HR3 – Is it time to put McCarthy on the hot seat?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, May 14th
Hour 3. Despite all the changes made in Green Bay, should Mike McCarthy’s job be on the line in 2018?

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Big Dig giveaway to experience your best summer fest have op cousin subs it's where they believe in better. 855830864. Joining all of which can also funds on FaceBook fan page. Which of by the way my weekend was fantastic for those that were asking thank you very much we had a good. Good time I visited my family my kids dad everybody downed Cincinnati herald had a fun time. Us first time per share in his ever go so we didn't sightseeing thing on Friday and then Saturday any kids went off well with front of Mars. Who it took him to the aquarium over Newport Kentucky and hung out over there we then went to concerts as our friends from sixteen candles played Bogart's in. Mother's Day brunch at Yani don't implies and so it was it was a banner week. Edited to yes and by the a lot of skyline as well but if you wanna shoot pictures in the favorite sites if you from the weekend. I had it was go to FaceBook dot com slash indeed go Michael show when you can check it out for yourself. And edged Tennessee what we don't want hopefully you have a good weekend too. Pretty brawl they had a fantastic to Mother's Day is he made his debut in. Did Dayton spectacular fashion now we set our sights towards Green Bay. And everybody as we have heard earlier. From Phil Parker the Iowa Hawkeyes defensive coordinator got Josh Jackson the optimism mayor Dan Miller than the voice of the Detroit Lions joined us. And he said hey look what I said you know how close of alliance he civil we all know it runs through Minnesota. Not Green Bay is everybody has said in the past. Just jamming Aaron Rodgers on your team doesn't make you would automatically lock. For. For the championship for the NFC north. As Dan Miller put it. It used to be just Aaron Rodgers and and arrests and it's no longer that way because the defense in Minnesota just that good now I got Kirk cousins who is pretty good. And they believe they have an offense and a run game and up to attack everybody in the NFC north to get the wins to beat them. So. All that being said. And I I don't usually like to do this but I wanna just ask okay just wanna throw this question. Because. As we know in Green Bay each and every year it's always Super Bowl or bust. You've had a Aaron Rodgers you've had Brett Favre you've won one Super Bowl you've been the three NFC championship games in your rate. Is it time. You replace coordinators you replace coaches. You tell your replacing general manager. So is it time to say the man that then is on the hot seat for this particular season barring any name weird happening. I'm talking injury Aaron Rodgers Ian. Is Mike McCarthy and hot seat this year going in the seasons I. I may have a difference of opinion then you. I may have a difference of opinion and you bite. I want to see what your opinions. Is Mike McCarthy the guy. If this season does not turn out the way as expected is he the guy that that is on the months. He's one European and not telling you what my age issue and wanna know your opinion. 8558308648855830. 8648. On the loans we kept our accountable free TARP. 855830864. Or should EB I guess. Should be. Should Mike McCarthy's name be attached to quote hot seat predictions going into this season. Just the thought. This one is from. Who is absolutely not he has been a guy that is proven he's a quality coach even in the face of adversity. About a year that they lost here Rodgers is dominated the post season their run just wanted to say was because Aaron Rodgers came back but he was given crap to deal with Ted Thompson wouldn't go out and get a veteran backup. He got a bunch of bad retreads from another lot of other teams. Donovan said yes look at the way they played against Seattle. They Lorena supposed to be in that ballgame sure of one they had not been for some stupid plays by stupid players. Mike McCarthy's name would have been cemented in yet a another Super Bowl. This is from Peru repeat. The rights and when he's email inbox Mike McCarthy should have been gone a long time ago again talking about Seattle. The exact the disaster in Seattle in the playing not to win but to lose. I think you mean not to lose. Was just ridiculous that to me set it all Mike McCarthy is a coward of a coach and needs to be gone he should have been gone a long time ago. This is from will who tour tweets as bill underscore Michaels is a resounding yes everything has changed around them so no more excuses. He should be on the Nazi. James says hell yes he should be on the hot seat I'm tired of watching a good quarterback be wasted. As as years go by without players and talent around him only in when they do get talent it's not coached out. They relied on the idiot Dom Capers far too long because of loyalty and it cost us numerous Super Bowl. I you know why I don't know about numerous. But