HR3 – Where would you slot the Badgers in the CFP?

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Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 3. Plus, former NFL WR Billy “White Shoes” Johnson stops by.


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Promo links runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. Still Michael you know. While gold belt Michael Schiavo on the air and we are glad. Added to have you thanks so much for a take a listen to us on this Tuesday attackers off today getting ready for our. The Baltimore Ravens beginning again tomorrow as at the at the practice field in preparation after getting a win over the bears over the weekend. In preparation for the Baltimore team that's done by the way throwback weekend in Green Bay coming up back to the act meat Packers colors. An interview that a Lambeau Field is coming we can sort of program brought to my cousin subs they are the officials sub sandwich or the go Michael sports our network we talk about going in. You sell at Michael's Ebrahim Al extra Mayo extra cheese. Put on Italian bread SATA radio Joseph cheese Kurds owe yourself. So good to go download the app on your apple or android phone that is cousins selves when they believe in better. And whether it's hot soups salads green healthy those hot chocolate chip cookies after the fact whatever happens to be make it cousins of current. Do like yours truly make a cousin subs kind of day. I grew up watching this guy. And a man when I did I tell you what when ever I had a chance. As a larger tight end minute and a defensive end. If I pick one up and scored a first thing you wanted to used to Billy white she's giant he now joins us on the Schneider or in child I go on my friend. Dormitory. Well. That is for you know how many people it from from that era just did you just emulated you and probably still do this day senior walk on the street meant. But. We aren't remembered. It was boy was it how things have changed Jimmy now they now the NFL is bringing back football and end zone celebrations in such and I'm he would like I said. You know I grew up in Cincinnati I watch Isaac Curtis is dropping over shall that's that was his thing and then when they played you guys we watched you wouldn't you do the dancing the end zone and got the notoriety in such quick. The game itself is remain the same while changing so dramatically against the best statement I can possibly make to. What if that is true I mean it would always remain the same and of course are ball I'd add a little bit excitement to which so. I think that was one of the reasons the ugly excited to. Pass on them allowed them to celebrate yet. When you got into the game obviously you were a specific player you had speed you were guided people love to watch General Electric Q were you I'd sit so I was on the Chicago station the other day and they were saying had your receipt anybody's dynamic you say got a guy like Devin Hester Harrison go back to don't want to Johns mean that was the kind of guy I mean. Once you've got going you just were a white blur beneath you and off you went. And your notoriety in that particular for for the shoes and everything that went along with a I don't of the shoes became bigger than you but but man you talk on board that dude dude I mean yeah I know you know it but you're that guy magnet. While you know on a pig like out of what might be sure because we absorbed. Dynamite all clear on that tree we have like Korea for future alt and so. I would just go on the job about supposed to do it just yet at the auto sales to contribute. I wanna ask Kia about playing in Houston because obviously the Texans are now back the Oilers who left. And things changed and that you get your heart. You play for other teams with Houston's where I got that I got to known and into to for that franchise to lead Houston. We remembered the bum Phillips in the Houston Oilers tunes in. And just everything you had down there any enthusiasm we Demi bigger bagels fan growing up to Pakistan love hate your guts but it was so fun to watch in. It had to be an amazing time for what that stadium was at the time that amazing place to play the astrodome. 888 we was he was really cold what do you mean don't poke ball big it used. There was there's and then you get a coach like bombs Phillips who has his own identity yet when you look at it and how he. Changed the complexion. Game that we play especially in Houston. The late people gravitate. Toward a team that he had as much as player. Because they're that ugly and that's why I got into it commandeered towards playing. EE treat you well it was a players coached. He let us resolve guys. And we know we have one feels so it was really fun at me. I can't tell yet. How many times people look like to go to work or go to practice. Just sit there have to practice now talk like Obama smear. Or saudis that somebody likes that have been around the league. Bob bodied man on man a lot of resolve believable. It was a fantastic. If you and what we're lucky to change. Yeah it was that the powder blue uniforms in those compounds used to be in all my god it refused. You know Houston Oilers yeah I mean I remember the softened. Its. Vikings' horn man. It was it was a great time. Bill that's what wondered do we want to become those my stickers. Where you know we get out there and we do our spring yet. I have to bundle it people