HR3 – What should the offensive gameplan be?

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Thursday, December 14th

Hour 3. How would you prepare for the Panthers? Plus, we’ll talk fantasy football with Paul
Charchian. Also, something bothered Joe after last night’s Bucks loss.


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Promo links run. River runs this is we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Mikey show. I. Chino Leo happy Thursday. I'm giddy. I'm getting you know wine. Tonight you were I started. Fasting yesterday now during this whole move and everything's been going on. It she comforted Deaton which is good because in the cakes and cookies apprised of this coming year it's it's all been out there. But over the last start on the roster go back to the gym and trying to get back into the healthy styling and I know it's hard to send your. But I know what's coming up tonight. I have been looking forward. Two big board burger. All week long. I know chuck Freeman who's going to be where there with me tonight also fallen in but chuck is talking like you know what I don't order to. When when when you start talking about coaches vote and grow to be there tonight do in the huddle 68 we hope to see out there tonight. And I've been fasting for this show I know Korea listens who owns the ball down their great job. Our common and it's not a big place by the way and it's small. You could fit twelve your best friends in there and so we've got you so party image packed packed house. So caught out tonight the face the ground. Babysit or the bar a big portion bar. But come on by and say are going to be out of tonight's 68 have brought you by Bud Light in the big board burgers McRae who comprise. There you you would you would swear. On your being. That the electric chair haven't had midnight tonight because this is going to be our last me. So good looking forward that hey. Speaking of last meals the former regime. Of the Cleveland Browns who have been blown out. Not only do they lose their jobs which is bad enough. But they're new general manager John Dorsey he's not pulling any punches. Arab Yemen to see this but at his press conference. He was asked you know well you know hey John there are some talent acquired in such by the former regime so give me your assessment of August. He looked him right any guidance on the ground say. The guys who were here before rain that system they get real players. That that is a team mammoth statement. Basically saying they didn't give football guys. This Saber metrics crap and all this you know this Billy ball converted a football and not have a real football guy it is all crap. It's gonna take a lot of rebuild this thing because they didn't get real players we have been set so far back isn't funny. So why John Dorsey coming out swinging in his first press. Too great be how we look. 8558308648855830864. And are just for the top of the hour right giving you kind of a glimpse as to what it is you would believed to be the offensive game plan going into Green Bay Packers while many of you were saying McCarthy what are you doing while you spread them out. Why you throw on the football what's going on your crazy actually there's a methodology to the madness. Spread amount change the personnel give Aaron Rodgers a better opportunity to read things nine times and attend early to be rushing for. You've got a run game that you again have to go on prove itself but once it does teams have then back off. Source gaining more for the run and what can be done in the middle while there spreading guys out with three wives. Two whites in the slot putting it tied and then maybe to block the memo out the backside. Like that you may see forty Macy fought. But Aaron Rodgers is always light the match ups always like to wing it. And as he said that yesterday you heard a little bit earlier in the program he's not changing his style this is what it is. To freak injuries do not make you turn your back on what it is that got you here. So that should that be do you believe that to be. The offensive game plan and it's all because as many of you know I'm on Twitter. I either way I spend most of Twitter on Sunday I try to break things down I try to give you good things and there's some after the obvious stuff there and all we know I'm like OK I think everybody saw that on the one tweeting and out but just drawing attention to a and then I always get the road though we couldn't do it through you know. But for the most are trying to give you something so we follow me on Twitter. It's usually a pretty good this deciphering of what's going on the field however. There is every now and then he back and forth with the monumental. You large crowing dome. Koreans. May miss some birdies. When it comes in directors. So why there are those good battles that go on if you kind of you know catch measure so that being said. What do you think they're gonna do with Aaron Rodgers 855830864. Rated by five B 30864. In loans were kept our council pre talk aren't. I'll let's go to phone calls talk to Jason Nissan Jason I don't know what's going on. Bill later. That was going on. Already know our other huge serve your show. I think that you're brilliant. But I the call you a little bit here OK. You know outlets in your conversation with Burt Griffin yeah and there's certainly Dom Capers former us this year. And it's probably last year you like. You know if you wanna point a finger