I'll say this. Some of the mistakes own stupidity. You can blame on domino I don't think anybody would blame when Morgan Burnett went down at the urging of Julius Peppers. You know maybe in the special teams portion of Renton slocum losses job because of it. By term always played tremendous over the top coverage was as a perfect or our perfect catch which cost them that game. But I thought the scheme coming in that game. In Seattle was fantastic they should've won that game. They actually should that were Mike McCarthy failed was taking his foot off the gas in that third quarter and basically try to run the clock. Instead of just being aggressive and I'm sticking with what got you there and not taking any chances just you look at what the way Doug Peterson coached his team this year. Vs the way we have seen. Mike McCarthy coached in the past now he doesn't always look for evil they always takes is put up against no he doesn't. You do certain things to win and we've gone through this were won't go through a game play by play and say well he didn't pass but. Actually he did but it was a sack it was a it was a lineman that gave up a sack or pressure or whatever it but the play caller itself was right. So is not always the play caller. Well I'll say this in that particular game I couldn't agree more with. Oscar's got us into a economy's got to I don't an email is going. Just signed bill all the comments which you've got nothing that you've been listening to but I at all. That's basically what I've been saying all off you know McCarthy is the reason. And he should be on our state I've never been on the cart you have called in to initial several times he sat down. Prime example is unlikely to the other thing I said before. He's predictable. I mean he gets some other coaches that come in with a restricted to what sixteen players whatever. And you know that it Nixon were the key is the same thing week after week after week after week and people can pick up on their name don't like what he's gonna do. So meanwhile are worse you know where's the drama the whole situation. There. City treasury remember one point eight was it last year or the year before when the bears were in town and nation we knew what they're gonna do we know they're calls. And which was I thought was extremely loud because we had just gotten done appreciate the phone calls out we'd just gotten done tart who are guys that they're criticized. McCarty said his office was one of one joke. Who was the analyst that we had on. He's from Bleacher Report news please report odd guy he's a film guy. We talk about Benoit yes yes yes thank you very much Yemen or sports or yes it was forced or soldiers today thank. And even like the the film guy he goes through every bit of video. Every bit of video. And and he just said look it's as predictable predictable guarantee was highly critical. Now he's backed off that we just had Omar not too long ago he's not you know what my McCarty done a good thing I'd done them a good job changing things up and now all. I'm not saying he's scrapping the playbook could basically. Kind of scraping a lot of the same old same mall and bringing in Joseph Philbin and their kind of rewriting the book there Rodgers so. Is going to be interest you see how predictable or not predictable this offense then becomes. Let's go to col listening to us an anomaly falls coal I don't that a man was going on. Egg imaginable what's. I think that's a good two part question for everyone that says its Kurdish fighters help you replace with because you're hiring is much more important in the artery. It cannot replace the way anybody better you'll smoke. Right. You're a 1000% correct you would have to Dan and Bridget vocal you would have to have. Bomb in much like the Milwaukee Bucks right now there's lot of rumors of poodles is gonna be the guy is what you are ski today tweet that out. Elise she's getting a second interview with the Milwaukee Bucks much like the bucks and this is an incredibly important hire for John worsen that staff. That would be a huge fire in the remaining portions of the career of Aaron Rodgers is to who you would bring in. Because TV if you're gonna like Mike Mike McCarty go to cities on IC if you're that Mike McCarthy go you have to find somebody one. That is immediately office of person coming in very very compatible. With will with with Aaron Rodgers. And being able to fortify and also. Expound upon what it is they already have done. And then secondly you have to have somebody that much like McCarthy has come to us is hey I need the defense we turn over somebody is very very capable. Because in in this. Particular franchise right now you better be or offensive or in my oriented. Head coach. 