HR3 – Buy or Sell?: Guerra is most likely the starter to regress

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 3. Let’s play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. We’ll also chat with former Packers VP Andrew Brandt, and Aaron Rodgers speaks to James Jones about his contract…

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From the league front for the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. Michael show and made my best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your whole. I had a while ago. No Michael shows on the hill we're so glad you're on board today thanks so much for us take a listen to us we certainly appreciate it. Hopefully your half of the fantastic day to day we thank you again thorough listening and paying attention program obviously the brewers. No deals as of yet but we are on brewers watches the trade deadline continues to approach Manny Machado not gonna happen so parishioner to figure. Plan BC. And even the to figure out bolster this this demon and get themselves towards the post season there a couple of games in a two and a half games to be exact. Behind the cubs the cubs back at it again tonight the brewers are not back at it again until tomorrow night with the Dodgers in many which auto. Come detail what we wanna talk some football. And though one of the biggest questions right now is when will that contract it done with Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers both sides say they wanna get it done. And hang out all we don't know specifically what it seems to be put it certainly seems to be that. When Aaron Rodgers talks about creativity. And things getting done in a sense. You wonder pits. Guaranteed money you wonder it's opt out years things that are traditionally done. In the NFL also we bring in Andrew Brandt the former Packers well before Packers kind of salary cap guru guide Packard vice president also columnist for MM QB in the athletic. Hitter you Democrat. I've been well bill good to talk is always. You know so why we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop it and everybody says so okay Aaron Rodgers is back at all we've got to worry about and it's got kind of effort towards a championship with. Do you think these two sides are any closer than they were say a month ago. Yeah this is kind of the big mystery. It's hard to know you know I've sent in that chair for ten years. And I'm also a good friend of Aronson Nowak is side note agent very well. You know I guess they're talking in. So hard deal to do you know you. We look at what Ryan didn't look at what cousins did you know Arens a better player than both you know he's going to be the highest paid player in the NFL what does that mean. You know people like me got to drill down about guaranteed money drove down about. What's the link how to security you hear rumors about adjustments and things. Change in the marketplace. So you start think about all these things and you say well it's really hard deal to do and then I think that thing is built. I think the Packers wanna get something done. But really. From a leverage standpoint does Daryn. Because again I'm putting on my agent had to if you get two years left. You know you're not gonna get the real to do you want it's just too much time. And the Packers are kind of in the catbird seat negotiating with tears left. They get to one year left well there are some real leverage. And then you get towards zero years left you know even though franchise tag out there. That's a tough one so. We'll see where this goes who knows what's really going on. Well I guess the question would be what's the hold up between the area had said it publicly it's not about being the highest paid players so that's the case you take human as word. Is this more about the option. To be than you know to redo his deal later down the road isn't about guaranteed money I mean. I know the specifics are out there but it seems to me like there's something in the works. That is untraditional are what football is normal normally see. And I think some of the came out with. Peter king's column this week you know that's a hard one because. And didn't know this option now the alcoholic where. Eric could be adjusted I don't know if that's in any contract. You know it's funny because when I did their first contract as a rookie thirteen years ago. I tried to get that clauses in there that would really adjust his contract based on when Brett retired. Whether that would be one year wait two years away three years of wait four years away five years away. And the management council said no you can't do that he can't tie. Compensation. From one player to retirement of another player you can't do that. So I don't even know they've allowed tying compensation of Aaron Rodgers to compensation of and some new quarterback contract. And that's not gonna get approved so. Maybe they're trying to come up with some curious and and some strategic way that this can happen. No easy thing to say it will Matt Ryan got thirty years and can get 31 or 32 year. Yeah they can do that that's fine but what does it mean in terms guarantees what does