is out with a gain that was missing they take on the Bengals back at US bank stadium. And then they play the Packers on the road and at Lambeau Field before then returning home to end their season. And they take on the Chicago Bears but they gonna stretch now where they play four tough teams. And three of which they play on the road and back to back to back weeks. So I wanted to make sure we got that clear thanks to a couple people who point that out on Twitter because I want to make sure got that right that being said. Welcome back to our radio Joseph across from me I'm though Michael's. If you want to give us a shout you can you his of on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at the underscore Michael's or at radio Joseph sports. You confide everything interviews calls the entire show podcast download whatever it is you want you can find it a bill Michael's sports dot com. Bill Michael's sports dot com. He was shall there. And then you can you can go ahead no I didn't deceptive in other no realms units of Iran FaceBook each it operational economist efforts you know whatever. 855830864. In his Porsche program and brought you by Marshall clinic and a Marshall clinic health system. They're the ones officially back up gummy back in the game and I met feeling great in the hopefully they can do the same for you might need awhile ago was bothered me had a great experience there. I'm biking and active and you've got an extended hospital stay coming up whether it's for hip or knee Scholl shoulder surgery event. You need to know that Marshall clinic orthopedic staking did you back home as little as a debt that's right as little as a day. Marshall clinics premier care program. They are police procedures to get you back to normal right here right. Make it called the 855 MC or food do exactly like I'd. 855 MC or sort of a money where her mouth was and they cut reopening Gabi dummy feeling great. Go to Marshall clinic dot lord. And you'd find out all about the positions in the services and locations there issue it has been a great experience. So check them out Mike McCarthy. Talking to the media about his football team after a nice win over Chicago Bears. This segment of the bill Michael show is brought to you by concordia veteran services departments dedicated to preparing veterans to make an impact within their next mission through education. As CUW. Dot edu slash veterans. Let's hear from the coach. They go let's Mike McCarthy after the game yesterday. And he's right I mean you talk about a guy that you work with divide Thames is a guy and it's been a starter he's the third guy when it comes to being a starter. And you see it time and at times to work with Brett on and they were on the same page and he's become kind of a favorite target it's it's always been a fluid thing and even when Aaron Rodgers one week you talked to a wide receivers or white and errant throw the ball. The next week heated nine catches so. Ali it is it is what it is put to yesterday than the man was a Dovonte Arabs eight targets five catches nine yards. While 42 yards a reception and a touchdown pass. From Bret Holley an accounting of the corner Indians on the back shoulder pad which was just fantastic so. He was he was their kind of hero and don't forget about it atoms are in person gassed today at the horse and plow in Kohler Wisconsin. So if you're gonna be an ad airing wanna come on my check out the show yours truly Gary Ellis in my partner for the regal post game show former packer badger. We're gonna be their divide the Arabs gonna be there really looking toward the show tonight hopefully get a chance to come around to enjoy and witnessed. It to the horse and plow inside the American club in Kohler Wisconsin beautiful place beautiful. Look at four to a tonight. 8558308648855830864. In the loans by kids dot com told free talk line. I'll talk about this for just a minute era double their branch agreement press gazette coming up to the bottom of the hour but it I wanna ask. How much does it bother you the Martellus Bennett thing. If at all or are you just moved on Osama me just say to hell that I moved on it's a big deal. But the way this guy orchestrated his way out of town point the finger as he walked away from the Green Bay Packers organization directly to medical staff and the coaching staff. Blame them almost for some his issues. When we all know that this coaching staff and more so this medical staff has been overly cautious with player's health consider health and safety for a long long time. I'll what does this say about Martellus Bennett what does it say about the organization. Give me your thoughts coming up next in the microchip. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. So Michael shows on the were glad to have you. Martellus Bennett thing yeah. This has been something that is really bothered a lot of people some people moved on from others. Still John you know all different stuff but the Martellus Bennett thing really is this kind of stuck with some people. And a Martellus Bennett when ash you know after. Was saying that he couldn't play wanna get to shoulder fixed and was injured in. In all of that as we come under a lot of fire for basically being a liar now nobody's claiming that they know whether he injuries not. You know the suffering from a torn rotator OK are we I don't know you know those that have the X rays in the MR Zain OK there that want to know for sure. But I'll say this. And he was asked about wall blow last night will wire you play you said that you couldn't plain green that he should after trying to get the short fixing getting way needed vengeance in your heart your current white blanket. Bush's go ball. So even the writer of the stories the way that white. You were on interest in returning the field prior to moving back to Foxboro because of the short. But yet he couldn't pass him a chance to play for a team that just won a ring a season ago. And then Bennett couldn't resist at taking parting shot an agreement medical staff. For asking him to play when he claims he couldn't. But yet he's gonna go play it's just it's. It's it's such a load of crap. And we've we've learned now from the Bennett's both him and his brother that day or whatever. Whatever is going to pontificate and prop them up that they can just spew about prop them up publicly bill set. And we know better than to just take them on their face. It continues to be a bizarre episode for Martellus Bennett. I'm just a week ago was ready to give up on the rest of the season was talking about retiring. Now he finds himself on the on another potential Super Bowl run. But he couldn't play at the bottom line is this he quit. Aaron Rodgers went down any quit he's quitter. And try to blame on everybody else it's it's miss the mark it dude the Bennett Brothers and did nothing is their fault. That's the that's the thing you can look at this you know there nothing is their fault it's everybody else's fault and everybody else is lying about them. And Martellus is in that pool. I said all along I said if you're gonna while milk cows you know which he says sleeping your locker and go back go go Fred go go back all that kind of crap. You gotta back it up on the field he didn't pressure started amount he wasn't playing well he wasn't the primary target he thought it was going to be. Aaron Rodgers goes down the season looks lost he quit. Just call what it is it's. But I think he really burn a lot of people that he was there are. That he was out there playing last. Find it laughable that Martellus Bennett told his agent. That yeah I'm gonna retire. So any teams were trying to claiming on waivers just tell known on retiring. But then. The New England Patriots call. Idiot to think about it. He would think about for a few minutes. And then yeah yeah I'm I'm gonna go to New England because you don't telecheck he's just he has a way of convincing me. Get out here we're a phony liar he's a fraud. There's a fraud you liar. So I mean is his true colors came out just fine and you know what. Think you too. Numerous packer players including Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson who went publicly on Twitter. And I minster grand to defend doctor McKenzie. What does that say. You don't just throw a doctor under the bus because all while you don't ECL yet coop their employ. Everything about our tells Martellus Bennett story is a load of crap. There's nothing to believe from nothing. The mammals ruled out at the beginning of the week going into the Chicago game and what are you know various catching passes for the New England Patriots last night. To joke he's a quitter. In this one is from from Angelo who says you're all just hate no on him because of the protest this has Angelo. You're looking for a reason to be racist. You're looking for now the same as Michael Bennet once you're looking for now UN inherently are racist. You look it's not because the protest at all. The guy didn't perform. The guy lied. The guy worked his way out of town. And all he cordoned play he's going to he's going to have to get surgery he's gonna shut it down Melissa he's out there last night plant that's a lie. Okay you can't protected you can't hide it you can't explain it away. So why. Has nothing to do with protests has nothing to do the race you wanna make it as something races you apparently are racist that's your fault but don't look at us for that. It has nothing to do the protests are you giving him about protect matter fact we made it a point not to talk about on this program. You kind of keep that Allah or sports life here in case you haven't noticed which makes you inherently ignorant for not being paid attention begin. 85583086488. By five. 8308648. And loans by kip dot com told free talk quite a 558308648. There's a real issue of people taking that I have though with the the the student's not showing up for a big games. Bomb you make all these fusion you want people. The bottom line is they don't show up until late in the game then they say in the fourth quarter they do jumper and they leave all of those seats to be sold for a lot more money. And what they hold off for the students so the students are gonna show up take them away. Take a boy it's embarrassing. As a top program of the kind this is a reason you're not getting respect make your excuse 82 brewed in David and mark and in the make only skews you want and Bradley. And Brian. No big deal. No big deal that's why make all the excuses you want that's good live with the mediocrity. It is what it is. 8558308648. I said it earlier this what he's they're talking about his. That's a look at the state wouldn't you had a big game like that up against Iowa this weekend and you based are panning around the stadium midway through the second quarter. And three quarters of the student section is still empty. You know what it is to get in you know what to security