8558308648. On loans why Kim dotcom told free talk line. 85583086. Or the sports programming bright red Bud Light the official beer sponsor a bill Michael sports talk now or don't forget we're less than three weeks away. Two weeks a couple of days Wednesday night live is back may thirtieth was that I may thirty admirable grace takes the stage. At the Budweiser pavilion at the Wisconsin state fair park cannot wait for music in the heat again. Looking forward to it wins and I live his back has brought to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor. A bill Michael sports talk network stake to wanna continue this do you think going into the season when every year they do all these predictions coaches on the hot seat. Should Mike McCarthy's name really be there 85583086. Foray more than a Michael show next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Why did we miss him when you so you have a standard. At the Green Bay Packers. It's thoughts right there on the standard for the Green Bay Packers is to win world championships now are we don't know enough the one we'll scripture. Or are we doing everything we needed to to one pitch the next question it's being answered need to be answered throughout football operations so I know we're on the control. So on the control make sure we're doing everything we can. Everything we can know when the temperature so that's what this processes so it's not. You know for a fair Rodgers gets hurt it at that point I'm making is it's. It's the winner will chip chip you could save but if fair does it hurt what's that that's that's a losers mentality we we don't operate that way. And that's the that's the facts of how leadership views. Mac no Michael show those in the words of Mike McCarthy. As the season ended. And he's right you shouldn't say low faring goes down everything's on Allen a hand basket you should be able to say that you should say that the defense picked it up. Offensively. They had enough there to be able to get the job done and he pointed the finger squarely at the front office and sit and keep. That's football operation you're gonna have to ask them. Why did we have a horse's. YE a why weren't some of the guys that we were given capable of of playing in the NFL and playing up to the standard that we believe should be HIV your standard. I mean that these there was a level of frustration there unlike anything I've heard me in the entire tenure between Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. And he's right. So. If if that's Mike's saying look. It without naming names he basically said to I didn't hear is an up. So that's the case. Then he informed opinion blown Mike McCarthy and with some of the things bad that happened or the inability to be able to quote coach Jim up committees did have a talent. Or dom didn't have the talent. Now you've got a new general manager. He got a new defensive coordinator offensive coordinator you've got different pieces in place. Your quarterback. Is a marrying. The biggest deal in history. Everything should be coming up roses in green back. So should should this season not live up to expectation. Should Mike McCarthy beyond that hot seat so we're talking about the one and done in the post season did it every year I talk about the circumstance that news. You know if this is a team that's loaded performing incredibly well. And they get to the post season go one and done okay. There's a legitimate complaint in this is a team that had no business being in the post season we just had enough of quarterback play again on there. Well then being a one and done against good teams in the post season you kind of expect that. 85583086. For you but when the national pundits get together. And they all do these shows and also you know one. We're gonna talk today about coaches on the hot seat as the 2018. Season gets under way any NFL should Mike McCarthy's name even be there. Some of you believe hell yeah. It's about listening to us a view walking Bob and I don't today there was going. Any kicker take my call skyline Billy Elliott style I'm going to do look I'm just happy you know. I think that Mike McCarthy you gotta look at the body works in your body of work is second probably only to ballot check. So we're we're at a place now where if we don't make the first round of the playoffs were disciplined and well that's like McCarty you know want to adopt. Rea road you know wanted Mike Sherman you know it's it's. Runner on fuel so longer embarked you know Mike McCarthy had done well Midas franchise. I think you're lasts all quip well. You don't throw it he got a lot of respect for that job in the team and job. You know I just like the other callers Sadr who you gonna get but I important to outweigh because that's kind of a slight Mike McCarthy I think he. He does about what's what he's got and we all thought Chad drafted in date dabbled in free agency helped. The that the greater cause and it's you know I didn't really been an option. Other Charlton would credentials Julius Peppers put. Look at the body of work he's been very successful. He got a second winningest coach behind only Bill Belichick when it comes the regular season he just hasn't won as much in the post season has Belichick cats. It's so it doesn't surprise me and in you know if you look at al-Qaeda Seattle game with a stinker really upset that. Remember