HR3 – Buy or Sell?: Rodgers throws for 350, 3 TDs, no INTs

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Friday, December 15th

Hour 3. We’ll play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. We also get to the Nu Male Heads Up Plays of the Week.


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Full moon leaks runs. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans column should talk the bill Michael show. Michael. You know while I don't know Michael show on the air and as always we are show who show. Glad to have you. Know Michael show is continuing radio Joseph across the way. And they're having a holiday party down the Adam hall and show. Journalists at the we really don't. When the benefactors of the fun and frivolity that takes place during this program I think we smell. They schedule everything. For noon. And we smell so they don't just speak for yourself I shower and then I think and think things rub off on us when we come to new studio. On one and there's a there's a fortification here this is a anyway. Food is walking down the hall the holiday spirit is. Is streaming. Their beverages flowing everybody's enjoying themselves. Christmas music is playing. Then are we feeling in that holiday spirit two the magic got a frosty hat is going to fall. Into the collar bone of Aaron Rodgers and he's gonna come back and pick up where you left off in leading Green Bay Packers to three straight wins what is your level of confidence in this team. Going into the game in Carolina this weekend let's go to chase listening to is an East Lansing chase say don't limit what's up. They don't bank draft. I have pretty high. I think. Look at the active bond Aybar. I don't think airline in evil Iran all of that well again not art in my you'll never bought an old buddies like big Gator got. Mary and has got it down. Number one Ebert proposing. And I again year rot. Back to back you stop that now that you get the ball on the deal you lock down there at the little further that you put with Brad Ott might actually. And I also the act older broad majority out not they're out in July well that that's my prediction. I have pursued a phone call. I I certainly hope that everything turns out that way. I certainly overdose. And his team are my whole. My whole. Argument and agreement Packers losing this game is not Aaron Rodgers and it's not that return and it's not the ability to move the football it's not team ability to score and it's night. Majority it's not the run game none of it might might argument is. I guess I should probably say what are your trust level of defense just to maintain so Aaron Rodgers can out score. Carolina that's what it comes down to. I don't have much. Not feeling good about it. This was. This was remark RO quick. And mark said. I went to see these Star Wars movie oh by the way Joseph you go to see that your Star Wars guarantee you go to see the than the the movie that came out. Announcement not not this weekend okay. They converted a bar in Milwaukee looked over and cut a you'll see lounge into one of those. Click on drop bars or something that just it becomes a theme bar announce our worsening bar yet they made it. Into Dag robot where yodel rice and it looks really release sweetly bartenders have like storm trooper helmet signed. Luke's X wing fighter is an up. It is and not the swamp that they made in there and there's trees and it looks really cool he he is picking the Packers. Via the force. Areas has to hear writers. Via the force to win this ball if he speaking of that it's it's back. The brewers announcing today Star Wars night at Miller Park it's on May fourth. This year is Ryan brawn and bronze Sola. Bobble head night. On May fourth may the fourth be with you. Get your tickets now he can how we look at let's go to Brett listening to a you know Clair Brett welcome the program go Michael shorts somebody. I bet I really roll into that pick up our. Yeah how would assume that that you know everything about it is you go to they're dressed like something nobody knows who you are so you can Bible little bit and you'll crazy and went. In order those who got crazy out. Right. Area. Comment on the I have limited I have limited they packer week. I get a little I get rattled that and everybody coming down actually Bert because you've got a lot out got all the money that he'd. See where they built. You edit these or the people just seemed like not get it there yet if you design scored 35 point game. About thirty. You'd be open session late and you need to get at turtle for immunity all the into all of the first step in that but that's down. But you met while working and you're back to bet potentially with. You're coming back but don't look. Between top. No and Rogers RE RE. At over sixty million dollars a year salary cap right there. That is not spent and beat that we're gonna be spent. That is Burnett. Well Mortimer and that's going to pay more to Burnett's can give pay he's got a guy he's coming around they they spent on Mike Daniels certainly. They put some on your off season money in some of the creations and I gonna time. But Morgan Burnett again it's coming up he's you get paid an opening. Or an article I don't know what the other thought is at all anymore because it's what they do they draft the development they think the next guy's standing there. If they don't lock because debt and get that third contract you don't get it and and that's what they are both. You know bump up I think the umbilical. Chilled me at eight. Dom