HR3 – Is Trevor Davis considered dead weight?

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Friday, January 12th

Hour 3. We also chat with Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Plus, we have the Nu Male Heads Up Plays of the Week…with a special Paul Allen version…


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Promo links runs. River runs this season we are Wisconsin sports fans comb through all the bill Michael show. You're welcome though Michael show on. Here we are glad to have real clear having me. Fantastic day today we certainly appreciate you're hanging out where this as always. And today Good Friday to you manage good weekend coming up you get some good basketball even better football on the horizon and I know those of you that are listening. From about the mid portion of the state moving west there's more than a few vikings fans in the area. There'll peeked up as the saints are gonna come rolling into town so a lot of good football on the horizon. This portion of the program by the way brought you by reference cousins something they believe in better any party any gathering anything you do with any gathering of people at all. They can make better with their party boxes to put parties of the individual party barge is they have an all go to cousins subs. Dot com that's cousins if you just walking into the store right now your anger resentment is going in order to bill Michael's. So I need to go Michael's right now those archer and there never amount extra archer cheese Italian bred learned live it love it ego. At simple and his cousin subs dot. The officials subs in which by the way the the Michael sports talk network Lotta people. Commenting still. Called back to the green bay Packers and we had talked about this earlier in the day. Bomb. Go back to the Packers are about to do what you consider to be. Dead weight. Com. By the way I'm being told today 130 Mark Murphy will join us. Coming up in about an hour and a half from right now. Mark Murphy the Green Bay Packers will be joining us on the program. Just an FYI. 85583086. Or so good chance to talk to mark today thumb. About all the all which shaken up to 1265. So put that on year but down on the count. Off anyway go back to my original statement to we are talking about now that the dust started to settle all the coaching staff is all but in place. In the assistant coaches evolve had been hired me now you're looking at this team and say OK now they've got a roster agreement. So you start to go through he said OK where's that ease kind of like trimming the tree you know you've guide. You know a lot of good good branches on this thing you've got some stuff that's it's okay it doesn't really flourish anymore than you've got some dead wood. So. When you look at this team what's what's the dead weight what's the dead weight in this T 8558308648855830. 8648. On the loans by Kim dotcom told free talk line 85583086. Cory. Com. It was a shell was a dead weights a lot of people Chiming in on its okay. Brad writes dead weight right now Bryan Bulaga Lance Hendrix. My question then becomes why less gently as campers. It's in and again I'm only ask and you know I'm not saying it's. I'm disagreeing but I I from oral Orleans tenders. He's got it going and the next he's gonna make 2.2 million from a mistake it. He you run a city cut everything training camp nine he was okay. I had some drops in during the regular season. Is not the athletic guy that the cooker anybody else Martellus Bennett even that was supposed to be. But he's been solid. There's Richard Rodgers as well and Richard Rodgers is again going back to the against the word to use will be solid. If you wanna call it that it's easy solid. Buddy. What what does Richard Rodgers contract situation. Was he I don't think he's it was even more shares you free agent now. Hutus are freeagent. Trying to find out your quick he might you freeagent. From. Richard Rodgers. Yeah free agent you make a one point nine last year. Creating going UC's. So Richard Rodgers has a right now. He he'll be on the market. They had just lunged trying to make sure I'm right revenues go through their salaries. So anyway logs were short. Who else would be be dead weight I thought Lance Kendrick and this team needs an athletic tight end is it on my priority list yes but it's lower this team on the outside needs you right tackle. They need to pass rushing outside edge rusher and then he'll lock down corner in those three things in my opinion have to be solidified. For this team to be. Really OK now you're back on the track now you know you're ready to flock let's go to Tony in Towson Tony welcome program the microchip are not ready yet with Tony coming up in just a minute. This one's from mark who says the deadwood would be Clay Matthews although I don't wanna cut him because you still want your best defensive players in all honesty bill what does that say about Judy. It says exactly what you think it says. That your defense last Jack looked what took place numbers earlier this year earlier today. I talked