HR3 – Buy or Sell?: Jabari plays 30 minutes, scores 25

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Friday, April 20th
Hour 3. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, we’ll hear from Jason terry on the Milwaukee Basketball Hour…and is it true that reporter mistakenly recognized Khris Middleton as Jabari Parker?

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From the league runs. River runs this is we are Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall the bill Mikey show. I can go Michael shows on the air we're glad you're on board today. Good fri day. Good every. Jason Terry coming up here just moment is he was on when this last night Milwaukee basketball Haaretz mentioning things to say is about you ready. For the Boston Celtics game three tonight down the Bradley senator reminder and cousins of their roots run in deep right here. Born and Wisconsin. They celebrated their area charities locally they source our products whenever they can like Wisconsin cheese is Clement sausages Sprecher route bear. And they partner with organizations like the timber owners and the boxing and a lot of different charitable events as well so they believe in better that is cousins of the officials sub sandwich. Of the bill Michael's sports talk now or Jason Terry last night. Said hey you look I know it's tough ask but it. Better be stolen his place now we need some fans. You come back home different energy at home right. Different load event you don't obviously spent so without accused lace up by the hole about. They better have this ourselves on brought out if not happily Terry family members within the hi I'm and packed with 300. So they go Jason Terry one of flood watch people that probably is gonna happen but nevertheless. I he said look I've been in every kind of different playoff series. I've been in so many different theories and scenarios have been down notes and in my very first playoff series to Houston team that had known me Tracy McGrady. We give it back together and posted losses were at home and then come back and win seven games. I've been up swollen NBA finals and and got distracted like you're talking about. Mean we have a move to an NBA finals in four straight games watching every every bit as scenario right now in there is no distractions. You have to lock him in on every single position. To which you. Need to do to help your team come out here victorious. He also we were talking about. You know being down 02 and and and really it's kind of tough. If you're a fan base inspections coming out of game two to watch that team and he should look at you know you're coming back and Bradley senators is is tough as it is. As a fan right now to think that they're gonna somehow turn this thing rice really we really need them. What does it matter if we're down 02. We're at home we need our fans to come out and be the best they've been calling him. Also he says that he of people wants the guys because. You know I did now's the time we talk about this earlier we had. From WEEI embossed on rich keep joined us. And he was give us a Celtic side of things I said you know what they need to be physically need to get get after it and and that Terry Terry says Jason Terry's is say they said I applaud our guys would point we got to fight. That's why applause. Our guys are coaching staff. I have management to a certain extent because anytime you have change. There's going to be certain guys that are over years in the other guys on this side and guys that are in the middle. And how you bring those guys together for one common goal even though they hit it is the ships or is he is not there is is is to sign. How you have a successful team and I think we've weathered that storm got through with. With that you don't want the injuries. We've tried to implement some guys that have primarily been out since the coaching change. And you know is that just. And in so you know with that he would say it. That it just appreciate the over now. Even for coax out rotational Gaza is now now they come back but I got guys that have been playing well in the game. I gotta kind of get them in now the guys that work when will they are not really out there as much. I mean that's a huge. Adjustment when you talk about lambasting the highest level you can do it. You know in the regular season. And play 82 game season but right in the playoff which these matters the most. It's really hard to do. And so that's why the now that we've had some games we know which guys were able to helpless at what capacity. Now we've kind of rein in our rotation. You know lineups right in the blog here fight. That he rein in the rotation to collapse right. Philosophically. I'm right there with you. But right now I don't know what rotations gonna work. You know retirement as are here who drive and then pick your starting five to say go get them guys. And and just let it all hang out. What's your rotation you know it's kind of like you just couldn't even scrambling at this point just