HR3 – Do you want Dez?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, April 13th

Hour 3. We’ll continue our discussion on Dez Bryant after the Cowboys cuts him. Plus, Comedian Dennis Miller stops by, and we have another installment of “Buy or Sell?”.


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From the league thrown. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall but bill Michael show. Look you know I was jealous Donny and we are glad you were on board today on this while crappy crappy Friday when you talk about whether otherwise there's a lot going on you get the words of Jabari Parker from last night's Milwaukee basketball our. You have guides oh a lot of sept talk Ronan in regards in Milwaukee Bucks heading into the post season and then and then. You have. Excuse me the news just broke a little while ago. And I I got mixed emotions I have to be honest would Dez Bryant has been cut. By the Dallas Cowboys. He also made him right after we announced that he made it official on Twitter. So and I have to ask myself do you wanna see Dez Bryant come greenback. On the surface Dez Bryant still talented is not V Dez Bryant from years ago OK let's let's be honest it's. It's not that Dez Bryant and cage is caught up with a little right. Even though he's still old seemingly young. The long time wide receiver. Has seen a decrease she's 29 years old. Okay. And Dan and Jerry Jones chick can check. We can't let go a day as desk just didn't you know our picture anymore he was due twelve point five million. And base carry cash Kuwaiti sixteen point five million cat PH which that we can't cut has a loose we wish BA's best. You know we were from or Romo alone I knew Tony Romo wide as well let me. So that that's that's Jerry Jones speaking earlier in there. They arrive at crossroads collectively he said with the input from several voices within your organization and ultimately they determined it was time to go in the new direction. On the field Bryant Starr has faded. The once dominant physical wideout has surpassed hasn't surpassed 900 yards since signing. His deal back in 2050. Think about that he is not. Surpassed 900 yards. Since the day he signed that deal. Okay. That being set. He's still were some cash along. Which is that. When you talk about Dez Bryant. He still. A guy you have to pay attention to. So here's my question. Dez Bryant on the left. Dovonte ams on the right Jimmy Graham in motion. Slot receivers Randall Cobb. Pick your running back. Pick your running back. Erin Jones Jamal Williams Delonte Mays Ty Montgomery. Picture running back. Aaron Rodgers under center. How lethal. Use that offense homicide. Or at least seemingly. OK. Now's not Dez Bryant from years gone amok but he can still be some catches but you've got enough experience enough hands there. But you can get the job done and about Kansas still in my day to them honest opinion is still the number one. But now you have depth because you have then behind him to run a more Allison. The annual Yancy Michael Clark got a really high on. You know all those cats. 8558308648. On loans by kip dot com tore free talk by now your putting together the dream offensives that should ever happen. Barring memory takes personality you have a strong personality and Jimmy Graham you have a strong personality and Aaron Rodgers. He has got some guys have been outspoken on the offensive line and then you wanna throw win. The volatile temper. Beside the human sideline outburst. Of Dez Bryant be careful what you wish. It's gonna Anthony was it was a mosquito if they welcomed the program the Michael show it's going comment. Yeah I think you know it's I don't know what your group revealed. Well what your point article. You have Craig you're there Rogers maybe it's yourself. Maybe get one last night aren't you Greg here on the letter of your career I think we are built like having much that ought to that it was that the he's not necessarily in his prime but he is not watch either I mean he still. There are far backward or well receiver. You know and I think yeah they're not a lot of other weapon. Health and and everybody else what that it I don't know that I commit to long term I good against. I think I've got to get a mana item short term deal that that you're going to be while. He admitted that's quarterbacking about well now. And get a chance to really eaten chili they'll play and that got him again next year that insisted that the agreement. I would say can appreciate a phone call at the I would think that if you're gonna do Dez Bryant he's 29 years old I would say he's probably going to be a two year guy. As far as the contract goes. You're gonna wake the front end of it. Maybe say the two years. 