HR3 – Could the NFL, NBA, or MLB survive a strike?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, February 12th

Hour 3.  With MLB free agents threatening to go on strike, Bill asks, which major sport could currently survive a strike?  Plus, we continue our discussion of the Winter Olympics.  Why aren’t they as big of a deal as they used to be?


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From the league runs. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. The bill monkey you know. And welcome though Michael show on the air and hopefully your ham and a two rip picked Monday. WR. Bum. You know what we're singer John Wetteland that you form with an Italian or by the way the Michael's show on the air on the Michael's baby towns across the way radio Joseph back tomorrow he's still off today after coming back from his. His good when you look great his good weekend downs any guidance on N out burger and a man I totally redid the Levy did. Bomb so I thought I mean that's the fifth. Feathers and friends together and he walked. He walked what what was the golf course and walked. All died is worried towards our minds are very yeah yes thank you very short. Get a chance war that and to some fantastic pictures and warn you about that coming up tomorrow. Army and we're talking modular vision when Italian I couldn't get I think it's just really respond to the caller wanted to give him and say where he talked about the the politics in the Olympics and if people had their fill with politics and football and such. On no mistake about it there's politics would be huge politics in the Olympics okay and always has been. Whether it's embargoed countries countries that are. Annan suspended and not able to participate cover color countries that choose not to participate because of occupations in other countries in. You know we've been down this road you know where they boycotted certain things. So it's always been a huge political statement I think it will with a caller was balls the size specifically alluding to. You wanna see the joy of victory and the agony of defeat through the athletes' eyes without involving politics I think. And this is just my two cents worth. Boy I think what people wanna see. It's not that they don't want. Political messages and they don't wanna think about it. Okay because I think there is good dialogue now that's been created in this country. But I think what people look for is sports already escape when you sit down to watch. A basketball game or NFL game whatever happens to be I think people people looking forced. I want it is skate that stuff. I wanna get rid of the nightly news in the CNN's in the Fox News in the MSNBC's and CBS and I mean. I think he moralists because there's time and a place for that you wake up in the morning you go to bed an idea or you're sitting there are eating your dinner and you're watching the nightly news. Or the morning news or whatever happens to be and here is your daily dose of politics and of crime and of weather in. End of sort of few positive stories along the way. Armed. But for the most part the new loses filled with what's wrong. Not what's right so what you're looking for is what's right. Just that's it you're just looking for what's right you're looking for good things you're looking for a great story on something it's inspiring. And if you don't agree with the politics of protest basically your alienating half the audience. Okay. And so did I understand the caller is saying. It's the same thing with the NFL in the NFL and players protests and a lot of people point of players protest. It's not the be disagree with the protest is not that they disagree with the message is just that they did wanna see it. I think that's it it's it's. The and I could be way off your but I always say to people say talk about the state in the country you know I kind of stuff and I think people may allow statement. It wasn't that people were for trumping everything he said was gospel or you don't Clinton and all I was just people just were tired politics. So they went with crazy they want a car crash that is NASCAR people would tune in a race to see if there's a crash. And they got they wanted to do they just didn't want a politician anymore. You know in and so they got they want it. And now all you've set yourself up for either wholeheartedly jumping behind it or or word criticizing whatever which is what we do. As a country we sit on a pedestal and say hindsight being what it is this is what we would have done or should have to honor or agree with you disagree with. But people want politics and sports. They eat the don't think they just wanna kind of watch it. And just get lost him and enjoy the moment in. You know the B do you believe in your calls or the almighty god I can't believe I just happened while did you see that moment. You know I'll that that's that's just where I think it is I mean I could be dead wrong and I will meet the first time. But I think that's just where it is so getting back to the caller for all those who started tweeting and criticizing and emailing them links saying. Cardinal used on American politics. I understood the caller was saying I think you're taking the caller extremely literally that's the other thing. You know when you start taking in this happens in this country as well. That people take things literally. You know what a person say what you wanted Judy you're the first thing we wanna do in today's day and age is 140 characters are now 280 characters. Is jump all over everything. You