HR3 – Favre rooting for Vikings…Does that bother you?

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, January 16th
Hour 3. Plus, is it time to bring back Jabari Parker now? Marques Johnson weigh in. Also, Marquette gets back on track with a win vs DePaul.

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From the league thrown into the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. Phil Mikey show. Michael's. Michael shows on the air we are glad your here. Fonda Michael radio Joseph across the board. A couple of things that. A lot of people are talking about. I I don't understand I mean I guess I due to a certain extent but I don't understand the fascination to where it's going to looks expel a ton of effort and time and a couple things that it just kind of can you might obviously the whole thing with Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick people are into and say ever has got a pin. OK and I got okayed its. We don't deal with a lot of that stuff on the program who we just we just don't because it's it's it's conjecture or speculation and it's. It's W is the most personalized fit you know he got an experience or something that's great but beyond that it's. It's kind of like who cares you know is it fair and found some way it's gonna make him happy and she's an athletes in competitive and all that kind of stuff and it drives them and I'm I don't know what everyone to say today it's great in the if it works out big works out of it doesn't it doesn't though and that's that's awesome. Combo that triggers something else happened over the weekend. And I found out about it yesterday just is this show was getting routed to and a buddy of mine had texted me and said hey did you see this now he has the video but it. Some news outlets are actually starting to talk about it now. Palm in case she didn't know. And many you probably didn't but those are you listening to was completed in the western portion of the state and over and Minnesota knew this all along. That move the motto this year for the Minnesota Vikings has been bring it home. Because if they can get to a Super Bowl they're going home that's the kind of of the thought process. Is bring it home you know get home get back to exhibit the US bank stadium for the several OK so you got that's the marketing campaign brilliant marketing him. Well it never became more evident than this past weekend when they get that big win over new moral and there's New Orleans is getting ready. The kick the field goal and and put their team had then the vikings obviously start that drive is gonna ultimately bring them back for the win. Throughout the game they've been playing a lot of the alumna. In a lot of people that celebrities are people around talent and so anyway they play this thing where they show no former vikings. Ended you know hey c'mon let's go to c'mon bring home and you know crowd goes crazy. And then one face comes up. It's mixed reaction but it's a reaction is always one of the biggest reaction they're wise. It's you hear that year the voice come all you can do it kimonos don't bring on Paul is Brett Farr. Played two years to come to an NFC championship game he got beat. By said by said saints. Much Brett Farr. Which. Look he was a viking OK we we wanna forget about that I guess if you're if you're Packers fan. Let. He is okay heated far play there. He game a little bit of glory. A big deal I don't big problem when it. Some do I don't I Mena you know I know there are some people that have been Chiming in over on the FaceBook fan page there's a well. I carry are far being on the Jumbotron. Saying anything greenback like c'mon go back go. I carry and or anything like that I would Favre picks and chooses only he calls up the vikings go hey guess what. Let me do this for you don't know the vikings voice and a breath you know there's some things we wanna do. You know maybe William paid a dual you know as a part of their marketing campaign or something. And he classes and a couple times and does it down there in Mississippi and says okay let's go you know bringing home our okay. However probably the same thing about though the whole Danica Patrick in an Erin Rogers thing it's. Okay. Good good for them. Move on new year. Opel works out I hope that you know things are fine. You know figure she's completely different at least two. Outwardly than Bolivia Mon was the times I've actually had a chance to deal would Danica Patrick. She's side you know be had been fantastic when we had a chance interviewer over Milwaukee mile she's been on the show a couple of times when. She came to town in the you know in the NASCAR series the X thirty series of the road America. So. Been great hasn't won a whole lot I get that for those one point the finger but you know. Oh well. But she's date narrative fantastic good for both of now let's see what happens she's gonna be a Packers fans. She Grover bears fans she's made that clear she said on the show she's used Groban bears fan group in Illinois. Okay fantastic. Move along nothing to see. 