does a lot with bloody as Derek find out why the plane he played the lead with him on our. It's yet if you're not a bad because. He is not epic shot beaten but the and you look at. Look at last year when they're ten years ago what brought into the meat off or etiquette and it's where you spend your dollar your dollar players. Our productive you'll have a good tee and it just packer fans have got to realize that the 1960 Packard. Our middle linebacker this not the way to get a ballot now this team is designed. The BB. Offensive T aeronautic all the politics in the outward they've spent their dollar and their interior up and applied it would spend that money on a suspect it's just. Packer fans drive me crazy trying to beat. There's any EXP it's not draw I don't bite away at the vikings in the Sunday night already are yet but today earthbound. Saturday and yet there. No I as I was saying I I don't think if if the Packers should lose there's really nothing riding on this game. Then would that be flexed out for say a bigger game but no because it's Aaron Rodgers is the team the putting now to mean they're they're gonna keep that right there and have people Rask unite but now. Usually if they're gonna take it out of that times like an alleged two weeks in advance and received phone call 8558308648855. 830864. In the loans were kept account pull free talk line. Give us a shout would love to hear from it let's go to our Jason was into his demands and Jason are you doing. Well I am not a problem. My local competent this weekend is not I'm kind. I agree totally with you I think our defense is I mean what's the latest that 61% on third down I think that's pretty horrible. It's kind of funny people that I watched the game went they laugh at me atom lapping at the defense and I might get I didn't I'd probably cry because this lose. Pretty pathetic what's going on. So. My last point has. Kind of looking ahead toward April on what do you do your ticket and it starts. Thrown a pick at the offense to that kind of took some research saying. The last pick we had for offense was there sure odd. You know on we've been spending all it takes on defense and not intend to be done right so just wanted to an interior side of the story. I'm well I mean don't forget they jumped up to get Jason sprigs. Meant taking a first round draft choice. It has a say tackle. Or off and I think though Pritchard the focal it's a great question because. I said this it was it was yesterday I think it when it comes in the draft OK and I know this is looking ahead because we're worried about this week. But there was a philosophy when Ted Thompson took over it was just basically get the best available players just to best talent you confined to match. And that's what he did he took Aaron Rodgers. When you didn't need Aaron Rodgers you still had three years or Brett Farr even even more in many cases our age you thought that Brett Favre would continue even after. You know the whole ugliness and party Green Bay happened. So he just took the best players available. That was it. The best players available he ended up taking in this team rose dramatically. In just a couple of years to prominence they went from being a 500 team to getting in the post season getting their tastes and going on when a Super Bowl so old. In that case. I I my philosophy is at least my thought is go back to that. Because what you're doing right now is your drafting for need we're taking the best player available at that position. Energy. They granted you're scouting OK you're scouting it thinking this is the god this is the guy's gonna fit our system by. I think your passing on some quality talent that has proven to be elsewhere very very good and over the last couple years you're refining Pro Bowl talent. You finding god race. When ever a general manager draft for need rather than best available doesn't matter if you got four quarterbacks that are all fantastic. You can trade around turn those into picks and turn those in a better. Or turn those in the players get in good positions that you meet. And I've always said look the year that they did when everybody said what are you draft a wide receivers for Jordy went down. Next thing you know you're calling James Jones back. You had Dovonte you had time and gummery demagoguery here's how the ankle injury divide take a barely play by the end of the season and I mean it was just. You got decimated don't want you can never have too much of really good talent. Never you can never have too much of really good talent. If your loaded number one positions OB. Yes you're gonna have some holes and other places but you know you've got quality talent and you begin to build depth that way. When you start to reach for guys and you miss all my god you set your franchise back three years deposition. 