HR3 – Should the Bucks pursue Derrick Rose or Brandon Jennings?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 3. Plus, Marques Johnson breaks down the Bucks. Also, where is there great beer outside of Wisconsin? Radio Joe was impressed with the beer options in San Diego…


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Promo links runs to the riverfront. Please see as we are Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Mikey show. Julia welcome Gil Michael show is on the. Glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to a we certainly appreciate you hanging out winners today. Thanks so much as always. Com. It talks about basketball coming up this hour the bucks back at it again tonight against the hawks. Get a couple of games as they get into the all star break Marcus Johnson the bucks television analyst for fox sports Wisconsin joins coming appear at the bottom of the hour there's a guy that is now cleared waivers and he's on the open market. And some of you started his day make that comment yesterday dot com. And I couldn't disagree anymore if if I had to. I would throw myself in front of the cab or the plane that would bring him into town. I don't wanna see Derrick Rose anywhere near this box organization. That his men he is so long pass him off as well that's just the way he is he's aloof he's kind of Manny being Manny back when. You know the Red Sox had put out with with with with many for so long you know he's Manny being Manny well what out. Derrick Rose. Is and always go will be a very. Talented player. Night guard injuries have just ravaged him put he has always been an unbelievably. Talented player. With the most selfish Tencent head to ever walk a basketball court. I said then and I'll say now he's never gonna win you anything and and it it just has proven to be true everywhere he's went. When he was with the bulls. And his what is his cousin or somebody was his manager and got into with the team publicly and and then he got cleared to play any wouldn't come back can you let his team Daniel guys getting opened generals the night before because of back pain and guys are you can for being sick on the side the visionary since. Completely cleared practicing no problems. On a man on the other hand you gotta gotta Jabari Parker who's two and everything to come back and they're just saying to bar you know I come back. To make sure your health easily but I'm ready to come back I want to come. You know it's just a tale of two people in two guys with part in no heart and just. If there's no way I wanna see Derrick Rose anywhere near this Milwaukee Bucks organization Joseph you pay more attention of bucks basketball would you wanna see. Eric rose in a Bucs uniform never never ever ever never never an in you know once he pulled the same crap again early this season. When he disappeared. For what about a week. And the the roars were at first that he just went off to contemplate his career like yen on apple for. But then really it was because he went off to go get married and it's just like why the diet diesels C memory has got an affair. We will it was a last year he took off and told his people to call the next. And he didn't tell on the call the next until after the APV went out they couldn't find them he just disappeared and that he demanded though a private plane coming to the fly him back. He's he's the epitome of eighty. Insists that the world revolves around there grows so I think I think from a player standpoint from. You don't put him on the floor for the blocks pretty provide some scoring ability yeah sure sure he. You know I think that would that would help the bench a little bit but I just his attitude his demeanor no. It's all bought him don't want to want that in the locker room and terror grossest understand that. If you were to come of the box. Yeah you're not number one. You're not number two he won't come you're not however three you're not number four on the pecking order my friend I will crush the box if they go after the incident. There would be a big mistake and it's just. Right now you're trying to make sure that you of a stable locker room trying to make sure everyone's on the same page. There was. A little I don't know if you saw this on Friday I went back and looked a little bit of the video of it. Benchmark Parker and Joseph prior to kind of get into a little bit part Parker against the heat. You know he he's over he's over on the weighing. And then he's going to end of the cores which is walking over the corner and has the balls in play on offense. And Joseph pretty easy on it him to re post them Parker him why do what. Chris Middleton was seen some vintage are very to like pay attention bird and and Jabari just wouldn't do it in front two was upset with them. Now is that just a one time thing where. The analysis Jabbar as the finalists and OK fine as I mean you can go back to the example of pianist and Sean Sweeney getting into it earlier this year and he notion we read into that probably not a what if we see more of acts. Is that a concern yeah and you just. You wanna make sure that this box team is on the same page. Goal went in to make in this big playoff from the Bucs have a much tougher schedule