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Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 3. Plus, we’ll talk with Seth Everett and Ebo from The Zone in Madison.

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From the league front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. And welcome back Wisconsin it is indeed the bill Michael's show no build today he's back tomorrow Tim Allen filling in radio Joes and soul is here nick bode doing a fine job behind the glass over there and those have you that were having our discussion about brewers baseball in the northern regions of the state if you will give back into that just a little bit if you wanna sit tight and I want wanted to get your response. On that is where bone brewers crazy at least in the Milwaukee area that's the only thing I can now I don't I don't crews. The bar and restaurant scene in Oshkosh. So I don't know if it's indeed the same sort of excitement while. We'll talk about AA before you get to south leverage here at that I. What will make between light that's okay this is from Jim Bolden former GM. He tweaked Saudi says curing the brewers have discussed package that would send. Corbin burns. Keon Broxton Orlando RC to the Orioles for Manny Machado and then at the end of the Tweety says not confirmed. It's those types of reports that drive me crazy in this industry. Drives me absolutely crazy. And you know it cut comes down to this years ago I've said this that. Does the audience in general really care. Who broke the story I think that's an industry measuring contest. Because then everyone else reports at three minutes later Reich and that everyone's will call several story. I broke that I don't think the audience really cares as long as they get the information. It we're gonna talk about that too where you getting your own sports information these days. In the meantime let's talk from a national perspective in getting some good insight here on the brewer's situation. Again with Seth Everett on these Schneider orange hotline sat Sammy or it's been awhile. With good value you neglected to mention one other part of that sweet. I read the words were not. Know what lies Cambodia mountain general manager anymore. Up Cadbury deal. Tikrit he's a criminal he's a criminal. I work with him. He skimmed money. From minor league international players. And he was in disgrace he was either gonna get suspended he was gonna cost the nationals draft picks. And he would help his head in shame you ought to cry event is that all these networks is thrown their money out of it took to put him on the radio. Put you to do what went far to use him vote. I'm sorry I don't how to bet on the baseball insider I don't follow Jim Bolden on Twitter. Neither do line. If I don't they're your trip look a listener had tweeted it and us soul. I don't know man I picked generals and. I'm not blaming you guys are not blaming you guys but. I understand that that you all like say it to do this sort I don't even care if that's not a deal is exactly what he said. Could he still had friends in the game. But he would pick the big victory here's the question you know we shame A-Rod. Right machine that Iran is rod what the pariah. But kimbo and who stole money from people. Can go and tweet whatever the hell he wants. Any time one a minute money great cut that's quite a country. Yeah she if god bless America all right what are what are you what are you hearing and and getting your thoughts here there's just so many different and goals in layers on this thing. It's much shot all day and maybe it's Frontline starter maybe it's a bull van. As we get closer what lesson three weeks out now to the deadline south. Does David Stern's pulled the trigger on some of the stuff. Well and I wanna talk about David Stern in the second but the F to answer your question I think they pulled the trigger. You know that did this story goes. I don't think it one vs the other because I don't think the front line starter is out there you know the only Frontline starter to be honest with you that's really being shopped. Is Madison bond market. If you can write all you want on Twitter you know kimbo can prevent ticket to grovel at once. The Mets are intrigued. So without a front line starter I think that would be the number one which. You would wanna got to start game one in game five of the playoffs here's what that back foot here. That's what you want but that doesn't exist. If you can get Manny Machado I don't think it precludes you from going out to acquire picture. And to combine. Something where Kevin got in. And Dylan Bundy they are connected to much auto in a trade. That makes a lot of sense to me. Because you're playing well all those guys are middle rotation guys on the bed team I agree. But what else is it what does Cole Hamels do anything for it is JA happ do anything Korea. I can be there's not that much of a margin between those guys and if you're going to require me to tell I think it's great. You know it very much reminds me of the sabathia match you a lot of that on Twitter IQ a lot of people excited predicting that. You know a great rental can be part of a great moment and I'm for that I have no problem with that. But I don't think one has to