HR3 – Do the Celtics have this in the bag?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 3. We’ll look back at Cavs vs Celtics Game 2. Plus, pro golfer Lucas Glover’s wife is a nut! Also, you will not be surprised as to which cities in the U.S. are the drunkest…

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From the league's front into the riverfront. This is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Want to go. Look at though Michael shows on the air on the Michael's radio Joseph across the way. Good Thomas said never our national baseball insider coming up here momentarily remind Jews that there is some big gig going on. I'm not talking about this summer fest just yet but if you wanna get registered. To get yourself VIP concert package including tickets party pass give cards and a whole lot more you gotta enter daily cousins subs dot com slash Big Dig a war. Cousins subs dot com slash big engaging giveaway. Where they believe in better the officials subs in which in the Michael's sports talk network let's bring him in now says severed our national baseball insider. And I acts you are correct Seth. I did creature to regret it but it. Well let's let's start there are so that you know Supreme Court makes a rolling you might question do you his what do you think it does is to not only baseball but sports in general. Well you know what what everybody believes and I I division out of fort column I think the media is the first beneficiary. Because if people think. They came gamble legally. Because don't forget you know those states have actually you know it actively laws and outside the ones that already have new Jersey's biggest new York and Pennsylvania are close. And that's as far as it's gone and don't forget it or congress hasn't decided to you come up with any new gambling damned. All of those things are possible. The theory is is that if I'm inclined to this football season to put money on games. I must become more educated on the sports. That will help Sports Radio yeah podcasts blogs. Newspapers like that's what the optimism to me is and all I do is try to throw caution to it because. You know cord cutting it's still happening and I think the NFL as the best. Litmus tests. Because there's no secret this is a well documented stat that the last two seasons. The NFL has had a 20%. Decrease in television rate. Various theories that injured after 2016. But it would be election. Because the NFL at 12% after 26 team. The theory was that 2017 because the election was over that it would be not a 12%. You know return but that it would be a three or 4% return and that. You know balance would be back in the force. Now the theory is that you know this is the big feet and for the NFL because even though they are still the juggernaut no one's taking that away from them anytime soon. But serious panic in the NFL withstand the practice of having three consecutive years of declining numbers the first thing I thought about was. This is the only shot in a couple of. The I I I believe the NFL. To be a benefactor I mean I believe all sports to be a benefactor from something like this and I'm you can already dead on line you can do things overseas and that that's that's already out there but I I think. You're going to see some brick and mortars that are gonna become little more popular you're gonna see some more money pumped in the local economies because of this. I'll clear the Atlantic City Atlantic senator in my right back on the map. Right yeah I completely agree I think you're gonna see some additional money in that area that are quite den. But I I agree with you and sports talk radio in the other aspect of this is I agree. That. We would benefit from something like this because of sponsorships. As well that money then becomes very nice. Right Hewitt Hewitt thing you know I spoke to Jerry Sheridan might sports front podcast and you know he. Immediately went to that that the advertising in Europe is out of this world and and in Australia. There is legalized gambling situation is illegal to advertise. Forgive you so it's it is just a very casting ballots well we'll see if a witness saw because I have always said. The NFL suspension and I can use the Green Bay market as the test market that doesn't back him. 20042005. And I said that the ascension of the NFL ratings in the state of Wisconsin. Can be tied directly to be prevalence of the iPhone. Because Green Bay to be at the perfect market. You are not. 88 mule packer fans. People are either born packer fan they are either a packer fans and the minute they breathed life or are they are new to football and thus become a problem that the packer fans you nobody nobody intent 25 years old. Says you know what I've never watched the Packers game of I've never watched an NFL game and suddenly now on doing it. Like that I don't think there. It's not it's not New York it's not you know remain excited the New York a bad example look at the giant the whole thing with the Eagles both by. That's not the example. Pittsburg Steelers same what. Same thing occupying your I use the Green Bay Packers but yet you commute Pittsburgh Steelers. But if you