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Thursday, October 12th
10/12/17: Hour 3. We chat with Seth Everett, Paul Charchian, and we have a stat regarding this Packers vs Vikings matchup.

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From the league runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans column should talk. The bill Michael you know. I. Did you feel welcome Michael Joseph was on the air and we are so glad dead. We go from. Packer football on a UW Whitewater football. And last night. And some good baseball. You had a just a misty nasty game down into Wrigley Field and then last night. He had the Yankees there rebuild had a schedule on the Yankees end up a beating the Cleveland Indians. In the winner take all game five and they advance to take on the Houston Astros and man a man who defunct but to talk more about September and urban national baseball insider. Is here says they don't man. The garlic bread among my way to. You national art. I was gonna say you probably don't land area right. I mean that I'm in the car and driving down there and that harsh if ballpark they're about ninety minutes. Com. The I'd like I would start. The well that's just did a Dusty Baker do very corny when it comes to who his starter will be this evening. So I I guess. Here here's the question for you who would you start. I go geoghan bowel. I think you about the veteran. You know it into the war. Is a massive success. I did pretty well and in overall market an agency checked in the two years ago and there are. I'd it's your remarks and you know happy with the modicum of success he has not banned. As consistent as he lives for revelatory it ain't so it'd just. It's not all the logic ego grow our current climate it but I don't think you well. Rourke was pumped he's gonna start greatly. And you know he's from Illinois. It is part of I just don't think he's the right guy or I could get the ball. So what what do you think of this series thus far I mean not that the cubs having. Is forest last year there was so much criticism heaped upon Joseph manly kind of handled the bullpen. Yesterday again the bullpen came in here I thought he made some good moves bridges didn't turn out that way but then again when you don't hit the baseball you're not gonna win ball games anyway. But last night I'm listening criticized again should I made the change would give me your thoughts. Well in Kabul bank in the series is an epic at least start going there and that they're the ones that I circled it. The other two but one that I thought was going to be the epic I'll bet you that of the three favorite. One of them would get there and it's going to. And I think you got coming I wouldn't affect which one but you know what you need that one of them at the ivy Gerri investing that always went. And so in the cubs' national spirit I don't think it everything. You know the finger at the the national they never won a close series. Pay. They've never want. They've never been at the exposed for the next. They're bullpen has done them in before and what happened and greatly pitched game like Strasbourg and now all of a sudden they can't. You know they they they can't ultimately okay. Game two. Dot I thought back plate with his I'd I would add back in that was it and that I've ever heard lots. And then harper hit a home run and you belt up it literally felt like it exhale. In that are just that I. At a dinner and I'll run was very dramatic wasn't the urban international group wandered. In the watched the national I nabbed him for the evening game which are there and etiquette expert at pebble. And you're saying is that all of the brands are never gonna win and I know the credit is that funny pictures are out but the fact of the matter how can he win without it all. Winning seventeen what was going to do. So based on that then all of these securities not and I think Dusty Baker. I think I think got a bigger today admirable thing that went wrong not. Dusty Baker and exactly what he was trying to do it didn't spell it right and a partner in the outback and corporate and other. But Strasburg read all the press. And Strasburg. Law they were talking about it what you. Are talking about the legacy of a picture. That instead of England. He went getting no respect I didn't start when he had to chip. And he knocked out and what it Gotti performance by Scott berg. And and it still didn't know one thing I mean it hearing everything it still just the one upping it cannot be able to beat perpich. Yep ask and to win came at the debate are back and that's when Ellen don't run in the first time the national could actually be a light at the end of the. On the go back to the Strasburg situation because I am on on one hand if Strasburg says look. I only I ago. You know you're kind of looking at it as OK is he doing it too much you wanna say well he's just fearful. You can't go you don't wanna be a detriment to your team you don't wanna track the old data as you can play hurt but can you play well hurt because otherwise you're just hurting your team. Are you write your picture right betting that there are sitting at separate and what does he was trying to do it struck but it was not was trying to not growth that's occurred under the thought. Any witty not the greatest communicated. But what it is the most loyal manager in baseball. Is not the back editor at very