trying to find something that's going to work and work consistently. Pull one of the biggest things Jason Terry set. Is you can talk about all the x.s and knows when they went three big and we expect bellicose but the bottom line is. They have been more physical more energetic and on the box event and he said we got to come out and we gotta give physical. You're at home where you're you're most comfortable. Physically. We should be the much more dominant team. I'll let you know just because we're slight stature and size doesn't mean that we can't mix it up a little bit and in five opportunities. To turn up the physically out. I mean when you set screens there's opportunity when they drive to the holders of level. So I just think impose our will on them physically. Let him know that will limit touching you gonna fill us four full 48 minutes is is some that will start to put some doubt in their mind. Bringing down a little over confidence that they see him playing with right now. You need to get physical break them down a notch punch him in the mouth. You punch him in the many clutch minute beating you up much of an amount. You punch in the mouth right now who knows maybe get their attention or maybe days of a little bit he said look when it comes to their play as much as you don't automatic. Which are those are Horford has been gored more has been good but rosy years tail and around. Let's go. He hasn't been in the playoffs and along while the other guys literally kicking his butt I mean this would if he's kicking off what I mean what we put all of he's literally destroy us. That's simple as that rosier bridges that damn good. Also while you sit low blood so it bloods is a guy he's talking to quite a bit he said Bledsoe has to be up for the challenge. Granted he's playing out of mind I don't know no doubt about it it is not just now this has been a good run for it's entirely your program has been out. He's been given the opportunity and seize the moment if they keep great good hard working kid man. Do what dislike of right now he's on our team you know they'll try but I love the way plays on levees here eleven's fight. But now let's all are you ready to step of the tickets out. I think he has. He believes in Bledsoe was as a guy like we talked about earlier has been coming over to him picking his brain what's it like quarter when you do. What is it going to be like here is is things ramp up Ballmer and all that kind of stuff he also said talks about. When it comes you Bart and we know Jabari you know spoke yesterday and and have the kind of things to say he said here's what he would say you bark. You talk about safari unhappy with his minutes are what happened. That that's gonna happen he's a young player is his first time he's chomping at the bit he wants to be out there to help this team. I totally get understand. He does and I said the before I do too. He wants he wants to you want so to to make a name for himself. You know way. I try to jump being. Right away when I see it. It is hard to do some time in the ball game because you got a lot of different things one on your time managed when I see a situation like that is night. They take place let it simmer. They have before a shoot around shackled to carry a message to my that he respects. And they know we can't really decent job with. Caucasian woman suspect shot me a message that he had talked won't. My job's done. So are taught a fine move the losses like that right no I can. They'll be and try to get to a player without having to be be direct and sometimes other times on we Jason Q do you ever. Coaching after my it was not my office. Did you go live now not me thanks to it and I appreciate that I really needed to talk to your enemies so I mean that's my role and it's been like that now performed by you. To Jason Terry shot a note and a text in order to my should show us. Who then got a hold of you barred Parker. And trying to game the talk and said hey you know PE you gonna be passionate leader and human. You wanna get yours. Here's here's what you do now obviously I don't know how much it did it work considering Jabari still spoke Al bush. Heap he believes both on and off the Mike last night that that it's it's going to inspire Jabbar to play a lot better basketball he says look. We have enough here you know we got enough here to get the job. He's been awesome offensively. I feel the defense we have to take much more talent more aggressive Jalen brown gets more. Defense you have to be locked him. So what we're back Salina Cruz Yassin garb when he youngest brightest are an army that's very aggressive. Can't come back home me and put the ball in the basket. So this is used tremendous task that's what you pay big money. So he showed up he's been here consistently. Here the last two months put up big numbers. And in doing at a high efficiency pretty sweet lovely school for us young there's no complaints whatsoever. Well what Yahoo!'s brings to this team every single night. You know that's all he's