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I don't like to talk a little bit out scouting she. I don't so I agree that. You should move to middle linebacker. And circled back to touting it what it's like Dick Cheney the jet here at number one and well each. Second round and I believe it at that pretty immediately there is greater. Years that if it backs a bill that they keep it and shield. On the stage and and then here we are out running backs as I Montgomery would serve as a all right. At running back I wonder as to boost production is. Except they're. How we're gonna have to they can be certain or at best player available. I really get sick and all of matchup that. Into an era where slate slate. Where there you know we again and attract. Outside linebackers one middle linebacker. Elected in shouldn't be on here. Figure out what clay where should eat that auditor. That might Q. So. You. Not appreciate it thanks so much for regular is a buzz is that this is the way I look at this and I know this is not what people wanna hear. Blight you draft your best available player. Now it's a quarterback and I don't think a legal their row what you draft the best available player. Does that exit he takes the best of it because that's the way this team was built when the team got a good. You just take the best available if you and let's be honest. Short of quarterback. You can't go wrong you need speed at the wide receiver position. You can use another right tackle hell you can use a guard for that matter. Com you can never have too many weapons in the backfield you need to tie it and you could always use beef up front. When it comes to a defensive lineman. Outside edge rusher you could use a lockdown corner. You can't get in Newton on enough depth in the secondary will there be safety or cornerback and tell me you can throw a darted a dart board my friends and hit in need. Where this team could upgrade I mean we started to do this a little bit yesterday. And and when you look at it. It's kind of ominous okay now think about that is OK I just think about this ferment. Assert with the center. Corey Dillon's. He's pretty solid I don't think you're absolutely positively you know upgrade wait until it's been pretty shell with a left guard we all know David Buckcherry and pretty solid at the left tackle. The right guard. Jerry Evans was solid if you bring him back great. What if not would you upgrade. To Rudolph say yes what about the right tackle position not a great big damn straight. Tight end hell yeah. Backup quarterback. Years. Fullback is quoted as you'll beautiful. Judge not to take a fullback high end in the draft anymore. Running back Aaron Jones Jamal is both very solid I don't know what divide Dovonte may says I know he's got some speed he's got to hang on the football. But can you can you then build a wide receiver can you get a bastard I. It's gonna give you separation give you big speed on the sideline. Could you replace Jordan could replace Randall. Juror. Not Igor the left defensive end dean Lowery Quinn Dow right now would be your your back output. You know you got Kenny Clarke in my again as I think they're pretty solid but you still need a rotational guy. So do me you know much radius Adams is gonna be your guide but who knows you Ito that's an unknown commodity. You move clay to the inside I would love to see them bring back Ahmad Brooks I healthier mark Brooks I think is still very solid Ahmad Brooks. What you don't know what you have in Vince legal you don't know what you have any inside in Joseph Thomas you know you've got Jake Ryan he's. Kind of right place right time someone run stuffer but he's not going to be dynamic enough to really get into coverage situations Blake Martinez had to of took a giant step forward this year but it. He's he's he's not her locker. He's not singletary. Okay. Tyler federal. Why. Did does anybody any of the names I'm reading off at this point really strike fear in you that you didn't upgrade. If you're afraid of losing. The bond house you know he's not coming back which leaves you. Lindsay Pickens in Josh Hawkins at the corner position with Kevin Ding on the opposite side to Marius Randall and Donna cello brown. One of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. You've got Morgan Burnett going out on his own. Talk index as your other safety. With Josh Jones who played better up front that he did in the secondary and recognition when it comes to passing situation. And then you've got street free agents. College free agents Lindsay Pickens Marwan Emmons Jermaine white hat. So when you when you talk about well you got to draft for need. Why. You have a need everywhere. Throw darted cardboard. That's the only way you did better the more talented imagine if you say. Passed on somebody in the draft where it was a I don't know an inside linebacker. And you went with a guy that was probably a little bit better quarter than what you have but he's not the lockdown corner guy. Puts you inside linebacker. Is not a position of overwhelming need if you're gonna keep clay you gonna keep you know public Martina is there. The plays Elise who long for this world for a couple of more years. So. You pass in this guy he sure all pro he would have been your Brian or locker your Mike Singletary he would have been that guy. The captain your defense you pass some because you go for need now moon. You take the best avail. At right tackle same thing. Tired and same thing right guard same thing IE draft best available player. And let the talent just fall out. That's that's what I would do the lights I don't think you're not in a position right now where you can say well we only need a couple of guys. If you believe you only need a couple of guys did let's spend the money go guilt want to get creative in trade for one. You need a tackle you need an edge rusher kneel lock down corner. Mosier three meets. Beyond that to stockpile talent and go to Mike was a doozy Greenfield