well but its players believe it. The example that I'll use it when Dusty Baker with being asked about I think it was all role strapped. Win the domestic violence. And he said remember our domestic violence that it always remember what it. Never got that when talking about what might that Brett Darrow. And he he had the greatest inventions when he bought. The garbage and it sounded like Hewitt and I you know we've been backed up with an edict came off all in this market it. I had the wrong thing but he had a bet that intense and you weren't trying to protect out there and beat on the back. Strasburg said yeah I mean Bob ball I will be used for out. That's what Dusty Baker had there's not a knock on any other manager Buck Showalter can't get. On Hillary execute get back Dusty Baker. So I wanna talk more about this but I'll sort of given some of the things before we run out of time I've I've got to talking about this he saw it right well this acceleration by the New York Yankees I mean this is why it. Brewers fans were kind of hoping for to be able to catch fire. And get themselves in the postseason the differences they got some veteran pitching over there they had some video CC sabathia went out yesterday in and throw pretty go to when I mean for. For what he brought to Milwaukee years ago he brought that to the Yankees in the post season yesterday. And pitched them into obviously they had some hits to go along with a low pitched him into the ALCS. So for as much as we talk about the use and there is used on that team good quality youth. They also have good that they got a good mix with some of these veteran contracts that they weren't able to dump and some of these guys are coming through. Well you know that they the couple's bank liberal line. And indicated that number for your audience back at that I'm sure you aren't. Sure Iraq that. In the last six game but the Cleveland Indians have been on the verge of eliminating an old. They have a law. Six. Apple at a La I was up in one. With game six and seven at home in the World Series last year in dramatic aid if the acute in. And then this year up to gain and nothing and you know we do audit public you know all of a sudden and you have your eight on the map. And court Weber said it about them I'll give him a clunker in games you you know it happened that at bat the by. Q well you give I don't run the Gregorian. I couldn't believe it. I think that there's no way corporate and I said because it had been five straight ought. Are you stunned by that and you know to get the credit would be eager or that you know a guy who ate no name that would impact. By bright yet he was highly touted prospect by elect there are a dime a dozen. And that's a good guy and kicked by Brian Cashman to replace Derek Jeter. Other than awful lot at it to do not only what he spoke to just yelled at the thinking ouch. You learn a language. And become a spark plug them offensively. Than Jeter ever could. I think Gloria is just to show you what outrageous comments are right. Always gonna ask you about Joseph Girardi because. For much criticism is Girardi has taken in the past because he's had talented teams. And people say well he was just good because he had talent. What kind of credit he gave him now for these younger team in the mix and he's had in the end where he's gotten. Well I'm an epic I will say that the bachelor party regardless of the box games Q because you are in Q. And I don't like impersonal. I had an issue with them and I had arguments. And I do not like impersonal. But is it. And the jobs that he had done with it young team is truly remarkable. And if adherents start and you know that the law I could be a critical error. But the fact is that the problem that I had with your Girardi is that it would pick a fight in cute and I ain't. You know I like managers I you know I told you might hear that part Charlie Manuel was patella. Don Baylor. Charlie Manuel liked it quite. And what they all do it outlet only. Collins looking at bat he would literally. Looking in the eyes say. It's not like all I had to bring it back on all our. I would like and so I would. He was saying that he in fact they are governed and they'll say that the what Joseph Girardi did what he said well we couldn't discern in thirty seconds. Whether or not the ball it hit such as an outback. Do you think you know we shall only. Just level with people and I'm not that I spent the last 62. Radio show. According big guy. And he shot checked on the spending you're means he cannot be. And that on your part about it is that he's now being mentioned because their contract apathy in the year. In his ten years yet at three year year and where your country. If you picnic either you or your contract your kidding is now I think he walked at the end of the year. Because she knows that you know it it brought few very well and I think you want the Red Sox to an alternate to the Red Sox if you thought John Farrell with a back. But what you eat what. Mr. only. Joseph Girardi. When. I was Camille my next question was is is he longs for the world in that sense I mean or is he. You know if if it. If you remember the history Joseph Torre was the first manager that this ownership group add to make a bit and it George I don't think George had died by Hewitt is you know you get dementia and eat the notoriety he wasn't George. And so what they had done