began to gravitate toward as. And they always say this assault we travel it would be like are so tired of it but it just resonates in mind all the time and ask. What happened with other good teams. This city is involved with you. Players involved with the city it was just one of those great times great Aris to be playing football city if you. I know you get asked this all the time vote one of the greatest in my opinion ever watch run was Earl Campbell I mean the size the strength. The the agility for a big man that he had I I you know it which was such the opposite watching you run because you're just like deer in lightning and scar and bit. But that that time what you guys had his as may be where I what you consider to be like a 12 punch it was it was a thing of beauty and and deceit. You know all that kind of come together and into watch Earl Campbell up close and personal. How was that for you because he had to be almost one of those guys were new blocking downfield but you're you're new you can hear him comment. Almost. They're saying we're blocked Earl and all the people Latin. When everything it can't argue back it was their currency appreciate it. Pushed the ball you wish you'd like you'll work. And huge this year oh which it is a public update what was that you know leader that you do pay what Obama stopped there I've worked out real. Other running back like. Eurocard catch one now actual pay off curt. Our products on the fight could but he was complete back he could do at all but the biggest thing that it is. Are all what kind of guy was Eva did you know getting back. You wanna get them excited when he gave any really bad actor Robert that see. Robin sax Chicago. Multiple and a part about a year ago we start where. And you know those guys are asked to comment he slowed now go slow now. And he thought plank and wanna get. And he grabbed his hand the texture that voted me into the ground. Because of actual regret what they gave any bit of fairway it. Trying to reach out but he gave them back what they do they say it was that type of back but he was unbelievable. Dollar Billy white shoes Johnson and watches through Houston you go up to Montreal for a year Atlanta I believe and then a year to actually your career in Washington right. Yeah let's let's let's not being able to light when you were so well known coming out Houston you go to Montreal for a year but did you come back of. Bomb for five years with the falcons. Seven years to fill a hole in that seven years OK got up yeah how about that seven years and one now. It was good it was it was your. I came back I'm fortunate to go to a team that played on grass. Outlook and forward and they were competitors. And I know I'll think I know how much smaller come back to back. And it was fun kind of a young guys on the team they played hard they got some great years in the past. The right side is what else he would. Jeff Randall junior Miller we have Andrews. McCain so it was a great change. That you have. The fortunate to come back attack. When there are you aware of you know get done playing in life begins to take its told you got involved in the gridiron greats in the it's. Something that we worked with we've we've talked to many use a different guys it's a part of this could always seem to come by and sit down with a sits a Super Bowl as well. But you work with pork rind people pork imports in pig skins baby that's it all goes. Together aren't I am right now god knows that that I've had in the press box is a note goes around but just talk about what that's meant for life after football because it's not all sitting in mentions in having everybody cater to use. There are no doubt about that and the biggest thing they do actually good news that they create that system you guys who retired players who are. You know well pioneer of the game they can should be a great rookie NFL and sometimes say. They have a they have trouble meeting their financial obligations that. Getting medicine and surgery. Those rates take on complete. I guess. Oh all the companies individuals who are less fortunate. Order effects on mall sometime sometime well hard trot. And a great deal people some recipe it. Some of Apple's I have mercy get part of what these guys sent spent a great deal also offered 20. I guess that I have a great day celebration. They are allowing they are having a situation where. I can't complain gridiron group. And they can go online play. The game and but it does of course listen this long line. Good article in. To a port one dot com site and the we'll do a solemn act TD celebration. And their fortune you can win one eye on the ball for the individual award. 