it mean total blank. What is there is there and Serb by doing a five year extension tying him up for seven years maybe not. As a guy that's negotiated those deals when you located the last have anybody made over 13% of a salary cap was Ron Amadon. What a Super Bowl. Knowing that you can only have so much money to go around. Do you then they get into the quandary of how much is too much before it actually fortify what goes on around him. You know you talk to the wrong guy about that she can go. You know I spent ten years with one of the highest paid players in the game and Brett Favre and I never want that excuse. I think that's a cop out. Where teams say we can't surround of the within a quality team because Japan quarterback so much now. It's just wrong and maybe you're not managing the cap for all. They hit a quarterback make and even thirty million dollars. On a 177. Million dollar cap. You can manage that. Now you get under you get all that pro ration all that other crap on these contracts that people do elect. Tony Romo counting 29 dollars after he retires. You know then you get in trouble but. It's all about management it's really. It's really not. A real reason why that should happen in my mind. For those that say that they should give him what proportion of the packers' no first of all the Packers are owned by an older. And it's actually that you didn't do that it in the national football I don't think you can do that can't you. No less who believe that when member of Cape May with a free agent in 2012. I believe. And there are rumors about. About the Tennessee Titans. Maybe more than rumors. Giving him a piece and right totally basic yet you know there's no rule against attack. But think about valuation. So if Peyton Manning got you know 1% of the titans at that point their worth a billion dollars. Which had a hundred million now has to put that is ten million. That would count. So if they make intends you know twenty million and then ten million valuation that would count on the cap. So if there Roger's got a piece of attackers. And their valued at two billion. You know and say got 1% twenty million that would count you know so those are the kind of things that DO. Looking at getting Aaron Rodgers in the form like you said he is just to go -- him to get a deal done. Is it hard feelings if they don't get a deal done you think. I don't think so I mean I think you know this retirement adults and professionals and and earned about this. And scored character is there is I mean. I don't think it you know I mean I know for a team angle we always I mean with Brett we always try to do it. Not let him get even two years within free agency because you never want him to. Kind of see the finish line. But. You know I and that's why I think in some ways to hackers are trying to get this deal done more than parents just my hunch. Because there and leverage or gross. After this this year. So they enter Brandt from vehement QB in the athletic former Packers vice president. Are there you right now in theology just got to shake your head that that you think how how we got to this point I mean I granite. The Kirk cousins deal it was a necessity at the time they thought he was the best guy available. What you look at the amount of money is that a good deal of Minnesota Vikings I mean obviously they're pushing their kids in the middle of the table but god has now won over ten games guide it is not want the post season. Is that just super high risk going for high reward. Well I think we have to look with the titans Steelers what can happen. With free agency. You know look at Sammy Watkins. Look at Alan Robinson. The other two receivers nobody's gonna put up there with their FitzGerald or Antonio Brown owner Julio Jones but they're making more than. And why because the free agency. Because Sammy Watkins got to market. Alan Robinson got a market even after ACL. And got 1516 year. Kirk cousins got to market. I don't know they'll ever be a productive young quarterback. Gets to market why because he's too Smart to not gonna let a guy. Go to market you don't think that. Eagles and a lot of wind its way in advance in the ran through coffins. Titans with Mary Oda I mean that's never gonna happen. The cousin thing was so weird because the Redskins really never wanted. To make that commitment. And on the one hand vikings pay whatever 28 year guaranteed and the other and it's only three years so. That three guarantees have already been done in Italy so this was not truly groundbreaking now the other three guarantees like Matt Ryan and others. Have extra years on them. But still. I heard it cousins was pushing for that fort here. And vikings would only do it non guaranteed. And so that side against. Our broker before I let you go like I just ask you mean obviously looking over the fence the Packers would make quite a few changes. Specifically more sort of a coaching staff and actually on the field he'll like what's going on agreement. Yeah I do mean listen I know we talked about Brian and Brian was in our staff. Fifteen years ago and always impressed me good good concept tea. A bright mind. Easy get along