Mike welcome programmable Michael show. Hey good afternoon bill we look and yeah it's not good it was and I ask you a question I want to give me an honest to ensure that this. Given. The body of work yet. I'd really humorous. Yet which renders this past year. In the system almost three years. Old to be pretty much taking over for actors and second stringer. Well saying third raptors played what do you think is in a place for five years maybe we'll frequent. Erin Rogers. Bomb. I'd probably say he'd like to go six. The quality of play is probably going to be there for the next four. OK so let's take four years it takes well. I'm Lee has been in the system to three years and on the what happened there. Now hypothetically hypothetically. Let's say this coming draft for the next raptors really good quarterback is just that earned. Wouldn't say that would be priority since we all probably wouldn't put them almost three years and what happened there. When Rodgers leaves. We had a little piece of what would happen if you. Wouldn't you rather take a quarter Beck. For future. Indian system Google kind of like what. Ready to get under Brett Favre basically yeah he's got a big future could you can't write this way forever here can say we know how long writers don't play. But at least say what can we get a really good selection on a quarterback in trade up. Neck in the immediate cure maybe next year wouldn't you feel that would be a priority more than anything because that's of course on the team. That's what statement. Well mom appreciate the phone call yeah you. I am not in the mode of I have to find a quarterback now I'd probably be got to find a back up weigh in by that I mean probably veteran backup. But I'm out of the motive I have to draft anybody. Com if a quarterback falls view that you feel is of quality. Yes. But I don't go looking for one. If they fall in my lap PX but you have now probably three years. To find the guy. To finally got its gonna be in the next so to speak. May before. But what you want is. Much like Aaron Rodgers did you wanna get a guy getting in the system at least two years before Aaron Rodgers is size caller career he's least two or three. And the same thing where you can then hand the reins over to a guy that's ready to go where you believe is ready ago Brett Ali's Arrigo. I don't care what they said. Now let's he takes everything he learned this season and in becomes markedly better. Which I don't think you're gonna all of a sudden an arm strength and accuracy and it may be better decision making good. REC. Still needs work. He's he's nowhere near ready to be a full time starter in the NFL could take a quick break we come back and talk a little box basketball's while picker where we left off also stay tuned moral like a jerk to that's. Brown. 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Bureau or you don't well what's your mind. All I just wanted to act and it really on now from the NFL draft strategy I think for the Packers arm I think. I think the first pick to take does someone you know in the secondary defensive backer Internet safety. Just to try to include secondary but I at our firm who is now a lot of struggled with a heat senses just in coaching I mean we've. They've had a lot of success you know before when it. I think we're stimulant in the in the defense and now we have a lot of really nice linebackers and I mean serious scandal has not followed and now all they can't can't seem to stop lately. They have been struggling in the secular for quite some time it hasn't just been recently and now they put all their eggs in the sand shields basket that failed miserably. You obviously there's been issues back there. But again go back to the adult rather appreciate the focal I just look at this team nicely you can throw darted dart board and still hit somebody of quality talent he just need to find him. They are notice a lot of people who wanna see them fortified this and do that. But I'm here to tell you look I can't. As much as I wanna see this team be successful in finding that guy it's going to be a lockdown corner and such I think you're gonna have to go to free agency. And get a couple of acquisitions and get a couple pieces to fortify your defense and then draft solid you may end up going offensive in the direct. And that's gonna make a lot of people scratch your head but you need ever. And whether that's Trevor Davis that you have already on the roster along with say draw more Allison and inject Janice. Who by the way if if they were that quality of receiver they already be out there they don't we. Air Roger we talking about him already he's not he's on the bodies on Geronimo always talking still about. The know would always we Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb he doesn't mention those two guys is much wheels is they hand out. So. I think you may end up getting you know yourself another another burner before it's all said to you need another weapon you needed time to end. You wanna athletic tight end so it wouldn't surprise me if they go a different direction. And don't do exactly what it is people are hoping they do right out of the shoot our wrote quite Williams in lacrosse boy and how you doing that was going on. I'm doing fine let's. Host wasn't he your program and I could hear important. And I don't mobile traffic for you so what is. There's. The best. As impeded little wind I don't think he put them. Matthews and he's also there. He's a single coverage guy I mean he much he plays much