500 house for those who have a lot of ups and upbeat report goes and also get. Well actually year so these people some recipes or if the ground greats who really helped that survey's five to go out to assist former players. It's always a pleasure good chance to check with you out real quick one more time if they can if there's specific website to go to that they can check in on our. Our wanna find out more formation of value of the pork grinds the recipes or the gridiron greats where they go. They go to look WW. Dot port Klein's not count that get all the information they want it and say they're a lot gonna play the game is lost as they want. And that's fortunate as space you know you wonder what it up on the ballot sent he had bought in the lives. May go mountain loans it's always good it's a pleasure talking me I hope to see you real soon again on the road with thanks for shared some members who has been great I certainly appreciate it OPEC aren't you here hey thank you so much there you go that's Billy white shoes Johnson joining us on the ocean water orange ally. Schneider Harry drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair. Eighty pushers immediate or call 844 prior or commissioner jumpstart come Earl Campbell. Any Christian according those with a two big bad running backs the Nigerian nightmare and Earl Campbell with those 52 inch dies. Natchez. On truck people was they ran on the field those two guys then there was the fridge Giffords was an offensive guy but then there was a frigid wanna call and sometimes the running back but. But those two guys Christian cornea and a Earl camel man when you think about big bad running backs in the NFL that we're just dump trucks coming magic that nobody wanted to tackle. Those with a two cats it did and in Merrill Campbell played with those what you journalists what do team is. How they didn't get to didn't get as a title I've is still beyond me these were always at one. They held a career let's do this from north sacred break we come back. What let me ask you this since we're gonna talk some bad okay. Tonight you got the college football player Brady's coming out where should. The badgers beat. An idea the college football playoff rank he's coming out yet gate. We had some upsets this past weekend where should the badgers be. That's what I want to easy question. Give it to his next the bill Michael. You're listening to go build my school's sports talk that. At work. You can. Michael Shaw and yeah. How legend. Man that was that was great Billy why accused Johnson kind of a blast defense. Every now and then we use these kids that use your moment in time we use them and that's that's killer right there. That's killer right there just. I don't know what does for you would debts. Crimean that's fantastic. That's fantastic. 8558308648855830864. Your only kept our council freaked out by. Give us issue out. We'll hear from the shelf. Tonight college football. He's come out. College football playoff rankings come out tonight. And I guess the question becomes where do you feel the badgers legitimately should be. Where you feel issue very. 8558308648855830864. In the loans which it don't count towards retirement. Low one out. Morrow. Where do you think this badgers team should be. Legitimate. Top 43510. Where. Where you think this thing should all pay and Alberto it's also nuns when we're sitting here tomorrow. And people don't crazy whichever it was it go crazy so much of reform. Or is 456. Or is it just right but where do you think they should be. Because we know Alabama's Tuesday near the top if not beat our team all college football they're going to be these they're going to be near that we know that OK we know it happened. So where are they going to be. Alabama number one. Miami. At number two jumping up five spots by the way after beating Notre Dame prom time. Oklahoma jumps to. They jumped too from number five the number three. Miami jumped everybody. Auburn jumped four spaces. Meanwhile the team that just beat the team that dump truck Ohio State. And as it would have been a lot worse said Jeff Horne Brooke not thrown to picks. They ended up only moving up one spot they got jumped by clubs. Now before it's also in Dundee was in the Miami clubs are gonna meet in one of those tunes to do you eliminate wanted to. But they're still saying we Georgia falling five spots Georgia declined beckon and there's that. Where do you think the badgers legitimately. The law. 8558308648. Go to dean was he too was in flurry of Wisconsin beat writer and there was going out. Our creator Billy waitress job about that Hong that's that's it got to get radio joke it's as good jets he's a dude. You are gonna go to bargain it melts and it. Did that pepperoni Mel order right out was up. I think quite I mean yes I don't think in the quite in the top Echelon you just saw that some of the reduce some of these genes. What they should be ahead of the teams that have. Off to reading your. That was our number one are westerners wanting Iowa. What you the only player to player and the talk of ought not conquer all. It nonconference schedule they're fed up I figured that it won't know it's going to be good fight your. Right. The arguing or yeah air via you know I appreciate the phone called the argument it is. Okay and I said this all people talk about the strength of schedule I understand that I'm not argue that point because you can't argue that point. What I argue is a strength of victory. And I've been saying this for a long time if if BYU is having a down year. The human ground. Beat them 65 to five what ever. Even the ground. Got to drill. You don't let up and you get in coaches that are in that particular element they understand. They understand that. 8558308648855830864. And loans by Kim dotcom. Told free chocolate. I think one of the biggest conundrum is going into tonight. And I had post this question on my Twitter account over the weekend watching that badger game. Is simply this with Auburn Auburn going in their game against Georgia they were ranked tenth in their two loss team. And their losses have come against some pretty good opponents an