HR3 – Do you believe the Bucks are going to get this right?

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Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 3. Bill and Joe continue to discuss the Bucks head coach situation. Plus, we’ll chat with Pistons PF Henry Ellenson, and Eric Baranczyk talks Packers.

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From the league's front for the want this is where Wisconsin sports fans content. Michael show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence no here's your home. Like tanks. Had a welcome bill Michael shows on the yeah we're always glad your own board. This portion programming brought to our good friends at Bud Light don't forget the music concert series back again this year Wednesday night live were two weeks in a day away. Cannot wait for to get under way at the Budweiser pavilion and the Wisconsin state fair park. May thirtieth rubble grace takes the stage and hope to see out there it's all brought you by our friends in Bud Light the official. Beer sponsor the bill Michael's sports talk network you know in the name. He is not only played for Marquette or two with says Detroit Pistons as well joining us on the Schneider orange hotline. Rice lake's don't have Helen's in his here Henry hi bad. All other government glad to have you Manso are nowhere arch your back and isolate them. Now back in my athletic right now does that my actual parking lot actually what amounts. Is that all right OK I don't actually rode my bike test and we get a chance to go visit her fund affiliate up there so earlier this via our art our idea I have actually has stopped just to take my picture from high school sign right there on the corner. Early yes so I know exactly where you're sitting right now it's kind of creepy Aggies in MacArthur and mas by a declaration on the right. All her time will own about the idea of the charter. Yeah. I gotta they gotta love basketball academy coming there so I let's do this let's first and foremost talk a little bit about that because that's coming Monday. June 11 that you're gonna be hosting this and it's for kids eight through fourteen but what can expect when they get a chance to hang out Henry Jones of her death. You know laws that can't ever camp do last year and the last. You know discount camp. It says that I expect that work on you know a lot things I've learned that mark and now the fifth then. And it's just so on network announced goes China's banks under its own. My mechanics of my side but overall dissent on saw a lot not a sign. As we Islam not answering yeah rest academy dot com. And I'm not last week in the so lions got it and it is here so it's going to be a time. And Jason pistons do you have some pistons fans up they're going to be kind of steal them way from what they're trying to build Milwaukee I'm sure nevertheless. I'm sure there why. Laura Marquez getting up Marquette game image given oil up there. You know I got some all of so these are sort. Articulate out there. They don't so it's nine to three for campers that are ages eight through fourteen you guys are gonna have some lunch and elect kind of provided so if you wanna do this. Are you do is go to the official Henry Ellison dot com page and it's Henry ERS Allen sin. Basketball academy can find that there as well all right rice lake high school coming up. In June if they wanna get registered and I got to ask you we'll talk more about that the minute but I got to ask you with us some of the things have gone over in Detroit. With a head coach being out being like go there's a lot of teams right now looking for coaches who talk a little bit about to this season and you add. You know I mean I think it must planes. I got sent to say that the very end Macs at the spirit in the Sudan. Residences and just because we were always find in the play out over and the ninth spot those thoughts. Just had my immense talents of it's just Cutler always find though year and so. You know because things got let go I'm grateful for him. Are completed draft me and Raymond certainly and so it's just insistent percentage right. And you know much fees in this focus a lot which all the analysis. Working now in a better I don't know much times comment and so it's going to be a big summer for me. How do you and how does college compared to what the NBA offers. You know it's. It lays it out and out of focus some basketball. Outfield. You know mark sound caught it felt like it went so that Cisco might have looked on and then meg on my rookie year. In Gaza cast same thing adjustments to Lee. But that was an insult. You know definitely. Does that point 47 our focus. That game now on that it's their job. It's it's different it's different because I remember. My first summer league. Our practice I'd met in the a couple plays from Bob fire was a leak outs. It now he just looked almost Sam light is booked solid yeah that being. Saying hey you can't forget plays now it's their job and armor are back. Hotel room that night yeah it is my job I got to know locks on to question things and so you know exists does that definitely. Cause your match you guys were on the outside looking in the post season 39 and 43. The coaches of getting let go. Are you a little bit of I'm not gonna say or rebuild smoke you've still got some good players would you get a guy like Andre German you get a chance to play against ish Smith he get a chance to play against her play with. And go against these guys are practicing such what do what do I mean Andre Drummond