what he was coming up where your contract and he was offered a a year with a club option. And Joseph Torre was ultimately walked wet. I see something similar about. And I think that it Joseph Girardi. It just looks bad. But he's done a really good job I mean if you think about what he didn't want it being where he got a wild card out out. Eight decrepit old not just been. And now all the rebuild process and never lost its base. And managed to cultivate Gregorio and suspension has been and judge you're like way too much. You know they're they have now the next wave and I don't know necessarily that the Yankees just wanna invest. Not necessarily bring him back next year if you wanna invest forty years and how do you not offer him here. Brooklyn before I let you go and that is given the dodgers' side of things as a dodger sit and wait to have Peru they're going to play next you do do you think the Dodgers are the favorite and all they serve they end up with one or the other who matches up better. And I can make one claim that we shouldn't call back in that we should I I say whoever wins tonight in win the national. Think I think that doctors. All all about the birds. And I think that. The it guy you know no offense that got him back but that wasn't a credible right and you know they national cup and Ali race. And I think it's going to be at similar heavyweight battle national Dodgers or cubs doctor. I can give you countless reasons why either want but I think the Gloria. Victory whoever wins that carried them in here and they get a game in LA now they come home for remember but he. Not to Q1 11. And you come back for green with all you have to do it when your own game. There editor in the driver's seat we go back LA win whoever. It is national cubs whoever does win. Always gonna judge you now enjoy its stay sick when you're right over there are now look forward to tell you again next week OPEC. There are by judges and yourself every joining us on the Schneider warned chalk lines are hiring drivers right now you work hard each region's air eighty bush years living and you don't call an 844 try to go to Schneider John stunt count. Stick our running here from Aaron Rodgers coming up next is no Michael show. Everywhere you Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. Back Michael shows on the are so glad to have him. Every good day today don't break coming up you're just a little bit to about fifteen minutes away 1015 minutes away. All charge you from league save dot com we say post dot com fan bald I'd jump. Time for fantasy football should start getting your fancy questions in store given us a buzz 85583086. Or eight. 855830864. Race eight in his up on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels and another one for a reminder remember. Give us an either or one out of three. Don't give them you know two out of five running like that okay not even take the call on that. Just give us handy to start this guy this guy who should be your knees are one of these three who should be I get that. But beyond that come on do some homework. Paul charge he's going to be here in about 1015 minutes cigarette. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers. Hillary action. Chris you've excuse me. Their reaction Roger Goodell. Telling all the teams that they should it it it didn't really say they should force the players to stand it's just that they recommend that all the players stand for the National Anthem Curtis. Yeah I haven't heard anything about that as far as in this locker room has been a memo to players vote. I don't think guess that's the best message of leadership from the top. A long. It again that the note that went out to the letter of the went out the other day did not say that all should stay in her all will be ordered to stay and it was basically. We would like to see all of our players stand but it also walked offensive saying we understand what players do. Meanwhile he was then asked about the Minnesota Vikings and how are you know wow are they still piping in the Esther corralled the ways in that new stadium like it in the metrodome. No I don't think so I think there's been some lockdown. On a lot of stuff. The metrodome was it was a great place to play though the noise was fantastic effect and made you walk like the way out of the way to give up. To the field too is always interesting but. I love plan there and and hopefully we can get some wins and as we've stated was well. If I'm not mistaken. I think the league cracked down on piping in noise. Police have those great big speakers on the sidelines. In you'll mention them I think they cracked down on piping in noise from not mistaken there's didn't see. And didn't the NFL. Come down on the Atlanta Falcons for that. Arthur Blank had to pay a fine I think they came on the falcons for that that was when they said nobody at all. And errand runners don't hot streak since these quote run the table comment Ali you know how how does that happen. I think you restore reversing earlier and you you have to adapt and evolve. As a player and there's a lot of some out there when he gets in you tent here as a starter. And teams have years of stuff to look at and tendencies to break down the analytical departments. That a lot of these teams are starting to put together. You have to continue to be Smart about your own self scout and be critical of your film