know I've done this time and again right I get pissed off in the person and to do is take Twitter and FaceBook and hash tag and you know okay. Did armies I'm getting my voice out but there's there's not enough good. You know I mean I I've I tried to say for everything I can say I'm gonna point a finger right negatively. I'm also gonna point out some of the positive stuff. Because you have to read the whole world doesn't suck white doesn't suck every day a moment of every damn day. And I think we get caught up in part to and so going back to the callers comments. I knew what he meant I wasn't taking him literally but some of you did and I think that's where the divide happen. So anyway just just my two cents and you can agree or disagree 85583086. For a by the way this fortune programming brought you by our good friends at Marshall clinic health system. They fixed me back out got me back to regain your. Did a fantastic job the knees were as matter of fact I was out Russians Alpert back in the gym over the weekend. And doing similar cycling and got in little over ten miles. For the first time a long term or more than ten miles and felt great doing it in no pain in the knee no swelling no nothing. Source has been awesome it's been a great experience you can also check out to the Marshall clinic health system and there are orthopedic department and maybe just maybe they need your home assumes a debt. Call 855 MC or so that's 855. And C or so and now also check him out of Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org official health care provider of yours truly. Com. If there was a work stoppage. In city NFL the NBA MLB. And I've taken a Big Three will leave hockey honestly I think hockey. They kind of put the blank back in the horse awhile ago. And it hasn't gotten too crazy. But out of the Big Three who could survive it. Who could just survival work stoppage I think all three can and their own way. But who could survive it to the point where really they're just gonna pick up where they left off and there's gonna be clamoring. For that sport. I IE if you look at the pecking order of ratings. I cannot believe I could be wrong on this BF also reigns supreme I believe Major League Baseball is second. In the NBA comes in their. I think the I think major leaguers volume here's our closer. I think Yemen you look at the other villages dominates it just it's crazy stupid for as much as there's. Bombed it in in viewership this year he was down 12% or something like that but the Super Bowl itself was only down three. So you take that as a win win the rest of the country straight to you out but overall for the championship game everybody their brother still tunes in. And total overall viewing of network coverage of things is down like in double digits as it is to only lose 3% Europeans for your biggest game. That you can still selected advertisers it's still the biggest embarrassed on the block. Okay at Vegas is still making a ton of money. I think the NBA is closing closing the gap. Arm. Like the NBA his Johnny com. Eat it on one hand you can say that say like Golden State and putting dreamed he'd together when LeBron went to Miami and and they brought Chris why should now is the Big Three and then you obviously have what's going on with Golden State you've got to. Carmelo going down deployment Westbrook and so you've got teams that are kind of not aligning forces. On one hand it sucks is a fan. Put on the other hand it's actually been a ratings boom for the NBA. In the NBA selling it that way people love dominance due out people love to hate it and they then you mean it's doable we said four. Forward football to be great. You either need. New England to be there or really like the giants you like the giants or something like that cowboys organize cowboys are cowboys trawlers helps us draw the Steelers draw. Hoosier always shoot straws. While people love the underdog so everybody looks agreements is oh my god it's in its attitude mega fan own team. Everybody put their money where their mouth boys they kept its smallest market in all of sports you know there's not a big giant skyscraper in Green Bay the biggest building green Bay's Lambeau Field. I mean. It still ultimate underdog story that everybody gets behind or there's a Dallas Cowboys people love to hate the Dallas Cowboys and loved the dells dumped. They love to hate Jerry Jones they love Jerry Jones they love the eccentricity to do the grew previous. You know. There's not many franchises like got out there then. There's the next there's a lakers there's the bulls obviously. Bomb it's really a C user when San Antonio is there. Mean Golden State at San Francisco for those that don't know what's right across the veil over in Oakland. So you've got a huge market in San Francisco when that market there and that at the West Coast. That loves that Golden State team. Bomb but you've got those markets that are still there and and obviously star power of so LeBron brings Cleveland the big market for those who don't know. Mean media wise it a big market. So that's still survives. Baseball's interest in because. We felt Boston of the Yankees. It has been it's almost been somewhat anti climactic. It was great when Kansas City won the World Series it was great when the cubs won the World Series I mean I'm talking for baseball rate ups. Because it it brought those John enormous story lines in the play. Kansas City being a team that basically was built through trades with the brewers. And a lot of young guys and I've castaway like Ned Yost. And then they go on this Ron and I played college style basketball they're clown college so baseball is exuberance. Rally caps backwards leads turned up inside out means all that stuff and that that youthful exuberant and then they want. Everyone is great well who cares next year we are seen that done that we wanna move on something else and you've got the cup. And then obviously last you got big markets in LA and company had that are all mixed in that martian and Houston wins their first ever. So that was a big boom from originally based policy Houston Astros do what they did which also gives a lot of teams that are in the rebuild mode. Like Pittsburgh like Cincinnati like Milwaukee. 