independent. Heck the schedule. But by beating Georgia an out as a two loss Auburn LeapFrog. Not just over Georgia. But also Wisconsin an undefeated with Scott's. Because I think for a lot of people a lot of people are probably thinking five I would be shocked at the badgers are in the top four tonight I think it's gonna be either five or six. And that's really based on where the committee things Georgia wants the ball is George all one loss to urge a fall below hole 02 loss Auburn since they lost to Auburn. And then. Does a one loss Georgia say above an undefeated Wisconsin or to they fall below. Notre Dame will fall below Wisconsin because there too loss is not my I would believe that. So I'll look at edit there I just I don't think the badgers are going to be in the top four. I'd be shocked if they work but I think five or six or knitting a lower than five or six again. Did that says the committee sand that get you beat Iowa but it's still not good enough that's just 125. Team you've beaten now let's that we you can do against Michigan. So I just think right now five or six seems to be the most realistic thing also number one is it gonna be Alabama or is it a B Miami. That's maybe another million dollar question now is really get Alabama. They steamrolled all their opponents but they really haven't played anyone great to start complacent ranked teams like Mississippi State like Ellis CO. But with Miami get the win that they want against Notre Dame that's huge could Miami shot lead fraud. And be number one over in Alabama. There are. I can't imagine. Alabama's gonna remain on top until they lose pitches to justice is Nick Saban it just is there there's there's that cred there. He's not gonna lose that spot. Unless he loses a game as just the that's not gonna have. And Alabama. Let me play this week they play like some just nobody on the play like her sir something like that yet play Mercer. They just they they put this is where they given the crap portion of their scheduled they're going to beat Mercer. Mercilessly. Yes that's a good way or put and then make it number ten Auburn in the horrible. It just it it it's like look I applaud the fact that the only try to schedule for a state now they're Fresno in in such good. Before they got in the SEC schedule but that they scheduled for a sacred given credit for OK you know so therefore as they are scheduled now Leah have Mercer earlier in the season. And then they get Auburn that. Manners. Auburn to be the game I mean they're in they're still gonna face Georgia. Now here's a question. Did this or the other that suppose Alabama drills Mercer and beats the hell out of Auburn okay. Now they got to go to all over so they go in Auburn get a win. And then Georgia. Who then. Is by the way still atop their their division. They drilling UK they draw Kentucky and the regional Georgia Tech cholera and seven a good season starts there indecency is still on top 25 a duck he's 4373 overall. But suppose they drove conducting neutral Georgia Tech then Georgia goes into the SEC championship. Aids Alabama Alabama. 2724. On a last second field goal. There's Georgia then jump back in. To the top four. Guys saw as the saw is is speculation but they have to the because Georgia beat Notre Dame. They'd be number seventeen Mississippi State. The they lost to number ten Auburn and they got to drill they had dump trucked by arbor. On the road. But if Alabama goes in Auburn beats Auburn and then they beat Alabama on a neutral site is that enough to put them back in. I think it goes right back to a scenario that could hurt the badgers in which two SEC teams make down into the final four Condo for anyone know Clemson but in Miami you're gonna kind of nullified one. In one we should reform in the icy and you succeed. You know. Yep you sure absolutely but but the thing is for anyone that is sitting here today and believes that an undefeated Wisconsin is guaranteed a spot in the final four. I think you're sadly mistaken because there are certain scenarios that can still play out here. In some of these other power five conferences that the work against the badgers are still not 100% convincing guaranteed. At the badgers go thirteen and all their into the final four. It really held state you have Iowa. Who's ranked you'd be dumb you've got Michigan. Who I would assume is gonna be ranked by the committee here tonight in the probably be in the twenties and black. That would be a big when Minnesota and whatever they'd should I don't even. I personally I don't feel idle some deal to like that's trek game I don't feel like it's tracking it all they should take services in Minnesota. And then the Big Ten championship. Prod the Ohio State after what Ohio State did in Michigan State. That would be another big win. You you would like to think at that point beating three top 25 teams that should put the badges over the top but I still see other scenarios playing out your bill. Where it's just not again. It's it it's just not our soul. It's going to be interesting here with Alabama and Auburn that's to be a big game we'll see if Georgia can take care of business. And Oklahoma's another team to really watch out for. If Oklahoma loses. That's gonna I think helped the badgers out because really Oklahoma. I think has separated themselves from the rest of the big twelve does. So Oklahoma loses again that's gonna help the badgers up big time as