look at Wisconsin television football ratings. Big increase from 2003 to 2009. What would the one constant that changed people could access on offshore gambling site from their their phones you. And the prevalence of the iPhone existed. Might my whole thing about gambling and I I have to admit I made this point quite clear what it. If we only have a finite people they do gamble. And they migrate from be illegal gambling sites to the legal gambling sites will be increase. Does that mean like. The person who's thinking about gambling let's say that the new person to 1057 let's assume that another example. Of that person not already gamble. I gave it do you think that it do you honestly think that somebody let's say there's really a legal gambling parlor parlor and a I want to put it up thirty dollars on the box. One random bag. Right it did in that person making his first ever bet. I tend to doubt. Yeah I I I think that the numbering in when you go back to a saying it's it's a minimum I I think the number of people that are gonna start flocking to these brick and mortars. Our our people that either. Either one they've already been doing and 9597%. A move already placed a bet somewhere some shapes and forms. Whether it's you know year old pit contends on the old bureau cards used to get at home or are doing something on line. I think where they'll gain a little bit of boost is that casual person walk in buy out and I go hey it's only ten bucks a throw on the Packers to win this weekend or something to that effect I think everybody else is pretty much. Mid day they've big deal more than one way shape or form just now they don't have to figure out. You know Bob down the streets gonna placed their bet when he goes to Vegas type of thing. But that person probably is already a listener. Peter Taylor that's where like I throw caution because. What person is saying you know I normally listen to top forty. But I you know I have a financial interest in this now. I have to listen to Milwaukee Sports Radio if that's that's my question and you know I think that there will be more gambling segment out of. Actually you know I just say that I was just gonna say there's gonna be more this is the line who plays well against the line who plays well against the spread that type of thing yes I agree with that. Brian I think back that that'll be very interesting and I'll be adjusted this seat. Whether or not this fall. CBS and fox start to implement them you know the espionage well. You know start to implement that it back conversations start to command. Did he Sheridan made the point on the podcast he's you know the fact they think they will be the metrics for the Cleveland Browns against the New York Jack. You and that in the third quarter to that audience hold forums what is essentially to crappy team. Com I edit oh this is fascinating I wanna stay on it but I wanna talk about Robin's already though our gas power house high and I said it before her before wanted to of the hour. You can't be this stupid. To sit down and NN at you looked. We had Ryan brawn who gave one of the most impassioned brilliant speeches ever of denial. Well uttered any thing very error reported better and and then ended up getting busted anyway which made its choice we trudged back. Run zig you know to go I didn't know there was a Doctor Who in the Dominican Republican you can pretty much stop right there are just say stereo bed. So it does anybody even take. A modicum of grain of salt with what Robin's you know has this. Well it can take away that I had our number one. Miguel Cabrera was very impassioned he gave him Ryan brought asks. Speech saying that this is this is a sham job that Robbie clean and the key here at Miguel Cabrera here. Okay loyalty is a wonderful thing and Miguel Cabrera is 810 tactic caterers. You. My big thing is he tested positive for a diuretic. Which is used as a masking agents. So don't tell me what he talks yeah because you don't know that putting masking agent is. And I'm sorry but that you've got picked to draw the parallel to the gambling is you're just to draw the parallel. You know very is that I am where I do this work with this he called sport poll right. And this poll it every year they ask these questions it do you gamble to you know someone who gambles have you ever give them NCAA final four you know things like that. And the numbers are always ridiculously well because no one little bit. All lying but bush okay that the underlying this this same circumstance. If it Europe testing positive for a masking agent I have to assume you do it every. Yeah that's the problem with this whole thing but what it proves that I think this is the great thing number one it proves that the testing program is the best in sports. And it works. And just because you have one cheater and I have said that for anybody you know listening audience and accept this for years now. If you're office if your company has 750 employees someone. Is stealing staple. Usually someone is this somebody is cheating that's something you and so this is not a crisis. This is not the steroid era that rear its ugly head back it no doubt that. This proves