11 need only taken like Chicago White Sox can go to any of these small marker decent teams that are going through these downswing right now. And say okay. You know that you can do this you know if you stick to it Baltimore would be another when Detroit's try to tear it down don't I got beat Oakland days. You only once every five games last year they're trying to kind of retool and put things back together the Phillies. For Philadelphia in those fans out there San Francisco who's been there done that numerous times but they're trying to read all of it. It gave everybody hope to say okay you can't rebuild you can't tear it down built back up and win with a guy like a two day. You know who most people would consider to be more of a jockey then I've been a second base you know I mean. So you can do you can't do that went so if there was a work stoppage which one could survive. Which one would come away basically unscathed the NFL's got probably the largest looming. Labor dispute on the horizon. Where the two did do good to storm clouds are literally heading towards one another. And you you you don't know how bad it's going to be and when you've got people that are saying. I don't care about tomorrow I only care about today much like one of the representatives out of Cincinnati who was in that clubhouse or and that's a locker room Leicester sank. We don't care about the players tomorrow we care role wanna pay today I don't give a damn. If you Euro on a crude collision course with the NFL at this point any owners again bloated I mean look what they just sold the rights for that Thursday night game to fox for. Was it a bib half a billion dollars 550 billion per year per user searched our foot shot yet just for that garbage we've been watching over the last few years. That's just crazy money so clearly don't wait a minute when and where. We're work kill ourselves here and owners are getting richer. I'm never begrudge an owner from getting rich ever because they put their money where their mouth is the go to team they got to take the go with a bit of the team sacks. They lose money and not lose money but they they don't their profit margin is in his helped. Tom put on the other hand. They're not the ones out their plane again no army and it's it's it's a tough nut but it. You always have to stay about 5050 owners players and if you're paying more than 50% of your total community near total net or your total profitability. Already the players you start to run the risk of damaging New Orleans is being healthy that's of the NHL it. They're just for years was. 5862. Almost 70%. In favor the players. And you saw team just couldn't survive anymore I mean I remember when before the other B for the most recent labor agreement and in the MBA. There's teams like that was New Jersey there's like eleven teams are taking out loans from the NBA or they make they were there were huge financial issues for teams all across the league. And with a new contract money coming and it was just inevitable that they were gonna have to fight in the NBA right now you can argue has the most. Stable. Work place environment ripe with with labor peace at the moment now I I just. I I I just think that though the lead the NFL can walk away pretty much unscathed. I think Major League Baseball would really hurt. I think the NBA I don't know why the NBA has a stigma but it does. It just it just has a stigma of just being memorial. I think also the contracts in the most recent. You don't win them TV money it and I think people look at it as this is ridiculous you've got a guy make and who's just below average player at best he's making 1050 million dollars are you kidding me wanna watching it. So. I think the MBA probably is the one that right now they are works out but you probably couldn't survive it divested lose. A large portion their frantic and at the players a striking first say more money because they do wanna see the owners open up the purse strings a little bit more because they the owner now pulling back because they spent so much money. I think the players. Are losing. Ground in that sense Christie was away and he's got paid load lobbed gobs of money for stupid stats. For no stats. And now you wanted to keep paying you and you know you can't. Survival again yours are allegedly cancer by sycamore and election. Wisconsin one. Phil Michael's sports talk. Act like we'll show on the air. I know Michaels she radio Joseph off its maybe shouted baby Josh today and reader goes back tomorrow and CIA had a nice trip on the West Coast. Mr. coming up well we're gonna heading to Maryville. There is so we're less than a month away you're gonna be heading off to spring trade pitchers and treasure reporting this week. Can't get here soon enough but we're going to be heading out to Arizona. Our friends from coaches Bubba grow