better on the in his best statistics most recent history have come from the inside now from the outside. That's true but what you said is we have so many years while right. And a commitment they've made difficult good middle linebacker Robert. What part unions in I don't know why I can go to I don't know we'll pick Ryan. And on mobile guys go from as you put eight passengers was going middle linebacker would be a good place. I don't know who's available in the crap for college. I don't we want football. That when they lost same issue that loss. And. Well they lost to speed they lost that lockdown guy that can go over the top been and still play up front in a newer backwards. I think into view that as a you do. But the various ramble on hormones are some issues. It is now. Could pick up some good young citizens. And to see him salute our middle this middle linebacker. I think that's where they need look. Just depends as far as humbly. And he goes yeah he's going to go anywhere else on the way and tell him. I think that even middle linebacker. That decent ones all of I think it is pretty good yeah they could use known wide receiver and the cardinals go on. You know they they need another Bernard weigh in pursuit of probably need another burner they need one guy to get over the top. We'll talk more about this coming up at the top of the hour Brian Billick the Super Bowl winning head coaching NFL network analyst is gonna Phyllis and on the Packers on their needs and more so their new defensive coordinator Mike Patton. He got his first gig any NFL action was with Brian Billick so he's gonna give a slowdown as to what my iPad brings to the table because he's gonna give us some insight. As few new defensive coordinator coming to green base to stay tuned for that up next. Markets judge he's going to be joining us he's the bucks television analyst and fox sports Wisconsin in total box basketball and about the the return of Jabari Parker which should be right around the corner. Not too far off sick to immortal Michael show brought to our friends it quick trip to up to alternative fuels no PA TMs don't forget the quick regret on sale. To those 99 cents specially bred only 99 cents and they have the meat cabinets they have some adult beverages they have bread their milk and even and so the two back while the pluses. They have the premium cigars love that place up in any participating quick trip for tobacco outlet plus when they've got it all for it. More about Michael show Marcus Johnson bought Stephen analyst coming up next. Back to the program though Michael show was on the air we are glad to have in the box. They continue to have a season which should just as they start to turn the corner they take a step back and it's that way. It's been that way I just passing the halfway point of the season in you know some. You listen around the league it was in the NBA. Television in an NBA radio and sort of give out grades it is kind of a see you see plot assuming you know it is what it is they played really well at times in many times they just played like their feeder stuck in cement in to talk more about it. Marcus Johnson here in a box Tuesday brought you by frontier motor cars you're new car alternative on south 47 street get your car gets credit. In a warranty is well front tier motors. Motor cars dot net that's frontier motor cars. Dot net Marcus Johnson bucks TV analyst for fox work was cuts now joining us in the Schneider orange hot Weimar to say DO. I don't wonderful vehicle and Milwaukee days. Yeah well little snow on a grounded feels like it's January getting ready to go to February show. Were right where we should be talk about the blocks because some people say they're not where they should be they should have more wins on in the W column so. Yes or no I mean if they just kind of played the way you thought they would play or isn't a little bit disappointing thus far. Each you know if I eat at it yet maybe a little. And Asia and let me see right now. And let me tell that you are. And we will write mischievous streak over them select slot four game just. Really hard to figure out on the wrong. There they're worried. For her it came back. And that'll make the playoffs last year. Are you. It didn't put you at the scene that local Whitney. Out of your mind that little people a lot of Adam Eaton. Read mate Tina Turner played more moderate. The ball machine were weak this year. Other notable issues and it's equally this year I struggled this. A day like no object where we. Or are right now the beginning of the year. And I think that. Let him that would be success state of the difficulty that I saw. Look at the schedule itself so it'll on the first two to January so you know report back to eat four but. It was what it is that much but is it that. I'm really aren't you there and get better especially once you order Urquhart of back. Yeah that look they smoke so what he does he get the. Well that was near my next question because the anticipation is that this team then gets that piece and then starts to put them over the top now. He's been out of ball for awhile he got to give the guidance it time to shake the rust off and get the rhythm of things but. As you know how healthiest of our Parker do you think. That I mean brawl that you know reports that we hear he Grady go oh are they being too cautious Wear them. Well not only did it ever be exit costs in the that you wish to get a letter. You know we're seeing the light source habitat yet it is they didn't want