do with the other and to tell you the truth. I'd love another bullpen arm even though the bullpen in a strain the no no question about it on that. I'm not denigrating that I did they get the summer months along and I'd love another arm and if you could pick up effect you know then another one of those middle reliever you. Coke if you're familiar for two months. How much money to back off. I agree with you I agree man I agree with almost every single thing you said right there because if you look at the brewers to Cambodia that. If you a I don't know like that you've got to soars. In the info on that but you your right out on the other starters I mean they've got those guys they've got parallel numbers and you'll Lee shot seen in junior Garrett they're doing the job hearsay out that they really are night. I'm all with the on that bullpen Craig Counsell manages one hell of a bull pen out there aren't and that's been get that done so I could see. That happening. What I'm concerned about in you from afar when you look at. This line up like last night's lineup I'll take you from the starting lineup from the five hitter down. Fifth theater in there are likely you know not corporate auditor right. Answer so Tyler salad Dino in the five then there's Brad Miller then Keon Broxton then air crafts and then your pitcher's spot. I'm a little nervous about that part of this were squad. Right but again you know we talk about the you know what with the impact of man avocado. I don't think it takes a baseball wizard of any site. To tell you that he can help. That he just Lincoln lineup that he adds an element and you saw the game he had yesterday I mean he's he's the single handedly beat the Yankees yesterday. He's he can beat that kind of player. But that being said the market is not. It's not full it's not fortified its its its it's a really you know it's a leftover pieces market and I just think. Outside of them it's not a deal that the reason why if you're perfect you want that to happen it's because. The chance of of the brewers making a blockbuster trade and it's not involving me in a child pretty well. Do you think though that. Baltimore as the days go by that much shot and again in a monster night last four or 44 foot blast and then another one and as you said Wednesday. But Dick do you think in some regards that Baltimore may get nervous on this thing because Doug enough and shoved up their tail if they don't move him by the deadline. Well look at the graphics if you don't body remember you know. But but that's the thing I mean you get a draft pick if you don't trade him I think he gets traded him wrong. The one thing I said note on the air in Baltimore last night. And you know they're kind of resigned to the idea that you know if it doesn't matter whether he goes as a free agent or or or via traders expect over anyway. But theory is. If that I thought the Yankee rumor was because the New York media was in Baltimore. I really do I pay I know what it smelled like when the rumors come out. You know guys are staying around there would split doubleheader. And there were like twelve different New York writers. That were stuck in Camden yards from about 432. Sevenths with nothing to. An amazing and amazing a man in the Colorado River to the Yankees came about. And once that happened they had the editors in the Boston papers. Say wait a minute wait a minute you tell me that bought me not calling true Boston College. So has Seattle also has Cleveland still had the Dodgers so as the brewers. I hate. I I will always be transparent. On this radio station. I will always say. That there are possibilities but I will tell you this with very strong assurance. I don't think the Orioles know where he's going. Now you mentioned CC sabathia back in the day part of that deal with Doug Melvin if you answered your call Seth I'm sure you do. Doug Melvin said I'm not do in this deal unless we do it now I want him in a start pre all star break I want him in here remember that as quickly as as we can get him in here. You think David Stern's would would react in that manner to save him now we got to move the sing along. Now I don't think you would because if the hitter and you're in first place. It's it's it's a different if not a pitcher and he's not taking starts away from somebody you know immunity you'd you'd get him in the lineup. There's this story on about David Stern's and I hate. Personally though I thought it was a little bit of nonsensical but you know I'm friends with the guy who wrote it Marc fein can. And he was talking about David Stern lifelong passion for the map. And that he was the candidate. Four he interviewed for front office position wins Sandy Alderson would mean their general manager. And David Stern's name has come up in rumors. A people that the Mets wanna talk to about replacing candy all the I read that I saw it and I would say that this market cannot kill if you read that get him into a contract extension police. Don't give him the option. But when the dynamics are a little different though Sefton in the maps words they don't wanna go through a full tilt rebuild and I'm not seeing the brewers did that because I think they're competing. Well at the same time their rebuilding hip. But