HR3 – A crisis in the secondary for the Packers?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 3. With Kevin King going to the IR, are the Packers in trouble with their lack of cornerback depth? Also, fantasy football with Paul Charchian!


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Promo links runs to the river runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans column should tall. Gil Michael show. Michael. I. Leo welcome good Michael Schiavo. There we are glad to have you. Congo Michael's radio Joseph across the board. Everybody's here today good day to you and wanna remind you coming up tonight. We're going to be on the road again my buddy Tim as a matter of fact who is the GM out there it's black and a merit club at the Brookfield square. I got cut of me on FaceBook says thanks for the shout out people are already talking about the show tonight yours truly. My Clements from medical serious radio and also barred way clerk co hosted the sport for you wanna parts of an FM the fan morning show. Gonna be there tonight is the bill Michael's huddle bright you are good friends add plug like. 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So when going their ass for Tim and give him much agree because he's he's different says they have. 85583086488558308648. Now Kevin King goes down he is now placed on the IR. It is not been a good season in the secondary divine house is ailing right now are we look at the the packers' injury report. And in your secondary. Now. You have Josh Jones the rookie back there behind Morgan Burnett divine house is ailing so you get Josh Hawkins and Lindsay. Ripken's. Dmitry Goodson is back down until brown is there. Along with the marriage ran. Because remember. You've got to Quinn Rollins is on the IR. And then now you also lost Kevin King to the IR. It has not been a good season for that second there. Are we ads. For the second or the last two years really when you look at it. Considering there is Gunter was your number one last year because both Rollins and Randle had injuries groin injury specific. But are you at the crisis situation when it comes in the offense of second here. 8558308648855830. 864. You know the funny thing about this. I was ash yesterday. I was down about national united stomped off and had to pick a few things up in our Home Depot. In general and started talking me see you know so what is your priority going into the draft. Is back up quarterback or you know and on aren't. And then I I started to think about this because every year week we targets some okay. We say okay this is the one thing that has to make his defense go Ernestine or whatever I say we assume all agree that your number one priorities defensive side. Okay just as offensive side of the foot. And I don't know I figure defensive line for the most part. Is stable. Is a great is it good and which stable. Bush I think. There's two things I didn't. Pass rush and secondary. Rivera again. Parents rush in second gear. And prudent for the statistics claim that he's is putting out yes when he's healthy he still. Can change a game. But he fully healthy part of him is few and far between. Not to mention he's going to make a bunch of money next year. Could he would here or should he become a salary cap casualty. And then you look into the secondary. Again. I mean Nevada house thing was kind of leave the one hit wonder soonest it. But you're still looking for is Kevin king and to Mary in the British Randall. Say what you want about the guy. Hasn't played terrible. He's given us some highlight real old touchdown there's no doubt about that I completely agree. But he hasn't played terrible. It has amended bid. The automatic train wreck that we saw last year there are times he doesn't seem like he wants it anybody on rob go beyond that. Played when it comes in the secondary. Of this team. Morgan Burnett you're gonna have to pay. My house is if you want to one or two when he million dollars this year that was it. You got hot Clinton nicks who's looking to get paid. Another contract coming up a couple years. But he's gonna make almost six million dollars next year. To Mary's Reynolds gonna make 2.5. Next year. Kevin King is gonna make one point six but I believe Kevin KM all of that is probably he's got the most talent most of site. Quinn Rollins is gonna make one point morn next year. Anybody any of that Oakley to most likely let go they wanted to. Put the second inning Dmitry goods and an unrestricted free agent going in next year's a you know he's gonna give you everything and half the he has coming into this the last few games of the season. To try to make a name for himself. Put it. Your secondary right now. Pan. If you wanna talk about your level of crisis. We have to save the secondary is at a crisis level right here right now. You might be push in the red meet your goal my colors you're in the red. If you go by one through ten of crisis being in an absolute panic situation attendant. Completely 100% comfortable and confident at one. I have to say about an eight. In the secondary. As you know we have Kevin King coming back. If you won at almost six million dollars. You talk index coming back when. You gotta be able to resigning Morgan Burnett you've got to find an opposite corner now. I'm used to Marius Randall the real deal. Yes or no. He's been a bit of a head case here pretty good rookie campaign last year wasn't go to all and then this year's been up and down being someone of a head case. I'm I gotta be honest. If I hate to say this if you're gonna. All I'm not again all. Would you almost are are forced to look first of all early on in the draft first 23 