process as you know the voucher process you know all business. Get an hourly. It's it's let's be honest it's not about the game it's about the parties about the experience of the entire experience around again that's fine that's exactly what I would do what I'm saying is is that if you're not gonna show up and that's all you're going to do. First of all rightfully it's embarrassing. You obviously have no parties don't care so your part of the problem secondly you could sell the seats for a lot more money. There are other people the love to get season tickets and pay a lot more than what the students are willing to pay or campaign or should pay to get in so all I'm saying is takes on the student tickets away. Shrink it down. Give the students should just a couple of sections instead of that hole Enzo. And get it always sell for more money. And you don't think is about money you know you don't understand the financial factor in all this and you you should actually go to business school learn a little bit more about it. And don't argue on Porter the doesn't make you Smart when you only put a 140 to 280 characters you look at Aigner. 85583086. For a mortal like a show next. You're listening to though. Bill might school's sports talk that. At work. Back to the program. No Michael shows on the air glad to have it. Hopefully you're having a terrific day no matter where is you are Packers get a win yesterday knock off Chicago Bears 2316 at Soldier Field. And again we have a great time got the shot bar in the beautiful Sheraton Hotel thanks so much of the staff the management down there we did gringo post game show down their arms. Really really good time great experience. What are Elijah that's coming up on Thursday night gonna be volatility Monty and news. We Montana's in a Mac one really looking forward to Paula (%expletive) green gold analyst is gonna be our guest out there. So looking forward Evan Paul on site but girls are gonna be they're committed time coming up authors in its 68. Hopefully you're gonna be a face the credit is all brought to our friends at Bud Light Hugh Fisher. Beer sponsor of the Michael sports talk network air branch of the Green Bay press gazette now joining us on the shutter orange hotline in Eric. Hubble we are looking for was progression again for Brett Connolly we progression for read only talk about his play first and foremost. Well I think you saw. A little bit more bit odd ball is usually a little bit comfortable on however. I did see a ton of the tunnel. Super stepping forward he still has. Interest in the pocket a little bit behind bars are most timer has had gotten caught a little bit quicker. But what I think you put everybody's in the south. Did you know a couple of crashes that touched compress to about Adams that was that was pretty good acts. Put it right where was in the long pass at the end of the game. Atoms. That was that the priest are placed himself. So you look at those things yeah I saw some progress but you still need to use. Too soon for him to be really good quarterback it. Listen there's probably twenty or 2500 teams in the league look at that guy so it's not like to they're drawn treatment certainly. Step in the right direction and offense took a step in the state finally on the at their identity if they continue on litigation they could be successful. So looking at those are the defense how that's not a great offense we know that their very predictable offense we know that. The defense did exactly what they're supposed to do they have no reason to apologize for that I just don't know how much I can gauges to gloat or bad or whatever coming out of that. They matched up well you know. What that one thing that the Packers do well stop the run between the tackles he did that very different. They were able to take the stretch play and talk sweets are the routine and played good on the edge. Running the football. Ukraine has done a pretty adequate job all season long. And especially these guys wanted to on the ball between the tackles. But that's. That's that's kind of the strength to the fact the defense are strong up the middle there week. At the perimeter and they're able to get a couple runs it but really ready to get up to five yards on the Barack. On the ground that's pretty good no matter replay it. Offensively our programs are. Against against the out. You know they got fight sect was. Probably four month should have been passes that the quarterback sure got out of your hand you know so they. You know you're playing a quarterback it was handcuffed and what used to doing it and certainly for whatever reason. I would expect more out of the care that thought he would low ball being blocked all the hype that this that was going to be. A little bit more polished. Certainly did not looked on the field or did you want to is that god that he sees a white radavan. He should he get nervous and you know whatever sort of all worship of god I got the ball out of time. You know especially about one roll out bad words that mean the guys opened within ten yards. He's sector to dissect you know that's been you've got a lot of fun today in the film room watching a play but. You know I do it again good quarterback it's good to me to see what happens when they play good quarterback. So and that was my question because we solve Drew Brees get him beyond your mom Matthew Stafford didn't like you don't kill somebody played pretty well against some true misty