with no ego guy. And I think killed they'll do well I think you know for people who think it's going to be completely different that's not gonna Japanese has disciple. Ted Thompson. And I think the hacker way is always have people in that position that. Just there of their life their life's mission is to scout players. And I think that'll work well you know and this in this team with Aron is our always assume verbal threat obviously last year without there but to. Getting him back it like getting like you know three number one draft picks plus plus. Editor it's always a pleasure to talk I appreciated so what reed yourself always had great insight and they'll talk again soon and hopefully when they get this deal done we can break it all down. You got a picture but I buddy jockey says they yell at her branch from the event QB and also the athletic EO worked for the Packers over the years but he said he was the guy that did near its first rookie contract he's been around long time. Former Packers vice president George is that the Schneider or its spotlight Schneider hiring drivers right now you work or that particular eighty plus years that the idiot done. Call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com it's 800. 44 Ryder go to Schneider jobs dot com now speaking of Aaron Rodgers. He spoke the NFL network the other day. You start with James Jones the former agreement packer wide receiver. And he had some things to say James Jones and only about the team but also the older talking about about that contract if you haven't heard it state tune. That is coming up next the bill Michael show. Sorry. Guns and love. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. About season. You know I think the biggest changes for us our defense might present company and a bringing his style of football. Bring him back stage who has wondered too Mon Williams. This time this man he's incredible the way keeps himself in good shape and he's just got a credible instincts have him back he's been great big raise the level of everybody else. In a defensive back before. The words of Aaron Rodgers. Getting excited about this season this upcoming see this horse of the program. Brought to target president Marshall clinic helped assist movement if you got something Ailey knew it I know that right now allergies that are at a high and you're looking for some advice of that would take maybe a prescription. Or maybe this creepy crush its big chorus and everybody got a putting yours truly you can and maybe get a prescription for that sent to a pharmacy near you. All you gotta do is call 844 fairway that's 844 fairway just another way for the Marshall clinic health system to help you help yourself. 844 fairway or simply go to march through quality dot org that's Marshall clinic. Dot org to see everything that they have to offer. Not to mention you can find all the positions. The services locations. At all all of its right their little Marshall clinic dot or Marshall clinic or the official health care provider. Of yours truly dire Rogers talk with James Jones on the NFL now we're Nicholas the conversation. Army you know on the school Jones man and a whole world of wonder when you gonna get this 300 million of any talks here let me let me say this and if you wanna find out when there's a contract extension just follow my guy James Jones. Either on the network. More on his Twitter handle which I'm sure he has to put it to them at the bottom of the screen tomorrow but now that's when they get to find out what's going on. So Aaron Rodgers today and look where this is done. Followed James Jones and that's gonna like a white people smoke right when he finally have a Pope. The white people's ball comes out what they have finally have a deal done look for James Jones breaking news. That's that's what Aaron Rodgers is saying it's he's gonna give it to his body first and the rest of us all find out after the fact Aaron Rodgers also was asked. About Tony Romo. His prediction. Picking it Green Bay Packers to go to Super Bowl fifty jury. You know I wish sits he wouldn't say things like that this is it's it's got a better to fly under the radar sort of fly sometimes there's an NFC he looked around and a lot of teams on paper seem to to get better you have to purchase Iranian civil champions in the NFC commons just in our division Minnesota is his very talented team and no NFC north is always going to be a difficult division so that's our first goal is is trying to get out there and then the rest is in the playoffs and and playing your best. So you know it's great to be thought so highly with the return of Aaron Rodgers that many people are gonna say you know what Rogers is back he's healthy. He's got a year not getting beat up likewise under his belt he's going to be fresh she's gonna have a chip on his shoulder so therefore. They are then going to be. With all the changes they've made they're gonna be the sooner the favorite to go to the Super Bowl where as Aaron Rodgers that it looked very you know he got it past Minnesota first you can't just get out of the NFC north and this is going to be that easy also he continues