and look for things you can do better. Trying to avoid any specific tendencies that you do have. And continued to. Trying to improve and hello Larry assessment. I try and do an off season starts and to be ready to play through greater season the key for us I think. He is. Is understand how to win the quicker than we do that in this locker room. The more. Games you see like Cincinnati and Dallas where we have to have a drive it in the game and would come through and make them make plays when those games. He's been doing that more and more here as of late as well and that he's asked why the Packers. Done so well on third down so far this season. Well one is that the plant humming of the plan has been fantastic. Them I think both the plans and in the third down in the red zone. There's a reason it was third and third down and were first in the red zone. The execution has been good work but. You were down and up some contestants. And then. And been as consistent over the years it's always been good this year it's been fantastic and when you can look at the plan going into on third downs the red zone ago this is probably testing on some spotted this down. They need an excuse it was pretty good you know via the plated today wanted. For system. There's a fantastic state. You guys had to make him throw. But the schemes fantastic. The play to Jordan. Was a very good scheme we made a slight adjustment to it which is easy. Easy adjustment and I'm done over the years. So that's really what is the third down in there and read some plans have been fantastic and it just comes and experience. My talks about street scheme is not a crutch. In his case scheme has been in the answer for us. Also he was asked have a cold she's done things differently needed to economy improve their third down capability. Not and I distinctive. Last year really helped us out because we had to do so many different things from her creativity. Standpoint. With tired movement from receiver to running back. Maybe that got the juices going. To where. I mean. Those guys in lies time and plan. And they've come up with some good things we cut it down at the end of the week and Mike dials and often and we've been making it work. Also well what makes the vikings defense means there's been a guy that's been able to dial up some defense against Aaron Rodgers and company in the past you momentum when he was with Cincinnati so what makes that defense so tough on third down. Error in the red zone. Well for them as its they are great players you know when you guys great pass rush. Yet one of the top linebacker goes in the league. And he guests. A lockdown corner on one side. And two other really talented corners. And two great safeties. You know the wind as early small the red zone seats talking about it great defense small windows. Execution is an absolute premium and teams Eminem dubious. Also he said you know as far as Mike McCarthy saying Rogers helped him to make aggressive play calls. Mike McCarthy's very emphatic Tim between him and Aaron Rodgers those two guys working together they may never come up with an offensive scheme. Despite all the the replacement players basically they've had because of injury. Brought us the play caller quarterback relationship he needs to. He needs to be aggressive and feel like you can be aggressive and on the dominant. Take care of them if if I need to Australia second down and get something simpler way. When we've been going on at best it's been Mike's aggressive. And and dials up some incredible plays and I'm and I am Smart about the execution. And when to take this out tomorrow when you dial back to. And that's what he's been doing is McDonald some great plays and rejects him pretty well. You can always be having they've been they've been kind of on the same page against the best way for it to that we are currently sliding back deport them think they're pretty much good. Aaron Rodgers talk about the variety of good defensive studs that Mike Zimmer will run against the Packers so we only ran with the Bengals as well now is with a viking. And that's that's what consumer does in other number of different coverages or pressures from sigma so. There's there's some guests involved. When you post listening to play on the road there. That's just notice it's what happens in New Orleans Mike Zimmer whose defense that there's going to be some. Some looks him scene is going to be some stuff looks exactly that they've run previous games. And run some different so that's the geniuses. Famine and his. The innovations rightly. That's a difference. Also Aaron Rodgers is delete linkage and when asked does he think that the Packers can now beat Mike Zimmer is defense. More often. Well we've had success against a lot of people. Around here we've we've. Won a lot of games. This is a good challenge for us every time to play against Mike Zimmer defense because he's fantastic coach. And now don't you see that with the kind of players they got you know they have. Guys have been a 456 years now in the scheme advocates. The youngest guy playing. On the and the backhand is his trade and I think this is thirty year was yet teen who's been there forever. We have Xavier is fifty heavily if you have some day you know in Paris in six or seven years respectively. You know that that's the kind of defense he wants to these guys have been in the scheme for so long they