been up and down clintons have run here last month where he's been done. And so give him a beat down in an effort from the and you get some type book offensive spark. Or defense of disruption from Europeans that you have a tough to beat this Boston Celtics to. So Joseph he's saying. We need a spark off the bench offensively and defensively and that's where you can look at and say okay. Defensively maybe a couple of steals some metallic Dell a Dell what comes in gives you a little nasty. But he pounded the table listening since we have to rely on Jabari believe EnerNOC. Absolutely now again. I would really shake up starting lineup. Everyone's got different way of doing and that and that's fine apt but for me I wanna siege barred Parker. You know against setting aside all the drama I'd like this Jabari Parker and starting lineup. Again I don't understand why the coach is set has never given him the opportunity here and all even before all this traveling down. Jabari Parker to me starts in the starting line up with the honest with Zeller. Bribed and is your ball handler. And then Eric Bledsoe moves off the ball in Chris Middleton who's been playing very very well offensively. He comes off the bench he still gets 35 good minutes because the thing is. When Jabari Parker's been common in these last two games it's huge towards the end of the first quarter sir the second quarter and that's where Boston gets on their big runs now. I'd rather get Jabari Parker more acclimated with the starters. Have Chris who has the hot hand shooting come off and that's going to be able to stabilize. Things a little bit more. Once you start to get in your bag Chad this is the way I see how are you may disagree with that and that's fine and got a better option for starting lineup. I'm all ears it's an assault mean there's no right or wrong answer we're just trying to figure out. What the problems are with the box but. I wanna do something big like that. Promise huge bird Parker right now with his comments yesterday he shot himself in the fall and I just don't know how many minutes he will play tonight that's going to be the biggest thing. Yes and some people think. Analytically. Based on the numbers that they have Jabari Parker is a liability. On the floor and he's better suited just not playing at all. On. In all were gonna fight out CIA job front Diaz that it does I don't think some of the analytics guys in the box office are they given shall prompted those numbers. That some of these other analytic skies on Twitter given now. You know does that change show proxies mine at all. We shall see Unita wanna say this dishonest on Twitter. And I'll tell there was this is just ridiculous. Never once screws up in this business Biden. Chris Middleton yeah. So he's got he's said shoot around right now mean and the media's talking to one. Some national reporter I don't know who Scott Gretzky and this from CBS 58. So national reporter was calling Chris Melton Jabari three times. How do you not know what Jabari Parker looks like and how do you not know personal to. Looks like that goes back to you know could you set yourself up for the typical. You that the ratio old. We all lookalike thing you know that's the first thing that comes in my mind what I haven't Shubert watching the last two planes a man. You now. Look if you're outta breath for an when it comes to a certain teams certain players. I tell you why I'm gonna go into my trap. I'm not trying to make sure I can put a name nor face. And he's your basketball there's only need you know fifteen guys on our roster. In all solids and we got football team there's 53 guys are a baseball team there's 25. I. It is that is is no. Stupid. System anyway I digress the RI AA playoffs and it's and it's on canonize. Students. Who would Jabari Parker look I don't see that three deaths. Interview it's eleven party was just crawl and Ole hole and die does this guy art audio and again just got Gretzky Stewart we've all had a mistake but I don't think you ever do that. You don't even look I'd. You go into you know what let's do this have to be definitely an expert with that will move the mission will stick around more than election next. Wisconsin one way we'll build Michael's sports talk. Rambo like those shows Donny Edwards in the programming brunt of Amare should clinic health system they can help you out or compete equally Dutch TV picks me up. Do well. Who real wealth. And down talent yeah. If you have something right now whether it's you know shoulder. Hip and knee ankle. Elbow whatever. 