rounds you gotta go best available period. What you have got to find yourself. A good corner a lockdown corner and hello and that's mean knocking on the microphone. You've got I I think he got to go to free agency. Boy EA would have looked fantastic. In the packers' secondary. I think you have to go after approving lockdown corner and you're gonna have to pay him. I know it's not with the Packers wanna do when they got to pay them. You have to solidify the secondary. Eight by 58308648. On the loans we kept our council free TARP money 558308648. Over date bottom of the hour of all charges going to be you're taking your there's a football questions look at Ford talking in the charge. Firmly safeguard dot com Lisa post a comment Campbell attempt but was Kevin King on the IR. The war war with the bond house not playing great he's back on the injury list. He's not even here after next year Morgan Burnett coming up on our contract. I mean. Are you read panic level right now regarding this secondary agreement packers' 855830864. Michael Lloyd. Tweets news bill underscore Michaels didn't they drab Jones to not to re signed Morgan Burnett. God I hope not. God I hope not. This thing about it at some point. No again. You can't pay everybody. Put it so important. You've got to have veteran. Experience. Veteran experience. That sustains in the secondary. You can't keep getting it because the whole draft and develop business. Draft a guy develop a guy hey your guy. It's not drafting guys develop a guy when he gets too much or when SARS to make money and sent him off. Because then you're drafting and developing which are not drafting and ability keeping those quality players. At times you're overpaying for your own guys. I think you have to bring back Morgan Burnett. 855830864. In loans we kept account told free Douglas Porsche program brought to buy new medical. Three guys with ED all of the state Wisconsin beyond the wars hello T treatment I can attest to their fantastic. More energy betterment of clarity better moved better stamina you begin some weight loss it's all in one. Check it out if there's an all one will weight loss program specifically geared towards weight loss jump starting that health and fitness program. Column 4144554451414. 4554451. Are you act. Critical mass right now when it comes in the Green Bay Packers secondary when you start to look at the remainder of the season moving in a free agency moving into the draft next year are you looking at this thing going. I hate to say but here we go again. You gotta fortify his secondary more than a much ocean next. Phil Michael's sports talk and work. Oakley had a fantastic day today. You pre I appreciate everything you guys take a listen tuition. All I got a good stuff thanks for you now with a says that we continue to roll on this Green Bay Packers secondary are you that. Are you a critical thought right now when it comes the secondary injuries and the depletion. On May be talent hasn't lived up to what you expected it to be your at least over the lead over the years that is not been. Fortified you and every year you sacred right now we're seeing the same thing we believe Kevin King has the talent. Pretty good rookie campaign learning experience for him he's got the height he's got the wingspan he's Tripoli being abilities got the speed. Looks like your prerogative of for a good corner in today's day and age you may be develops and that lockdown right. We don't know. He's a rookie. We say that a lot about Ted Thompson. We don't know how good he's going to be Rollins ran a good rookie campaign I think we're safe there last year stunk. This year. Rollins is even in the in news new lineup anymore because he's on the IR Randall he's had his moments. I yanked out of game one left the field at one point. He's been bit of a head case every now and Annie gets burned he started to play pretty well. But is she a lockdown guy no. Little undersized overall. Good speed. Boat Wheaton we don't know. We don't know we'll know what to expect right now you're still in flocks. So Ted Thompson's draft choices could come turnout is to be fantastic. Here in the next two years but you don't know. City Jim another couple years or hopefully figure all out and you don't address the situation to me. ID got to go find yourself a lockdown guy whatever he's asked him for you gotta pay. Otherwise. You're talking about. Donna tell brown. Undrafted. Josh Hawkins. On draft. Lindsay Pickens. On draft six round draft choice couple years ago Dmitry goods. That was your corners shorted in my house who. As a guy that had knowledge of the system just hasn't played that well this year has been beat up a little bit by injury and and your argument Mary is Randall. A first round draft choice. Back in 2015. 855830864. You loans which it dot com. Told free talk Klein let's go to necklacing to a so walkers or nick I don't today met what's going on. Don't go to. Actor X is territory for today. Our congratulations man December 7 view us as a birthday today and Johnny battles. Johnny Bench. Arizona now. They don't. It is I think has as president which are just saying we don't go back going to be known her maybe another year so let's. And it goes the question. You know that you're wasting air routers years here you gotta get a lock down quarters but the Wii well got child within. Those same a couple of years in the area are going into the doable we need some luck down court we should got killed eight years in it. Sure they got. You know a couple others in the distant era I don't know what that's really. Thinking. Every year at this spot in order to. It just hasn't shell get Julie Guy that I have a guy you know all these corners are not gonna. Get it done to get it through this leak this game the lack of it back where you go the got a player. All right I'm done I agree I don't Bridget focal addressed to develop thing I I understand develop given your fingers crossed. But I am I'm I'm I'm kind of not hold my breath right now. A key motive for the results and we keep getting. Mediocre results are guy gets injured you don't really know and you know wait another year and that's you get into a tea that's what you put something into a tailspin. Because you don't really know. So you wait. By the way Ludwick Wolfgang the composer his birthday today as well as you know. Throw some stuff out there urgent maybe I'm just learning yup a little. 