not a great quarterback fiddling throw they don't really do too much Wear them. He's a handoff first and second down got to guy it becomes relatively predictable. Flacco look tired at Flacco is an established quarterback but he's not a great quarterback by any stretch of the imagination I'm really interest in this ball game in that sense that the new storyline will be OK now I got an experienced guy that's got a great guy. But what does this Flacco looked like a Joseph Flacco that won a Super Bowl Mauer is Joseph Flacco looked like to guide its. Kind of played this season and has been somewhat lackluster that's a storyline going into this one. Right out of your you know you would get. He he had recovered she never disguised you know probably not in the pool very often. And B whether or not he's got enough net firepower don't feel. To run around you know to to to get open. That's going to be that it could challenge in you know the unfortunate thing is even against that this guy running story so you know I don't goal. You know the Indian guy just shows and had a awesome game against the Packers you know. What's gonna happen when you have a have a really cute quarterback. Who could who could beat these guys up and they'd be do or secondary. One of the biggest problems are secondary to look in the back so soon so darn much of the pump fake also in the guys can't open by ten you know so so it's going to be interesting to see what happens and and I think he's the reality is it's going to be here on out all the games are going to be tight we know that. It's going to be whether or not the ostrich can continue to do this thing that they did some end of the third quarter through the fourth quarter. That was good solid football they got back to basics. Run run play action pass. Yeah argued that they got lightning in the bottle there that running back. You know if they continue to do that they can dig you chew up the clock and it's been successful once they they got into playing real well on offense. Scored every series except the one that last the last one word he had been missed field. The debts that's what they gotta have gotta go back to full flawed citizens would bring wide open stuff. On the ball a bit on the quarterback Ford actually saw that McCartney you ball we got into playing. Shall law wouldn't flying. Play action pass Lou running powers in the running. Good hard. Power plays and where employees we may get a lot of good stuff to put that pullback in the back field. And ran the ball and opened up some of the passes and that's what they've got to do this suck up that. The secondary suck up the the linebacker to throw over top on the mean. It that's this is this what you saw in the fourth quarter end of the third quarter. Should be what we see the rest of the year. Com the call on the original. Cut of the wildcat to direct snap to rental car like I wrote about it are treated I'm like what are you doing while you do and as I saw. Then later in the game like Alan okay I get it I was wrong it's I don't like it I'm not a fan of it. But it least it gave some different wrinkles for teams to look at. As to what the Packers quarter couldn't nude on the road we've seen it before Randall Cobb. He's not a threat to throw let's be honest he's only thrown one tacit agreement packer and even though they people's right through college with the c'mon let's be honest he's not throwing a football so it's knowledge he's gonna go well but. I wasn't a fan of it but I could see where they are going within I think they might use it more had hunley not tweaked a hamster did you like that. And I thought. I it bluntly did equity option I would fuel efficient. Mean that's that's fun stuff like me now it's exciting for me to that like I like running. You know. Until old school throw the ball up there's there's only one thing that can happen in the hope what you bad can that can happen. Saw a lot of that I put the political play that really is currently monarchs they're really we I mean I again it's like. Her real family honor analysts are lineup and the ball output to be the guy that can run the Balkans or in all. At this point this season the ball injures you really want to rattle cup run introducing gap in. It clobbered by linebacker. All right I don't I think your work. It. Talk when they're printing of the Green Bay press is that is so would do films the other local intelligence on the ultra quick Zorn is sure to mention I did mention earlier but. At some point you gotta conservatives don't want you don't. You gotta know warrior on the football field I've never seen anybody field upon inside their ten much lessons under five at the goal line or inside and ends on before that's the first and foremost thing I know we're trying to get a spark or using him because he gets small he can be a Jew guy. He can make people miss. But easy making your specialty Labatt. All in the first basket put it me he's certainly not as Smart as is that that's for sure mean that that college. Really mean to build those situations that really put your options are the hole and you're defense at all because. If you don't marched on the field in the history out of your punt from the ten yard line that's a that's a very difficult placed upon from or worse. So Somalia given the other team's offense and and advance to get the ball inside the fifty age they can't do that very often. You know certainly not the first don't play until this year but