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So go to Marshall clinic dot org and find out all about Marshall clinic are physician services locations everything merely official health care provider. Of meat they don't. So. It is as we're getting in all this show you were kind of discussing. Starting lineups and things are frustrated you were in and then obviously. News reporters going to. Chris Middleton and calling them Jabbar an all time that I saw Scott Gretzky east week by the way. Now from Syria fifty or a picture of curses for yeah it's the pictures like he has now Gretzky says given credit as he is well ahead and answer the question. And nobody said anything during though that the presser until afterwards in this particular person that settled by the way that's Chris Melton algebra Parker. Put the picture is. If Chris Middleton. Had any explosive devices in the eyes he was launching them at that person is say ha. Imagine if that was the on assault there. All money honestly I imagine that aren't you Bahrain and he was being called the eyes on us all my goodness. My goodness towards bar are if I hate. Yeah Odyssey or is you're doing everything out there you're soar higher rebounding and you know does it feel like other teammates seem to pick up the slack down this was this would have been the ultimate. Had they gone to Jabar. And said John Geoghan had done now what about the guy that was opposed the cornerstone we use really struck me right now and I'm really not doing much in a floor and your partner you Bart. Burden. That. I really wanted to own that reporter was Andrews now am I saying Gretzky to recognize that many young. I don't Fabio the rule reveal it on the air but it meant. Too little homework. Now. 85583086488558308648. On the loans by cute dot com told free Todd Klein coming up here at the the bottom of the hour. And get back into a couple of different things first and foremost buyer cell is going to happen in the way you'd be in just for Bucs fans in general. OK just just in general just lip let's let's talk about right now. Give hope for the bucks. You know remember OK and I'm on a back office. I'd said the box and win a game. Or get swept. And they win two games in the series I know people got on the four at nine even Jason Terry did last night. When Tyson look in Yemen able stacked success. Continually. All season long. So. This. You know what's. What's to make me think now that things are going to change. I have hope. As a fan I have hope but as somebody who does this reliving and I have to kind of thrown out there is an opinion. And have to be realistic you keep a 100 and I don't I don't have much hope do you have hope in this boxing. As they get ready to take on that is what if they beat the Celtics tonight at home how much hope do you then have. 855830864. You know loans by kept accountable free talk if they should beat the Celtics and I. How much hope do you enhance. Charleston by the wasting my money says it was skip Bayless who kept calling Milton you bark. Our Mundo says name a reporter we don't know. We don't know it's it wasn't our what our deal so maybe scud cries he'll let us know we tarter. And ms. page who and so. One. Volcano caricature. There is a page out based on the 2017. Offensive metrics. Of each opponent I'm have to look at this is all about the Packers. Okay thanks for the tweet pastor mark. But he's going he said weren't that Taylor okay target and then we have so much during show my apologies. We have so much during the show that I took a look at autos built a bucks related here's Packard. They're arm strength of schedule and now open and an offensive opportunities for the box on the Packers. They go. This went from hot group. Who says in the when he's email inbox as I don't have much faith in this Milwaukee Bucks club but I would least like to see some fight. In this Milwaukee Bucks per. Look for somebody throw punch can't wait an important game tonight dumber ticket Nicole by the way speaking of tickets the book she sent this over. And I look any playoff game I'm sure this is something that sell a thing about it said with games three and four in the Milwaukee Bucks first round playoff series. Against the mole Boston they are sold out. Did the Boston Celtics completely sold out the team is providing fans both those with tickets in those. What you purchase tickets in the secondary market with a information on boarding ticket fraud. Fans who see tickets in the secondary market or encourage it to do so only through Ticketmaster the bucks official provider. While that there are also telling you basically go to our fish official provider we get paid for. Rather than going to look like Mike our body over connections to answer. So he said fans purchasing tickets from on operate sources. I assume the risk Cuomo while you have a place like everybody Mike and they they do good. The screen and but but as it is sold out. Tonight and coming up on Sunday. Which is gonna say. Is I wasn't quite sure they be able to sell out but they did so and a which is good I'm glad I did note did you think there was still an ouch of I didn't know I didn't I didn't I didn't think they'd sell out. I know why why I mean the way they did this season and gone why would you sell out I mean. Item put it this way I know a lot of people that have said I'm not going that have held tickets before. Some are going to see you and so I wasn't sure they're gonna sell out or not but good you know