well. 8558308648855. B 3086. Foreign loans which have done council free tuchman let's go to Tim was he to a smaller dose of Tim what do you think the badges are going to be right at the end of the night. I would be surprised if there 56 or seven and I and I think. In a previous caller had stated something you know I I get that the role at the my belief that. With the nonconference schedule that they don't know what they're doing five years or how could be in Florida and I that's a a false statement any tips coming appellation it is going to be a crop and Seymour. Akron that immediate you know I mean these are all not copper off but there's. Let's say five years from now that apple has these new I've seen wrong you know to me like they're conference is schedule ultimately. They are you know regardless of how they think they're going to be they're never seen. Like like a Miami like okay they're headed down outlook we yours or they without certainly a back so I I think that's it. Not really a great statement to date so that they need to get a better competition you get the part about going I think they have to legitimately won the able. To get a shot even at the pop up for it in and I think every I think that. Honestly better center and we for the other shoe to drop until the team room. That they need to be there at third you're you're passionate about competition they have not formally being that your regular base they've struggled just about every single game. In the first they can't figure stuff out second half they like about. And when you start getting in the better competition if you make the playoffs. They're being weak and the first African due to. I'll go with cuts so I just they they have to run the able. To prove their work and they have to put a hammer out a Michigan. You know all that they have struggled in the path to eat and and good teams in the in the past the peak of and then they got where they get the Big Ten championship they apt to double digit win in order be considered up for I. Appreciate Brokaw I don't think if they just beat which we assume at this point in time it's most likely going to be here in Ohio State team. You would assume I I would think Ohio State allows state trip on themselves mentally or did against Iowa couple we want good throws Ohio State. You know goes in ends of lose the mission yearning mean Ohio State's 061 of the conference or only lost from the Penn State pinstripes are sitting at 52 after going back to backs. Miss you state also five and two bit Michigan city of five into it in less Michigan's Michigan beats Ohio State. Which is still possible I'm not putting that over remote possibility. Just a rivalry game that to have both teams just get sky high for. But you would assume you're gonna face Ohio State if they. I think they can be realized it I really do I think they can beat RD killer Ohio State get up armor earlier it's over. But if they can stay tied with Ohio State the first ever Labarca believe they don't win that game because able frustrated I thought they were frosted elegy to bear. I just believe that potentially I think they got that they've got that attitude ability 855830864. State to Mike Bob Jeffrey cast of thousands all all of promise did you when we come back as Porsche program being brought to buy. Marshall public health system the official welcome provided a Michael show. And deductions teeth fixed might be up awhile ago it's been fantastic if you have something from say your hip to your shoulder knee surgery needs some orthopedic stunt. You know they've got a great department there they get you back home in as little as one day you're be right one day Marshall clinics premier care proper. The program offers the latest procedures to get back to normal make the call simple 855. MC ortho that's 855. Am a seat or so go to Marshall play dot org you find out all about the positions the services the location near you there the official health care provider. Other though Michael show and yours truly. Where the badgers really belong when the rankings come out tonight in your mind state to Mike Bob Jeff in a cast of thousands we've got you right after the. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Feel as a maybe you know overdone and nor a bigger schools start to your excellent lesson. That's that's a huge thing to do and you know now if you're believed to point where Eleanor Dixon champ ship and and playing for something we know that we'll focus week to week. You know stuff that can happen so we gonna go you know each game has to be you know me and asked him just. That's DJ Edwards. He's gay now this one has to be a national title card game. I'll tell you what this badgers team. Is very disciplined. Paul crest. He knows how to handle these guys he knows how to coach a mob and the advice he's tell them is very simple. Win it this week when Michigan right and then move on to the next game. He's not one of these guys that's gonna go out there maybe I'm way off maybe someone who is inside the badger football what program has more insight on this. Well Paul Crist does not strike me as the kind of dad says take. We need to show the committee. We demand respect we want to be in the final four. Because I just. You know if there is some situation here bill where they go thirteen and all they do everything they have to deal. And base and other scenarios this on the other power five