corn and a whole staff over there they take care of us and send this out to know we can't say thanks enough. Over the big boy murder and one of the better fish Fries and all Milwaukee and so thirteen street always check him out there. Our friends instead he's one of the best sports bars in all of Milwaukee. And also the home of the best bloody Mary as well on the home of the bill Michael's garlic cheese bread they have shuttles each and every brewers games are stopping this any major studies Canada and our friends at stats is well you're looking for Barre barbecue says his. The state has now says is sold through all you know the grocery stores and everything but they just renovated them and Yemen says and while Manning a lot of good stuff them. Big patio they're getting ready to open up so stop in this Kansas as well thanks to them for taking us and also while one people there take us out there and that is our president breaker Chevrolet. On the official vehicle bill Michael show live from radio or an operating a Roberto alive from Maryville Arizona so thanks to a break your Chevrolet as well. Com out of it got this former Major League pitcher Esteban lol why is that jailed and facing a felony drug charges you was arrested in San Diego. Global didn't do this why is is other than the fact that he was just kind of an old cave. Major League pitcher is that the only reason it's a big deal I meekly to the pirates ranger blue jays White Sox yankees nationals athletics and Dodgers. It wasn't like he was not talking about Roger Clemens year el Nino and dominant pitcher you know. But he was arrested. There facing Vietnamese are facing felony drug charges. Not pitching anymore not since 2008. So it's it's why it's not even like it was yesterday. Bomb but he was in San Diego going back to Friday. He had he's job in bailed bailed out on 200000 dollars bail. He had to twenty kilograms how heavy is that. Twenty kilograms that's about 45 pounds is that right yeah. As one of the plates in the playroom. When you stack it sounds like weightlifting I ask him a twenty Q1 is a 45 conflicts is that right while that's how much in heroin cocaine had a Ol that's a lot. Old Daschle lot. It's like yeah that's that's that that's a that's that kind of a moment. Bomb. He had it apparently possession transportation of narcotics for sale. Com so it was into a new career. I guess Jack program are receives it all star a couple of times he finished second in the AL Cy Young voting back in 2003. Point 11 in nine. He'd just made over 43 point seven million in his Major League career. Jesse couldn't survive on that I guess that's how you purchase you know 45 pounds worth of error when I guess yeah I guess it's. So long story short well that twenty kilos. Of heroin and cocaine. All bluster and you very much. So on. Now he he was used you've scored a small party. You know it is gonna hang out it's nothing normal bodies in and who's gonna hang out new all right watch the Olympics we were they are making cookies. Somebody says we shouldn't you they lied to on here. Didn't know played. I know anything like that this is this is real life. K I thought it was Baker's chocolate had no idea no I didn't tomorrow morning yeah I was gone I'd thought it was salt. Put on by which all those diploma popcorn. While my buddies they were bringing over 120 kilos of melted butter. And we are gonna sit and it sure no zone denial. I don't I'm not Smart enough to tell you what it is no machine stuff. Matter of fact judge you may know the guy who's gonna party what is journeyman Zell and I cameras and I just figured out is bipolar so he got the drugs in the booze so we're gonna go and celebrate with you know some some sugar. And for the guy that sold us the sugar outside a bakery aisle lie destiny holy macro. The shoes now we'll debt. Did now no clue really. And he I thought it was always package like that in duct tape and plastic no idea so so when you when you unzip it. Should I start hands are shaking yeah Riordan now hey my whole face one on our Eli. Dario are. No idea why. So. It's that's what happens. That's what happens you know you should never buy. All I wanted was a big bag of sugar in some sample. An alternative kind of party like say new trip men who know. Not appoint amount pick number lineup he was dressed like Ronald McDonald. Daddy to my money put right pocket. 47 point two million. Yeah. 45 pounds of heroin Leno does that's a lot men aren't there. That's a lot that's that's our recreational. That he did you know and that's not good medication and go home now. You stability on the floor he got crazy cockroaches don't all the and there are completely out of control. College student slicer does bounce at all they're out there you're there why not all the mice are crazy and three like eight pound blocks chi now they're spider monkeys yet while that didn't. A yeah or released Montes was byters. You know resent. 