on talk with James Jones. How good is that they have don't feel we're back in there may have been the offensive coordinator. Well you know James show as it is an incredible guy has a great coach a great teacher he's a Masood from the room I mean he's he's a comedian stand up comedian of their sometimes. You always keeps you. Hundred so's there's never know what is gonna call on here to answer sounds you really gotta be sharp and it's could be under as an active. People involved in every meeting and they get used to guide from the room it was a bad interactive. So all in going back to Joseph Philbin conversation. Joseph was the guy and I go back to this story from you know when Joseph first lap was. When he took the job to go to Miami he was guided kind of set up the room he was the guy that. Brought the room together he was a guy that you gain your attention could still keep it light could make sure that he was the buffer between say yes Aaron Rodgers. And Mike McCarthy he was also a third head in there as far as putting game plan together when he was that. If you know Mike McCarthy handles the head coaching duties he meets with all the coaches all the coordinators. Yes his his Forte is offensive play calling but he's also got a vestige of the media he's also got this and television show results with the guidance the commerce you can look. He's got as to the commercials he's a guy that and sits down. And make sure there aren't any silos being that you don't know that soda speaking failure are perfect yet you have. He sit down and talk with everybody acquisition of players in such an include Princeton Ross ball so he's that guy the guy that sets everything up on the inside. Is Joseph Phil Jones a gamer he's gay or you got it right he's the guy that sets it all up and he's the guy that is the glue that holds that room together meanwhile. One other pieces have been added that are going to be beneficial Aaron Rodgers making this offense go one of them as Jimmy Graham and they talked about. And Jimmy to the mix has been phenomenal we Scion Mercedes Lewis. As wells and now we you know three big time tight ends. This is CU comes out of the the young receiver corps what's your training camp in and put pads on and discipline is a real football. Well the ego who's gonna come out of that young receiver corps and really begin to shine a you know Dovonte Edwards as locked you know you've got real problem. So beyond that who was going to be because he was really hard to run Wallace before either going down now. You got De'Angelo yet she's still the minutes Trevor Davis in his wheels deal mex. Jim on more important round draft choice to fifth round period draft choice of mark has got to scantily. And then the guy that might like Clemens who was appraised the lot and just caught passes over the middle was academia saint world. In addition to that Michael Clarke who they were really high on last year you've got a lot of options right now at the wide receiver position you're hoping. You got the Vontae Randall but your hoping you get two more got that once they injury free and to really begin to rise to the top. You can shuffle a couple of guys off to the often. Practice squad. Which are look at the real lead to more solid guys. That you can rotated we Dovonte Randall that you you're rotated we Jimmy Graham Mercedes Lewis that you can rotate in with time Montgomery and Erin Jones Jamal Williams and equality Mazen. And that group league wide running backs that give that extra. All through that that that offense and Aaron Rodgers as additional weaponry for. So I mean that's what you look at 485583086488. By 5830864. Rate. Is much as I wanna say that yeah they should be the favorite that yet this team to take off imply. You know I keep go back to the fact that they have Jimmy Graham solid. They have a good running back trio salad. Obviously tremendous quarterback solid. I'm still worried about the offensive line. And don't worry about divides fans getting that third concussion or fourth concussion on Warrick about Randall Cobb slowing down a little bit. He's more so your slot receiver comeback guy who's going to be there or knows where to go and Aaron Rodgers gets in trouble because most of this offense. If you noticed over the last few years has been predicated upon scramble one. 232. And pass rush and an author Aaron Rodgers goes and that he's waving his arm and he's funny guy opened and he's throwing a pass and make it happen. It hasn't been the timing off that you wanted to debate. It hasn't been a quick ten yards down and out Jordy Nelson right during that the actual withdrawal on the sideline and hasn't been a quick you know panic button go. Are all on the outside for a guy to be hit deep over the middle. Or TP on the sidelines or the inside slant that just that timing played it to its three steps boom anybody inside after the race he goes like Donald Driver used to do you have a head that. So you're looking for something. Out of Maurer saint Browner about a scam leader Trevor Davis or any of these guys. You're looking for that kind of kind of offense again plastic each Aaron Rodgers out of harm's