HR3 – Do you blame the Brewers offense or bullpen?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Hour 3. We’ll continue to take your reaction on last night’s depressing Brewers loss. Plus, Cubs Broadcaster Zach Zaidman stops by. Believe it or not, Bucks season tickets are in high demand.

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From the league's front to the riverfront. This is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk. The bill Michael's show named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters awards for excellence. Here's your host Bill White schools. Act like oh she's always on the air however Canada. Brewers on Alexander. Elegance and there's a lot of people upset at what they saw last not just an F one. If you'd know by now. Lot of people not happy with what went down in Milwaukee last night in the breweries seemingly. Seemingly have allowed the cubs in there. To support now adults. Oddest portion of the program he brought to bud Bud Light where the toys take the stage tomorrow night at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion. And it's always a great time it is free admission six bucks to park your car free throw a motorcycle 81 degrees and sunshine tomorrow that's were scored to have. In the area so there is no reason for you not to get down enjoy yourself. And I have a good time at the oboe what's been billion brought to by blood like the official official beer sponsor of the Michael sports aren't network. Would bring him in now our buddy that is the up three and post game host also I get a chance to hear is a tones are renowned and calling innings in Chicago Cubs games yes I do listen. Zags they do now joining us and Schneider orange hotlines I can even pal. I'm doing good as of as a brewers spend this Sox don't tell you that right now. I say that you think that there culture and the rumors had. I would look at it from a completely different standpoint because you don't happen to that came less. And no one's done a better job against borrowers and coaching can China going back to. Late July of last year and yet you finally get through after 26 consecutive scoreless innings their target shut down the brewers. All the certain you breakthrough. Hit those two or brunch which shall for the position to win but. More so than being in somebody's I just stink last night asking shows. The current big sport. One in the playoffs in order when you wanna be a goatee and take that next step. You just can't make the little mistakes or examples I brought at boast phenomenal potential place spot in the home run and then equity play. Earlier in the game work yet team and the and made that slightly defensive grant to rob. Other types of the patient bought on the playing in the income were he ordered smash ball to right field where the concept that up our game. You can't cut off that ball you have to understand situations. It's taking place during the game and understand that you would not the most experienced first baseman and outfielder by trade. But those little things that sort of gained is now ties and let's let's COPEL fort where you have to sacrifice fly that takes place where potential curse tasks up first went straight to intercept. The little things you normally don't see happen but when you make those mistakes. What it does these little houses he has championship DNA him and the fact of the matter is that's what the contents. Based on three consecutive playoff appearances in the championship in the middle there. You don't have achieved experienced who coached tight situations. They're gonna pounced when you give them a little bit room and I I think that's what you witnessed last night morsels and you know somewhat beaten somebody had. Now you and I both know in football you can get angry you can in you know take a swing and the guy across from here you can do something in some way shape performed due to changed at least your situation baseball's a different animal you can't just. Salmon hit the ball harder or anything like that so. It in in in I've asked this to teams before that have had winning scenarios specifically in baseball so exact with all the experience you've had. How the brewers then figure out how to win the championship style baseball. Go to what what the cubs went through because the cubs went through something similar and Elvis and everything clicked what needs to collect. I think you run can't sit at the end of yesterday's game. And and they understand that they made mistakes little thinks notes about the stuff you talk about when. You see the highlights on T yeah after picking up where anyone is watching me of the highlights the social media so certain up but worries. And it turned around yesterday's vote in extra stop that I just mentioned that you're not gonna see counsel. Not to see highlights that you learned when I bet for the different. You were part of April all the difference in Pope always. You wanna limit your mistakes obviously very sport went in including a highest what football but the difference in football is that even if you make a mistake. You can just go up there and make plays you have superior talent. Different in baseball the matter how good your calendars. And you hear anybody extra opportunities over the course of the game. Chances are good into the take advantage of and that's what you saw yesterday. Just couple in the in the states. You