HR3 – Giannis leaves taco joint after not being served…Big deal?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, April 23rd
Hour 3. Plus, Jabari Parker has been the difference maker in these last two games for the Bucks. We’ll do a spotlight on him.

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Full moon leaks runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans cone stood tall. Don't fill Michael you know. You're welcome. Still Michael showed its third hour on air we are glad you're. Onboard today thanks for a take a listen to us on this Monday is the weather continues to warm. And if you're AL Wisconsin I debts of Bucs fan or brewers fan and you felt really good because you do not take a loss since the last time you and I had a chance to speak. Brewers continue to win Bucs continue to win one plays citizen winning. He is a dollar guarantee for a fortunately. John as walks in after the game the other day yesterday. And doesn't his service. Can't get a table. So ends a walking out now. Call. Me if I'm wrong he walks in and now I've heard two different stories there's a you tell me which one this is true. The first story is he walks in and nobody comes up and says hello all I want on a dollar cantina to we LP. Then he wanted to table and didn't get. OK but apparently the service the person that's supposed agreed to the doors seats you took forever and he ended up walking out. That's the first story the second side this is. Finally when they got to and they said our sorry were awful lot I don't know which story Easter I wasn't there couldn't. Here's my eight here's my take on this okay. First and foremost if he if if the first story is true and there was nobody there to greet him you have to wait 1015 minutes or so much to finally caught and recognize you. That set I really is that is just pour customer service. Flat plane out simple bet okay as the rest look. And Hillary and I can state is so heavily and people say well are going to be so critical in our unit or in the business and it used on bars or restaurants. Had a couple of when I was in Cincinnati. Have more on the river as a matter of fact. Yes I did I also managed to double and iCloud service was the first and foremost. That's what you do it you greeted you solo you had a minute to get to that person there's a minute we start counting seems like forever when people walk in the door. Get a minute to get to people okay at least recognize me and if you're gonna say hey welcome and they do me just say don't be over. You had the sailor somebody so bad shame on dollar contain if that's the case secondly. If he walks in and they said were sorry mister identical Bo we don't have anything available this time. And the bottom line is you've already seeded everybody. You you can whine you can make room in some ways you perform and I would certainly try to reduce mean the judges had the winning bucket in game four of the Eastern Conference playoffs and certainly gonna try to take Harriman anyway she performed minicamp. If I got to bring you back in the opposite feed him and I'm gonna do it. On the other hand. For all the people that were taken pictures be honest they're all fox friends what a neat how does somebody stay antibiotics. Are no current hotel it's open. She wants fans as well just open your open your hearts open your minds open your table didn't Amanda chair. So all that. Mean if I'm sitting there if Sherri on any kids are sitting there. And John is could walk and like amendment that's their jobs. And he's standing there and stand there and wait and then I'd be like yeah I wonder why didn't pull the chair and he is mr. available I'd go table. Hey Joseph Bob hey this chair available to you guys tomorrow or ferment a while you wait for table hang without will buy you a taco. Why any Nelson did so my bottom at a time ago some good. So yes of the service was more that's on dollar to Tina if they're just full lob. That they're doing what they can't move around now in Minneapolis. And many steakhouse that first night. Bomb we got a private table in the back because we had pre were pre reserved it and it was beatle Paul charging who does our show. A friend of theirs to Paris OK we're sitting in the back Justin Timberlake couldn't get a private table they said either you sit outside with everybody else. Work there's another window about it. We don't know who to throw out to make an embryo. You don't do that you'll throw people out to make room for the stars you don't want that reputation everybody's treated the same which wanna treat everybody really really really really well. So they said Justin you've got to say the middle did he except that it since I got people was really nice we got video of them leave in place it was great. The guy they got pissed off was Tom Brady Tom Brady couldn't get a private dining room therefore he wasn't gonna sit with a great unwashed so he ended up saying I'm not coming there. It wasn't a big story it was it is what it is. You just wanna get a taco. So either delicate Dina didn't addressing right away it was shame on them authority was standing there and nobody offered to say hey guys come on over here until table opens up. One byte at taco shame on you. But beyond that it's of it's not a big store. Well it could have been an even bigger story idea artists. Played the deal why am card but Jarvis is neck and Yost is not that way and and that's a good thing because the one thing is. When a celebrity says. This the restaurant I wanna go to of all restaurants and all walking this