8558308648. On loans by kept our council rhetorical. We got Mike McCarthy coming up we have some buyers so right around the corner state don't air branch again the bottom of the hour more than a Michael show next. Border to border filled film Michael's voice talking network. World of sports a lot of people say a lot of things. But does that pass the big unit test let's play buy or sell. This is the bill Michael's show. Don't Michael jump on the end. I'm electoral warrior Joseph across the board. Have a good day today on this Friday of who you are as well. To lose some buyers so coming up here is portion program. Brought to buy a forensic cousins somewhere they believe in better. And they have a lot of things going on right now because of what every meeting every new beginning every celebration they make you better. Because they GNU parties negative big customizable party boxes and classy to put party subs and you're coming at the end of the football season and bowl season and holiday season lunches and they got all the general covered over cousins of that's where they believe in that the officials substance. But the Michael sports talk. Done now is a virus already Joey got. The various ran Willis finally living up to the first round billing. He's he's done better. He's done better. IA. Living up. Living up to what is it insinuate that he's got that first round thing going on Asia's dominant he's not dominating but he's played much much better. He's given us all a lot of hope. You know what is it hard. Jump to ask you this is it hard to think of the marriage renal look at him. Concedes ten times to make a pretty good play always good decent coverage in and make that one bonehead mistake you like same all the various Randall you wanna throw your hands in the air. And then he's that guy that you just. He's got that he's got that right killing a red letter on his chest the scarlet letter. You know pursue similar stupidity that he says would then he was hurt last year so the year before he played pretty damn well. What I should didn't beginning this year didn't you saw my god it's guys that can get it now we certainly get it. So right now though I think people still look at him mr. marries rarely guy that was burned. Left the field reportedly left the stadium did or he did a year did Neeon Harold brought. That's together I think about Susie living up to it. Lately he's playing much better but as large living up to first round give me another season Mary's Reynolds playing well known TV with the person. But your cell. Well there should be no regrets when the Packers did not bring it Julius Peppers back peppers isn't nine and a half sacks on the season for the answer at all why you said at the time you get him on the cheap getting. On height I think we look at him as a guy that was playing situationally and for the money. What you're paying him for the productivity hang he had he had the best. He's the best stats. But any defender per snap on the remit Packers last year and I was saying itself. Because he's the old dude. If you don't have guys around him that are making more plays per snaps than what Julius Peppers was. I was saying something about that because I thought they could have brought him back toward a vote like seen him come back. But. I don't think anybody saw this coming let's be honest we saw maybe four and a half five and a half sacks. A little bit of an impact nobody saw this tournament but this guy that went to a new. Back to a new old so to speak and god you know ground on grass is greener a little rejuvenation on the other side so no I I. I didn't see this coming so I don't think they made huge mistakes hindsight being what it we say hell yeah. But at the time we were not screaming to bring back Julius Peppers we were simply saying he's older he's not playing every down. He's not the same guy and let them go. And he took got in ran with a so kudos to him Buddy Guy and I don't have regrets at the time so I'm not gonna be hypocritical about mount all of our guy soon KJ were. He was nicked up all the time people go crazy and a lot of go well he was nicked up he never was a 100% in that was the reason he wasn't fulfilling his. His duties so to speak and that's a reason when they let him go with a nobody really screen they couldn't believe it let go Casey had. We eight or sell. Because of a really good Carolina run defense Jamal Williams rushes for less than fifty yards in this game. Little bit beat up up front right now. The defense serial mom really worried about Aaron Rodgers I think we this is where the run game benefits because of Aaron Rodgers being on the field. I think that be they are not gonna try to stuff the run that they'd like to. But early on the make sure that they don't get any origin and Aaron Rodgers opens it up that opens a two run game no I think Jamal Williams ends up with the 72 yards. On the day summit Acela and 72 which there and Jones ends up with thirty or forty and you've got to rush day 110150. Me 120 yards that that that tandem back there. By yourselves. The Packers defense holds the Panthers to less than thirty points so shoot out. There ice at 3547. But now I I don't see it happening they can't get off the field on third down they just. Between fun just Olsen in Cam Newton that's all they need they go one author one less offensive line opened the package you get so I just. No I'm gonna sell on that the Packers and defensively speaking. Will not hold Carolina to under thirty points in becomes a shoot out Packers Packers loses ball game just I wanna say differently but I just I can't I can't. So promising them. My Packers prediction by the way 3834. Acts they don't buy or sell I do think will be a shoot out. West went for bill Aaron Rodgers throws for 350 yards three touchdowns. No picks. Self IC throws for 200 in forty. Throws for a couple of touchdowns. No picks. Runs through varied little yardage I think. I'm gonna go with the over under on 133. Packers fans that literally from holding their breath pass out. Throughout packer nation began have to call amulets because. Aaron Rodgers is taking off from the line of scrimmage and people are afraid of him getting hurt. So those are kind of the numbers that you look at