certainly that. Good oh culture marked a little bit to say listen you. You know sometimes you gotta be a little bit smarter than they do. On the wanna look over the other sort of special teams and that's the long snapper the holder what's going on visit Mason Crosby and imperfect pretty much for the last three years. And all of a sudden now it's kind of an adventure I understand you've changed personnel. Palm and you're talking with a new launch ever wet ball yesterday game on the line or not again line but does this snapple aligned ended up being bottled. Eight you know that's another thing you're talking about special teams play I looked. Rods are still a great job in coaching his team go back to last week when they got an eight seconds the special teams on the field. This particular field before have it turned out they don't they'll lose the game but that was brought the highlight of the game. So he's done a good job giving your overall thoughts on now runs a. Well I think he he certainly stepped up the entire player of the special teams and it's that they let it so hard and so sub. Every given week. You could have a whole bunch of different picture than that on special teams. It's not like your leg and obviously starting eleventh. The bottom and the bad of that roster especially with all the injuries as it is not stable and they're moving guys in and out of Derrick. Yet eagle classic was dispersed we need to. That you're a couple of injuries kind of guy and I got this guy playing here so. That is the very. Intense situation to be and it takes a lot of coordination to get guys. Oh mentally prepared to understand. There's an injury this guy down a year up on special teams in the neck. Doesn't act like a Chinese fire drill or anything. And what you see in Europe all the injuries and everything happening in it looks pretty clean other other than a couple of dumb. Plays that are happening less media to return guys there and help looks clean and not again we are my hats that have a guy because. Oh me holy smokes imagine cup what welcome and working you don't know that the board. A solid job right goalie. Right now and wiggled big right at this past weekend about Dom Capers and his job and it's it's. Which is why all of a sudden Don it's a little bit of a reprieve I mean Mike Daniels said at a ball game that they stepped up because they were tired of listening to people tellem that they Stockton. And on they go first of all it if it takes us to tell you suck and you don't wanna hear it but it. Minutes of the got to bring each and every waited a pride factor involved and all that I don't think you really helps on favors a whole lot but the fact that the defense played pretty well got the field on third down. Had big numbers in that area five sacks in the day. Not a bad day the office but I think if you're really gonna say that that job is safe for that defense. Is on their way. That I they need to put together for their range of the season consistently to be able to really help this office. I agree. It in the Princeton beat according they're gonna play you know some some decent quarterbacks they wish effort again. There happily keep you object warmup you know so so do you guys are gonna have to Kamal play. Consistently like this and then the problem is yeah and I can say this to this you hold on the ball outlet at and around nobody here on the twenty yards he takes effect. That'd get it out until Flacco that I'm sorry those that would think there's just nothing happens when they're gonna have to find a way. To continue to get home in the a gaps and put it in the and one of the things that they didn't really nice job of was. Collapsing that guards and the guardians they took it is gaps in orbit on the passing game. So that your does he added below left and brought in somebody. That was fantastic. Are they going to be able to do that against. Get someone who's more seed and who would not trade through the law in pressure. I don't know the way to equate to run. Fantastic they're gonna do it twice and so quarterbacks you comment on the play. We're gonna have to find a way the origin or they're gonna look just a bad and they could've looked just is that Eddie and the prayers at a at a more Sheehan quarterback. Mary Jones we know is Giuliani were from three to five weeks with the screen them CL law we know the time Montgomery's play with those ribs. So way you know he's just Jamaal weigh as we know he's the guy we ran we reckless abandon yesterday and much more decisive much quicker than I've seen him run. How much companies the avenue moving forward. Well I told a couple of runs to move on that were true three yard looked like a million dollars. My goodness they do waited he ran for what was it was fantastic they bicker about a little something there now they get to a hundred guys wanna get the ball. I'm now now maybe Nokia made it into the did little to reform a little bit more power runner in between the tackles from the does that bring over ten guys. In Jamal Williams said he expects. That from him and I think the couple things that I really liked about it was it was he did pretty good in the casket you know he did well west. Pick it up the Pulitzer. On the and then he caught went on the back of the back to associate on a Dickey looks pretty complete. Really. I was surprised they didn't speak up and ran what they felt what because it done. What is strange in the right shall answer and you