about clay for the value that he brings he's about right where he should be and how people wanna hear that. Because you know he's had a hamstring problems he's had some injuries over the last couple years and you know if you move him inside you find an edge rusher. I'm just me and he got some. Cal arts and that they were you would Julius Peppers here you come on third down and that's about all he would play. And he was a force because of what clay and nick Perry brought to the table he got dominance snaps. So you find yourself a decent edge rusher with those three plus now the Kenny Clarke is advanced. Now that a huge star Mike Daniels being Mike Daniels and what played Martina has been able to do. I think you've got something at least your building on something there rather than just being completely barren are now let's go to Tony in terms of Tony welcome program go Mike Russia. They built into that at all. I didn't of the is that just something that's partly with the person you know kind of like a little bit what you talked about. I want to know should we do it. Certain players like if we're able to get my car yet. It's but the issue should be able to eat at like eight like top properly it. Obviously purity Yeltsin because you know Aaron Rodgers and other guys that in the first Noah out just what made up in an industry which got sick. I appreciate it topical index is an interesting. Cat for the fact it. I can't tell you how many times sitting in the press box I sit next to my Clemens. And anyone we are on the road this year we talked about it. From Oregon Chicago Ari we look at each other cities how hard hurt. Now he he says he wasn't Mike McCarthy made a joke about it in the post a post he's impressed govern saying. You know while he was notably against the roles right in everybody kind of giggled. Which may may raise an eyebrow. Because they really don't have anybody else behind heartland it someone and they did them list them. It just said look you're gonna play through whatever it is you have to play answer. But. He just looked hurt him. He didn't look right. He wasn't as aggressive he was in the tackler that we've come to know. He wasn't the guided to better angles at times you look likes he was either one slower to gave up on place. Or just misjudged it to the point that he was just out of duplex he just looked like some was wrong. I don't know how lost to put it. So not having enough guys back there can put two on an island do we make you think too much I think when they gave him the communication helmet I think most people would agree that that. This is so it was in the best thing to do. But he just look bad this year he had regression this year. And I can't explain it. And I just like I can't explain why it just it hit. For lack of better term it again it just look back and next year he's owed you know five and a half million dollars almost five point six million last year. Going into the season and now next year is it. For him but if I'm not mistaken put. I just. He just looked you looked off. Again a 558308648855830. 864 in the long but it does counsel for Tanya hi Colin Dixon it becomes an unrestricted free agent after next year. More breaking amber news the brewers have agreed a one year contracts with their four remaining arbitration eligible players. Jimmy Nelson creek enables we've said Nelson is we'll skip three point seven million can able three point six million. And then also Jonathan DR and Hernan Perez the other two. We don't know what the specifics are with those two contracts be curious to see what they page out and VR. But yeah all four sold no brewers will be going through the arbitration hearing Asia. By the way out for first either wanted to know next year going at least in this off season. The way it stands right now he's just a salary cap is going to be 185905413. Dollars for an NFL teams. The active contracts for the Packers are going into next season as it stands right now before any adjustments. Is 157981000. 887. Dollars they have just over four point seven in dead cap space. They're rolling over seven point nine million from last year. Which in total gives them 162700395. Dollars which means to a grand total. Before anything else is adjusted they have 23205018. Dollars. In free cap spent. Now you know one or two or three of those larger contracts. Are going to are going to go away. So you get rid of tool loans say you'll free up. Analysts say twenty million dollars. Are they now remember this is also including the fact he Rory pay Delonte and our Arctic relents. So that's already included an office. You would then I have to think about that she would then have forty. Going into next season. Or at least work with in the offseason. 