conferences the badgers get left out. How will that badger team react right how they react to that are they gonna come out our players Paul Crist are those guys can come bouncing you know we just got this respect. We should be there because again I don't hear anyone right now coming around saying man. We will we don't appreciate what the committee's don't know us you know were an undefeated team we should be in that final four regardless as we move along here. You don't get from any of the guys this is not how they look at it. They're just look at any game by game and we'll see how it plays out. I just wonder. Will there be a bigger uproar if they don't get the respect that they deserve at thirteen in a one time comes. But I mean the question that they ask ourselves as the we think the badgers are capable of winning these last three. Games can actually go thirteen. 85583086488558308648. Gives a (%expletive) out where do you feel the badgers should be when the college football playoff rankings come out tonight what is fair in your mind. Go to Mike was it was a lacrosse in the league KTY Mike Walker with a program the bill Michael show. Hey bill a tribute to such really quick and it could just talk kind of frustrates me for a couple reasons. And the first is I think it's a real hole. I I think you're really getting ahead of yourself if you assume were even saying the badgers are gonna win there for their next three. I mean that's that they have three tough games Michigan's good enough. Minutes Minnesota's just paid for when not to wannabe check and then they're that they don't match up for haven't historically. Matched up all that well with a Ohio State so I think. There assumed thirteen and always good job. But then the other thing is when you ask a question where do you think it should be ranked it's all comes back to that too good decision between. Are you ranking on based on rewarding. Someone for a season. Or are you ranking them based on who you'd think the best four teams are. And if you listened to enough people across the country. I don't think anybody thinks at this point Wisconsin one of the fab four that they may not thinker and without pay. To be frank I mean until you beat an Ohio State in the championship game. Right now I don't think people think Wisconsin the top eight teams even made. IA well look at their quarterback yeah get jealous or aggressive when it comes down to and you. Go ahead brighter yeah it if if if. If you ask people across the country who you pick out a neutral field Wisconsin or Robert. Or or or hurt. Or Ohio State. Or are you just can't you look around sin or Oklahoma. Or TCU. It won't put his put this game in the middle of a look Lincoln Nebraska we're just playing in a neutral site where nobody's you know they're driving but there needs. Would you take them over Auburn. Would hire you I think most people in the country ward. I think most people in the country would probably look at that because the defense of the Wisconsin Badgers it probably give but the offense is a great they'd probably say it's almost a draw with the give Auburn just because the SEC in just because of what they've done. They give Auburn and up. OK okay I think they probably give Georgia than not. Odd clamps in. I think it plunged and denied Ghana national champ merit. Ohio State I think would be almost a coin flip. Going to be one pair Notre Dame seems to when they get in those big games trip on themselves I think you'd be right ready get Saturday. Favored over Notre Dame I I think they may be favored over noted. You just Alabama. What I have I have got to Oklahoma Miami you know win. Okay what Oklahoma. I would. I would probably give that is a flip on just beat but I would say oh yeah Polly going to be probably going to be favored. And then treat you. And they are on the table TCU I would take him to secrets I see him over to you yeah. So now you're saying it into the top ten figured out our the other top nine or whatever we just got out of yeah and also I mean I don't know which doesn't have to win another big game in order to get where they want to be sold. We're not gonna get we're not undervalued yet. Good point. Good point appreciate the phone call road reload really appoint market and Mike's Mike's playing the game realistic. He's being realistic right. And and I ball. I appreciate that. What can see you can look at it from two different sides you can look at it as this badger defense is. The top defense in the country we look at the statistics yesterday when you look at what the defense does. Total defense and number one against the pass their seventh against the run their third points per game is number one. It's incredible if you're the committee that needs to be recognized you need to recognize that badger defense Soledad is a committee gilligan's say Walt. In a defense been good but they really haven't gone up against any great offense is upset about it so make of this slack and then they can look at Alex Horner. Ella sort of Bruck. Yeah. God yeah terrible. Supporter Brooke is going to be part of the reason why did committee may not want to give as much respect to the badgers is probably they showed and that's the thing. Lot of people get a lot of people mistake it on Alex turner brought because they just don't think he's good enough. And I expect a little bit more of a progression defended Alex Herbert over and over but seen