way. There's Alessio to scramble less hits he has to take you know the better off you are condemning you can exhale a little bit. 8558308648. Go ahead and it was shot if you choose to do so when we come back well by you or cell with a portal like on Joseph right to this. Listening to the bill might school's sports talk and work. Michael show audio here broadcasting live today here at our friends. Joint if you will be I don't reach BL studios into what you got things going on here today so amount of studio today there won't be back after today for. Pretend ten days nine to say stuff like that who a week from Monday as well in fact. In the meantime it'll be Kevin Goldman radio Jews until it taking euphoria we give it days. In that I'll be back. Because of that all. This course the program I would be brought by reference to new male medical treating guys ET all of this it was not to be on the wars in location in Green Bay but also won in Milwaukee. He and if you have the ET Europe got its function of a 90% success rate at at that accident basically 98%. Success were. If you are Moody's if you are suffering of the brain fog if you are suffering from low stamina or no energy Kabila he treatment that could be needed if you're the age of thirty it doesn't cost you much it's going to get yourself checked out. 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Bill Thursday starting pitcher for the rumors that could actually regressed in the second half by yourself. It's junior Kara. I'll boy I tell you why it's. You know what I. It's hard for me to buy that because junior Garrett has pitched well but we've also seen the fact that he can go by the wayside at times. So. Yeah you know what I'll buy that needed it to be junior Kara. Pellet be chasing Anderson we JC JC energy to carry this team to go back to what he did last year where he pitched extremely. Well. And then he can give loses town's bomb. But if I had to bet on itself bought. And it's so tough to do your parents been putting up some good numbers this season has pitched pretty well. Gas you know what other auto junior a goatee scare me. Could Suter is is that been pitching stellar. Let's be honest and you've kind of mixed it starts with other pitchers. So yeah you know why are coaching again I'll go ahead by. And before I go any further you mentioned Brian Souter. He will be weekly contributor on this very show starting next week Tuesday. Brent sooner joining the program as they could trigger. Ice and at first water had a shootout Buick given all I don't know about that. Hello yourself as a stay tuned for that next Tuesday in every Tuesday throughout the rest of the season. If if you could only make one shrink just won by ourselves. It needs to be a bats. Over a bold and arm. They have. No facility that. The poll that we've seen some chinks in the armor. I think he defied an innings eater somebody committed bolster that full that a little bit I think it's going to be better it's all about hitting point seven helps keep going back. To what David Stern since the beginning of the season or its spring training and he was talking to us about you know what they didn't do what they need to accomplish one of the things that you accomplished. Was was just being able to get those out so. Now there is much as I wanna say yeah I'd love to see if that committed this system. I don't think so I think you I think you would be. Many people that are critical of the portable that are. Google blog network for cell no are at Walt. By ourselves there's reason to be upset if David Stern's doesn't make a trade before the deadline. That outline yes because look if you're in the which auto sweepstakes that means you know you're going for. I mean you know it's Tonya Biggio belief that this team that they're going to be able to get Medicaid get it done and accomplished the post season that's what it is you're striving for. So now all of a sudden you say that when I can do anything. What kind of a mixed messages that you're not you're saying your fair based Warner could go for what we have a Toronto but we really don't think we need any help after that. Which is is PS we all know it now if the prices to Steve PP come out today. We just were willing to give up some of these prospects. For guys that were sub which shot that I will understand. But doubted you you're told your fan base that you believe the time is now to win. And that you believe that not necessarily the rebuild is over but that your capability to win baseball games is here right now. I think you feel let down your team and it'll be looked at your fan base go back to what David Stewart said they've searched at that we will support this group of players now. Not only will we support them and try to keep this team viable for years to double we will support this team now. And that to me meant he's gonna go out make it deal of some type to make this team better so. Dot I I would I would soon be a huge disappointment if this team did not make you move to better themselves right here right now. The time is now for this team to start making a move forward. But yourselves. Parents of the brewers coming