know didn't quite a bit foreign linemen so. You know I I'd really like the package or they got there right now picking I think this big kind of found their identity and go back to playing traditional football and this was day in flyer you know wrote a wide open stuff Jews. Probably not you don't have the quarterback to run that social Ron Opel give the quarterback. The opportunity that they successfully just put a 106 yards on the ground to against a pretty decent these these tests. Keep you would keep keep pressure on the the defense mix and make mistakes because they did and they will continue to do that little wave that. Kendrick had read it blocks are second in the world you probably like this claimed plates you blocked and and then. School out nobody would intend I mean that's. That's everybody's dream that's what you do when you can run the ball and be successful. All the little things come and play to keep that your defense off the field. Don't outdoor ballpark with that on snapper field goes if you could score touchdowns and be successful and keep the ball in your hand rather. Turning now and now you got to defense elder that's a little bit suspect and are tired. NATO Erik per share Manuel talked to literally go okay. You've got to have a great weight should that aren't avid should be fun no doubt about it or bridge agreement press gazette joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider or job like shatter our drivers right now. You work hard to treat you fair added into it for eight plus years call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com. As Schneider jobs dot com. By the way. Com and I wanted to make a mention this T speaking of out there move around a cruise around mark just texted me. And he said he stepped in over the Qwikster pick of the Packers Tumblr loves it he said he's also got a unity it's not as good as the Eddie but it's just can parable. He's there was only nineteen box filled it up because today the Packers won he got a free refill Lisa thanks for pointing me in the right direction for the Packers Tumblr. Over a quick trip picking up the coffee today. I was soon it's gotten a free refills but. To be a step in the quick trip you have that Packers Tobler goal for. Free refills to. Good stuff there so thanks for take a listen thanks for arrests happen quicker when we come back. When we come back the odds are out. And Las Vegas still. Doesn't think too much of the badgers. They were to taught America a national action. The border to border. We'll Michael's voice told the network. Michael Schaub was on the air yeah. Just an FYI. Can you still get a ton of respect when it comes to winning the national title. The odds to win the national championship this year. Oklahoma is now number two Alabama Oklahoma Clemson my Niemi all burned George. Then Wisconsin. Wisconsin is now twelve to one odds they were sixteen to one last week twelve to one. What Auburn jumped them Auburn was forty to one has now jumped them to ten to one in Miami was tied. Wisconsin six to one they're now 821. Clemson. Is an 821 daily dropped a point so speaks are when they too want talked about. Oklahoma. Is going fourteen to one or afford one favorite. After being 141 last week and then Alabama it's funny because Alabama actually fell there were five to seven nods now tend to level actually when. 1011. To win the national time. To investors who got yet another win over very good team when everybody believed to be a good team. At Ohio State went from 75 the one they had the biggest leap this week they went back up to 161. Vegas looks a death that lost. To 20 Iowa is nothing more than an aberration. As disappointed. Honored if you said the AP top 25 its ban among Miami's yeah Oklahoma Clemson Wisconsin and then Auburn at six. San. Via hi there are nations and our state the Wisconsin Badgers are the highest ranked Big Ten team the next highest ranked as Ohio State. And I look at Michigan now nineteenth so that'll be a nice top 45 win. For the badgers they can continue to stack success in the end of the season to the resume and I can get anything out of it for a for him Minnesota but his there's a big game. But but see the debate is going to be now when you see these updated rankings tomorrow night. How high is Auburn going to be. Because if you look at the AP top 25 and again really AP top Wi-Fi doesn't matter. Ani Pete are Tony bibles made some adjustments after they saw the first college football playoff rankings because racing made was not single from four to six so now Scott singles up from six to five. But you have Auburn ahead of Georgia right now on the AP top 25. And that covers got a couple a couple of top 25 wins two don't forget they've been over 24 Mississippi State at the time 4910s in this of their second top top ten win. They launched at LA issue by for hard fought game there on how much are going to be penalized for that and then at the time Clemson was number three in the country and they held functional fourteen points. So they're being highly value the Auburn Tigers are and right now and that's my fear. Because you would like to think the badgers. An undefeated Wisconsin team should be ahead of a two loss Auburn team. I will be very interested to see if this committee has Auburn LeapFrog Wisconsin should be the case but who the hell no. Sarah yeah Michael show Paula I'm big in my Clemens coming up next. Six blues station strong. Oh my school's sports talk now.