HR3 – Mike Budenholzer speaks!

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Monday, May 21st
Hour 3. We’ll share the Mike Budenholzer introductory press conference. Plus, we’ll look back at the NBA Conference Finals. Aaron Sims discusses the Cinderella Story in the NHL.

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From the league's front to the and this is where Wisconsin sports fans come to tour. Michael show. Named best radio show in the Wisconsin broadcasters a war. We're sure excellence. Here's your whole. News. It. Look at today is coming up here momentarily. We're gonna be here hearing from my booty holes are also the rest of my I would assume the rest of the managerial staff. Of the Milwaukee Bucks as he's about to be introduced to the media for the first time as the new head coach. Officially. The Milwaukee Bucks so that is coming up stay tuned for that they are waiting. Right now down at the new Wisconsin's sport would call that place Joseph as the Wisconsin sports district sender of box basketball and people are. I didn't know I did say and that by air route around till right around July the government announced minister. To who the who the sponsor news of that building. And as one one owner put it today or on the one yard line about to score the touchdown. And getting the new. Getting a new arena named. Have heard all kinds different era different groups are heard Kohler. And I just don't think Kohler is gonna dive into an otherwise cold would have already. Kind of dove into the gate sponsorship of some type to Lambeau Field I've heard quick trip I've heard Jack links. The beef jerky calling it the link. I've heard other Beers. Getting involved. Going back to they simply tweeted me the other day and said to be in the back to the blood bombers remember when. Three point shots when Ted Davis would yell and I borrow and Budweiser was part of the broadcast I don't. I don't know I mean it would be certainly a coup for Budweiser commended the state in such a way considering it's Miller Park. And but I don't I don't think it's gonna be that I. Don't know who it's gonna be gonna be Johnson or jockey jockeys in the state. The big city droves. So I don't know who it's gonna be but in nevertheless there they're gonna have an announcement they said to around run around mid summer. As to who the new. A sponsor of the naming rights sponsor is going to be for the new the new arena but nugget on eventually. And Josh speaking of something new new and exciting we have a new one this year it's our first one of the season as matter of fact. It's does so gardeners and they're back this year and there are tickets available I just did somebody just email me a little while ago and says hey I really liked ago. Can you tell me more about the the cigar dinner. And I was just just saying in the last hour it's it's they're always fought other tobacco outlet plus in our friends a quick trip. In our friends over toward a more cigars. Again it's a great night out Wisconsin brewing company 1079 American way that's in Verona were coming to Madison first time in Madison so the Madison group caught out. And enjoy it. It is going to be catered by would barbecue so you get to dinner there's cocktails at a time. You the full dinner and he gets a little bit of an appetizer yen of getting dinner dessert plus after that they do raffles we do great Q&A it's so much fun. Tickets include a couple of free cocktails the dinner obviously the full dinner and then after that. Purdue almost cigars will give you four pre cigars on that alone covers. The price of the ticket which is minimal so come on out get the tickets. Tobacco outlet plus a north Sherman avenue in Madison. Willow road in why Nike and then the quick trip on county road PB in Verona. Again now that's Thursday night June 7 a couple weeks away. So hopefully get a chance come on our wintertime these are always a lot a lot of fun. And I'm really looking for senior body mass our first little intimate gathering in Madison and fifty tickets available by. So. And they do sellout. We sold out every one of these except the first one last year everything else sold out so come on out again Thursday night June semitism frenzy gather. And do a lot of (%expletive) Bogota. What do you like to show you don't mean that's that's finest one around and take a listen some of the stories and we can chat sports and other things and it's it's it's always fun. So while that's again our friend from quick trip back while applause and Purdue almost cigars or just go to Qwikster KWIK quick trip dot com. And you find there. All we're gonna be introduced to my booty calls are coming up here shortly. He is the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks they are awaiting his arrival. He's not sat down at the table yet Serena get an of that discussion also the NBA playoffs have been. Say have been exciting I mean. Yes and no I mean they're exciting because crowds have been the home crowd's been going nuts. Houston's home crowd the other night went crazy last night out Golden State they used owned Houston. You bit but the margin of victory. In these eastern and Western Conference finals so far on average 24 points. I'm kid not hidden twice four point big database huge ball outs. You know. I mean last night you would Golden State just just owned. Just owned Houston Houston as its interest in because the last night of the again Tony afterwards say we just played saw. Callers teen saw. Rockets is drilled 12685. Last night. And as much is. You wanna look at it James Harden who I dropped twenty points which is somewhat low and I'm characteristic for James Harden. He can get a whole lot of support or he's only had six taught growing had six. Capellan Paul Crist Paul both talk dropped drop throughout thirteen. But they get to talk the bench either Gordon only had eleven but last night you're waiting for stepped curry to to get his and he did. 35 he drops last night Kevin Durant dropped 25 last night. Green and make a valid both sides had ten contributed ten court ended up coming off the bench and gave you eleven. Like last night it was already Klay Thompson last hour thirteen points as well. So last night it was just evade maybe golds they just kind of owned just don't last night and it's been big big margins of victory. 8558308648855830. 8648. That's on the loans we kept our council for talking about a way to cavaliers tonight before 11686. LeBron James 27 point somewhat of a quiet night for LeBron but they do is beat to hell out of the Celtics in the Celtics and evidence. Cavaliers finally started hitting those shots everything that they had wide open looks in games 12 in Boston all those shots started falling game three. In their their place. So you're waiting for the other road team to get a win in that series they have Kanye meanwhile the road team has gotten a win in the Western Conference finals. The the rockets came back control of the game two warriors get the win in game three you take a quick break 20 and then we'll come back and get him more booed holder. Nor do that we do that. Let's see this is portion of the program being brought by our friends. Over a new Mal medical treating guys with a ED all of this in Wisconsin beyond the borders. And don't forget to they have the along weightless program yes that thing works is column 4144554451414455. 44 five whining and if you look at below T treatments nobody better call everybody's trying to do it duplicate replicate impersonate what they do stick with the original stick with the numeral medical center. 414455. 4451. When we come back out assume booed the holders could be sitting down at the table you're gonna hear from him head coach the new head coach. Other Milwaukee Bucks coming up next. Wisconsin love. Phil Michael's sports talk. I don't she's always on the air Bruno holders sitting down this portion of the program being brought to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor the bill Michael's sports talk network head the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks being introduced. By John a horse the Bucs general manager let's take a listen. They shouldn't they go for being here good afternoon special thank you all the construction workers are working on this facility for being here we really appreciate that. You know this is my honor and pleasure in and generally excited to introduce. Coach Mike Boone closer the Milwaukee Bucks organization as our head coach. You know budget is. Has a career a building successful franchises but has. Prove himself as a teacher in a leader in developing players. He's had tremendous success in the spurs' organization and then taking over his own franchise. In this success he had the Atlanta Hawks organization in. For those reasons are many more we know he's going to be a great fit for us and we're really excited happened here today. They do John. Mean I wanna start with some thing cues. Thank you to my family to my kids' cell Libby news here today. Com well and Hannah and John who are back in Texas. When my girlfriend Melissa here. You know my parents my dad's a coach so he's pretty excited about what I get to do every day. And then you know is John dismiss and I would like to become a big thank you to the players. Over the last five years and all the people that if you know put me in a position given me the support. To be sitting here and be named head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks today very creases them. Very very appreciative. You know John. The Milwaukee ownership you know west and Martin Jamie. I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. Fit. Is to me what this is about. When I looked at ownership and I looked at the GM. And the roster that we have here in Milwaukee all the great things that are happening around the community. That timing. And taking the Milwaukee Bucks to the next level. I couldn't. I feel very fortunate to be put in this position and and given leadership roll. And working with. An entire roster with a front office with a ownership I can't wait to take us to the next level in Milwaukee. Thank you. Thank you John Mike thank you congratulations and welcome to Milwaukee. We have a couple players are Chris Melton a martial plot Malia are joining us so they're representing the current group of players hello guys appreciate it. Time now for questions from the media we will follow the normal procedure please czar. Went for a microphone you can raise your hand to receive the microphone. Please identify yourself and your news outlet. Before asking the question. Coach Doug Russell WT MJ radio first question. The breakfast with the honest and Chris what was discussed and what made you feel like this was going to be the best fit for you. Do they like berries or bacon or ham what do they want with their breakfast sound. No I mean it was it was a great opportunity to to sit and visit with with both Chris and honest and you know just kind of talk basketball talk a little bit about family's life. And I think it was just such as a Smart and an important part of the process. You know I think how important both players are too good to us you know in the short term in the long term. As a coach you're only as good as your players. And so I think to connect was down mum on a lot of different levels. It was important that morning it's important going forward non support to connect with a really our entire roster. So mom paid thoroughly enjoyed it and dumb look forward to it. I don't know about a lot of breakfast is probably. But maybe dinners and alliances and getting to know in all of them a lot better as we go forward. A map of us is Milwaukee journal Sino. Know what's it like to compete. Here in this moment you know in this facility. Now getting ready for past season and wish him the Bucs are obviously. Hoping to you to reach new levels and continue their growth now both within you know with the building the community and of course on the court. Yeah this to be in this moment have be here. You know I talked about fit. Timing and I think. I feel incredibly fortunate to be put in this position by John and ownership and it's just it feels. You know since. You know the moment I think we all kind of said yes to each other. Eight nothing's felt more right and I think there's a genuine excitement about where we can go I think continuing understanding how much work we have to put in to get there aren't. The focus on getting better every day hum individually and collectively but. To be in this moment to be in front of you guys to be here with the we have John on the players and everybody. Homage to think about the future of this organization I genuinely just I think I'm in the best place in the league and I couldn't be more excited. Mike and Jerry in my market journal sentinel to. To better track record of team building building teams what what are the keys to unlocking potential and young players. Well you know I think unlocking the potential and would you whether be young players are you know even older players I think there's still can grow and get better. And I think there's a daily approach. You know our players and our staff and everybody with the organization we'll see from. And I guess starting with me. But there's an approach to player development that's. It's as simple as just giving it time every day but then I think there's building confidence in them giving them opportunities. I'm teaching holding them accountable. All of those things that are. You know just really part of coaching but I think if you're gonna unlock potential and you're gonna take teams and players to the next level. Which we hope to do here. Those things become critical to us that dated paying attention I'm holding them accountable. Give him confidence him freedom. You know those are some of the things. Mike its plans Helen from WT MJ TV. I'm from your experience with the spurs or the level that you got the Atlanta organization. Kind of a follow up on that is what are the keys or what do you feel are the necessary ingredients to get a team to win a championship to win a division to win titles like what this organization wants to do. Well I think you know the thing that. How were always looking for I think John and I've talked about it and and that's competitors but I think it always starts with having great competitors. Come on your team in your front office on your coaching staff that. Probably the number one characteristic it's if you wanna win championships you've got to be great competitors. It's got to come naturally. I think that's something that whether it be San Antonio our land our. You're watching the teams play that are still alive in the playoffs that competitive spirit that runs through them. I think there's an on selfishness. That's a critical suit. Winning at a high level and an unselfish is that you know starts with. Your best player and you know we're lucky to have you on us who will do anything to win and Chris Middleton that'll do anything to win and when you have you know your best players that that are true competitors and their truly unselfish and care more about the team and they do themselves. You know those are a couple of big you know kind of foundational blocks to winning championships and doing things that are special. Eric Naimi has been watching Mike when you look at your honest he might be the greatest singular talent that you get to be head coach for how do you try to leverage his skills and what kind of exciting opportunity is that for you. Well yeah. You know on the the back into the question it's you know there's a lot of reasons to be excited about coming to Milwaukee but there's no doubt be on us as is one of you know. He's so important to our success I think she embraces the you know. His leadership role in how he needs a grown improving and give better along with a all the rest of us. So the excitement level is through the roof. You know I think you know Howard how we can use and then you know implement them defensively and offensively. They know it started some have breakfast and they don't try continued down in the weight room notes today and tomorrow and the next day in those conversations. And I look forward to having with the honest and and listening to be honest to you know I think she's a Smart 123. I think he has an IQ and an understanding of the game and I think together he and I will won't fight push each other but I look forward to pushing him and I think you know he he believes and I believe he's he's gonna get a lot better as we watched him over the years. I coach Stephanie sudden W absentee Camelot give two questions first of all have you ever been to a press conference like this in all your years in the NBA. You know. What do you think of all the hard hats. Yeah canary had it's it's it's impressive that they tell all of you guys to put my John and I just do we have to Wear them and we thought we were pretty critical to this press conference may we can do it without learn a sub. Yeah it's a pretty impressive everybody's got there there are Hudson. Safety vests and I won't miss any of you for sure. And all the things that you waiting your decision in coming to Milwaukee what was the one thing that truly convinced you to take this shot here. I think the fit the fit here. Just really felt right. Whether it's with John I think the interview on the day we got together with his staff. The time with the ownership in and visiting with them and getting a sense fern how