up here have homes series against the Dodgers and then the nationals. And then they head out to the West Coast to play the giants. And the Dodgers yet again. Buy or sell the next four series for the brewers could determine what their true identity is as a baseball club. Correct item RT. Why they're gonna play a very tough Dodgers team that you mention they've got some road trips governor out. But what you look it to the way they ended the first unofficial first half OK I mean look at that more so than anything the way they and the other official first half. I'm gonna say yeah out this huge because you add that on a six game losing streak. The last 43 games yourself 500 the cubs are going to be playing a divisional rivals the St. Louis Cardinals we know how tough that series is. You're taking on a contender in the western taking on a contender in the east. You're that heading out to the West Coast to take on yet again the only Dodgers at that detector out west. Hell yes it is time to make some had. A you have to want shake off the fault of the losing streak and to reestablish yourself you go to follow what your you get Colorado San Diego. Come to town before you go on the road for that road trip that everybody's got to circling because you get a very definitely the team. That you get a day off that you are quick to turn around against the cubs that you get a day off. That you get Saint Louis before coming back on the face Cincinnati and Pittsburgh so. Yeah I used you've got to reestablish yourself it's big it's big right here right now the hopes the end of the West Coast trip. Two huge factors coming up this season. By eight or sell. Bill there's no hope for an NBA championship in Milwaukee. Anytime soon. By and it. Umpire I you know why the whole thing and I'm not saying to part was the answer but the whole thing which you Fareed in the way things have been done. Kind of took the wind out of my sails now this this. It I don't mean to disparage in any way you like what boot holes can bring to the table I'm not disparaging honest. It's just it seems like right now. That there's been two steps forward three steps back if you're sitting there going OK now what do we do. And all of our talk is about getting enough talent around you honestly the next offseason which this season was supposed to be the season they hit the ground running. Now we're talking about what's gonna happen next offseason. And that we're talking about John is recruiting players to come. Milwaukee and if they don't what goddesses contract is running out so therefore he's gonna wanna go elsewhere even though he said he wants to win a championship in in Milwaukee it. He's not gonna pull brought to go out and LA. I. I just I. I don't see what happening in these times. I hate to be the pessimist here and I certainly hope that I'm wrong. But I don't see when coming anytime soon for this franchise or experience who waited so patiently police so much. That this was somehow someway shape report and all of a sudden turn around and becomes spectacular. But it. Does anybody else out there feel the way I'd him. Like this it's just it it it's that pipe dream we're just gonna keep JC he try to believe in. They keep being solar village goods and and oddly here's the other question is supposed to be today I'll pose this. Do you believe that the general manager. John horse is that there. That he's the guy that's good because this out and put his team not only on the track but expedite a doubt attract. Towards a championship. Do you believe the management at this TV ownership of his teeth do all the right thing to push all the right buttons of recruit all the right players become the Milwaukee to make this championship team. If you do kudos if you do don't we watch. But if you don't that you feel like many. Also they'll be wise. You think this team to the right track itself. I don't not do it not just yet I don't. Now maybe they could change my mind is certainly having it happen which as it is if I'm sitting here right here right now believing that this team's gonna win a championship my question is why why whatever could be believed that. Sonoma State. Okay and that's that. That's there you go that is buyers self that's the way we do it as we radio don't bring it to the table. This portion of the program brought to our friends at but like the official beer sponsor of the go Michaels were stuck network don't forget motorcycle ride right around the corner. Coming up Sunday September 2 we can't do without you. 348 fights last year we eat 400 this year we can't do without you and your friends opening Eddie by. Yup us idiots Suzuki spot that's partly what ever break it right it enjoyed it's for a great cause for the Fisher house in Wisconsin. 