and we talk about your statistics for Aaron Rodgers so they have. That's is by ourselves we doing to more than a few times a week we always do we do. There ego. Hey let's do this just take a listen as he wouldn't Mike McCarthy has to say from his press conference alluded earlier that shall we hear it. This segment of the bill Michael shows brought you by concordia veterans services apart. That's dedicated to preparing veterans to make an impact within. They're next mission through education. CNN as CE OW dot edu slash veterans. Let's hear from the coach. They know Mike McCarthy his breast council a bit earlier today when we come back. Eric branch agreement press gazette is gonna be joining us on the Schneider orange outline gonna talk to him about this game and then get his five. As to whether he thinks the Packers don't walk away with a victory in this was Porsche program brought to buy Marshall clinic health system there the official health care provider of meat of yours truly. And the the Michael show the picture we have coming back in the game just couple weeks ago wasn't feeling real well under the weather called care my way 844 care way it's 844 caraway. They sent a prescription my pharmacy nearby. Fixed me up feeling great doing great everything's what wonderful feel a lot better and you know how sick if you listen rogue program regularly you know how sick I was. They can help you out as well in if they can't they don't charge that's best part about it's gonna pay for play. Check out more should clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org. Or his column 844 tier wage for four caraway seven days a week 78 and 9844. Fairway that's the Marshall clinic. The official Hochberg care provider of meat red checked next in the Michael show. Six blues station is strong the bill might school's sports talk now. I enjoy those expectations. Enjoy and meeting those are exceeding those that's what it means to be a leader in this locker room and and the quarterback and his team is this going out performing and doing your job hopefully gives a lift some guys but. I'm not come on back there to save his team and come back through. To play quarterback there where I'm not a player and hopefully we always love overplayed collectively and find a way to an experience. Walked back those sorts of Aaron Rodgers. Coming back not the same team but judges play the best he can't try to elevate everybody around him. Those are his words he will be taking on the Carolina Panthers him his Green Bay Packers this weekend. In Carolina I go Michael's welcome back greater Joseph across the board game we bring you in now our friendship agreement press gazette in Eric god so aaron's coming back we all know everybody's happy about that. But don't we all we also can't play defense how much is Aaron Rodgers though taking the field. Kind of tilt things in the packers' favor in the sense that it makes the defense better and somewhat. Well of course. And here's why a lot of people they get I understand that people like you beat me up could call me names. I understand that better writers did not play defense and here's the reality reality is is that you're the Carolina present. He got the ball commit an outlet inked. Under six points. Seven points or less you're playing your fingernails so cool boy dad situations you're probably gonna do things that you might not normally do during the course of the ball. To get more points on the board in the passive objects so. If they are different because they're one of the specially with this is the part that everybody talks both Kim you guessed it labor fantastic. It is throwing the ball outs. Yeah not very accurate. Throw some out there. Probably could find a way read between the two industry and the merry Randall or between the two when the one those things they're gonna happen you just put some of those adopted. They're gonna try to throw a ball. They're going to be trouble I think that gave. I think the Packers defense is going to be OK against Iran realize shark and Stewart. Blew up last week and you know. Easy Eddy kids out there. Listen. I think defensively guest they're gonna if you can underscore one point unless you're mistaken. I think that they can. You just enough. The Packers rockets that they start it is very rendered as the ball off twenty times plus game or failure. All you. Do well here. I is much someone is here are either come back and now look rusty I think there's going to be some roster I I what does the margin for error in this ball game in your opinion. I think I'd I think. But the good core I haven't thought but I actually the margin for error is in new bigger than we all expect. Because of the fact that you know I think this edition colonel would salute. And I also who I believe very strongly that the play action passes gonna be you know is gonna be deadly. One of the things that we win witnessed the last several weeks was. There were still there or were shivers running wide open the tech quarterback Justin hit. And Rodriguez hit those notes are in particular are going to be. Gary cute as part of me want to treat it out but it's not going to be rapids it was when Huntley would understand that it did. Very good offense looked really really good. It's just his producer were guys running wide open. That quarterback Justin had. So I think that's going to be a surprise that you know these are sold some of those older going to be individuals running out of pocket sorting out and on the hash it. That a winning tickets for