coming up tonight's a cupcake against Atlanta they should you know it's game. What I think going forward you wanna make sure that these guys are ready to go prepared mentally focused parties got him in order. I just don't think Derrick Rose to be the right guy to fit in that. While no where near the right fit. No where near the right trip from his team a 558308648. On the loans by conduct until free talk like. O'Brien assiduously Milwaukee Bryan I don't even know what's going on. Bill thank you for taking my call jerk or we agree with you all about Derrick Rose he's washed up and admit that the bulls tree. Eligibility that it'll are component with C that he's still. A bigger deal as though the film makes it an issue. And I was wonder what happened with Jabbar you. Which is it's kind of like a like them to do so light that you Alex talks faulted them. You know way I was ordered a ought to hurt stop but I that your deeds you know. So those ill as. A way this year what would happen with went you know the coach. Yeah Hubble Cologne back to Derrick Rose I think the people that just want whom the combat curve or four. If they go. Hope he was when he was with the vols won. We're wavy dot net. He he's so far removed from his MVP season isn't funny. I mean he's just he's not that guy and or he's he's appreciate the focal he's a name that won MVP. That is never lived up to that since and never well. Never well he uses his better days are all fall are far in the Revere mayor. I don't wanna see for those as saying gotta go get him I don't wanna cedar brook anywhere near this. Don't need it don't want it. Isn't gonna benefit in anyway shape performed just there's nothing good that is going to come. From. From from bringing him in my point 8558308648. This is from Chris who said if anybody says the budget signed your grows. Ban them from the show forever Derrick Rose is an eBay any poison any team he's an EU physical whiny self centered diva. Could the Bucs tried to turn Johnny football and into an MBA player extra incentives for exploring Derrick Rose saved same thing concluded her. Another guy that's flown out there and I heard he's signing with the G league team and seen which one yet Brandon Jennings breaks and Jennings is available. Brandon Jennings having that big game his rookie season in Milwaukee in a big game room and it was again. It was at Sacramento or does Larry it was just that that fifty point performance. I think a lot of people after that looked and said man. Did that this kid could be he could be an answer me this I have as is what the Bucs need Brandon Jennings the one of the more overrated point guards to ever come to Milwaukee. I still believe in the mountain and you know what. When that trade. For Chris Middleton what does that look good you have got to zillow could really get up Brandon Jennings got Brandon Knight in Chris Milton beckon and deal mean. And and Brandon Knight. Least in his short amount of time in Milwaukee was very good but Chris Middleton and that's that has really paid out one of John hammonds better trades. In his tenure as gentlemen. 85583086488558308648. On loans by kip dot com told free talk line 855830. 8648. Gives a shout if you wanna China and she is there anybody. That disagrees. That feels the box in some way shape reform should. Go after dare grows I can't imagine that but I'm sure there's MB wondered think that that might be a true possible Cleveland trades on. The jazz don't want them yeah. What does that say no. Was sent him no doubt paid 558308648855830. 8648. Bits and loans by kip dot com. Told free Todd wanted to when China and a 5583086. Foray over to come on the bottom of the why did to a stop and all local participating cousins and you are good to go it sets up or go to cousins subs dot com or. Download the app. And now you're only a click away and it's not the rule that you look at port it's always the bill Michael's that's always there's a pepperoni not extra Mayo Entergy said radio Georgie skirts and that. Is a big slice of heaven for your day right there that is cousins subs were they believe in better. The officials sub sandwich. A bill Michael sports talk network more than a Michael show next. So why don't shows on the air we are glad to have yes. I had mention earlier if you weren't paying attention of Houston's a sixteen games the Texans at 20186. Of them are gonna come against teams that won five or fewer games in 2017 including. Two games against the colts were 412 in one game. Against the browns who were oh and sixteenth. The team that then has the toughest schedule. In all of football statistically speaking. Use the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers Dioner blogs are the Packers are going to be heading into 2008 team with a rough is scheduled in the NFL as a matter of fact. They pretty much have every team in the NFC north is going to be facing a difficult schedule next season we'll all fourteen set to play. One of the eight toughest schedules and all football to give you an idea how hard these are gonna be any NFC north just look at Detroit's lions' home schedule. It 2018 and a host the Packers vikings rams Seahawks Panthers and patriots. Good luck Matt Patricia. Met pitchers