is such such a force. Rom I mean he's got so much pressure and the lead that team and get them to. Get them back into the postseason talk about what it's like to play with a guy like Andre and what you what you learn next to him. Yeah you know under the a really fun guy. Content through it just because I wanted monsters down low you know you can have your back. Solid throughout from the coroner in and out but every rebound. Is rebound and sent this and so law now playing against the LA dram practiced. On gets better and halfway through the year media. Credit for lay of the guy whom it was in my position I learned a lot. Olaf you know having guys like buried in late could say hello. Declared in a Rico demo but he got those guys insult us saying people expect this when those talks just cut that trade. And this network through other in the cabinet pick Detroit at the most strayed well off. No it definitely. A learning process but you know god right right it's thick others ability. And I get a really good year I think he's going to get better. Tyler Perry Ellis in Detroit Pistons are four former Marquette to a golden eagle as well talk about Laker because you did get him. 25 games he played for the pistons this season matter of fact he had a with the highest points per game average for the pistons by the time was all said and done. What does he bring to the table after he was dealt from the clippers. Did you know let externally for awhile. It is brought some leadership. Is wrote vocal guy then they want since he got mcsame. And thus we have five time all aren't. It another level thing so our team does not at the match civic IB and so it's due just to go get a market. And he's got Gardner draw lots and sent and a house right now. Just because we're supposed to play down low together. Count somehow lol thanks you can you can leave Blake and you can't leave to right so he got to keep it that's an honest. And you know mean competitiveness in me being young discuss this is our practices do not. Rarely. Practice. Like that it kind don't do things don't dutrow is summit bank and how they will learn a lot. The Eastern Conference obviously. Many thought was going to be up for grabs this year in Cleveland trade like you said you guys made some trades Cleveland had more trades the knew they almost traded away an entire team to put our our round LeBron. Are you are surprised that Cleveland is back in a bright where they knew right where they've always been that is the Eastern Conference finals and they kind of do what they wanted with the Celtics in game one either even with an entire new cast almost around LeBron James. Right did not surprise. That they're back just. Yeah LeBron there's so town sin that's the same we're always kind of fight all right out. In now on I guess that would from the car everything there especially after trade and in other got off on against the Celtics now go out there like oh god I'm so so you have to and come out of these. Are you like a basketball junkie years is just kind of the job now so you you you work hard when you have two and then you get away from it when you're not. Not a lot of play out so I love the game in dom always lots of pro not because lots in the crow's gone out how much cause is our league in solo. Know lots of guys that play out so it makes you wanna get more. And not this child learn a lot from different players what they used to and and it's in my game but not deaf Olympics and as much as a player. So when you watch this and we we were timer talk about this coming up a little bit but. Everybody predicted the cavaliers and Golden State back in the files again is this good for the game to have the same two teams of the last four years compete in the files to compete for championships. You know also I. Not about and then now. I think ever so protests that want and he talked about how back in the day out. But there one element in that. You know are saying go to number Russert got eleven ranked side by well even though they've been final so the last four years. There's been matchups like LA lakers embark in the remorse so our. Now I don't aren't they at bat well again I think it only helps that it makes other gene market I wanna fill trooper James just to compete for the. Before that you don't give me your thoughts on wall Joan give you thought some Marquette they got a few guys come and and they look to be strong going in the next season. I know next year's one of those high expectations seasons for Marc Kevin talk about your former program. Yeah you know I'm always second out the scores in other don't. Really impressed. But he's mad at this yeah I know. Then and that was that Lawrence is being and that Nazi blood I think they got the pieces together in the tournament. Two markets soured her. What message do you point game against Providence these. Out to prolific passing him going to be here a lot more about him on a national level next year I think you're more respect and know guys like Matt how much is the year. Has got real close what he plays hard every night he would give your leaders say about it now Amanda. No doubt there's you know also the majority out there ready go effect there as spam talent said this Mark Russell pleasant thought. Let it got the pieces together I got to come out here. Real good do it than I used defensively. Is fiscal. Not to mention camera rod. Under the basket now and I itself is not feel like it's going to be that your son experienced. If people again bonding go to the Henry Owens in basketball