24000025. Million some like that. Put in the first year you're gonna make it you know 1517. Guaranteed. And hope that he's got some left in the tank and MA Regis may be. This is a case of he didn't have those of them you know the quarterback's. Throwing to him. You know that that. He thought it would. You know I mean it is that. Is is that. Rio. 85583086. For aid and loans we kept our calm cool free talk Klein. But now he comes into a situation where Aaron Rodgers throwing young football Aaron Rodgers has him and we all know is that aircraft that Epstein he has athletic abilities and improper capabilities going the best arms in football. He's been looking for an at an additional column. Chicago the cog. In that offensive machine. You know. You think Dez Bryant is better than George. Otherwise you're gonna say oh you're doing is training him for George. Go to David Clair de welcomed the program the Michael shows going on day. We can't bird are all their belt because. Exactly what I was save your screener you're just got rid of a good locker room guy who would they pick Rhett don't target. He or why would you pick up any big red don't target OK get ready or was that bad guys in the locker room. It would be unmitigated disaster. He would not be the number one guy he'd be malcontent EI IV there people like. Adrian Iran like. All right thanks so that their outlook and current dispatch that the look at the erect a part. It's a bad idea at Franklin never burner what it was half. You never stretch the field bag with a big typical red zone target. What you don't eat that he's got a pretty big Ted McGinley it. I think it's crazy get a better guy in the third or fourth brought help monologues he'll or years. And develop and then all but you know. What big threatening not Bob Packard made it bailout team. They can't understand why we get it in weeks that I've ever bite birds point don't have any money and second of all every seat belt and perhaps develop. It's the way it you have to have guys get hurt or hear about rookie deal pick inside and let the other L. It's really hot and talented up. Yeah I'm no IICI. I'll I'll agree in the senate version of a while we're in the sense it is much speculation as much conjecture is we give it right now. Ireland is gonna happen. I would be shocked and for those that are saying it doesn't want your pro to deal I can't imagine. Dez Bryant. In any way shape or form take a one year deal I just think it is going to be too many people out there. There are going to be willing to give him three. Maybe a four year deal when it's gonna be weighted more towards a two year deal. Something like that highlight its auditing do that does that the only way I'd bring in Dez Bryant is on approve it one year deal yeah I think that he would ever do one year to maybe two. But Al he would do when you're did not lest there were just absolutely positively no takers because of his attitude he shot himself in the foot. But I think Dez Bryant with the right quarterback still there's going to be a team out there who's gonna pay. I tell you what though. Ever since Martellus Bennett and his little fiasco right. Lot of packer fans and our very paranoid about have been a guy you who is an eagle locker mean now there's always hope that I can change. Maybe does Brett changed. I don't know. I'm not look I'm not gonna give him some long term deal less is not gonna happen but if Dez Bryant wants to come here and a one year prove a deal and you don't look at himself in the mirror and say all right I saw about their win and I'm I got Aaron Rodgers throw me the football in this teams in the situation win. I'm supposed chip on my shoulder on the do I need to do if he's gonna have that kind of approach great. You just spent a ton of money and making that trade to get Alex Smith in Washington. Kansas City traded away their quarterback Kerry Washington. Yard Josh dioxin and who also is James and Crowder. Would you say take your chances are keeping him in the division. With a chip on his shoulder and paying him three years to be your wide receiver over the air. You know I mean sure you I mean you've you've got out shined Jeffrey in Mac Collins and Shelton gives sin in my equality as soon. And any even. Galore but would you who say he just kind of hedge your bets if your Philadelphia. And try to go after and say let's keep you in the division Muir I mean I. As much as I would love to say that you know green Bay's got money and he's going to get and it's can be a two year deal worth ten million a year in me. I just don't think that's gonna happen I think I don't have a lot of suitors out there. You know I mean I just. You know they they put this what they have guides DeVon plunges in Torrey Smith. And who's the other one. Royal Russell's raw shepherd emperor in it boy they could use a guy like Dez Bryant with Cam Newton down Carolina. While we just learned in all the hallmark is Peter saying. That the rams were apparently the only team in the league and it interest America's Peters does Marcus fetuses that bad. And brands anti global ought to get Marcus Spears and we'll see if this can work or not there. The girl with a lot of guys and a lot of Eagles that locker room ally now also were gonna see how this pans out on paper it looks really good I mean will seal. So now it goes right back to Dez Bryant how do all these teams. View Dez Bryant and will there be a bidding war on the scam. I just I really don't know because America's Peter is no wanted to. Will that be the same approach to look like he's selling the enhanced NFC east opponents would they love to have a guy like Dez Bryant and a team. Yeah. I believe cell. You had the talent yes I just