HR3 – Buy or Sell?: King and Tramon are the starting CBs

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Thursday, May 17th
Hour 3. We play another installment of “Buy or Sell?”. Plus, Craig Coshun talks Brewers, Bucks, and Davey Nelson.

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Welcome back to bill Michael Schiavo continues until like a radio Joseph across the way. Cruising the program if you wanna get all of us on Twitter it's that bill underscore Michael's bill underscore Michael's or radio juice sports you can find us on the radio dot com mapped. Go to the Michael sports dot com plenty of ways to stay in touch his portion programming brought to our good friends and Bud Light the official. Beer sponsor of the bill Michael sports on to Dover in ways that I live is back again this year. And it's coming less than two weeks away Wednesday night may thirtieth rebel race takes the stage the Budweiser. Oh billion stage of the Wisconsin state fair park. And they get a crank and for real and our charities and the other night elder that night as well saint Ben's community meal. Do in the 5050 ripples of please come out support them support us. And by the way did I mention it's free of charge to get in six bucks department car. But free of charge to get insert come out enjoy yourself Wednesday night live is back at the Wisconsin state fair park starting wins and I may thirtieth. And at all brought to bargain present Bud Light. Again the official beer sponsor of the Michael's sports talk network bringing in now. From fox sports was content are the brewers and the bucks Greg you Shonn is now joining us Greg I have bad. Our bureau warmer current. So. For all you heard the booed and alls or higher is to have you all but inked in dried not to say that they have to confirm anything at this point but I would like to know. In your dealings in the NBA. They what do you think of booty holes. Well I think he's pretty well respected. You know coach who's been around the league a long long time. I don't know if anybody's receive the endorsement here the last two or three weeks then Becky Hammond has so. It's hard to the other coach get endorsement like that I don't think we're ever seen one like that. You know he seems to be you know successful coach when it comes to. You know he's got its players he's got a system that he's got you know local control the team eat yet pretty good success in the latter years ago. So obviously he's going to be open to do that again here with a superstar Rihanna is so. He's a quiet guy I will say that the times that I have dealt with you know you see very folks see hockey like you know. Carry big stick during practice and in game planning it's up as well that's kind of my guess if this guys on the second opinion yet again. You know he's like the way it is so. I think it's gonna be you know like a completely different demeanor. And what this current ox team. He's used to it this time and down. It's gonna be interesting to see what he's they'll dispute here and now he's got a lot of responsibility in my opinion here take this into the next well because. He's only here to Canada. Well that was going to be my next Damon and leading into question by. He chose this for all intents and purposes over city like Toronto who's been there done that. A but it has may have to get to a championship level meanwhile you've got the ceiling which is considered to be so high here in in Milwaukee but. If you take him into the second round of the playoffs it's considered a successful season at this point. So how much more upside I mean we do have expectations. But how high do you think that this team can go and then the next question follow would be. What else today need to do to be successful because we know it's about the guys on the floor much as it is about coach. Yeah well that that's true and you know in and week you know we've seen this now worker with the Packers were great years and I and I honestly it would start you see this. With a burst as well it starts with top ten in New Orleans the top ads. Given the coaching and and in the ability to bring in the best players possible. And that's only gonna make coaches is good this can be. So you start with you on it so obviously he's got a superstar to work within that. I mention that you're gonna see. And some tinkering with this team. If it's their higher amount shirt he's got an idea what. He would like her court he would like to see here to fit better into his system. So that you know that's been part of that. In my opinion you know bill does that ceiling is as high as possible we've got a guy like yarder to. Is as good as he has. And we're Ebert better last year than what is your poor. You know you're you're you're you're starting with you know in a guy who has not even taste it. Play off. Success yet. You got out you got to surround guys that happy home girl that and it got us a lot of guys who have. Some kind of experience like that as well so. You know I don't know what's going to happen nearly in the upcoming year art work are gonna take this to the next level but I would have been actually. Who years out pretty lofty goals of where they want you that's for sure. Com how much I mean. Would we know that Yaris is that that budding superstar and in superstar name and so many different ways. There's a lot of talk about whether or not they will will not keep Jabari who else. Or maybe what else do you need to put on this team that you would say is going to take them to the next level is it just as simple as saying you need an outside shooter you glass and rim protector. Why you need somebody inside because. You know it. Now I've kind of got this in and that hopefully not in the evening light but whatever fox you know pipelines is getting crushed vertically you know what with a lot of opposing big men and that can't continue it happened for 82 quad screen in the play out in the woods. You know something that would woods clearly. They have to make up foreground there are now you wage that you. Equally where it's trying to get a three point shooter they need coworker scores from outside they need guys who can score on a consistent basis. From outside the arc I mean that's the bottom line. I think a lot of people Butte creek middle period here is successful he can't be outside the arc. He's very very good mid range shooter Mike you're one of the best in your VA. At mid range shots or you could get. You know another three point shooter or two. And in get something to start protecting that paint in network him. Over the next year to year. And it got us into the Nixon in put him I'm sure that who pollsters got an idea of the word honest Mike the strongest I can't tell you what that is right now because he's couldn't score on all our position. But he needs to settle into position. Largely base or position or to lactic largely based on. Who the surrounding cast is going to be. Donald Craig who shot fox sports Wisconsin covered both the Bucs and the brewers we'll talk growers coming up for a moment or two but and we stick with a box. So this season. Craig I am Pete or hoping for fifty wins getting out of first round of the playoffs in the meantime. They fired their head coach things don't seem to be as functional as maybe it should be. Bomb at times it would play fantastic and and there are other times it would just all continually fall apart. What was so consistent about being inconsistent with this team that you saw up close and person. Well you know I figured out of the gates you know and you said you know they had expert or eight games are not being you know the power read Easter conquered so I mean that's. That they talked a lot for the cease to be candid in May be able to too much data they were overconfident going to Jesus tell us what was that based on it was based sent out. Sixteen playoff loss to Toronto so not sure what people look around the NBA going. What is it that you can't think that your operate on it brought the entire team back. So related make any changes they just kind of went on the fact that they thought they had success they are we're gonna get the next level or. And certainly not competent. But I think. That's thinking during the offseason and he's going into the regular season. You know I think it caught up to them at times because you'd you'd have to head out. You know for six months you have to have one mindset and that it is. We have to win it we have to find a way to win it asked do effort takes to win. And and I think there were there were some people that make up there in uniform that had a difficult time doing it and I would sit and try my best. Estimates in their hands. Evaluation of fuel where this team one's grown. You don't Europe go to this time going in the last season and in where they sit right now so you know. It is it's me car is in political circle to use a low key guy. I'm going in there I'm going into next season colonies guys. We're just hoping to do our best we got a new head coach you know whatever players our our comedy cheered the argued it's cheap right now. We're we're here to win the American recovery that we're going to be any certain place at the end here we want a war. I do wanna flip over the brewers baseball and brewers as of right now Russell wheels fall off and they get swept to Minneapolis I mean a pretty successful road trip thus far against teams over 500 really the only team. There's been a nemesis that has a record that's over 500 has been Chicago Cubs everybody else they're ten and eight against. So talk about the way this team's perform specifically on the road and they're not doing it with a all the pieces firing on all cylinders right now. You know that an exit date thing right there I think. You're not only cries you know all the but it here. It's got described everybody else in baseball right now how were they doing here. But there you know you have to start where we're. That got in not only on their current 25 with whom they've got under forty then they've got on miners' shoes. You know consistently being called to come up and down and you know pick should date your nickel back to the minor leaks or whatever it is but. I think the bottom line right now with all the different players that hit then and have been X. And we're only. To order two months into the season now. Does this team in this organization. And it has players to understand their role and I and I think that's the biggest right now I think you can go. All the way from Ryan aren't they understand is role here who you know Brenda what were they understand he understands his role current suitor does. Greg Phillips does. It and I talking about the guy to get shuffled around or not Perez does. That that's key when you don't have guys that are you know complaining understand they're gonna get time. Understand that maybe that to go to the miner to come back. In it and then you know. Is is auditor screeching because a lot of people start during the Nazis in state they should retreated Santana whether acquire. Keenan yellow which that's actually that move rate now he's innocent and has not. Quite well what you're go that moves paying off because clearly. You know trying brought salt they eat for starting outfielders and and that's going to be big for this team right now because he goes on the DL well then you're probably got a calico culminated who again understands his goals so. Other baseball teams don't have guys that understand roles but. In any sport it's it's the only way to succeed and you don't have done that in their pitching is you know bottom liners I think what they're pitching too as. No matter who's been called up. You know guys have been doing his job you know her first or second start to help this team more insular Tariq or cup victories too so. Arctic go on and on about the pitching after it. As you know Elkhart. You know. It's gonna get there I'd be clearly is their Frontline guys are are healthy right now in and it has underperformed when they are. Arm before I let you go I do wanna ask you just and I know you guys have been down this road in memory lane and all that stuff but it had to be hard losing Dave Nelson you know daily I mean you've lost Kyra quite a few people close June this year unfortunately. Budgeted Davey Nelson a lot to the organizational what do you guys ended to know his battle with cancer I really didn't kind of show that too much he just. Always had a smile on his face had to be hard to lose their. Was it it still is semi. Yesterday. You know Joseph ask me to your show yesterday and I couldn't do Israel were Miller Park up to the oh what do you know a special. On debut it's going to be a commercial re 330 minute show. That's in here in early June. To attribute to light because he meant so much to. So many people. In baseball in the organization. At this orphanage and and just the rest of us who were just as forums cross country so dated now. Little tight in immediate family and his family were these baseball people in this Goran stand in and very few people. That I've experienced in my electric and Kirk on every but even duke and he's definitely one guy who did enough. We listeners a recurring or unusual we going to. To the ballpark and not having a better and it's not a knock against anybody that quick or anyone else in the organization just. There it's a hole right now and you know he he went so fast. You know based on what he was diagnosed in. And the hole that you know key mold gave them it's it just didn't all work out so long. He was agendas. At least you're going like that's burns and now he's coast are scrambling. You know you cricket cup currently because. It's just ordered it's not it's not business journal everybody note welcome here to get there but it sure it were personal you know he's got. Many many people from many years worked very closely with you eat enough. You know it's it is it stuff that's for sure but. You know I'm just glad he's not suffering and and you want to out peacefully and and you know he's up there are a lot of policy neighbor's tree now watch a lot of baseball they called baseball got a locker diet saint. There's a Gloria absolutely cried it's always a pleasure and I thank you for coming off for a couple minutes and we'll chat against you know cracked. You've got to Arco talkies and they are pretty shopper fox sports Wisconsin joining us cover trouble measuring some insights memories. And has some thoughts and we appreciate you joining us in the Schneider weren't challenged matter hiring drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years in the unions and call 800. 44 try to go to Schneider jobs and died count more than a much are coming on next. Border to border. Film Michael's voice on the network. Can anyone remind you. If you haven't got your tickets already. In general. So pretty quick is this going to be a fun time and always is we we have such a good time telling stories and answering questions in the Q&A back and forth ordering in Madison it's going to be out therefore. Our first cigar dinner in the season. And again I've said this before you don't have to smoke cigars to good to come on out don't have to be in a cigar coming soon. It's gone George evening for me the Wisconsin brewing company 1079 American way. Massive Verona technically. But with your ticket. The ticket includes a couple of cocktails. The full day on earth which by the way is catered by would barbecue. Sandy if you are these cigar aficionado. You can come on get for free pert almost cigars it's all included with price the technicians at three that you governments. And there's are a couple of places three places out there in the Madison area to get tickets. All waters tobacco outlet plus on north Sherman avenue that's in Madison. The other two back while a plus location on willow road in one Nike. And then there's going to be a quick trip on county road PB and brought right. And anyone of those locations have tickets. Tickets are on sale right now and they're going good news of the sales are good so. If you while wanna get some friends together it's gonna it's always a fun time out that president or some do on Thursday in an anguished come on out Thursday night June 7 was kinda brewing company. Tense Everyman American way in for a grown up. And there we are really really looking forward it's always so much fun Tuesday as we tell stories we laugh. It's informative. It's behind the scenes Khaled what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas and that's what kind of benighted as it's it's a good time. And if you're a good guy or girl significant other doesn't matter everybody comes on has good time we've been doing this now and as we are 71. And the first one did not sell out the rest of them did and then they're guaranteed to so are you better. Get off your Duff so to speak and to some people together and just plan on today and I actually it's three weeks from tonight. Is three weeks or two weeks. Three weeks from tonight. We doing this coming up your shoe and so you have listen today's seventeenth and 2431 and then the week after CF three weeks from tonight. Get ready for can be good time bomb to touch base in this and I know with all the booty holes or stuff and the bucks stuff we've gotten into that discussion heavily. But when the brewers went off on the road trip and I said at the time when you started to look at the schedule you thought for organs Iraqi three against the Diamondbacks. You've got a three game series in Minnesota you come back home to play the Diamondbacks Miller Park you have got in the month of may a real. A tough schedule. And I'd set the time and asked the question do you believe that this is going to be that that telltale sign for the Milwaukee Brewers or if you're pessimists as far as the Briscoe. That this is where the wheels officially fall. And it was funny because on that day when we asked that question a few phone calls. And to people who say they're optimistic and hopeful and such but it it. When you ask something like that you don't get a lot of response is usually because people are gone now and I don't know I'm kind of nervous about it. Now we've seen the brewers get three out of four in Colorado. Two out of three in Arizona now they should go to Minnesota and they still have today at least perform well but they should get a series win there you talk about a wildly successful. Roche. Wildly successful. They'll be seven in three on the road trip. 73 in the roach. And you would end up being five in two. Vs teams you have records of 500 better. I mean. Did this road trip. So far anyway. Did this throw you into the category of I wasn't sure before but I'm a believer now. The only team that has a record over 500 has been able to consistently beat the brewers has been a cups and yet the cubs are in the division. The cubs by the way vs teams. Over 500 have not been nearly successful. So does this give you even more confidence moving forward. When you talk about. The brewers' ability to have to kind of hang right there in the division I again. We're not even to the MMS it's tough to count those chickens. But it. This has been somewhat surprising to me. I'm not gonna sell what and this whole thing as a pessimist I was thinking maybe split in Colorado. Get a win in Arizona get two wins in Minneapolis and come home and called a success. So you know it was six wins on the road trip. By. You get two wins in Minneapolis now man this is this has been wildly has been more successful ever dreamed of to be honest with you. 855830864885583086. For you know when you look at this team overall batting average for this team and OPS and such. They're sitting eighteenth right now and all Major League Baseball. But the biggest aspect as far as wins and losses going you look at the total. Totality. Of their pitching staff. There's seventh best in baseball they got a collective whip of one point 22. Now Houston Astros rather damn months they've got the best ERA in baseball the best whip in baseball. I mean what they're doing down there right now I mean they're they're just 2017 on the season. You know they've had fourteen save opportunities five blown saves but. Coming out of Houston. Where is the brewers. The brewers have eight loans and torn one save opportunities thirteen converted. Thirteenth. Cubs have sixteen save opportunities eleven convert Saint Louis seventy save opportunities eleven converted. But when you look at the teams right now that are stacked. Near the best in baseball when it comes to teen ERA in team whip. Well that would explain why you have Saint Louis at number five Chicago number six the brewers at number seven. Those teams Pittsburgh by the way. He's been hanging around their thirteenth best in baseball but when you talk about teams that are winning. The brewers are hang right there women. Right there wasn't. Does this kind of change your mind as to what you. What you thought brewers baseball real quick let's go to love Fred listen to is in Green Bay Fred I don't know what's going on man. Are built thank you particular call published open ultra open for five of our road trip and I'm really happy with where that it was planned how are minority competitor as a wish he would play. You know civic cars as much as possible. A lot of people are saying and that wasn't that you know I and I get a it just wasn't in the plans if you listen to David Stern's being a season it's just they knew they were gonna figure out a way to get so many of bats and so many outs out of everybody and let everybody contribute. Parents were comfortable also for our by the luck so hard mentions something build tradition go to social program. With our truck at a bar patch and our participation more urged yes but rather than achieve little urge you. I don't more dirt from the it would that this sport fortunate judge court is much. Could California at like 11100. Yeah I've I noticed the name I'm not overly familiar are there. If Egypt trying our outlaw country email seventeen interest. And he was the keynote speaker at a convention and national torn yours a cool report policy and there's all cultures. Got you was magnificent chip charge gauge what a full size twelve play tighter on this dark. And he talked about wide in the plea inner beauty covered what you restrict traditional girl. There are so much great shopping our strip shopping for achievement you rather than participation. Okay well it is long as I'm listed in the same breath Fred thanks for the Broncos won a listed in the same breath as great as I'll take it anywhere in India and put them. 85583086. Where it by the way the stats are brought to you by our stat of the day. Apple oil implementing SAP MB data solutions to companies just like yours on the web. I gotta do is check them out go to a PP RO wired our count they can help your company take all that that analytical data port through the sieve. Find out what you need to know to make your business bigger better better stronger. That's what they do that he's at royal eight PP RO IO dot com. That's AP PR OYL dot count it's coming up next buy or sell right after there's. Six clues stations strong. Oh my school's sports talk. World of sports a lot of people say a lot of things. But doesn't pass the big unit test. Let's play by yourself. Brought to you by Brian Stratton call. I was athletics offering athletic scholarships and I junior college sports book learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the bill Michael's show. Graham bell Michael showers on the Aaron is China. And for body or salary or Joseph we got today. Well we saw the NBA playoffs here and talked talk much about that but the series even to the warriors and rockets by herself don't be surprised. If Golden State in Houston. Goes seven games. I'm. I know I wouldn't be surprised and the reason being is because Houston. Q did you delights are. They just can't. And as much as I wanna say Golden State's gonna end up in the files and they're gonna end up you know just. I I still think Golden State and runway whether they decided to imitate I just think that Houston when they're on. They can shoot from anywhere. So. I I think dead. Now I think it's still gonna be at its heart we pick eastern side of things but I still think the warriors are going to be there but they got drilled last night one point 715. And Kevin Durant even throw 38 foot. But man oh man I mean when you get scoring. Like like PJ Tucker last night what he drain like chlorine to Maureen for 26 or somewhat get point two points. Some like that it when you I Parker. Coming in pouring in points and Harden giving him 27. And Chris Paul giving you what was he like 1618 points last night and the reason giving you points and I mean. They get from anywhere so I think it's still going to be good series but it would not surprise me if this thing ends up going seven but I'm still gonna take Golden State hands down. By the way I just little side note this is just ridiculous when I heard it a last night they played. They don't play again until Sunday it's still. Are you kidding me to open you know why Thursday Friday Saturday suck. Really you don't have the Celtics and cavaliers don't play till Saturday that is ridiculous it's completely it's just total cost of the range zero ended June everybody's goes what the hell. Who appears. Too stupid. I just I. Buy or sell. All right what one more cavs and Celtics buy or sell bill if the cavs get knocked out five Boston it's unfair to put it on LeBron James. Very unfair because they changed the entire team however. What people will say is waltrip who LeBron had his way. Threw away carrier ring wanted to go be a big fish in a bigger pond. Because Cleveland is not as big upon his Boston. But he had good players in his midst and they couldn't coexist. And it's all abroad and he's the guy calling a lot of shots warning specific players pursuit specific things they should have figured out a way to make carrier ring in company happy. Not acidic high river will be healthy right now but nevertheless. It's it's fair to put it on him because he wanted certain players and he got what he wanted and they still couldn't get it done. So it's fair and that sets but to say as far as LeBron James now playing his heart out no I mean LeBron James is doing everything he can't will that team. To get to this point. But I just have a feeling they're gonna come back and they're gonna get a win in game three. As their back on their home floor now in in Cleveland and I think they do eventually get a win I this. This there's another question does it let's just say the Celtics get a win and they finally close things down say they win. Four games to one or four games to two in the series. What does that say about the box. Who's the bucks to Boston seven games. Or the bucks further along than we thought they weren't. Visible to look good the couple of those games specific. Lee in Boston well remember what I said about the scene all season long this team is more than capable. A win a first round playoff series that the what the talent that's on paper. They can get this done. It's not that. It's not like third bad debt well I get that terrible team adjusted it it's a team it's a good team that plays terrible at times. But. Let's just say that happens in Boston's of knocking Cleveland out of this thing early on without going seven. This team should have been the book should have been in the top four to begin windows laws yes that's always a good enough to be there should then do we just say it could just be to coaching a boon soldier comes in and gets fifty wins and it's about first or second round of the postseason. You know what did it and in my it and yeah I I think it's very possible but the issue is if you wanna get the NBA finals if you want to win a championship. You're gonna need one more start at least one more start get the stock or. Or a full season navigable Ari Parker can he become that started you've been looking for as soon. Yeah up by yourselves but honestly the Celtics in on it this day I think it's gonna go seven games answers that are in the U. Our over the Packers again a guy we do not talk enough abolish it it's like he doesn't even exist on the team. Ty Montgomery. Might or sell a tiger Montgomery is supposed to be running back. That means he's the packers' number one back. Do you buy that. Right you don't want it and then excuse me I don't think they have a number one I think there's there's number one depth chart owned. I really don't know a thing to have a number one I think we saw Jamal Williams become. A bruiser. Hearing Jones. Runs like a scat back time and gummery. Gives you a little bit of both. But there's no legitimate threats at running back Jamal Williams Mary Jones. Time Montgomery is a a maintenance guy time Montgomery is a threat coming out of the backfield. Because he can't testimony was a wide receiver I mean I think there's just different nuances to each guy but I can't look at any one of these guys and all that's the number one if you had to put your finger on it in just. Just because. I don't listen Jamaal Williams is number one. Why because Jerry Jones gives you a better breakaway threat was better speed you say it was or adults. But via knowledge blocking ability and such. Well then it becomes Tom Montgomery but I think right now the best problem to have. Is to have three quality guys that are behind Aaron Rodgers tool which are legit running back so. I don't think they have a number one foot. Ford depth chart name only. Just my opinion. 584. Cells. Earlier in the show we had Aron Nadler on from Packers and he made the comment that to my Williams is. A very underrated signings for the Packers. Buy or sell they'll Kevin king and sure mine. Would beat asserting corners if the season started today. Absolutely. Absolutely Kevin King has all the talent a row we've seen that Dan and IE. I would very much say that they're two among one's going to be the guy with knowledge that fact. Now kept in now Jamal Williams was brought into school Kevin King. To school Jackson to school Alexander. To be able to work what those guys in the secondary and teach them how to study how to go about their business. Whether it's it's even. You don't come Josh Jackson quit Rollins can't forget about Dmitri good seeing you can't forget about. He's a guy that was brought in to help those guys to go about it Josh Jones. So he's in DC gets brought in to help those guys develop the one area I will say. Is a little bit of concern you have Josh Jones at Parkland exit safety after the fact. You wore thin man. Jermaine white had control Bryce raving green mar win every news. Those your back ups it safety. You have a lot a decent depth at the corner position right now which I never. We've said this time again how many times we went into a seasonal well you're really deepen this year there are really deep at wide receiver shorting goes down cop gets hurt. Bad shoulder just as they get ready for the regular season. Then they go down with a time in government and ankle injured Dovonte Adams and then it didn't an ankle injury you're down every garrison Jeff Janice at that point. So and then year be the year after Sam Shields is gonna lead that group sand shields goes down with a concussion never the same after that out of football a year after that. And they really kind of spiraled out of control. Dmitry are not to meet you but their government Randall and Rollins played extremely well for the rookie year but after that it went downhill when you thought you had depth there to. So I never say you have too much depth. When I'm a little nervous about the deficit say at the safety position right now. But yourselves. Our lesson for the brewers were spied into so far on this road trip twins. That's coming up on Friday night but why we're cell bill. This impressive start by the brewers has been a product of the starting pitching and not the office. It's absolutely pitching good fantasy now yesterday when they need yesterday. They needed it. You finally got some breathing room where you just throw some guys out there you needed this. But I agree the pitching inside mentioned when you know offensively total offense for this team right now. They're sitting at eighteenth in league when it comes to total batting average OPS all that kind of stuff but they're pitching top seven. Seventh in the lead up. And that's what they're that's what's getting it done right now so much we talk about the need for a starting pitcher but the brewers had to find somebody the pitch he's been fine. It's been the offense has been sporadic. And you just got to wait and see if Travis Shaw starts to heat up Santana starts to get better BR state where he sat. You get you get Eric things back to bolsters our lineup. And then you look decaying elegy company and hopefully are seeing it's off to shy you get rcn Pena hitting the baseball holy macro this team's gonna fly so. But I agree it's been the pitching has gotten done more and more so than any. The strangest thing. And I just I don't get accused of Santana. He's getting a lot of bad bad he's a 132 at bats on the season so far. The millions two home runs and he finally hit one yesterday. How much worse then. Yeah did hits more home runs than this I don't I don't understand why they got elitist and so far what you know the year is long you hit the ball and driving in runs again on base and scoring runs and that's all a matter yeah but it's more you didn't tell me this mean they're hitting home runs it forum yesterday. Put this bit more of a small ball team right now to this point than has been an all or nothing with the long ball. I. Luck when I see a 67 before Earl PS I didn't know Santana had that needs to be a little higher that's sure you'd like higher accident that she'd. That should be higher I. Two home runs eleven RBIs. That's it yeah and he's got only five doubles on the year note triples. But the brewers aren't even in the top ten in home runs in a play in band boxes they're eleventh right now they have 51 home runs on the seat and that's why I think it's a little. Head scratching. Christian know much. We never once come an end same Christian theology is home runs are going to increase diseased meat at Miller Park and how many homeless person get a chance so far from here. At 33 or four there at his numbers and go up there once the weather gets more as we warm. Yeah he's a forum runs once whether it's consistently warm and that that number one. It is well but he said he too many for the channel PS yacht I'm thrilled with the that's fine but with Santana. I don't know he just needs gimme all the more that. Well the more yeah that is by yourself. Always fun always good. Lot more coming up right after this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. Bill Michael sports talk network. Backfill Michael should always continue. Going over the next hour Bob nightingale from USA today about who enjoys coming up just after the top of the hour. Also in case you missed it that's awesome Packers football Erin now regular. Packers Green Bay press gazette going to be joining us here as well we're challenged him give his lowdown on what the Green Bay Packers have done so far this off season. And possible DL stint coming up for Ryan brawn doesn't bode well. Wait and see but he said that that stiffness and whether or not he can. You can shake it. After tomorrow wait and see but otherwise a probably. You know go to a retroactive DL stint for Ryan wrong. Makes you wonder who they're gonna call law. Because. Phil Brett phils be the first choice but I think he has to wait ten days. Until he can be called back up again and I don't know if he's passed Saturn not I guess it just depends when they decide put Ron on the DL right. On you know the one guy. The one guy who has not been up here yet. And I just find if funny is key known and well. I think Keon has had quite a day at a time appear and hasn't performed very well. He goes on those chairs were really really good that he goes cold he's he's the Michael Redd of a baseball while I'm not. I'm not trying to get in his corner and say they need to called Keon Broxton. But I just find it funny. During spring training. The only one that had a bad attitude about what was all of all the changes that are going on now out of that club also ski I'm Broxton Keon had a bad attitude about it. Any made it known of the media. It was out there. Did Brett Phillips do that no. So Keon Broxton has been since in triple a he has not been called a pure once the season got married two years ago Tyler crede was the same thing craving goes out as good spring training doesn't make the team he. He makes it perfectly clear the media that he was upset. And guess what you ever saw Tyler creamy again I just wonder. Will we see Keon Broxton at some point this year maybe we will this time around don't know but I just find it funny. Nokia. And Nokia we've seen Brad Phillips come up now what twice. Korea's third state coming up here and he and he knows right also understands the reality of it yeah he knows he's going to be coming up and down all season long but. As they ever gonna go to Keon Broxton again. And looked and the man said multiple opportunities here of the last couple years to really prove himself what the man's at a roller coaster right. The bill the only Tokyo brought some plays well is when he's got other competition breathing down his neck. Otherwise he does it any competition. It's miss strike out machine. And and that I still strikes are allowed I think he's a strike and analog down AAA. Right now CNN's. Tom. Nearly buried again. No you're not in America put this way if you make it known in the clubhouse to a managers say don't like get I want you know and then they look at too is this hard nosed player that. Has this desire to be beat the best. You do it to the media your malcontent. And we don't you know don't forget that to be the message right now. Then it would be wrong and doing. Got a lot to come Bob nightingale USA today. He is going to join us next and the Michael your. Johnson won. Bill Michael's sports talk.