to make sure that. You know at a state that slapped it into the game. In term step and Angolan. Incremental steps given more Mort do. Whatever timetable that she's or at least local and I didn't practice he struck. Probably. It just all the Serb exist that are in the faster you know so that the children are our. All you know what is going to be got mental aspect. The personal a couple of weeks so he comes back but that's what all that kind of settlement. Wouldn't that hurt not to the start in the league that they did some reps apple I'd go the other or each other good comfortable. And that yeah you're expected that it. Note this sacred well it actually turns around when you're that edit their city of hit you on that front lot lot lot an afternoon. There's plate guys that leak this year for cricket. You. Well site has to take them just. Church if you weren't backing. And it didn't let them a little what was it could have played all week long a new date you know look at it well. How much does he work with the team now I know he's practicing. But how much is he works say you. With Yasser with middle tenor with Bledsoe lets you get a chance to actually work with those guys. Yeah what. A certain. That it does me and that is where they practice you know when Alomar booed gains but. But he hit worked there that we are. Were ordered yeah yeah sure. That flows will change as well is he. Yeah. You know you for an attack principal returner like the well but so are here it goes out of the responsible. And it breaks as well look you did more than just China in NC it was it they. Just work with it mentally are in the game and all that player a little different ones that. You know that report out yeah it was great state in the same trouble. All of the more effectively so. It's going to be Sidney you know. It can't inspect. Miracle because. It's. Are you regret at all that the player but I think what they do as far as he agreed don't show up but in addition to being in addition. At all between the ball that they. Don't do. A bit the last day so four of the sources there. You know the evil. Tell me what they're doing with the or shot ball we talked about this the other day and Rashad on. Has not had parlay any playing time there's a lot of discussion as to whether or he could become that. That shooting guard or even you know it a point guard that JCK it was gonna work with him and develop him in the sense but it. He just he's not finding the court and all can you you tell me exactly why or is it just it just rotation and is just not time for. Well you know remember I went oh he's still root out there are so ultimately. So. You'd excuse the wooden case it but he's Euro now be played on seventeen games. Missile are so the you know young players is far and it to get the rest on court game. It would do it again at all. I'll but I think. Certain particular look at what they are very well right now. Who cut into the gains and big the impact. Energy level so that equity order. And shot it that slides out plugging that. Let that bit yeah. You can get allotment that you understand why this week that would adequately and the apostle of the intensity. And focus. Executing the game plan that it was I think we'll probably area that we execute the quote certain what's going on and really just work a little bit more shots it senses that they it has small remote. Taxes went up. For the task in mobile war is just as simple order with those lapses. That makes you wonder what she's ready to take on what you need to take on that that will. All of Marcus Johnson books television analyst for fox sports Wisconsin between Yasser Middleton. Getting a ton of minutes is a matter of fact I live in pretty much lenient DA is it concerning how many minutes these guys are playing right now your only through the halfway point of the season. You know. When. You can count on the single market in the Clinton now is that my what was more debt. They're plain. For that it ultimately. May test yeah by you know threaten the well will the about 37 minutes of where your game is. Or perhaps it looked a couple of years ago. I would say they're sixteen. If you look at that there it would also anarchy that it miles. Are there for game a little about it at both the Packers aren't. In that category also. And that's what I'll do that are the people. Their eat it and I'll look at where you're. I want to bet this year. Usually expect them. To be a little particular go to law. You guys have a tendency based initial years as a player that you get a lot of also are repeat it a law. You that you really focused. Widget which target terms of his game at the wing of the it is what you went in the future or so since Archie Arnett saying. And that second quarter they were all certainly is that time of year what that is there are. Plenty of minutes you know we're out. Yeah but it is finishes of the goal to bet it is it is it is Islam has the right. A little bit that. The issue it's these. We know Boston's got a running away with a conference what is this about as wide open as it's been a long time in the east. Yeah it and you know. Are they understand what it when I served as he hasn't let me just. And I know that yet it issues as well I forget just how much of that let them eat a product. That. And so everybody. That they don't know why are there. You know. Still not all of them the use of their outline of the Broward and where they figure player and how old. And it's a lot that it wow. The playoffs it would still don't