have to play as close to the lowest and you can't you thinking we're gonna auction stage but the teams that would expose. Those errors those errors they don't count as errors but clearly impact the ball game if YouTube can limit that. You put yourself in the position where he can win and we're not locked in and keep your game and an excellent. In that law in that clubhouse. Do the cubs what what what you think. The view of the brewers he news. I think there's respect for. How good the brewers have been received sinners a ton of respect for that open. I think there's great respect for so gross orders. That are on the U I just think when when I look at the constant. I know they don't talk about this publicly but I think what I look at at this cubs team. You know their first place now. And they haven't even come close to scratching the surface of what they can be they've not gotten major contributions. From. With two big starters that they signed in the autopsy Darvish cannot on the DL twice NC. Hasn't released on March when he's been on the field but other trap with who's in Scotland trying to find his way. Hasn't really been the major contributor that they call shall org issues and they need to sort of take a look at the back from an authentic standpoint. They've yet to go one of those corrections but you can't go without last year here were both crushed by an interview ratio. All red hot at the same time and when that happens the cuts become OP scare is in baseball bat hasn't happened yet. And I think the things that. Are surprised me and so or this is the fact that the clubs will open standpoint. And being in the right there near the top I think it'll last I saw that two of the top triple and then you have to baseball and their. The other thing that has impressed me use the Renaissance of concede Hayward I don't think anyone expected that coming in but. You know now he's right six game hitting streak to be better than 400 has in front seven RBIs story that stretched. And whether that damage you would bring to baseball club. The key can you are based on what will play going to post season this was a guy who should partner we've got them or any of most of the season. Then came off the disabled list actress suffered that carpet at Saint Louis earlier this year all the sun has just gotten going. From an offensive standpoint or tactic that started it here's his quote actually going the other way working with the deputy coach chili Davis and then. Once you start going the way pictures start to come inside and that's what you saw last night the problems it will pull that ball to right are part of the game and then. Have to be capable the giveaway in the eleventh getting. Can bring that dynamic on a consistent basis to this one up. Additional common the coupons can do this you. I was I Zaman pre and post game post with the Chicago Cubs radio network as well and boy Heyward really is starting to come on not only is he getting hit you just mentioned it there he's giving you big hits in big moments in if you did that guy got this guy that you were talking about trying to package up last year and get rid of because it was offensive ineptitude Collison he's just kind of figured it out about the same time the team itself is starting to figure dollars and now. Thirteen in the last seventeen games or something like that they've enabled us to have to win then. Watching this cubs team heat up as the weather begins to heat up. What's the bats come to life is there anything we can put that Timor. Yeah I mean again it. Or worry about entries but it's a good baseball team a I think that's the biggest challenge. The station the brewers going forward is that the cops are really good baseball team B which. Big time experience and you're talking about a young core what most of the guys won't get out there in the mid twenty's you not talking about an old key. A team that has been pretty good starting pitching. I think one of the surprises this season has built a shop performance also branded oral. Kaelin to gain isn't you know that the bridge Gary Gordon com. Current pitchers. There are two to borrow and on an offensive standpoint I mean without even scratched the surface of what they can beat and they're near the top in terms of all the important runs scored caddick shall start take a look at that yet. It's her. It's pretty special thing to understand why the court went out of their way to trouble and most of their official oxygen. Peter reminds me a lot of he impact that income Miller and on the Cleveland Indians when they want to. True the World Series back in in 26 T. I don't think he's getting one yesterday but wonders psychologically. This is where I think it's important on the psychological standpoint. You wonder accomplished you can not picture a lot against the colts this season. Wonder what that performance yesterday by the cops. It might even be. I think that didn't count you remember what it should result I'll want it upper deck is quite feel you wonder stuff like that. And I can play Opel mentally going forward it's important. Is this season winds on line in the cubs continue to play good baseball over continue to play good baseball. The fact that these two teams don't meet in September. And I had asked at a McKelvey who covers the brewers is a little while ago but let's just say the opposite side of the coined the cubs do get. The next game