the year they won the Super Bowl on the pod Soledad they work that was incredible. When it just one on zero for three games in just obliterated everybody. And won the Super Bowl I mean you know also he had every single reform at that time and you know we played with a lot of garbage. You know players that aren't. He you know on Arafat more of an all troll. You know let's hear Roger and me it is you know everybody else who's been trying to get her message at times lot of injuries. Make mistakes or saying look at the big picture he's done very well for Green Bay. No no I appreciate the phone calling it. Condi added that the worst enemy is the one you fear because the fear of the unknown you don't know what you would be without. You don't would you be better would you worse I mean you don't know. And there's a lot of people that say hey look you know this is a team with a terrific quarterback. This head coach he's been won the winningest head coaches Gary I don't care yet Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers because any good coach always has a good quarterbacks let's be honest is to get that out of the crap. Okay. And and he's been able to win big aims. And there's nominee franchises the can say they want Super Bowl he's he's he's won three NFC championship games won Super Bowl is back pocket. Should've had one and let it slip away. And at times. You know I and again I go back to that Seattle game it it's kind of chicken or read because they didn't win the game. And that was due in part to take input Robin guess for play calling a lot of stupid plays a lot of stupid super players' parts. But then again at the time remember going in that game we everybody picked Seattle to win the day. Why because the Packers in a much of the defense yet the legion of boom they're going up against and they had not looked good against them in the past. Everybody has figured I had no business being in a game but get there or right there in the game not only did they should they wanna gain they dominated that game for the most for the most part. Only to watch it all evaporate the very end. Which I thought was one of my McCarty Daschle. For three quarters. Better coaching jobs. 855830864. Let's go to John listening to was in Sussex John I don't they know what's up. Now I would add one other unit I'm sure that collect all. I think he should be accountable. In college. It's like calling. On the first now. Are hungry freak out of that progress. It was under him. A man I mean. That would reasonably good now get to acquire all month because. They couldn't core chip well. One that their games we are should be a good job of war two I'm sleeping in a quarterback I don't I don't hold him accountable I think. Eat eat and what he had no live fire all of us and what in reality you want it walk. And as far as. Conan. Is exceptional. Either and they are the only other guards that were under him. They're also available you know next man. That's it's an opportunity but. Are we agreed on site at bat but he made some. Some states. In in some games that have caught it he. Yet there appreciate the phone call there there have been. Like I said for his many times you can criticize me you also praise him but when you look at it at the list okay going back to what the caller said. Brett Conley Vince Young BJ Coleman Brian Brohm. And you guarded Seneca Wallace they brought and they brought in all these different guy Matt Flynn was here. They brought in all these different guys. Two to be backup quarterbacks. And B this is where and and again. You have to have talent. Okay you have to have the talent to make a quarterback great okay the quarterback has to have the great. Caught it was June so to speak. Blight. Mean. In the beginning it was he proclaimed. Mike McCarty quarterback school. And it was just gonna churn out these great quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers did it too and look how are internally was a pretty damn good quarterback was expected to go number one overall is having a fall. And I kind of had a feeling it just in meeting him for the very first time he's going to be it and their quarterback. And then you had a chance semen practice in some of these drills and and far new. Favre no Favre ever gave up the opportunity quarterback his team and Aaron Rodgers actually had a chance. Then it was it was gonna happen. Because Roger was just that damn good. So. In the development process of quarterback's eyes went through a list of six. There really haven't amounted to much. Really haven't done too much. 855830864. Saying this is not they should they or should they not fire Mike McCarthy segment that's out with this news. Okay when you go to the lists of national writers national pundits you watch NFL live you watched the NFL network everybody something to talk about. And you keep seeing these lists coaches going into the 2018 c.s that are on the hot seat. And the question is should Mike McCarthy after last year be on the hot seat when you're losing Aaron Rodgers you figure I know. Put