HR3 - Buy or Sell?: Gallardo makes the starting rotation

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Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 3. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, will you be paying attention to Tiger Woods this week? Also, despite winning a gold medal, how do you view Shaun White in the sexual harassment allegations against him?


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Promo links runs. River runs this season we will discuss sports fans cone stood tall the bill Michael's you know. Hey Jim Leo welcome bill Michael Schiavo was on the air we are glad to have him. What we have a fantastic. No matter where visual arts is Valentine's Day right. Come on you gotta have a good day correct hopefully a Valentine's day's one of those days it's hit or miss because if you have somebody. If you're Mariane you got a new relationship longtime girlfriend board from what I. OK you have some money your share. If you don't. Today Sox. All well the only would when I wasn't. In any relationship. In Valentine's Day came around. If first of all just and other data means nobody. But my thought was. Think of all the money I'm sitting there. Well looked out of Christmas. Same way I look at all the money concert. Announcement. I was in my jewelry your flowers your yoga flowers go up to manager Mike flowers in the middle say July. For somebody. Just just a blank C giggles you know you got somebody did it's much police say a little by a dozen roses just it just a walking with a miniature mob. Put a smile on repairs dozen roses are like twelve blocks. Twenty bucks you don't abide doesn't rose today 64 dollars. A future. You grow on special roses. RT are you growing something that we didn't are the special roses in the back. Only for Valentine's Day that we don't know about are they are are they longer stems. They smell better are there beach would bigger passes and better. You know we didn't the ability to you to be able to breathe those roses. To fertilize those roses. Rom anyway no of course it'll supplied millions of the money's. So you don't have somebody today that the money. Enjoy your to. Order out build it yourself and cousins jobs. So you know what I meant to colonize say they special and I am treating me as something there's nobody loves me like I'd they have. Go home watch Olympics you're good. By the way I turn that into a cousins of commercial by accident so war we'll cover that venture a little bit later on the program. But. At a Valentine's Day from radio Joseph and I can be married male couple on the air as we work together are each and every day to you and but what you are cycle that far now we are awarded it will work together every damn day. I don't into the husband wife role here let's be honest put all this every damn day what do you. Some days you sound like that yeah sure a little while since we got and the like a real argument about ad does that. We are the bickering couple. We went to couples therapy and I haven't. 8558308648. Until we are not gonna involve radio Joseph now it's time for buyers sellers and news. World of sports but a lot of people say a lot of things. But does it past the big unit test let's play by yourself. This is the bill Michael's show. For buying orders already are Jody gut. This Myers sells more about projections. I sort of the brewers don't expect. You'll funny guy our go to be in the brewers' rotation come opening day now why do I expect him to be in the rotation come opening day. Bomb. I don't know if I expected to be. Paid it eight Mike over under on your bodyguard who was this twelve wins. No wins and losses out of a pitcher or a little bit overrated. They are overrated OK I think it's one of the more over raises the stakes when it comes to wait pitcher if you can cause it's your money IRL. Mind over and under our projection one's okay I guess season is the best way to put it found. What. What is statistics. You expect out of your money Dan okay. So this year I'm gonna go. We have a four and a half ERA over under receive four point five ERA. I'm gonna say you Vonnie Garret always going to give us. As the brewers fan. Eight winds up. Not a great season for you Bonnie. But that's about ormat. He's gonna get a shot. But pitch well because he's back in some familiar surroundings he feels comfortable. It's kind of a new start for him. But. Since going thirteen and eleven. He in Texas his first year out of the chute he has been terrible. Remember he got traded to Baltimore and then he went to Seattle. And it just it it hasn't worked for him now he's back in a competitive situation. So I'm gonna say a four point five ER 88. Wins on the season may be an 88 record something like that. He has not given us. He has not given you move being the brewers fan. Over 180. Innings in the last couple years he's a matter of fact he's been in 2016 he picks 118 into Baltimore and 130 for Seattle. I'll say 160. Innings. For the Milwaukee Brewers but he will be in the rotation for for TRE a neat record. And a whip of one point