or two against the brewers what then is that level of confidence going into September of this thing comes down the wire and these two teams are still battling or. Let's say the brewers got the next two does he get into the cubs had at all. Maybe this this team isn't the kind of they easier step each other we thought they worry and this is competitive thing and suddenly we're back on a different playing field how important the next two games in the series. I think broad support I think that that's why don't I don't. When the way up because they're still important it's it's a divisional game you're going head to head against the key thing you know. In all likelihood you're gonna have to be. If you want to win the division so yeah I know it's June and I know I know some people were calling this a restart did not want yesterday on both sides. You know has its its early on in the year you don't really wanna go from fourteen to shoot bought. When you consider the opponents are I think it is important. Because what's the difference with the condition juvenile and September go back with you big actor to beat to win the division so get these are very important games and I think. Last night and when it was in the ballpark understands what saint because the ones are playoff like atmosphere and it did not see what some sort of went the person's game. They would play ingenuity it gave apple did have a extra. Something to wouldn't wanna call that something here and I can keep it played out that way shall serve well played game and then in the northern city aren't cut as civil or criminal. Zack it's always a pleasure to chat I'll keep doing what you do I love listening to you and we'll talk again other Erekat. In particular are always pal duck is and they go zags David pre and post imposed on the Chicago Cubs radio and Howard doesn't inning as well since it prepared using company and does a fine fine job there that is Jack joining us on the Schneider warned challenge Schneider our drivers right now. You work hard and they will treat you fair that's when they get it done call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com why do you think the brewers lost the game last night. Lack of offense bullpen meltdown. Managerial moves. Guys' inability may be the dropped out of bonds errors. Tightening up white what was the reason if you had to put your finger on it. And the brewers let this one slip away. 8558308648. 855830864. In the loans were kept account tall free Tom Clancy tune. More than a Michael show your calls and answers to those questions coming up next. Border to border filled film Michael's voice talking network. Look it was you know the double plays the first couple innings. But it was. You know we we didn't have much coney yes we did you know but tonight offensively it was it was quiet again really on the home runs out put some runs on the board but. You know there was some sparks you know there are mounds they don't double I thought it was a it was a really good spot in the aggregate. I'm doing enough and after that. So you know it was it was critical goes quiet for both sides really for an excellent eleven. For the program glad to have you thanks so much for take a listen to is certainly appreciate it. Say it all the time I mean it's every single time thank you. And to make us party your day. Those are the words or Craig Counsell. Talking about. His crew last night trying to bounce back tonight. 85583086482. 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Students call over it's worth a phone call to make it and all better you so to speak. So the question is why do you think the brewers lossless not yet put your finger. Okay. What was it about that and we want to wait meg game last night. What was your thought OK he's talked about save did the VR error start about the inability hit. Meet I walked away going you know what. The cubs are a big league team and the brewers right now are one of these when it comes to even though is the best record. Or did have when he calms you. That ability to. The brewers are still I wanna be stage something has to happen I mean the cubs were like this with the St. Louis Cardinals. And eventually I'm not saying you have to get into a bean ball war but eventually cubs did. And Joseph Mendes said we're not taking your crap anymore and sedated the podium senator at a postgame presser were not taken that crap anymore. And that man that statement was so allow old John and Rick Louisville and his guys got the message and that was it the swagger was gone. And they went on when a championship. And they've been good for the last still more the last few years. What is it gonna take for the brewers get over the hump awarded you walk away feeling last night as this brewers team took a loss where would you point the finger. One game I get a buoyed this woods let's BI is this just carried a different weight to it last night 855830864. Cans in West Bank can walk and program the microchip. Congratulations on having a number one sports talk show first and foremost you edit. If you get a four bit just a minute or two tiger to get to my point actually ready to each other. The first I think we are going what that because just run all of that if it starts and ends at the manager console. You've got to play small ball what it's trying to play small ball and he refuses to do it. Madden. Are beating I can go on and