that the testing program is doing exactly what it was designed for and there are sports in this world. That would would do well. To follow baseball model and I am a huge critic of baseball if you didn't know me that you credit but in there. They have this nailed. It has been. Testing program and look I did I know people wanna give Bud Selig much agree for a lot of different stop the win they finally got around to humiliating Donald Fehr and putting in front of congress and saying OK now lawyer who will come to this testing program and making it do. You know have some teeth. One of the best things ever happen I mean. Again for everything of people wanna come throw at the defeat of Bud Selig would you think a lot of that just a Roni us or just you know angering some moisture performed a career that that's that's been correct I mean they did what what that did for baseball. And trying to clean it up has been fantastic. Well I think you know that the big thing about fighters you know the big accusation that he looked the other way and all I can say is number one. If you go back to the nineties and realize that this trust between the league in the union at the time and all Bud Selig was trying to do was get the game on the field. He didn't care guys were smoking dope on the mound. He was trying to get the guys on the field that's the first and the second thing is it's do that he saw the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs he bandit in the minor leagues. Where they do not have a union. And for those people who say that for the years that. Steroids are banned in the minor leagues and not the major leagues if people wanna look in point of Bud Selig. He's not a problem. That was the union and the union would not I do this from a top union source is not there obviously anymore. But he said if Bud Selig called the union office they wouldn't see his phone call. Now that's how people don't realize how bad it was. And how much I mean even though there was respect between Donald Fehr and body did there was there was no real loss on either side. They're not real I mean they may have been publicly kind to each other but they couldn't stand each other and it was the underlings it was the the team orders and India and in the guidance that that unions. And I'm like you I'm usually a very pro union person I am a union person just inherently and in my philosophy. And in this circumstance they did what they did to protect their players. But if we wanna talk about integrity of the game don't put Bud Selig payment. Yeah it was it was something that everybody knew you know already guys some guys try to hide it but I mean when you have. Candy dishes and tenth in clubhouse of green these is coming off Yunel. Well I am and a lot of people have said that you know it and I mean it did did did we get the ball in play line. From the statistic objectives are other OK so the so I hate to piggyback from lat let the conversation but. You know I do think that baseball suffered when greed for band. I'm not saying the greens are healthy immigration views but I think the product that the quality of play suffered and the injuries that day game after night games. All things increased tickets start at the article in the athletic they're had some empirical data to just go back. Of a couple of things that we've been talking about with the too many strikeouts in the distributed through numbers. Number one as of last week. Baseball had 400 more strikeouts than hits. Right or. Hundred yeah we're talking about dead last last week yeah. But I have a habit that the other one the other statistic that I thought was amazing in this is again I'm giving credit. Jason start in the athletic I do not get a paid by the athletic he read his article subscribe do whatever you want. But he the other statistic is. If you compare this year's pacing. To 2009. If the numbers hold out and project over a 162 games baseball will have had a thousand. Less balls if he plays in 2000. Doesn't bode well for the sports south and our way at that time yeah. I know we're not talking about this is not get off my lawn making every putt like 2009. Mean I'm now. It ended doesn't like Issa doesn't bode well for the sport as far as they're worried about pace of play and you can even make a play exciting because of this so I. I completely get it settled pick up where we left off next week that I appreciate it. Yeah out of our but it talked to sit and Josef governor baseball consider joining us for a couple minutes in the Schneider or in child I don't like Russia next. Sure listening to go real life goals sports told me that poor. Yeah. Yeah. It's. So like always she always on the air. Before we get into. Theory from the newest cremate packer offensive lineman coal Mattis in two things. 