against his old his old boss Bill Belichick coming in afford peel the Packers though have the most difficult schedule. But you were for the most stacks schedule probably goes the Buccaneers ravens and states. All three of those teams are going to be playing a total eight games against teams that made the playoffs in 2017. That means half of their schedules against playoff to eat. One guy who might be able to pull off quick turn around during his first years head coach Jon Gruden. Not only do the raiders have one of the easiest schedules heading to 2018 the day of a total of only four games against playoff team for 2000 at seventeen. Which is tied for illegal low while Jimmy arrival on the 49ers are also going to be going up against only four playoff teams from 2070. But before you complain about another team's strength of schedule or the patriots seem to have an easier schedule each and every season. Keep in mind that all 32 teams play the exact same schedule. In terms of the 2017. NFL stand. That means in 2018. All 32 usually four games against division winner. From 20174. Games against a team that finished second four games against the third placed team in four games against a fourth place team. And that your sixteen game schedule. The NFL scheduling formula is almost as perfect. As if with a degree in theorem. And Lugo show you how it's kind of put together and bottom page or when are you real through this throughout CBS NFL on Yahoo! Sports put. The Packers. Statistically speaking. Having the toughest schedule with the opponents combined 2017. Win percentage. At 539. The lions in the saints are tied it crowd their opponents being at 535. Winning percentage. And then there's Tampa Bay at 531 Cleveland. Los Angeles and the Seahawks are tied at 523 and it goes on down from the so many ago and the team at the easiest schedule. The when he percentage from last year were being Texans at 453. Winning clip their opponents so that's the way Chica. That is your status today by the way brought Cuba are good friends acts. Apple Auroio at royal implementing SAP and big data solutions. On the web companies just like yours make it a bigger better stronger faster. So that we can take all the information you need. Give it to embroil. They put it through their big giant computerized civic and all the details it just takes analytic all come back to you when you figure out how to use it to the best year ability. For your business to watch it grow they've been doing it for big companies and small companies that is at royal. Check him out of the web at HP PR OYO dot com it's a PP RO Mario. Dot com and that is tapper oil in the stat of the day dab his listening to us in Appleton dabbled in the program a Michael show torment. There element if you. And went public advocate and I say that their growth. To get an outcome in a month or so called. Are there roads are going to be coming off the bench. No not not. And see what happened to them you are making them understand that he would never received some movement. Give us a little scoring on the bench in what happened and amongst. I me I have lied received a phone call I look the optimism I appreciate that. Blight I would rather go out and slam an important appendage in a corridor agency Derrick Rose in the production. That's just life. Just myself. Bomb. It's from Cahill who tweets is our rights and when he's email inbox or should say. Absolutely not bill roses overrated and injury prone. And I was at the Brandon Jennings game when he went off. While one time ever remember right against Golden State. With the youngster Jeff curry thinks it's Cahill and marsh field. They have Calumet. Our market tweets us our mark righteous issued Sam part Pollard judgment. Mark Grace always email inbox I do not wanna see Derrick Rose come to Milwaukee I know some think that he still has some type of basketball cred but he doesn't. He's been broken down and selfish for so many years had no reason to bring him in when his young team Steve says. Derrick Rose to so shoot the basketball and we need shooters let's not be blind here this team needs additional scoring from the outside and a guy coming off the bench with a humbled ego. Will be go to his team. Also he can meet a guy you can point to and say don't end up like that got all the talent in the world and never amounted to a damn thing. I'm if I bring in anybody and I'm bringing him in as a positive influence. Not only as a shooter but a guided can be a veteran got a can be a leader that would that would be the ideal player I'm not bring in any guide he can give you a little better scoring. And it's an onion the bench where the coach can look at him ago OK guys see that loser. Don't quote don't be like him. I don't what that guy. I don't want that guy anywhere near my team. Mirror and there are no May Day. 8558308648. 