you have to have a really strong strong presence. To handle. You know you just do you you've got to have a strong presence to be able that would put it this way you know what would you take him across the state. You got the Andre Hopkins who Wilfork. Would you wanna add Dez Bryant today Houston Texans group at the early whenever we do Shawn Watson as your quarterback and up and comer there. That's weaker group that would be a hell of a group. You know I. Bruce Ellington would be collier odd man out before DC got Simi coats. Down there but would would you undertaken Dez Bryant there I mean I had. At trio would do with a shot watts bar and a replica buy out big time and a Big Ten. This portion of the program brought you by our friends a quick trip to up your alternative fuels no fee AT&T may have quick quick rewards on telling you this is good eight. Take that card swipe or use your phone number whatever is going to Qwikster right now get two awards Gordon let your money start earning you money and cash back on gas. On gas not a bad guy not that it's not that time I'm talking Petro gov or Jews who vehicle you get all candidates doubly Qwikster audits who's gonna Qwikster TW I take. Quick trip not count. Would you wanna see Dez Bryant. Right there. Okay coming up next Dennis Miller a talk with him longtime comedian Emmy award winner and television radio show host he's gonna join us next in the much. Wisconsin love. Michael's sports talk. No I don't show on the air we are glad to have him. Thanks so much for take a listen to his horse who program he brought to our friends at Bud Light the official beer sponsor a little like a sports talk network when I was at the other station. I was his lead him. Whether he knew it or not. Mel Oman numerous times to a non Monday Night Football as a matter of fact I was working with the Green Bay Packers CNN now. We bring him on the program you know the name when he is done so much in his career really from an I football to stand up comedy easy a political guy he's a funny guy he's a light guy. And now he says a little crank here now that he's older it's Dennis Miller joining us on the shatter orange highlighting why don't Dennis. A man. I during the commercial break I was on hold I was listening sounds more apprehensive about discussing the other very. Heartland but from. OK I will pass that along so bad man because I was you're my guy that you know I got up the air and I would sit the studio and on cotton stuffed in a listen and view it. You were my nighttime entertainment for so so long in this guy you've been since. I am fine I did eight years. And and trying to real for two more. I was just. I don't know eight years of three hours today. That it may I enjoyed it immensely it's just remember thinking. I think it can be breached diminishing every convention they starting to get more Kurt. On the phone with equal starting at you know on a plane gains of Arcadia. For my help her to the duke of purple during his. I'm sure that that might be a nice quite a departure but I and I look that I look to the world terrestrial radio but people were nice. But there are less attractive than people and other mediums that worked. I enjoyed the honest communication with the people in the free form nature of that April oh victory aren't as great as a grossly over therapy that I could say. When we dial this was a great question -- lack of proof that I you're coming on the show ask me and I never really thought of this but when you wake up in the morning. And you have everything at your fingertips. Whether it's information through the newspaper through media social media on your phone whatever. What is the first section that you like to read what he what are what are you what is Dennis Miller director you cover all jumpers. Well I'd like to three I got to wonder two things about closely watching Turner Classic Movies show which I watch every night at such by Bobby. Title from Asia it I didn't make it. Sure that I would watch the stock market channel because I haven't so figure in my head were. Talking in public at a attribute that had. And it. I'd like a little like that I really or are there with the hey match years ago we are Lambeau Field and we had a chance to Chad you're talking about you know dreams come true and you you've been able to do stand up on some of those. Most critical stages in the world and then you said you know being able to come to Lambeau Field and in not only witness again to call a game. Well dream come true dean it was it was a great conversation very off the cuff and and I never forgot that it what do you miss. About doing certain things in your career. I think at my record. Trying to get into. Org plenty but Childress doesn't get warm Fuzzy you. Think that happened like that I always stick of the career united. Showbiz is pretty brutal game as intriguing he's probable are on the porch and the country side Lebanese people or conviction. You know I didn't look like this Saturday Night Live actually anniversary saying it had nothing to do it records the so let me. Looked over to hear from still fragile now Antarctica and don't look that part of the and I elected you to use your job and quite frankly