8558308648. On the loans we kept our council for topless portion program being brought to buy Bud Light can be a mad he's. Are mad he's over on college Evan you're new Burleigh coming up next week tells corners actually. Morial scorched but anyway that being said. A good idea next Thursday night. And going to be over Matty zoo and looking forward to seeing there is facing grows only two of the models left circle out to Matty next Thursday night 68 all brought you by Bud Light they are the official. Your sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk. Think about that we come back stay tuned immortal might shoot next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice told the network. No Michael she. Clear. Coming up in a balance. A little over now about our ten minutes from now Mark Murphy. The Packers president going to be joining us just got word. Some command and talk for the first time about. Via the process if you wealth. We are in for mark you're surely stay tuned for that. Has forced the program by the way and come into you from our good friends at Marshall clinic health system they're the ones it. They take carrier you have something going on do you have an illness right now you guys some of that blue or he's got flu like symptoms are. You know allergies whatever happens to be they can help yummy right over the phone and if they can. They continue prescription to a pharmacy near you does it matter where you arms it was cuts they can help you out to call 844 care when it's 844 fairway if they cannot help you. It is no charge my friends kind of pay for play unlike him. That's from them we are depressed Marshall clinic health system the official health care provider of meat. Pol let's go to drew listening to bush in know Claire drew I don't that a male astronaut. Group or Arab are in the 0% on and I got an offensive and indeed. Late June. I'll talk about what had never Baylor you've got a special game viability. And nobody liked the effect on the depth chart grant that it LA yeah yeah I heard. And did that led the neck area it didn't hurt all Simon. And barrier to. You know. Big showery. Productivity give you seven sacks this year he has moments in the thing that nick Perry show me. I appreciate the phone call drew thanks for listening to a Sinclair. Mick Perry went helping when he has that hand help okay. Nick hairy I don't know when he got this this upper body and what I've seen him this year he has thrown guys around like hollowed out tree trucks. I'm here as just. Tossed some people aside and that's with a bad you can see the potential. Okay you could see the reason they pay you. Like the guy is never helping. He had one help a year that was her half the year in which then he broke his hand and put the club for the second half of the that was not his passion of the year before. When he was going for free agency prior to that he'd been banged up his entire career. So. You you know he's locked up okay he's not going anywhere you got to pay a lot of money you decide to come loose but. If that guy ever had it is a healthy season look out he can and he could end up with twelve to fourteen sacks. If he ever has a healthy seasons. He's just he's just that good. But he's he's just he's not consistent enough in the Health Department. Did it's just mind boggle. And Trevor Davis. Trevor Davis was back there indeed they have not had. Because people say well. Get rid of run oh result because well look at special teams office bush did not off. Mason Crosby do pretty much solid they went through coming what for a long staffers this past year. And really didn't miss too much ruby. Bogle comes in they getting Jacqueline nobody talked to both had a hell be here this year by the way the punt game not bad. Bogut made me scratch my head NBA season but not bad. Tonight got a stable pony got a good kicking game. Coverage units haven't been bad. The Gunner position is as solid as it's ever been. But they don't have a huge. Dynamic return to when Trevor Davis. Gets daylight the cat can ago. He just doesn't do consistently enough. And maybe just maybe because of all the injuries that we've seen this team sustain. Because as you know your starter very rarely do you ever play specialty. So all the guys. That is that is gone up and had its start because of injuries. The aid that's the first thing gets affected as your specialty and we saw that happen again this year. So. I'm not Terrell special teams and I'm a character reduce the Trevor Davis. By V. There's a couple of times he had some stupid plays I agree that he took the one ball literally cut the one that was in the end zone right on the edge. And the next one he Marie ID fair cop one. But inside the five or something like that I made he had trouble bone headed plays this year and he knew. Because we had a on the course and while I don't I asked to assume you took that ball. It in content on your goal line and decided to take off on apart. We're easy edit coaches weren't arguing that piece of Iran is trying to create some arms trying to make a play and give us a spark they needed a spark. So and he's more of a a Jew kronor then sit like jet like Jim Janice Jeff Janice's. You know damn the torpedoes full steam ahead and he gets daylight he's off the racist do. But the reasoning on a Trevor Davis I think is because he can still developing new decent wide receiver who's got speeds get breakaway speed. Gives a shout. 