85583086. Foray was on the phone calls talk to Mike in Kenosha Mike Walker with a program the micro sure I don't might. Very very old glory opera now and yeah you're right you are looking old you blown it right down the street the. I I think the a good baseball been working at Billy around neverland. There. PDA in the NBA. Is remember that you bleep out the best you know they do not sports but amber. The 'cause the NBA bought now he 88. Left something out. In the in those third owners committed you know what. Don't want actor yeah 300 out of my outward and we want advertise. You an NBA just at the day Saint Louis spirit. Apple billion dollars 500 million dollars. Or use. The you know what I thought I realize that a problem. That's how much on it. Now you made it into effect a lot about it it is an album back in 1978. At bat whatever happened. It's 1% to advertise. It ruined ruined ruined group then into it matters missed like three years ago. We're gonna say yeah you know 500 million dollars just it's not a mom and I think it still might. Good base camp at the NFL NFL NBA. That's a concern of all what that's what really propelled India. Were made when they bought out the idea. And it started getting the ball and the eight points and I mean. And that Magic Johnson Larry Bird and played 1979. Didn't just do I mean I don't know how long ago was. All 34 years did they do something on one of those thirty for thirty's. About. So it can also bought. Up yet a lot of it it's an awful lot and then we're actually. ABA was Defiance College players for not call. At that and they could pay him. Let it go on the NBA. And addictive quality and they wanted to would be if it was kind of but they would give them now 100000 are calm there. Now it's right or vaguely remember them all. Open and made you know you play a market they don't they don't baseball. To me they have individual market wrap mopping up the money. That the NBA and NFL do collectively you know across across the country. Major League Baseball it's interesting because Major League Baseball is they they have revenue share. But basically it's its army like the Yankees. Just the cubs a cub just sold their rights other television rights not too long ago. But the Yankees are the epitome because they they print money with that yes they build their own television network they print money with the yes network the Dodgers now Dodgers malice while they court. Yeah so they keep a lot of that money guys had to pay a percentage. What I what I'm. I'm caught that right when they all here I. You the baseball and a well known what are you know I opened. I hope they added that whether that's what about. Yeah that's easier actually are from my pursued vocal no wait make baseball gets when they get their overall television rights that trickles down. They have a revenue share base. The bottom third gets paid by the top third or something like diners or percentage that they base it upon. But basically whatever money you can make your market is yours there and go for you know and when you talk him out a market like the New York Yankees here with the yes network and everything. They're they're Macon billion dollars worth the bruiser Macon you know two million monogamy it's it's it's it's not income parable in merchandising too and and with the NFL I know it's one thing if you sell something at your own pro shop on your own granny thing that is sold on your ground you get a percentage of but there anything sold in your stadium there's revenue share anything you do. Anything you do that's why he liked him the Packers are buying off site stuff like this deal or the snow hill. Odd parking stuff through those houses around the area arms he would Jerry Jones did. That was unbelievably Smart was he built Jerry world in anything inside Jerry world the NFL gets percentage that goes to everybody right. Put then he bought all the land around it all old strip malls so all of those businesses that rent. Those that space all pay that money Jerry and the Dallas Cowboys incorporated. Which means they keep all that money. So any money outside of the actual stadium generated. Is all Jerry's money in my favorite part of it is when you ought to park at one of those strip malls as they sell parking for game days ya you gotta go and buy something in one of the source. It took all of that's what you do for the park correct. So double up yeah it is it's just noted that the money that is made there is just crazy. Just just crazy. In comparison but. Everybody's starting to do it now. The argument has always been anybody with a with with a stadium it's not downtown for the crowd the bars in this and that. Now all people are saying hey if we're build a stadium marketability directly downtown. We're gonna go off site a little bit and try to vibe everything around because Amy off site that we can do. It tomorrow for. Where is if you're building in downtown you're landlocked between a bunch of big buildings. You're you're kind of screwed you you don't get in Alicia by those big go to Jack and AM revenue which is why the Packers are a good situation wanna continue to buy and bill. You know I know some people hate it. But he keeps the Packers viable and anything like. It's outs area inside that building that's outside of say football like. You know when you get married at Lambeau Field when you have a reception of steers the hall of fame hall or something like that all that money goes the Packers and that's why you went 24/7 buildings. So. But baseball it's it's. I do not have all the numbers sitting in front down oh specifically. To the tee but I do know that the top third pays bottom third and kind of money you make your own not writes in networking and that's your money and I know the merchandising still the larger percentage of it goes to the exact team. Correct of the merchandise sold correct the Yankees are gonna sell a lot more than than any kind of you know the reds what is the reason there is huddled outside with revenue sharing on the brewers do get a pretty sizable check on revenue share and it was it was reluctant that. Steinbrenner the time even wanted to do things like look I'm making all my money screw you go leaders. But I think what was what was mated to be understood was pay you can't survive if all these small market teams go by the wayside if we start shutting down teams. So you have to understand for the good of the game. There's has to be revenue share the big Major League Baseball has to share some of the stuff. You have to keep these OT viable otherwise you're talking about 88810 clearly are ten team league that sit and that's a good for anybody. 