wanna I wanna go to jail. You as a restaurant. Better try to do everything you can to keep him there even if it is this really shut. Look I've worked at a restaurant for seven years. Any time somewhat of celebrity status walked and will we wanted to make sure above and behind. That that celebrity was going to say they're even if we were busy that we were gonna going to accommodate you firewire. It's what you have to do because the fear is if you don't please the celebrity. If you don't do enough that celebrity. Could complain about and then it's bad PR you look bad the restaurant looks bad. And people who were showed that particular celebrity are gonna they're gonna side with that's a lap head Donna is gone now publicly and complain about it and say hey you know wide eyed I walked in a dollar canteen my girlfriend and I were standard for ten minutes. Weren't held once you know come on whatever. Germany box fans are beyond artists decide today and be routine dollar canteen that I mean this really this story could have been much were somewhat a wise. Yeah stand in their guy who just had a game winning shot. Come on man final weight yeah please give him some free ships give him pinned something and get first round is not us. That's a water. John as is everything we can gadget that's what you have to do that for someone of that status you just use got to do so anyway that's that's the big bureau that's the big hullabaloo. I mean. Yeah it is what what if that account was true that yacht has waited there for ten minutes and wasn't helped wants it nobody sitting in Xiamen dollar anti bad irresponsible and unacceptable they didn't dispute but it did. Point you gotta wonder. Is if if Miller cantina actually. Had. Had they disputed it. Where they have looked even worse in the public I think they discuss OK you know we're gonna take our lumps here. We promises won't ever happen again it is what it is in kind of go from there. But then made they turn into a marketing thing where the box when these next two games then you get a free taco on that Friday. Right now was that. Right on their behalf to do that they go above and beyond some people think that. Apology and that marketing thing was really bad PR and made it even worse on unplug. Why didn't have to what are their name wasn't even how they're until this whole thing happened. They could just simply civil release are in we hope to take care of him when he comes back again we extend an imitation doing. To come back to receive our hard five star service they couldn't they couldn't sell any that in that same thing. You know hello yeah fine bill Argentina capitalizing on it. That's what that's what we know little. So we'll be able to get all bent out of shape about it like c'mon it's what you do oh. Not only do we treat him that we don't when we wanna we wanna make it up to everybody for everybody didn't matter at this c'mon then pats. We wanna prove to everybody that we're not jags. That we you know whoever was meant to grow that was where the guy for that matter I don't know but maybe the person that was behind that bad hostess stand. Maybe add bad gas cramps and had to go to the bathroom for ten minutes and you don't know it might have been just an innocent mistakes yeah advantage of it yet but you know wide. In a restaurant setting when you're that busy there should always be someone there I agree there should always beast that. Again not being held for ten minutes that's unacceptable at any restaurant you go to I don't care worry wired there should always be someone there. Always so if again if that was the case shame on Bel Air in the and that dark night I came around they had a 855830864. Let's see here let's Bob Bob says he was there. How are looking to him what's going on man. Good they take my call I appreciated she really really bear street artists my girlfriend and I were there and about fifteen intercept we showed our commitment is very small and throughout shored up. And noise to people that were had homework these two ladies. Add action might go for work artwork column more like 620 minutes on the secured and that it's more exit intertwining. And finally able opened up between ladies or having them and then another gold opened up. And then in the front there were three smaller cables that could have been pop put together for him and his entourage in the east three waitresses were just they were terrible. They were in the back talking and it. Not even moving in. You know I gross and I were telling them along with some other guests take you know this is not a beside the fact that you. An athlete of his stature equal customer set them done you know what do you what do you think it. So did they even had ransom for ten minutes they just didn't pay attention to over ten months. They were standard agents work more attention to just like you know people who accused their E Street which is staying in the pocket they in the back they were just. Terrible they were just they were just awful that finally brought the gentleman that was an honest is. A truck he walked back there and he started in the piece of his mind you as well dressed man in the suit he just he didn't piece of his mind. He walked back to the front that they just last. And after they went after their last. Girlfriend and I along with some other guests we were just telling them you know what I hope he people beat that beat us on professional. You know he was just crazy yeah again we were caught more it's just 220 minutes not. Well thanks Bob print shed they pay the front