855830864. Com this week from Jim. Jim says rose has the ability to shoot deny the ability to do much more than that he doesn't commit to the defensive end it all that was one of the biggest complaints for him coming out. A new York and in Cleveland they didn't want him around because in hostile didn't try if you're not going to try to play with one of the greatest players if not the greatest player in the world. Why in the world would you bring him into play with you honest because you think so Leon this is gonna have an influence on him that's going to make him wake up and say oh yeah I can play this game. Not he played LeBron James still was an ego LeBron James in morning around why in the hell would you wanna bringing the Milwaukee for those that say you gotta get Derrick Rose. You flat out don't know basketball. There you go. The consensus is except for maybe one dissenting opinion. That people read receipt. Of the flu hit their families. Then see Derrick Rose come in Milwaukee. Area. 855830. RE 308648558308648. On loans by Kim dotcom told free talk more. By the way did you see LeBron speak and LeBron James he is producing did you see this Joseph he's producing a remake. Of the ninety's classic movie house party. Mary Emily what can play. I could be wrong. I've never seen LaBroque. Oh my goodness it was a great move or not yeah. But of course according to Hollywood reporter Spring Hill entertainment which is LeBron James which is founded by James and his partner may recorder. They're gonna produce a new house party. Atlanta writer Stephen Glover and Jamal all read. Are set to write the screenplay the original comedy was released in by new line in 1990. It hit two sequels now anyone and any force started to our kiddie play of the hip Bob Dole can play. Definitely not a reboot it's an entirely new look for classic movie oh LeBron James said. James grew up loving the film says the opportunity to bring house party to a new generations it's unbelievable can't wait. We're trying out some ideas for musicians to be cast in the part. Of the project Carter said James good friends which raked in Spring Hill already collaborated with snow with a couple of rappers are a couple of projects. Carter also mentioned there's a possibility James who rarely receive a lot of acclaim for his role in the comedy train wreck well actually appear in the film. Not the first NBA started try producing Kobe Bryant also he 2018. Oscar nominee for the short documentary dear basketball Putin now. And Steve Nash producing a currently untitled feature about the rise of Ecstasy in the rave culture in Texas during the Reagan administration. He's in that this is not on her out. So LeBron James. I did not know Kobe Bryant was opera Oscar. I know I don't pay attention on the big movie person I'll pay attention to touch up but that it did now. But yeah LeBron James company Spring Hill they are going to do a remake of of house party. I'd I'd I'd Doug ever got those good move. I thought it was Kim played it was involved and it. 8558308648. Alone but it does temple free tuchman talked about basketball report Anthony's in mosquito Anthony welcomed the program the Michael show. Voter today how would you know what's up. Well I got an idea or instead you're rose. Just signing if you leak contract Brandon Jennings get to world number one waiver claim right now. Rose you're Wisconsin heard yup I'll well why not bring back Brandon Jennings for two months back up yet elegant Brockton. Young buck back in uniform back with its shipping games (%expletive) beat them in ensure that the past few months. Been working out in LA. Nina. Appreciate the phone call Suzy Brandon Jennings back in Wisconsin her slash Milwaukee Bucks uniform. Never consigned them but. I just don't know friend James can really bring it. He might he can provide a little scoring. So look at its China in numbers speak tree I have not seen brand let's do this water right they agree break we come back Marcus Johnson he talk much of anything like this or he would between new York and Washington. He averaged eight point six points for new York and three and a half points for Washington. 30%. Field goal. Percentage in New York a 27% to a percentage Washington. Wasn't any better for three point territory 34%. For new York and 21% from Washington. The sponsors averages. His assists are up his assistant at. So he could maybe for so tailback I can always China numbers I don't know where you find that in by. I think bring engine's little washed up yeah I am not really overwhelmingly through Perugia. Oh look I I would be more apt to bring in Brandon Jennings. No I would be in any situation to bring in terror pros which is make up perfectly clear and now. 85583086. For a stay tuned Marcus Johnson and enjoy is gonna Max and the like. About Michael she always on the air we are so glad that it's thanks so much as always for take a listen to as we certainly appreciate you joining us. This portion of the program. Brought to our great friends over a quick trip doctor alternative fuels no PA TMs. Could they have guide. Breads in milk seeing Jesus in eggs in meets in the league cabinets and all the snacks and all the things you would need just those little things on a daily basis hot foods cold. Cold foods. Groove or coffee they've got at all and find the quick trip nearest you go to quick trip KW I K quick trip dot com that is quick trip dot com a proud supporter. Well by the bell micro show and by the way. I've got to check the date but we have got I got to take a look at our knowledge or to the and this segment for a we have