the silence so that although a good thing we're gonna happen. That's my next question over on our Jordy Nelson getting more than six catches. So over. I think so too. I think there's going to be a concerted effort up don't do me wrong it's not the LaMont has an Adams is not gonna get his run leaders Jimmie concerted effort to get George the ball I bet George has a with a touchdown catch and has bought it. I would think that he'd they're going to be possession type roles in all third in cherry who's the best and third entry. Throw the ball lol and where guys can come up again it's. It's what they do those two guys that prefer have masters perfected. You know arms Jordan aired and Roger going to have left got to to a lot of bombs already absolute told projected due to tribal. Those are the type of things that we did not see the last thing we should we're gonna we should probably should on Sunday. I wanted to ask you we are wanna go back to the run game eight you cool right now in your opinion is the primary guy just because he's the hot hand as the Williams or do you bring Aaron Jones back because he's just got that ability just to scooted to get small in the hole in the and he looks so good. Black figured this and NCC what's happening you know about it and and number I say this. This sort of game that probably better suited for Jamal were you get that monster they're at linebacker position. Can't run away from back that's. If you're liable to well there's 59 we're gonna run the other way just playing right in it and he is out you got very good short area equipment we will turn and tackle you. Almost Warner. You turn intact lead before you utilize graduate just chapped is the best thing to do Ron right. Mean it's him attack you that's weathered an appliance with us you're probably find a little bit yourself on the ads running. Away from him but the bigger Morse overall success on the run game is going to be right out of instead thirty better suited for that. Defensively speaking. That you. The secondary hasn't been great to go on houses and practicing we know that do we know Mary's Randall has played better. Tom it is it more incumbent on the linebackers maybe a guy like Martinez to make sure that you don't he Cam Newton outside the pocket to extend plays. Or are we talking about in the secondary. You gotta play tighter fortress and everybody else got up for grabs don't let Olsen beat you on that third downs seem over the middle I mean where is it where's the big play gonna have to come from and instinct. Under the cut so yeah. It's it's gonna come from. So. Put Dick ordinaries Randall took him to opt out. Or or Burnett probably morsel Burnett because he's gonna have to stop Italian coast built an uptick in you know that that's where we're gonna happen but we're gonna start. It is going to be fifty through his head. You know claim that he's got a couple put together a couple good game church that we haven't seen in awhile. Well we need to dig deep underground and moved to talk about it make him throw the ball. We yeah yet. He's got to be cognizant of that that came out running so it's going to be a challenge it's gonna start out flawed they played out of the I think that did a couple interceptions. Turn that tied the game and yet that's what does that have to pick up. The I'm. While when I look at the guise of frogs in the run game the ability to stop the wrong and it's bin there they haven't really given up but I wanna yardage they have meant terrible. Put I'll tell you what when they get a good stopper to on first and second down. What are you seeing right now when you look at the film that is made second and third down long situations. Suited to make his defense so vulnerable. Obviously it looks like time that they don't know where the actual lineup. And in the second and speaking and it seems that there's always a lot of motion or out. It's it's it's the cupboard and their ability to to attack the football. The other part though are people masses of those two back presented a plan of really solid and so there are there are probably. Top point guys in the league it's up one you know conscientious guy with with Ryan. You know he tried hard study here guys think they were Martinez the reliability in the passing these days. Just not looking up at turner let's get now if they can get a little bit depth in the passing game it makes it harder on those. Throws across militant Abu got to the course looks a little over the top rather than hit the windows so. Most guys. When Merriam they're probably play a lot against. Also most relevant important and sizes are just gonna have to read really really good. And be able to turn legit and keep an eye out there and get. Look for work underneath but kit gap especially hampered sit because that's the entire yen or Wear them don't blow outs where where. It would take those away with depth. When their back to melt but they can be a problem resistance so aggressive on the lawn and a lot terms politics is that one steps. They are not bailing out and move forward now to stop the moment compliant and turning though. Who. Chris was always male or break it down again on Monday over a result of a medal went. We did pretty good about the way you picked the Packers when this mourners Carolinas to much higher. I have picked in the practice when I don't think it's going to be a come from behind late projected to. I think there's a entered have a chance I think they're gonna be forced to throw the ball up and I think. It is going to