good I'm glad to see Bucs fans step up that's fantastic. Us got a message that I can fill our shoes and this is this he and have a name he says no it was someone with Celtics. Affiliation okay he says his first question attempts were cut off by other reporters. So I thought he was asking a question like. Jabari has been struggling how you get him on track. But no it was something like. Jabari which aren't and sent out how what are you wanna do or hand here he is when you re read this reset 321. Muscles so today I am out of it our. This Jabari with the John Henson out do you want more playing time. So that was the question for is to Chris Middleton. It was the most from Boston. Okay who is already obviously seen the series. Has Wii Sports reporter could you not consider everybody from Boston who's just a television person you know you get the privilege. To get form now. Yeah to Milwaukee had a chance to cover a game on the road everything's paid for your all good to go. One would think you actually spent some time watching the game you've been covering. Now. I just don't understand how he screwed it up ya know am I Jews don't get it. 8558308648. More than a Michael show next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk network. World of sports a lot of people say a lot of things. But doesn't pass the big unit test and let's play by yourself. Brought to you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships at nine junior college sports book learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the bill Michael's show. And it's also ideal present new Mal medical say more about that coming up. Time now to get into the buyers so portion of the program radio Joan what do you got. Don't expect contract extension from Aaron Rodgers any time soon. But Romney. Can we say sooner we talk a prior training camp or jargon or drinking. Intense soon I'm gonna say. No loss sell that I I think by the time now we wanna call soon here in the next couple months. Sport you're charter a year from now a year from now that's that's in the distance in the far future but I think before this season starts. There will be a deal in place. To keep Aaron Rodgers here for the remainder of his career. Believe that. So I'm going to sit on there. The Aron Roger's going to be agreement packer for life is I guess got a feeling they're gonna get it done aaron's now spoken. Said hey look this is not about leaving the highest paid player thought more about guaranteed money. But the organization's gonna get it done because it just it when he set out only be the highest paid if she's gonna look in bed warmer they don't get this thing done so. Got to get it done got to get it done the noted Demi for the season starts I can almost guarantee. But yourselves. One idea that's been floated around by other colleagues. Is Eric saying this and yes he has been hitting the baseball really wall month April again. What's. Eases regular continues to hit the ball really well by ourselves. The Boucher trying trader claims. Well I like any trinity is what you're gonna get for me that's the number one thing but if you're thinking that you're going again it. They starting pitcher prairie things save for. Her you know. I. I what are you getting dead you know for a a power hitting. Lower. Average. First baseman now you know you know I think plus I had to be honest with you it is we were talk which amount little while ago. You have pentium right now between him and I know are you guide you got power and you've got. Average I mean. And we Ryan brawn who who is you know we've all seen him get injured from your own certain times I know I. I think right now this is all about as much challenge you can't let it all play out I mean the only time a Gary things becomes a feasible option. To make a trade as if he's Packers dealt with something in beginning starting pitcher return at the trade and and its joint on trading away or things otherwise right now. Let him -- let go our rope that Ryan brought her to come back figured out. But just look you want as much office you can possibly get this many different scenarios as you possibly get. Because the less she's bringing you back a really good starting pitcher Matt. MacKey turn things around. But eight for yourself. For starters have been pitching much better as of late buy or sell we should stop worrying about the rotation. Yeah I wouldn't worry about it I mean this this is what they want they wanna guys do is to see what they're gonna have only one of the green right the top and then see what they were going to need down the road I. I've said all along look is on your scoring 44 F runs a ball game you're gonna win a lot of ball games. And the the the British are to do that and starting pitching I think what was Mike LaSalle in the put that out yesterday about starting pitching in the last five starts. His throw like 150. Batting average of proponents or something like I mean they've been fantastic so now I'm not I'm not worried about this. No I was weary