on the better managers year old Powell to get the most out of their players to build their conference from the com directly. You have to learn how to manufacture runs great console you really used to do. And I just don't understand the recusal order and nobody in the media will call tomorrow. That's another speaker Greg Shipley give an aspect of what a ball alternate why are you doing mr. France wanna call you though he doesn't do. But that brings you back to point number tool intact Abrams what he had to say. It would feel better team chemistry. Also solidifying their infield you don't they're gonna make the changes are what Garcia aired at second base would you are to move along Santana in the outfield. Drew you're in first place in my mere half game out which you have the ability to expect given these next two games. But building good team chemistry you'll see the worst come up to the plate belt which confident older than Belichick and Cain and brawn when you see them step and they're not taking big deep breath they don't look nervous. The other guys still are even even like Trevor shock. He gets up there earnings per pack in a way America good coaches. So this team needs of our Eagles next three or four guards to help well. But they also need to build better team chemistry and that sparked and we're console your email or had two great point. That you read before direct statement Umar. I wanna see this team to beat everybody got. They have the ability but there are console. Doctor Gregor what smoker kill little feisty like like Joseph there are good that you referred to approach Herbert walker kick to score that you card order moral political. Yeah yeah appreciate the phone call there's always Ken let's go to what KJ west L schedule what the program the Michael Joseph what's going on man. A what's going up you know let's call absolutely Margaret Cho and the seventies you know call Kuhn who we gave it carrying. America okay so. Joseph Maddon is pastor. And Craig Counsell is out operate out and he's trying to snatch the pebble. From the masters fans but he can't do. Because you have to learn how you. Rask all you'd party intricacies of doing and that's basically what happened. Council's reluctance to. Put got a lot play small ball I mean the first time. Was a double. Programs. We know lots K unchecked and you don't do anything to woo them over the government the only talk because there's yellow was uncertain as well. Didn't move here to try and you know moved him over at all so. All the little things like you say that you can't do. It seemed like the cops. Extra faults. You can knock. Rely on trying to. It belongs all the times you've got to play small ball you've got to play within the situation and you've got to use. You know sometimes he's got used so bureau. Our. You know our own ways of doing things men outside of the box. And not doing it right now though we haven't done it. That game was our carbon copy of a game last year that was kept on the report. With a cup yet and are if you look back. The series there was in game that they went into the night in the stands and they were tied. And all the sudden the floodgates opened up almost identical to last night's game. You know until they can get over the top. You know and would tell you something about yeah mathematically it will only be two and Abkhazia all right if you lose Egypt's web. But psychologically. You worlds away from being. I headed out even though they go down and have games at this point if you Norton. And Brent and I are shipped out our descent. From. My viewpoint fingered Craig Counsell I find it interesting that so many people are just quick. To jump on Craig Counsell and saying not not not get it to not give it to. Not gonna happen are and Craig Counsell and earlier manager. Early do I raised its its Craig Counsell has been. Really good. For. A long period of time with this team and I'm not talking in in terms of longevity as a manager Brad. This season he's been right there they've had very good baseball team they've got a very good baseball team and he's managed. Many times right many situation to me for a long time they have won the best records are going to be best record. In all the National League. Now you have to beat the cubs. I'm I'm not denying that anyway share perform I so quick to just jump all over. Craig Counsell say everything socks okay that every matter you all my god it's just it's terrible. His managerial skills are ten no. I'm looking at a team that just tightens up. Now you have to figure out away which by the way the brewer's dog the most wins in the National League education and now. Just an FYI. Cozy a 38 were shipped 39. But the brewers are 27 losses comes only 125. Bus a half game behind Chicago Cubs just to just be clear on that. Some were still have more wins. And most wins in the national leaked. They're still behind overall Major League Baseball the Yankees who are 42 wins Boston 45 wins continue to be really really don't. A 42 wins from a Seattle Houston and then there's is beyond the Milwaukee Brewers with 39. So this is just sort brewers are one win away from eclipsing the forty win plateau. By I think Craig gals literally go but I think as eighteen month. There was a collective Parker last night and they have to figure out a way to go with us bread listening to a C Mount Pleasant Brad what the program and a Michael show. And