8558308648855830864. Harry Chapin. That's who cradled it. Also birth do. Thrown at this is renewing a birthday thing appeared just you know. Through a few loose things on the once also Pearl Harbor day Pearl Harbor day you are correct you I know that it is also my mom's birthday. Contest eight years ago with today's my mom's birth that will always remember Pearl Harbor join image. Pro are her journey rich. And you know who else. Larry Bird. Larry legend. His birthdays today. How about that. The real 85583086. Foray let's talk to Tim was he tuition wallet Sosa Tim walker the program now it's gone. April. Well you know probably about this but everybody and my white viewed as all but I like you got fired up. That's the question like we got that we got to revisit that again. Another year in. It got me angry I'm looking at the secondary in part by concern you only. People that get after the rookie in adults only ticket because of the rookie year on EO Randall I. Even with the tech. Or OpenId or is that going to be in the right place and I and the right part note. On that aren't burnout you know it's he'd start or shall not healthy. You know regular part of its kind of how a lot pat and let's see results. Brett critically it is in my opinion maybe I'm wrong. I'll bet it's clear that when he's not there. Clinton decks. Does not play well you're not a number one they've got he cannot correct that that were. I don't maybe it's just again I'm looking too hard at something. Dick is actually the kind of declining in the quality of double like echoed the opposition wants a while. Prompting that he should be clicking on you worry me I can we know you can it's our structure though. Burnett probably will be worked I would think it would look at that increasing or eight you know you're veteran but. You gotta sort that you're not a never seem. Clinton Dick let me oh in the yen but I've not seen him number one but he doesn't deserve number one money right now. I just aren't the rep for the secondary calls besides the two they can all go apply. You take all that money and like some of the other guys that like what you said. Let me support web audience that seeing these guys you know what you have with the mammals. The good and you know they're shocked at policy or they're not going to eat that you give Obama are in place and they still can't figure out. And then you go even further down like a line call all the other guys get sorry not gonna make it you'll will this money. Go get yourself a shot down Nancy corner. And that elevates the play of everyone else on the same thing with the line backing core. You know Clayton Matthews yeah you get a little long in the tooth and yet he canceled productive but it's our aren't concerned. He's moving into that Julius Peppers. Wiley air where he's been named dot com or would you not the guy. If you choose those disruptive play anymore and I think expect it. And groove and you look at Martina playing better. But then after that I mean who else you got a mean. There's the the other court on linebacker not. Martina is Jake Ryan. Write about it granular and behind them as your talents. You get to it cover anybody out of active scene where it but he's a good run up for which I like to. Both are concerned you know I think there's going to be collateral coach Emmitt out of that he and and and the low man on the totem pole is going to be Dom Capers budgets perceive that somebody's going to. Yeah and it's gonna be dominant I don't know what's that got to do what he's gotta you gotta quit. Or being on a prayer at these other guys are gonna continue to figure out culture losses. Goal pay somebody that know without playing a file that can really bring them expel. Our body Dodgers and he jumped on the get onboard 8558308648. By the way. Enough people are sending all these different laboratories in TERRELL OWENS today 44 and then also. Are normally Jeffries probably German around any wrestling fan out there that day is older than the age of you know thirty or remember Rick rude. Recruits birth dated. Our internal. Our real quick let's go to us that James Posey to as the Whitewater James they don't then it was gone. I'm at LL play a little old at her accompany. We really built what we try to it and until more and blew it we don't know trite. You know at at and yelled that he ignores them that you know finale what might have been article after the oh. If I'm sitting am. My prediction that these that we get it took it a little bit they'll play out and or that he. These pre work I've picked. And I'm between a quarterback and Mercer bought at. All it on. I think that I'm Al all we have they don't yet. At that authorities here in that series. Let alone though like edit it I thought I would much they have recruited aperture over. Orbit now anywhere in it but I thought something. I appreciated RTC. It will warn it will we'll talk more about this