within a couple days I don't think about it I think more one true thing. As the standard which are still continue to get to do. Both and sure it was for me at least relatively bloodless exchange I think the talk rub it in show business. Does not come that they trailing just the absolute bottom line real life. So is it just while I look back accepting answering my life is great for. Lump them delegate to rhapsodic. You know the short list. Volatile when Dennis Miller comedian longtime TV radio analyst Jeff five time Emmy award winners got to podcasts are right now red circle sports with Dennis Miller the podcast one and twice daily syndicated sixty seconds the feature Miller two minutes you got everything going on you're still very very active. You're coming to the Riverside theatre on May ninth might now may nineteenth you have a new you're filming a special now right you're filming a new stand up special correct. Only GAAP and should get injured and antigen pretty good shape right now and will be one of the final stage of life. Committee in June. And you know lucky because you know my favorite memory of the accused being. The team on stage with that. And sober. There are able to sort of jumped ship was. I always sir Robert. Ladies and gentlemen from Caleb boom boom. That was litigate and suddenly about the excellent that was gonna work but I want. To. Or yeah I was. It's funny you mention that Lewis Black was in town one year and Paul Simon was on the next day's news is does the middle of it Johnson out Bonnie so what we're just all women want mixed oracle is an Apollo he's gonna be dead shortly. Well I think. And about doing an acoustic logo removed Luis Polonia sweeter sister which is always nice and. Mr. that's absolutely I completely get that hey on the console when it comes to the stand about no I was reading some of the stuff some revised up they sent us. And because the world has changed so dramatically from the time you got into it was Saturday Night Live all the way until today. And it's all the social media what what is she changed via you were. Your round your life you were what is it what it is you do not a social media has becomes a problem. All personal about Saturday Night Live when it was whoever was in power and it was just that simple you know my man is certainly an update. Said that the market but ultimately. They were problems or lip yeah Russia and one woman they have. Three young. This is the three young girls sang to sir with world group Portuguese. Barack Obama. You know completing that you look at that this can be great images there say it was just. Oh wow that is differ because you inherited one would have us. Ripken power was the job description as far as social media goes I think he's made absolutely you know war hole. What homeless quite frankly the could put a senior here and let everybody that these. They've interpreted that the shorter than that everybody can be destroyed and their little progress so far that the slow. I was that it works way we'll certainly about social media never got along well that more chronicle. I believe that Lewis and Clark kept situation I don't as Kardashian in the lunch look at broken through the city code on New Year's world. And been wearing different clothes along the way I'm sure there are no doubt about it. Maybe as some wingers don't think does is always a pleasure to RT it's it's been fought it's been far far too long and Adobe strange we love to have you back on anytime you wanna come back we certainly appreciate it man look. You can't argue with Iraq we. It was. Jesse you know what they wanna Super Bowl everybody got rings in it was fantastic in and I had kind of one on my own network in them and I'm trying to do would you do and that's what's the stock markets is on deck can be Dennis Miller. Well good for human and intricate do remember somebody kicking me pointing out where little block out. Where by the way they got jury finally. The if that was you or somebody and you're. Outlook well struck here's the last segment. Out of luck actually does a pleasure as always we'll talk to Seneca. Artillery bigger Dennis Miller got comedian longtime TV and radio host. Five time Emmy award winner he is coming to the Riverside theater and he's gonna be they're getting up they are getting ready for his. His new as you special they're getting rid of so many specials so you're going to be a doing something. And you're looking for something you know a fun night out to and you love the satire that is everything in life. The Riverside theater may nineteenth Dennis Miller is going to be appearing there you can find tickets online but don't forget he has his podcast called red circle sports with Dennis Miller. And he also has the twice daily syndicated 62 radio feature. The Miller man and you can hear his stuff. There as well he joined us on the shatter or child I chatter hiring drivers right now you were car they treat you fair eighty plus years and getting attacked. Call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died. I'm buying or is shall maxim about Michael Jacques. You're listening to the bill might school's sports clothing that. That's the word. Brando Michael shell Johnny