in the grand scheme of things it's all about winning. We've seen teams don't lost quarterbacks. And they've gone on to win help Philadelphia won a Super Bowl the better quarterback now they have to quality quarterbacks. Add at rock bottom prices. Soared to different scenario. With Philadelphia vs greenback. But still. We've seen Bill Belichick win with a backup quarterback we've seen other backup quarterbacks win. You can't just blame on losing your runners anymore over the inability to get to eight wins. At least if you're in the Green Bay Packers. So should that be even mentioned. When all of these national talk shows. Regarding sports a regarding the NFL say hey. You know should mission my McCarty be a Nazi. 855830864. Went back to a bearish got a cast of thousands all hold more than what was your next. Johnson why it's still fill Michael's sports talk a word he. Lot of. Felt like a show. On the and we are glad you are on board today targets an NFL football Lotta people on hold me chime in on this a lot of the national shows begin to start talking about. Teams being formulated after the draft what couldn't couldn't happen when it comes to cut downs and such going into training camps and mini camps and OTA is everything it teams have an answer talking about the upcoming season and one of the questions becomes. Who is in his knocked on the hot seat is forced teams that are supposed to perform. With all the changes that have gone on in Green Bay really the only place left the point the finger would then be squarely Mike McCarthy and the question then becomes should Mike McCarthy. Be on the hot seat as many of these shows have indicated I just kind of scratch my head on and I'm OK let me think about this firmament. You have to take each season which I think he's been done. With the consideration of what has gone on what what. What did you or did you not do that either helped or hurt your team Moore didn't put them in position to be winners in did you have the talent. And the S and the other question is did they have the talent. To be able to continue to win and I think for the most part Ted Thompson company relied mainly on the arm of Aaron Rodgers and rightfully so but. Did not do enough to fortify the team around him. You know should he have gone down with. You know some kind of some kind of an ailment which we we've seen now happens so it's it's it's interesting is to see whether or not. My McCarty should be your shouldn't be on the hot seat because. Depends on which you believe this team should have done without without error and 85583086488558308648. This portion program they brought to our friends at Marshall political system. And right now whether it's you know of the sniffles or flu or cold or something going on. Many nationalities maybe care my way can help you out call 844 care when it's 844 care away. And check out all of the Marshall clinic health system has offer. And maybe they can future prescriptions sent to a pharmacy near you the charges never more than forty bucks and they don't charge you if they can help you. To simple is that called me 44 fairway or just simply go to Marcia clinic. Dot org that is Marshall and dot org see all the they have to offer let's go all those colored berries and Brown Deer very I don't that it was going on out. Relevant showing hey listen you gotta keep McCarthy all the call those got a call all music all woke. What you talked before because secondly and of course I did Belichick. We don't give a tutorial W. And of course those and then you got a goal. They remind me of my son Colton is great call on that my grant was best quality. This election year five year window of time we called to the lightweight accounts get together it's all yet you gotta go. It's like we did it can help our political. Right the no. It's dead carrying a guy like Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy appreciate the phone call is one what are our became the head coach. People were thinking OK was he really in the mix okay people were really talking about Mike McCarty although there was a lot of you know coaches have said there's some coaches that are on the rise Sean Payton was one album Mike McCarthy was another one in and so on and so forth. And then Mike Tomlin got hired Mike Tomlin was another guy that was an assist and he got hired so you know sometimes just look and say okay who would be assistance that are on the rise. Not necessarily all the time the most popular one okay. But who were the assistants are on the rise it's probably direction you would wanna go if you're going to replace Mike McCarthy but you have to make sure content. Whoever you get is that next level guy that has that capability and even Ron Wolf. Made the mistake of hiring ray Rhodes ray Rhodes very good defensive coordinator. But just was not ready to handle all the data today that is operating a football team you can't just say he make you gray head coach. Because there's more to head coaching then just simply. Going over axes and loans. There's a lot more to it than that