from massive thirty censored I would have to beat the talks. Actually. We were spoiled for many years where. Gilbert Brown pre checks and Ryan Pickett we don't have it. Mike Daniels is a great player but you're not a Euro one technique. That's just such as the fact. That. And then we open up this year or Barbara one caller is a rookie. You know I don't know what happened this year but he he's he's got a he's kind of recover a little bit but. He's not here yeah and then thank goodness for play Martinez. Bought I didn't see that coming to you. Com RIE. Don't honestly know I didn't see him getting die I saw him getting better and being a bit of a more solid tackler and being at the point of attack code the more. There's still issues in pass coverage obviously. But I'd seen him steadily progressed so I kind of expect him to play better I didn't think he played this level better. No and that's. We we are so lucky they'll think thanks. Think that's darker you know lever for that. Quickly deepened decline in high school college and semi pro and then became defense of coordinator shook yours now. And it's Jerusalem what's the I can tell you and I believe this 100% to about in my heart. That defense is well he's 5% of this is junior tell them fueled in picking the simple. We just don't have to operate a miracle on personal believe that stick out. I do like I said it's not that I think dom is a bad defensive coordinator. Are there been times. Where the complexity of the packages he was thrown out there when you're taking some of your playmakers like nick Perry and like here good Clementi off the field same time. Are you somewhat question. So I can't say it's not such raunchy so I would question it because of easier play makers and guys are paying why you pulling them off the field so consistently. But Don Blake break it in I've always said I think it's there when times begin to struggle in players begin to struggle. You dumbed down you take a cerebral side out of it in just another physical ability to do and I think at times they haven't done that. An echo or expect to avert what I was saying about the 8515%. If it's you can get cute if you want but if you're eleven guys on defense don't stack up to the eleven got an offense you're gonna lose that battle. More tired or not. Conclude agree which is why they went on got a guy like Kevin King they finally went on got size they got speed to match it there were some players here that I granted La Micah Hyde. Really good I thought were better safety that he was a cover corner because he didn't have turning goes speed. But I think you're also asking them to do some things that he really didn't have the ability to do. So did he fit that system you know probably not the nobody's haven't held a season now on C with Casey Hayward Casey Hayward I mean that's a whole other discussion but. Yeah I'd point my point being is is that some of these guys. I I think they had some talent I don't think they had this Pro Bowl level of talent they had some talent but I don't think they utilized in the best of ways. Yup and you know the strapped in the bowl system has a bump or quartet. It's it's it's a great political scene but if you missed consistently. As as often heavily molest more years then you're gonna wonderful what we have on the field right now it's very mediocre defense. Yeah well the globe part of promise we draft and develop you finally develop a guy into the guy you wanted to be you can't let him walk. Yo-Yo thing you have to do is be proactive in keeping some of these guys around campus everybody. But there are strategic parts in this you can't just be your gonna not to think that no matter who I put in the system they're gonna develop and everything's going to be city's status quo moving forward. Because there's only one Bill Belichick. And they said that about the board there's only one Lamar you can't help coach the coach because the coach going to be should ninth under attack good separation phone call. 858 thanks Jason a 5583086485583688855837864. On this one is from Terry who says chuck it all day than him with a draw. That'd be my offense our body our branch at listening says run run pass run run pass run run pass. This is from talking knew who. Who's says so I would have Aaron Rodgers who exactly what is he does best let him improvise and he gets out on the edge has guys come back and that's when he has big place. Aaron Rodgers should not change a thing all he's going to do is be a little more guarded when it comes to taking hits it may cost him a second or two. When it comes in decision making because you can be a little bit quicker to get rid of the football. 8558308648. Are belligerent going publicity from CBS 58 who says I think talents that are in Rodgers rolled our respective writers from Johns has our need to save his team ultimately. He used his respected those around him. And the rest of the guys in that locker room. Who have played the last seven weeks it's a slap in the face to his teammates. So he's Smart in his messaging to the media which are I choice that I said there's no way he's committed to your wife. Everybody else sucks for me. That's right. Every sucks for me I'm here. Here win everything and save everything and did me. Wrong. Patrick writes great show my appreciation diligence regarding your health transition certainly animated difference your personal life situation of her body so certainly Carolina's going to be Green Bay. Why are they only a one point pick by Vegas at home. That's a great question I never Joseph did you know that. I haven't looked at the odds coming out of Vegas tonight. Not that I pay a ton of attention to a to begin with but you don't you usually get okay the Packers are favored the Packers are down you know we knew going into. Pittsburgh Packers were not favored. As matter of fact they were six point underdogs going in that ball game. But. But I I haven't taken a look at that I did not know that they were only a one point underdog to the Carolina Panthers in Carolina saw in other words. Most bettors are paid with the return Aaron Rodgers they're now taking Green Day. If that's the case that. That would be what that's indicative. 