guides cigar dinner. That is on the on the column. Believe it or not and which show through our friends it to tobacco all the plus grocery. And we are looking forward that. So are kind of got to find a date but I'll track it down for it but I'm not that I'm gonna happen I can. Make it official. I think it's actually going to be in Madison. Coming up in June. So looking forward to a birdies coming in Madison in June. So get ready for that for those eulogy to his immense because of the currencies gardeners are back and they were a huge success last year. And they sold out like I am like right now. So we make that announcement. Well we'll let you know for sure. But Ted get your tickets right away especially if your cigar smoker let's do this sets go to Marcus Johnson bought television analyst for fox sports Wisconsin Wisconsin's Marcus you don't body. Absolutely wonderful article on. Noise while Tom now all I don't think in any way shape or form you would ever be is disparaging as I am. Off however I am I don't think Derrick Rose for those who once he Derrick Rose from the Milwaukee would be a good fit I think you were even better it may be Brandon Jennings would end up in Wisconsin uniform applied. What are the Bucs need right now with some guys that are a little bit nicked up and banged up. Yeah I think you're right I mean I get a lot depends on on Delhi I'll bet you he'd get back Malcolm brought him. Is going to take a little bit yup a little bit longer. But I mean you know you kind of stop gap mode right now dignitaries playing a lot of minutes down Kilpatrick. You run him in and out of one. I guess. Benefit that you patent that god has. Can't be a primary ball Adler for a lot of the minute that he's on the orbit you don't want it. Overdue debt you know you go out and and and add that to get some help with that position. I'm not sure read zinni's right now is is. Is that guy but. Well I beat what are you like it he was out of the Milwaukee so I don't know what's going all the debt but you know debated that but organization typically with. And I get yet read night. Pretty nice but over China though in an estimate always about a guy like that is that but we begin. Oh what you get when you get even right now I think it is when his career. He's just look at that it is a positive note play with a good team and it's like basketball once again I think he started. It on this team right now is they started do I head towards you all star break you get to you get to Jabari back. Tell me how you think Jabari his kind of fit in felt his way through this so short period of time of his team. Well in a two part is done really well and and I'll. I thought the Miami game with B what what that norm for a ever turned kind of struggling. He would be out of the gate but yet the rebuilding solid double figure games. Welcome back want to return. You think that he's a competent. Still. You know the way out with a with a whip out with the unit that apparently you do it in what he's got himself back into. Al that they expected. I'm a little bit of benefit that is just get on a couple of things governor of the crowd I think won the first game back to give up all the expected. But overall I think he's exceeded expectations. At the Miami Dade city that was that was kind of how I expected him to hit the kind of struggle out. It is in the small. Part of the games get involved. I'll be it that is aggressively out of you I responded that he that it you can look at the effort to immediately got like. Back to beat the Chicago that the guy who that you're out. Came back in January. Get up and down games but you know easy respect authority about what game. But it timberwolves he had at a game winning field and dark. Because last ball game and so it. It is going to be that kind of a year we're going to be some really really positive moments but there are going to be the moment or is it we struggled. But it. Quick that at but it did that thought they expected but overall bad I'm just really really. Eight that it got quite let anybody do anything major at the trade debt because you get that guy. I'd like it to our apartment back in February about Iraq this time. That that they can give great great. Boosted terms of what does all the victim and they had that ethic that he changed what people. Marcus Johnson television analysts for fox sports Wisconsin cover the Milwaukee Bucks and do you would you talk about kind of getting that veteran guy back in and being that guy and Jabari. So with the change your head coach in the what Joseph prods he's been able to accomplish and Jabari coming back you get some guys back from injury. Most people are saying this team should be a top four team in the east do you see the same way. You know we're happy about you know have to gain output via the app fourteen right now now look. Let us count temper the excitement enthusiasm. And we all. Gupta with a right now but does he put billions of publicity that we play. During quote but because those first game gains know what you're world beaters and you know the talking about the knicks and Brooklyn and basic hand in Orlando but I don't see that that that should be but the heat they think a lot of these. What I look