important winning is so down. And then sitting in visiting with we the honest and Chris at a breakfast and the longer the process went on the greater the fit Felton. You know when you're building a team from a bit of part of building in a lot of great championship teams in San Antonio. A lot of success and in Atlanta over the last five years and lots of times fit is just you know it's almost more important than any thing in non you know how to people fit together on the court out of people fit together and a front office and coaching staff and ownership. I just that's became the overwhelming feeling that this was a great fit for me and and my coaching staff that I'm excited about bringing him. Working with these players. Can be united just think that there's so much potential there. Coach Gregg met six from WT MZ radio question for you inferred for you John as well. You have been the president of basketball operations at one point with Atlanta on the guy and art etc. et. How important is that opportunity to it to build which on a collaborative roster given your experience over there goes far beyond just coaching. What was that an aspect of this job that you find so appealing and then son did you to have a guy like that with that level on his resume. How much did that really stand out to you. Yeah I'll go first I think for me. Anyone who's worked with me so far and any of our staff would tell you that. Not being collaborative and having our our pillars of our franchise worked together on everything in and share ideas and beat things up and go back and forth. Then ultimately be responsible for making decisions in your area. Statute that you're hired to have that's really important in and we talked a lot about that during prior review process. There's no doubt that you know but his then of the San Antonio Spurs they done a great job drafts and they know a great job finding talent on the margins they feel great organizational culture. And in just as we talked about before it leveraging the resources our experiences is everything this is not an I game this is not a knee in this is a Wii game. And how someone is experiencing is knowledge to help us to support us. It's tremendous. Then you know I've what John just that I felt from you know the first time we started visiting and then talking about you know how how we see the box and you know. Their perspective than what they've observed in and learned over the years and you know it's different when you're on the sideline or your coats against somebody that. Enough for me I think there's been a real a great opportunity for me to to be focus on coaching and to really make that my way. You know my focus but to be somewhere where I think you know you're. Your thoughts and your experiences and your observations on on how to build it a great championship type level team. Are appreciated and welcomed and valued and to have great debate and you know this morning aren't having you know great great conversations about what we need to do with our players and put them in the best position and it when when everybody's working well together that's when great things happen and you know I think from the from like us at the very first meeting when John and his group all the way through the process. It just felt like a place where I think it would be a good fit for me and they would value what I bring and then also you know allow me to focus on coaching which is. The most important thing I'm here to do. And so. It's I I look forward to that whole process of building a team. But I think nowhere where my focus is and where John says and how we can help each other and I'm excited about that. The Jannero Armas a the point at which you thought you know Mike's makes the guy. Yeah I think DR process for for me was. A great education great learning experience some I think. You'll get so many opportunities to go through something like physicals and we don't go through again for a long time that's the goal of the plan. But for us you know we ran a really thorough process we we interview a lot of high quality candidates. But you go through something like this and obviously have a target of focusing in what you want to accomplish. And bug was obviously that for us you know this didn't we knew that he's going to be candidate for us. We're excited to meet with him we think we had a really long meetings joked about how long our interview was. But we all walked out of that meeting they are you with him knowing that this is the guy that we wanted to pursue and try to figure things out with the itself. You still can she go through processor you continue to be true to it to his credit he allowed us to do that. And now we got a great result which is really the only reason for edit process and it doesn't really matter cause you great result and we're really confident we got a great result. They go that is so the Bucs general manager John quarters to speaking with Mike booty holes are right now being introduced as the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks will come back with more of this and continue launch. More than a light show coming up next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. At work. Actor Michael shell is on the air we are glad to have you let's get back sewage that we got Mike Boone holders via a new head coach being introduced by John horse the Bucs general manager. Down at the new arena let's drop and take a listen. Coach chuck Freeman WS SP got a proven record of follow up on that your system works not a lamp that what do you see with this. New to us that this team has been the sort of the roster where your system's gonna work where you can come in here either on the defensive side of the offense aside. And what's your coaching philosophy were you can make these guys. Let these guys take us next step up. Yeah I think the thing that probably stands out to me first is is that the potential on the defense aside the ball and I would say that's that's been. Always something that's prioritize. We wanna be great on both sides of the ball that. In northern be the last five years in Atlanta Hahn as a head coach and you know I think San Antonio within a day has always been great defensively. Yeah I think with the with the individual talents we have here in Milwaukee and you know how we can get them. You know I think one of the words I use an interview process is how can we unlock this talent defensively com. I just think there's so much to work with then you really could go up and down on the roster. So I think you know instill in our defense of principles you know things that we just hold hold you know core to our beliefs. And I think there's some of them are very simplistic in the players will understand quickly and and that's part of freeing them them out to be grave on the outside the court. Offensively. You know I think it's it's going to be a great challenge for me and my staff. Certainly a million ideas flying around in my head for the last 234 days and the different things we can do but you know I can tell you that playing with with more pace or with great pace and playing faster. Lots of great people movement and ball movement and things that are again kind of court what I believe and then. When you talk about a system and what we've done the last five years. Those types of things I think we're gonna figure out how it best fits the players in Milwaukee. And dumb and implement it and teach it in and coaches and you know like I said earlier will learn from our players here too I think they'll teach us things that. Where we can you know that's another way we'll go to another level and so. In the defense of an off inside the Boller. And there's a lots has to work with here and in Milwaukee. I coach Kurt in Milwaukee business journal. You mentioned that the fish. With the organization and Agassi met with the owners in New York City which was did you meet with an ending and what was it that made you feel like you would. He could fit with them. Yeah there was you know west in March and Jamie. You know in a beautiful office in new York and I just there was it was obvious I think how much they wanna win and how passive they are about winning. How they'll do anything. You know I think for our players and for our organization and whether it be the front office of the coaching staff. You just it was so a real commitment that I sensed and you know and good conversation about you know whether the you know person roller. Or the basketball side of things and learning about them and of course I'm learning a lot about me. You just you know I sensed a commitment to winning and a real belief in Milwaukee you know real belief and the things that are happening here in the city. Whether be there arena the practice so the you know I think they're committed to this and you know they have they have big dreams and have big hopes for us and think they wanna put them in the you know I think one other thing that stands out about the ownership group as they put the best people in positions. You know what John in the medical in the facilities and everything you'd you just immediately sensed that. They're about getting the best and you know those are the types of owners and type of people you wanna work with. Last year maybe had a unique perspective on any kind of touched on this a moment ago but. From your perspective as someone who just coached against this team where are the opportunities. That you saw that led you to believe that you can beat. This bucks team that you can now coach them up for. You know I mean I think to get into the details of hitters still there's like S a very evolving in my head and John I've talked about some of the Roman. You know I I certainly believe that we can be really really good defensive team and and you know we leave I would say in. I think how we can improve in and be better offensively and be more efficient and be more dynamic. On an individual basis on a team basis. But I think it certainly wanna give the there's had a lot of success here in Nam things have been done well and so I think I'll learn some of the things. From what's been done here the last few years and married up with a that the core things I was talking about earlier so. There's been a bit a lot of successive. But you know I think there's certainly potential on both sides of the ball to get better and you know given the gym is our work on our players and and take it to the next level. Coats Delaney bride TMJ four or hear how come pet in a hard hat right right let's. You mentioned facilities before. Cup teams can tell you that they're going in a new direction but to really see the new building come off the new stadium was set to check mark for you that really made you say hey I can put mice. Anthony arena. Yes certainly the new marine and then walking through the practice facility and then these things are just so critical to our team and organization success and certainly players really feel that when you're playing in a great arena with a great home crowd it it makes a difference and for a coach you know to know that we have these facilities and that we're first class and everything we do. It's critical to him to making a decision and if your force enough to have. See you know have opportunities you certainly wanna see that that you know the ownership and everybody is committed with a new arena new facilities great people in place. I think Milwaukee checked all those boxes. Donald's Wisconsin journal John. Given where this teams that. How important if it was important was it to you live maybe get a proven team builder as opposed to maybe they get a good chance. And unproven assistant hosted. Yeah I think Tom for us. We wanted to interview and spend time with a lot of quality candidates. And experience matter there's no doubt that like buddy alluded to we've done some things well here we've as was his son some successes. Finding the person the right fit for this team the right systems are right ideas are right principles and philosophies to help this group take the next step was Paramount in. Ultimately after going through a process it was clear to us about it got to do that. We have time for one more question. Are. Mike can as you look at this bucks team obviously player development the big thing for you and finding individual plans fellows guys how does that process work for you as you take the job here in the summer and attempt to get that information out cheer guys who might not be here. Well so that's what I was alluding to when you know John we did spend very much time prepping for this press conference so I apologize for that put. We've been in there in you know kind of a big conference room with Troy flat again in the medical group and some of Johns front office group and you know some in my group that you know we're hopeful be here and and who. It's it's that probably the most important thing is you start looking at account or start mapping out. You know how can we touched these guys how can we start teaching how can we start developing Nauman. And it's just not from the coaching standpoint you know this is how is our medical group you know how are they progressing with. You know strength and conditioning nutrition and all those things and so. Is literally the first thing we did this morning starting at 830 and I think it's it's certainly something that is court or believes his player development in our players I think hopefully they're gonna feel like when they come to Milwaukee. They're gonna be a better player when if and when they leave them. It's gonna help us retain our players is gonna help us attract players. Is they know that they're gonna be developed and cared for at a high level. And it started this morning. So they go my poodles or the new head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks and they're using mr. reaching out to a much like we had talked about an article from the New York Times and also. The article don't deal journal constitution about health and wellness reaching on touching each guy individually. I'll be able to sit down with them he's very much hands on coach kind of a player's coach if you will and a lot of philosophical things coming out of that press conference this portion of the program being brought to buyer present Marshall clinic health system and don't forget Marshall clinic. They orthopedic polygamy coming up and go and I didn't live I live with pain for long time and on flew within anymore. All because a Marshall clinic can you orthopedic department there if you're living with pain you don't have to all you do is make a phone call. All you do is call made 55 MC or so that's 855 MC or throwers it would go to march to clinic dot org to find more information. The positions locations in the services all near you again called it's worth the phone call not to live with pain anymore. 855 MC or so here the official health care provider of yours truly Eric Sims a Boyce. Other Milwaukee admirals gonna talk about the new darling of the NHL coming up next no microshaft. Border to border film film Michael's voice told me that were. I'm no Michael she always on the air. Summer bash cousins they want you to be a VIP go to cousins subs dot com slash big gig giveaway you can experience your best summer best ever eleven counters eleven nights eleven VIP opportunities conjure packages. Tickets parking pads give guards. All for you. Cousins out good cousins of dot com slash. Big big giveaway to get registered do that daily the official sub sandwich and go Michael's. Sports talk network joining us now airing Saddam's voice of the Milwaukee admirals. And area I wanted to get John because the improbable has become a probable in reality and I cannot believe that we're sitting here talking about the biggest gold knights being in lord Stanley cups finals but. That's the way it's all worked out is how impressive has this run been. It's been pretty incredible. When you consider this is well the second expansion team really to make it to the final the about the overall really it's the first one the other what happened in 68 when the league went from. Took the twelve teams and they guaranteed that one of the expansion teams would make it because they crawl six expansion teams in the same division. This is really remarkable. Built fully paid 500 million dollars to get the team date change the rules a little bit for expansion from years past in the fact that. Eleven players are allowed to be protected by scheme is good. Even the goal. The they ended up with some good players and a lot of players that had two great cheese and I don't think anybody thought that they would make the playoffs even let alone be in the Stanley Cup final. The big goal we always talk about a good goal plays is is everything and they have gotten some and credibly good goal play in this thing ever yeah. Marc-Andre Fleury in net he has won three Stanley cups but only one really as the primary goaltender. I'm the last couple of years has been hammering numbering was injured last season at the beginning of the postseason for Pittsburgh. And Fleury had did do that do the work for the first couple rounds but he really wasn't big guy the last couple seasons he kind of lost his job so. A little bit of a chip on his shoulder at this entire kingdom including the coaching staff. That he has been magnificent nothing short of magnificent and absolutely there's no out. It's all that well it's getting to the net offensively and playing strong stout