855830864. You know loans by kept our council free talk like. More issue of clinic probably bring in this program they are the official health care provider of yours truly. They fixed me up come I need going now back in the game her from my doc earlier today and the program talking a little bit orthopedic leaked about that collarbone of Aaron Rodgers. And and I you know look they they help me out they can help you whether it's something or to people who hit the knee and elbow and ankle. Where every got going on and they can help you out all you have to use only 55 MC or Philly by five MC were so don't take my word for seriously. If you wanna find out more and more and more about the Marshall clinic about the people that have been there. Go to regular people okay. Regular one you and your regular people but. People that don't have appalled at died just go to YouTube and check out Marshall Clint is tight and you'll see all kinds of people him helped out. By the Marshall club checking out YouTube Marshall clinic. Marsh field clinic where they two carrier surely they can take care you the health system is fantastic the official after Ryder. Of me more than my question next. Six clues stations strong. My school's sports talk. Michael show on the air how we're looking. Why is the offensive game plan if you're the coordinator of the Green Bay Packers. What is it you will be doing. Is there something specific. As the Packers spirited take on the Carolina fans look I've got a map it out lives I said this is what I would be to. I would be much as we just read the yes it is is a little while ago you're doing everything you can just simply put. Aaron Rodgers. In a position where he can make his plays and continue to do what he does without you know being Indian you know a large my amount of harm's way. And Aaron Rodgers he's he knows looked like when he got the concussion in. Some years back in Detroit. It's it's the same exact thing. All of a sudden you know he wasn't running head first anymore he was diving a little bit more he wasn't necessarily. Taking the same amount of chances. So for awhile it's going to be it's going to be that. I don't I don't doubt that. Not worried about that. He's going to be far my biggest issue is can he put enough points on the board. Tend. To have his defense. Com. Kind of pin yours back. 8558308648855830. 8648. On loans by Kim dotcom told free talk when he far party 30. He's 648. Gives shout. Is a remark Kuo writes the when he's email inbox. And says. I don't blame Mike McCarthy. For the problems with a Green Bay Packers. He's not been able to truly develop the quarterback after Aaron Rodgers he puts up with Dom Capers here in year out and defends damme. He goes on this in this whole thing about Thomas it to six and I look I get all that that we we talked with a little earlier. And he says. And how he walks in lockstep with the general manager never criticizes but let me say this you criticize your boss specifically to the media. Just so you know I don't know a whole lot of people that are out there that are saying. You know hey it's. Between you and me my boss he doesn't have anymore. He doesn't know what he's doing. You don't do that. You don't do that. That's that's a career suicide. So that's a reason you you wouldn't you wouldn't dare cross that line. But there's nothing wrong with saying hey look. Were given the clay and we're trying to mold. Now you're saying something without saying something you know me. Yours basically saying hey look. Were given this talent and remain at PV best talent. Just between you and Maine and a fence post. May not be the best talent. 855830864855830864. In loans by tipped our count. Told free chuck. Mean I'd be the best talent. How we look. At the. Jackson in writes New Zealand by. He says hey guys great show today I love the breakdown offensively as to how they do things and never looked at it that way as far as spreading to defense Al no wonder Aaron Rodgers likes to look for match just because he feels. That he is a much better than average quarterback and therefore he can make a play that a lot of other quarterbacks can't plus the defender has not seen Aaron Rodgers on a consistent basis. And therefore he doesn't know necessarily how to act. Our reaction should he says to Aaron Rodgers and his ability sometimes you surprise people I think even though he's been around the league for a long time we all know what he can do. He is not the kind of guy. Two he's not the kind of guy that will not sneak up on your thinking has an amazingly. Fast fast ball and he's got the ability to go deep plus he's got quick reads and I think that people underestimate his mind. There's apportion the game that he