because you're involved in personnel decision you're involved in a lot of the the the franchise decisions. In general mean it's. It's not just being an assistant coach is now being a coordinator. So some guys can some guys can't handle it so it's not as easy just say go detect. Because sometimes they just simply can't handle it which is the reason you need to make the right decision. But I I I guess rather than saying. The the bottom line would be as the fate. Of the Green Bay Packers say. If all goes well on this team stays healthy. What is the expectation legitimately. Should we have lowered our expectations because of the season that went on last year in the use of the team coming into this cease. Should you lower your expectations coming would be realistic to say hey without young young defense and secondary specifically. And a bunch of new wide receivers. Should it be Super Bowl or bust or should just be hell is she progress in the postseason get to another energy championship game and let the chips fall where they met. Or should be in this team didn't make the postseason last year the defense was atrocious. Their offense wasn't much better once they're Rodgers went down should this be hey just the post season this year. Have Aaron Rodgers did you few more wins gets in the policies should be that. 8558308648. Scott was he too was in Kenosha Scott Walker the program a Michael show. I don't. Do. Am glad I got the last caller. You know it's a top quality is but I I have to disagree with them and Karen here's my point. You know I think he's very good coach I don't think he's a great coach I think it's time for change because you theocracy is not about an hour. If you have dependency in my opinion degree or theocracy. I would let it go just for the fact that he kept our papers wrote for too long. He should have been asking that made it through the entire global get a a different defensive coordinator for five years ago aren't in the mood to make a point Don capers and one for the very good defensive coaching with the genius. But the time caught up with them and I think this paper McCarthy yes and very but he doesn't change anything and I think the other team their catch up on. I know all yeah. I appreciate the telephone call it now I kind of expect this because people just say look first of all too much oil be held on the down 20 OK I got there. Com. I always said is a Dahmer at the personnel. I've because for a while there you figured dom was down was a guru dom was the guy that was the Yorker straighter the 34 he was the guided Newark with right pieces in place. And then when everything started to go to hell I am basking easterners say okay wait a minute. Is this guided dom was given is he really that in good because that was and I think that's a legitimate question. That some of the guys that did that we're given a dumb more than even that good it was to marry is Randall that good talent wise. Of physical ability but you know. Some of the guys they let go you know anyone on the bigger better things Micah Hyde to me was a little more red scratch or via. Via Ted Thompson. Casey Hayward thing I know people want to jump on that bandwagon go Casey were let nobody said I need Casey Hayward case you were asked to step. Because he had quite a few nagging injuries and his productivity had gone down I was at don's fault was that Casey Hayward fault. I don't know but once he got healthy and stay healthy he had a pretty damn good season back to back seasons as a matter of fact. So. You have to ask yourself was it wasn't the talent you relied a lot upon Clay Matthews and a pass rush ability unfortunately. He has is like Punxsutawney Phil coming out of the hole to see if he's gonna see your shadow for summer. So is that hamstring injury that eventually gonna handcuff the ability for any defense coordinator to rush claim that he's from the outside. Because he's not the one man wrecking crew he becomes a guy they can be guarded man amendment. And everybody else up the gut they're not gonna get home. The other day they bet on nick Perry got a bit injured numerous times in his career hasn't been able to stay healthy. And they bet on him we had a terrific season and a contract year you always have to be leery of that. But he was the best option available at the time they sign up so they signed him and sure enough for you know we got another hand injury these walker elegiac Q tip on a chance. So sometimes you look at what the coach is given and sometimes you look at the coach. And I'd I'd when dom got let go it didn't surprise me it wasn't I I didn't go almighty god I can't legal and go fight the Jews it was time. You had to try something else if for the sake of just trying something else they stuck with a long enough it wasn't wasn't in the job done. Now I gotta find out was a tad what Saddam. And isn't going to be Mike Patton would new ideas and new face maybe just this year factored guys are gonna be competing for jobs and trying to impress a new head coach. Wood just through osmosis make this team better defensive always say more of a light show next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. That work. Michael Schiavo is on the air we are always glad you're on board sports programming right by new male medical treaty got dvd all over the state it was going to be on the borders we. 