I'll do it again I'm gonna cut cut tailored to kind of just set there. But it's not act I think it in pre calculus there to cut. But the whole coat capital hole. You know compelled the whole thing as well but just couldn't get home run hitting team and look at some of this coaches poll and science are incorrect. When I can win games six to five it would it would play its just a competitor and he's been. All the guys have been able to keep peace at that the difference between the groups can't. Is that the cuts will happen when these Hawkins coming your way. Right now unfortunately. Because of the mentality of the brewers in the home run. You know they just don't and that's all well and that's what drives us to him about because you you should be able to do that an intricate play out. You're not going up against. You know most of picture of keep your book it's on to a tree. So these games are not going to be a consent to going to be. Treat acute in not to go on for the fourth of treat you in those type games and kept people to. Do all aspects of the gate. And to keep it in north park as an excuse he's done that the past two thirds they won't like he can plot because I didn't know what part. No I don't think you have you have to be a what do you mean. We have seen other teams that can hit the baseball that play in the National League central com animal health Joseph Maddon got a team that can hit the ball the ballpark and he box. Mike McQueen he has a team again the ball the ballpark anti violence and they donate at Miller Park I wanna hear that excuse that's garbage. And that's what drives you nuts yeah that you hear that sometimes irregular here from. Give him the public good but he can now he's kind of like helped elect a true. He has come down and be honest and say my guys don't know how to blunt. They are fundamentally an app when it comes of that and that that's reason we don't now granted that you play stupid or written by appreciate that phone call bread you can play statistical baseball and say okay. What does the blunt actually get you verses. These statistics are Saber metrics of what it is you can gain via actually hitting the baseball putting him play. That I can understand because there may be that side of the Saber metrics thing that I'm not looking at but some times. Just Jimmy Joseph Maddon did the last time they are Miller Park. He even said you we just need to get something going. All special they weren't getting anything going so they dropped a bunt and Alice and next thing you know they take off with a good inning sometimes you just need to do something. And if you can't play fundamental baseball or take advantage of situation. Then your. You're basically opened throwing yourself in the pool. Saying good saying do I your team goes swim as fast as far as the team that's right their next few old by the way I'm gonna tie one hand behind your back. You can't do it more than a micro show next. Sixteen stations strong national bill might school's sports talk now. On the back of the program belt Michael show. Hopefully you're having a fantastic. Day we certainly appreciate you joining us there's always a 558308648. 855830864. Rate so. The brewers take it on the chin last night today just your thoughts as to why and why you think the brewers kind of fell to the columns and secondly. Here's maybe the more important question. What is your level of confidence. Just brewers cubs from here on out. The remainder of the season. What is your level of confidence moving forward. Okay now think about temperament. Because the brewers have a couple of games obviously left with the cubs. Here. You know in this particular series. And then don't play him again for awhile okay they're not gonna see the cubs until the end of the season. They're gonna simmer for a quick two game series in August. OK so there's that's four games total with the cubs. And that's going to be a Wrigley and then they get six more. Showed ten games remaining. Ten games remaining. Three in Miller Park. Well it. Let's be honest OK so you've got to five at Miller Park. And in five at Wrigley starting today five at Miller Park five Wrigley what is your level. Of compliments. When it comes to these two teams. There cubs fan you have you'd be doing pretty good right. Your brewers fan you scratch your head go want to help. I would assume. Credit if I'm wrong 85583086. Foray. Well loans like Kim dotcom told free talk line give his Zhao who love to hear from him this portion of the program brought to by our friends in Marshall clinic health system. And they've care my way if if you have eight at any thing yelling you right now may be diskette that they head cold humidity is getting to he would get headaches whatever happens to be. Columns see if they take you to prescription right over the phones into a pharmacy near you that's what it's all about saving some time CB some might maximum charge forty bucks depending on your insurance. They can't help you you don't pay is that cool. That's our friends the Marshall clinic call Marshall clinic 844 error right 55 care way I should say 855. Care away 855 care away and make him show us who they can do for that's Marshall clinic go to Marshall clinic dot org for all the information. And I was into was on the south side Milwaukee Don I don't they mail itself. Good how are you bill. Mum. O trailer good Pamela in Atlanta owner explaining them and outgoing Barbara but I'm. I want to put a finger are out to be our air that. Bubble Cleary caught are sure you and a big compared to go beyond all of my competent global bill we up there. Like competent to ms. Dugard is it could be a little bit. More fundamentally solid that would let focus on fundamental like appealed remote. Much on the rear left side a little piglet that maybe you're running a bit better. They need America and it. Com Irving Kristol colonel copter game took a more level. And now they can go places vigorously to bring it altogether. But from a government level so I've been so good period. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out Persia he's got a high Telekom a slow drip grammys got a high confidence level feel good about it. You know it's one game bump in the road are right. Auto again that I'd I'd personally don't think it's that support this point but it. I'd like to believe it's less would I'm not announcers sure I think job. Just my opinion that the cut looked. I hope that if there's any brewer listening to this program they get pissed off and say you know we're gonna well improve these guys wrong. But just watching the game last night and I'm sitting. Sherri and I took his inimitable wiggles last night we're watching game bruiser up to one. And the they're like rock you know I turning over the ball Payer comes to a pretty good you know I'm thinking to myself man just get the win hard fought win. This one of those games that the cubs didn't play well. The cubs are gonna now know that the brewers get a win the cubs have to bring their a game they're gonna beat this team all that kind of stuff and that's in my head. And then I start to watch wheels fall off. And they go to actors even when they are go and actors know the brewers are only lost one extra inning game all season long I'm thinking OK this is not bad and then. Eight you could just see it start to unwrap. You can see it. And they can do there in America when his game and in addition of that. When when you home. Heard bill Schroeder last night saying this is disastrous. That was the feeling I had. He just put into words. His he says this is disasters. And in national wave felt is double Rollins. But it felt like it was a hundred grunts it felt like. There you go you just got beat by a Major League Baseball team and you're still trying to be in the majors that's what it felt. 855830864. As Christie listening to was in three lake Steve Prado. Look at bill I'm my adopted under shorter but the important for me. Are ready and be yarder that broke a look at look at old second. That might edit got a popular that was it. And that what that dictator he's heartened by the gate and you it would not we were there other broad picture third trip itself. My ballot beat out the report ordered. Now or Korea. Mean to me that was when they either there was a big play in the ball game. He got the crowd really intuit. To me that was in probably the biggest play in the ball in Georgia and don't run. The leadoff home run appreciate the phone call 85583086488558308648. Brewers is it in their hands. Is it in their heads pickup after the top of the hour gonna switch gears is a little bit Mike McCarthy you can hear from him as the brewers urgency the Packers are all gathering yet again. Up in Green Bay lawsuit to be a preview of game two brewers and the cubs you can hear from Tim Allen was the baseball post game show coming up to yellow the football. Little bit of baseball. They're wrapped in aluminum basketball in a note out of the world of football something that is now come out to that kind of goes well yeah out by it was me. We'll tell you it's all about state to more than a much pressure coming up next. Everywhere he Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Michael shop where on the air. The sports programming right by our friends over red quick trip don't forget quick trip there's so much great rewards going on right now. Lot of good things happening over a quick trip have you got to rewards card yet. Go to quick trip dot com KWIK. Quick trip dot com by location nearest you go to richer rewards card. And I just use mine today nagged at six eight cents off of each gallon against. So they got a lot of great deals lot of great special to meet cabinets tailgate fare whatever it is you need they've got its opera Windows 7 it Qwikster make daily stuff as a matter at the end. For those you that are on the go in the morning and in the Katzman coffee to. The group a copy fantastic stuff that is all over a quick trip and another cigar dinner right around the corner or give you more information on that coming up in the next hour. Mom couple pieces of news and notes first and foremost to Milwaukee Bucks and embarks announcing. They by the way we're doing pretty good ticket sales. Not there really shocks me because anytime you talking about the opening of a new building usually those are pretty. Usually the opening of a new building is is is pretty. Bomb never worry about one ability opened joy always a worry about. Like the next year or the year after that. Once the novelty of it wears off if you're not winning. You know it is what it is certainly you're just another team and good building and that's about the extent of but ticket sales we talk about this yesterday in the program. The the what is the bottom four roadshow for five rows up in the