as fortunate program be brought to buying me -- matter gold do more with new Malcolm and appears a little bit and now has a plays of the week stay tuned for that. Time now though for some by you or shall already regularly got. Build there is no free Keane no way. Brett Favre had over a thousand concussions in his playing days. I think Brett had a little bit of an exaggeration there are good. No I didn't mean. Did he have quite a few I would say yeah but to say a thousand. You know that means your practicing every day taking impression every day for more than three straight years. Think about that fan I don't think it's over a thousand but you know he's said I yell at a hundred. You know we kind of got the stars lit up you know yeah I could I could see that put the thousand I. I'm the cell on that I'm not caller brought a liar but I'm saying maybe. Making joke. But I'm going to maybe had one too many hits in the head when he 2000. Thought yourselves. That bad. That's kind of that is in the year. And yeah fashion. And art wall panicked and went off. Between the the corners and the save dean is by yourself build the Packers secondary still lack good enough not. Not good as a reason I brought the question isn't even fair at this point. To USA Super Bowl or bust because what you've got in the secondary right now for the Green Bay Packers. Is some improving cats. Some guys coming back off of bad seasons. Some young guys. And then a bunch of guys that weren't drafted. You know again we go back to divine house tomorrow went from always decency who last year. When he played. DeVine and also we saw the bond house I mean good in the locker room not great on the field you need to great on the field. And now you're putting alongside Kevin King who's probably your most veteran guy when it comes to the ability to play lockdown outside corner. He's the only guy got to Mon may complain it but I he doesn't have seen that speed and capabilities Kevin can. Neither does DeVine house Kevin King tracked them last year bad shoulder missed the last us a quarter of the season. You banged up. And I started going through a list of names before Buell a while my god Dmitry goods and her waters. Marwan haven't Lindsay took in Jermaine why did Donna Della brown Josh Hawkins petrol price. Where is the fear. You don't have much don't have much depth back there you've got a lot of guys. Went do you have a lot of quality. So yes the secondary is is is not. Peppers at least not right now awaits. By eight. 460 I can't say I'm too impressed right now that's just me. I had sort of the brewers and talk much for us today Eric Spain's. Is off to a hot start again with a home run ball even. He gets more he had eleven all friends Lance and all last year last season in the month of April buy or sell. He gets more than eleven home runs. This time around this April. Ari you don't want as much I want a quiet moment itself. Just for the fact it's hard to repeat that kind of a number I mean he's off to a hot start Eric things right now he's got five home runs in the season. Ten hits and scored eight runs 38 at bats so for what he hands. Fell one every 67 at bats he's Jack along well. He's gonna get if that's because we know that you don't yell which is been down now we'll see how quickly owes them back in and things begin to tail off but. If you Ellis comes back and Ryan brawn begins platoon being over there at first base and hitting against lefties. Well there are things numbers are gonna go down naturally so that's why I'm gonna kind of say I think. It's going to be harder repeated anyway but is gonna be even harder he's not seeing much playing time some of the solemn. But yourselves. I just lost my age studio. And such and such an idiot sometimes okay it would off. The brewers. Plan a red hot bats. Buy or sell all they take two out of three. The brewers. Himself misguided Mets are really hot right now and then. Wouldn't surprise me brewers got swept and the Mets just keep on roll. They've got some solid pitching and by. Thomas overthrew at least one win. They got they got a successful Sudeikis play divorced you put it altogether. There be a team the content. Mean that they're just in now granted that's come from behind wins. But just missing on some of these things but if you can shore up the defense. And and get the offense roll and you don't win a lot of games regardless of which pitching. So. As much as I wanna say they take two out of three and I'm going to be optimistic I'm gonna say no they don't win a game. The Mets take two out of three. The brewers come back home and then they feast in Cincinnati and the markets is in the gonna have seven games against teams that are sub 500 teams are just not that good. So they win one out of three come back home peace and Cincinnati feast on the Marlins and then we at least look at it is all is OK with the world. Body or settle. You got us averages. Thirty points in the playoffs regardless of how far the fox go by and it climate right here and right now they're still gonna pack it in on. Which is why it's so incumbent on Bledsoe Middleton and everybody else to be hidden from the outside. But they are too oriented team spirit team even after