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Highway 157 in the cross that's the place to get it it tobacco outlook was grocery. On highway 157 lacrosse. Get out get tickets now because so once they're on they all. That's it and I know a lot of people have been acquiring him from what I understand the story out there. But have you walk anyway our ticket so that what you gather is you know what's left or whatever at a rock I'll be back well it now there are almost gone so you said I'll be back you better be back. Because are almost arsonist could be shenanigans coming up on Thursday night August 2 and that's to be a lot of fun really really looking forward to a compliments were different. Over there and it's tobacco atlas grocery and haven't his car. Why under par 66. That is the best round of the day thus far. In the open championship Eric in ruin. Forty feet now and Zander love carded four under par there in the clubhouse as well. And you've got a whole host of people with three under two under par it's not a bad not a bad day at the open and if you've been paying attention Carnoustie. Tiger which by the way stole one under par he ended up a bogey bogey it was ten or eleven I think. In he ended up -- right it might have actually been twelfth that he just a bogey thirteen but never. Thirteen I'll take your bogey thirty. So like he is now wanted to party was two under for the longest portion did he got off to a fast start to discuss stalled. After that starting hitting the ball all over spring in his putters built a couple of times but nevertheless he still within 34 shots. Of atop the leader report. And many people say tigers irons keep getting through this. And he may be able to walk away when they when they open championship John Robbins and other did you recognize each to wander in the clubhouse Rory McIlroy. To an article about Zach Johnson Justin Thomas also to wander. In the club house. But after that it really starts debate you've got a lot of guys. Kevin now Webb Simpson matter who your Rickie Fowler all at one under their days are complete our extensive. Another one his days complete. You've got to embark on labor. In a few others as he woke him. Who else you sacraments he owed oh. A camera Davis Charley Hoffman there all the even par on the date Jason Day is even or on the day. And then a whole bunch that are still on the golf course some others that struggle today. Justin Rose at one over par Luis almost agent. One over par today. Tommy Lee would won over some of the names that you would recognize so. It's not an easy divot by the way Phil Mickelson lefty Mark Calcavecchia both I two over par. As they go to the clubhouse today as well Ernie Els the same upper art blogger use that tool were partially got a whole host of people right there. Jason Duff are also. Two over par Andy source mothers that are on the golf course that are still knocking around in that right now. I mean there's some guys because it's a dead last Darren Clarke he was eleven over today shooting in the EE two. You have some other guys David Duvol by the way nine over eighty. He shot today. But that's just kind of your leaderboard as to where things are Dustin Johnson. He is now the clubhouse even though he was bombing it. Sometimes what you vomit and it rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls you find the bunkers more often than not or to fund the high grass Dustin Johnson did that today quite a bit. Five over par 76 today. For Dustin Johnson. So he is really dug himself boy documents you know but he's four over through twelve global Watson's pore over through twelve. As well so it's not not that you would think Al here's a question joke you talk about some of the bigger names in golf. Better better. Here's the bottom of the leader port. Are we gonna complain or not we you and I were just people in general and complain about the opened the two differ called beat too stupid of course like they do with US open. Because a lot of these guys are gonna make the cut. While I mean it's it's the first round and ended so let's give it some time here and that's you know I didn't put these guys in the bottom of the league report. While I. And let's let's let's give it a little bit of time you're usually at eight day one of any major tournament Euro was gonna see some names. They you're not familiar with this quite a few south Africans that no one has ever heard of other towards the top of the leaderboard let's let let's wait a little bit. We'll see what tomorrow brings nor was really sure how scoring was gonna play today an exciting it's been a little bit better. Then what people expected but I'm not I'm not ready dead end. For me. Plays uphill lie I don't. It really doesn't matter to me how many of the big names make the cut or not. Arm because at the end of the day they're ways they could go all prepared it's that this is this is a tremendous field you're still gonna see a lot of good names regardless of whoever it is people will make. One of the guys that I hope makes the cut and actually makes around on the weekend as Tiger Woods that's. That's why no doubt for an. It's good stuff. By the way those stats at the scores rocket fire threat that a boy do they bring you the stat of the day go to ATP are OYO dot com. Diplomatic SAP a big got a solution to companies just like yours on the web. AP PR Ohio dot com they do it. As well if not better than anybody out there that is half royal watt portable like a joke followed up next. Six blues station strong the bill might school's sports talk.