855830864. Day excess. Dan K dank. Says hey guys plan going to matter is par for the birthday next Thursday opening go on meet you guys listen program data equals C there. Next Thursday night mad he's looking forward to a down on college avenue that's with a horde that's where the the huddles going to be. 68 next Thursday night should be for Columbine. Wild man writes in the way these email inbox guys Clay Matthews he is not overrated he's just an average player at this point earning about average salary. Maybe a little above average for what he's been able to give you but he goes inside he commits to wait to be one of the top linebackers in the league. He just can't get out of his head that he's not that prolific outside pass rush threat anymore. Teams don't need to double team him and when he does get leverage on a team that does double team him. More often than not you'll pull hamster. So keep him inside let me be disrupted their shoot DA gap and find an outside pass rush that's I'm missing at all. While men human. Insane at all. If you can find it easier said than done you can't just say well going to pursue and get as anybody. Got to have more. Only to have him right now. I don't know who's going to be on the market a figure have to wait till after roster cuts are made to maybe find somebody that salary cap casualty before it's also had done. To find is a prolific outside pass rush that edge for. But you have to got it like a said the three priorities for me tackle right tackle. Edge rusher the lockdown corner. What are your top three positions of meat. Do you agree. And any trauma how to pronounce and the any NI FE a knife. Hopefully I'm pronouncing it correctly I don't says my top three positions. Corner corner corner. Nobody to cover if you have guys to cover the pass rush will eventually get home but when teams can just line up and throw five step drops. And passes to guys that are wide open seem. It makes for a long damn day I'm tired of watching it do you think it hadn't is finally going to tell somebody hey. Over there and that seam route over the middle you may wanna cover that because Dom Capers the know that parcel of land existent. Thanks for the team. And the sarcasm but. Or else here. This is from Jeff and Jeff says how much do you think McCarthy's going to be involved the defense with a guy that has not been defensive coordinator for very long. But he has been. Meaning guy big guy started out cut his teeth as EA coaching assistant defensively. With the Baltimore Ravens he moves up he becomes a defensive coordinator. Now with the ravens he worked there for numerous years he was a and outside linebackers coach in middle linebackers coach. And anyone became defensive coordinator on Rex Ryan. In new York and then from New York he goes to buffalo and Maroney and all of which he had top ten defense does. And any got a head coaching get so he can't fault him because he wasn't defensive coordinator at that point in time he got a head coaching gig and by the way what was the last time Cleveland Browns browns won seven games a season. It was last time he was there head coach and that's when they inherited in the idiot John demands now. How he got that team December when I have no idea. So I'm not falling in many many went out to us Seattle. Where he was highly recommended by John Schneider but he he got a chance to work of Pete Carroll and company and quote legion of boom and all I kind of study I'm I'm sure he's. He's the B Katz got knowledge area and the bottom line for me is this if you getting the players how good is he then. Let's go to Dallas he too was an eagle river dale walk on the program that was going on. Gabriel nature take in the culture. I don't wanna stay deadly but I'm Montgomery were diverted to virtually running back. Why not put him on the market get some form. And what do you think you formed. I'm not sure I don't know what is camp numbers are but I. I think you could probably get a third routers. A third rounder for time and gummery let me check here was when this because I don't really know beyond us and only time occurrence cannot atomic numbers cat number cap number next year's 800000. It's it's Zippo. So I mean he look this way Todd Montgomery. Is. A good or better wide receiver. Then does he then become your slot guy as well the CB dizzy back a majority in the slot there for maybe if you wanted to let Randall Cobb go you can do that. Or would you whittled with a lesser dead weight did cap hit would you let go Jordy keep Randall and they keep tie as a slot guy as well. And then used to Vontae in Geronimo and Trevor on the outside. And a draft another wide receiver. I think that that that's entry scenario. But I'm a huge dirty it all didn't didn't bite you got a couple more years. Nine I understand it but for the members story put up specifically after Aaron Rodgers went down. It's certainly not worth that amount of money I have a feeling that appreciate the phone call I've a feeling. If I had to pick one. Most likely. It would be where he now there's two scenarios vacancy if they're gonna just cut somebody in my theory it could Randall played like he might play for contract elsewhere okay. All but I can see were Jordy had to be in the season. The contemplation of well maybe the next couple years on Don and and I don't know we'll see end of this year I'll take a look at what and players will tell you once the thought of retirement. Actually creeps into your head. You usually find yourself saying it's time to retire. Majority Nelson and next season is good idea owed to our twelve and a half million dollars but if they decide to cut him loose. He's owed 2.3 million. So in essence you're getting ten million dollars back. Which would then take your take that cap to dead cap space and twenty. 