camp it's gonna take your place in rice lake get their rice lake high school June 11 from 9 AM to 3 PM for campers ages eight through fourteen they're gonna provide some lunch for you as well you do a lot of drills a lot of the stuff from the Paris islamists are from Marquette. That Henry's gathered along the way all rice lake high school again Monday June 11 do you go to official Henry Melancon dot com. That's official Henry Allison doc out parted that's allowed Tia Matt hope we have a great camp and we should be up there at the S celebrity golf outing. Coming up here in a June amid you'll see there as well okay. Our our current immigration authorities say they don't Henry Allison joining us for a couple minutes from the Detroit Pistons and also former Marquette Golden Eagles. We certainly appreciate him on the shatter or challenge honorary drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years at beginning you don't call on the 844 try to go to Schneider job start comets 800. 44 prior to go to Schneider jobs. Dot com stay tune when we come back gonna talk about some interviewers. Coming ended talked to us some of the while the possibility of a note new Milwaukee Bucks head coach. And ball so also here's the other thing they're not interviewing these guys here. In Milwaukee and girl that mountain. They're doing and in New York does that bother him because there's people around here literally upset about that will get in that discussion as well more than might turn it. Wisconsin. Michael's sports talk. No Michael shows on the air. Hopefully having a fantastic. Day. Bob yeah really. There is not just one but now to. Two candidates at least getting a second interview. ESPN's Adrian what can our ski reporting at the box ownership gonna meet with the former hawks coach Mike poodles are. And spurs assisted Tori Amos Sina. About the vacant head coaching position. Now according to warden ours. Both of them are the only candidates that have gotten a second interview booty holes or was at the Helm of the Atlanta Hawks for five seasons. And Messina. It's been an assist with the spurs and a great putt great probably since 2014. Blight. It either one of those guys are those guys. Other one of them I mean if he if he get either guy is is that is that the direction you wanna go. I guess might be the best way to put it. And here's the other started kind of thought on this and this was something that you know we were sitting here talking about off the air. They're meeting in New York now you know and then the headquarters of the NBA here in New York on the kind of step it's so is that headquarters. For the ownership group. You know they fly in the town they go to games and enjoy themselves and and they basically thought that got to tell. It's not like they don't have some type of an apartment Condo slash residents here. But. It's an ownership group has based out of New York. Which really. This is one of those communities man that just and I'm just talking Milwaukee and tunnel Wisconsin in general it's just. You know. And if you're not you're look at as an outsider. And people become extremely skeptical. So the fact that they're doing some these are you are my assumption is or at least the reports are that they're doing and he's in New York. Victor interviewing in New York. And then the question becomes are now they're doing that is. John horse the general manager Milwaukee or is he in New York as well. Because shouldn't your general manager. Be doing interviews if he's indeed your your head guy when it comes to basketball operations. Or the owners interviewing for the next head coach and they're basically gonna tell. The general met this this is where. You know I mean I know that there is a stiff defense of we're not as functional. And maybe on the inside you're not outside wise per sexually. Perception becomes a rap reality many people's minds and perceptual yeah it's basically gonna be an ownership group. That the last time we saw them all together or was maybe a game because it was at the official hiring of John Horst. Or the official firing of Jason Kidd and and so which owners interviewing them. Or is that perspective coach interviewing the owners to see which ones going to be making decisions in the next year. Or two or three. And then. Our yards hiring and then telling general manager here's your new head coach. Or does the general manager actually it was saint images of it just the appearance the mere appearance of impropriety can get you into hot water. Is the old legal term. Okay. And that's putting it the cliff notes version. Put the appearance outwardly looking in looks as if it's somewhat dysfunctional I guess sort of for lack from very much wrong here Joseph is this. I mean aegis don't you just wonder who's doing the hiring and who's doing the talking and who's doing interviewing in. We'll just picture this for second. If this can be like walking into the jet I'd council. Where you have jet eyes sitting all around and a circle. And the coaching candidate walks in enhanced stand right in the middle because think about this. Is this is going to be Landry need in this sit in on this and interviewing. Now as soon John horses in the room I assume. Peter Faggins in the room because it's been reported that he's been involved in these discussions. Jamie dine in the third owner is he sitting in the or. Morals may now may be Mallory she does is sit in in the room. Maybe Alex last three sitting in the room. Like ten people sit in the room for all I don't know. I'd do too