six. Is this all under the assumption of the personal insider trading on the fish. This yes. Yes I still think they have something in them something up their sleeve but then they haven't done yet you get if you're a do what you gotta do it now you got to get a guy and like all ahead of them yesterday. Yup. So right now by vetoing money Darren oh that's gonna go home so that is my projection. For you by Garrett will he be the starting rotation I'll walk by that. I'll say he's lucky to make people. Okay by yourselves we shall see you never announcement trains insurance and oldest got a goes in the next on the brewers still sign or trade for a starting pitcher before opening day. I'm going to buy that. I still think they do it it's just the clock is ticking mouth. I don't know how big of a deal or how small a deal it's going to be but the clock is ticking you need to get something done if you're gonna do it so. Calm. Is matter of fact let's say let's say the over under sort of projecting goes isn't. The next week. I think to break the brewers don't make a deal in the next five days they don't make a deal. So ominous in the brewers do make a deal within the next five days. For a pitcher for another arm. Man 0584. Cell. Now just a friendly reminder Brandon Jennings is with the Wisconsin heard how ever. He is not under sole property of the Milwaukee Bucks the Bucs had not had exclusive rights to him. Any team in the NBA they want to give Brandon Jennings a contract an NBA country tuned day. They caught the trucks to not have the rights but buy or sell well. Brandon Jennings will still be eight balk at some point. Yeah the first team to sign him to NBA contract I AM going to us. From a buy that. I'll buy that. Just for the fact we've got some injuries they could probably use them. I would buy that now they got to make a subsequent move roster wise if we do. But I'm going to buy that he becomes a Milwaukee buck yes. And you know like. It may be just something that they do until. You know brought him or whoever comes back good and I I can say yes he will be a Milwaukee. But yourselves. I don't talk about the Bucs game at some point Tyler Zeller and really nice scheme yes he did and he start to come along since being traded over here. Buy or sell Tyler Zeller will be the bucks setter. Starting center by the end of the year. Obama so that now are so that I I don't think he's going to be either starting setter. I think keys. Did a good piece player but he's also while playing some of his numbers. And maybe it's just the fact that he is on at this point in time a winning team. Or team that's you know. Supposed to do some good things sometimes it raises your level of play new scenery things like that but no I I think. He is what he is he's can be a good piece player. Role player if you will. Probably know Arnold and he becomes your starter. I think they're gonna stick with the rotation they have proved he's got a lot of faith in what it is they're doing let's be honest what to doing right now has been working. Awarding nine into. For some like that their last eleven games and your priority threats so now I I I think they stick with you stick with the dance that got you there and actually going to Tyler's. By eight or sell. Last one is Packers son Ryan wood Green Bay press to set to be good piece yesterday just talking specifically about corners and he gave grades keep each corner. Bite or sell to Marius Randall could be the packers' number one corner next year. I'm gonna buy it he could be. Here's the reason why because he did have a successful. The second half of the season released the last six games of the season we know he can play the position. You don't know what you're gonna get king is still old Kevin King is still coming back from shoulder injury he still. Good to kind of pick up where you left off regarding his rookie season. Offers what do they wanna believe you know 8678 games make you a veteran. The Marius Randall has been through the damage he had a really good initial campaign. Terrible second year. Bad beginning it was thirty years Denny kind of rounded things done re gather himself he's got a chip on his shoulder I think he's gonna end up being your number one however. I I preface this by saying it won't be for long because I think if Kevin King does have the tools eventually he's gonna work himself in that role. Before right now the various rebel leader I've got. All all although that's it that's at the roster is right now I still think you got to go out in foreign. A veteran back there you have to add another piece back deuce just might think. They have. That's it with fire sell if father Mike to Minneapolis is still listen to the show right now I'd like his phone number. For insights. OK in the future. Because that was that was a really good call in the past hour he was usual really gap it saw it might if you're listening just call us back and I'd like to get your number off the year if you'd be willing to share that. They know it's part of my job outlook and bonus that saving phone