has gotten better at. Going with you discussion earlier no it is not out of the ropes yeah of gamesmanship. You take advantage of every opportunity there Rogers does a better than anybody I agree with you that offensive coordinators in defense of corners know what's going on. So why act surprised or say it's out of the spirit of gamesmanship. When Aaron Rodgers does it if you know it's coming. That that is on you don't blame the instrument because you're not a good musician. Arena. Pretty membership 855830864855. B 3086 rich you bottle way wanna remind you caught them on in the hour Paul charge. League save dot com Lisa post our company and ball about how we have fancy football coming up here shortly. Sister and I know or the post he says start getting your questions together for Paul charging and if you got something going on in the post season your physical volley. I now's the time to start putting it altogether 855. 830. 864855830. Unit. Plus you can email us go Michaels of the Michael sports that count. He and you can also found find this on a Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore. Michael's I told you earlier today stuck over quick trip and my money out buddy mark who just. Is to message me on my Vertex and AMOCO. Said he shot at a quicker yes his local Qwikster sell it to offers on the on the on the of Packers travelers. He said great gift idea he owns a trucking company here in fifth he ended up clearing out too quick trips. Priest thinks he's giving them open us spilling the beans and news but he's giving them to his drivers. He said they're not yet he's but he says they're damn close so why pay the price for unity when you go we will with a packers' logo on it Levine quick trip. He Sanofi AT&T'S and you picture is him for the cash so maybe that's some cash you wanna send it over my way you can and oh by the way you know we 22 dollars. For the last time we went on got a beard again so they haven't us W local quick trip pick one up yourself. Today. That is as packer toddlers and I've been telling him down for a long long time 85583086. For this one got a couple of tweets are wanna get to real quick. This one right here is from our body. We're scrolling up. This is from be Mitchum said Dorsey is smoking 200 mile an hour threaded bullet throw the Jordanians are that would get me hyped as all hell. If if if that's it. Audio right there with to say you know. On the right. Saying that Aaron Rodgers is gonna lose I don't think he's gonna lose in these opponents fastball. I mean he was live from what I understand he was in a pretty good and when you saw that picture of him throwing in Pittsburgh. Mike Clemens and I both looked at each of the war we saw that and said wow I mean he wasn't just tossing. He had snapped to. Sol iron I would not assume that he has lost any zip on the Fed what he had is not a shoulder injury is not an elbow injury to tolerable. So he hasn't lost. The ability to throw the ball. Com. Derek says don't stray from the Ron rely on what has helped us weather the storm play action get Rogers out of the pocket where he can make plays golden. Golden. Fantasy football questions coming up next and a much. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. The bill Michael's show is powered by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Or does art get on board an experience so non stop action the Milwaukee admirals talking at panther arena go to Milwaukee admirals dot com. We are hash tag mill hockey and fantasy football players get deep inside info to win your league this week right now. Our expert Paul chart Sheehan disappeared take your calls right now at 855830864. Rate. Now from leaks saved dot com bleak save post dot com and fan all dot com. Cheers Paul. Act like oh she's always on the area and we are so glad to have him. Thanks so much for I'd take a listen to us because we certainly appreciate it. It's portion of the program and brought to our friends at Marshall clinic health system something got you down. Sniffles cold flu whatever happens to be they can help you out that you do with care my way called me 44 caraway 44 care way maybe get your prescriptions sent. To your pharmacy of your choice in your area right over the phone it's that simple they cannot get they don't charge. Pay for play if you will. Unlike any incentive bonus in many these football country. They can help you out they get paid they can't they won't. Initially to. Marshall clinic. But Marshall clinic dot org if you dropped a provider of many. Joining us now Bonnie Schneider orange top line is that time Demetrius football questions and Paul church Ian is on the line where this chart. Can make clear up herpes. Asking for brand. How old is a way to start the program. I don't know they cleared up but at least maybe they get somebody come over public crypt where you could. Somebody great thank you. A. So I I can't do wanna bet that everybody asked me about Eric our authority knelt and so for once they get to flip the script here you tell me what's a reasonable. It tickle expectation and let's start with let's start there and Roger what do you what kind of game you expect your premier. Welker and and what are the risks. I expect maybe 95 quarterback rating. I expect a couple of touchdown passes. And maybe 220 yards maybe thrown at earth. I've had 222 or fifty somewhere narrowly he's gonna bust out the 300 yard game. That especially against just have a defense. I