they hit the accelerator on the rebuild they. You know David Stern gets the credit and Arizona's getting that that that Brian Cashman and the Yankees are getting in a last year there was the big accelerator you know left. Last year going into the sweet seventeen season. There were no expectations for the strange. Way it's very very. And he put that together without having you know an unlimited pocketbook this is not. Where he went out and got John Carlos and you know he made some key moves I've looked back to came through with a Smart move and yell let's move it just so happened it happened two days I've done for Sports Radio. But if he could spread that out front but the reality of it is. I saw that and you know I remembered that he had talked to them when when he got the job. When he got the brewer governor remember that they were tied to them but I'll be honest when I saw that story my initial reaction was. If that story starts to spread. And you start to see that kind of distraction. Market and about your consigned him to an extension tomorrow. And there's no trade deadline for that there's no salary cap hit there's no luxury tax and Bob. Getting him. Caucus. And I I did I do not think this franchise needs that in the latest. No and I've just finally yourself I agree with you I think he's doing an outstanding job with them but the next shoot that will drop. In his side in us analyzing him. Will be. What that scouting department has done under him so once these guys start coming through under him so we're just early on and that gathered casting here is moving pretty quick but. You know aside from that. These deeper paychecks. Will he be your guru at that level or at that part of the game that's the final straw for me. Well look they could mean that it's time will tell but the fact of the matter is is that you know that wasn't something you. This what I know about mark you know that the guy who wrote the story he doesn't you know he would sit in the living room to concocting things. You don't say like this somebody in the Mets organization and by the way. Having worked for that organization I know that anytime you need to know rumor whether or not a rumor true to adapt them. Could there since when it comes to information remember Wilmer Flores close on the baseball field Twitter reported that he had been treated. I mean. I'd do if the now they're saying on the air but I know the source focus on that tend to. Let me these writers didn't make that up so all I'm saying it is if there's any kind of mutual interest between the Mets organization. And the other they have an interesting situation because. Of their three assistant GM that are kind of all sharing the role. Two of them are former GMMR accurate Charlie was the GM of the blue jays and Omar and I would give the Mets who have been unceremoniously fired. And the interesting part was when I was asking for a name to have him on NBC Sports Radio when I was doing the show. And mark. Brought up Stearns analyst Wear him. And all I'm saying you guys if you get back. Story gets legs. If that this is the concept that I can bring to the table but did give boat and camp but the idea that. You know if you have the opportunity where another team is courting him and they are that public about it because let's face it everything we do with that public. I if bond market you know I find that and I lock him up what are leaping to announce the deal. Variances say all right Seth great catching up with you'll talk again soon and once once the much auto issue drops I'm sure will be in touch or I. Well let me accident do you get that week the all star break off. Do you work all these cockamamie games like you to use your activity on for like Monday Tuesday Wednesday that like or you won't hear from me until Friday. It for you four days off I want to take a break yes. That's that's what I'm saying that anybody who cover the team as much as you do I think the alt to break it degrades. It's there is a fight. I already made plans to get on a boat with a cooler of beer and a benefit symbol and doing some Toobin and all that and so on how long can you fairway but how long can they were different what are you know that I know that like I don't know I coveted truth he's back he'll be checked and wherever apartment a pretty much yeah. Now I will be allied sounds great jog India. They didn't the areas Seth Everett. Hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years living getting it done. Call them 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com. And I have some more trade news from John Malloy Rosie. Get a for your next year as we move along Wisconsin on the bill Michael show us. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk. Word. The film Michael show Wednesday addition. Tim Allen in for bill there's radio Joseph and let's get back to you guys I know a lot of you held on through the break here about the excitement level throughout the state of Wisconsin. John Paul morose Siro quack has been reporting something's going on speaking of north with the Minnesota Twins may be yeah emerald sea on the show yesterday. He is reporting that the brewers and twins have engaged in trade talks for now. Milwaukee is more focused on Minnesota's infielders which would include Eduardo Escobar and Brian Dozier rather than starter Lance Lance. Throw Rodney and dozer together. I don't think you'd have to give up much and I think it improved of baseball team this year it would yeah let's Phillies give back to you guys trail. Your back on a dude sorry about got to realize that time and and welcome back. Apart and I wanted to solve these you'll enjoy robot arm. It's far this straight listening with the brewers. The first thing. The new offer that these these awkward and these reports talk about org or Baltimore got to be Rick. I mean you did talk about in the player that you want and you want to Brooke we get what they're number two prospect and a couple other prospects. Look at that. That's trailed that's what their asked in the Yankees did did they want justice Sheffield lose one of their top prospect they can ask Don tell news that that Manny Machado that tickets burn and as the days go by demand they are not going to risk. Go into the deadline and losing him out right up. You have what that. I that the on a lot I mean I guess it's all right back Florida. The Mormon and he took some of the start whatever but I mean Barack for all want to Brooke keep the us boat started Richard and jet and going to didn't in the Major League ready to our secure as a control. Org I'm going to be or which wants even though. I'm one of the weapons abortion do. Anything within reason I say. Two to make Turkey better because I think they got a legitimate chance to go to the World Series and you know. Begin at seven gangsters are pitcher or are better a couple of batters you might be ever have a chance to win the World Series so. Now this race on yet Cheryl you're right this is based on 9192. Games here whatever. They do everything being equal to this part of the season they absolutely you're right have a shot to go to the World Series. I got an and one last question before our report it up everybody's saying that much shuttle can't be restart. I'm I'm wondering. Why get divorced treatment they want to dirt dirt dirt there aren't able can't beat our because there's still. They say about our young controllable exits right now they do so if they wanted to keep him making a centerpiece of what they egg donor. That would be possible what you what time what to go to something. Good I don't understand how people can just say that. But it worked out. Like Ballard right now on the brunt should be getting multiple car enough so that you are so. That's sure I don't know it's just a couple years overlap the lead up to pay brawn and him Charl thanks for the call. Yeah you're right. He's getting he's gonna make 3035. Media re milling near and I can't blame him inferred for different is toes and in the free agent waters man and a first time ever in. Getting in there and seeing those sides in numbers as it's amazing. 8558308648. Let's go to Chris and Hayward cursor on the dole Michael shall thinks Roland. They're thanks revenue out and to religion dealing in stolen. All I'm up I'm up here in Hayward Wisconsin which is can a lot. But territory in Minnesota that are herb. Broadcast media has this report radio or TN TV more or so but we're. Huge uproar trick you see teacher to all reports but we do have an influx coach a teacher and about sort of and could we are so postal. Then assorted new watched Chicago transplant appear like that but this weekend bomb. I was over right now under disturbed back export UE so you know what though motel to everything we're bureau mean it just. You know drew achiever is very very rapid opened up an hour which appear. All right X excellent this year there and Hayward area because yeah you're right that the did there are villainy Asians as like on. Straight north from Chicago. Straight up to enjoy our great state. About Paul in Wausau on WR IAG Paul here on the delightful show. Hey good afternoon guys Alito on more important you are all. Are living the dream things but duck and I just want to let you know on and I'm from Wausau. And we're fever has that we caught out and we got people up and at night watch super senate Tuesday night which is something we haven't seen by. More importantly the reason for my call that travel up for work and beat. Medford caller about per game not being and I have a chance I was. O'Donnell wrote in a small town outside it even went a couple weeks ago on Friday afternoon and it would work looking to grab a cold beer. And watch a little the US open thinking that's a pretty. It one of the big tournaments and PDAs are locked in. Or local stare at me like I just killed their first born and they're watch reruns of it's they're watching reruns of Matlock. I told you I'd told you what happens at those bars. All I ordered might be your last the last or Matlock is reality of that they're gonna kill me when I'm an outsider looking in budget on that ass. Here my as I announced bird out there I met here today Q Paul we and and again those of us that frequent establishments have few Beers. Shooting game of pool. Get on a strip car to have a burger and Fries and one of those stupid little baskets with a little. Paper that gets on greasy and that score bottle catch up that has been washed in seventeen years. You know