numbers and they can show some better spirits that's the day. Why did I take a quick break come back we got a lot more to to discuss Tiger Woods getting ready to tee it up at Riviera by the way. Are you excited to have Tiger Woods back we'll talk about fast while bombing our own Gary wolf of Racine journal times talked about it they'll draft a little bit later on today as well as fortunate program. They brought you by marsh field clinic health system they fixed me up. Coming back in the game the orthopedic department is fantastic and call me by five MC or so if you have something that's been ailing U. You don't have to live with a you don't have to live with. Maybe that you get jet in and out in as little as a day you heard me right in the schools today so don't live with pain. Egypt simply don't have to call Marshall clinic 855 MC or two or ago. To Marshall clinic dot org it's Marshall clinic dot org mortal might show coming up next. Border to border film film Michael's voice talking network. My football is life. It was just. Very typical about six months I had to be helped out of bed every day is pretty sad when I can't get to the abdomen Nolan had to have a pocket accident it was really bad in the real rough time and I didn't know. This is how pilots and the rest of my life I've been very lucky very blessed to have come out on on the side and I have a chance to talk to you guys and play golf again and do things that I never thought I could bill do. Bozo the words of Tiger Woods a bucket next to the bed because he simply couldn't get out of bed to go to the bathroom. And had to smell. That expects. That's not good. To say it. I looked beat Tiger Woods your living down there Orlando and it gated community. The big Pearl White mansion. You know. Everything is just pristine. Picture him in eland and he's he's his child and they took dead on that I think is Leah. And white car builders something that just missed beautiful beautiful home and everything's clear and stainless steel and white and blue lead in the than just perfect in the background. Brewer step many go stairs and there's this big old bucket right now since. Thanks a bit of yeah sometimes it would behind the world of the rich and famous and you open the curtains you find out it's just like you and me although I've never had a group argument to bed but. Her death death. But Tiger Woods is back says he feels great. And he's ready to play again he's gonna tee it up. At the Riviera. And I guess and it I'd. Is Tiger Woods. His his return. Good for golf I think it is. Answered my own question. What's sauce I I I think it's good for golf but I'll say there's. Until tiger is not only playing but playing good end or relevant golf. Consistently. He can't have one tournament and make her -- he's back. As we've been there done that with him before. For him to be back. He can be competitive in melt one night too with three or four tournaments. To say Tiger Woods news. Is not necessarily tiger. But Tiger Woods is at least. Somebody to pay attention to again because for a while he was a sideshow to golf. People are tuning in to see Tiger Woods played be competitive in the fist pump in the red shirt on Sunday. We'll be torturing him for was to see how far over the corporate hospitality tent he was going to drive it. At comedy Alphonse who was gonna drop a golf course it was kind of like watching a really bad race car driver in the middle of the Daytona 500. That's what it was like watching Tiger Woods. So I think he's very very good for the game of golf but only if he's relevant. Otherwise he's just another guy struggling out there nobody wants to see that. Well. I watched tiger. Just a couple of weeks ago. When he's playing out at Torrey Pines. And that was that was really the first test in this recovery and he played in the Bahamas before that Alice's first competitive round since coming back from X surgery. But he came back at Torrey Pines and does good dead and said. Make the cut stale. Those two things. I don't expect tiger was aware I don't expect mean competition. And Tiger Woods fought through it. He she just made the cut and then he played pretty well Saturday and Sunday and I thought what the most telling thing once. Was the fact that Tiger Woods missed almost every single fairway he was bombing at the book the power is back. The power is gonna be back with tiger. But he sprayed it all over the fairway I think he would like 30% of fairways all week. He's making pots. Tiger pretty good he has to be yes it apart but but but that's the thing. Touring is like three year window for tiger when he's been on and off the golf course. It wasn't just the fact that he was inconsistent with the shots. His putter was dead he could not putt the ball save his life and that's always been tiger would spread embark that's really new. Tiger Woods was not the same guy. The weight he'd played at Torrey Pines making putts all over the golf course he stayed under par. Under par the entire time when he was out there he never had around where he was shooting 7678. ED. Where