think they're gonna run the ball probably upwards of 2223. Times. I think you're gonna see some play action trying to get him on the edge to where he's gonna stay out of harm's way. But you're gonna see him paying attention on the court his eyes were Julius Peppers news. And as far as Jordy Nelson goes on saying 67 catches for 65. To 75 maybe eighty yards and a touchdown pass. I do you think purity goes right back to being where supplies. Before the injury. Well everybody knows Dovonte Adams has emerged or think he's gonna start drawing more more coverage. So you go to what you know you go to your safety net and that's been Jordy Nelson ran a cop. Aren't I understand it yeah I think being the only program I think hit the ground what what what let me let me say this chart one of the think Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers I don't know they still do with this debut MC and wildly. They used to ride to work together okay yeah so majority and we all know even though he has command says he's been a great team player. He's had a level of frustration you're 2122. Games in which you touchdown pass thrown to him from Aaron Rodgers. And he hasn't had any under Brett Conley so I'm sure of their right to work together characters getting out of the truck yes they don't have got I got everybody I got you. You cannot think about the need for it funny I think if I. You know that there were to work together but I would be exact same thing that you know you got to speak security in the year like what you know keep it weak and we under the seat. Averaging. He catches and twenty dark to see active at that particular. So under and probably tell you that you're goes back is over touchdown with within. The Rogers over until that gate I think you're gonna wait yeah I feel like you really get a lot more away approach or personally by. I brought systems are actually but I thought that you might never. I just thought let's let's get to a people got to post season questions Tom is in Milwaukee got a question now what are you by the way everybody it's an either or one out of three don't give us four out of seven or anything like now you're really gonna hang up on it makes money. There you go let's go to Tom Tom I don't. I had a good they're built all of quite a terror. It's like receiver. Would you like about say Adam. I got like Yeltsin and I got Marvin Jones who here I don't hang up about lists thank you. Yeah I I would over think that's when I'm I'm sticking with that with that things don't quite feel like it'll be definitely tonight. Terrible game the court most deepest dark horse movie tonight gold spent time you may you always want to learn how to play back. It is that I can feel it because tonight in can be awful act. You like Hilton they usually if you normally a move he liked the part or die is the spot where they have to move him. To find it good matchups but they're no where to move in win looking out he took the old will be or Harris all quarterbacks or great. Don't knock. You're sitting on it very frustrating game tonight I danced options with respect order rack or record to wide receiver this week. Good matchup anyway he's down. Even before he kept the Carolina Baptist kept up on it in check last week but prior to that. Michael Thomas put a heavier than a score or that rocked Anderson put our secure that sport. We are back Julio Jones uttered eighteen yards. So there's been alone that number one white skirt that's small Carolina and a lot yeah. Us from Cody you tweet is says Chris Hogan Mike Evans or Josh Gordon need one and PPR. Just shorten their guy and it felt it was last week in. Arm I don't like him as much like last week after he got all sports much better our secondary but. There without Jimmy Smith and laughter they are Jimmy Smith got we'll watch it defiance O'Neal brown. I'm still that a lot of legal fight touchdown passes not about if got Gordon was my number I think seven Y last. He drops down and have a thirteen year pretty though Michael her choice some of those guys. God did Dylan in new Merlin on hold Dylan I don't and Manny got a question for Paul George and shoot. Yeah yeah half points key ER NE Jamal Williams is Dion Lewis. I don't know how I'm glad you're with would it by the it close and I won't Williams done and I thought he'd more or journal it. You not expect that we get we get more on the closed I'm sure court but there aren't rigged it. No it was Jones was coming back from from injury in a for whatever reason just kind of saved him as a weapon to the end but Jamal Williams has been. He's arming both guys averted I think you're gonna see those guys put more time as we move forward. Yeah I think so to speak and it split time at the problems you know Louis Wright is wrecked for it in people like here. I really eating at you numbers a bit I've got all these two spots higher for the tough matchup. And different sports against Iran to have a lot of 100 yard rusher all long. Don't know to get you a little something about the Eric what actually turned it was at judging that I didn't realize that you can't quality and and you know he's been out or options that'll that'll help me get him because a lot of dark side Scotland's. Let's go back to it is in oak mall walking program yeah. All I need one. Or Goodwin QQ. I look all marquee that when this week great matchup. And by that you do get him back suspensions as a quick nobody got him by. Sparky Gordon goes up