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And then in addition to that and a quick trip on county road PB in Verona. So again nor should we Sherman avenue and Madison willow road in wanna keep for tobacco outlet applies in in the quick trip on county road PB in Verona. Tickets are going fast there are selling briskly as they set. Now in addition of that speaking of quick trip did you hear. That quick trip now is eight gates sponsor at Lambeau Field the official coffee provider Lambeau Field as well. Look what lacrosse based quick trip. Where have their name on a Lambeau Field eight and provide coffee and hot chocolate throughout the entire stadium. It is now quick trip. Maybe I'll. Qwikster go to Lambeau Field nice. Nice shot back common. They have. 855830864. Enjoy gold she can't follow us on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at the underscore Michael's or at radio Joseph sports. On meanwhile you've got to the newest Green Bay packer the offensive lineman in the coal Madison. Talks about why he is growled that he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Will try to you know grown up you know figure football to Green Bay Packers won the teenagers think in just you know. Team you do an opportune to block for Aaron Rodgers it's student you don't honor itself and bought that one of the best score rusher but again. And then in addition that it did all the pass protection and everything that he did in Washington State because this is a pass happy offense is we know. How much does he feel it helped him coming into the Green Bay organization. Oh yeah we've we've passed ball marks or timers game so. By an ominous Rivera must be then his first impression. You know is that I as far as everybody thinks anyway that he's gonna enjoy Wisconsin. She'll outdoors he you are feeling its travel Pullman ask you know football town you know former Israeli callers found this is a football talent we got the Packers here and I was released a report that they homeland ask. Town. Coleman asked. I it's funny because I get people they come. You know that have come up from other colleges now got a body mind that comes up every year a guitar sought Ohio State. And he loves the town the town itself is small on the Columbus, Ohio so he's like Larry you know but it but the tail gating is what amazes everybody. And I got another print money comes in detail from LA any envisions blown away just blown away by the feel of the town in the way the town just kind of owns. Their 40 boy he also says that setting foot in the Hutchinson are getting to the practice field just being there's a party organization huge growth. Also exciting is walking out there in it's surprised it was just you know mind blowing so not really something you know that the Green Bay Packers being around this facility and look at all the past championship team has been parceled out. You've got a a big time franchise that your walking into this is. You know I mean he Pittsburgh Dallas. New England in recent history Chicago way I mean no dozer. Some of the more historic franchises in all of football so you know consumers look you you walk through those doors and journal locker room when Aaron Rodgers name in knowing that it's not long ago this team has won a championship they've had all and when you walk down that tunnel for those of you ever taken the tour. And they show all the historic moments in Wimbledon history you can't helping keep good response gonna be a part of the organization's future but called known for. You know Hayes offensive line and good for good footwork and and continues to develop. I was possible player grownup I was you are big gospel famous laughing about you know transitions over the football game for me spilled it. Bill myself out again about this issue my fee amounts you know it's huge in the office on. And then in addition to that didn't mind being moved to institute with three different positions by the way his first make it. On those costs. And their homage to working out my right guard today right tackle and left hard towards and and you know just learn tricks of the trade and it's gonna do to make an NFL. Describes what you got this guy said look they're gonna you beat the slot they're gonna use me at the corner and they're gonna use me here they're gonna be wild and you've got you. Whatever they want you to do at this point you do if your rookie says a rookie year is a rookie you don't wanna you'll look lost out there. Oh yeah I don't want to be up around the cheerleader had come off if you wanna be you know cool calm relaxed out there and that's come Harlem for sister Sharon and a full program but. It's going their lights callers do your job at day in the wash the film and see re go from there. That's sort of lives get it done do best you can watch a film series got to improve and hope that you can't. Was he able to sleep his first night going enemy camp. You know wasn't too bad in us I sleep well and just doesn't work side and anything I really nervous in the non urban Wisconsin before and there's an experience for me I'm really excited beer you know my kind of place do so. Who saw about. My kind of place. He's got that long hair in the thick beard you know in and he feels that day I've with all this in economist Paul Bunyan esque thing he feels he fits right in Wisconsin. Oh you know as Phillies five your mold common attribute Packers so Clinton Clinton. It can be laughed at Minnesota couldn't pin it. And the wouldn't that. They you know. Lawyer. So will he end up