him play against Iowa he was part of the reason why I was still in the game. You can't have that there was no reason for I would be in the game to begin. And again I think Alex are brought could hurt the badgers chances here when it comes to the eye test would get these guys head to head and how and how this thing plays out. The way going back to the common and timber program by the legal market comment. In our buddy Kevin listens to his emotional time he broke a good point he's the Ohio State in favor. But over nickel back to that Big Ten championship game and got dump trucks. You know Paul Crist is not taking off a week prior to game and and bailing on the franchise basically and having all the controversy going on and and just try to get a new coach and Barry Alvarez coming in they're all that kind of stuff let me just waving Gary Anderson our Gary Anderson or Gary Anderson left after right they got steamrolled its soils they remember they were still deciding what they're going to bribe right but he was interviewing that week for other jobs he had checked out. He had mentally checked out he was caught. Could we found out about Gary Anderson his whole shenanigans at that game we knew. We knew he had something was going all why I had no idea Darian I mean that week. After they had lost. That was one of the worst games I've notice I agree with you what I'm saying is is that we didn't find out until after the fact but then when you look back on all the circumstances when players were saying we have a coach was there and he was here that he wasn't in this. It because something became very obvious after the fact is it okay that's the reason that he was basically checking up. So you're not gonna have Paul Crist missing practices. We can regain go interview for the coaching at all absolutely not already gonna have a call Chris Chris with his record his ability hope that he has of winning a national title but the odds of doing that his statue. Who'll be bigger bronzed. Junk. Then that Barry Alvarez is sitting next is next to camp Brent by Thames also conduct or poker I think Paul Crist. Steady as a rock iceberg type of guy he is he's dump trucks and tees I think he gets one quarterback in there keeps the defense awaited he's gonna win a lot of games. Well Paul Chris I'll say that he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Right why would he go anywhere I don't even know if Paul Crist is the kind of guy that would fit in the NFL's coach. You know he is he does so much better with college players who just so much more recruiting not to mention this is his home. All this is dream job and he's got it why it with the success that he's had so far as ahead coach why would he leave any time soon. You know I live right why would that he's our if this this is completely different Gary Anderson was an outsider. That that's who he is in them and when he was hired it was kind of like well this is a little different period. And sure enough it didn't fit because part of it was Gary Anderson did not like how high the academic standards work and that hurt his. And then recruiting he won't yeah he won Eric Anderson to try to change the often resent this program back three of four years he screwed the pooch and immortal Michael for next. Six blues station as strong. Bill might school's sports. Don't like a show on the air don't forget our friends over the new Mal medical center treaty guys with ED erectile dysfunction and 98% success rate over the state beyond the borders and don't forget ability treatments. Tell me out more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina got a bit late last night and got a good sleep feel good today of rested refreshed energized ready to go. Holiday spirit. Power and again. Then there's a long way it was program which after the cookies pies and all the food it's about come our way in the next month and a half who gonna meet this baby. Don't let the other front porch overhang all this recovery in the front bush you your home's current moment. Working off. This is the way to do it. Jump started 41445544514144. Run by 44 Favre watch just gonna hold the rope was is 1972 out there with our body or he probably judge Jeff I don't know what's going on. I'm good and he ought not bother underneath that you. I'm not sure he's got. Ernie is a crazy man who calls me in the middle of the night I think you butt dials me but that's a whole other topic for another day. Delegates salt water when you don't call back. Off -- on the radio all morning to thirty shoot. Are you armed. This is talk in the future if that does make the final four operating. In the playoff picture. What they do to actually be a contender to win their first playoff game artists wanna see them. Boeing anticipated at the same way you would do this against we'd Ohio's frigid fogel the same we do it against Ohio State. Keep it close defense defense defense. Get maybe a turn over Jett get a score picks sick whatever defense of leader I have to win that ballgame and then do just enough. You just enough to keep it close so your defense can have a momentum that energy that mode jolt because he's other teams are going to be more often to orient and they're gonna wonder why they can't get it going against Wisconsin Badgers. Hang around it demoralize him grind and beat them. Stick around morneau Michael George us. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.