know each others. Body language they have their own calls. This is an extremely. Extremely intelligent defense monetize your plan defenses. They're gonna get some stuff away they're gonna give away some calls and coverages. Not this you really got to be. Got to be due to create and you're at the snap your post and it reads and and then those innocent as it gets. Call one more thing when it comes Aaron Rodgers speaking yesterday he was also asked do you enjoy the challenge. A winning games without your starting left tackle. Well I tell my guys out there but I'm proud of the guys have stepped up and and and make plays and giving opportunities. They haven't that was Aaron Rodgers yesterday at his lockers the mass of media. Hangs out with him when we come back it is time for some fantasy football chatter all charges can be joining us via questions if you have things that are unique answered regarding fantasy football. No better than Paul church and he joins coming up next in the Michael should. This is still build my school's sports talk network presented by marsh field clinic health system. Fantasy football players get deep inside in total. Your league this week right now or expert all charged in this here take your calls right now at 8558308648. Now from the league save dot com bleak saved post dot com and fan ball dot com cheers Paul. Brought back to the programme will likely show is on the we're glad to have him as we bring in now our fantasy football. Guy and it's all charges from Lisa dot com Lisa post on common fan ball dot com charger or even man. Let me perhaps theater is a special special things holy cow I have a great evening last week in Milwaukee at. Bloody what a fantastic place. And I heard you say you made it down land that's awesome up. Depth and loved it aptly I know we've only got to the first segment here but I guy I got asked demeaned when you talk about wide receivers how fast is a Vontae Adams closing ranks. He's great and down you know right now we've been talking about your credibility as you can talk to him. Speaker growth might be the best cornerbacks in the book and so you're the viking. Knowing that you can effectively shut down almost any receiver at any style of the good news is go to the plot but other map. Arm who would you put him on Jordy Nelson or Dovonte out by Deborah from that they feel the vikings here take one of them away. Who is more important to take away. Why do you take away George. I mean majority majority of the guys got a symbiotic relationship with a Aaron Rodgers I mean that that's got to go to guy I know everybody else to me it's it's a tough question because. Dovonte Eddie Adams is younger has little more speed majority just got that knowledge engine run such incredible Ralph's. Spot Dovonte Adam that your team leader in every category yup it's more targets more stuff considering everything the touchdown things you. It's really feel like you know if I can if I can take that guy wrote to the vote act is the most of the yards predictable way. Maybe that's more important I don't know I don't I don't know in the past growth than jerking off. But Donnelly and so I've it's. That and I'm not sure I did one of the few times they're really really don't have a great set. He can line up and out the Packers. Like I. Went to let go at it but. There's like you don't do it if it's. Anybody out they erode its its pretty much like now because you don't Antonio brown and Mike Evans it would be just quite a few hours. I can hear me out somebody's somebody's not a bad game I don't yet know the directory or where it to your point that you probably orbit in the absence but the book. Both obviously very good they're both Warburg duck victory sitting up really good game against right wing and I can tell you that much for sure. Osgood the phone calls gyms and green Dell Jimmy got a question for Paul charge in June. It all who really better to tweak it tight end up your injury or Jordan reed. I'm on like under Henry a lot this week in Jordan reed no cut down the curtain are now. Nothing important mapped out a quiet week each miner number eleven I didn't hunter an area like a lot better up at number five. They're making that transition from Antonio Gates doctor Henry Henry touched down to the last two games. And he scored both teams Lackey can against the raiders this which upon. Damage John let's go to John Green Bay NW NFL John I know went. Good guard. Hello there I just can't believe I'm starting guard mark in 91 spot to develop between Christian McCaffrey. Are Carlos I heard Gary McKinnon and I'm puzzled what to do. Yeah you know frankly I don't like any of this weekend so I I I think it to recommend any of them but upbeat barge. The one that I got hired mr. McKinnon if we get it you are now athlete but other than that long that's about average to point four yards per carry that. Right now he's the focus of the he's the focus of the vikings running attack it's much but acted it itself. Level right jerk we get him but honestly I don't I don't while. This one's from Ziggy who says trade question Julio Jones and crow well for girly and Bangor question mark. Yeah Julio Jones it's really pretty much Julio Jones for early the other guys to sort grown. He'll anchor brother curly it's been. Fans happy and my and I look in this I've gotten grated out it and out of ten match up against the jaguars who worked