many to whom many cooks in the kitchen I just I don't like it I don't like it at all and I don't like the fact that. This whole power structure between means and why has three even exist. Should be one owner. Have a final say and that should stay the same always. But to switch back to way as three next year. If it doesn't go well for the box Leslie could easily make more changes that this team and question is do you really need that. The question again how confident are you just just did take a poll. Call an 8558308648. Take a poll or you can email me or you can tweeters. How confident. How confident are you. Dead so the the Milwaukee Bucks whether it's ownership or front office what are how confident are you they're gonna get it right. Yes I don't know do you think they're gonna get it right yesterday up no matter who they hire. You'd there'll be Bucs fans that won't be happy with a higher is bullet holes or get tired today. There'll be a contingent of bucks and shall not be happy. It Becky Hammond were to get hired there will be a contingent of Bucs fans that won't be happy if Messina gets tired there will be contingent I don't think. There is one particular coaching candidate out their bill. That I think the majority of box fans can agree upon and say that's a guy that should be run in the box. And I mean that's just the debate do you want. Someone that's unproven an unknown but could bring fresh ideas. Or do you want someone with a little bit more track record. Like a Mike bullet holes are or like a Dwane Casey who I don't know all the bucks have reached out to or not I think the buck should at least give them a call. So you may not think Dwayne Casey should be run in the Milwaukee Bucks because he wasn't able to run the Toronto Raptors the right way in get them over. The threshold. By beating LeBron James. Now after bullet holes there. You have to ask yourself which job makes more sense because right now the Bucs are coveted him. And sore the raptors have so you wanna go to the raptors were the expectations been very high we're talking about a 159 win team. Is that the team you wanna take over try to get them over the top or do you wanna take it a step back. And you've got the superstar and got us. And can now you build that box team and have them be able to beat that team that wins a first round playoff series and can be that Eastern Conference. You know title contender because really. If voted holes are I think. Where there's less pressure applied to choose between the box and the raptors no other gold box rent because they're not at the same levels the raptors. Raptors fan you're expecting. This is ridiculous we need to begin to the finals here is gonna have to blows up and reboot the whole thing. I think some raptors fans walked. I and other raptors fans are irritated that they still can't get over the hump so dirt mile and a board colonels or if he were to get hired and say. Man come on let's go Dwane Casey was enabled to what can you do what we need you to succeed. I. If I had to sit here today say in two years. This team is going to be pressing for the Eastern Conference finals. It if if you would hold a gun in my head or put them put my house on the market for it if fight abetted Vegas today. I hate to save are probably saying now. And I'd probably say no I I. I'm now I was all onboard and moving forward and saying that this is. Everything's hitting and hitting stride it's all heading in the right direction a couple years ago. And now I look at and go. Do I have complete faith. That everything's moving in the right direction and I'd I don't I don't I'm sitting I'm not saying that Tony there that it won't and I I'm pessimistic got a will. I'm simply saying I don't have the faith right now. Because I think that there had been some missteps not in necessarily the moves that have been made to the way things have been handled. That main. Hinders their ability to do things. Or at least get things done the way they wanna get things done or are correctly. Because everybody kept saying this about this is the job. This is the job any NBA. And that's the case then why are people trying you know granted you wanna find another head coaching job. Blight if I'm Bruno calls her to find anybody else I'm waiting if this is such a premier job. I'm waiting to find out the decision before I move onto another another entity. But if you're booted holes that are. And you don't feel confident that the entire ownership group likes you mean the thing is evens could like tumble play as three while. So if that's the case do you really wanna take the job anyway. And then be under a lot of pressure if you don't get the job done in this first year does that Lesnar is gonna own fire he'll it is a big coach you wanna have security. For the next few years he have a family you wanna make sure you settle in the Milwaukee you don't wanna be debt not been leading after a year. I think for any head coach comes in this job bill. You need to make sure that you're on the same page with every single owner in their room. Ever won for that matter there's ten people sit in that interview you gotta make sure your page with everybody wanna make sure everybody's happy. And that you'll feel confident enough that your job is going to be fine and now you can work on Billy in the. Ox team to where they should be and that is competing for an Eastern Conference final getting to the NBA final let's see ultimate goal that that's. That is what needs to be achieved as long as the INS is on this baseball team