you're like okay he put a couple of rounds together but the rest is garbage. This was consisting golfer tiger and I think any hit more for her ways Tiger Woods in the competition at Torrey pockets. So. I think now going into Riviera let seeking be a little bit more consistent off the tee continue to be very good around the greens. And go from there. I I think that'll be the biggest thing for him. And hide the other fact bill. People still wanna watch teicher. The galleries at Torrey Pines. They were all over I mean you talk about is front like 1015. Rows of people. Going all the way back following tiger wherever he went on the golf course he had definitely won about one of the bigger galleries. In Nat Turner. People still care about tiger was people still root for Tiger Woods and I think it Tiger Woods can get beckon competitive golf with this field. Of golfers right now it's awesome for the sports to deal. I think it's it's great that he's back again I just wanna see him be relevant. That's my biggest. That's my biggest ambition for Tiger Woods is if you're gonna come back and you're gonna be a I don't think you'd. I think a lot of people are skeptical as to what he can be ever. Even relevant again soul. We shall see whether Tiger Woods actually becomes a relevant again but I said the seeds I I think it's good for the game to have him back. Look I've said this before I'm a stay with it I do not see Tiger Woods winning another her moments in his career. Because there's so much state needs to happen and I don't expect Tiger Woods to be competitive this week at Riviera. I honestly don't expect to meet competitive for the next few months he's got to keep playing tournaments he has to keep sane and healthy and he has to develop more consistency it's it's not easy for guy. To just combat can be great again that's not how it works especially in this day and age where in golf is so competitive and there are so many great golfers out there. Is that another another tiger but there's a lot of golfers. That are capable of winning majors second win majors consistently. Tiger's got a long way to go. And I just if his body starts to break down again he screwed and then he's got to start all over again if he has to go through much more surgery at some. So at that the hill it's still a steep climb. For Tiger Woods but you know Auburn form I'm always were informed. 855830864. Rates will you be watching specifically. To see if Tiger Woods can become. Tiger Woods again. Or at what point do you say you know life. I wait and see on time I think a lot of people are of the week and see but I still think. People attitude and people don't wanna see him take that first went off the tee to see if he hits one down the middle or be sprays it. I think there's a lot of people and the thing what tiger that he's had issues with over the last few years meddling with the injuries but. They put a couple of rounds together but it can't put four rounds together. Well he did that at Torrey Pines right that was the doubles Runnels consistency. I have seen tiger when it comes to just put up good rounds. Running entire term now again like you said he'd missed a lot of fairways. It was not good and he had a bail himself but he did some great shots. On you know under the trees. In the thick in the thick Rauf just to get out via a lot of good up and downs. Able that you know salvaged par at that. Both are good things. But now let's trying get that ball. Back in play let's try to make sure that off the tee you're put yourself in good position to get agreeing regulation and give yourself a chance putt for birdie that that that's what tiger needs and I'll be interest to see what it's like Riviera has to me it's Revere as a tight course a lot like Torrey Pines. So it happens. 855830864. New loans which it dot com total free talk Clinton and charm and by all means do show. We come back to us about basketball Gary wharf overseeing journal times she's going to be joining us we'll talk some boxes they got a nice win last night we'll get an of that discussion. Also coming up ready here from Brian brawn as well in the next hour. We're gonna talk is some NFL draft that's right restart take a look at the NFL draft moving forward for the Green Bay Packers what they may or may not do the needs they may or may not have an ours stay till we are more alike shook a lot of activist. Six clues station strong the bill might school's sports talk now. Michael shot on the though we're glad to have you hopefully. It's Valentine's Day is treating you rather well. 8558308648855. B 30864. In loans which it dot com told free talk line. Buck's got to win last night Johnston have like this more and Norman shot a scheme. Fifteen points fifteen boards three assists. Which audio on edit now you're so be honest nights. 