at a look at that piece that debate over those ten games but and number two. And keep the debate. Look at how would fit them but then what I have. Outward number one in the but the reason that it went 24 beat but the league. That they that's what exactly I'd be. So that you can let you hit that approach. Mean that the that that in terms of stopping at some point they'll look at number two at some point Google to get that doubt about it gave 20/20 four to get. All the numbers of read you really are encouraging. Now but wait until after we get back but also written. And get a look at a lot so when door visible with because this isn't the place is a couple of the sixers. We got Houston in in an inning in those games but that got to be our kind of put kind of get the market to get him that and then have a winning record after playing. Those caliber team that you know if you're headed in the right direction but. But now they could go on it as well it can be expected intention and don't let skeptic is that I thought to enjoy a lot the last. Government unit that it here and he's just I'll rent it. Basketball mindful all but depleted you typically get here is skeptical of a variety of topics. And I didn't make that is eight. You look real pick out that out that she plate but out that she cut out that she blew up quickly initiate alternate but all those things he. But first more than just look at teams that you all quickly just put the issue quickly so. All that he did I don't think Kurt but Kurt elect yet that the bad. The mine that the coaching staff and I believe that we get. Very well up to get out fourteen. In the top. Rupert before I let you go and also wanted to ask about the rest of the league in the sense at least there wishes him more than so the conference. The cavaliers and the Celtics still battling towards the top of the cavaliers making unbelievable changes. And it looks like LeBron you said gimme a much young energetic at 1111 letting guys and I'll figure it out. And it looks like they have how big of a changing your mind why is that to see all those different players six guy he's. Traded away coming into the system and the fact that they will they be able to put together in time to figure this whole thing out. Yeah I mean that you know you don't you don't wanna vote. Strickland about how they look to get all that mattered and it put out what sort Clarkson. In LA a lot this year I've always loved the game and not the situation weapons. Is alive yet second third double double to the bride. On the floor toward shield as one of the top three point shooters always had been since he's been in the league is that on back down. Kick that you three point shooter. Great view that the player bigger point guard Larry can you give them about that let them did not let. To me it does have an underrated. You know smaller got sick sick. But played about six. Said the picnic by the who could also accused the three at about 3730. I think that's exactly recant. The budget done athletic guys that that that it is gonna help this deep and that's what they had issues there was twenty night indeed it. That you don't get much better that it be competitive in. They have yet we have. I think they are legitimate contender to win these in copper now. Well we always know when you got the wrong you're the legitimate contender I just don't know how much better they got like I thought that might have been a train wreck. And boy the first double games issued holy mackerel they look good so. We've got to get you know you have to get him back you don't read about about without top team. And again that the big issue with them and anti liquidity finished you work through. Developing consistent and as we get quite tickled by that burst gave everybody thought this year. Is that you know until unless we put first got together. You're gonna have to issues at some point but they don't let up so early I think on what I've built the players that they acquired. You know I think I'm a bit hit and I had hoped that the thought it would take a look at it brought it looked. Look all awaiting. You immediately catapult doubted she'd act vote. And abroad kind of doubt we'll look back at neglect and the new kid about it deactivate it is built more muscular problem that place and so is this. What would hit it well that the couple they've made it up to date that really helped themselves. Without a doubt always gonna talk to markets we appreciate you joining us for couple minutes okay. I. I do about judges and they don't Marcus Johnson television play by play voice of Milwaukee boxer analyst for the Milwaukee Bucks they should say. Joining us on the Schneider orange Alan shatter our drivers right now you work arbitrage fair eighty voice you're living in need and column. 