of answering retention was early on but that was only one start for everybody cameras panicky usually know. You gotta get through at least the first thirty to fifty gains before he kind of see if there's a real bad tendency there. And even then sometimes let it work itself out but now I know or about starting rotation right now what I'm worried about is just as many guys. As far as quality starts ago or at least attempt and get quality starts and then let the cream rise of the top and then figure out what you need to replace and that's the only thing I'm worried about right now. But yourselves. All right tonight's bucks per Celtics game three Eric Bledsoe shoots over 50% from the field and scores at least one points. And in. Boy. Until it's quite the question right there. I hate it. Now Armas a blitz of its eighteen the night. Bledsoe shoots. Around 43 of 45%. So maybe close but no cigar but I'm going to predict. Right now. Jabari Parker. Gets fifteen minutes. Nine points. There are air flood surge are very proud of our Parker. Sawyer was so say no I June you Derek was at its eighteen she's about 4344%. Okay he gets eighteen points out Bledsoe but I'm also gonna predictable Ari Parker gets. Nine points in about fifteen minutes of Leo playing time tonight. Looks better it's a little more into a rhythm maybe as a bigger night if they clearly play a little bit more promising nine points fifteen minutes an effort to part Parker. Well he skipped ahead because that was my last one and you are at all. Miller has that what what was the question. You're gonna saw mr. Ari Parker plays thirty minutes tonight's worst 25 poll gal so on that now at Thomas say in the fifteen minutes fifteen to 29 points to twelve points somewhere in there. And becomes a contributor looks a little bit better and kind of appease the masses it here's the other thing. What's the over under on people booing when he's at when he enters a game tonight. Do you think it's loud and forty thinking it's an ovation. When he comes at that he spoke his mind sometimes people like that. So there that's insane because it feels and what he comes or not I don't we go unemployment a Boeing morning at sykora like why. Because he's right he just had bad timing but he's right. I don't like retiring oh you know I'm not mound or in post season but he did in essence he's kind of right. So. Does he get booted as you do do people go crazy plot to go off the stand this so decided budget part Parker it's just amazing what an interview did change I hope. They throw their full weight behind him and go quarry easy when he comes in like just. Like like he's some guy who used to be the water boy who's now getting a chance to shoot three inning game I hope they go nuts. He feeds up the energy he's goes crazy. Yeah I mean I hope we do I'll bet place a rubs tonight. Noted that in. The power forward from duke. I don't like oh show is on the air we are always glad you're here part of the program time now for the new Mel heads up plays the way grudge by new Mal medical cabin fever that's a real thing we all wanna get outside begin to enjoy the weather's gonna start warming up talent. And the winter the winter cabin fever thing that seed we get we Aguirre and got shaken off so did the pandora events aren't. Aren't up to par so to speak Devin 90% success traded helping guys with the ED now. If you wanna get downsized are enjoying yourself ease the energy betterment of clarity better stamina and you find yourself getting a mid day at work flawlessly face first in your computer. They cannot be double OT treatments. Those things are real and they work I went through that fantastic. New mild Meola that the winter fat big time big time get rid of it. Teacher season right around the corner are yet it was column 4144554451. It's 414. 4554451. New Mel medical center. And at time now for the the new melon head's up plays of the week simple is this. Lorenzo Cain goes yard last night courtesy of fox sports was cuts in areas. And amateur joke. Ryan brawn would follow that up later on in the game of this three run shots. Extra extra. And they shot that is going to be well it's going to be forgotten because it was usually put in his way was so vague. Sherri jumped out of the chair went all my god Milton ties it up off. Ties it up with the guy half court shot and second half a second lettered. Okay. It's. Not really got to review this again to review this first but I didn't look like he got it all the time. They get offered time and that's craziness president's news. Mets bat crap crazy right there. An avid. That was that was Elvis shot. Get a monoline our buddy from Mike over connections to the service road quipped I wanted to touch base with him because of Bucs have put out the all whole statement about the other barely senator being sold out. And about and the ability the and the way to tell whether or not tickets are fraudulent we have Michael line. Mike is that Mike I don't money. Are just check in so you I have the ability to say