9792 they knock off the hawks. Now eight games over 500. As the Bucs get a win. Talk more about it Gary wolf overseen journal times joining us on the Schneider orange how lying Gary are you doing man. And murdered while it was very sluggish win last night Chris Milton played well. But I I guess other Joseph brought to you what you see different. To be absolutely not a whole lot. I mean there's some weeks our guns when he was. There that are that trapped in the entire as much as they have that are. Being held them more accountable to guard doron they have worked for video notes switch and stuff like that. What overall not really not a lot of difference. So what what his then live the key for this team getting wins as opposed to taking some of the ugly losses they did under Jason Kidd. Well that's a good question there is so focused the you know the players seem happier he's number one don't think they feel. This stressful thing here that your kids in. You know champions and while it's certainly work world looser group work more on. But you know normally bet that the reaction when there's a coaching change that most reporters. Were more than happy to CGQ. Jettisoned in you know when when when there's a coaching change is usually pretty. While in the win or at least for the first couple weeks. And or. Lots of course than than healthy immensely by. Of the sought to partners schedule and the timing was absolutely perfect cordial Ponte. Is it is it just as simple as a schedule agreed to we are I guess my next question is what do I expect when his team starts playing stiffer competition to look for them to kind of falter back to what we saw. Early on. Or do we because of the bulls say the swelling confidence that they're gaining from this particular Porsche Porsche their schedule. Does this then turns things around for them desist just all start to come together in the eastern do you guys back open. Well I think good competitor and their plate belt really cool when he. Did woody bear all right now but. I looked at the schedule booked for May think six in the pursuit he. After the all star break are against teams that would be in the playoff in I think that's one at that juncture. What we have a better idea what you were gonna clean my books are. Yet they got to they've got one more they got against Denver and then you've got the all star weekend and then they don't play again until Friday. Were they play what and it. Right exactly because they don't play until Friday in Detroit or in in Toronto I'm not mistaken right to come right out of the chute Toronto. Yeah he's so they're gonna have two up he you know never Utley is one of the most improved team yet. That they're playing good basketball. In you know we're talking about. You know waiting until after the all star break to find out how Auxerre I don't care. Armitage gains in you know real litmus test Google books we can look like what is certain. At Denver's Syria pretty good team. When Denver comes in town I expect hopefully because the weather's going to be better crowd should be better a little more into what winning is certainly helped. Column in winning at home is usually when at home and look good doing it. I think you could do nothing would bolster you know people warning commands CU we start to get a little bit of an energy applause. Down the Bradley senator. So I have looked I just think that this team desperately needs this win going is forced conference and update ten and two since the fire your head coach going into the all star break and sitting up pretty well. Is force the standings goes you'll have yourself pretty solidified. And that deficit if you're battling for fifty or so to speak. You'll look pretty good doing Asia a lot of confidence coming out of the all star break and well rested to Nstar pitchers on your guys back. Well absolutely and you don't support Parker's only gonna get better at the right goes you know so. From that standpoint it's going to be Q did you know stalled over should be coming back. So you know there's definitely a lot of encouraging things to look forward to next season. Tie with a weighted right now for the fourth spot in the east our military wall for the Rashean journal times give me give your thoughts and your board because I think. For as long as he's been out for many injuries disease had he just he picked there were left off it just looks really really good. Did you see that and by the way last night yes. I'll might do this yes I think I think you know what I'm a member of yeah Parker and we have to school in Michael. Well the other thing is that are on that side yes you wanna make sure that he came down he was OK but on the opposite side. When he got hurt for the second time my thought was that explosiveness was gone. And he showed it last night. I agree you know some of the medical people only. Tori will do scooter even better than he was before certain tree canopy now. They hit it I had some reservations about that that I talk to mark our league who was region punished until you told him including. And now want to believe in peace and security now that are at four. While we were talking earlier today about some of the help that they shooter should not yet do you think Brandon Jennings amounts steady thing in and makes his team or do you think it's