goes up against Tennessee and yet I. With Jamie grapple. With a laugh we're in week he got 95 yards per game now likely to tighten defense. That had. That has struggled all you don't want we want to eleven they ought the most touchdowns like he is all we needed only recently fell out of that spot. Please find the budget is passed by. Doubt Markey who did great opportunities like working with got Dave was he to those who want to judge Davey got a question for charge she. Math right or. I you're going at a likable comic number Orman offers its quarterback but they're going with Matt Ryan here goes out to Tampa Bay erect a lap in the app. The giving up 276. After yards per game Matt Ryan. Cooper 317. Yards on the Internet weeks ago. Any proper in regard to order a lot I didn't camp CN. They've got. Problems with injury they've got or backward are crazy in the last minute of this week's game he just Robinson and TJ ward all from. About crime rate loans. I'm gonna hear is in Brookfield Mac mortgage program was going on. I'd gone I got another quarterback question off or portal all good matchups. That was a lot broker won't bore hole I believe helped off the golf poke at her walk and you just kind of you're rolling your heart and okay. Well it portal and off I got eleven and thirteen in their right out very closely the portal matchup is really good Jack port. They've got to grind out wins on the ground put you forward that is quite discreet can't let it go and let's go get Chris I think right now. And afford it tapping and entered game time decision. There's a coin flips can't not and don't criticize a repeat of back. But after that decide sort that but without format the path to Kabul that more in the Texans are much better in front with it in the Arctic after. They've given up the seventh most passwords if both touchdown afternoon. And they're they're hindering them born with a lot more I think. Trying to get Jack strength yet portals that she is competent play up quarterback. They're asking to do more in the giving him more opportunity going more self ultra portable here. A gallon here this is from then use like screaming please and all caps he has Big Ben or Aaron Rodgers he also wants you to know the is juju Smith Shuster. And Vontae out. I'm I don't get that early matter gonna play Adams no matter what and then. Then it. Such a good opportunity for him my number two quarterback and the patriots just got carved up like Dick Heller Monday night and part of that he'd been a very good secondary but it doesn't matter what then is at home especially in the wintertime they'll split over the last. And the November December home games at Heinz Field. It averaged team that averaged 300. Yards and three touchdowns just so good at all oath but looked at the federal office for my number two court. I. Are. Gore like amber. Alerts are. It. Not that big bright but it. I don't like either one angry Chris Ivory Coast to preside right now because he'll he'll be ranked higher than book guy or that doesn't go for Frank Gore. Probably they probably don't let her out from the 35 Kyrie thicket of last week in the blizzard. And Abby goes up in Denver the number four ranked run defense I can't have it starting Frank Gore in the game you've got to find somebody else. Policy owes you one or two more in real quick guy Tim is in Sussex Jim I don't know what's going on. Yeah. And drops. Stride as let's go to Nicklaus he twosome of wanna note that I don't have. Hey thanks for taking my call I got it back court and to expect might see it with brought the world and involvement and repeat PR article again. Those are my choices. He gifted at the end and a lot of horror. Our Mike Davis it ended up getting a lot of work lately but he's doing nothing with it yet it's not that eight yards since week or didn't score to tweak to. On match if it's neutral against team middle of the road to Indy run defense but. Each unit and just producing thumping your arm and I'll try and Mike gave it my neighbor once it's running back still one spot higher standards than it is. Video and one more uses up a Twitter Steve says golf press gods or Barack alone. That's my number 1213 of working quarterback which is estimated that and doesn't affect your opponent at Stratford territory here. I'm gonna take Brett dot. On a paper that. Raider secondary looked improved of late but they played Alex Smith geno Smith and Trevor Ximian over the last week and prior to that. The rate of just impossible. But by every quarterback they faced and press got off at the line healthy gambit scored I think 3435 point the last two weeks since. I he's thrown five touchdown on I I think by the press got it the right place you're out of those guys but again you don't really close territory or offer. Always good my friend I know yet another week around the corner as you noted that gives your games looking forward to attend as we inching ever closer to us joining you in Minneapolis. Don't let looking forward to it yep. Really really proud are vital to assume or do they know that is our good friend Paul charge Sheehan from league save comics they post are comfortable dot com he's got at all dot com going on. Joining us in the shatter or job lined Schneider hiring drivers right now and as I mentioned Minneapolis. I did you can't you know be restored and talk about it a little bit in the fact that we are heading there going to be once again their lives. From radio row. In Minneapolis is going to be brought there by our great friends of breaker shoving. See my body Glenn going to say glad you voted baby. The official vehicle bill Michael's show live from radio row they're sending is up there in a beautiful. Suburban. 