33000033. Point three million. And usually take anywhere from ten to 141000004. What you're gonna have drug to pave rookies which would then give you about fifteen million dollars maybe a little bit more. Twenty million to play west. Which is still very. Fiscally sound organization. Bomb let's do this when we come back we're gonna tell their branch agreement press gazette Tonys was he too was in Minneapolis as well when asked him about who he thinks dead weight might beat. Also don't forget. Coming up in one hour from right now the president of your Green Bay Packers Mark Murphy will join us right here on the microchip will be back. Six clues stays true strong and my school's sports talk now. So Michael shows on the air and coming up in less than an hour from now Packers president Mark Murphy going to be joining us on the bill Michael shows who makes you take a listen. Less than an hour from now is about an hour from now as a matter of fact to be becoming on the air when this. Time now over our bread should get a Green Bay press gazette did you join us in the Schneider orange hotline in this so Eric. And we're sitting here talking about like you know dead weight going in this off season in trying to remake this Ross we don't know 125% of the roster most likely isn't going to be back and is something that happens to football teams each and every year so tell me who you think right now he has say the top three guys you have to make decisions on a maybe to cut loose for what it is that there either make or maybe just not a great you know performance physically. Of who is it Hoosier dead weight. Well you know I hate is that but I would say he's probably got it started at right tackle. You know the important thing is delighted product you're going to be. Awful popped into little little party here. I'm not so insurers. Trying to spectrum in the interim director elections so I'll probably start there. The second spot would. Didn't he. The question what are the receivers either Cobb or not ago she. I just want to be performed to that level. And didn't have to find the guy free agency rather. It is contractually in the draft that they can take it off and just not. Straight on you'd right now to create separation that they need to make an offense work. Tikrit is responsible court. Bird gently. You know I'd have to look at. To look at that outside linebacker position. You know. She had a good year. Last year but this year or shouldn't and won't back in singletary and we're just constantly. Did not for what he's got to him. Hands that are able to gold can distribute its. Victory in and you know decent day weekend. So moving forward do we know they're like you said I think either Randall or ran toward toward your most likely not coming that wanted to. Are we about clay earlier today because there are immediately people go out players are saying what I heard of that. But I think for the money he's making if you look at the numbers. You know on the Indy yeah he had the hamstring and he's banged up in your lost a few games and I understand that but a healthy claim that you repeated Matthews can still be disruptive and when he's probably years. In the top three as far as your best offensive players for eleven million when your panic during more than that I don't think he can afford to just cut clay loose. I don't mean that in the two reasons. You know I didn't didn't part of the middle part he's been out probably in the other camp. You know maybe those but. I think for him to do to make his career long. Which. The tribunal not money and doesn't have to make it too much longer but I'm going to let him to extend his career. I can get a move to the side would help. I think the other thing into the dispute coordinator we don't know what we're receiving. We can look back it'll check to home and she looked out there what what they do it and they might just would you would you delights. Packages a little bit differently that might help. Click hockey get some. It's some sort of additional factors and additional. Marshal quarterback you can't deny Al Goodman against the run of the key. He street targets are not your regular run. Look at that Egypt where your on your run strictly to. Because he not as strong on the edge when you run a lot better blocker and to get. And especially for something that's the goal