just a safety guarantee somebody else goes down. You'd meet Olivia took you five point gain helmet. I don't know what deployed a little played forty. How would you how would just give a submissive share the basketball move the ball and on the floor allow others to score. You know what it is delicate balance an crackdown on corporate doesn't have sold out with. Thank you grandkids adventure or you're really grew and was able. We saw home. At the peak of this career you know the first round. And he wasn't very good because what executives who wrote this he wait so. Again not so sure what could some sort of all of vote. Is it just so somebody just like I said just a safety net just in case. Yeah I guess of safety safety seats. I need to linger there were other. What were. Picked up a subscriber. That there must be obviously unity behind the scenes look at recent court. Call one icons of the box and pick it up you know the big man obviously. Do you get and then what we've seen Zeller played pretty well you have pretty nice game last night. Thought maker has been somewhat of an enigma because everybody expected him take the next step but he really hasn't hence in his. Really solidified that starting role at times played well what he's been consistent I guess the best way to put regarding his game does Tyler Zeller work his way and that's starting lineup. If your books and you hope that. Yeah the note now up against Tyler and is he did a terrific you know last night traffic I put you know he's he's below average player. I mean good bounces around that was thirteen fourteen. In there's a reason for. You know hopefully I'm baker. Just keeps getting better I mean god can really help of skiing. It is a question especially mark he remembers shooting standpoint. I leave people out of the EU recorder which he normally does. He can be a knockdown shooter there and that's one of the things books that we need. Well what what does he need to do to take that next step we all thought he would get better. And he just hasn't he's looked off or almost two times in doing that. Yeah I did it you know with you the first wanted to see some of that. That was serious crimes could you grass but that he's shown signs recently were coming around. In I think Rick sector's confidence and that he gets of captain going up and I think you'll be fine but again and they. And he just perimeter shooting because. Yassin and ethical way whatever you want blood vessels can get away with a every once Littleton and the wind. And certainly Suvari. So what looked at penetrate somebody's gonna have to help plow it into more often that it will be on deck. By the way I don't know if you noticed when it pride these interviews and posting comments and such I've not heard him use the words were young wants it. Beautiful. I just I think he heard everybody else say the same damn thing saying you can't say that anymore. You know it was really get all the every. To a lot of BA people. They thought decency by saying that was taking bill's chapter chat course. You know hey we need veterans. In you know I think Joseph prompted coach he's got to listen to us say that even if people leave that you know. But yet you're actually right yet mention it on and hopefully more. For Jason Kidd because we all know that he had a bulb friendship with the last treason evens and as such does she yet another opportunity coach. Well he's certainly it would. Two Kovalev and wind solar since the departure. Isn't he's convinced he can be coaching next season. Olympia they're convinced start to. Know several people around the league they're illegal they don't like to get work coach yeah. And then there's been you know rumors spill out of are we going cheeks CNET. Into attracted to officials of Phoenix organization and the Serb court go Michael Dell Mel. They haven't they listen millions. Yes so. So you don't but again you know kid it's got a name you've got a reputation you know also. You know that he Robert servers the Croat then go to UC sun and in the year. He does what did anybody he does what you want and want to get me to give them because. They go cassava is always Gary we'll talk again next week okay. About jugular there Gary will oversee journal times joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider orange hotline shutter hiring drivers right now you work arbitrage fair eighty push years they be getting it done. Call 844 prior go to Schneider jobs dot com remind you that til we will be heading out to a easy out there zona. Coming up in March showed a Michael show goes on the road we're going to be out of brewers' spring training thanks to the Milwaukee admirals. Just what are our fine sponsors were taken us out there you can see the stars of tomorrow on the ice today. Just go to Milwaukee animals died top all the promotions and upcoming events like tonight where they have a big Valentine's Day celebration. Coming up tonight down at the UWM panther arena. The apart the action they are hash tag no hockey also our friends over at coaches club and grill Corning