on defense we fight yardage allowed worked on defense up by. Football outsiders and your terms docked early got. You know the most touchdowns you know fell for a running back him. It's it's a game mouth watering matchup for Todd early so I I love it speaking of which could go to its Jacksonville. At Pittsburgh went up against Jack Cadillac. And you pick up medium bow and Jack opens number one pat sort of killed eight. Proved that profits for her arm out of pocket in that game and they report up 55 interceptions on the worst called games in. On this spring this is an interest you when I was gonna ask used with Ken asks the question. Should I start Adrian Peterson and a PP our league are airing Jones. On air. It don't make you think I'm wrong but I I think this thing I think it's it's this which is happening right now. I think a private company owner due to sweat bullets now think about your fantastic. Start last week you'd figure the McGovern Europe harder. You might even EU showed a lot of I thought I thought he might get that sort of lights off they don't put just punishing dealt defenders and down the stretch Matt Damon. Even at Montgomery comes back for this week in and it felt that you practice enough that he probably well. I doubt don't commit starter in doubles footwork if they're going opportunity opt into orbit to go under they do little still beat Jones and so I'm in Montgomery from this point or relegated to a change is all going forward what you think you think and anybody can now can you keep the camera. I would say yeah I don't I think Ares I sit Irian Jones just would take the stats await just in the eyeball test. Don't cut following the blocks if the hold an open up new window busted outside if not he knew when to plow through the hole hit the hole quicker just from the eyeball test. He looked like a running back. I totally agree and I thought I don't this stuff for the correct but I think you don't have Heath care of more than nine yards in Montgomery hadn't had any. This year. It'd been the hole and felt so much better account too just it just felt like correct that. Tell I think upon a time it every owner I'm spelling now and trying to get what I can get out of it or trying to acquire Aaron Jones as cheaply bank and the at this point before he they're corporate sales figures out that this this is jobs are away. Mark says. With the injury to Tom Brady should I start person wins instead. Not act now Brit can go you know about that operate eat you know you commit we stopped it misses aren't correct me if they edit bay. You always show a lot of caution him but. No one week off I'm not I'm really outward operated ought I like went commitment overnight quarterback Brady read him the jets now at that. The really nice opportunities. This wind is from Jacob who's is Jay Cutler or anyone who starts for the forty theaters. Why cast I don't know he did that your two starting quarterbacks sets I think you've picked some losers benevolence. Well the opera actor like brand awareness we keep it gives the ad secondary goes well pleased when he played there for him cynical. He averaged 342. Yards and a couple of touchdown passes in those deep now it's cracked the but which normally decent secondary but they are just haven't done that that they're going I suspect they're down to being pretty sub par so I act. Under quite frankly remember when we're back. You've got down one more question here Dovonte Freeman. Were who resale lies you McGwire. A light yet don't feel bad you don't with just third string running back but like reporters going to get most of the work this week be ten we feel pretty accountable Apollo not gonna go on that or it's not gonna go so. And it it's a pretty good after because. Goes up at the patriot patriot it'll be most totally dark running back so. If it it's I don't out of state completely ridiculous that the Mac tip make no little bit better. Still start Freeman has just in the up and running back every week didn't he whenever a running back is because up against Miami. Arm he's coming up may I be but eighty yards one touchdown game against the spirit of golf ball better or flat Freeman. Very avid charge good stuff as always and we certainly appreciate just went by about an earlier this week early so are we have about it will do. We'll talk more about it calculator they go full charge you for only saved dot com leaks they posted dot Jonathan and ball dot com taking your fantasy football questions for couple minutes on the Schneider or job like shattering drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years of beginning you don't call an 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com is fortunate program brought to buy numero medical training guys with ED erectile dysfunction. All over the state the on the boards of location in Green Bay Milwaukee also oneself. Down in a Chicago guy and Illinois for those of you listening to a south of the border you can stop there as well calling 4144554451414. 455. 4451. That is the numeral medical center there in 90% success treating treating judgment ED also. The all one weight loss program that's been a simply fantastic and if you're looking for more energy betterment of clarity better mood better stamina. Could be some OT treatments that you need and you can check that out as well just call for the consultation phone calls for 8414. 