and some outside engine not to be huge gap run. You better make sure you get someone down around his ankles and he's gonna you know Kiki get himself Reggie is catching you out. I mean really good to have him and I think. Just look in the coordinated system Carmen and I. I think you guys keep them at least one more year. What they who know. Defensively how because I said outside edge pressure. Move played in the old Blake Martinez. It progressed a lot this year. Did you know I I'd say this kind of jokingly as a look at to a Blake Marcin mart if it was AJ hawk making all these tackles or rescind governor three yards downfield who cares. How much did Blake Martinez have an impact defensively for this team. All tremendous tremendous in you know if you look at it let's just pretend Chris Matthews does move aside just for. In all children's. Team really good coverage you know he's got ability. I'll watch what the artwork tricky you know that the liability. Coverage area. A little back two years gosh how politically and catching the ball short or it's remarked how that it. The number of years ago mr. giant GM that won it looked on the sidelines and caught. He. He's got long arms he's got it barely cover. You know I'd like that there who didn't get your. But yes really really stepped up initiatives rookie year too bad that he got hurt kids. You hate to keep football guy you love. You know. You could see it and you'll Afghanistan shuttle training camp seemed at first. Guy or two out there and have a great Chung and they're. We're gonna kill off. On the that you could just you guys altered because they're good at it America I've got to protect it love it. He's one of those guys out there because you and I and I think he makes a lot of treatment isn't what. Reached in the running game you know there particularly fuel is being able to turn. Get feel. To give up or were they package. Ronald constantly look that just across you know the tight end or slot machines. Offensively speaking how far away he thinks they drawn while sir Trevor Davis or even jet genus are. To making an impact if you get rid of Cobb mills in one or the other or both. Fog that means that you have to go to Geronimo you have to go to Trevor day we shall have to use Jeff chance at some point. How far away are those guys and honestly I mean there's no Dovonte outages is emerging as your number one target for how far away the others. I figured there are quite quite aways. What yeah out. On the outs the Babylon and others you know not the slot that the guy who's going to be on in life that's. It. They live. Offensively. They're tight end to weigh in their battle to keep your way and I don't think that. I don't think server into the home. I think Alison is. You know I think he'd stop gay guys 94. You know we're bringing your computer you get into attitude out on the world. I don't think you've got to lenders left nipple to be able to get out there. I strongly. Whoever. The other. Lou that is going to be lower or. That guy that I'm on the roster right now why it is I don't see it they did the perimeter guys got to be someone who would be dynamic. If you sat it kicked out of fuel because safety. Just slide didn't have to call it you know they need to need to be that space between the second level don't coverage and this say you did the safety. No way to do that is fast guy get a guy and super fast and run the ball he got the running back to be able to throw the ball to the backs. If you get me curiously that are consulting Irish special yeah. A tight end. Iran India and other outside Trimmer guy who couldn't get down the field is Smart enough to didn't read chicken greens. Coverages and view and click off of each through. Those guys they're they're they're very very close that they can commit to the running game and actually run the football. Consistently one or two back in the bachelor back in a tight end in the backfield. Have to be scary. Very scared me could you could be phenomenal. Are part of that whether or not being good guys on the silent commit to a broad street with children I don't change. And I also wouldn't that if they're gonna I don't think the guy who's just starting. Guy on the Trevor restarted program receiver and he's on the roster he directed the after tech guy out there gonna have to draft warm she. Does he do so I don't project guys on the roster we can look at look at Jordy Nelson he's more slot receiver he can play. I kinda tight end will patrol Littlefield. Tremendous body controlling not eat it affects how you can do that kind of stuff. That they really need another candidate who can often. The lead the offensive line how much you wanna see Jahri Evans come back. You know. He started to Wear down toward it and some don't actually get the Packers upset he approached their. Maybe not maybe. Maybe not against the vikings but it sure league against the lions. I happen to think he wouldn't do you agree stop it and guard it he did a lot of things that. Shortly you can bet he didn't like TG self there's one game with pretty good. He