Bel Air canteen affair priceless there's no doubt about insurance that they out. In and looked it's it's not everyone it was some bad customer service at one particular bill or contain a not condemning the entire chamber he felt. There is some friends of mine that they just over the new went up in the corners of Brookfield and they had a meeting that was going to be scheduled. And they were gonna go their fur for after after after work drinks I guess and do some kind of business thing and they're gonna do management come along and eight I got a text this morning and said. Bill they're cantina no longer on our list. So there they're paying a price for a while I've still I'm a big dollar fan effect was their last week and had to wait over an hour to get its table because this is sad popular and it did it on us it was and I don't I don't wait and I'm did not say that I guess first servicer or special dreamer and I just don't want it I I'm not a I am now there is not any food that is that good that I'm gonna wait in line for our four. You don't mean. Either there's nothing in it now maybe if I go to gene knows maybe if they got an hour away it also at the bar and hang out for awhile no big deal but I'm not wait in line for an hour brain. So popularity or not like Portillo as I've never had a never. Every time that Obama analyzer so good you gotta go get it that's what people are waiting for there's nothing that could it. I don't know of sex is that good I'm not wait an hour for back. 8 am so the food better be like orgasm it if you're gonna switch are gonna wait in line for now. I know that every now and then there's when it was up by a army itself Jose's blue blue sombrero is always. That's a guess as good a bit and once but I won't white NN and so I just I'm like off on another restaurant there's a lot of good restaurants are out there. So Bel Air make him wait nobody even address the man for whiz is rob says fifteen to twenty minutes shame on you. She came on. 855830864. In the loans might tip Dutch council free talk Wednesday Toomey a lot more coming up right after this. Listening to the flight schools sports talk yeah. Michael Shaw on the parent my dad. By the way for those that are comparing the whole Bel Air cantina thing to what happened we Jon Hansen. The John Henson thing and he completely different in the sense that. It was more. At least for the time we believe to be more racially motivated in any lengths. On this thrown out there. I don't know if they did not wait on your honest because. Here's a black player black person I don't know that but it seemed like the reserve you know more racially motivated side to things when in came in the Jon Hanssen story so it's I I believe it's to be apples and oranges. To San choir. 855830864. And a loan by Kim dotcom told free talk aren't. 85583086. Forage aboard Parker. Says hey it feels good to just get out there get some minutes on your bill. It's just those two team you know to get out there and play. And for whatever minutes I did you know just how to make the vessel that. And he did know we talked about that last week that if he gets some time. And as starts getting a few more minutes you know for him to get more minutes she got a got their make the most of any did on Friday night got more minutes again. On Sunday starting would be great but it he said it's more important be in there and finishing games. Started his there's a good thing but I've been a day like target forty minutes I just try to make the best that's all that matters. Finishing is more important or he's been out of the majority. And then he said you know when the cries and I talked about tweet this out on Friday as some look. When he takes the court I hope that everybody goes nuts and just supports can be you know look. Even if you're not an agreement with what he's shatter and the timing element. Are you understand a word comes from bush just just get behind them given the opportunity see what he can do when he made the most of any city crowd was great. Because that's you know there's four of us the defense. We just on the field there that you. And I think this team did now whether or not they can do that on the road. We'll have to wait and see because on the roads different you're not feeding off the energy of the crowd you have to be able to feed off the energy to quiet the crowd out. They're really offer your own guys and sometimes that's easier said than done he said look coming up in in game five not having a home crowd ask me different. Just embrace each other and try to make our own noise tournament going environment cruise is going to be. 20000 people against us. 20000 screaming yelling against you you have you cannot give Boston. That energy match which are hoping for to keep energy away. For the Boston Celtics. By the way he talks about what could Jason Terry said our show. That he had a win win Jabari was going through news this whole thing and people or certain early kind of come down on. Jason Terry step back look at Jabari and then sent off it a Texaco's cat. Coach K then turns around and texture bar they have about a forty talks about the receive him receiving your protection coach kept. I follow myself to my loved ones and they're there on its own history as what I can do so. An environment that's that's flowed through to people that stay in my earlier there was it's over the truth you know I haven't conversational closed case. And even though he's not cause we now know his words in the slot. So they go which really again you talk about