box announced her herb are helped. And seats all around the court. There was a couple left and that was it everything caught caught. Bucs are selling their big dollar seats two rows in them. So others ended the box tickets for next season. There is a high demand for and I don't expect anything different again. Because. But the boxer really won in up and coming team I think a lot of people gained a little more respect forum. He seen what Cleveland struggled with inning against the Boston Celtics and knowing that the Bucs took him to seven games. So kind of you know maybe even though there were down so the first round people may be walked away with a different feeling about the box after the post season. So they think there's a little more optimism there you're waiting for the other issue fall on the Jabari deal and see what happens thereby. There's a lot of optimism going and that new building everybody wants to be a part of so yeah they're tied him after the Milwaukee Bucks. Really excited about it now let's be honest. Between you me the fence posts and anybody else let's listening out there. Are they even in the same league with Golden State noon do. Knew a team that can just light it up from anywhere on the court at any point in time and do anything they want new. No they're not. I think it would struggle in Houston in the announcement. But the box still are going to be a viable team in the east how good we'll have to wait and see. But I know one thing expectation next year is not a.'s cedars seventy don't say that right damn now. But there is our demand for tickets for the Milwaukee Bucks on another piece of news and notes regarding the NFL. Remember back during the whole Al-Jazeera. Reports about. Certain players. And receiving human growth hormone and they had records and such and that was just look at is just a bunch of hogwash it's Al-Jazeera come on how they give information and nobody else to get. Peyton Manning's legal team revealed. Okay yeah he got human growth hormone it was sent to the house. However. It was not intended for use by him. Metafile documents in federal court. It was disclosed at the HGH sent from the clinic in Indianapolis. Was for Manning's wife Ashley. They're treating a condition that has not yet been revealed to the public. During the court proceedings Al-Jazeera claim that the second source for its allegations against Manning in the 2015 documentary. The dark side secrets of sports and don't purged. Was actually Manning's lawyer. According to a hot in the Washington Post however any lawyer merely confirm that the HEH was for Ashley. Not for patent. And flatly rejected the notion that the hormone. Was for Peyton Manning. One of Manning's attorneys by the way Matthew gill blasted that report. Signing off the record information and it's documentary. While contending that the network used Ashley's private medical records to lodge. 88 patent it patently false claim against Peyton Manning. So as the court case continues. Now they say yeah he had ten in the Manning house but it was for his wife now. Let's be honest here. OK I whenever he. Mere appearance of impropriety is brought up and in the court of public opinion specifically. When your star. You all of a sudden become guilty I don't think this is gonna besmirch the reputation. Of Peyton Manning to be honest with yet. Blight this is just one of those pieces of ugliness. Like a mole on your for your beautiful beautiful model and then you get these big nasty maul your face. You're still a good model everybody knows it. But you got a mole on your face that's what this news it's not is not making nude nude you know. But it's it's it's something that regardless of whether it's there or not for the for the truth or not. It doesn't help a man. Eight he still enjoys all Famer he's never been tested to the point where he's been caught doing something. So it's not gonna hurt him but I just like the back in the beginning it was like your crazy get out here Al-Jazeera it's a joke. And other like your crazy yes it was a hero by the way all that crap really we got testified growth at all crap yet it was here follows first wife. Within undisclosed. Ailment of some type. Or condition missions. The NFL by the way previously ruled that it found no evidence that Manning ever used HGH while other Major League Baseball. Are they clear Washington Nationals infielder Ryan Zimmerman and former Philadelphia Phillies you know Ryan Howard. Of using substances as well and after Al-Jazeera alleged that all three players used the banned substance in the same documentary. All three entities. Say no they didn't have these guys were tested. So. What nearly. More evil. Coming up next Mike McCarthy he spoke to the media the Packers gathering yet again at Lambeau Field. Getting ready for that you know last few practices before they break for the summer. And often they're different directions and an all reconvene at the end of July getting you ready for training camp near for Mike McCarthy coming up. Bush won today by the way it. My seven none of it. We'll get an of that discussion we'll preview the brewers and cubs game two Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show we will rehash last night's debacle. Before we wrap things up here that'll likely show a state to an all lot more yet to go another hour right after this. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk.