HR3 – Mel Kiper gives last year’s Packers draft class a grade…You agree?

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, March 22nd

Hour 3. Plus, we’ll talk Packers with Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Also, Radio Joe goes one-on-one with Brewers OF Brett Phillips.


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Full moon league's front. River runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans comb through all the bill Mikey show. Julia welcome Gil Michael show was on the air we are so glad you are on board. I'm broadcasting live here in green bags. As a leader ready for tonight's events Gary Allison the former packer bet you are truly going to be over prohibition cigar lounge tonight to come on out cius. Costing it in 35 with eight peoples of thirty bucks yes but unity cigars getting cocktails and getting all the stupid stuff or go to Q&A NS agent. Wherever retirement to call around join us tonight's over prohibitions spirits and cigars here in Green Bay. There were really really really looking for is to be a lot of good a lot of so. Odd couple different things I wanted to get to want to get into. The the NFL a little bit because there's a lot to talk about to repeat order coming up here at the bottom of the hour. Okay Hillary talks eventually turn that one of the things that I thought it was interesting that came up. I don't get a chance to see this book milk hyper now. No Khyber does that he parent of the big board right after the confines okay what that was the big board first on these big board lot names on what is art of figured if so he wants to rocket got the big gore. After pledging to 4545. Times. Some guy lives at Toyota and all of a sudden ease ease the hottest thing. Bomb what in essence general manager and going out of that come by to see the guys actually who. They thought Wallace is he a guy that's got a good team is the guy that. Has a decent mentality to we get a physical on the guy's got a big hand small and big wingspan. Short arms long arms he's tall as short as bad as you squad is in shape. Does he take it serious does he not okay that's what you're trying to find out about the outs going candidacy the guy can actually bench press. 2.5 511 top protect. So now Cutler went back. And looked. At the draft plan. Look at the draft list. It which I thought was. It's always a good idea to go back and see what it is you do. Think the Green Bay Packers got. When you took that draft Kevin King John Jones by trees Adams Vince Beagle. Jamal Williams. The schedule Yancy airing Jones. Kofia media. Divide to amaze Malick had two per. What do you think the Packers. If you set up he would be wrong you sit and hey you bureau. CD panic wrong. Beat plus you'd be correct. He says. After going over the stats in the names. This was a solid. If unspectacular. Hall. As it looks like the Packers first two picks are gonna be starters in the secondary come 2000 and AT. Quarterback Kevin King who I thought could have been a first round pick. At 47 tackles and four pass break ups and started five games but he shoulder injury ended his season early. Seeking Josh Jones hit 67 tackles two sacks and an interception. In seven starts and it appears likely he's gonna take over for the free agent Morgan Burnett as he departs greenback. 1004. Rushing yards had a total of ten touchdowns while filling in retirement cover. They might have flown under the radar because of the deep running back class wide green Bay's depth here is now tremendous. Third round pick my attorneys Adams played only sixteen offensive snaps because of foot injury fourth round pick in Spiegel was mostly special teams contributor. But overall. The post draft grade was a B plus. The great pity now gives the Green Bay Packers. The two laps. To be. To be. When you look at the hall as he said. You have optimism on a rise giving king Josh you know maturity is at its big. You know you have to as a good running back Jamal Williams and their jobs. Now can't Malick I do bringing the annual Yancy innate. And they step in. Pick up. Combined for the slack that may be lost due to the departure Jordy Nelson as they move up on that chart whether it's on the practice water action on the full time roster. In a Miki out. Opium Miki in South Florida. Six round draft choice. Where's he gonna and that does anything begin to happen and it. They're pressed too much. That impressed too much but as the Green Bay Packers draft Joseph Holmes. As it goes. What do you think it was Ted Thompson's last draft. As the full time general manager and his team. Was it a pretty good what. Time will tell the next two years will tell. But if you go by. What say a guy like no piper looks at. It might it have been a pretty good or. 8558308648. 85583086. For a thicker this. You now are now seeing this for second here. You now have a your defensive front Mohammed walkers and Kenny Clarke Mike Daniels. If you're going three for. In addition to that a guy they came in with the building of peace and possibly the next Warren Sapp. When they look at him in the Senior Bowl last year. Maturities attitude did not play because of that bad foot full offseason. Get healthy get stronger at the weight room strength conditioning. Come back be ready to go. Let's suppose ease. Half of what a guy like war example. Pretty disruptive. We know Marlon walker secure beetle back a couple of years ago. Gary Clark got better in my giggles my games. How much better is it offensive front of the Green Bay Packers. And what side of that defense are you gonna float. Clay Matthews. Played Martinez got a whole lot better we know that. Jake Ryan take Ryan he's going to run stuff freezer right place right time a guy. Right timing only wrap up bring down very short tackler Vince Spiegel. All over the joint nobody's gonna come off the edge. Is there kind of hoping he could do a lot of different things we have really seen it we'd always gym rat OK we doses studied mound we know it's Beagle is gonna be good when it comes to preparation. Now is getting its job. Joseph Thomas he still there Joseph Thompson tops. Nick Perry. The big question regarding nick Perry is handed. Nick Perry stay healthy. Had he not come out of a ball game without a hammy without a back with a broken summer broken finger. Went without anything it's born rip strained. He just stay healthy. Anthony's question predict there. Because if you can solidify. That grew. And have one. Healthy year. Just want just one healthy year. Josh Jones is better played up the better playing back at heartland Dix rebounds from what he did let you to let you do look lost. He plays better. Then maybe. Maybe. You can bring in a veteran or two just to help school the young guys get yourself a deep. Defensive back draft class. Shotgun approach. See how many pallets at the target. You for fire those guys that address. And then maybe just maybe. You gonna have a defensively around Aaron Rodgers. To allow him to go do his thing. Because I believe which are volunteering Jones time Montgomery. I believe they get the job of my teammate didn't buy his way to the field because he could hang on the damn football. Michael Clark they really like the street freeagent. When they brought him in. They really like him he played for the thundering herd of martial. Can he be that guy. And then obviously very much which run more Allison. Dovonte Adams Randall Cobb. And ADT Trevor Davis. Give Michael court Boston of that group pick up another wide receiver who knows. They give him enough and then throw him with Jimmy Graham. And company. And go from there. Judge that that's. That's his about his blues guy as I can pay for your reference. 855830864. To count wanna charming and you're 8558308648. But that's about. As rosy pictures I compare. After looking back in seeing what the Green Bay Packers drafted the talent potential that's on the board. And did you kind of go from there. Beat purity and agreement press gazette Packers used our count coming up in the bottom of the it occupied but like your official response to the Michael sports are now or don't forget. Coming up it's gonna start the last week of may go all the way to June July August it is Wednesday night -- back at the Wisconsin state fair park. You stop on out any one of those Wednesday nights and enjoyed music and the stars is going to be state fair this year look so forward to be a lot of fun and goose island is open we were there last year. Come on out enjoyed music and a lot of fun a lot of good beverages all brought to bud Bud Light at the Budweiser pavilion the Wisconsin state fair park wins in Iowa will be back. And it's all brought you by Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Weickel sports talk network. Your thoughts call talks attorney as well coming up next a go Michael show. The programme. Our look at bill Michael joke. Broadcasting live here in Green Bay. He did his job. The interstate. Skyler writes. I believe in the Green Bay Packers in what they've drafted in recent draft we just haven't seen that talent. The rise to the top. I think that the Green Bay Packers are going to be better with Patten I think Dom Capers was holding them back. Ask yeah okay. For those that wanted to see Dom Capers gone. And now Mike Pence commando they're wrong I mean I there's a lot of optimism regarding patent. So give me give me a saudis might let me answer. How much better do you think this is going to be 85583086488558308648. And loans might get that count poultry to Auckland. 85583086. Pouring. What would you what it would take me for those that wanted to see Dom Capers gone. He's gone. You know I Joseph ever just throw it out there for people that were the Dom Capers haters to say. First of all do you now view now that the defense is gonna get better and now are you believer. Because what's really just my opinion. But those that didn't like Dom Capers of blame that on defense blamed all the arguments on Dom Capers seemed. They may say yea Ding Dong the witch is dead. But is now the argument going to be at the defense is it better either one that didn't get enough talent or to. Well they have hired the right coach. What's an ex excuse come. If the defense is a much better. 8558308648855830864. To hold acute Dutch council for Taka. Still to be determined if you ask me and again the Packers have dug themselves into a deeper hole at corner. And now all you need to decide what you wanted to do at safety and has plenty of good free agency tease out there led by Eric Reed. So for some packer fans have loved at bear creek here others don't because he's one of those guys that we have seen protest he has taken a knee. So that's a whole other topic but. There's a lot of holes in the secondary right now there is a lack of depth feature in a way to Mary's Randall so now there's even more pressure Branko and economist to address that. And with most of the free agent corners off the market. Oh came at high prices of course. So what are they gonna do. I'd like to think good intense is gonna do something he's got something up his sleeve is what would vote with the lack of depth that there is. You have to be able to do something is a trade gonna happen. Easier to move up into the top ten in the draft and get some like dens award out of Ohio State is that what it's gonna have to come so. Because they need help right now you cannot have projects here you cannot have guys is they want to three years from now they can be gut this guy's got a upside you need help right now. So I can't put all the blame Mike Patton goal in the first year until I know what exactly they have on defense so for me it's to be to turn. 855830864. I don't quite get council treats are or 855 B 308648. Two to chime in via Twitter you can do so at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael's or at radio Joe's sports. Are you find is there as well talk about the Packers the last draft was solid Kagan Jones significantly better than Randall and Rollins. We got two very solid running backs which we haven't had a years we have to see about Yancy Adams invents Beagle. By the way Joseph Thomas now a cowboy. And Dupree is with the bills that's for those guys both ended up leading there's still listed on the on the that one of the web sites and use their depth chart but that's right they didn't have going so I wanted to make sure we got that in there. This one is from Brad who says packers' defense. Thanks for the breakdown I do think that there is a reason for a slight bit of optimism writes I'm excited to see your progress the king and Jones have made in the off season. I don't think we've seen the full capabilities of Beagle yet we haven't seen capabilities beetle and all eating too much playing time. So he should be much improved his well let's get that turner to the defensive backfield or maybe with a couple of the draft picks things could turn around. They can't get any worse right that's from our buddy Brad Lesotho was in Sturgeon Bay. Gonna throw a slider here what I think the Packers. Go to defense with a number fourteen pick with a lock it down. Until mid season and only sprigs and Murphy as the options are right tack on the back at left tackle. We need starting right tackles in can go left that o'clock Jerry goes down. We are posed an error an air Rogers becomes a pin cushion that it should be McCain's been occasionally. If available it won't be sexy but we have to protect the franchise that is from Pletcher. Much appreciate FEMA paid 558308648. A license from Michael the rights of the Wendy's email inbox as well he said I'm optimistic about the defense being better just because Dom Capers is not there. Going back door and he says how much better they're going to be I don't know whether they picked the right coach or not I wanted to see Rex Ryan. Not the got to get blown out of buffalo got blown out of Cleveland I don't think it's going to be much better. He's a Rex Ryan got a so in other words the only way that you're going to become believers want it the defense obviously is good. Or two. If they would have hired George got. So you basically let the door open to say well they got ready dumb but I still don't have the right to complain because it had hired a guy that I thought should have been there. Okay. So one has gotten out of that to let go down as what you're saying is that they need to let go down and hire your god then. And only then would you have been happy and taking credit or they can grieve for whatever the outcome possible would be. 85583086. Right. Gives you shall go phone calls took the brunt of this outside Milwaukee Brian I don't know what's going on. And no. Not just first of all I want not qualities on some paper haters that that brought that that we needed to run my alma mean. Get some good thing but I also sorry you know there were part of a are issues that were attributed to him as well but. You know. And better well be answered because he's not he answered just that this front or back about probably three or four years. Upbringing and yet again another defense of coordinator he's not the answer and you know they need to get this figured out pretty quick because. The wind whipped Aaron Rodgers is is closing pretty rapidly here. Not completely agree pursue the phone call completely agree got to get it fixed you can't waste time I mean I noted there's going to be the proverbial learning curve if you will. Play. You really don't have a learning curve here expectations didn't fall off because you change coordinators. Expectations don't fall off because you changed. Coaches it it it just doesn't. I think wouldn't it won't right now is what you have is 8080. Level of urgency. With his franchise. Get it done. Got to get it done got it done now. You back to the phone calls and who else we are holding here let's go to let's go to city and Madison in the zone listening to his. Any I don't. Hey connect I think it might call. Now all I would say yeah. Very bad way in for lack you're. Wired like wired like ticker today. You know his is seen that he put out last couple years back is horrible we haven't been able covered battle for the OS years. And now everybody's wondering it's Adobe batter while there where that water was. Well now I'm barely able but it guys get a break and new formation and do team. Put some pressure on the quarterback. The metal. And L it would happen like we do have to get safety. Quarterbacks. Like and it's definitely going to be better. All right Bridget have man thanks so much for giving us calls and things posting on Madison I. Go back to the comment of can't be much worse right. Guy you hope not because I think. Injuries to play a big part of this you know if you get reports of injuries obviously your back to being depleted began in the next man up mentality and you know you're only as good as your last draft for guys are you committed to live the problem is with his trip you're relying on guys come in and fill starters rolls. This draft is not a draft to bolster. Your your depth and give you a ton of special teams players. This draft is to get you a starter or two. Maybe three if you look at it are offensively. So. Okay. It's hard for me to a good because I got a question here as well from either. Who listens to his Spanish warrant and on and says. The same thing basically that this draft is going to give us depth we need. Yes it Null. Yeah I mean let's be honest you gotta get a star you gotta get a corner and it's right. Probably the different offensive linemen to start or play quite a bit out of this right at least until Bryan Bulaga comes back so that's too. I think there's a lot of people already talked about the ability to get an edge rusher maybe that's three. Out of this draft that's three people you rely on now the offseason is not done. Because you can still get cut downs that happened before drinking it. Org during trading pit so beyond she's the Packers is not over by any stretch of the imagination. In this draft you're not looking for just death you're looking for starters. There's a lot riding on this offseason for the Green Bay Packers we'll talk with Pete Doherty the Green Bay press gazette about this. Exact comment an exact thought process coming up right after the bottom of the hour break here say two more little micro directed this. Back to the program. Still Michael shows on the air and now we are glad you were on board today thanks so much for take a listen to us. This portion of the program being variety by our friends at Marshall clinic health system. They can help gala chair highway get your prescriptions at a pharmacy near you. It's that simple and not charging him if they can help you there are gonna charge if they do help you the maximum charges forty bucks if they can't no charge. And the forty bucks is only dependent on your insurance you get good insurance really pay twenty bucks for their vehicle they would. Who knows. Good stuff coming from our friends the Marshall clinic health system go to Marshall clinic dot org for all the information and everything that they have to offer. As I did is well joining us now to Schneider orange hot IP dory degree they press gazette and have Packers Vertigo and it's always been. Honor and a privilege to be with yes. I appreciate about thank you for coming on. I I wanted to ask you first and foremost Specter article regarding. The Packers when it comes in the offseason going after free agents priced it's high they're not gonna jump in that pool they're still waiting to find out about Aaron Rodgers. Arm as the world spins here in Green Bay com is it is it's still business as usual it is as use daughter Ted Thompson. Or have they really kind of taken that next step to being maybe a breath freshener. You know it is and it isn't the same that the they're clearly getting and I'm more guys. Try to at least get the running forum inquiring. Make it offers but. To a large degree it sounds like there's still. You know they're pretty conservative with what they're gonna pay it I mean I you know I get it to a large degree you don't wanna be reckless and can blow a lot of money in free agency. You know they're using the you know come play was Aaron Rodgers have a great chance of winning goal in the Super Bowl they're using that as a big part of their recruiting pitch. Might I get the sense from a couple reasons I talked you know these can be disguised man Packers but I you know they've been used in this pitch for a long time and they. It's generally open get a very many guys that works the patriots somewhat play it. You know money does all the recruiting in the NFL and I'm still you know waiting for. Good account to make a bigger move by studied which he would have made a bigger moment cornerback by now because they have you know they just has such a big hole there they got to you know they've got at least. Two and maybe three spots to fill. You know between a draft and free agency and you know what to draft you can't count on instant help. So with the moves that have been made Jenny allowing some guys to walk picking a walkers and that your Jimmy Graham. He impressed have they gotten better they stayed the same they gotten worse give me your thoughts to break those down. Yeah I'll be curious to know what you think I you know. Swap basically Graham for for Nelson on offense. You know I've talked to a couple people normally get my mail they've been able thought it was. Get on nice upgrade forum that Nelson's probably. Certain pretty steep decline. Graham little younger bigger really good athlete you know that that's probably an upgrade forum. You know well persons should help their defense. But you know they're they're just so in that corner you know maybe there are air better than they were last year overall but. You know they generally Randle who has you know. Whatever problems he was in the locker room he was still under a decent yet a decent season last year. So they're you know maybe this same that defense right now we have five weeks to the draft so a lot can happen between now and then plus. If they do hit a home run under Affleck nor was it last year that would make a big difference. I'm a little better on a little better on offense and made the same on defense. Obama is gonna say speaking of the offense let's start with that right tackle right guard position. We need all quiet I guess right now on the rival waterfront put Bryan Bulaga went down those season I can't imagine he's gonna be ready for the regular season or even for. Trachea that matter what's the plan. You know like they feel they never say how can they don't wanna put that time constraint that. You have to add it up and guys are usually out wide and the twelve months with that bigger guys it's usually towards the longer. You know the longer timeout. You know the chance for him being ready for the start of training camper almost nil. By the start of the regular season I think there's probably if you had a bet you'd better it's a little more likely that he'll wind up Beatles stamps UP. Which would mean illness the first six games what it takes a couple weeks so basically the first half this season. And so you know what I'm not exact I don't know what they're gonna do their he gives them a nice insurance policy if things don't work out the first half of the year with whoever they're playing over there. But if they needed let you know what city do you wanna make a big move and costly move. If they need cap room that's one place where they they could go as is releasing him but I figure you haven't gotten a sense at least so far that's in their plans. The now I know that it Jahri Evans is a guy that and they were kind of waiting to find out he was gonna come back and on and as far as I know no news it means you are with the aren't we under the assumption he's not coming back. I don't think anybody knows. You know we've been trying to get all of Hamas is somewhat of the reporters that Packers is that common. Have had trouble making that connection with them I think he's still deciding. You know he played I thought he played you know. Really nice solid football for almost a year and then kind of faded at PNC always worry. With these older guys that that's. You know that's assign that he could be had in the wall real hard and fast so he's. He beat me for all we know he's still probably win whether to come backer of had been and the Packers would have to decide he'd be worth resigning in bringing an end. Just to see how he's playing but there'd be no guarantee that he'd make the team or beer starter next year. On secondary help we know that there's been a lot of talk about many different quarters in the draft held the bar they will they trade what they gonna do are they gonna move. Should they bring in veterans should they not. That there's divine house there's Jamal Williams reed is out there that people have been talking about what do you see them doing if anything. Yeah all the bigger name guys are gonna do this I'm just guessing here okay act I kind of suspect. Maybe they'll sign you know maybe Hollis and Williams and maybe even add. You know another or orally at Cromartie. These guys who are right around thirty your little older in Boeing's case 35 even. But just something you know several stop gap one year guys maybe in time like three of Lama can end up Catan you know want to bomb if they don't like what they seem camp. And then drafted a couple guys so at least they're not playing and you know if things don't. Go well with the draft or the other but the rookies are ready to play. You know leased or not planned undrafted guys or you know I'll be how it got last year was deepen the depth chart they had ago so we could have some veterans out there. Onion ever nominated they have a they have a trade up their sleeves you know maybe now Eric Harris type deal I mean these Jason Pierre Paul has got. You know trade and a couple hours ago also. Trade are happening more so maybe we'll disappoint them but I guess multiple times. Two or three corners who are more stop gap just to get through this year guys while they perhaps several and starts trying to develop some guys. So what are they gonna do it claiming having made any specifics to where he's going to play because I know everybody wants to see move inside get the edge rusher which is easier said than done. And then be able to kind of work with the guys that now have up front that good rotation at that should be a lot better is playing prison ball. That the whole discussion of clay or covering those guys taking an additional pay cut or restructure. Is that completely out of the question now. It's it's as far as like. Just adjusting this year's contract and that's that. It's yours seems like it I don't think either one Obama Packers you know columnists say you know we'd we'd like it take a pay cut I think either one of what they know. And if you don't like the deal cut me. And you know idols in the Packers cut neither problem now but what they could do especially with Matt teases naked. Do a contract extension for a couple of years given a nice talking guaranteed money but lower his pay for this year a little bit. And you know the guarantee would make him think that is for me I'll probably gonna get next year's money to. But that would lower is capping his pay and cap number this year but I don't get. It's yours we sure don't get the feeling that either one of those guys as is gonna get cut or just take a straight up they cut. What Aaron Rodgers awhile I mean I guess everybody is waiting for the Kirk cousins do to get done it got done nothing happened what are we waiting or. You know I I guess that's just because there's so much money at stake and there is. You know they have they have to decide whether they wanna create cap room this year or use cap room this year with his contract. You know maybe I don't think their weight now Matt Ryan but maybe they are too apparently they're doing a contract extension for him on the planet to. And I think the last time that they did it if I remember right there was during the draft as when they announced that it was like in a Friday or Saturday of a draft. So maybe you know there's just so you know so much or you know a lot of I used to Bowden p.s to cross and so I'm yup I had to bet I would bet it will get done kind of in that same time frame either right around the draft or maybe shortly thereafter. Obama how much I mean like that week we've continually talked about the question how much is too much in your opinion. How much is too much. In me. You're the theoretical sense you almost normal and normal that's too much I mean. If he. They could justify paying him fifty million drilling have been enacted when I say that but you know obviously that's not the way this works. And appear him you've I don't think ideally you want a good market deal that you should be paid really I I would would be. You know you don't want. BI don't think he should go Peyton Manning and squeeze every penny out of on because than. You know this is about at a certain point how much more money do you need this is about Super Bowls and winning and legacy and all that. So I'd you know I think that's thirty million dollar mark for average is looking and you know is looking pretty good right now with what content came in and I think that would be a good deal that would clearly make him highest paid guy but. Wouldn't stressed the Packers to a point or it would make it really you know would strap their salary caps and make it hard to stability around him. You are a I don't know. I mean we we know in this division you've got cousins obviously to risk he's gonna eventually make some money and then that match he's ever making a ton of money if you go on par with those teams. You're not that bad off but in the grand scheme of things. When I keep listening to this whether it's on the NFL networker RE SPN or that you start until about money I can think of as a way and that. You've Garrett Aaron Rodgers. And then you've got a team that doesn't have a great defense but it's not about the teams the division nobody cares going division in Green Bay they care about Super Bowl so can this team. With Aaron Rodgers at 303335. Million dollars a year have enough left over when a suitable. Yeah you start if you get up to that that and give it to justify paying him that no question but you start getting the 3335. And I think you really are. You know making it harder to to sign players to keep your core. You your year hurt yourself there it'll be really annoyed and speaking of the vikings that it is going to be really interesting now this year I think they're fine but. You know to have a good defense you need you need a lot of tepid opposition to see the great quarterback to have a good defense you need. Several really really good players on defense and it's hard to keep all those guys the spam laws Seattle found out. And you know what shipped here quarterback once they had Russell Wilson and so I want her home minister common also going to be able to keep that defense together now that they are. Morning and up you know big money for a quarterback and this year they're fine but you know what 20192020. The other defense to drop off and less spiel man keeps hit home runs what those trapped next. Chris that was always my friend thanks for joining us for a couple minutes and we'll talkies in general okay. Great well thank appreciate it. Absolutely the regulator of their ego that is beat toward the rebates at press gazette Packers dot com joining us for a couple minutes Packers joining us for a couple of minutes in the shatter or challenge Schneider our drivers right now you work or they preach their eighty push years are they getting it done. Call 844 brought go to Schneider jobs doubt count. Wright Phillips at the Milwaukee Brewers is down and radio Joseph next in the know Michael shop. Walked back to the program though Michael show is on air radio Jody get a chance to damage I would. Brett Phillips correctly yes sir it's always a pleasure talking with Brad sent and is not in the best spring trains with and he's been scuffling. One little note because we did this interview last week the brewers last week we did this interview were second place in the cactus lake. Now they're in first place so what would it mean if they actually win you'll hear that coming up as well but here's my one on one with Brad Phillips how would you assess your spring training so far it's what's going on. You know just. I mean as a team did you know it didn't back in the swing of things obviously. Statistic wise things are going that well for me by you know its its sights early Ellie sees numbers on back here graceful card which is good but. Overall you arm healthy so far which is something. Op you all focused on and obviously. Just getting