the whole staff. By the way they have a terrific fit fish fry as we are now into the went season. Delivers of them do on Friday night that is the place to go they are also the home of the big boy burger and they have shuttle's all the games. Everybody Dwyane Dwyane covering it all in Wausau whether it's a boat upholstery carpal street. Sony for your home mornings and such for businesses whatever happens to be he can do it and does it fantastic. For Ter rip it terrific price building relationships although all over the state that is our buddy Dwyane DUANES. Two Wayne's covering it all dot com. He is. It's for his purposes that kind of a year old and yet he is dealing with some really serious stuff we'll take your retirement come on back next and the microchip. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Go Michael show continues. Welcome back to the program. We are glad you're here. 855830864. Animals like if dot com told free chocolate is portion program created in done by our good friends who sponsor Valentine's Day. Well medical training guys with the media all over the state Wisconsin beyond the borders give the gift of you. And you can't today on the special that. But you need to call. Call 4144554451. It's 414455. 4451. Locations in Milwaukee Green Bay and I just south of the border in Chicago as well but other 90% success rate. It tree guys with ED erectile dysfunction if you. Say need. Well for lack of better term he needs and energy needs of stamina you need to have more original thought process so to speak they can help you out below T treatments are good as well. And an addition that they have going weight loss program so if you haven't a little bit of a weight issue. If things below the border so to speak or not visible anymore huge lead goes sealed. Call 4144 part 54451. He. How to capture a lot of imagination last march on white. Bears. In the midst of the television appearances on radio hits. He had huge amounts of fans everybody. Clamoring for him and then that the questions begin about. Him struggling to reconcile what he had done a Wednesday morning at throw arguably the greatest raw and have quite snowboarding history with what he had done in previous years. And that is he's got a a general sexual. Harassment lawsuit. That so worries worries settled out of court. And he has. I guess my question is this. He's got this going all. Against the drummer of a a bit okay. Thought she against him by the way not vice Versa. So in today's day and age of slow a level of sensitivity. Were things I think all the way back to the bill Riley stuff which really got opened the door Bill O'Reilly just you know kind of blew the lid off of what goes on behind closed doors and payoffs to women that. Complain that men. Treat them poorly and an half. Have taken advantage of their position. For sexual favors and basically abuse. And Shaun White is celebrated. Last night after an incredible run. I don't watch if you just watched it the physical colony of it the ability of it to the F lettuce is a fantastic. But immediately after that you come back to reality you say you're cheering for a guy who for all intents and purposes. Kept everything behind closed doors and several harassment lawsuit. A sexual morass development in the lawsuit and people are saying. We should be celebrating his. I I just personally watching it. I appreciate the raw be atlantis' in the moment. The other aspect of it is how many times have we seen somebody in whatever sport it happens to be that is had something go wrong. In their life that they chose to do. But yet they come back and score a touchdown and a home run scorer goal the people are still cheering for. Sometimes you cheer for the moment maybe the name on the front of the Jersey rather than name on the back. But it isn't let's be honest it is an until. The Ray Rice video punches you in the face that you go all my god that's terrible. Because if we used to get sexual harassment is such a sanitized form. Okay sat sexual assault is not rape. It's it's sexual harassment. Okay did he do he makes some snide comments in front or her that she took too far too serious. I mean that's the way met people think about it. When you talk about people that are considered quote heroes the more you do in the athletic world the more fame issue are. The more. Positive. You bring. For what rivalries in the more leeway we give you. You know if he was a nobody who came in tenth place and was real low and a total poll there are on the Olympic team you go what I've what a third day he's out there anyway glad he's gone. Put your gold medalist Matt we get a lot of leeway unfortunately. But how much should we or should we have not have cheered for what Shaun White did I think is something legitimate you have to look within yourself. We kind of follow up on that coming up the next hour. Also Matt Miller NFL draft analyst for the Bleacher Report he's going to be joining us coming up the next hour as well stay tuned for the white show next. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.