veterans. Win. A veteran like Jason Terry who didn't do a lot on the court. Put off the court notice is something and says I'm gonna get him in touch with a guy and he knows and respects. And will listen to. So interesting in that particular case. So then the question is whoa what a coach K tell. Always told me you know they're not subject. When I get out. Make the most of marks. So they don't basically it but there's far more to connect. Lot more to it I would soon but. Again I go back to the recognition. That there was something going on and he needed somebody from an outside voice nobody in your organization right now. There is gonna get through to MC got to get somebody outside Roemer and James Jones went through news now when the Packers were getting ready to make their their playoff run and ultimately their Super Bowl run. James Jones had an issue he was dropped and some fancy big passes and people are just coming down on. And James Jones went back to his high school coach. And caller mentioned mantis is or something I'm doing in my pull my hands in a memorial and its coach looked adding pork. At least talk to him directly or at least according to James and said. You run without the ball. You watch the ball in your hands and then run catch first then Enron. We that was it was simple but it was something that he. He did there did you knew you could have been anybody. On the Packers organization with time and said that and it might have gone in on one ear and out the other but it was his high school coach a guy that he trusted. Who who noticed something decent looking just a split second you're taking your eyes off the ball. You're getting out of their little bit too quick you know you're trying to raw you try to make the play before the play actually happened you can't run without the ball. It's not a play if you don't have the ball and sure enough. Churn out yens up making a couple of big catch as they go on won a Super Bowl and the rest is history so you know coach K gets in his ear a little bit and suddenly. You know he's playing extremely good now is it still the level we expect from Jabar Parker not totally but it's a lot better which is on games one and two. 855830864. In the loans by kept account whole free talk marked. 8558308648. If you wanna give us a shot by all means do so now. After the bottom of the hour. After the bombing our do you have Packers general manager. Brian good against he he's previewing the 2018. Draft. You're gonna hear from him coming up is really get back in a little bit draft chatter has also after the top of the hour. Paula make every legal analyst is going to be joining us in now we'll talk with him about some of the things good because had to say also start to look forward. In the NFL draft did back in a semi NBA chatter and some bucks chatter nick Friedel. The NBA writer for He's going to be joining us about an hour and five minutes from now as we continue to talk about game five. A Eastern Conference playoffs in the box placed into this portion of the program. Brought Cuba are good friends over at Bud Light. The official response to the bill Michael sports talk now work. Summers around the corner we all know that music should be out at the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion. Looking forward to that as well so join us out there on Wednesday night as winds and I'd get back in crank and again. This summer begins may thirtieth brutal race takes the stage really looking forward to a anxious to anxious to get the warm weather music other stars and outside. A little bit of beverages little bit of music really looking forward to when we come back and hear from the Packers general manager coming up next on the watch. Border to border. Film Michael's voice talking network. This horse of the program brought you by our friends at new realm medical Kevin favor maybe just maybe we finally turned a corner you're going to be able to get outside enjoy a few things start doing little gardening. To the patio furniture back out cleaning up the garage. All that stuff you've been putting off you've been waiting for the weather break finally I think it's broken and I think we're out of the woods when it comes to cold cold cold weather. And maybe it's no. Knock on wood. 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Part of the 2018 draft take a loose Packers GM Brian good against you as he had talks and that's the first step of the conversation we hear the rest of it coming a little bit later on the program but as he talks. Kind of draft philosophy a lot of talk about Ted Thompson he's in the room he's Italian talent valuing the still live there it sounds like tens fingerprints are still. Even though it's it's Brian's team it sounds like tens fingerprints are still draped all over this franchise and somewhere she performed yeah there. So now have to wait and see it's your country won't care what the philosophy is moving forward and I think many of you were putting palm to forehead Cohen now. Now. Just make some moves get some players put some chairs the military will be a little more active Miller done some stuff in free agency okay. So we'll see what happens to an Evans before it's all said and done speaking of the draft coming up Thursday night Thursday it's going to be fantastic and here's a reason why. Motivated to call was counted as we do every year Ferrara per draft number okay. Coming up Thursday night yours truly Gary Ehlers and some special guests are gonna appear. Michael and it's going to be a greenback. And we're gonna have on