there the other question amicus Clay Matthews. I think I've often thought you know you gotta be in a locker room to you gotta you gotta see clip close. But I thought man who claim that he's put the zigzag in a practice as he does and there was there are cleaning and conditioning and TV it curving you know. EDB all pro every year probably never get injured Detroit takes better care is air user has his body. So cold as it was necessary thing does he keep his long hair and in bearden he keep it perfectly clay. Oh just you know take care of it shampoo conditioner you know not too often you're on you know. Few too many chemicals in their logo natural sometimes let's take good care of it. I'll bet your politicos here your beard and such and stuff and put a path. Up a oh my goodness Danielle. Thank you very much that is the Packers knew his offered to Lyman and that this couple and now it's important. The program being variety martyred president Bud Light and don't forget to visit two weeks from tomorrow and IE two wins that I live his back it was gods are actually two weeks from tonight eight. Wednesday night live is back it was Kansas state fair park in the Budweiser Brazilian stage in its gonna be rebel grace the first one out of the shoot look forward to order of its community like it is today. Be great concert series. And a great dodgers' season so get out and enjoy it it is free of charge judge Parker card is six bucks. Appreciated that just come on out and enjoy it's Wednesday night live and those judges they bear pardon it's all brought you what Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael's sports stock Mel worked. Are really out of it come on let's beyond let's we gotta talk about it coming up next general Michael should. Ordered till more her old film Michael's voice talking network. Did. We'll go home now and see mother's tears. See my family recalibrate my mom. I think going to be fine. Not only lose sleep over in. You lay everything on the line. You know then it you know people live there yourself. Now we calibrate as far as talking help this team continue to be successful. I could do some things through makers view more complete. Not fired and only webpart won't get no sleep tonight carry on your question. I'm. Days off to go to Lou loves Weaver is solid on special question you know I can grab. Okay Kevin Love. You guys is some good enough. I'm good out there you go. What a Mac to the program and they are down to depth. Cleveland. Who'd just. Well they've they've looked off I guess the best way reported but it doesn't seem like a bronze orally worried about it and let's be honest. As much as we wanna talk about you know this team. And beauty you know not looking great OK in all honesty last night getting knocked off 1079 before. And in the senate here's the other side of the point I mean. They have got to the that the Celtics get a 10883 they had destroyed. Or they destroy the cavaliers first camera around. Com and this is the team on the other side of the quarry that people say well look the Bucs took down to seven games. Impress them as hard as they impress him long time and the Celtics I mean if you look at a team that's ready ready for the that the pinnacle. Mom. That has Boston when they hit carrier ring that is going to be even better. You know that they're gonna be around for awhile and then they're not they're not a flash in the pan there may around for awhile and the kava look I I gotta tell you I mean as much as you can look at the Celtics and say okay. The Celtics are two zip. Most social sense gonna Cleveland if it's just like doing the Celtics got it done at home okay. You don't Clinton's going to be a Muppets. At their place and then eventually what's gonna happen is than the cavaliers are good that road when put all pressure our younger team and they and the cavaliers all ultimately. The old role. And as LeBron said he's been an armory caliber. Whenever this specifically that meets but it. Do you kind of get the sense that this is the beginning of the end of the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James rain in the east. Is much joy look at that zero and two to nothing lead. I still think by the time it's also done this thing a pro am gone seven. But there's there's the cavaliers is gonna turn around I just like I did that feel. So. I know I know Boston fans feel good. But remember they are up two to nothing in the in the buck the box in the take them seven games. 855830864. Exports of the program by the way be brought to reference a new male medical drink guys with ED. Erectile dysfunction all over the state. And beyond the borders as well enable location in Milwaukee wanna Green Bay oneself down in Illinois down Chicago you call 41445544. 51 and if it's slow T. That hagee you know the dug the brain fog moody is sick and tired mid day you wanna try to I have that prolonged energy that stand on all throughout the day. 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You know they always say the most sincerest form of flattery is when everybody else try to impersonate Richard oh that's what's going on out there's a stick with the new in the original the numeral medical center. 