85583086. Where more than a microphone next. You're listening to go. Bill might school's sports talk network. No Michael shows on the air anyone remind you the Reuben is bracket cousins subs today. For a limited time in his back. Seven a check out gonna cousins of dugout where they believe in better. And it's not the Reuben a tickle your fancy maybe it's that pepperoni not guess from an archer chief bill Michael's going to grab a good stuff. That is cousins subs. Hong. We. Senior talking during the break. Obviously weren't. You know Black History Month and the Boston Police Department catching a lot of flak. Because they had posted. A tweet that paid tribute to read our bock. Read our bako longtime owner and coach of the Boston Boston Celtics. He. He drafted the first black player started five black players first team never do that hired the NBA's first. I African American head coach and because red is white. And their pay tribute to read and again we're talking illiteracy and Lou liberal side of things. I guess the point. What you eat your nest is crazy white dude. You know remain. Calm is Jackie Robinson day it's not Branch Rickey day. You know its its. Branch Rickey took a lot of grief when he brought up Jackie Robinson and he had the stones and pull that off. But he got ahead went door to become the first black player in Major League Baseball was was Jackie Robinson. So. The Boston Police Department. I understand what you're trying to say the aid into the fact it did you know look Red Auerbach was forward thinking. And really didn't see any color he saw players in good quality people. So I I I Janet but it. During Black History Month year old preacher to a white dude you know. I. I just. You know he's law since have some trouble lately there visitors bureau and you don't do your about the the talk show host on Boston. They did the Don. Oh well we know that the bug WEEI embargo in Boston radio say oops saves saves yeah who who do said Tom Brady's. It was appears and thought that Don Yee had. Chinese accent on Andy's and then found out that got me talks like a normal America watching millionaire and he's now been suspended for our multiple players got people won't admit there's a job opening there. Holy macro. We're going to be a couple leaders and I think did they're gonna have some sensitivity training happening. And it WEEI embossed with its original author EB great Joseph Reeder gentlemen. That is except it's how we are going to have to work on the air a we will not take a personal. Shots at any. Stereotypical. Shots at an early senior minus periods of if you look continued work in a very professional manner that is this is a credit for doing gel. For like doing imitate I really don't know I'm just style would have a design that's there's some way shape performed well it's unacceptable you know. I also I'd also do a couple different person yeah I do I have a men. Reprimanded two Harley continued then be sued by lite sales departments everywhere from late when you might McGovern thing. While they're sure in situations. Where. You really match a post talk. In the different different light. For auto sales continue Mike is bin Jabil kick much a long time sales guy in in sports that are got hosed when it comes to high school sports and things Johnson he's on our plates of station out of Milwaukee. And as much a great guy and maritimes might braves it'll only get at William Ryan Malone is on the high school stuff yeah he I actually first I'm miles behind his board. I was organist show sol man cellular it was when you came in the first time ended the of them might McGovern and impersonation I was. That was that was jaw dropping that was hilarious zone yeah. What are you get union trouble for impersonating somebody firm like you know in the world of those have been are uptight. You know lemmings I tightly while Diana meant to have that kind of thing going on you consumed an effort to moderator Joan pursue measures. Well but I'm wanted to get a like Clemens impersonate you down but no one can know what he endures at that nobody can do not know nobody can do Mike's an enigma. Mike is a complete and in the digestive. He's my his own entity. Snuck up. 855830864885583086. For eight from this is from could seek. Who say I hope we're pronouncing that correctly and when he's email inbox says did you see this skater whose top blew off. I have yet to be able have yet to be able to find. I read about eight. But it didn't blow off OK let's let's be honest circuit let's call what it is here it wasn't a Janet Jackson almighty god there's a boat okay that wasn't it. It was a sky Kinderwater nameless. But it was a skater in the in the couple's. Stay in the pairs competition. And the back of her top her dress blew out. Yeah any book states and it's a so she did a triple Axel and a half I guess good. Much you yes she was kind of keep an elbow back because the top of her dress. Will fall off would have fallen down or are you stick to dismount ton down. A a off I I didn't I always always some pictures