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And you know Charles soon basically as did the point was made that should mind accord to be on the hot seat so we threw the question Charles says Mike McCarthy's only have one losing season before this year. And they've consistently been in the running pursue raw I think will be a mistake to let them gall. Tyler suggest should have been fired the years the velocity and she championship game be like oh Lombardi coach to win. Don't coach not to lose. Going back that's the Seattle and then speaking or assume. Calvin says I think anybody that thinks McCarty should be gone. Should have are legit replacement idea first you can't just did you coach if there's no one better. Then there's Aron says like his loyalty I think he's holding people accountable greeted Don need to go but didn't have great players along the way. Dick says so we get question every season the answer every time he's yes this is his last season in Green Bay. London writes in the when these email inbox. And says Mike McCarthy should no longer and should have been gone a long time ago. The debacle Alan Seattle should have been his last raw it wasn't because of the loyalty Ted Thompson had given him no more. Could you can say think or hold him accountable and should they have a losing season to season ago one and on the post season this year. It will be sayonara Mike McCarthy. Hello to a qualified assistant that you come in NBA head coach how long do you think it'll be before a good assistant has this team ready. To apply. That's the other question. And that's the other question me if you're gonna let go. Then you then saying it's gonna be two years. For this team to turn back around so be it saying. They don't get it done this year. You gonna then take another two years away from Aaron Rodgers is say nine next year with a year after the have a head coach and and it can get it all turned back around again. Yeah that's now you're putting yourself in the dead end. Because you only have seen you know time is going to end eventually. It's not like what easy error margin is 27 you've got to three years turnaround when multiple championships Nuno. Re you're you're expected to win right here right now. You've got to get it done which is why this draft this offseason. The the replenishing of talent if you well. Plus the addition of veterans key veterans is so incredibly important not just from McCartney would Americans as well. You gotta come and put you know that the cornerstones are already in place you know I have to which has some print on the rest. Of your organization. And allowed to fly in fly right damn now there is no tomorrow. When it comes the Green Bay Packers. There is no tomorrow and August. Oh by the way speaking of tomorrow the fact it's not necessarily tomorrow but don't let you know that we are boys if not tomorrow march okay. What it's coming up. 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And then in addition that we got a great Q a nation storytelling all I kind of stuff it's going to be a fun time if you come on join us again Thursday night June 7. For all the information locations go to quick trip KW I K quick trip dot com and an evening with yours truly. Plus a great cigar night brought you by Purdue almost cigars we're gonna find time for infant and I said you don't have to be a cigar smoker to do this. It's great if you wanna get a Megan somebody who does but it's just a fun time it's just genuinely a good night out. And it's a Thursday that so it's not gonna be too late we should be done between 930 intense something like that the latest it's always a fun time. So come on down join us you again coming up Thursday night June 7. And you need your tickets at tobacco outlet plus Matta isn't about Carla plus one key in the quick trip in Verona Bynum all right they're coming up the next power. That's right it's now legal we'll take or talking about when we come back also wanna get back as the brewers chatter as well. Because so Ryan Ron aren't getting it done and some people are saying it's time to move on from the Ryan brawn and we hope you come back and hit the ball well experiment. And organ and that discussion also Phil Parker of the Iowa Hawkeyes are offensive coordinator in the secondary coach if you missed it. You can hear him talk about the Packers draft choice Josh Jackson who had the most interceptions and the most passes defended. In all of NCAA football last year he's gonna give us the lowdown you got a little bit surprised by what he has to set. You wanna stay tuned for that that's coming up in about forty minutes from right now stay tuned. The article like a show that's coming up next. He ordered to a border. Film Michael's voice talking network.