defense in front of your own goal haven't goaltender that's playing out of his mind. And you've got to worry also one of the game and this is you know the funny thing is is when I started going through these in some of these names I recognized to pronounce Boyd Johnson marsh is Saul. March so we are so it every has been fantastic price ME MB not getting that nearly the publicity. But he deserves flurry gets all the publicity he deserves but Martin saw has been fantastic for the. Yeah so many of these guys in the in the it's interesting because so many GM's across the National Hockey League pay. They site deals with the biggest golden knights on expansion draft aid to try to. Basically get capital. Com and Jonathan Marshall so. Was attending free agent yet one more year left on a deal that would have been this season but Florida gave him away in the hopes are in. In exchange for. Biggest drafting Riley Smith off the roster rather than losing a different player that they wanted to keep so they gained some cap relief with Riley Smith going. The cost was Jonathan Marshall so in the two of them ended up having career years out just pretty much everybody on the Vegas roster because. And quite honestly there were very few stars James Neal probably Marc-Andre Fleury. Everybody was going to step up because they were going to get minutes that were not afforded to them in the past. And he's here they are in the Stanley Cup final. One of the guys it doesn't get a lot of credit either nature meant one of our defenseman you know watching him play right now again. I want to talk hockey this year but just watching him play and the ability to skate angular leaked to the puck in get there ahead of time. I was watching him work I mean we you do when you got him in front of you as a goalie that's fantastic but he had a hell of a year. Yet he really did he doubled his career areas are seas and high in points and seventeen to 36 he's the guy who can skate. This is an issue with so many teams in the National Hockey League one of the reasons nature that was exposed for the expansion draft or Washington and I added that since its salary came out its its promise single movement offered no trade clause does all of that so. Washington end up having to keep guys like Matt Niskanen of Brooke sort trickle. Quite honestly aren't as useful as they were 5710. Years ago so. That the cost is NH Mitt because you cannot cannot make a deal with search and not make a mold with those guys do to their new movement clauses and should could have meet Schmid breaking out that he would have done the same thing had he been in Washington but did he's delivered in Vegas. So it who they face him. I guess I gotta gotta think it's Tampa Bay -- that the 32 lead and and Washington has it it it's up call them it's funny because Keselowski Andre about let's keep it only protect a competitive. Down the stretch it will prevent an orange the other being car careening from Asheville. And Connor Alapont from Winnipeg to on the stretched out celeb scheme was was the weakest of the story and stumbling and sputtering it. Now passel Huskies playing magnificent hockey and his team in front of them displaying excellent pick is going to be template in Vegas and you know what all season long everybody says well they can't do the biggest can't do what can they can think well that they continue to do it it's been an amazing starts. All or go to Nashville just which is the year you know parent team for those who don't know the Milwaukee admirals decent season just didn't get the job done. Yeah I did today was disappointing there's no doubt they thought they had made the moves they had made the move early in the season for culture us. Give up a couple prospects that are literally receive them over the first round draft pick exchange to Chicago along with a prospect for Brian Hartman. People they had the team that was a bill to do it I honestly thought the the Winnipeg and I can say this now entity to say but I eighteen Winnipeg in person a couple of times this year and I thought Winnipeg was the best team I had seen. All year long missile or wasn't necessarily surprised. That national law because I thought Winnipeg was look awfully good that being said I don't think that on the changes are duper Nashville. And that means probably but they know we'll see what that what that means for Milwaukee here in this community. How much pressure spec RNA got on I mean he ended up getting the win in in game six of when they ended up shutting out Winnipeg. And five goals wanna pay picks up in that five to one decisive game I mean that this is a couple of times he's been right there at the all who says may have to get it done. He has yet he was all of eleven minutes of that game there's a ton of pressure on you know he's going into the final year of his comment seven year contract. Seven years 49 million dollar contract up. He has been the face of the franchise he is gracious he is a battle or he is a warrior all of the cliche that you want he's everything you want your pro athlete to beat. Except he has not won the Stanley Cup. There is a lot of pressure on him because with his contract and with the respect he has in the organization and the community I don't teams going anywhere so he wants to win a cup that's next year probably has to be a. Worked Ferran great stuff always appreciate it my friend great update or look for talking again soon but for thanks for everything go sit down they go Aaron sins are hockey aficionado when it comes to terrific hockey talk. There's no better guy in the market or in the area to do so. Then Aronson who's just fantastic. State terror we got another hour they don't like oh should I talk to Packers we come back coming up right after this. Six clues stations strong though. Bill might school's sports talk now.