of it I didn't see like the actual competition and I saw after the fact. But it was just one of those things you know with this time you know Google and I guess. You know Google's skater. Peter top maybe she'll be the best goalie on skates Olympics. Skater Tom blows offers something like that wanna do that when I'm off the work Wi-Fi okay. Why do on it for a better figure skaters red hot costume slips off exposing her to Winter Olympics corralled. Is the from the sun. Of course it is the most red hot. The South Korean figure skaters suffers wardrobe malfunction as the red hot costume slips off of her exposing her to the winter crowd as what they sent. On India to click through by the way when I did go through that it came when nothing but a lot of scantily clad women adds Sosa whose peak. It's there's no way yell at the NATO. And so did it'll do it does allow you if you go to and again I'm not gonna get into the whole you know thing on the for the Daily Mail dot com has the as the video up. Where she's skating along and she starts twirling she starts spinning. And all of a sudden you can see her reach over and pull her sleeve back out. And their shirt off that's what happened. Well Allen enjoy it. Paul Allen's oh analyze. So anyway these gators top didn't come completely down. It. Is it it did slides a little bit and she tugs that it periodically you run he would resign. The trojans and the king and all you out otherwise have gone up much farther treasure who have been hanging out bright and always well no panic you know she just says it was long comfortable in and kind of moves on Sunday at. Take a quick break stick to more of a much Russia next. Oh. Michael's sports talk and work. What about the progress of the Michael shell is on the hill are glad to have you thanks so much she has always said it was seduce you surely appreciate it 8558308648. A man that says steps into the studios will talk to Mike Clemens here in just a minute as he adjusts his wardrobe malfunction this portion of programming for much of our friends in new Mal medical training does the media all over the state was Gaza beyond borders. And now with that Valentine's Day right around the corner did he do that's what she wants did you know. That's only an eight. Q have you know to give give you a live 90% success rate there. And you can also you know just jumpstart your health and wellness program call 414455445141445544. 51 he's all taped up zipped up built it up he's back but ago Michael I don't. In my flyer when he is talking and just some more just checking yourself. Yeah implying there. In the new immune pneumonia again as you're gonna now argue good good good good good weekend I heard a great story over the weekend. I'm Rick Lovato is a guy who is make in the sub sandwiches in Jersey. When Brett who went down on the long snapper for the Packers are back in December 16 yourself do you remember they they brought in many as long time before right. And if they replace them in the he was out trying to for a couple teams that he got picked up by the Philadelphia eagles' last wal. Lo and behold he's on the Super Bowl team I. So Rick did this interview on the radio for the week and I just thought was fantastic you remember we were talking about. The day before the Super Bowl US bank stadium. For the patriots are gonna go in. And have lunch and bring their families and take pictures and dual walk through and this. Just begin on how what's the last time that maybe ever played and that US banks game against the vikings but just to get familiar with the stadium. Look for the scoreboard you look for the tunnels there is where our locker room as you go walk in you watch through and maybe thirty plays herself. One last rehearsal before Super Bowl Sunday. OK so later in that same day Saturday before the Super Bowl the Eagles went out there. All get on the team bosses. Get in there and you know for the team hotel do the walk through. So Rick says we we dare walk through into the locker room and everything nieces and and we ran about thirty the weirdest place. We didn't work on this stuff and I'll coach in this is like stuff from the back of the playbook skin. Training camp okay they get back in the buses go back the team hotel they play the game the next day and they win the Super Bowl and in a cursor Rick. That Doug Peterson. Ran all fake place. During a walk through just in case the patriots. At some spies in the stands his error IXT. Is a brilliant man you know it's brilliant or one hair. All fake place. None not a single player they did today intent nor did they call in Super Bowl fifty. Well you know why it is when you first time some excited Bill Belichick has spice somewhere he gave Manning say all the time that's their reputation and a payment he's assailants on who now. Against the delegates steal the signals now. Well deflate there's something reset for that I mean they went defensively the patriots couldn't shop on right you know I ain't right some reset for them so you know you. You know you get your plays down did you did it into practice at the university of Minnesota. And the day before assists is get familiar the stadium and we can run plays that we really have no intention of calling and I don't make sure that just in case this is Ed made the patriots are planned for. Bill Belichick study before the wrong playbook isn't as Mike animal house written all over when they told dawn cast him out. That's everything good stuff. What a joke on next. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now.