obviously doesn't have a recovery he did he had capacity that is the second step just was too little pixel. Compared to having promote card that's pretty good would it mean for Jerry ever imagine it was a Jerry and good. I'd much. That the great question can I can I think he can slide and create on the air and he can do. As to whether it would create out of America. Tackle spot he saw that in Detroit. And he really struggled there against. The vikings at the end of the season cold hard track and he wasn't. You know was nullified because of the weather going on his own annual OK there. I think you know the early part received warm enough fast track. Put them while they're at right tackle next we'll consult. You know they got a hit desperate you have to somehow miraculously. Decide you know trigger and how he can go to recovery he. After the initial step in and maybe Kyle Murphy immediately he's got a long armed and they're gonna have to draft form and probably pretty high. Good stuff man we will chat again soon I'm sure you're realistic we have mark where becoming a bit about four environments. And sure no doubt they go Persia male judges and here he got up you get aboard 85583086. Fareed but that's our good buddy art project agreement press gazette. He got a question for Mark Murphy maybe you choose to his via Twitter. And if we get around to it or if we it's pertinent men try to ask that question is is quickly as possible but nevertheless Mark Murphy about 45 minutes Packers president. Making all the changes in the front office organ that discussion coming up. Again he joined us in the Schneider orange hotline hiring drivers right now you work hard each reach a fair eighty pushers in Munich and call me a 144 pride. Go to Schneider jobs died comets brought to our friends in new Mel medical tree guys ED all over the state be on the borders. It ended they can also help you out with a low T treatments as well they have a 90% success rate with the ED treatments but the low T treatments. That's fantastic it's betterment of thirty better mood better stamina. Call it to do is a check it out and go through the system and it it really really really does work better sleep tonight you're feeling more rested and refreshed during the day. I have cut a swerve right it's a really really really does work in the all of weight loss program patch Tuesday. That was a tremendous tremendous innocent to just jump start the health and fitness programs so again. Call new Mel medical 414455445141445544. 51 his ego coming up next you got a list. If you're a Minnesota Vikings fan you got to listen if you're not a Minnesota Vikings fan you've got to listen it's national Michael show. Freeware. Stunts and Michael sports network. Go Michael show it continues. You know like this one time now for the new male heads up plays of the week. I'm ready you just won't go through them for Merrill. All. All the best. Well Paul Allen the voice of the Minnesota Vikings this. The Packers became and a C north champions they knocked out. The Denver Broncos at Lambeau Field as the place a rocked it. A corrupted. When that place happened pull cut the pass he actually got flown in the Green Bay given a key to the city because the vikings got knocked out of the Pope sees. Number joke. I love take a listen. There Walsh the 27 yards left hash. Snapped a good spot down waltzes. In the Seattle Seahawks are. 27 yard field goal. Minnesota Vikings are going to lose ten to nine. You know sometimes you can. The Seattle Seahawks. Season can enlighten us. Me up. And then. It's. It's everybody's fan favorite years. Now wait flyers over the middle intercepted like him. It was intercepted Mike Tracy Porter near side of the 48 John O'Sullivan when team down the 47 yard line. You've got to be kidding me actually believe what I just saw why do you even wonder capacity. I mean you. Field goal. Yeah Super Bowl. A. Best the best. Of Paul Allen I. Vikings fans wallowing in their misery but there have done now because they've got a team that has a chance to advance in Vienna CJ averaged you gave they get there's New Orleans this weekend. A US bank stadium that is your new well ahead. Place of no week. When we come back gonna tell a tall and they good talk when Mike Clemens in about forty minutes from right now Packers president Mark Murphy. Is going to join us in for the first time give his. Lessons and questions we'll give as breakdown as everything went on in the front office. And there's some pressing questions I think that deserve to be asked him we'll see well Marquez to say is this packers' front office. Coaching staff and company all being rebuild right now. And obviously expectations in Green Bay. And what his reaction all of that if you got something specifically in Minnesota on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's. But coming up and about forty minutes Mark Murphy president of the Green Bay Packers who are a lot of flux right now. You'll join us live in the Michael she'll mortal might connect. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports talk.