be some assumptions. As much as I want believe in the Packers and offensively Aaron Rodgers putting pressure on Cam Newton to win that ballgame I just. The defense is as the last three weeks the inability to get off the field on third down really has me spooked answering them pick and they are painters in this one but. I hope I know how to kick the they've got a kick that a lot of that senator. Uncle Leo that standard they can take that guy out in this kid beat him back relativity coordinate. And those fall to an assailant but as you know that's gonna help but that's the key medical defense of the decentralized tape it's senator and blog in bat. He's a pretty good guy. He did a nice job in he would back last week and they ran the ball a tree he we keep it got a big got to be able to nullify it blocked. And then it's gonna help so much better on third down. Good shot and always will chatted a Monday. About judges and they go have a good weekend he's off to a that is our branch agreement press gazette joining us for a couple minutes and Schneider awards highlight. Schneider hiring drivers right now you were crowded street fair eighty bush years immediate and call me 144 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com or more ago might show next. Everywhere you still uncertain the film Michael sports talk network. Rolling through Florida and it came standing by her. I'm representing black red six standing by good night everybody pitches standing by product that I find that side standing by. For a national failure. Podcast on exactly what question. This is ridiculous point oh. In honor of star orders. What does that tell what is this newest. From. Episode. To episode eight the last Jeddah the last Jenna. Is the end of it. Not as an on the way it's okay. We'll skywalker of course we'll have a much bigger role in this movie. New and I'm not sure. What's gonna happen with Luke. Last young guy. Who needs can be used skywalker in the retirement home. Well yes he's kind of you know he's on an island and run and went nowhere yeah. His thing is Darth Vader manner myth I'm not going to be able to watch this movie for awhile slot going on between on the end of the year but. What I wanna do when I did this two years ago when episode seven came on I had no life. I watched all the movies in Iraq. Before I saw. Episode sentence I watched one through six. And then went over to episode since I wanna do the same deal. Again here with episode eight I wanna re watch all seven of them now and then at the Sony and you. I gotta make time for. Mean the Star Wars movies are ninety minutes long each standard two and a half out mean and couple of Omar and the best Star Wars movies in the world plots. Still stars. May have. I'm government deploys the week. And I guess they are and Joes like in the Star Wars world and I just realized I don't have my pilots right for her. Busy trying to foul that's. All right it's no problem I'm gonna tell you that if the Green Bay Packers continue to win it it just gets crazy and they end up in Minneapolis. Will be able to rejoin the bill Michael sure we're going to be there. Live and in person hanging out in that talk and all the stars and radio row we're looking forward to it are good friends our good friends. At a San Giorgio. Geno and a whole crew down there or world's third street until we're right next to call her a clump that's the place to go to get to go Michael speech if you're gonna git go that's a plays out how there commend you going to get. They pair that thing over beside her voice from point brewery. And that's a pizza to senator beer they get their whole meal ready for you always so good it's an authentic Napoleon Donna pizza. There's only 67 these places in the whole low country. We of one write your own backyard stopping the San Giorgio. Get that bill Michael's pizza order that the ordeal audio was in Georgia which is an actual day in the middle is that SharePoint group also. Don't forget that's compared to decide which they don't let's get joint. Now it's time for the new relatively easily Trevor sabres with a credible return of late in the game of the fox sports got caught here it is. There you have it number two huge no. Shortly thereafter Dovonte Adams with this one yard touchdown. Yeah. Meanwhile there you go and then number three Dovonte out of his money yet again. Oh me oh my. They go they won in overtime that again is Thom Brennaman accompany the call of fox sports it's human heads up plays of the week brought to god. Humor about it. Asserts the medical center that is you making a new man that you that's what they do. In they got a 90% success rate in treating guys in the ED that's 98%. Also below T treatments are fantastic better mood betterment of clarity better stamina. A bit of sleep at night feeling more rested refreshed during the day they got all that going on over there I went through a fantastic program and then there's the all weight loss program which you may be pissed. Cakes cookies pies or like down all right now you in the holiday party going on. That's happening as well you can beat the times so way if you wanna jump start the new fitness the new you with the new year. Caller present new mail mimic a medical center 41445544514144. Part five. 44 51 coming up next hour break on them Paula bigger Greenwood at green Gorey analyst is going to be here might clemens' medical series radio gonna be here. A lot more than a light show coming up next. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports talk.