and yet three years to do. Three years Manama. That's my point I just don't know if they're gonna really get it done in three years. While I'd say just got to move important here is our largest. First Bulger rolled Eric Bledsoe for the security trade that's the first question the second question is our league and be willing to answer your art carmody at this point. If I sign Jabbar. Okay Iran general manager and my son born I eat I eat I eat again I go back to when Steve Novak was in studio nicely done nicely okay. Can these two co existing can they play for common goal OK that's the first thing in if they can't on sun Jabbar. OK I've got guys I've got Jabari. Analytical team throws up twenty million a year Jabari matchup well I don't think they're going to which Democrat to make a serious decision I have to wait so I don't think I award. To be honest with my own and not enough that I'm I'm not dividend twenty million a year that the if there's a team out there wants to throw like semi they can have on the market until that. Unless there are specific clauses in the contract like it is a Joseph Holland beating Philadelphia where if you tear ACL again. We get to save ourselves a lot of money were not paid. IG is certainly there needs to be might look at this and I say I would. If you end up signing Jabbar you have to pieces in plate there's nobody else beside John as on this team it's untouchable and pledged if there if I get enough from Bledsoe blitzes don't forget enough for middle to middle tunes don't forget not. Anybody there's no reason if I can package of some of these deadwood with a guy that's gonna cost me a little bit peeved because. In May hurt a little bit but I did a good player a better contract to return ongoing and interaction I said this on Friday when Kevin Holmes and. In addition EIS if there's other guys that I would consider almost untouchable. I hang on a Chris Middleton and I'd hang on a Malcolm brown and how ever. I'm only giving those two guys up if I'm gaining a star. Player eight an all star caliber player and I'm talking Damien Willard. I'm talking Kemba Walker if one of those two guys and I don't know Bach choir liner that's a whole other topic but. Those two guys. If that's gonna cost a Middleton and aura bribed and I'm gonna do that trade in a heartbeat but beyond that I'm not treating Chris Middleton for some other retread that I don't know you gotta get quote my return absolutely I completely and there's Denish Schroeder out there. Atlanta hawk who apparently it's been a cancer of the locker room is a terrible three point shooter and apparently he was asked the other day you don't. You know are there other teams you be interested in and he said he Indiana and Milwaukee. I would never won Denish Ruder here he does not fit with what the boxer tried out for they need three point shooters he is not that he is 129%. Three pressure. I want one and they are one month here and there won't we come back to talks among Packers football and they'll get back in the senate Tommy Bruce bowed their votes and this is well. We'll do on line also one on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's rat radio Joseph sports. Welcome back we'll talk some air branch at Green Bay Packers coming up next and then we'll get back into this discussion do you think in the next two years. The boxing and this management group. They're gonna get it right. A do you have faith and distinct say two mortal might shoot next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk network. Production factors footballer fresh chicken Green Bay press gazette Packers there's not going to be joining us coming up here in just a moment his portion program being brought to buy. Our friends in March your clinic health system Marshall clinic I don't have to live with sniffles in the cold the flu and all that kind of stuff even allergies. They can help you out right over the phones in your prescription to a pharmacy near you. Just call the nurse practitioner they can help you. The maximum charge it would be depending on your insurance forty bucks if they can't help you know charge call made 44 caraway. That is 844 fairway that's care my way for four care away just another way the Marshall clinic helps you help yourself. And they do it inexpensive. Manner that and that's a wage should be Smart paper plate good stuff people dropped her provider of the bill Michael show. Eric project joining us and shatter orange hotline. You know when Eric. It properly marked it has been a long long time I'll tell you that good to give me your idea a year. I guess synopsis of the draft in how you think this team now. Well you know I actually cooling unit this thing I know everybody wanted you back to everyone at structure. I guess my biggest pay up I had and I wanted him to get an offensive lineman. Either early second round late in round one tree went straight down. Initially at okay. Offense line that got their guy straight back out and it'll get a that he backs I think. You can't complain or you can't. Sitting at a book that they shouldn't build all these industrial with. Speedy quick guy. And and a guy who'd been bought kudos to play in this in Biron played in Iowa played in marriage is really that differ so. You've got to really like Q. You know taken a guy from that and Byron L complain and it. You know we've had he back from Iowa that he do pretty good years so I think it makes sense. What you need to eat this guy go after the ball. Take it that's very important you know I. US state