coming a little bit later I'll call charge him are our friends who football guys in your neck so he got questions Brigham. Went on each really hard. The only gun spending money on is either in lockdown corner or really legit pass rush. That's it. Everything else I think you could probably find in fortifying the draft if you hit but the that's a big F and there hasn't been a ton of success as of late. It then that's the things and then that has me so perplexed as to what they need to do what they need to spend money on. Coming up next ball charge at least say dot com Lisa post I come fan bald attempt. Taking your fantasy football questions to start giving is a must 85583086. For a good portion program brought by marsh field clinic health system they fix me up coming back in the game and a feeling better than ever as a matter fact. With a knee the cold everything snotty has gone so I feel really good they help me and so many different ways it can help you out as well. If you're a surgery that's been putting off because now on the time to take and they may be able to get to Bakken in shape release at home in as little as a day. But you can heal a day but they need your home to to the comfort your own home. Teach some therapy do Arkansas a check it out 855 MC or so that's 855 MC ortho. And then and he can change you know check out Marshall clinic health system there the official health care provider of yours truly the the Michael show they help me out they can help you out as well or just simply go to Marshall clinic. Dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org fantasy next in the microshaft. Six blues station strong the bill might cools sports talk. Fantasy football players get deep inside in total. Your league this week right now or expert Paul charged in this here take your calls right now dead 8558308648. Now from the league save dot com bleak save post dot com and spend all dot com. Cheers Paul. What about the program though Michael should no longer here we are glad to have you. Oh we have a good day today we certainly appreciate you hang out with us I go Michael's regular Joes in Zola across from me. 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Talk to me a little bit about your quarterback situation Kevin King just what a night are what cornerback situation don't have any. All brought their their backpack I I think I don't hold your starters are equitable for the game without that go. I can't seem guy going to go away. Worried death count what does it Defcon five Ager is your. Why is is the highest or Defcon one of the I think while I think I want to start okay and we're Defcon one at this point now it's it's it's bad divine house is injured. To Mary's Reynolds the best you have and he's been playing better but a little bit mic here a little bit here and there I guess the best way to put it is with a head case are there on the season. So that's not a news release overwhelmingly rely and he got Dmitry Goodson coming back whose earlier despondent team but he's coming back off via our Donna fellow brown walked on. You've got to Lindsay pit skins the reason he's the guy they kept when they let go take some hill. And he ended up on the squad practice water now as a backup Canada Drew Brees via Josh rocket so. Throw coin out there and picket guy ordered you know so not good. Yeah I was just gore did last week and how they use them eleven targets. John Kaiser. You know better or just bring the ball around you'll miss it constantly right he could you just competent quarterback. A deeper on the global quarterbacking probably what we'll lock 150 yard touchdown young or. If it'll be it'll be interesting to see what he's you know it and in Benin and you'll much extra coverage to jobs or. Then frequently got milk and you know he's a former first rounder in because you know he had a bet your thinking it'll. Yeah who. If it had formal and I think I've made it up via our in our prosecutor. This game against the wind was rounds it would concern me as much as the packer fans. As. And much of anything Erin Crocker gave that this entity this thing really really tricky match up. It is a matchup in which the Packers cannot take lightly because if they do though and of getting beaten on don't any wrongdoing of this stellar offense. By the Cleveland Browns they are pretty decent defense against long down and I was and you get an and Cleveland you look at their numbers. Wins and losses they lost a lot of games wipe your goal. Sorry they're not a pushover that it's a team that hasn't gotten a win and now on top of that you throw in this whole parade this perfect season to point on you're right about that. Where Excedrin has come on as a sponsor they go oil without a win they're gonna give a parade to the team. Prepare for having a perfect citizen or not and now guys are pissed off and there's I want to know we're not gonna go that direction so we want to desperately now so now it's even more reason to try to get a win. I'm I'm I feel good that the Packers are gonna win but I look people are picking it to be a blowout I'm like wow what planet are you want. Now linked up and I really don't I don't I don't. I'd I'd be very nervous firecracker and Alan I'm not you know that's not the vikings fan in me pocket at just the real you make a good. It could in fact their run defense is number one yards per carry clout it once you. As an example they were the flap into loud and are absurd you're so yeah it feels they're there but there's a lot alike the brown sent it. It's the opposite that lacking if there's that took the path to victory here might be able scoring and it is you know he just beyond