exactly what I'm talking about Matt you're next here on the bill Michael's you know what's going on. I'm. Her new law. I've I've enjoyed today they show quite a bit. Jim I have a suggestion for you that show of your post game I bought into whoever screening not sure it. I'm. But if you could yet either Billy. Or are possibly. Or that they're one of those guys could. Inactive you. On the top. Have them go down to the area where they come in where that big charter buses on the and as I did for you and Saddam local. And take a look. At dun and had them interview. People that came in on the spot that I know whether rob it's a great and I guarantee you because of the rough. We have more fans than ever because they can come to Milwaukee and no they're gonna see it. Weird they are today and it showed up there on the north side. They're ready set these okay he said what do Clements sought by the Clement but result over all doubts about. That's all right all right yeah I know that's a great idea Matt I wish I had more time to it to discuss with you but that is a great idea. We will indeed do that because that would be an indicator where these buses are coming in these group trips. Talk in more Wisconsin sports next year on the bill Michael's show he bowed joins us from the zone in Madison. And Michael's sports talk. This portion program brought you by cousins subsequent bonanno is track you can download the app on your mobile device. Or just go to cousins subs dot com it's got the Wisconsin pulled pork. And the Wisconsin Swiss cheese or cheddar cheese crispy pickles onions is so good stuff and any local causes set or just get the pepperoni melt the bill Michael's with a SATA radio Joseph 'cause is subs you better believe they're good you better believe they believe in better. Welcome back Wisconsin you're listening to the bill Michael's show Tim Allen in for bill there's radio gel. Nick bode behind the glass to a fine job today and I don't know why it seems like a Friday but Soviet. Died work we all work tomorrow. It's going in my view should all do it Thursday thirsty Thursday a day off tomorrow. Let's talk us more brewers baseball from the zone in Madison. It is. This red jacket and they album cover and let me like I'm glad funny talk. Yeah thing thanks I appreciate that hey we were talking in I don't know if you caught some of them discussion we're having about the brewers excitement level throughout the state of Wisconsin I can only go to control group around the southeast corner of the state Milwaukee were seeing Kenosha. What's going on in Madison you walk through a bar restaurant on the games on the Burr games on our people into. Will try to do that and there to talk about boating earlier so let's call up tomorrow looks like we're a little. I gotta go out 34 Bentley dot all of shorted out here are some beer pong you'll be my guest. I'll I'll. I'll tell you a man I would love to do that I've got to what six more games to get to you before I don't toward daybreak and. Yeah you like it and but he had no doubt in and it that I mean. Other brutal turn and up and he got here and answer the the temperatures that lowers it really I I right now. On track so much sodium it is regular we're trying to do and I'll start. Odd that ship bronco that morning show you from yeah to 10 this morning I got in and Nightline 2000 votes in four hours. It was a got another like 30000 and I got a giggle and turns just according to other fingers all else we're gonna get it meant when it went by the un recyclable car. Yeah and now. One of our guys cheered just mentioned that Luis Ortiz at Biloxi was. Take another game after 49 pitches three innings not at all much we read into this was since we're all this just. Giddy about in trade any little trade piece we can get. I don't know if there's anything to that it could be prompted him for a bullpen usage who knows what's going on there about. There's a guy that's been out thrown out there and in terms of trade talks. I mean alerted packed up or an apartment shop or thereabouts I've written a joke we got something to respond on oh yeah so. In the quarter discussed moving into dog that you read what you Luxembourg it was my stature and shot out not to burn. Yeah you do it at deeds done deal who knows though ye you you heard you heard us talking about Jim Bolden and in his report I gas report it's probably more opinion well John here in just came out Johnny Damon he says don't like to shoot down every rumor out there. But rest easy Milwaukee ends brewers are not sending a package of burns Broxton and Garcia for much shot oh. Not all three no way that just came from journeyman. I grilled about it the retreat in the favorites that I get to got to sort out there but shall go. Yeah so I don't know man did not want to eat pork and burned in a pot was injured on the job. I would have and again I would have to have something coming back with much out of the package would include Machado and someone else or burns no ago. Now I'm not just given up burns for much auto neither my its. I'll add to burns I got no problem adding to decorum burns but I want something in return whether or not that's a higher end prospect was in the Baltimore organization. Or certainly guys that