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Goes see Brad tell my Sanchez even give you my deal as well more than a Michael show next. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. I know my own show on the Aaron and though we use. We are Sosa. Of ledger. So similar to her thanks for joining us on the program today you are not only our guest review is well for all of you that. Enjoy Chiming in we always love having him as has always of this portion of the program. Is Roger by our good friends and cousins subs were they believe in betterment tell you about tons of in the pepperoni nominee goes along with it. It's the bill Michael's ex ray refugees on an Italian bread and his oh so good going tone that's what you want mall by the way. You can get it for free this is how go by 25 dollar gift card for somebody on your Christmas list some age you give car. And loves cousins selves in an edition that they will then give you a free seven happens that is fantastic that is believing in veteran that is cousins subs. Radio Joseph across the board bus last night. Did not did not finish well I guess would be the best we are putting your sinner watching game last night Joseph and while we're sitting here talking a little bucks basketball fear about some of the injuries and to you David sustaining but that being said. They've they playing pretty good defense in this stretch last night the defense the shooting specifically. Failed him. On this that this game was. One of those classic shootout games because the pelicans are gonna come and and they're just an offensive powerhouse that's what they do they don't play any. He sighed again last night you know they're a team that you know allows a lot of turnovers. And I by the bucks last night. From a defensive standpoint Digisette data to really get good job for singles turnovers are so many bad passes that elegance and the problem was well. You know the blocks they brought the offense. As they show ID. But the pelicans just couldn't mess especially from three point territory there or hit shots all over the floor when you had a defensive scheme that is an early. Good when it comes to defending the three. Republicans took advantage and that game went back and forth back and forth back and forth that was again in the box should have and I thought. Not super upset. That they lost this game. But at the same time the one thing that really bothered me was in the fourth quarter. Where first the ball with like three seconds left at the end of the third quarter Jason Kidd holes Eric Bledsoe puts India on Republicans. Okay. That kind of bring in Bledsoe for situations just like that though which was little and had stretcher while it was. What yet you need defense I get that. And Liggins last night actually provide a little offenses while he actually hit a couple of deep shots he had three hit deep to that was I see. Because the one thing woods got trillions in his game is he is an offensive game and that's why he's bounced around the league game he plays really good defense but the guy just can't score. Souls go to see him provide some offensive production the prop. Was in the fourth quarter. Jason Kidd I thought left Lincoln's on the for a little too much when you knew that this game was gonna go back and forth back and forth offensively down the wire. Screw the defense. You'll need out shoot immoral it's. Eric Bledsoe did not come back in that game replacing the Audrey Liggins until. 339. Left in the fourth quarter after the pelicans got out of run and they are up seven points. Now Chris melting came back into the game with seven minutes to play. At that point the bucks rolling down one point. I think the big mistake adjacent kids' part for not putting Bledsoe back in the bank game with seven minutes remaining pretty Middleton Bledsoe back in with you on this. And let's go and let's try and out shoot moral. I just think Jason Kidd waited a little too long a blood cell. And that cost them a game that's what I. So you know if you wanna pet the son Jason Kidd fine. You all Lotta people are sick Jason Kidd a lot of people are frustrated Jason Kidd. This is just one of those situations where you needed all the offense that you could get and we've seen it here during the stretch for the Bucs have won seven out of nine. Where you're sort of sea is Big Three emerging with Middleton Yana some blood cell. This is a prime example where you need all three of those guys on the floor last night and it was a big mistake you waited too long to put what's a beckoning game. They have more to go ahead take a quick break and they better beat the bulls tomorrow night and they better beat the boy when we come back by the way you're in the polls. Not a good team stole your very dear all the bulls at home. Following come back buyers saw at the time the hour also you're gonna hear from Mike McCarthy. Little bit earlier today in his press conference in mention all the pressure will go back to war revisited. Should it all really truly in emphatically be on Aaron Rodgers to pull them out of this downward spiral of the season. Is it fair more of election next. You're listening to go there. Bill Michael's sports talk network.