big topic to find and higher may have been. Yeah I don't dictate. You're big bucks to do instructor there rushed. So looking Edmund what's the biggest concern right now is still the offensive line as a pass pressure what is it. A big offensive line at this point got to be a big red but they got to figure out in a hurry. You know I I take. Experiment we're due strict maybe over where I don't know united beat digger to give it one more crack Q what happened there right tackle. Or you Albert he can he do it. The average size to anybody got a rookie attic are. Maybe maybe mercy who don't report that strategic. Big may have some sort of combination Eric. You gotta have that they're at right tackle he got it Munich they. It's imperative we you know especially were what they're gonna about to invest necked guy back there that. They got to find a way to protect them and I think that's got to be going into the training camp he go into the summer here. That's got to be number one priority figure out. That right side of the offensive line. See that's where we were talking earlier because series you know Jason Witten says that he would love to see our agents they love but he feels it'll be a good created Dez Bryant ends up in Green Day. As much as I thought you know why Debbie fantastic that veteran depth at wide receiver and that we are not relying solely on the Vontae Arabs and Jimmy Graham and such. On the other I think and you may wanna spend that money on the offensive line if indeed blog and springs are not ready to come back by being in the season. You wanna put a patchwork right Saudi Robbins a line out there and throw Aaron Rodgers behind it. You know you look what happened last time so I I think date. They've really got to focus on it and then I have a plant Jahri Evans are still. Still out there might go get him anywhere near the you know there's there's opportunity. Com. But I you know it. The other saying that the other top in the did that the good job match. Boom out and ahead of schedule and our. Failure to appear. Probably Jolie I mean at street not to come back from a UCL a last the year. I just. If it's scary that. We went into the situation where they go right. Like target of plot McCray and marry it naked you know where to start there but right tackle I think you really can be source. Would you do if the price was right would you bring in a dead Bryant. I don't think so I think they got enough guy addicted Dicky get involved ignited jet to a needy. Did you that are they're lit up a draft betray your mum. That look particular blonde. And I don't want guys a little suspect but. We don't do what we're being introduced creates separation in the second period and yet right doesn't run good routes that he is not. We got a later they need to get that later on so you know they got the body down you just bought between the numbers in the side on the sidelines. You know eat eat good and they act. You know don't get a body M east particularly given some space but I give us some space so I think that's. Looked at type did it help alterations based and so mr. opportunity here. But I look at one of the young guys come on which happens to be able to run until a little. Palm then looking at the end of the defense of south of always going to be were all the questions come from a by the way retired when there are branching agreement press gazette Packers used outcome. How much of a difference just in the coaching change do you think of that we're going to see any ability for maybe pet in the put these guys in different situations. To be successful. Well if you listen to. To my Williams to sell Liggett can make a big difference. I I repeat this at this point last year they needed to have the abortion. And that I had the honor of meeting room and they. And really do it looked at a Jewish is that they're gonna ask you admitted he gets a little bit. Let me catch a little lightning in the bottle and get. Clay Matthews or a little bit hectic eagle at what you call La. They try to get some more pressure from the from the interior line and I beat the good beer and all this situation. On got to come down to whether or not they can they can play freshmen covers. That's probably where people are gonna see the biggest banks that bought a real place press and oceans don't look so. The good the press man we talked real we've interviewed a lot of the different. You know it's been the coaches got to play there that they're coached a lot of these guys and it seems like everybody brings something to the table. If that's the best way to put everybody's got something going on. Whether it's the ability say to tab speed to burn to get downfield heard somebody its biggest strongly Josh Jackson that he gulping get a ball has a nose for the football. You you feel good about Kevin King coming back but the veteran knowledge isn't there that's white term on wanes in the bond house that. Do you think they've got enough and that secondary. Without having a big time pass rush to be able to sustain and throw at teams to where they're gonna be able to cover and allow pass rush to get to a quarterback. Well early on. Early Ali yeah I think that you're gonna see that you will be easier it did happen but didn't keep their get a lot like Stewart and if they can't get any rush. They're looking to get wise to it they'll be able to run a lot of luck rob routs. And you know meant killers and things like that's gonna put them in and so on my upper church situation. It's half dozen of water six or the other you can