4554451414. 4554451. Combat was some stats figures and numbers were coming up next in the the microchip. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Why would she always on the air are glad to have you. Reminder coming up tonight we are going to be on the road it's about Michael so Allen about again this evening. Brought you by Bud Light the official response to the go Michael sports talk network going to be a -- average pub in why always told system come on out and say hi GB could or perspectives the spectrum sports is going to be there. Also watch a Freeman from sports Radio One of my seven FM the fan are flicks of station Milwaukee morning show he's going to be there as well bud girls are going to be there. Put forward to tonight come on around you face in the crowd would be glad to see. All brought to bud Bud Light again the official beer sponsor. For the bill Michael sports talk network. So. The Green Bay Packers set to take on the Minnesota Vikings this weekend and this is our apple Oreo stat of the day if you just wanna check this out this is kind of on his own good. Aaron Rodgers is bent the Packers are twelve and six against Minnesota by. When Aaron Rodgers is the starting quarterback they won eleven. Of the last fourteen contests in eighteen games as the starter against the vikings this is including the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers is 400 of 586. Which is 68 point 3%. As far as his passer rating goes for 4810. Yards forty touchdown forty touchdowns. And only six picks. When the passer rating of 111. Point seven. It's the second highest. Of any opposing quarterback. Against Minnesota. The second highest who's the highest Kurt Warner. And 112 point four. And Rogers has recorded out of those games be 100 plus passer rating in twelve. Of his eighteen starts against the vikings that's including the post season in the last nine games against Minnesota. He has thrown twenty touchdowns and only two protects. He's the only player to have four games with four plus touchdown passes we zero interceptions against the vikings no other quarterback. Has more than two. That's how good Aaron Rodgers. Has been against the Minnesota Vikings pay coming up after the top of the hour by the way I wanted to make sure we mentioned. Jason Kidd head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks is going to be here are some issue stop by. I make a destination listening go do what every got to do now and they come back after the top of the hour his right arm and head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks about his team on his season. Upcoming and we'll talk about expectations realistic expectations. As well by the way the shot of the day. Brought you why apple ago they make it simple for companies just like yours to implement SAP and big data solution you can revolutionize your data. And ignite your future. With app royal check on the web AP PR OYAO dot com a PP RO YO. Dot com lot of questions for Jason Kidd wanna start off obviously with the Yaris and had to talk to him about the you know I do you don't did not lessen the death of his father and and due to talk more about you know how how come he honest is handling that. And then he didn't a legitimate question you know I mean I know the team has been rumored widely whose team has tried to do trade away if you guys what does he see you know his his rotation. You guide your honest and on and Tony Snow amount and Ron and Chris Middleton. Group moos coming off the bench again Henson and that's a lot of it shows you that you guys have been rumored names house approve the progression of DJ Wilson com. I want there to talk about. So we're gonna you know all that discussion are coming up here and in. Melt five minutes after topping our suspense or Tommy arson each year. Come by in this same guys say a low for too is again for that because. There's a lot of excitement around bucks basketball right I think this is where. You Horry laid the ground work. And last G got a taste of the expectation this year and I wanna find out from him as it is a realistic top four in the east. And get a first round win to move on the post season. You know I mean and how much is it as you know and I again I want to ask him as because he's been through this but how much is it to ask of young guys. That get a taste of the post season. To then go further rather than taking that step back is we've seen happen so many times was so many young team so lot of good questions coming up. For a Jason Kidd if you've got one shooters tweet at bill underscore Michael's idol underscore Michael's. And we'll try to oil try to get it out there for him put a lot of lot of basketball talk. Coming appear in the next segment the program also coming up in the next a couple of segments. Mike McCarthy has Thursday presser you're gonna hear him because of questions got to be asked because yesterday he didn't get a chance to answer because they practice after the fact. And that injury report comes out after the fact. Gotta find out more about that mysterious back injury you Jordy Nelson even though he was a full go practice yesterday here Mike McCarthy coming up in just a little bit as well stick around. A lot more to go Michael show Bucs head coach. Jason Kidd coming up next on the program. We're listening to don't do. Bill might cool sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.