stack impact on the inside and we don't do it consistently on is going to be too. You honest is gonna get the ball he's gain and the only thing we can talk about here when it comes to what we've heard the last four weeks and this is all pending. This teams non selfishness. They have to give the ball be honest have to be able to spread it around have to get assists and really work things defensively. But I believe he is going to be averaging thirty points per game post season. I'm also an effort to say that you boring Parker's really looking at his post seasons kind of coming out party for him to say I'm here I'm back pain me. And I I think the Jabar he's gonna put up some decent numbers as well. Some find it. That's. That is it that's the way we do it that is buyers cell. Always good news some buyers. On a Friday specific. 85583086. Point by the way if you wanna do one more we could say buyers cell bill. Do you think Dez Bryant newly released by the Dallas Cowboys went of his agreement factor I'm gonna say I would love to see it happen but and I'm gonna sell. For everybody it's edgy new two year you do three years you one year pru idea. I think Diaz is looking for probably two to three years probably three years the thirty years going to be one of those years you throw away your team where you pay him up front. You given three years 36000034. Million something like that deployed guarantee about 1718. Million other. Let improve a little bit late to make a little more money and then move on. But but that that's probably in the area Dez Bryant and end up in the ports also had done and I don't think it's gonna be with the agreement that. Just sort. They got 855830864. In a long flight if dot com told free talk line. It was you shall love your opinion all this stuff. As always tell. Games do you think the brewers you to understand to that question how many games in divergent against Mets good team good pitching. They've got hitting going on right now there's no doubt about it do you think is brewers teams capable of going there and getting to through. And I'd I think they're gonna get one but you think that you are you more optimistic area it is there's something you saw on the Saint Louis series or last week that's gonna make you go you know what. They're gonna put this together they're gonna see they're gonna shock the world sort of speak going into a Citi Field. And B album take to a through given that coming up here. In just a little bit also we have the new melon head's up plays of the week stay towed a lot more to go oh my gosh are coming up right after this. He ordered to a mortar. Film Michael's voice talking network. Michael job. So on the air. Glad you're onboard. Hopefully you're having a awesome day you know the weather's shocks mightily. At some point we're gonna get in a warmer weather and we're all going to rejoice until then I guess we have gopher purgatory. Before you get to have a right. You've got to back your head. 8558308648855830864. Races portion program right where Fred's new Mel medical treating guys with the ED erectile dysfunction. All over the state well beyond borders as well. They have a 98% success rate by the way the got to go on Kevin fevers got to be driving you nuts right now. So the inside activities are getting it done maybe need to call meanwhile you're dreaming of the outside activity. And eventually that's gonna happen. See any value to a little round I got some energy to meet some stamina you're gonna start to lose little way get a feel good we should he can't doing your own made right. If you look at you suck I got a he's now. They get help is going its numbers just to see where you're at your over the age of thirty go go go go go go. He tested and know explain everything Tia it's a fantastic program and it really really does work and maybe just maybe you wanna jump start the only those programs. If you are feeling tired and sluggish and rundown you put on a few pounds they can help you out a jump starting that as well. And all you have to do is column 4144554451. That is 4144554451. That is the Newman. Medical center. Time now for the new male heads up plays of the week. And you got the number one that highlight right here in game two. Against the cardinals. No my. It's got courtesy of Foxworth was counts and Eric things going yard terrorism greater already with a highlight reel catch and things swings and try. The June a month of April immaturity or Joey got. Well and I'm Perez says when scoff Blaine finally. It's a home run game three against the cardinals highly courtesy of ML BA live on base. Well first pitch swinging deep center field off the bat they're not per ads and it's time. A solo home run for Perez he's now. Six for fourteen. In his career against Adam Wainwright brewers on the board one nothing then. Tell last this and it's on FaceBook yet again which was a weird experience within himself game three cardinals Eric famed yard. Indiana right fields. Backing up bitter towards the wall we'll see it yet the pool. Bitter that. Not come up with this. The crowd that. Eric dames has homered in four of his last five games another solo home run for the brew crew. And it's a do nothing clearly here and