the televisions out there the box and the Celtics. The brewers and the cups. And in addition of that we will also. And the NFL draft. We covering the draft beginning to end the first round starts at 6 o'clock coming up this Thursday night. Q club was counting down Waukesha Wisconsin and we don't see other plenty of seats plenty of tables lot to do. Wants to do in televisions everywhere that are all going to be tuned into had numerous things when it's all going to be Wisconsin based sports. So we have to see out there is a face in the crowd we are really really looking forward to a coming up after the top of the hour. We'll talk more about this talk about the draft Paula make every legal analyst is going to be joining us and we'll talk to him about it the announcement and Aaron Rodgers now fully vested. In the Milwaukee Bucks is a minority owner. Morgan of that discussion as well stick to mortal like Jenna. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. I wait a minute hold the phone. All the phone. Do we have a false did what falsehood floating around about us. So Bel Air cantina. Which is where Yana went after the game were all the controversy began to surface. Bel Air cantina. So we're gonna get to the bottom of this went back and let's go to the videotape. Within moments of his arrival. The manager came over and told guys who by the way has been there many times and they know him well. Told him there is a weight. Saying honesty autism and a customer here many times he gracefully accept our apology and for not being able to see him right away and other customers more quickly. Our focus is now supporting our team in this playoff run go bucks. And that is from dollar cantina but they say they we appreciate everybody's special retreating on us and all customers were great customer service is something we strive to do every day. Re route we reviewed the entryway footage from last night more proud to reaffirm that Jonas was promptly greeted by the manager. And was told on the way to. Noticed around for just a short period of time looked around. And decided to go ahead and go home and have pizza. They went to the videotape. Now Bel Air cantina Curtis said you know here's our middle finger we did it the right way and you're all wrong. Instead they are very gracious about it but. Some times. The embellishment to begin and what became now a national story. Is. Not. At least according to Bel Air canteen and they're ready. Because there is a picture. Of the manager talking Rihanna it's right there on the front hallway. And they say the videotape says moments after his arrival. Now than say 28 seconds or one minute but they say moments after his arrival which would tell me it was so much shorter than ten to twenty minutes. Moments after his arrival they said it's going to be a little overweight can you wait he said yes. Waited awhile images side I'm you know what I'm not gonna sit here and wait for a long period time through its in Bhutto was debates. So for fans that were up in arms. Bell Argentina has now spoken and they said check the videotape. They have. The Bel Air cantina. Bite me in the taco escapade. Is now done. May have well grow our caller though who was there then. He said that dorsal tables that they could put together for reacts. I don't know. I don't know all I know is that people were saying it was at least ten minutes. And now Bel Air can you say no that's a true here's a video to. OK there are dumped so. Going by that mean the first of all the picture the infamous picture of whomever took us which honestly background. Not being seated right away. That picture claim that he was not even waited all not even talked to for a period of time. Which now we always untrue so how much after the fact we take history you know I mean when the videotape Dunlop. It is what it. So I don't know what to believe anymore I just know that does got pizza yes if you're listening. Our boy's just in Georgia B have to take care I don't know somewhere after the game that's right they're nearby Dorsey genome that they did get some pizza. Or the bill Michael's and we feel good. How we look at. Called boy thought about something that's been. You know what we're talking more about that we are about the fact the bugs of one to row they've dyed his series. Big game coming up tomorrow night. And then go on Thursday looking forward to a should be good. Coming up at the top of the hour call limit our legal analyst is going to be joining us. He'll be here ought to tuck a little bit more about what the Packers draft needs are as we continue to look more and more into the draft and hopefully you know good Akins who you are heard from just moments in order here by the way the second half of that conversation any of the media today in his pre draft presser. That's coming up here shortly so will we get into that discussion don't forget our friends over a quick trip. They're offering fuel discounts and fuel is on the rise my friends go to quick trip KW I K quick trip dot com today get yourself. The rewards program. You purchased a pound of nature's touch buttered five cents offered out nature's touch jags two sets off for gallant. Probably god giant Hershey bars three cents I per gallon and a whole lot more look for more great offers his visit your neighborhood quick trip KW I K quick trip. Dot com the final one mirrors you. Some Packard's some box. We're still going to Monday. It's warming up Monday. Here in the Michael shoulder got credit in this. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.