slow that receiver off a fraction of a second after the difference between the shack or completion. Hey before I let go got to ask you real quick though about Aaron Rodgers when you you know I wanna go from defense to the offense back Darrent. You like you said he's about to sign his deal. Does it make you nervous city Sani deal this big for this higher percentage of the team's total salary cap. So the couple I don't know. I don't yet you gotta worry about that well. On the short side branch. You know if they don't sign in to that. We're gonna go into a drought for another ten years or better however a lot of give and take them find it back quarterback again. If you're talking a total rebuild it and I think he got cam edit cute butts in the seats. And keeps and keeps them a position to at least make the playoffs every year that you think that the dimensions for a living at the Super Bowl oh. So let you know they got to actually yeah it makes you makes total sense it gives him in keeping. Take that conversation ought to be able. It's always good stuff man we'll chat again down the road I'm sure once mini camp in the training camp and everything opens up its gonna get into staying by terrible way and see if they do indeed get the Dez Bryant or another Lyman and kind of go from Merrill kind. Perversion of and they are branch agreement press gazette and Packers new judge John joining us for governments in the Schneider orange challenge not allowing drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair. Eighty plus years of getting into and call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com. 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com more than a Michael show next. He ordered to a character film film Michael's voice talking network. Yeah. We're looking. Michael show on the air. Talk at some bucks basketball little earlier in what effect in this coming up here in the top of the hour but for the bucks. Are going to be interviewing coaches for the second time now we set to report for major and Morgan are skewed. And the question throughout I just I just and I'm not saying it's right or wrong I'm just simply saying I want the Paul's. And I I can't just do without so let answer me this. Do you how much faith do you have in Milwaukee Bucks do you believe. This box franchise. Whether it's ownership or front office or whatever you wanna call do you believe. They're gonna get it right. Do you believe they're gonna get it right it's that simple. Do you believe they're gonna get a righty believe they're gonna screw this up then it's just going to be another 235. Years is gone what the hell. Probably just grew that I do you believe they're gonna get it right yes you know. You tell me why that's fine but I had taken the balls. You hit us up on Twitter at bill underscore Michael's. That bill underscore Michael's. Or you can now find this on FaceBook fan page that's FaceBook dot com slash V bill Michael's show. You find radio Joseph at radio Joe's sports on Twitter. You tracked us down that via email don't Michael's idol Michael sports dot com you can call the program. I just wanna know I'm I'm just gonna I'm gonna take this past the top of the hour Internet in the next hour. And monetary here from out of Cali. Case you missed that brewers conversation earlier I just one out. Do you think do you have faith. That this brewers franchise is gonna get a right. That's it. I sit. Roberto says the Bucs are gonna get it done and the two principal owners work you shall Bucs will not fire the head coach after one year. From. This one's from mark who says there's no way in hell they're gonna get this right they've screwed this up every step of the way they got yeah honestly don't know what to do them. This wounds from a capital city blues who writes the when he's email inbox. They screwed it up with the worst they're gonna screw over the head coach and there were ought to be left standing here going what is going to be in that brand new building a big steaming pile as you would soon. Thank you very much. Juror writes I have zero faith that any one of these owners could do it on their own the screwed up collectively. Causes from Alex who says I have some faith in the box I think they'll get their head coach right. But more so in John Horst and getting the right pieces around your honest this is on John Horst and no one ups. This is from Ted who writes the when he's email inbox absolutely blanking I can't read that now. The screwed up. This is from Wesley. Who's says some one believe the Bucs are gonna get this right because I'm a season ticket holder. But after next season and has been hasn't parentheses the new building is open. I'm not going to renewed this team looks as if it's going down the tubes again. That's from last I just went out. There's one out. Just one of you think you're gonna you're right. From Wisconsin laced lifes is what about the Bucs ownership telling us are gonna get a right look at the past have they got a right. You tell me do you think they've got a right. Jewel says the Bucs need a coach with prowess and look what Stevens is doing what Boston's big fan. Carlyle but obviously not an option. Todd JJ writes a blueprint print for screwing the coaches are even certain emotions follow the bread crumbs to the end of the honest deal. Matches no the bucks upper management gonna screw it up. Wanna take your thoughts on this coming up the next hour stick to mourn go like a trip to this. Sixty blues station strong. Bill might school's sports talk net.