can help this team win a World Series this year. Yeah I'll try not out of a sense on the Machado sang an ugly. Kobe burns you know could be electric some last night in new rockets and so on its by. Go to the plants what sort kind of the current senate victory on the way around him into the future act on a model and now. I've kind of moved around the lines of you know if we do get you know settle burns I'm guilty of that as bloggers and then return like set. I wanna live man. I would not. I know that in an amen brother because there's not a lot of broadcasters writers and analysts that I that are going to say it that way and and it really does come dot. And we shouldn't blame. The general manager David Stern's or mark got announced yell for the ineptitude of disorganization in terms of making the playoffs winning World Series. We shouldn't blame those two individuals for that. But nonetheless you're right on the money menacing with a box save what the brewers. Art should just sick of waiting and there's some people that are what 82 patient. Are glued to patient and that the literally Blake too impatient but I'm gonna be in pain that gonna start winning big or how long it would look unsure of Ariel or. Play out but the flip around the world to his beloved candidate little. That I am out there yet are typical way. I don't know of no but when you put it into perspective and I love the team everybody knows that I'd I'd just I'd love that baseball team the entire organization. When you put it into this broad perspective of you've been around since 1970. How in the world have you own hit the post season. For African times. Art is unbelievable that some unbelievable event sorry you let me about you know how medical device but on the brewers. What Milwaukee perception of Madison comes to the brewers tomorrow I'll come over here obviously come look out after we had bet on. A big landmark China into my hangover cure for August 31 hole you got to get mad. None at all what I'm thinking that that would be the cut off to where I've always said draw a line from Madison to the to the valley Appleton and in Green Bay and then straight down to the corner of the state. It and that sort of is the hub of sort of the non. Bob well they have heavily populated area a sources say that C you do get more of the excitement value and in that big Triad if you will you go north I'm not real familiar with that I I just don't know and that's why we're discussing it. Madison is gonna go with where who's who's ever Moroccan or rocket right there with him that's that would be my perception. I got two men and the thing we get a final entry you guys do to help them man and I can't stand the ones that are born and looked up but I guess the old guys and outrage well it regret it or someone like a duck GM. Gotta go cubbies but I'm thirty so the people my age or younger like why in the hell you concepts. I didn't you broke right to be a packer better brewer but then it's your birth right on the cob stuff you can not. It is an and so you have the the box doing their thing they've made a few signing C of the of the brewers on the upswing here. You're still a little ways away from packer football but. You get a lot of that on your morning show army Packers a year round thing. Well yeah yeah we had actually it Jim Miller former Chicago bear. Quarterback on today. You do that you're gonna studios for a serious that sentence stuff. And we talked packer football all kind of like I can't believe that you're talking to a former bears quarterback. But the man we got nothing but you know what what are you guys 'cause you're easily beaten I mean I would never Conyers a problem so their target stories about armed or not. Buddy Hackett knowledge of the new for us it's just that's our that's a green and goal from the tropics. Here's here's where I'm Matty go with this evo from the zone in Madison. Joseph was headed to Vegas tomorrow so I've got a little money tucked away in my wallet here for him. Believe it or not you mentioned bears there. Packers bears Sunday night week one. I'm land some money on the Packers minus the points that. So that's one of the benefits that ominous and would gel and I'm also I don't know I don't know if I should cover my flank on the National League representative. In the World Series I've already got the brewers at fifteen to one. I that I did a couple months ago. And so what to win other NL teams that I flank that bat with third do I press the brewer about. I think I'll press the glue that you know I'm feeling fine Sunday and I loved one will argue it not actors and then just hammering the bears that's going to be huge crowd has come back. It's gonna be so glad I can't wait to see that smackdown. I think you go to a man why not put up just right there. A separate un general reader so I guess I are right so I've got fifty bucks a year Joseph. You should I go. 45 dollar power late Packers. Minus the nine against the bear to look at I can't believe I'm talking like this in July love. Nolan so Packers minus roughly nine points against the bears do I go over under par allay those two together 25 bucks a gimme back about a hundred. I say do it. Over on a good. Over toward but the under all the baby. In sales on