there it. There's been hit Indiana right fields. It's adding audio towards the wall we'll see if he had the wait a minute. Since they entered that OK let's doozy we're really count for the time when you're the bag correct figure is there Gary go. 12. Three Indiana right oil fields by backing up data towards the wall has he had yet the day. Second spilled flights. What do you know the arch. I. Another four seconds to identify you now why isn't it and I don't. Or Delray you know he's not done you know drinking a mirror there's a big crack in a battle only grab an editor and then he's is way. Words bullet is way and there he's just been. Yeah it all Ollie guy go play out. Well it. That is not going got a resume tape anytime zoomed. Right now. As rugged writer branded the new Mel medical's that are they're together the deal on Tuesday good stuff. Compliments. Of MLB lives. And he's foot. You know I I I laughed but we've all been there done that. I remember the first time. You know I started calling big league games it'd he appeared nervous you know you're not a mother whose first iron hybrid. Is it different entity you know it's not somebody you used to covering and so I'm okay you know you maybe you lose flight of the ball you're involved in something to producers in your years something's going to we've all done that or it's just been you gotta find your bearings. Then finally when you do you just got to move on and act like it never happened there it's terrible. My goodness. 8558308648. Reminder coming up at the top of the hour Paula maker green gold analyst is going to be joining us for a talk with him. About the return of divine house and in addition of that when asked him the same question we're asking you a little while ago and it's it's really become a split decision on face where and a Twitter. But Dez Bryant released today by the Dallas Cowboys he was making twelve and a half million. Would you savior and Gooden glance would you effort towards him would you go after that guy and and and everything he offers weathered the you know the physical ability or their tents and had would you go after Dez Bryant and anyways your performance here Pakistan organ that discussion. Reminder. Ours on yet again and that I'm gonna be at the the cousin subs in Mac one later on this afternoon 46 today. 46 today stop by. Gonna be there at the cousins subs given away prizes and some you know and Chatzky stuff in the near ready for some good food and the weekend in baseball and if you're gonna be doing some you know tonight you're looking for something you don't want to go out and and you know by something big and you don't wanna you know kind of go home and cooks have come up cousin subsidize about the presence of 46 today to each suffering for some brewers baseball as well. And you can pick up pepperoni Mel or anything else they have to offer plus they have soups it's kind of crappy days you wanna get warm and it's a soup. Or just think about that pepperoni that go Michael's right up to grow warm the company inside extra Mayo expertise and a good Italian bread. And walkway with a thing radio two big tub radio Jude she speakers and that your Knight issue hunkered down. For brewers in Mets a little bit later on tonight so make it cousins subs kind of night. And again that it's on met on wrote fourteen point four Mac one road in met one Wisconsin. And there will be there from four to six today so hope to see doctors face in the crowd also a little bit later on the program. We're talk some more about to board Parker in case you missed some his comments from last night's Milwaukee basketball all right I I would highly highly highly suggest you stay tuned. Also you're gonna hear again from Tim Allen in case you missed it earlier in the program to Mallon post baseball post him shall talk with him. About this brewers team as they go and get ready to take on the Mets coming up tonight the Mets won the hottest teams in all of baseball in case you didn't know and maybe even a little bit asleep at the wheel. That to the Mets. Mets were expected be a good team not only anybody expect him to get off this kind of a fast start they are ten and one application in now. 101 on the season and they won eight straight. They just ended up knocking off Miami they've got to the brewers coming to town the night which is a 7:10 eastern time 6:10 central time first pitch. And and they they're good ball really good ball club brewers there hanging onto the second spot in the center right now. They are thirteen games. Into the season two and a half games behind Pittsburgh and a half game ahead of the Chicago Cubs. Cubs by the way beat yesterday Pittsburgh got some six to one. To be taking on Atlanta. Beginning today they've got Atlantic coming into Wrigley Field and it's not great weather so it should be a few ball games. It's going to be taken place will be later on this afternoon down there at Wrigley. I take a quick break we'll come back to the fallen ill get to some job as a reaction to our partners statements. Tim Allen was the baseball post game show a lot more yet to come to the life of your coming up right after this. Six clues stations strong. Bill might cools sports talk now.