HR3 – Buy or Sell? Bucks in the conference finals?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, February 9th

Hour 3. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”  Plus, NBA writer & basketball insider, Steve Kyler, stops by to recap yesterday’s NBA trade deadline.


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Yeah the league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but bill Michael you know. Dan welcome Michael shell is on the yeah we're glad to have you. Glad you're here thanks so much as always is portion programming brought to my cousins some where the Rubin in the racial or back you know if there was W local cousins of pick one up. Two day in the final little cousins subs download the app. Could be going to mobile device no problem the other drive around for some lunch head over to cousins ups. Cousins cells would label even better the officials sub sandwich and a Michael's sports talk network boy what a day yesterday in the NBA news and the bucks or why. But the Bucs also look at it is one they're not gonna give up on everything just to get a player. In tune they got a guy back and Jabari Parker and may be with the band back together so to speak eastern do you some of these guys healthy. Mirrored their team it's equipped to make a run I think that's kind of the way they feel to talk more about it. Steven Tyler from there's Steve Keller from NBA. The NBA insiders is a basketball insider. Joining us on the shatter orange hotline right now Steve I don't ma'am what's going on. It warmer current art here on well I'll let let's start with the box first before we get into the flurry that went on in Cleveland bush did the bucks and really do anything they're looking for a big man. And they did there was a lot of talk a lot of rumors but ultimately they bigger price in my opinion anyway they're pretty Smart they didn't give away the farm to get any player. And they can they can they get some wiggle room come the offseason though that. A little bit and I think they're look at these these fact that they got to Ari Parker back a little bit ahead of schedule. Got to get a real good look at him and understand where that. You know even basically if it didn't then there are no. Is how he looks great movement well it all kinds of reasons to say let's see what we've seen them when you look and he was sent away. Well really look at it for yarder to deal. Gonna give up 20. Rental Andre Jordan giving up to worry Parker try to you into a problem like I could see it he. You want you to act. Good that it's quite what you gonna get down and set or if it will and it. Here are they were able to pick up seller you know who shot on you know they want it didn't want shot on I think they got. An additional help aren't. And we'll see what the buyout market going concern that they and other guys that. It was that this is you'll like they got the right mix of guys that you get more help the good knows you're there to Ari are you lose market. You know at wing politics you seen bear. On animals who they really are. I'm thinking of the teams since JC kids departure. You know lucky if it's always talked this year a coax people like let go. You know he was well why aren't La player because you can get the very charismatic guy but I think when you look. Yeah exit goes. Out and Boehringer. You'll lifting say they are playing better. I think like significantly. Better and more Coke and I think those are things there you know which you get that kind of hit knock it. You know you can look what you look very creative for credit. You know when lit the alt I agree in part to very creative when I think a lot left to desire on the offensive side to I think they're better. But we'll see oh only if you know about the long term not short term but certainly I think that the Iowa players. The other the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is how I could this be the equivalent of getting rid of say. Fifteen guys on a football team at the trade deadline that's the significance of what went down yesterday. So did they get better to Cleveland and you don't going commit to LeBron say they were getting better or how do you see this. Well you know it's funny Coby Altman telling me editor of the second youngest general Atlantic series yet DAX. Market guy or. The youngest. I'll eat a bowl army did go to Ottawa LeBron know what he's thinking but they aren't set at bat belt like watching the load yet. If things were getting better they were getting sick. Hoax could blossom warrants. So they make the ball moved and they each and you have been part of the problem there was the locker room just hop that it was not a positive environment. All the way around a little with the individual agendas and some of it was under. What year. They're the easiest way to fixture locker room and go get into the locker room and accurately hit it got younger hunger your aunt. It's certainly here are gonna get better and actual on gains are currently looking. You know the Mac contrast in you know there's a lot better ignoble if there's Federer there's so many different. But there could be a huge adjustment because want a lot of these guys ever experienced. What you championship basketball he is more importantly it never played with a guy like on the union's so much everything. You know they're going to be an adjustment period but I think the more complementary guy that a lot of the guys that were on the. Couple years ago or talk or last year were talking about Isiah Thomas. Being a possible MVP candidate what went so horribly wrong. Bought a couple of things one knee injury and really set it back injury that hyped as the victory of the slow recovery. Incomes that he's a dominant player at the unusable dominant player. You know I didn't get a victory defensive player RT dreadful defensively I think it'll go back to problems became very glaring. But it didn't and I you'll fit you know for the cavaliers it was always about the Brooklyn okay. You know I gala. That was millionaire. They were hoping that he could be something for them in our time you know they've really pushed back on the injury they wanted to you know more about going on what am. Because they want sold he was going to be a long cops say it. And I think all right ailing quicker he wasn't a long there you didn't necessarily want pot even as he recovered well. Did to Cleveland Cavaliers get better. I don't know. Think they're better I like their of the is better. And lucky that it could be incredibly good for them I think Larry Lawrence in so many things in them. Wolf C you know it's it's. Never giving I mean I bet the guys between. You thought OK well they got a bunch of really picked up in the 65. So how it goes but I like the IP you know of it again I think because they're younger hungrier they're gonna audience that their offensive player. And more importantly to all my heart arteries I gotta do in Cleveland. That was Steve Tyler Amir at a basketball insider and when DEE because I know there were teams that are kind of pushing out some salary the LA lakers pushed out some salary. Everybody believes the bronze gonna opt out he's in new freeagent. And thus there's this big boo LeBron James sweepstakes it's gonna be on. Is is that the way this is gonna play out or is LeBron and of staying in Cleveland now likely who has said look we're into everything we can make sure that your comfortable when you're you can win. I think that's the big party and you win. You know what is he and at this. Year's finals in the game and they lose I think it. I'll put this. They're because Boston's starter and yet they're they're young guys are ready for the moment. There. Aren't too happy you'd still be achieved he's gonna make the same amount of money goes. And long term you'll. Aren't meant you'd like it in a in fact the real thing how could and may be and that was a big reason why they make an extra but I also think that is also give them life. Well as. If I am the and I said this yesterday tell you from crazy. But I said if I'm the Milwaukee Bucks ownership group and you've got to Rory could you most likely go lock him up at the end of the year after he tests the waters. You've got Yana you've got a young team if LeBron hell bent and going out and be competitive in trying to win a championship somewhere else you've got as somewhat weaker east. If I'm a box I go and say look we're gonna pay regardless. We'll give you everything we possibly can and can you imagine going winning another championship would another team specially for franchise who has won once since 1971. You talk about cementing a legacy to take three teams to championships that would be this astounding legacy that no one has ever done. Is that the pitch that would be reasonable. Yes that's what the lakers are that it appeared you know that's the reality. Is that you know look I'm probably you can going to catch Michael Jordan is its 10-Q what multiple teams. It can lead to another group and I think he sort upon you'll play our. If you earn more usually good roster insert or block you're he's been here the other part to. LeBron means everything about it is. You told how you proceed in the immediate change do you interact with your players. In what you're spending a warrior. And you tinker trial court. What you week or with what are you wanna be up tempo team this week that may not be out quite arms. Com we Jonas of being this star on the rise in and beat people talk about tennis superstar status I agree he's got an unbelievable load of talent. But what are cautioned fans in this area about as its nominating its just that yet won any thing Jimmy got out of the first round of the playoffs at what point to the bucks become. That it did they have to win some playoff series B that can legitimate contender that legitimate team that people take as it is a threat to the top of the east. Absolutely and there's no question it's part of that though talk about it either way that I thought it would really interest in. He figured we get caught up in young guy that. We gloat that. But that that would equate apple didn't win back its all in it but winning stats that matter and I'm the goalie number of young guys. And then you start about a week and but I think it's. Interesting to couple the couple that way because what you think and so each and certainly. UK. Start to really look at guys who could put up or do you think that what you're championship. When you realize the guys that really league championships been so much more in act. Without being a parent a lawyer not worth it and honest and it does so in order that. They convicted special. But you really don't ever get to the whole thing you guys were double on number it doesn't it and you do it. Somewhere in order to be that kind of guy. Brokered before let's go what are your expectations out the boxes we ventured towards the all star game in and obviously the unofficial second half of the season getting towards a post season. Or accidentally you've got to look at that in Antarctic are a big hole playoff in it yet they're acting they're. As lenient here right now on I'd maybe arguably better look here. Marc. Interest in internal. Security and a bunch but I don't know that. Outplayed him on. Sitting here talking about you're in the discussion where. You know that the Boston Celtics on marker which we cavaliers in the middle. That is an art not. Great stuff Steve we appreciate what judges and okay. 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Broadening coming back Jabari stays healthy. Everything begins to click. Yes. They can make the Eastern Conference finals they can be one of the teams it face either Boston or Cleveland I will Cleveland's gonna get there. Cleveland is either going this is either going to be. One of the best moves. In NBA history I mean think about it they move what six guys we've come out of their total roster of fifty step. Six guys a third of your roster has been moved. Mean big events like treating nine guys we were baseball team. Your name and that's such ratings like swapping your entire defense out on a 218 players kept on a football team. Think about that permanent that's how many guys they moved and we're talking about you don't run easier that nobody knows of you tell us starters. So they moved. Six guys. Yesterday. And I got to figure out how to play together all over again. On the fly I just don't know this is gonna work for Cooley means earlier today they got younger they got more athletic. They they're better defensively they can play better pick and roll offense. Played. I don't know it's gonna work forms of a dozen jets are as Boston and whomever. You don't knocks off Cleveland. And sure why not why not the box amid the Bart Starr Roland. All these guys been together they'll how to play one another. You just gotta melding Jabari back Torre back in this thing so yeah why not I'm not gonna say yes they can make Easter coverage files can they win it I doubt it. But I think they could if they start hitting all the right gears by this team has to figure out how to handle success because they're not done it. All season long they're just now starting to win but they they got to beat up on teams that are as good as if not better in the they've got to drown the team's. That are less than that and they have to do that consists. Oh that's music buyers as I got about 600 bucks coming back the box click yes oh yes or count as fine a supplies eight or sell. Go to the college game now Greg Gard badgers get away in the last night in the men's game. But Greg Gard bandits use sweet sixteens. C bought a house he over Marquette made it 22 term limits in his ten year. Why are cell Steve what your house key. Has more job security than Greg our. The right now I mean if he had yet to give me the long jeopardy. I mean first of all people wondering what the heck happened it was got a better basketball if you look at and understand that you say OK and injuries last couple recruits. Hasn't been a great class they've got some they've got some young guys okay you give a pass. Oh whoa Joseph there comes there's expectations. You know get back to the tournament you've kind of got some of the guys Stewart you were given gunning for. In your system given another year let's let's really get this thing rolling or direction. Bomb put Greg garnered yet another bad year he's there's going to be loud clamoring. To say hey you don't want you wanna make the move now before this whole program spins out of control and hit anybody come here. Words won't joke. If you're gonna make you change venerated change it takes him to the next level. Cannot take some backwards because I think he's on to something he's got something going good here he's got some names coming. I I think medium a little bit of a pass but he they they you have to data to play better they've they've. There are times when they should get wins and they don't get frustrated when you're talking about championship timber united saying out about these teams. But it is Marquette team there have been times where you think what the heck was that I was at the Xavier game he thought two different times they're gonna pull away and Hannibal was that on myself right. So. I think we'll just got more security. But at this point nothing surprises me neither camp and I think next year's a huge telltale sign for both debt but borders got more security. But yourselves. We'll switch to the Green Bay Packers. Blake Martinez tied it in the NFL all season long with former badger Joseph schober. Of those do both obviously never conferences but Blake Martinez did still take a lot of heat from packer fans on his pass defense and different ways that he defended tight ends coming out of the flats own buyer cell Blake Martinez is a top five inside linebacker. In the NFL I need just from the eyeball test I'm not demeaning anybody I was in now. Just from the eyeball test look mingling Martina is it this was AJ hawk you are we saying he's making tackles three yards downfield it and what ninth because he's not a high draft pick. But because he's not an expectation draft that he did a better year he was in the right place the right time he's very aggressive and likely hits in the fact that he wraps up but he. He doesn't arm tackle I look there's a lot of fundamentally sound things to look at when you're looking employed Martinez flied to. That being said. Top five now a top ten year average not top five I I couldn't I couldn't do that. Because of the reason that I gave you leave this was AJ hawk he would be saying. We make on three and five and seven yards downfield guys great tackler but he's in the room you know he's giving their step too late. So no he's not tough finally stopped yet. Buy or sell less well I got here for you bill the Milwaukee Brewers are talking about I'm a little bit earlier. But reports stills late in the end you every free agent pitcher in the book buy or sell the Milwaukee Brewers are good enough. Two in the NL central with out another roof. Move CI I wanna see other good now but I don't think so I think they need another pitcher because you just. Pitching is funny because you can't carry momentum or you don't suddenly miraculously figure things out as a pitcher you just start to get what they call lively arm and you know you go to the dead period after spring training needed for lively army a movement on your fastball. You're able to spotted a little bit better yielding better control. Com. Maybe you gain a couple miles an hour or something like that but for the most part. It's figuring out how to pitch and figuring out a way to get your body to do with their winking kind of control the chaos. So. Are they. They then when Lester would say noon and I we will win it this year. I think offensively they got better they got some guys you can maybe help him out of slumps. Mic options that's the biggest thing for this team. But. I think you need another pitcher to put yourself. The they could do what let me say this they could make the post season as a wild card I don't know if they're gonna win the division right but they're gonna be fighting for it they're going to be maybe a game or two off the pace. On paper. What I think to really put you or the top you've got to have another pitcher you've got to get somebody they can stop the bleeding somewhere bad losing streak you're on your body hits one. And he got some we gotta have somebody can come and stop the bleeding and Jimmy Wales is not that we don't know when it's going to be back he's I would assume that this season is kind of watch. For Jimmy Nelson this upcoming season I am not looking for Jameer Nelson to be really relevant again until 2019. And that's not knocking it which is saying he's went through some pretty serious surgery. So I think they need at least one more just my parent then they have very off I just don't know they're gonna end with you are reassured. Jake here yet or not either. For that matter it's it's almost looked like neither. Under his own guys are going to be a tough one again yeah. As he does not want to be in Milwaukee market yet from what we see right. While I try to keep it on the rails and down for all around it at that and why don't we come back. You're gonna hear the voice of the Minnesota Vikings Paul Allen had a chance to catch up when he needed a conversation coming up next in the Michael show. Wisconsin why it's so filled Michael's sports talk and work. What about a program like those shows on the air we are so glad you're part of the program hey speaking of being a part of the program we were over at radio row. In Minneapolis had a fantastic time a lot of great guess crossed the stage. And we couldn't do without some were fine fine sponsors. All the water doctors. By the way. I'm nordic medical waters off the system for 1718 years now in the I've actually can't sing its praises enough. 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You'll learn more you wanna sit down and have some social time with a significant other. Great way to do it social style dance dot com that social style dance. Dot com in our friends Dwayne the whole crew would judge Wayne's cover all of in Wausau. Whether it's boats are on earnings or carpool Austria even furniture in the house. He does a great job at restoration. And re finishing in recovering in such go to twain's do you weigh any extra Wayne's cover it all dot com. When we are and ray in Minneapolis and radio row. A lot of mucus in almighty god you gotta get Paul Allen on got to get Paul Allen on. Saw one hour talk to Paul and have for years we'd now be able to get him on the program it's mainly because he's on the same time with his radio show the world march. So finally I said you know what c'mon order table let's just sit down and chat will tape that we can playback at any point in time. And we did and we had a chance to catch a ball around the voice of the Minnesota Vikings here it is felt that god has not seen here hosting this thing is supposed to. First vaults and honored to be on your radio show how well respected as it is even though crossing into enemy territory sometimes is quite out for adversarial forming. One thing I did learn. You know in nom in in the border battle the vikings and Packers and the fans in the families and everything will have. Is that I'm I'm gonna look edited different way and I heading in to twenty teams yeah after what I saw with Eagles fans of Lincoln Financial Field yeah. Just now he. But I mean you know I Ian and and team members and stuff we at family members of Lincoln financial and you know some some of the things that were said grant and some of the intimidation tactics were just to rule really crossed the line itself. To your question it's up it's OK I mean I'm enjoying radio row if the vikings had been in the Super Bowl. It down you know I it would have been different and the road to more fans here at Mall of America. Even though where they have me without my cape and radio show set up. You know there are a lot of fans around us and as a good energetic vibe to it. But it definitely will it would have been a lot different at the vikings and again now I I'm going to be ignorant on this question which you grope your rule book like experience. No I'm from Washington DC as I saw an anomaly in the Philippines Hawaii Los Angeles San Francisco. Relocated. Full time to a Minneapolis and 98 compared started out I'm I'm a racetrack announcer by trade. So I actually I got to Minnesota in 95 to call races. At a track called Canterbury park. And then I started my radio show in 98 and started calling out vikings games in 2002. Yeah because you have such an incredible passion for the team. Andy you know him well obviously we got mileage the corporate Favre call of course you know we now play at all. All the time in which had a lot of negativity without these picks by calls all the at this point it's it's that the passion with which you called the game because a lot of broadcasters it is just delivered the game. And then the color guard brings the next yeah don't you. You live it it's like you're down there yeah it's well I mean this is my first play by play job at any level. So I'm very fortunate in that when I started in 2002. You know I was I was very wrong a lot wilder that I am now. And dom you know those that KF AA and endowed with the vikings they've they've permitted me to be myself. And you know I'm I'm whether it's my radio show or calling these games I'm just really into the team. And I want the team to do well and have a lot of friends within that organization and I know. Powell personally and or different if personally they take it or difficult would it be for them when things don't go well. So you know in my nineteen years of doing pretty damn radio show I think the the audience didn't really feel. When things are positive or negative through the way I'd do the show or call it such as a liar I've always said I appreciate the compliment people last meek is a group in Cincinnati and when we're doing our statements that we'll. Obviously your buck accidentally play debate it's like look. Now it's not about just the teen now because you get to know the people now see you root for the people that the go on other teams gaffes that you can't wait to see you out and root for you you'll flip over the box oh yeah like I did point out on a different to me like before we sat down here a Golden Tate got the outstanding slot got for the Detroit Lions was doing an interview right behind us. I want it to make sure or I shook his hand and acknowledged. The greatness he provides in the two games then I get to call between the vikings appliance. You know because I have a high level of appreciation for these players and you know the vikings let me watch practice about the facility a lot so I know what goes into a full week of game planning up to a game. And how exhausting it can be for these coaches these players to a certain extent so you know whether and not not being from Minnesota. But but really colleagues at home for two decades. I'm not gonna say the fan base necessarily. Has a problem with the way I look at the vikings Packers rivalry but really up until the super ball you know I. If Green Bay loses on a weekly basis that's good because it helps us win the division but I have an immense amount of respect for Aaron Rodgers. And dump some other players on that team Brett Favre when he played for the Packers and I. I just don't have family. That grew up here so we don't go like back and forth like I feel some points here so you know. Lambeau Field is football Americana it's it's my very favor place on the road to college game. Every single year and a ticket in their twenty times so it's that you know that that may be the separated between me and the fan base with the with the one Abbas mentality. When you guys got far and we all do the path by which he wanted to get here so we knew was coming out. There it was funny to those driving him duke game. And I are fluid and product you have Edgar says you know manatee reviews suitable and a quick that I hate and the ones that it's been doing it. With the packer via instant you can ton of that mentality. Initially a little early I you know went numb. Win then the head coach Brad Childress. Drove to this private airport to pick him mop. And drove him to the Winter Park facility need where I was like this is Cody Simpson chase that's exactly what Elijah I mean there was a police escort. The all of the news channels locally stopped everything and followed it. And it away having Brett in 2009. Is still the most memorable season I've had calling vikings games. You know another big moments during this when he seventeen where we almost got to the super ball where Tom you know there obviously been some high in moments. That 2009 season being next to that icon. Yea it's. It's like during the course of the season doing what I do doing what he does somebody chat with him a grand total of thirty minutes. But after we lost the NFC title game to New Orleans. I kind of mustered the courage because everybody locker room crimes including him pursue you are in Adrian Peterson Sidney Rice. And I mustered the courage to walk up to rat. And say to him. In my eight X amount of years of calling vikings football. You are the most game changing the best player I've ever come across in my life. And I want to thank you not only for the season but I really hope you come back next year and he embraced me and I started to cry. You know on that that's still the most memorable professional moment I'd. Moving forward you're obviously a quarterback situation. These freedoms and Bradford to leverage water like we always. Situation. Like we got referees NFC offensive player of the week you know I'm in fourteen games and it goes down yeah. We just Betty we wanted to division tears up his name you know difference though the way you guys were who was. You could lose a quarterback because you have a quarterback to take chances that mattered who was yeah I agree defense right bags in hand that aren't built entirely differently. You know obviously America for reasons now so we are all where is this franchise record elusive who's under center come next well it's still that it's still an incredibly good team you know via the defense fell off in the second half of the playoff game against New Orleans. And completely against Philadelphia. Maybe that's more eye opening that I think it is into the offseason. But I but I trust the head coach Mike Zimmer to make. The needed tweaks and changes to make sure doesn't happen again. Now from quarterback standpoint paste in a Teddy Bridgewater Sam Bradford other all on restricted free agents. Alex Smith gets traded to Washington Redskins. Are cousins going to be available I think core you know is better. I can argue Kirk cousins is better than eight either AB your C quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. I also can argue pasty unum has a right to improve with a full offseason. And and a second season starting basically every game. It's a quagmire it's an. Absolute conundrum can be very difficult for the team to navigate through it. But obviously we'll have one or two good ones and do much when he tees are respected. Zimmer when he was with such a lot from that area got a lot of people that told me that guys can be rated coach now. Unionists I didn't like about I don't might very well we spend we spent a good thirty or 45 minutes together in his office Friday's. In division into the world the other game on Sunday. And you know I I come in there after a few my radio show about 1245 men. All I really need to take the four minute pregame interview that Ayers of the vikings radio network right in front of the game. But I've got in knowing so well and and we've become so open with each others that. We chatter about a lot of things with our daughters he has daughters I have a fifteen year old daughter. Anybody listening now who has fourteen or fifteen year old daughter's. If you're not the meat grinder god bless you but it's a freaking meat grinder almost every single bag went with these teams you know and he's been through it so which had a lot about that. We we that's in similar circumstances transpire and our wives. About that a kind of brought us together. It and and assisted with our body so I could have gotten very close on a high level of respect for him. His defense of acumen is as good as I've ever seen in my life. And down I know much. All we said coaches and coordinators with whom I've worked for decades after they don't wanna win. Mike takes losses very personally. He takes things more personally eighth and he showed it but he more so than I've ever seen with any coach with my work. When air Rogers comes back how far away are these teams because right now it's one and one B. Right in your Rogers agreed equalizer comes well are two things on this one went down when the bears cleaned out their staff with John Fox. You know in in fairness and competition act went without having sour grapes. I was really really glad to evict and you did not go to the Green Bay Packers I mean he is and he leaked defense in mind. And I'm not necessarily short in my opinion for what it's worth the Green Bay has the greatest 34 personnel. I've ever seen in the history of football you're bigger but seats and you wants to run that the acting that would have gotten things out of that defense that. Maybe the previous regime couldn't so we states with Chicago so let's go out when we out when the vikings play green bag. If we come into the season I'm not a big Las Vegas Alex works spending or anything but from an odd standpoint. If if somebody made Green Bay favored to win the division simply because of error and I wouldn't be offended by it. But I do believe it will be an absolute tooth and nail Dark Knight. Right down to week seventeen between the vikings and Packers got to ask you for much ago the that the Minneapolis miracle when we were the call now. Your color guy is going now I know you had to get it in twice when I was such. Upwards and he sees it not talk to overeat it was a drop that you could never said another word what it dumped it it personify or typifies the the importance of the moment and magnitude of the moment because my analyst the Larry McCarron for the vikings radio and Larry started yelling. Hurt our hearts you know and get that finger and everything. He's battling I think so he grunts I completely understand and a lot Larry and quaint knows exactly what I think of him I think he's the best play by play guy in the NFL. But doubtful with that said. Pete is is there is generally low key very analytical very even keel. For him to go out of body the way he did yeah personifies. How big that moment wise. And at that stage I didn't you know I don't have Minneapolis miracle on a cart in front of me right into that drive by said that he. To win this game and we're gonna need to Minneapolis miracle and he said all this is where legends are made and and we did a few plays a minute act. You know also for him to go a lot of body the way he did. And and meet to stay with the call tried to stay with the call pop why did he gets loose 32 and touch down walk off against New Orleans Minneapolis miracle 61 yard Minneapolis miracle I got to stay with the call. So at this stage in my career to be honest with you I'm not. I'm not concerned about stamping things nationally war. Capping things blow up nationally in light like the iconic call you had a million clicks right. And see that was huge it was like just went with my little talk with my boy at seventeen in my girl fifteen. I mean they honestly couldn't care less about the call they were happy to vikings won. They liked most when they got to high school and came back that Monday saying dat. Your tried your number one trending in the world are new to so for kids a millennial they think that stuff really really bad. But it was school meant it was I was a very good moment. Definitely top two in my career. Too bad we couldn't taken a step farther in the NFC title game now. It's pleasure listening to you always we always a lot of fun talking to you talk about how that kind of stuff de Rossi for governor or appreciative. They know that was Paul Allen voice said the Minnesota Vikings he Joyce and radio row hitting get a chance to hearing last week I hope you enjoyed it there's too Paul. Column he he's he's passionate guy I mean and the thing about it is fearless news program. The god knows more than just Minnesota Vikings he's really in the wild really in the timberwolves I mean he knows if you're heard of laughed at the end of the program. Melky so at the end of his show he does a wrap of everything they talk that day. And it's like two and a half minute actual rap song that he does relish a mirror and I heard at one time has come back from vikings' offense on the same time what are the same time you are so. It was wild a year ago yet he he's extremely talented and he's he's been there for quite some time so we're good to Janet gave density have a chance to chat with him. Though much of your tournament. You're listening to build build my school's sports talk that. At work. Have time now for the new melon head's up plays of the week as we get into it to a big line Giambi and this was as the host organization right here Jabari Alley ill take a listen. Back. And then you got meg balls touched down take a listen to the Philadelphia call is there in the super boy and they are getting crazy. Gutsy call by Doug Peterson and his Brandon Graham in this seals the deal for the Philadelphia Eagles quite. Would like to was like. Freddie Mac again. Today go to Philadelphia Eagles end up winning the Super Bowl they knock off the New England Patriots. And that is your new Mel has a plays that we brought you by the new Mel medical center pretty guys with the EB all of this it was going to be on the borders column 41445544. 51 when we come back how much is too much for Aaron Rodgers. Westphal limit every legal analyst also. Thoughts of brewers baseball and a guy that has been doing this a long time look at a lot of film he breaks down agreement packers' Greg cosell. You're gonna hear from him coming up shortly as well state to more than a much instructed us. Ordered to pay. Film Michael sports talk now.