defeating him out if I. John Gordon now making a big difference. They don't we are looking for one out of two or three or two out of two or three but don't give us like three out of five or you're gonna get hung up on those are the rules as always. This one is from let's see here when no that's too many. Thought this from Craig who says a flex BP yard Jordan power sterling Shepperd or Alex Collins. Sort of Howard Alex column in the middle. Sterling Shepperd. German shepherd. Ma am. We'll take Jordan Howard as the workhorse back for the for the crown card for the bears you know the problem it. It again like last week did that don't against the 49ers when he should have been great but part of the problem is that it. Or how it's no help from this happened often what body and mind you there's a nickname that trombone he. And that if that's gonna be continuing problem and they're really isn't sure how hard it is always an iris gets you play my number sixteen. Back this week out of those options he's my number one back. Alex on that they'll match up against Pittsburgh is scoring touchdowns so him as well. I'll but if it's stupid to have freedom that an hour's. Just what we're out. Go to phone calls their lit up let's go right away who PGA it was it was in Franklin Wisconsin PL human. Standard the history. Starters entry is Bryant. Or Michael Crabtree starter it was seventy. That Michael Crabtree a good start they'll. They'll your theory. Your secondary is no back nine year old read it off the couch. Yes our him and then if such a horrific mistake. Yep things Darrell Revis an appetite yeah set up our point then this week on. And he's gotten some of the market Peter's right equals and in front flag into the stands for a yep a campus stolen just suspend him. No point you gotta go there start even knelt between bench for what its general read this week that. Those guys on an appeal against a greater achievement the quite earlier in the heat than ever ever allowed here carpal. 417. Yards and three touchdowns and now you're critical phase them out for her. Wouldn't it be positive matchup for cars and wrapped trees if Cooper goes remember this is typical of what what game on national which. If I don't there's if Colbert goes. Restore injury he picker RT welcome costar corporate Cordero Patterson hit a horrific chapter for every part of readers that. Joseph always listening to a scene debuted Joe Walker of the program and the Michael. Active PR rig an act an indirect or occurring aren't. It's come to that or or Korean market we thought it was gonna were you here at one point and now. Can you drink a guy who nobody drafted. What's the amount doctors. Though is that Allen higher than him think he's going up at the twelfth. You can for 80% of the dolphins played last week. I'll be conveniently. Out in gaming warns him that this game as well and the team to feature back. Probably perfect yardage gains here if statement but don't repeat crime beat them but a lot worse five yards per share. Got another one here and this is from a packed in Johnson creek pat walker the program you a question of Paul charges. Yeah. He's the only that you wanna read. Certain power. Lance Miller or careen from Washington. Lance Miller. When lamb Miller. I'd maybe I don't miss certain. You people are Millar double Lamar Miller for yet. Yeah I was gonna say am I all right Bob plants and you know I was. The guy I like Lamar Miller a lot this week. Get no competition for cared which is great and that means it when he such that we the past couple weeks and the 49ers are the right spot I think. Rushing yards and a working receptions a lot of the running back so. I liked him a dot org or our as well well number I got Lamar Miller number eight at running back position jerk our. They have at odds did was soon as we'll take a quick break we'll come back we've got more jolt Paula Joshua cast of thousands on hold stay tuned Paul church in. He is giving you fantasy advice and already in the post season. Charges and we say dot com Lisa post got comment they're involved I'd come mortal Michael showed mixed. Everywhere you Wisconsin. Bill Michael sports talk network. Wrote Michael show on the Aaron. So glad you are here gains investigated by small church in from the state dot com we say post uncomfortable like come here taking your your questions. So give us a shout are frenzy cousins subs bringing the program. The officials sub sailors who know Michael sports talk network and one home game remaining you can give registered with fifty yard line seats in the at Lambeau Field. All you have to do is go to Packers dot com slash best seats Packers dot com slash best seats. And you can give is say he was shot. 8558308648558308648. Love to hear from in the end of all church you enjoy is the back of the phone calls talked to a Josh in Greenfield Josh walked into the program I don't. The good. 81 of these three in the early ash organ. And I'm. Who. While while you got my number eight number ten wide receiver I I would take out organs of the reason we just talked about that they myself. Yet but does frank got a nice after through and if it you don't have your art which are important. He can't hit you can't have the notion that a lot of big game against if your backers. You don't have to go far down for Dez Bryant and it happened top 100 yards all he didn't this is such a good matchup at the political giant from the current 27 to get out that a lot weapon. Receiver touched down and our biggest what you're Jenkins the night are at stake it's a great matchup. That's fine so you know I've I've got Norton Gordon couples got fired but when when we decide to