41445544. 51. If I'm a Cleveland spam I've might might be not biting my nails a little bit just because they changed so much mid season do they have enough to do over the hump but it. For the most part. I'm not crazy concerned. I'm not in until they lose at home I'm not crazy concern LeBron James dropped in 42. Kevin Love dropped and 22 last I know what. They need. They need something. They need something at eighty somebody else to be able to step up Korver comes in last night gave eleven points in 21 minutes not bad. Played big when JR Smith didn't give you any thing. Last night not thin. He's got to give you better minutes in that knocked them. We're coming then you're just getting end zip on appoints. And he you're collecting three rebounds and assists that sit. All 44 beyond art and is LeBron said going back to the gate going back to game one they had a lot of open looks they're just not hitting shots. They start hitting shots and Adobe that we far better rock me LeBron last night was 511 beyond the arc Kevin Love to six. Beyond that there were all of six from the starters. From beyond the arc. Hell they were three freight for guys coming off the bench between green and cork. So if those side of those shots start to fall a little bit then it's and in your talk about a different day. Right now there are getting shots to fall. And they may need started me to judge me outside does that sound very familiar like. Telling the box. The difference is you flip flop games of Bucs had a very hard fought game in game one and then it up looking terrible game to. The Boston Celtics humiliated Cleveland in game one and gave him everything in and then some. In game two and Cleveland just not hitting a shot trying to keep a close LeBron can't do at all. He's got to have somebody help. 855830864. In the loans we kept our council free talk on a par 583086. 48 speak and help. Speaking out. I wanna talk rubble of these things coming up but speaking of help holy Mac you talk about. Just creative. When when you look at it just people that act crazy okay. Lucas Glover his wife what a bag and that she hits. Polling magical when you look at look at Lucas Glover. And his wife had 911 call. Bomb basically saying my wife has gone crazy. What happened wise. Lucas Glover gets. Off the golf course OK you had a bad round. At a veterans are right. Bomb ends up just his wife. Just its product combinations. He comes off for the that the course and in Florida for the players championship. The white stars were opening call name some names basically humiliating him. He kind yells back at her. She goes crazy starts trying to won't please apply. Then. Vis the use bogus lovers moms steps it. Mom steps him. And goes after Lucas Glover wife. Who then turns around and starts going after her and missed all front of people by the way. And she then calls 911 saying she's been attacked. It's it's. It's it's just crazy. Lucas Glover says says she's trying to blame on this on my mother which is not the case at all my wife has gone crazy the operation or operator tells Lucas. The cops are on the way he tries to stop that from happening I don't think anybody's to come out here. Thank you though eventually the cops do get there. And it's determined that Christa was the aggressor and gotten physical lucas' mother. She was arrested for domestic violence and cops say she continued to rage on and while police say they were trying to place are in custody. She was fighting them. And Lucas then he I don't tell he takes the irony she says issues a statement saying hey. We're trying to work things out. By a man. That's that's that's. That's bananas right there. I'll tell any of the Dutch that's bananas and his wife went went bankrupt. Ever tell in my Lucas Glover story no my experience of Lucas Glover did you start oh this isn't the problem not a finished check. Not just throw cooks bread US open last year yeah sole second round. Cut day. It up going on the front nine. Because all the big groups were going on the back nine so I wanted to files in different groups as a is going to be crowded. And this is towards the end of the day so I wanted to follow Ernie Els Ernie Els was playing the front nine he started on the back and switch over to the front. So playing with Ernie Els was looks Lucas Glover who was trying to make the cut Ernie was won't position to make some follow these guys. Lucas Glover hit his tee shot. Into the fast deal. And they're looking for it and looking forward and look at port and we're talking like the first cut right off the fairway telling Teague you don't miss the fairway by a mile. Sold they added up there like it was meat and like ten other people there was no one else around. And the marshals are set art and they lived there Opel and immoral converse golf ball. And eventually someone found it about fifteen minutes later. He ended up hitting that shot he ended up. He with the the ball so deep yet to play yet rule and unemployable he took a drop from their with a penalty so he's in his third shot he put it on the green. Put it like ten feet from the hole and he saved par. Unfortunately Lucas Glover still missed the cut by one stroke now. Did you know Ole man this is corny but I sort of Reading these stories the Miami Herald had this did you know this is not the first time she went nuts. First have you been arrested. But Kristin Glover who's 36 by the goes crazy when he got home. And apparently she's done as a front of people before. Where we have a good day. He did have a good day. But Glover tells his wife for tells deputies at his wife gets violent. Every time he doesn't play well in a major term. Everytime he doesn't play or she gets violent. And since he had a bad day live on national television in front of the likes of Tiger Woods Dustin Johnson just rose. She went crazy. The fight then degenerated into something very physical all in front of their two underage children and Lucas's mom. And such fights Lucas told the deputies aren't unusual. He described how when he plays a bad round of golf Christa priciest to start an altercation with a hand telling him how. Much a loser he is and he's a and how he needs to fire everyone and how he'd be better. How he'd better win or hurting the kids would leave him and he would never shoot it again. What a nut and he's still trying to work it out there are you kidding me. Bomb and then. Apparently I'd I never heard there was. Any alcohol involve a diet that's the next story stay tuned more than likely show next. Six clues stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. OK after I get to a little bit deeper into both stories the Christa Glover Lucas Glover his wife apparently had been drinking all day. You read deeper down into the a Miami Herald sir story the addendum. Yes Lucas caller said. That says she gets like this it's very violent his wife had been drinking all day according the reports. So they. But just a lover's wife. He's put down booms. Talk about that don't appear the minute the spores of programming brunt of our friends at Marshall clinic health system oh man did give something -- you not like lose leaders Glover. And yet something like say right now plume or you have cold if you have really bad allergies. Something yelling alike that our media as just a prescription will do all you have to do was call 844 care when it's Karen my wife. The Marshall clinical system provides us a 44 care way signature to the doctor the charge of the phone is never more than forty dollar. If they can help you they don't charge of pay for play that's the best. That's Marshall clinic health system just call maybe they can send a prescription to a pharmacy near you. 844 care way it's 844 care where you Marshall clinic. Just another way to help you help yourself and they are the official health care provider. Of yours truly did you see the and again and what cracks me up on this is that people are just out out. Us that's right it's because of drinking. Or when it comes to who's similar drug to cities. And was Johns is right there again. You've got Green Bay you've got across you've got Wausau Oshkosh and Appleton all in this thing. USA today puts him every year and what's really funny is like and I mentioned you served a scroll through face but it is sort for salt that you scroll through trees. And he thinks hidden people. That are laid all right we're Amaral and yeah I would look and and I don't know that's of the be proud overnight certainly. When you talk take a look did beat drunk his CDs in America Oprah popular. Yeah writes it's. Not flattering but there's some people who look at it like oh well what do you do. You know. And what do you do you know we thought your upset about it apotheker didn't. But again towns making the top list of most of them coming from the state of Wisconsin. Like I mentioned Green Bay lacrosse. Battle tonight our show Wausau is on that list so a lot of people that are just. You can thrilled to be making a list. For the drug is the cities. In the in America. And a Wisconsin write their top. They could and it's all in USA today it's called who's drinking the most the drug used in dry cities. In America as they start to roll through this. Number twenty by the way while Milwaukee Waukesha west Dallas. OK number nineteen Ames Iowa number eighteen Fairbanks Alaska which I've gift come find it hard to believe that that's not hire analyst there's not much to do there. Lincoln Nebraska at seventeen. Watertown Fort Drum new York at sixteen Sheboygan at fifteen to view it 1413. Is Iowa City, Iowa. Final lac Wisconsin guns and number two well Mankato Minnesota. Ten men's lacrosse at number ten walk side number nine. Grand folks North Dakota numbers. Comes up to a number eight number seven is a Missoula Montana. I Scotch at number six Fargo and number five. Continue on Madison and number four Appleton and number 30 Clarence number two and Green Bay at number wise. Buddhist Johnson ticket everybody's ass when it comes to the power drinking. Well you get yourself a seizure. Don't have maxed. Speaking of our drinking pollinate our rear door analysts is gonna be joining us we have some buyers cell coming up a little bit steady soon a lot more than a life assurance of us. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.