844 pride we're gonna Schneider jobs dot com. Outside of the state it was counts. And there's a good Joe's got the scores on the rundown and asked him I would assume there's a story behind outside this it was Johnson. Where do you most like to drink beer what's your favorite beer stick around more than my notion that. It's. Michael show on the air what are you Al shot eight of the state of Wisconsin are well beyond its borders where you're listening. Forty love beer there. Where do you love beer. T a being outside the borders we're going to be in that Arizona merry go Arizona to be exact. There is no Michael show goes to spring training this year we're gonna be out there and heading out on March 9. On the edge twelve throughout that week we are going to be broadcasting live from merry go so looking forward to that. Speaking of hundreds of your outside of the state of Wisconsin hopefully get a chance to combines a hiker heading out in that direction we love doing. Shake Anderson how he if he can't however. It's all that's that's not a bad place we're talking about sitting outside and so many Al fresco there venues. Drinking a few beverages. Enjoying that many errors on his son. Or sunset in the evening as it may be or maybe the ballpark. Allen Arizona not a bad place to go either. But looking forward to. 855830864. And I want my assumption Joseph is that you have this question out there for particular reason to correct. Yeah IA had no idea that San Diego. Head over a hundred brewery it's I think it's up to 175. Now then just the San Diego area alone there is numerous. My growing nano breweries. Throughout the area. And we checked out we but it. Fort from breweries on Saturday. Just kind of get knee out get the local field local taste and I'll tell you what they do. A lot of IPA's if you're big and IPs are used to hate Ike he's. What I've had surgery and a little bit more it's Mormon acquired taste of your beer drinker. And now I like them and the fact that they had a lot of these for is to say numerous IPA upon IPA upon IPA. I was I was very very impressed the beer is very good in San Diego's of those either like to drink. You a drink a lot of beer in the state is known for drink a lot of beer. San Diego is. The and is of great recommendation by me I think you guys and enjoy it now there's some different place a check out my friends. Plus they went they have like a road map. And then gauge of folded out and you're looking at San Diego on they got all these dots on the map of these were all the breweries are and then they have a list. Of all 170. Breweries and so they would check off the list when they would go and check out a certain upper site. Usually this is really cool I was I was not disappointed at all. And done just does wanna throw that question out there. Is our boat load of micro brews in the state it was counts I mean a bunch of points are really good night Cooper's. And Yates. Were really lucky in this area but it. There are now when I go back to see my kids are my friends are about to Cincinnati when you go to the more like girls. Or the holy Grail down next to the stadiums would be a great American ballpark. Or if you go to Montgomery in and you sit on the patio. Outside of Montgomery and overlooking you Ohio River. Or if you go across the river to new port on the Levy and you're looking back in the city Cincinnati. That's fantastic now I know some of you don't warily. There's a who orders. Has a floating barge restaurant's been there for a long time that sits in the Kentucky side that has an outdoor patio on the river to barge on the river. And you can actually take the shadow of the ferries shuttle that takes you back and forth across the river it drops you off at dia at the serpentine wall in the landing the public landing there. In Cincinnati that you can park across in Kentucky. Go to hooters sit outside eat have through some beer they have using music outside. And then. You can from there are. Go and take a shuttle across the river. And they check out reds game or you don't Bengals game purchase at time a year but man it's fantastic great great great time that's a good place to go to. So. There and they've guy. They've got a lot of different Beers that are Peru's stolen and that was a very heavy German her heritage when I grow as a kid Mike my grandfather worked for beautiful door. And are shooter told you eagle light all that kind of stuff. So that there was all kinds. Of different. Appears growing up as a kid that. Now that we get access to. My grandfather hit he was one of those guys ahead the tap that was drilled through an old refrigerator in the basement. So you always had a quarter barrels sitting downstairs a couple of double frosted mugs in the refrigerator. And I remember that is growing as a kid but there was a lot of great places down there that overlook the city 8558308648. San Francisco. Has got some good stuff. When we around San Fran. Not much in Houston I thought there would be would not as much in Houston obviously you're gonna have some Beers. You're not too and hurting thing Mardi Gras now I'd never been a Mardi Gras but I have been. Two been in New Orleans. And had some really good Beers down there as a matter of fact it was one of mine weirder stories coming out Bubba Gump stunner. That was that was kind of crazy time but there's some good there's a good places didn't have a beverage or do without a doubt. Mark says walking Wrigley Field prior to a cubs games you know why can't deny it down an area it's it's a buzz no doubt about it. State town. Good talk with Jesse temple badgers beat writer for the land of ten dot com stay tuned right after this.