back into the group with things slowly but surely when it it's all well. On. On a scale from one has sent out there on seven. Seven as. They take me into the routine of rep Phillips on a daily basis for spring training where what are you doing you get up. Working now eating first read yes silent about an hour away from here so why I'm up for nearly a mob around 540. I get the field around six authority. One of the first ones here usually the vote is here it's Davies is here. And Jimmy Nelson and then Ryan run but. I actually hear Alex hots in the morning so just. You know tea hot tub and now shower that I eat breakfast and now golf. In the weight room and starts stretch out roll out you know and then from there we'll have like that team meeting. And then I've lots of field to practice. For a few hours we'll come back inside eat lunch. And then we have a game out Juan and then obviously I'll get home around. Four or five depending on how long game was and you know did have a few hours of myself and now I'm I'm mostly brown 830. Just because I have to be up so early in the us that's about it for spring training it's it's tough play you know some got to do. This is pretty cool though for you think about it you know you've worked your entire life to get to this point and here you are trying to fight for a job it is. It's it's an amazing. Amazing experience. Happy news now that's a blessing he knowledge it's. How many people can actually say they they're getting paid to do some new they love and you know I can honestly say that. I'm getting paid to do some dialog regardless of where amount playing baseball I've played this game my whole life and now that they're giving me a paycheck it's just a blessing in. But I'm very thankful. Servers out there Barbara Phillips you know the additions of Lorenzo Cain Christian militants what everyone's talking about. And knew what this does that seem. Head unit I mean how much should you work at the Lorenzo Cain is I know the guy is an actual work that we've wasn't Kansas City. How much have you had a chance to work with them and edited by some again from. Yeah I've gotten a chance to work with all these guys Christian LH. Lawrence arcane and obviously a passer you're trying Ron. And they all have something wearing suits my game just listening to what they have to say and you know did I say they've given me just. You know they've been more iMac and obviously they better they've made a lot of money and their career so for me at just like a sponge and mom I won't tell you what day they told me because they're secrets you know but I'd trust me there could seekers that I've learned a lot from all. Yet the depth that self right now is so. It is pretty significant and here you are you're trying to fight for a job is it is it can be frustrating for you Bret if you're not able to make the team come opening day. Now. Not at all. Top I'm just not so that answer this question of folic fifty times this spring training but you know it honestly whatever opportunities I'm given I'm thankful for. Regardless if I got a tour player in the vaguely some just excited to be playing baseball. And you don't. Hopefully sometime during the season. If some if I get a call today the site I can help this team win. Give this team a chance to win like it did last year but I guess that I right now I'm just making the most of my opportunities. Give in and that's all we can do at this point and you guys as team right now playing early on the cactus league the games themselves. Don't mean it Tom but desert second place renowned cactus like those are bullet up you guys just wanna watch this and when it had any you know that but you know it matters Wii U we got here to play of the game in. That's what we do on a daily basis we we played a win and you know hopefully it translates over into the season which I know will. Glad as of right now we got three Saturday work hard play hard you know have fought in and try to win and that's what we're trying to. Thunderbirds out deliberate Phillips on more Korea. You know couple of years ago when I came in here it was everyone in this Abbas is trying to make you laugh and that was the big thing. Is that finally get mole two guys still try to do that. Now you're not salt part of the camaraderie and you know outside so that's what the clubhouse is having fun you know. Make each other laugh it's not just then trying to make me laugh it's everyone you know and and that's what makes coming in this clubhouse on each and everyday and it's exciting and I'm just thankful to be a part of this group because it's a greater good guys and just radiates it's move forward with them and. See where this season Texas. Bret that putter and Freeman could lock and natural boxer thank you Joseph appreciate. Day got all of that is have Brad Phillips. Red fills with the radio Joe's in so talk more coming up here in the next hour to predicament tonight probation Spears' cigar lounge. Overhearing Green Bay going to be there tonight with Gary Ellis in the former packer badger tickets are on sale they're selling quick. Cigar event it's a guard Chicago is storage Q and pay all that kind of good stuff all one big great night. Come on out and join us in mystic is still available go to prohibition. GB guy comments provisioned GP. Dot counts or down Broadway here agreement run over what 59 north Broadway as a matter of fact. We are thought of Michael show a lot of Green Bay coming up right after this.