a goalie under week one assault on too predictable B two I wanna go like a 2410. Packer win. 477. Packer win here 800 number over Canada act that I saw. It's true then passed the Bruton seek evil does this more than ninety so maybe he teaches at about the bit eyes ears and out liar badgers football to make the final four. All you know Seattle onboard and that I'm Artie on and that the badgers are gonna have a very special either and I'm a big article a guy. At stake occupant on the brought wide receivers are going to be just insane to me there never seen before you have you know Jonathan terror and I didn't hear that he has gonna be next be and then. None in all seriousness you truly believe they convict them because I really haven't a great year last year are they didn't get a yen but nonetheless they. It did have a good year can they can they do that again they'd legit. They are legit and what's gotten so good reloading the wide receivers like SS other lives before and in memory on brought. Is that game against Miami and you look at particularly the first. Expect big things from Wisconsin Badgers I mean that what you expect I can blow it and test you ought. What color that although it IE up. I did like the swagger that that Crist in that team had that game that's one of the things that I was like. 10 OK you just wanna play with the big boys Manny got some swagger to you. What would what one of the best thing like in at the end there and I'm not gonna sicker yes. You cannot turnover changed my bleep yeah it's that that if you look at credit. And that Saddam that Saddam talking about right there evil always a pleasure we gotta get you we gotta get you on the post game show all right. Did anyone and I alerted all right thanks a lot evo mornings on the zone in Madison joining us here on the Schneider orange outline. Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done called on the 844 pride or go to Schneider jets stacked up is the bill Michael's sports talk. Network your main source of sports. Let's talk about that just a second year on the bill Michael's show this portion of the program brought to my quick trip tops your alternative fuels. Great rewards program as well shop at your local quick trip or go to quick trip KW I K quick trip dot com gates signed up for the rewards program. And get yourself are a few cents off a gallon of gas not a bad way to go that is our forensic Qwikster. 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Blower twenties to. Seventies. I would think would be within the sound of my voice today so everybody every everywhere mutually. And I wanted to dig get to this in. Eyebrow I'm really insisted because I find that I've had to change over the over the years in hot one where I get my sports now. You go back to the ninety's for example. Everything was sports right actually go back in the eighties for sports around. But that was that was it it was the newspaper. Right. Was the radio. And then it was sports and that's only. Now you've got. How many different choices. Because of that little communicators we all carry in our pocket. Sky's the limit on or is it. I can I can only tell you where I get all my sports information now and for me it's a little different dynamic because of what we do here. We have to be a little moron. I'm curious though. We we are talking about this set the fourth of July cookout at my idea my folks out. We're talking about you know you know downloading the radio dot com and that that came up and we at all different. We had done my uncles and there were. Of the seventy range and the you know nieces and nephews bell all the way back it down and high school. So that's how this came up and I thought to myself I gotta get that on a show one of these days I wanted to get to an on Mon eliminate. Did have time and now today wanna get to that now axed as suit. Walk me through how do you. Consume or at least get your sports. Information. Is it like a regiment they you have I listen to. The big O and John in the mornings here and tomahawk or whoever might be going on on the air there. Is that where you get your lakers sportscasters. Sports news like your first line of fire what was the latest in sports as it may be on the now fox thirteen news at sex. Is that the only two and a half minutes sports that you consume. Is it your phone I am my gas is more and more on the phone these days. I'll walk you through what I do every single morning. But but again it says it's a little bit different for me men doing a live just a little control group peer to find out. Where you get it. Is that still the newspaper. No knock on newspapers the actual news paper that's on on imports no knock on them. But we're seeing the decline. Of subscriptions would newspapers we we just off she got to be getting your sport somewhere. Or no word Joseph got his sports do you brought all of your phone with facts. And glued to Twitter. It's just sweater Twitter talk act you know. We'll talk about it after the break your stick around it insisted and how much social media has made a difference a year. Would you guys getting your sports involved. Tim in for bill today its Wednesday edition of the bill Michael show. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.