okay we do or do not have fraudulent tickets that are floating around that there. You guys back up yourself put for the bucks putting it out saying only go to Ticketmaster. Give me your advice and people are looking for tickets for tonight's game. Well I heard you say it a few minutes ago and that's exactly correct they're endorsing Ticketmaster because that's the NBA ticket exchange and that there. In house network they're going to win endorse their own way. But obviously there's a lot of other ways you can do it safely but more importantly there's a few things you absolutely want to watch out for now in today's world. It's very unfortunate that fraud is rampant especially on the Internet bulletin boards such as Craigslist and things like that. The first thing you really need to know and it's insult simplistic. But go with your gut. If something seems too good to be true if the price seems too cheap if the guy just wants to tax you who's selling the tickets that he won't call you. The first thing you always want to do is get somebody to call and talk to them and hear their voice. And go with how you feel talking to that person and do they sound reliable to you. But there's a couple absolute red flags that you really want to watch out for and that's people who wanna be paid via some type of money transfer service that doesn't have. Fire protection. Western union is one anybody that ever ask for anything for western union hang up the phone right there. Google wallet then lol apple pay chase paid any of those do not have any buyer protection. Now PayPal is popular to pay another. Person what you're buying something that you don't know however remember there's two types of PayPal. There's PayPal. Invoicing for goods and services and then there's PayPal friends and family. Not PayPal offers their friends and family service for no need to people who just wanna send money to someone they know. That comes with no buyer protection many of the cameras will say you can pay me with PayPal because it's safe which they're lying it's not. Without pay meet friends and family and that's probably true Q so if you avoid any of those types of payments you're going to be much that much safer. Always good jab my friends tell me about ticket sales for this thing. Are they Ed going at a high price right now hours the market kind of waiting to see if they win game one before going to game two. You know not especially I mean you're talking about a game that is sold out you're correct in saying that but tickets are not expensive at all. I mean right now we have tickets for as low was 35 dollars. There's lower level seats for about a hundred dollars there's better seats Burke. 14150. Am of course you know you're courtside at your. You're better you're you're pretty new stuff is gonna go for more than that but it's really no different than any ordinary Saturday Bucs game you don't. Being down 02 parts if the box would have come up with one of those games. Hopefully the first one they had a good shot that won the second one would have been nice to. If they win tonight you know the demand for Sunday it's gonna be really big but the thing people camp for for can't forget. Is that win or lose. This as potentially the last basketball game but are they ever going to be played at the Bradley Center. And a guy like me I was never lucky enough to even go to the arena and see about insult. This has been the place where all my memories have been forged and I think there's a lot of other people or in that same vote. Whether it's the 2001 playoffs. Or you know that they Andrew Bogut brought under or even the later in the late eighties when it was still coming then rub off. Ricky pierce then all of us see instead and that's playful so many memories for local people and I think the crowds are really gonna come out win or lose just to be at the Bradley Center one more time. Always get a job my friend they wanna get a hold you for tickets are gonna do what. We're here are always on the phone even when we're closed the numbers 414. 9641313. And we appreciate if given us the shut out and the didn't people the right information because nobody likes seeing people get him. They go that's dead my depression and we'll talk disembodied okay. They go that's our buddy Mike or connections that is service night six for thirteen thirteen 96413. Thirteen. Area code 414 they have tickets for tonight's game in as he said it's less to do you while these last couple could possibly be we hope they're not but. Could possibly be the last still Bucs games at the Bradley's and that's what people wanna be therefore they haven't. Take a quick break we come back lot of factors coming up Paul make is gonna join us Mike Clemens is gonna join us he is back from Green Bay and that from some of the guys you just jump in the locker room and hear all about back. And a follow me and I gonna break on the schedule as well stay tuned more liberal Michael show up next. Six clues stations strong the bill might school's sports talk.