go. Appreciate it thanks for give us a buzz is evacuating talked to Jolie and walker judge Joe Walker of the program when I got. It. Our. I thought my thunder a little bit they're at that as Bryant in the marquee Goodwin and the other. Yeah I got all the good we've done and it's a great matchup against him but not the best prank category here and still doubtful we'll stick with that right market goes on to meet you place camera is still going at it but he's a good number 24. They built these doubt that you mentioned what without the skull that it was that they. Russell Wilson right. Traveling croc hunter Jackson didn't act bill. Where he will face the number one defense and passing yards per game and number one defense and happy that I'm allowed that number one. Total yards allowed. And it if they are also looking gonna run into victory get that. No quarterback could top 38 rushing yards against Jacksonville. In two years. They haven't given up or rushing touchdowns and over one calendar here. They have got a massive mismatch crop operatives and the like Jack or eat ya I have on now. So it's a give and I'll hold it right and borderline MVP MVP candidate probably. But this is a extraordinarily. Tough match. Which I completely agree I I don't. I wouldn't trusted at this point put that no I would rush to at all I know I was listening to a couple people this morning talking a Russell Wilson and going against that defense and and I man that is going West Coast East Coast. The end having going up against number one defense two things it automatically go against you historically I would not to be in favor Russell Wilson this weekend. Let's go to policy to us in Brookfield caught you doing. Good afternoon I mean there was these. Created. I need to divide here Adam Curry harmed or our vehicle well and outflows during shepherd but I need to audible there. If a case deacon in the fourth well. Like. That Mattel publicly about other group by him right I've anybody else as well and it. I know it score that's something we re. I don't like it should feel that such a high scoring game coming days and Oakland and my only worry here that eight people behind by a lot is possible and it. My daughter came social under watch by it if they can they quote the great opportunity on its adult on a beat them. British did they go and those get back to that we've got a couple people off a Twitter real quick Drew Brees or Carson Wentz. Yeah got it up it is the cartoonist interpreted the site if they surprisingly tough matchup Clemens and inlets. And it's not about it here I'm. You've done you'd history against the falcons is really good but this is probably the best out its centenary and yours and my ex. In passing yards per game only 208 per game only Aaron Rodgers it's 300 yards against the planet secondary and the court but also well. That freak incident happened on number thirteen at the quarterback position this week. Carson went up at number or. Not a great match up only one quarterback one touchdown all over the outlast the life. Went have been greatly regrettable quote feel pretty it can figure out terrible but I growth incidents. You get these they're performing at such a high level of pain in my right knuckleball like the right I forgot. Got another one here real quick DN that is so let's see in full point PP ER. Bunches or Coleman. Undated gonna draw they erode. I don't up till you ought. Reproductive health Julio says he art. You know how this work eurocard in the IP cornerback in Darren wanted it's him or miserable game and by extension by the way. That means I can't light Cam Newton either me that they don't support that take different on just the way that we let us down. Who. Miracle shot firm yeah. Who break it won't and don't want what. It is going to be Christian McCaffery not what you haven't given up or back down or you're. I don't know what come from from Cam Newton like in the police force. On pastors like content off staffer Matt Ryan. Three total touchdowns between them that their encampment that urging its like 185. Art one last or or last five games now. It eat turning all the wrong ways it's the rule matchup for cam industry. Let's do one more in real quickly get them here Tony and Sosa Tony make it quick item and yeah PP our league. And he got through these three. Yeah Louis. Or at. Or giant out of you. What deal with it and format are are far ahead of five job. Sure you looked up the number it you know well I don't love for the next match or Seattle or. I'll tell you the workhorse back for a team not run the ball more than any other week so we'll go political torn up under thirteen if you are. Haven't always. Appreciated. Not a lot of fun like I your payment and activated and can't wait to watch them but they've now we've got we've got a liking it we're looking. Do we there's a lot. Games that this week have impact and if the Packers get a win there as to whether or not. You were determined to really bring legitimately Aaron Rodgers back there and it's going to be affair saying we I can't we were saying and over teaming Cleveland. Pretty fascinating against agreement Packers but that's what we've come to. It really it now that if that's the positive part is writes Jack who easily beat Seattle that critical sphere in. What you need to happen with you tonight you know. What you need you tonight you need the saints to win. I mean that that utilization women Ki moon so special command appreciate it thank you about it but I go more of a Michael show coming up next. Wisconsin law. Film Michaels Stores told CN word Florida on highway 100 Franklin if you thinking of buying a used car fuel line check out.