know. A lot of playing great. Should that Bentley. It's like all right well that is young guys who say they supply of over experience pictures of him. There's still don't know. With it like (%expletive) out where I war itself. I think it still lateral yeah the the books. Right now we're just let gains in half between the six spot in the war but right now we'll allow it happens and blah. It would inflatable plastic yes it was really really. I'd certainly based on the table back to back games. I'd just add beaten that that the with just nine days earlier accident that some McCain's. Relentless bigger than what it was. But we didn't source source that it tacky Lou. They're pleased. All we're so early Libya are the side. Yeah oh so. Let. Alone device now look at my collection and multiple. Markers always a pleasure thank particular problem as we appreciate it okay. It. They go Marcus Johnson books television analyst for fox sports was concentrating on the box force for just a little bit always appreciate when he joins us on the shatter or challenge Aaron drivers right now you work hard. They treat you fair eighty pushes the beginning you don't call me 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com sports program. Brought to you my good friends in new mathematical treating guys with. Location in Milwaukee location Chicago even if you south of the border and you wanna I wanna stop over rugged it was column four and four. 4554451. Weathers the ED treatment erectile dysfunction or. Like legal OT treatment switcher if you look for better mental clarity better mood that urged imminent. Sleep at night feel more refreshed and rested during the day. They can help you out there and then there's the old one weight loss program and its new year you probably when he get in the gym and work out a little bit and start to jumpstart the fitness plan and that's the way to go it does work for 14455. 44514144554451. That's the new male medical center. Nice bounce back win last night we'll get into that discussion also were a start talk to some Green Bay Packers in more so defensive side of the football on their new. Defensive coordinator Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach in NFL network analyst is gonna join his just after the top of the hour stay tuned. More the microchip next. Smooth. So Michael show continues. What DePaul and you were that crap last night Sam Houser five to ten from three point Ed nineteenth. Marquette ended up being the Paul last night seven B-52's it's nice bounce back win. There. Good night Marquette did and it 41 point one lead in half. The end. As the blue demons and there are six of 3318%. From the field now. Not every shot was contested they were missing shots but Marquez had a lot of hands up last night. Eagles got their largest we. Either gained 6131. Before DePaul had a sixteen to two run and cut the deficit down to sixteen with. Brandon Cyrus Lee Apollo fifteen points in MX stress in ten. And a seven boards through the assist but ultimately Marquette was just too much and walk away with a victory and you know what it Marquette right now. An interesting team that conundrum when it comes to Marquette. Is that they have to have some expectations. And then they'll lose you number three Villanova they got beat by ten there. There that have vowed beating Seton Hall they got a nice win there 8464 and lose to but. Something new that you can say well I'm butler's now Boller anymore didn't see that comment they lost lost by eleven in now and I'm 43. Before the bounce back when last night but quite a quite a nice little bit overwrought and imported Xavier game you love do simple weapons either game losing by Ford Xavier to let played teams tough. Is that like to have it. But both Marquette right now for an three in the big east play thirteen and six overall. In everything is jumbled right now Villanova is obviously top dog at 41 in the conference 161 overall. But does that Seton Hall Xavier Creighton Providence and then Marquette court can't really if you go by the standings only gained back. The only one loss or two losses decorations. Are in the loss column to Villanova their foreign three and Dolan post four and one twos technically two games back. I know that only was his game back in two games back and wants to sell Marquez put them themselves at the other nice sees. Nice seasons so for now that you continue this season. With they've got one coming up. Against Xavier. And that's coming up a week from tomorrow. Or next games in the a little bit time off. Get some an article does that and I'm not going to spring they step back from breaks and they're going what in the tough finals week or anything like that these go a little bit time. And then they have they got a tough stretch because you'd number eleven Xavier on the road by the way and they needed Villanova back home. And so you get a number eleven and number one team in the country. Within you get a little bit of a reprieve begins Butler they'll be revenge came back into the Bradley Center Providence and then you play Seton Hall on the road. So. No big stretch coming up big stretch coming up for Marquette. Nice win last guys they knocked off at DePaul Blue Demons who that's another that's another group try to rebuild program down there. When we come back he is a Super Bowl winning head coach he's an NFL network analyst and he knows extremely well. The Green Bay Packers new defensive coordinator we're talking to Brian Billick coming up next to the bill Michael show.